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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201608/460011Then there was just the murderous smashing and crashing of horses,之后就是对人马凶残的杀戮the slicing and thrusting of weapons,the screams, cries of the wounded and dying.兵戎相见 肆意砍杀 战场上充斥着死伤者的叫喊声If the axeman stood firm against the oncoming horse he#39;d still only get one good swing. If he missed,如果斧头兵站定位置面对奔来的骑兵 他只有一次机会挥斧攻击 如果没打中he was left open to the slash of the sword from the rider above.他必将毙命于骑兵自马上落下的剑下The initial success of the English also threatened their downfall.是英格兰人最初的胜利导致了他们的落败On the left flank of William#39;s army,horses stumbled and retreated.在威廉军队的左翼 马匹磕绊着撤退The right flank of Harold#39;s army,many of them inexperienced fyrdmen,decided to chase them down the hill.而哈罗德军队的右翼 大多是没有战斗经验的民兵 冒失的决定下山追击对手But Harold, always conservative in his tactics,refused to allow others to follow.但是贯以保守著称的哈罗德 下令禁止其余的士兵一同追击So this point, he seems to have lost momentary control of his troops,在这个时刻 他似乎对他的军队失去了掌控who couldn#39;t resist following the horsemen,elated by the thought that the Duke of Normandy was lost.他的手下忍不住杀欲 前去追赶骑兵 满心鼓舞 以为诺曼底公爵打了败仗But William threw back his helmet to prove he was very much alive.但威廉重新带上头盔 明自己还活着He rallied the ranks of the Norman centre round the rear of the pursuing Saxons and set about slicing them to pieces.他率领诺曼士兵 包围了追击出来的撒克逊士兵 将他们全部歼灭The battle wasn#39;t over yet.It was going to take at least six hours to decide.战斗尚未结束 还将进行漫长的六个小时 /201608/460086And I#39;m telling you我要告诉你I#39;m not going我不会走Your the best friend I#39;ll ever know你是我最好的朋友There#39;s now way I could ever, ever go我永远不会走No, no, there#39;s no way我不可能No, no, no way I#39;m leaving without you我不可能离开你一人离去I#39;m not leaving without you一人离去I don#39;t want to be free我不需要自由I#39;m staying I#39;m staying我会呆在这里,呆在这里And you, and you, and you, you#39;re gonna love me你会爱上我Oh, whoa, yeah You#39;re gonna love me哦耶,你一定会爱上我Yes, you are是的,你会的And I#39;m telling you I#39;m not going我告诉你 我不会走Sing, boy. Even though the rough times are showing唱得好,孩子。即使道路崎岖艰险You see, there#39;s just no way there#39;s no way我不会,我绝不会We#39;re part of the same place我们身在同一片土地We#39;re part of the same time我们处在同一个时间点We both share the same blood我们有着相同的血液We both have the same mind我们志趣相投And time and time, we have so much to share我们有如此多要分享的事情No, no, no, no way不可能,绝不可能I#39;m not waking up tomorrow morning早上睡觉醒来And finding that there#39;s nobody there发现你不在身旁Darling, there#39;s no way亲爱的,我不可能No, no, no, no way不可能I#39;m living without you离你而去I#39;m not living without you绝不离你而去I don#39;t want to be free我不想得到自由I#39;m staying I#39;m staying我会呆在这里,呆在这里And you, and you, and you, you#39;re gonna love me你一定会爱上我Oh, whoa, yeah欧耶You#39;re gonna love me你一定会爱上我Yes, you are你一定会Love me Love me Love me爱上我 爱上我 爱上我L-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove爱上Your gonna l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ve M-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e你一定会爱上我Thank you!谢谢大家!Ladies and gentlemen, show your love! Reuben!女士们先生们,为鲁本喝!Did you see this boy?! Did you hear this boy?!看见了吗?听见了吗?Put your hands together for 11-year-old Reuben.为只有11岁的鲁本鼓掌!Come on, man. Come down here with me.来吧孩子,我们坐这里。This little dude right here. Man, sit down.孩子来,坐这里。How you doing, man? Great.怎么样孩子?很好。Where did you get that voice?你这嗓音是跟谁学的?My mom has sort of a voice. Sort of a voice?我妈妈有这种嗓音。这种嗓音?You got the accent, everything, boy.你有这种与生俱来的口音,你拥有一切孩子。The money we fitting to make. Listen.你将财源滚滚啊孩子。So, where you from? Wales, which is in the U.K.你从哪来?英国威尔士。So, when you got the call initially from us to come to the USA, what did you think about that?当你接到邀请你来美国的电话,你当时是什么感受?Well, at first, I thought it was a bit of spam.刚开始,我以为是骚扰电话。What is that? Like, trash or something? Okay.什么意思?像垃圾吗?好吧。I don#39;t really know nothing about that. I#39;m 59 years old. Spam is a can with fake meat in it.我对它一窍不通。我今年59了。spam是一种罐头,里面全部是造假肉。And it got a key on it.上面有一个拉环。And you put the key on it, and you turn it.然后你转动拉环。And you eat this fake meat.造假肉就出来了。Now, I want to tell you something.听我说孩子。He is completely undiscovered.他完全被埋没了。We found this kid, and we called his mother. Is your mother here?我们找到了这个孩子,我们给他的妈妈打了电话。今天你妈妈来了吗?There she is. There she is. Hi, Mom. How are you?那里。那里。孩子他妈,你好吗?How long has he been singing? Forever. Forever?他唱歌多久了?他一直这么唱。一直唱?Did you know he was a great singer? I knew he could sing. You knew he could sing.你知道他唱歌不错吗?我知道。你知道他唱得不错。So, your mother, she bought you a karaoke machine?你妈妈给你买了一个卡拉OK唱歌机?Is that what the story is? Pretty much.真有其事吗?是的。And I sang in the living room, and my sister, over there, would lock the door so she couldn#39;t hear me any longer.我会在卧室唱歌,我会锁上房门,这样她就听不见了。This started with a karaoke machine? Yep.他唱歌是从这台卡拉OK唱歌机开始的?是的。You know how many parents in here are fitting to go out and buy a karaoke machine?你知道在座的,有多少家长都跃跃欲试想买个唱歌机试试?Sing, just try it!唱吧,试试!Who#39;s some of your favorite singers?你最喜欢的歌手是谁?Etta James, Beyonce, yeah.埃塔·詹姆斯和碧昂丝。Is singing an outlet for you?唱歌是你表现自我的方式吗?Yes, because I#39;ve always been bullied for doing what I want to do.是的,因为我喜欢做的事情总会遭到别人的欺辱。And I always feel like singing, expressing through the lyrics and the song.我喜欢唱歌的感觉,通过歌词和音乐表达自己。Let me tell you something.听我说孩子。I think what#39;s gonna happen after this, a lot of people are gonna see you,我觉得接下来会发生的是,会有许多人关注你,and, man, you all#39;s phone is gonna be ringing.你的电话会“炸掉”的。You#39;re gonna be a major star. You#39;re gonna be a major star.你将会成为巨星,你将会成为巨星。Folks, give your love for the sensational Reuben!朋友们,为鲁本鼓掌! Article/201706/515384

FLASH知性英语:I am popeye the sailor man本作品来自英语帮帮网(www.english88.com),版权归英语帮帮网所有. /200703/10913

Listen, you have to understand just #39;cause you#39;re a human being听着,你要明白你虽然是人,doesn#39;t mean you#39;re entitled to be a successful entrepreneur.但并不意味着你有资格成为一名成功的企业家。They do what everybody else does in every genre.在各个行业,他们做得事和其他人一样。You want to be an NFL player,an NBA player, you try.你想成为一名NFL球员,一名NBA球员,那就试试you#39;re not good enough,you do something else.做得不够好的话就做别的事。You want to be a famous actor, you go to LA, you wait tables,你想成为一个著名的演员,就去洛杉矶,等着机会you try to be on a show, it doesn#39;t happen, you do something else.努力表演,没可能的话就做别的事。I don#39;t know what they do.我不知道他们会做什么。Like, something else, but they#39;re not gonna build a million dollar business.就是一些其他事情,但他们不会建立一个百万美元的公司。Guys, do you know how many million dollar businesses are actually built that sustain?伙计们,你们知道多少个资产数百万美元的公司能够建立并确实维持下来?The data is not in our favor. And I#39;m not trying to be cloudy in this sun.数据对我们不利。这并不是我消极。I#39;m trying to save people, some money and some heartache and create some upside.我试图救赎人们,挽救一些财产,减少些心痛,创造些好处。This is just practicality. Like...it#39;s just data.这是事实。这只是数据。We#39;re not talking about it and listen, a lot of you know my spiel.我们不是在谈论它,很多人知道我喋喋不休。I#39;m not excited to talk about this.我不喜欢谈论这个。I#39;m happy-go-lucky. I#39;m positive. I#39;m crushin#39;, but I#39;m fuckin#39; telling you the truth.我是乐天派。我很积极。我很洒脱,但我要告诉你真相。It#39;s just here right now listen, a lot of you know my spiel.刚刚在这的人听着,我又开始唠叨了。A lot of you have businesses that can actually be successful.你们的很多企业其实是可以成功的The problem is you have 17 employees when you should have five.问题是你应该有5名员工的时候却雇了17名。A lot of you have businesses that can be successful你的很多企业其实能成功,but you want to have a nice office, right, in SoHo instead of being somewhere shitty.但你想在苏豪区而不是恶劣的地方有一间很好的办公室,对吗?Right? A lot of you could have businesses that are successful对?你们很多人本可以创业成功,but you come to fuckin#39;(censored) and waste time instead of building your business.但你却跑去(审查)浪费时间,而不是创业。Not that last part. That last part and all the other shit.这不是最后的部分,而是结尾部分和废话。Are you building a business? You better fuckin#39; work tomorrow.你要开公司吗?你最好明天就去上班。And the only reason some of you will is #39;cause it#39;s gonna rain #39;一些人这样做的唯一原因是认为今天下雨,Cause if it was like this today tomorrowyou#39;d all be somewhere and that#39;s just losing.如果今天明天都像现在这样,那么你早晚会找到自己的位置,这种想法很失败。And that#39;s happening at scale.这也很普遍。How many 25-year-olds don#39;t do the cool ideas on the projected thing that they#39;re gonna go buy themselves an office.多少25岁的人没有实现给自己买间办公室的想法。Of course and by the way, a good percentage of them are gonna win.当然,顺便说一句,他们中很多人是会赢的。I hope you#39;re sitting there and getting mad at me我希望你们坐在这里,对我生气,and saying, ;Fuck this guy,;and I can#39;t wait to get your emails并说,“他妈的这家伙,我不能迫不及待地想要你的电子邮件,saying, ;Oh you said I wasn#39;t gonna win at (censored).写上:“哦,你说我做审查不会成功。”;I built a 0 million business.; Respect. Great.“但我建了一亿美元的公司。”我尊重你。你很伟大。I want that. I hope every fucking person looking at my face right now wins everything.我想要的就是这点,我希望每个在看着我的人都能赢得一切。Money, life, health, great. I want that more than anybody. Why not? Be the greatest.金钱,生命,健康,伟大。我比任何人都更想要得到那些,为什么不成为最伟大的人呢?I just think there#39;s an enormous lack of practicality right now.我只是觉得现在不实际。Alright, let#39;s move it in the positive direction. That was positive.好吧,让我们朝着积极的方向努力,这很乐观。That was the positive direction. More in the positive direction. That was the positive.那是积极的方向,更多的人在积极的方向上,这很乐观。Let#39;s follow up on that and keep that train going.让我们来聊点积极的东西,I think that#39;s positive instead of people pontificating here like, ;Yeah, we#39;re all gonna fucking do it.;我认为这是积极的,而不是人们站在这里喊“耶,我们都要做到。” Article/201706/513790

新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson14:PLANS AND DECISIONS计划和决定196. I’ll keep thinking about it. 我会再考虑的。197. We may just have to share#61557; my car for a while. 一段时间里,也许我们不得不共用我的车。198. We need to start a college fund for Tyler. 我们必须为泰勒设立一个大学基金。199. Do you know what you’re doing after graduation#61558;? 你知道你毕业后做什么吗?200. I haven’t made up my mind yet. 我还没有决定。201. I’ll let you know what I decide#61559;. 我会让你知道我的决定的。202. I have to make a difficult#61560; choice#61561;. 我必须做一个艰难的选择。203. Decide quickly. 迅速决定。204. I hadn’t anticipated#61562; that. 我没有意料到那个。205. What do you plan to do about this mess? 面对这一团糟,你打算怎么办?206. The disaster#61563; was a result of poor planning. 这次灾难是由于计划不周导致的。207. I plan to take the next train out of here. 我打算坐下一班火车离开这里。208. I intend to buy a new house. 我打算买一套新房子。209. I had only the best intentions#61564;. 我是出于好意。210. Everything is going according#61565; to plan. 一切都照计划进行着。【生词解读】1. share v. 分享;分担;共有2. graduation n. 毕业3. decide v. 决定;决意4. difficult adj.难;困难的5. choice n. 选择;抉择6. anticipate v. 预期;期望;预料7. disaster n. 灾害;灾难;不幸 8. intention n. 意图;意向;目的9. according adj.相符的;和谐的 /200708/16916

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