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After an entire century that included two high-profile government investigations and countless books and movies, we#39;re still debating what really caused the Titanic to hit an iceberg and sink on that crystal-clear chilly night.泰坦尼克号沉没一百周年之际,我们仍然在讨论是什么原因使它在如此晴朗而寒冷的夜晚撞上了冰山,沉没海底。这一百年间,关于沉船事故已经进行了两次知名的政府调查,还有无数的书籍和电影问世。Maybe there#39;s more to blame than human folly and hubris. Maybe we can fault freak atmospheric conditions that caused a mirage or an even rarer astronomical event that sent icebergs into shipping lanes. Those are two of the newer theories being proposed by a Titanic author and a team of astronomers.也许除了人们的愚蠢和傲慢自大,事故还有其它原因。也许我们可以归罪于反常的大气状况导致出现了海市蜃楼,或是更加稀奇的天文现象使得冰山进入了航线。这些是一位泰坦尼克号的作者和几位天文学家提出的两种最新理论。New theories and research are important ;but at its most basic what happened is they failed to heed warnings and they hit the iceberg because they were going too fast,; said James Delgado, director of maritime heritage at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.海洋和大气的海事遗产主管詹姆斯-迪加多说,新的理论和研究很重要,“但发生的最基本的事实是,船员没能留心警报,而且由于船速过快而撞上了冰山。”One of the novel new theories says Titanic could have been the victim of a mirage that is similar to what people see in the desert. It#39;s the brainchild of Tim Maltin, a historian who has written three books about Titanic.最新的一种理论认为,泰坦尼克号事故有可能是海市蜃楼导致的,就像人们在沙漠里看到的那样。这一理论出自历史学家蒂姆-马丁,他已经写了三本有关泰坦尼克号的著作。The unusually cold sea air caused light to bend abnormally downward, Maltin said. The Titanic#39;s first officer, William McMaster Murdoch, saw what he described as a ;haze on the horizon, and that iceberg came right out of the haze,; Maltin said, ing from the surviving second officer#39;s testimony.马丁说,异常寒冷的海洋空气使得光线反常地向下弯曲。根据幸存的第二副驾驶的词,泰坦尼克号的大副威廉-麦克马斯特-默多克描述称,他看到了“海平面上的阴霾,而冰山正好从阴霾中出现”。Other ships, including those rescuing survivors, reported similar strange visuals and had trouble navigating around the icebergs, he said.其它船只,包括幸存者,也报告称看到了类似的奇异景象,而且在冰山附近驾驶船只时感觉难以操纵。British meteorologists later monitored the site for those freaky thermal inversions and said 60 percent of the time they checked, the inversions were present, Maltin said.马丁说,英国气象学家随后在该地对这一奇异的逆温现象进行了监测,结果在60%的监测时间里,都存在这种逆温现象。The same inversions could have made the Titanic#39;s rescue rockets appear lower in the sky, giving a rescue ship the impression that the Titanic was smaller and farther away, Maltin said.马丁还说,这一逆温现象也使泰坦尼克号发射的遇难信号弹看起来比天空更低,使得救援船只产生了错觉,以为泰坦尼克号体积更小,距离也更远。Physicists Donald Olson and Russell Doescher at Texas State University have another theory in Sky amp;Telescope magazine that fits nicely with Maltin#39;s. Olson — who often comes up with astronomical quirks linked to historical events — said that a few months earlier, the moon, sun and Earth lined up in a way that added extra pull on Earth#39;s tides. The Earth was closer to the moon than it had been in 1,400 years.美国德州州立大学的物理学家唐纳德-奥森和罗素-多斯彻在《天空与望远镜》杂志上发表了另一种理论,和马丁的说法恰好吻合。奥森说,事发几个月前,月亮、太阳和地球的排列方式增大了地球的潮汐力。当时地球和月亮之间的距离是1400年以来的最短距离。奥森经常将历史事件和天文异象联系起来。The unusual tides caused glaciers to calve icebergs off Greenland. Those southbound icebergs got stuck near Labrador and Newfoundland but then slowly moved south again, floating into the shipping currents just in time to greet the Titanic, the astronomers theorized. Maltin said the icebergs also added a snaking river of super-cold water that magnified the mirage effect.这种不寻常的潮汐使得格陵兰的冰川崩裂成冰山。这些向南漂移的冰山卡在了拉布拉多和纽芬兰一带海域,之后再次缓慢南移,漂移到了航流上,正好遇到泰坦尼克号。马丁表示这些冰山也使海面出现了蜿蜒的超级冰冷的水流,放大了海市蜃楼效应。 /201204/177697A new student craze is set to be the new planking after a of men pouring milk over their heads in public places has gone viral.一段在公共场合往自己头上浇牛奶的视频在网络公开之后,已经在学生中引起一股新的流行风潮。The group is made up of students and graduates, who are seen pouring four-pint containers of milk over themselves across Newcastle.拍摄视频的是一群来自纽卡斯尔市的在校大学生和研究生,他们在众目睽睽之下,往自己头上浇了四品脱装的牛奶。The became an instant hit after it was uploaded on Monday night and has amassed nearly 30,000 views in less than a week.该视频周一晚上上传之后就一炮而红,并在不到一周的时间之内,积累了近3万次的点击率。Tom Morris, 22, who was behind the said: ‘We were just in our kitchen talking about doing it outside Starbucks in Jesmond and thought it would be really funny.22岁的汤姆-莫里斯是视频中的一员,他表示:“我们当时只是在厨房里讨论,想在杰斯蒙德的星巴克以外的地方这么做,我们觉得这应该还蛮有趣的。”#39;We did that, uploaded the to Facebook and got a load of likes. So then we thought #39;why not just make a #39;?’“我们真的这样做了,把视频上传到Facebook,并且得到了很多网友的喜爱。于是我们想:为什么不做一个系列视频呢?”Fellow #39;milker#39; George Hoyland said: We didn#39;t expect a reaction this large, the was initially intended for our friends.“头灌牛奶” 视频中另一位成员乔治-霍里兰德表示:“我们没想到会得到这么大的反应,本来视频只是为我们的朋友而拍的。”#39;The reactions have been very mixed, the puns people have posted have been great and caused a lot of laughter in our house!#39;“反应是褒贬参半的,大家发表的许多双关语给我们带来了很多欢声笑语! ”Student paper The Tab Newcastle reported that students in Edinburgh, Nottingham and Cirencester are all filming their own versions of Milking Newcastle as the trend sps across the UK’s institutions for higher education.根据纽卡斯尔当地的学生报The Tab Newcastle 报道,在爱丁堡、诺丁汉和赛伦塞斯特,学生们都在拍各自版本的浇牛奶视频,这一潮流已经蔓延到整个英国的高等教育机构。Mr Hoyland said at least two s have been made - one at prestigious Oxford University, and the group have been inundated with messages from others wanting to film their own #39;milking#39; .霍里兰德说,他看到其他地方的学生已经拍了至少两个视频,其中一个还是在极富盛名的牛津大学。浇牛奶小组收到了海量留言,留言中很多人表示也想拍摄自己的“头灌牛奶” 视频。Reactions to the hit have been mixed with the comments section filled with puns and praise, whilst others say the students’ behaviour is immature and a waste of money.对这个热门视频的反应有充满着双关语和称赞的,而其他人则认为学生的所作所为是浪费钱的幼稚行为。#39;All cities should be milked, we should start a revolution,#39; YouTube user Rodrigo Rangel wrote, whilst others were less impressed accusing #39;milking#39; of being immature and a waste of milk. Barbara Spicer commented:#39;The inventive, future Leaders of our country!#39;“所有的城市都该被浇牛奶,我们应该开始一场改革,” YouTube用户罗德里戈这样写道。而其他人并不欣赏,还指责“浇牛奶”行为非常不成熟和浪费。 一位叫芭芭拉的用户说:“看看,这就是我们的国家善于创造的、未来的领导者!”Local Lib Dem councillor Gregg Stone tweeted: #39;Not sure Jesmond students are helping their public image with milking stunt.#39;当地自由民主党议员格雷格-斯通在Twitter上表示说:“不知道杰斯蒙德的学生是不是在用头灌牛奶的绝技,帮助提升自己的公众知名度。”The Milking Newcastle group said that although they understand the concerns of Mr Stone, the intent was not to give students a bad name.纽卡斯尔浇牛奶小组表示,虽然他们明白斯通先生的担忧,但是给学生带来不好的名声并不是他们的意图。#39;We didn#39;t think the would stretch much further than our friends and would be disappointed if it created any animosity between students and residents,#39; Mr Hoyland said.霍里兰德表示:“我们没想到这段视频竟然流出朋友圈传了那么远。如果它在学生和居民之间制造了任何敌意,我们会觉得非常失望。”But despite the success of the and the possibility of having created the next planking trend the boys are skeptical saying #39;milking#39; is far less practical.不过尽管视频取得了巨大的成功,而且有成为未来风潮趋势的可能,这群男生们还是都持怀疑态度,认为“头灌牛奶是非常不实际的” 。#39;The smell of sour milk is present all over our house, and the laundry pile is high!#39;“现在我们的房子充斥着酸牛奶的气味,还有一大堆衣要洗!” /201211/211185j.!m_,18f-^JA4kqMQM!E3s_w|,)cc|EvD!fv6@4HfTWhen we asked a few guys what these jeans said about the ladies wearing them, their reactions ranged from dropped jaws to total confusion. (Spoiler alert: The word silhouetteis mystifying to guys!) Regardless of your taste in jeans;be it wide-leg, skinny or straight-leg;one thing is clear: Guys love it when the real YOU is easy to see. Read on for a glimpse into the male mind.8@SP5_gy2B;X[%.r9#.5当我们向男士询问对女性牛仔裤的看法时,他们的反应有些让我们目瞪口呆,有些则让我们风中凌乱(提前剧透:对于男人来说轮廓这个词很神秘)j7]Y]q)JDy]#]C。不管你有着怎样的牛仔裤品味,爱阔腿裤、紧身裤或是直筒裤,有一条很明确:男人们会爱那些让你的真实身材曲线尽显的牛仔裤f0)FxvO0Bjbq*v~5o。快来看看男性的牛仔裤面面观吧:!D+1K1cklfeA4hQPNW7jJ5cORMiTI_Jc,BS_7_)-JZ.h /201111/162377

Lady Gaga#39;s designer had better watch his back. One of the latest creations to come out of elite fashion school Central St Martins in London is right up the singer#39;s street. The dress has been crafted out of 795 caligraphy pen nibs - and they are all connected to small motors that make them vibrate just like Lady Gaga#39;s ;breathing; dress did。或许论世界上奇形怪状的衣而言,嘎嘎所穿衣的设计师会当之无愧地登上诡异装设计师名单的宝座了。但是,最近由伦敦中央圣·马丁时尚学校的学生自己设计的装绝对能把嘎嘎当初“红极一时”的“生牛肉装”给逼到绝路。令人感到不可思议的是,这件堪称“绝无仅有”的时尚外套由795个“钢笔笔尖”整齐排列而成,而且每一个笔尖都与小型发动机线路链接而成,让笔尖可以产生“震动”的效果。Student fashion: The dress has been crafted out of 795 caligraphy pen nibs - and they are all connected to small motors that make them vibrate The Pen Nib Dress is a cream A-line number with a rectangular panel covered in metal nibs on the front of the gown. It was designed and made by creative technologist John Nussey and Central St. Martins Womenswear student Steven Tai for his final degree show。这件有意思的号称“钢笔礼”是伦敦中央圣·马丁时尚学校学生Steven Tai 的毕业作品,据悉,该学生的毕业作品还借助了创意大师John Nussey 之手共同创作而成。类似睡衣礼的前侧由金属钢笔笔尖“矩形成弧度”排列而成。Speaking to Wired.co.uk, Nussey said that the final result was achieved through a lot of trial and error: ;We looked at a number of different ways to make the pen nibs move and how to wire up that number of nibs ;S.teven had strong ideas as to how many he wanted, and we had to get enough of the nibs to make an impact。谈到怎样才能使得笔尖自己震动起来,学生Nussey分享了他的创意:“我们为了使得钢笔笔尖产生震动的效果,费了不少劲,以及怎么将钢笔笔尖与电线联系都费了一番功夫,最后,我们觉得必须要一定钢笔笔尖的数量才能达到我们想要的效果。”;It was finding a balance between the technical possibilities and the creative idea.; They eventually settled for the same motors that make mobile phones vibrate because they are cheap and don#39;t require very much power. Rows of metal pen nibs were then linked together with a switch for every different row which meant that they could all be activated separately. Moving one row as a time gives the panel on the front of the dress a beautiful shimmering effect. The speed and pattern of movement can be changed to create a range of different effects。他还补充到:“最后,我们发现能让手机产生震动效果的原理同样可以应用于我们的设计当中,这种原理一旦实现起来不仅成本低、而且不用非多少电。可以让我们找到技术与创意的最佳平衡点。有意思的是,每一行的笔尖都有一个单独的控制开关,可以将任意一行钢笔笔尖任意摇动,这样模特在试穿这件衣走T台时,前排的观众就可以看到衣前面的奇妙效果,而且钢笔笔尖的晃动速度都可以自行调节。”据悉,这件毕业作品礼重量可不轻,该学生透露,衣重量可达:14公斤,看来模特想要衣着漂亮饰受到众人赞叹,也必须时刻准备着为艺术而牺牲啊! /201205/184296

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