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七大因素揭示为什么你总招蚊子 --01 ::7 来源:chinadaily Does it seem like mosquitoes search you out specifically, maniacally biting you just to make you miserable?你是不是发现自己特别招蚊子,经常被蚊子咬得很惨?Blame your genes.怪你的基因吧And your smelly feet.还有你的臭脚Basically, mosquitoes choose their prey (you) based on a whole bunch of factors.基本上,蚊子对你下口是基于一连串因素的Many myths exist; example, the idea that eating bananas can repel the bugs doesn't hold up.关于这方面有许多谣言,比如吃香蕉能驱蚊,这种想法是没有依据的But scientific research has found evidence supporting several reasons why mosquitoes may seek you out, though these studies are often on different kinds of mosquitoes, so the actual things attracting them to you may vary depending on which species are nearby.然而,科学研究已经发现了一些原因和相关据,能解释你为什么招蚊子,不过这些研究的观察对象通常是不同种类的蚊子,所以你招蚊子的实际因素可能也随你附近的蚊子种类而异Still, there's good news: Some of the things that might make you especially attractive to mosquitoes are things you can actually change.好消息是:有些东西会让你特别招蚊子,而你可以做出改变从而远离蚊子Since — depending on the type of mosquitoes in your area — these little flying beasts can transmit deadly diseases like Zika, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, Chikungunya, and West Nile, it would be wise to try to reduce your allure as much as you can.因为——这也取决于你所在地区的蚊子种类——这些小飞虫会传播一些致命疾病,如寨卡病毒、疟疾、黄热病、登革热、基孔肯雅热和西尼罗河病毒,所以你还是尽量少招惹这些蚊子为妙Here are seven things that could make you irresistible to the pests. 以下是7个会让蚊子爱上你的因素:1. People with type O blood tend to attract more mosquitoes than people with other blood types.O型血的人通常比其他血型的人更招蚊子 . Malaria carrying mosquitoes were attracted to pregnant women twice as much as non-pregnant women in a study. In light of Zika's link to birth defects, this finding is particularly concerning.一项研究发现,携带疟疾病毒的蚊子咬妇的可能性比咬没有身的女性高出一倍考虑到寨卡病毒会导致出生缺陷,这一发现让人尤为担忧 3. In a small study, researchers found mosquitoes liked people who had drank a beer more than their sober counterparts.一项小型研究发现,相比没有喝酒的人,喝啤酒会让你更招蚊子 . Some people's bodies emit attractant compounds, while others emit repellent compounds. It's unclear why or how this works, though researchers have tried to isolate the chemicals to use them mosquito traps or natural bug spray.有些人的身体会散发出对蚊子有吸引力的化合物,而其他一些人则会散发出让蚊子讨厌的化合物研究人员尚不清楚个中原理,但是他们试图把这种化合物分离出来,用它们制作捕蚊器或天然的驱蚊水 5. People with a wider variety of bacteria living on their skin were less attractive to mosquitoes in a study.一项研究发现,皮肤上存活的细菌种类较多的人,对蚊子吸引力较小 6. Mosquitoes tend to like people who emit more carbon dioxide when they breathe, which includes larger people and pregnant women.蚊子一般更喜欢那些呼出的二氧化碳更多的人,这些人多为胖子和妇 7. Working out can produce lactic acid, which can act as an attractant mosquitoes when it's released in your sweat.锻炼会产生乳酸,而乳酸通过汗液释放出来时,对蚊子非常有吸引力 Vocabularymyth: 谣言lactic acid: 乳酸英文来源:techinsider翻译#38;编辑:丹妮。

  • 吃货福利:看家庭厨师如何揭秘印度食物 -- ::8 来源: 不要一想到印度饮食,就脑补咖喱、烤鸡肉和薄饼,很多别具特色的家庭食谱也同样引人入胜! Think Indian food, and chances are you’re probably picturing a butter chicken, some naan b, and spicy vegetable curry. Or, a masala dosa.想想印度食物吧,你可能有幸会脑补出黄油鸡肉,一些印度烤饼面包,辛辣的咖喱蔬菜或者,玛萨拉薄饼But dig a little deeper and you will find that India is really a land with cuisines as diverse as its people.但是,如果稍加深入探索,你将会发现,印度真的是一个饮食多样化的大陆,就如同它的人种一样Indians themselves are not always aware of the variety of food around them. Craving "ghar ka khana" or "home food" just like mother makes it, they tend not to experiment too much in terms of what they cook and eat.印度人自己并不明白周边食物的多样化就他们吃什么做什么来讲,他们可能不会试验太多,渴求家常菜或者只是妈妈做的家庭食谱A standing local joke, in fact, is about the Indians that travel the world, but take their own chefs with them, so they don’t have to eat the eign food.有一个很悠久的当地笑话,事实上是关于印度人环游世界的,但是他们带着自己的厨师,就不用吃外国食物了But in India’s cities at least, this seems to be changing.但是至少在印度城市,这似乎在改变Home cooks, aided by social media, online delivery platms, and a growing willingness to experiment, are finding larger appetites their food.由大众传媒、线上外卖平台持的家庭餐饮正在寻求更多的口感,尝试的意图正在增加It has been a gastronomically pleasing pairing of individuals who have grabbed the opporty to enter India’s growing start-up space, and home cooks who are eager to chase the "food dream". And many of them are finding success by highlighting cuisines that are not "stereotypical".从烹饪角度来说,想要抓住机会进入印度正在增长的初创空间的个体恰逢想要追逐饮食梦的家庭厨师,是很让人愉悦的One of the biggest success stories in this space has been The Bohri Kitchen or TBK, run by the three-member Kapadia family from their home in south Mumbai.在这个方面最成功的故事之一就是The Bohri Kitchen 或者TBK,由来自孟买南部的三个Kapadia家庭成员经营Traditional Bohri Muslim food is not found on most Indian s, and is hardly eaten outside the commy.在印度菜单上,很少找到传统的Bohri穆斯林食物,在本社区以外,几乎无人食用But every weekend, the Kapadias host around "guests" who pay around 1,500 rupees ($; pounds) an authentic meal featuring food such as mutton keema samosa (a deep fried patty stuffed with smoked minced mutton, green onions and coriander eaten with lime and mint chutney) or chicken rosht (Chicken cooked in a fried onion and curd gravy, complimented with boiled eggs and fried potatoes), all made by Nafisa Kapadia.但是每到周末,Kapadias会招待大约名客人,这些客人花费大约00卢比来享用地道的食物,比如羊肉咖喱角(一种填满了碎熏羊肉,绿洋葱和香菜的碎肉饼,和酸橙以及薄荷酸辣酱一起食用)或者烤鸡肉(鸡肉炒洋葱配豆腐肉汁,配菜是煮鸡蛋和炸土豆),这些都是Nafisa Kapadia做的Her son Munaf, who has quit his job at Google to run TBK full time, says what started as an experiment a few friends has now expanded to around people per meal and seats sell out a week in advance.他的儿子Munaf辞去了在谷歌工作来全职运营TBK,他说,起初在几个朋友间开展的试验现在拓展到了每餐约人,座位提前一周就售光了Among their guests, Mr Kapadia told the B, are "celebrities, senior government officials, diplomats and MNC guys".Kapadia先生告诉B:“在他的客人中,有名人、高级政府官员、外交官和移动网络成员”。
  • 7月全面推进资源税改 森林开征税 -- 1:3: 来源:chinadaily 根据党中央、国务院决策部署,财政部、国家税务总局5月日联合对外发文,宣布自年7月1日起我国全面推进资源税改革,这是继5月1日营改增试点全面推开后,我国推出的又一重大税制改革 China is set to expand rem of resource taxes across the board from July 1. 自起,我国先后实施了原油、天然气、煤炭、稀土、钨、钼6个品目资源税从价计征改革,并全面清理相关收费基金而此次税改,将全面推开从价计征方式,只有对于少数经营分散、多现金交易且难以控管的粘土、砂石等矿产品,仍实行从量定额计征 The expansion will see a resource tax levied on most mineral products based on price instead of quantity. Since , China has experimented with taxes based on price instead of quantity in six mineral products: coal, gas, molybdenum, oil, rare earth and tungsten. 根据《关于全面推进资源税改革的通知,我国将开展水资源税改革试点工作,并率先在河北试点,条件成熟后推广到全国;并授权地方政府对森林、草场、滩涂等,凡具备征税条件的可上报国务院批准后征收资源税 A pilot on water resource taxation in north China's Hebei Province is expected to expand to wood, pasture and tidal flats in the future. 财政部称,此次改革将全部资源品目矿产资源补偿费费率降为零,停征价格调节基金,取缔地方针对矿产资源违规设立的收费基金项目,有效减轻企业负担 At the same time, authorities will cut certain fees on minerals to reduce tax burdens. 我国资源税开征于198年,对在中国境内从事原油、天然气、煤炭等矿产资源开采的单位和个人征收 China introduced resource taxes in 198, mainly targeting businesses in oil, natural gas and coal.。
  • 新西兰男子集资买“全球最美”海滩 捐国家当公园 -- 3::33 来源: 一名新西兰男子雄心勃勃发起集资运动,筹得数百万美元,如愿买下该国南岛最原始的海滩之后,日前正式捐给国家,划为国家公园他在星期一表示,看到愿望成真,真有点像“做梦”的感觉 Wellington (AFP) - A New Zealand man whose ambitious crowdfunding campaign raised millions of dollars to buy a pristine South Island beach and make it public parkland said Monday it was "surreal" to see his dream realised.惠灵顿(法新社电)——一名新西兰男子雄心勃勃发起集资运动,筹得数百万美元,如愿买下该国南岛最原始的海滩之后,日前正式捐给国家,划为国家公园他在星期一表示,看到愿望成真,真有点像“做梦”的感觉Duane Major’s push earlier this year to take Awaroa beach out of private hands and make it a national park quickly went viral, attracting 0,000 donations to raise a total of NZ$.3 million (US.7 million).梅杰在今年早些时候发起集资运动,希望买下原属私人所有的阿瓦罗瓦海滩,再捐给新西兰当国家公园这项活动传播迅速,很快就吸引了万笔捐款,共募得30万新西兰元(约合0万美元)Major, a pastor who describes himself as "an ordinary bloke", was present when the beach was officially incorporated into the Abel Tasman National Park at a Maori ceremony on Sunday.作为牧师的梅杰,形容自己只是个“普通小伙子”上个周日,他出席了阿瓦洛亚海滩正式划入亚伯塔斯曼国家公园的毛利人的仪式"I must say, it might have been the wind, but I might have squeezed out a wee tear or two," Major told TV3 on Monday.他告诉TV3电视台:“我不得不承认,大概是因为风吧,我好像掉了一两滴眼泪”Awaroa inlet is an 800-metre (,600-foot) stretch of golden sand at the top of South Island.据悉,阿瓦罗瓦海滩位于南岛顶端,黄金般的沙滩绵延800米(600英尺)Accessible only by boat or helicopter, it came on the market late last year, with real estate agents marketing it as "the best beach on the planet".只有搭船或直升机才能到达阿瓦罗瓦海滩,这里去年底打着“全球最美海滩”名号待价而沽Major decided after discussions with relatives over the Christmas period to set up the crowdfunding page.年圣诞节期间,梅杰和亲人讨论后,决定设立集资网页"We just gave it a shot," he said.他说,“我们只是想试试”"We didn’t know how it would pan out and the magical experience it’s been, it was kind of surreal."“我们不知道这计划会如何发展,也没预料到会是这么神奇的体验,真有点像在作梦”It was the largest crowdfunding eft ever facilitated by website "Givealittle", with donations ranging from children pledging a dollar to corporations giving tens of thousands.这是通过“Givealittle”网站完成的、有史以来数目最大的一笔集资既有捐了1元的小孩,也有捐出上万元的企业The government chipped in NZ0,000 and associate conservation minister Nicky Wagner said future generations of New Zealanders would now enjoy it.新西兰政府也出资了35万美元,环保部副部长尼基瓦格纳说,现在新西兰的子孙后代们都可以享受这个胜地了"It’s a victory positive people power and preserving our environment," she said.她说,“这是正能量的胜利,是环境保护的胜利”"All those who contributed have given a wonderful gift to our nation."“所有贡献了自己力量的人,都献给了我们国家一份极好的礼物”。
  • 让地球见 男子太空求婚感动女友 -- :57:30 来源:   Jason Hakala is a specialist, so his marriage proposal was probably always going to be a recording.  杰森·哈卡拉是一位视讯专家,所以他的求婚仪式大概也会通过录制一段视频的方式  The Seattle man Hakala has now gone viral after filming a grand marriage proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Stella Yee.  此人名叫哈卡拉,来自西雅图,他拍摄了一场盛大的求婚仪式,献给他长期交往的女友斯特拉·绮,如今他已在互联网上大红大紫  He sent a helium-filled weather balloon with his phone and and a GoPro camera attached to it 90,000 feet in the air, and the camera captured his phone playing a pre-recorded message from space.  他把自己的手机和一部极限运动专用相机绑在充满氦气的气象气球上,气象气球升到了9万英尺的高空,相机在空中翻录下了手机上播放的一段他提前录制的视频  That message reduced Stella to tears, and many others as well now after the was posted to YouTube.  这段视频让斯特拉感动得热泪盈眶,这段视频被上传到YouTube视频网站上之后,也让许多观者感动得热泪盈眶  In it Hakala says: 'Hey babe. The time has finally come. It took me a trip to space to finally get the balls to do this. But I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me, Stella Yee?'  在这段视频里,哈卡拉说道:“嗨,亲爱的这一刻终于到来了只有当此刻‘我’升上太空的时候,我才鼓起勇气问你这个问题我太爱你了,我想与你共度此生斯特拉·绮,你愿意嫁给我吗?”  And she ofcourse said yes.  她的回答当然是我愿意   Hakala told that he made the balloon using a PVC pipe and attached a GPS so he and his friends could track where it landed.  哈卡拉说,他用聚氯乙烯塑料管制作了这只气球,还在气球上安装了卫星导航,这样他和女友就能追踪到它降落的地点了  They launched it from a field three hours east of Seattle.  他们在西雅图以东三个时区的位置发射了这只气球  The next day Hakala took his girlfriend - who he first met in high school - and her family on a hike in Washington.  第二天,哈卡拉带着他的女友——他们是在同一所高中认识的——以及女友的家属一起去华盛顿徒步旅行  After reaching the summit they aimed to conquer, he played the space in front of everyone.  当他们来到预定抵达的山顶上时,他在所有人面前播放了这段以太空为背景翻录的视频  The proposal took place in , but Hakala only just uploaded the online.  这场求婚仪式发生在年,不过哈卡拉最近才把这段视频上传到网上  The couple were married in Hawaii and now have a -month-old daughter named Suvi.  这对恋人已经在夏威夷结婚了,现在有一个名为苏薇的一岁零一个月大的小女儿。
  • 超模吉赛尔将在“史上最性感的”奥运会开幕式上演出 --9 :: 来源:chinadaily Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is coming out of retirement to launch the Rio Olympics as the embodiment of the famous Girl From Ipanema, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.《每日邮报日报道称,已宣布退休的超模吉赛尔·邦辰将在里约奥运会开幕式中出演著名的依帕内玛女孩 Stunning Gisele, 35, who announced she was quitting the catwalk last year, will be one of many ‘surprises’ planned the ‘sexiest ever’ Olympic opening ceremony on August 5, which is expected to attract a global TV audience of a billion.35岁的吉赛尔已于去年宣布告别T台,这位美艳动人的超模将在8月5日里约奥运会开幕式中出演,这是里约奥组委策划的“史上最性感的”奥运会中众多“惊喜”之一,以期征全球十亿电视观众Gisele will strut into Rio’s Maracana stadium to the strains of the famous bossa nova jazz song, played on a piano by Brazilian musician Paolo Jobim, whose late father Antonio composed the worldwide hit in 196.吉赛尔将伴着巴西音乐家保罗·乔宾钢琴演奏的著名巴萨诺瓦爵士乐登上马纳卡纳球场的舞台保罗·乔宾的先父安东尼奥曾在196年创作了这首风靡世界的音乐Legendary Brazilian footballer Pele is being tipped to light the Olympic flame – the gesture that traditionally opens the Games.闻名世界足坛的巴西球王贝利将点燃奥运圣火——奥运开幕的传统仪式Details of the show have been kept secret, but insiders say it will feature 6,000 scantily clad permers and that the theme will be ‘the evolution of the people of Brazil’, featuring tributes to the rainest, Brazil’s famous Carnival and the country’s love of sensual dance and the female m.里约奥组委目前对开幕式演出具体细节三缄其口,但知情人士表示,开幕式主题已定为“巴西人的历史演变”,届时将有6000名衣着性感的演员表演雨林颂歌并还原巴西狂欢节的场景,演出将充分展示巴西人民对热舞的热爱以及对女性美的崇拜‘There will be lots of nearly naked women doing the samba,’ said a source connected with the three-hour spectacle, after a dress rehearsal surrounded by armed guards. ‘The costumes have been designed to show off as much flesh as possible which means as little material as they can get away with.“到时会有很多几近全裸的女演员跳桑巴舞,”一位与三小时盛典演出相关的工作人员表示,彼时一场戒备森严的排刚落下帷幕“演出装的设计初衷是尽可能多地展现出演员的肉体,这意味着她们所着布料将少之又少”‘This is Brazil, after all, where the female body is celebrated like no other place on Earth.’“毕竟,这是巴西在这个星球上能如此推崇女性身体的民族,巴西敢称第一,无人敢称第二”But with just days to go, a series of crises is threatening to overshadow the Games.距离开幕式只有天,一系列的危机事件却让这场盛事蒙上阴影As the first British athletes arrived in Brazil this weekend to begin training, Rio newspaper Globo reported a spate of robberies from the Olympic Village that will be home to ,000 athletes, including British medal favourites Jessica Ennis-Hill and Mo Farah.第一批英国运动员上周末刚抵达巴西,正准备开始集训,里约《环球报便报道了一系列奥运村发生的抢劫案奥运村将为000名运动员提供住宿,包括英国金牌骄子杰西卡·恩尼斯-希尔和莫·法拉赫Light fittings, lamps, mirrors, even toilet seats were taken – despite tight security measures that include metal detectors and armed guards at entrances and exits, the report said. Construction teams were reported to be ‘working around the clock’ to make the village functional bee today’s official opening.灯具配件,床头灯,镜子,甚至马桶座圈都被洗劫一空——这还是在安保措施“严密”的情况下,奥运村出入口皆配备了金属探测器和武装人员,报道指出,施工队伍在今天正式开门纳客前,一直“不分昼夜”地全力工作Globo said many of the 3,6 flats still did not have functional water, gas or electricity supplies. An insider said: ‘The systems were only tested at the last minute and found to be defective.’《环球报报导,容纳36套房的奥运村仍有许多楼房尚未配置好功能正常的水、燃气和电力设施一位知情人士称:“施工组直到最后一刻才测试整套系统,然后发现设施有缺陷”Meanwhile, experts are warning of a ‘perfect storm’ that may cause cases of the deadly Zika virus to escalate.雪上加霜的是,专家警告入住人员,一场“完美风暴”可能让寨卡病毒危情升级The mosquito-borne disease, which causes devastating birth defects, has been largely under control in recent weeks thanks to the Brazilian winter as temperatures have ‘dipped’ to C. But ecasters predict that temperatures will soar to C.这种可致新生儿畸形的蚊媒传染病本已得到控制在过去的几周,进入冬天的巴西,温度“骤降”到摄氏度,这无疑对控制险情大有益处但天气预报预测,近期温度将急速上升至摄氏度Athletes will get free mosquito repellent and will be urged to wear long-sleeve shirts and long trousers rather than shorts.组委会将为每位运动员免费发放防蚊器,并敦促他们穿长袖长裤而非短袖短裤英文来源:每日邮报翻译:陈蕾羽(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮。
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