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浏河镇人民妇幼中心医院不孕不育科太仓可视微观无痛人流费用铁道部近日紧急部署安全生产大检查,从今起开始到9月底,开展两个月的安全生产大检查活动,突出抓好高铁安全。请看新华社的报道:China's transportation authority on Sunday ordered local departments to launch thorough safety overhaul to resolutely curb severe traffic accidents after a raft of tragedies in less than a month.中国铁道部负责人上周日要求各地方部门开展全面彻底的安全大检查,彻底杜绝严重铁路事故的发生。在一个月内,已发生了多起铁路事故,酿成惨剧。文中的safety overhaul就是指“安全大检查”,overhaul指的是“彻底检修、改造”,比如:It is generally appreciated that the rail network needs a complete overhaul.(众所周知,铁路系统需要大检修。)类似的说法还有safety inspection。23日晚,温州南站附近发生动车rear-end collision(追尾相撞)事故,造成多人死伤。动车一般称为bullet train,因此车次都以D字开头。实行ID-based ticket booking system(实名购票)。此次事故前,运行不久的high-speed rail(高铁)也接连发生故障。 /201107/146209太仓妇幼保健院妇科地址 Ethan: How did you on the test today?Sean: Perfect score. Not surprising, since all I do is study. Ethan: How about this afternoon?Sean: Mrs. Tyler asked me to do some shopping for her. A good cultural experience, she says. I have the list right here.Ethan: What's on it?Sean: Four frozen pizzas, half a dozen packs of hot dogs, and a 36-roll pack of toilet paper.汤姆的英语成绩不是很好,丹尼尔建议他去参加一个英语培训班,丹尼尔会推荐一个什么样的培训班呢?看看就知道了。Listen Read LearnTom: Daniel, I can't catch up with the English teacher very well.Daniel: What's the problem?Tom: You are quite good at English, can you help me with it.Daniel: That's OK. But you'd better take an additional course in some English schools.Tom: English school? What is that?Daniel: This kind of school is good at helping people to improve their English.Tom: Is that different from our school's English course?Daniel: Yes, before you start your training, they will test you on your English first.Tom: Then?Daniel: Then they will recommend you the class that suits you.Tom: Really? How good can my English get there?Daniel: You see how well I am doing. I studied there too.Tom: All right. I'll tell my mother about it.听看学汤姆:丹尼尔,我跟不上英语老师的课。丹尼尔:什么问题呢?汤姆:你英语很好,你能帮我吗?丹尼尔:可以啊,但是我建议你最好去一些英语学校学一些额外的课程。汤姆:英语学校?是什么学校啊?丹尼尔:这种学校善于帮助大家提高英语水平。汤姆:那和我们的英语课程有区别吗?丹尼尔:当然有啊,在你进行培训之前,他们先会对你的英语进行测试。汤姆:然后呢?丹尼尔:然后,他们会推荐适合你的课程。汤姆:真的吗?那效果怎么样呢?丹尼尔:你觉得我怎么样呢?我也在那里学过。汤姆:好的,我会告诉我妈妈的。经典背诵 RecitationTom: I can't catch up with our English teacher very well. Daniel is good at English. He suggests that I take an additional course in some English school. That school is said to be a really good one. So I hope it can help me with my English. I will tell my mother about it later.生词小结catch vt. 抓住,领会additional adj. 额外的train vt. 训练,培训recommend vt. 推荐Scene practice 情景练习指示句型练习仔细阅读下面五个场景,两人一组,使用指示句型,用一用,练一练。(1)If you were Shirley, and you were telling your son Daniel what he should pay attention to in the Happy Valley, what would you say?(2)If you were Benjamin, and you were telling May what she should pay attention to when using digital camera, what would you say?(3)If you were Daniel's teacher, and you wanted to warn him not to talk in the class, what would you say?(4)If you were Shirley, and you didn't approve of Daniel watching Ultraman, what would you say?(5)If you were Daniel, and you were asking Tom not to forget to watch Ultraman, what would you say? /200804/36649嘉定人民妇幼中心医院中药科

太仓引产太仓哪里看宫颈糜烂比较好 Larry跟李华开车去朋友家参加派对。今天我们要学两个常用语:BFF和Take the wheel. LL: Lihua, we got a really good deal on these gifts for the party. I know my BFF very well, and I'm certain that this type of wine and this kind of cheese are his favorites. LH: 太好了。BFF一定是你朋友名字的缩写吧。他全名叫什么? LL: No, Lihua. BFF is not my friend's name. BFF is an acronym. Do you know what an acronym is? LH: Acronym不就是首写字母的缩写吗?我经常说FYI,意思是for your information. 没错吧? LL: Well, Lihua, for your information, BFF is an acronym that stands for "Best friend forever." LH: 我明白了,BFF不是你朋友的名字,而是"Best friend forever"的缩写,用中文说,就是一辈子最铁的哥们。 LL: Exactly. We're BFF's because we went to elementary school together and have been friends for almost 20 years. It's common for young Americans to refer to that kind of long-time friend as a "BFF." LH: Larry,你太让我失望了,我还以为我是你的BFF呢!I didn't even know you had another BFF! BFF能有好几个吗? LL: Of course you can have more than one BFF, Lihua. But our relationship is different because you're my girlfriend, which can be turned into an acronym too, the word "girlfriend" can be shortened to "GF." LH: 我是你的女朋友,girlfriend, 简称GF;那你是我的男朋友,boyfriend, 就是BF喽? LL: That's right, Lihua. I'm your BF. You're my GF. And we're going to my BFF's party. LH: 慢点,你说得我都快糊涂了。我是你的女朋友,GF;你是我的男朋友,BF; 我们一起去你最铁的哥们家,他是你的BFF. LL: You're a quick learner, GF! LH: Thanks, BF! LL: So, Lihua, do you have a BFF, best friend forever? LH: 有啊。她的名字叫郭小倩,我们俩的妈妈就是BFF。我们同一年出生,一起长大,经常在一起玩,自然也就成了BFF。 LL: Where does your BFF, Guo Xiaoqian, live now? LH: 小倩现在也在美国,是一家公关公司的部门经理。 LH: Well, after you meet my BFF tonight at his party, I look forward to meeting Guo, your BFF. ****** LL: Well, Lihua, we're almost at the party. You know I've realized that I'm the one who ends up driving when we go out together. When are you going to get behind the wheel? LH: 站到车轮子后面,那不是很危险吗?你要轧到我,那我怎么办? LL: No, Lihua, that's not what I mean. "Get behind the wheel" means to get behind the car's steering wheel and drive. I think you should practice driving more often since you just recently got your driver's license. LH: 哦,你说的get behind the wheel意思是开车。是啊,新考下来驾照,每次开车我都是一手冷汗,恐怕是得多练练。 LL: Exactly. And that reminds me of another similar phrase, which is "take the wheel." LH: "Get behind the wheel"和"take the wheel"不是一个意思吗? LL: No. Those two phrases are completely different. You aly know that "get behind the wheel" means "to drive." But the phrase "take the wheel" means "to start taking responsibility for something." LH: 我还是不懂,方向盘跟承担责任有什么关系呢? LL: I'll give you an example for "take the wheel." A few of my co-workers were laid off this week, so until we can afford to hire more employees, I have to "take the wheel" on finishing the work they left behind. LH: 最近我们学校也有好几个老教授退休,所以剩下的老师只好接管了他们带的士生的论文。这也是take the wheel吧? LL: That's right. "Take the wheel" is just another way to say someone is expected to take responsibility. LH: 我还记得小时候,父母经常加班,不在家,我只好take the wheel,照顾,还要给我们俩人煮饭吃。 LL: I didn't know you could cook! I wish you would "take the wheel" on making dinner for me every once in a while! LH: 给你煮饭吃?可以考虑考虑。不过条件是,吃完饭你也要take the wheel请我出去看电影才行! 今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是BFF, 一辈子最要好的朋友。另一个是take the wheel,意思是承担起责任来。 /05/71826太仓子宫肌瘤微创多少钱

浮桥镇治疗痛经哪家医院最好的1) I couldn't agree more! 我完全同意!比如说这样的句子:例一:YWW的留言:Hi, AndyYou are great. That's real English teaching, and the music is quite fun. One point to make: too much Chinese!funny紧跟留言:Agree with YWW (I couldn't agree more with YWW). Exposing more English will be more helpful. Just for your consideration. Thanks anyway. 例二: Andy老师的女朋友:Andy's girlfriend should be pretty! I couldn't agree more!不同意你的观点,或者说对于你的话我漠不关心! /200805/39864 B地道英语口语:Swig 喝一口John: Hello, this is Real English from B Learning English, I’m JohnJean: And I’m Jean. Hello!John: In Real English, we look at words and phrases that you might not find in your dictionary.Jean: 和汉语一样,英语里也是有着非常多的成语和俗话的,所以要想能听得懂英国人日常的说话聊天,就一定要来学学这些他们常用的通俗词语。John: Today’s word is swig S-W-I-G swigJean: I might say can I have a swig of your water? Jean: 原来swig的意思就是很快的拿起来喝一口什么东西。你可以说to take a swig 或者to have a swig,或者干脆就可以光说swig.John: We use the word a lot when talking about alcohol too – you might hear something like ‘I’ll have a quick swig of beer’ – or ‘he was in the pub swigging wine’. You can use it any time when you’re talking about drinking something.Jean: 原来swig这个词也是经常用来形容喝酒的,比如“I’ll have a quick swig of beer”“那我就很快地来口啤酒吧”。不过这是个非常随便的用法,并不适合在正式场合的时候使用。 John: Let’s listen to some examples.Insert A: Would you like some juice? B: Oh I’m OK thanks. I’m not very thirsty – I’ll just take a swig of yours if that’s all right. A: That beer looks really nice. B: Do you want to try it? Here, have a swig John: Actually all this talking is hurting my throat. Can I have a swig of your water?Jean: Of course – in fact my throat is a bit dry too – I think I’ll have a quick swig too.John: And er, do you have any plans after we finish the programme, pres?Jean: Well, actually I’m going to meet my friend in the pub. He’s in there now, probably swigging beer and ing the paper while he waits for me to arrive.John: Oh I’d love a swig of beer right now.Jean: 怎么说到喝酒你就真要喝了?还没复习一下今天学的这个新词呢。Swig,就是很快地拿起来喝一口什么东西的意思。And that’s all we have time for today.John: Yes, you’ve been listening to Real English from B Learning English – we’ll see you next time.Jean: Bye! /200711/19809浏河镇顺产哪家医院最好的苏州大学附属第二医院做人流好吗



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