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So for example, right now, if I focus too much on the balls,打个比方,现在,如果我太集中于这些球,then theres no way I can relax and talk to you at the same time.那么我就无法能够放松并同时与你们说话。Equally, if I relax too much talking to you, theres no way I can focus on the balls.同样地,如果我太过于放松地跟你们说话,那我将无法专注在球上。Im going to drop them. Now in life, and in meditation,我将会把球掉到地上。而在生活里,在冥想中,therell be times when the focus becomes a little bit too intense, and life starts to feel a bit like this.有些时候专注变得有点过于紧张,而生活开始变得有点像这样。Its a very uncomfortable way to live life, when you get this tight and stressed.当你变得这样紧张,你将活的非常难受。At other times, we might take our foot off the gas a little bit too much,在其他时候,我们或许会把脚放得离油门有点过远(过于放松),and things just become a sort of little bit like this.而这将变得像这样。Of course in meditation — were going to end up falling asleep.而在冥想中--我们最后就会睡着。So were looking for a balance, a focused relaxation where we can allow thoughts to come and go without all the usual involvement.因此我们要寻找一个平衡点,一种专注的放松在这种状态下我们能让思绪自由来去远离尘世的烦扰。Now, what usually happens when were learning to be mindful is that we get distracted by a thought.现在,当我们学会专注通常会发生就是是我们被一个想法打扰。Lets say this is an anxious thought. Everythings going fine, and we see the anxious thought.比如说这是一个焦虑的思绪。比如所以事情都一切顺利,然后我们发现了焦急的思绪,;Oh, I didnt realize I was worried about that.; You go back to it, repeat it.它就像:;哦,我居然没意识到我的烦恼;。你关注它,并且重复它。;Oh, I am worried. I really am worried. Wow, theres so much anxiety.;“哦,我很担心。哦,我真的很担心。哇,有这么多的焦虑。”And before we know it, right, were anxious about feeling anxious.和之前我们意识到它相比,对吧,我们为焦虑的感觉而焦虑。201705/511155。

英语日常口语 78:Not much luck运气不佳本单元是关于运气不佳的对话Helen: ... no, no, that's ok, thanks for calling ... I hope you'll find somewhere soon - bye!Tim: Was that another call about the room? Helen: Yeah, but he works right over the other end of town. He said the commute would be too much. Alice: Mmm, the last one said that too, didn't he? Helen: I know. We're not having much luck here. Tim: What about the guy who came round yesterday?Helen/Alice: No!!!Helen: Eeeww, he was really creepy. Alice: I know ... the one before that was alright though ... clean-cut.Helen: He was very respectable, but a bit posh, I thought ... Tim: So, what happened to him then?Helen: He said it was too expensive. Do you think we should put the advert in the paper for another week?Vocabulary 字汇 commute 通勤to travel regularly over some distance, for example, suburb into a city and back, often for workrespectable 值得尊敬的behaves in a proper and socially acceptable wayclean-cut 整齐的neat, tidy, clean and smart in appearancecreepy 令人感到不舒的unpleasant, annoying, weird, a little bit scary, makes you feel uncomfortable本单元语言点是描写人,请看下面的解释和例句Describing people 3 Character adjectives - usually positive 描述人的形容词 正面意义 charmingstrong personal attractiveness, with very pleasing behaviour and speech; delightfulEverything about him was attractive, but his smile was especially charming.clean-cutneat, tidy, clean and smart in appearanceHe's very clean-cut. His clothes are always clean and neatly ironed, he shaves every morning and his hair is always combed.culturedwell-educated in and having a high appreciation of fine art, music, literature etc. She's very cultured - she goes to the opera at least once a month and she knows all of Shakespeare's plays.consideratebehaving in a way that shows caring for other people's feelings, circumstances, etc. When he comes home late at night, he's always very considerate of the sleeping neighbours and doesn't make any noise.open-mindedbeing receptive to new ideas, experiences or arguments If you want to enjoy foreign travel, it's best to be open-minded.respectablebehaving in a proper and socially acceptable wayEverybody thought that he was a respectable family man, but secretly he was a gambler and a drunk. tolerantaccepting of the beliefs, practices, or behaviour of other people, even if it is new, challenging or differentShe is very tolerant with the children. She doesn't get angry with them, even though they are a little bit naughty sometimes.Character adjectives - usually negative 描述人的形容词 负面意义 creepyunpleasant, annoying, weird, a little bit scary, makes you feel uncomfortable Do you know that creepy guy who works in our office - He's always staring at me, and sometimes when I turn round, he's standing right next to me, but I never hear anything, he's just suddenly there!hypocriticalpretending to have beliefs or principles that you do not actually possess, or acting against the beliefs which you say you haveMy brother told me to stop smoking, but he smokes 20 a day himself - how hypocritical!insincerenot honest or genuine in the expression of feelingsHe wasn't a real gentleman. His false charm and cold smile made him seem very insincere.maliciousoften doing bad things in order to hurt peopleIt's just his determination and wanting to win and sometimes he gets a bit over-excited, but he isn't at all malicious.materialisticmuch more concerned with material things than with spiritual, intellectual, or cultural valuesThose girls are greedy and materialistic: they measure their success in terms of how many pairs of shoes and designer handbags they have.mercenarymotivated by a desire for moneyHe's so mercenary - he doesn't care what he has to do at work, as long as the pay is good.ruthlesswithout pity or mercyHe was so ruthless in his criticism of their performance that most of them started to cry.snobbisha person who admires people of high rank or social class, and dislikes people in a lower class than him/herselfHe's so snobbish. He was very friendly towards Jane until he found out her dad was a taxi driver. Now he hardly speaks to her.spitefulwanting to do something bad to someone, usually because of a belief that they have done something bad to you She's so spiteful. When she saw that I had got the last piece of cake, she pushed me, to make me drop it.stubbornresistant to change, especially of opinions and ideas, even if others are negatively affectedIzzy is so stubborn. Everybody could see she was tired, but she wouldn't let anybody else help her. /200708/16887。

即学即用英语会话词典A部分:喜欢上 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14900。

美国习惯用语-第28讲:A black sheepA white lie 黑颜色和白颜色往往是对立的。黑代表黑夜和邪恶,而白象征着日光、善良或美德。在美国好莱坞早期那些无声电影里,导演往往给英雄人物戴上白帽子,而给坏蛋戴黑帽子。这样,连十岁的孩子一看就马上知道谁是好人,谁是坏人。白帽和黑帽就这样逐渐成了一个习惯的说法,也就是 white hats and black hats。White hats and black hats 就代表好人和坏人。黑和白这两个字 black and white 经常在美国的成语和俗语中出现。可是,它们并不一定像好人、坏人那样黑白分明。有时候,黑还具有肯定和积极的意思。例如,对一个做生意的人来说 in the black 就意味着赚钱,而不是亏本。今天,我们要讲两个和 black and white 这两个字有关的成语。首先我们来讲一个和black有关的常用语 a black sheep。Black 当然是指黑颜色,而 sheep 是一头羊的意思。一头黑颜色的羊 a black sheep 指的是一个给他周围的人带来耻辱的人。请听下面这个例子: 例句-1: "Uncle Joe is the black sheep in the family. Instead of getting a job, all he does is drink too much, gamble away any money he gets and chase after women." 这句话翻成中文就是:“乔叔叔是他们家的败家子。他不是去找个工作,而是成天喝酒,有了一点钱就去赌,还老是玩女人。” 我们再来举一个例子: 例句-2: "We all thought my youngest brother was the black sheep in our family. In fact he was in so much trouble he ran away to Australia. But he started a new life there, married a wonderful girl, and now he's a millionaire." 这句话的意思是:“我们都认为我最小的弟弟是我们家的败家子。实际上,他闯了好多祸,最后只好逃到澳大利亚去。可是,他在那里重起炉灶,和一个非常好的女孩结了婚,现在都成了百万富翁了。” 下面我们要讲的一个习惯用语是和 white 这个字有关系的,这就是 A white lie。Lie 就是谎话的意思。那末,难道骗人还分黑白吗?是的。A white lie 的意思就是那种为了避免使对方感到难受而说的谎话。比如说,一个女孩子新交的男朋友很难看,但是为了不要使她感到难受,你说了个谎,说你认为他很英俊。回到家,你就对丈夫说: 例句-3: "I told a white lie when I told Jennie her boyfriend was goodlooking. The truth is he's just about the ugliest man I've ever seen." 她说:“我骗珍妮说,她的男朋友很英俊。其实,他大概是我看到的所有男人当中最难看的了。” 我们再来举一个例子: 例句-4: "My mother and dad taught me never to tell a lie. So I feel guilty every time I tell even a little white lie, although I do it just to make somebody feel better." 这个人说:“我爸爸妈妈总是教我绝对不能说谎话。因此,每当我说一点谎,即便是为了让某人感到好受一点而说谎的时候,我都好像做错了事一样。” 今天我们讲了两个和黑和白,也就是 black and white 有关的俗语。它们是 a black sheep 和 a white lie。「美国习惯用语」第二十八讲就到里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/2983。

But it was more than that: it was also a vital inflection point of my own ethical development, my own self-understanding as a member of the global community.但不仅仅如此:这是我个人道德理念的一个重要转折,也自知作为地球上一员的自我使命。Harvard dares us to dream big, to aspire, to change the world.哈佛教导我们敢于拥有伟大梦想,勇往直前,去改变这个世界。Here on this Commencement Day, we are probably thinking of grand destinations and big adventures that await us.今天在这个毕业典礼上,大家可能正幻想着等待我们的伟大理想和征途。As for me, I am also thinking of the farmers in my village.于我,我仍在思考着我家乡的农民们的命运。My experience here reminds me how important it is for researchers to communicate our knowledges, to those who need it.我的经历提醒着我,学者将知识传授给需要的人是多么重要。Because by using the science we aly have, we could probably bring my village and thousands like it into the world you and I take for granted every day.因为通过使用我们已经掌握的科学,我们可以把我家乡的村民和成千上万类似的人带入到你我熟知的世界。And that’s an impact every one of us can make!这是我们每一个人都可以发挥的影响!But the question is, will we make the effort, or not?但问题是,我们会这样去做吗?More than ever before, our society emphasized science and innovation, but an equally important emphasis should be on distributing the knowledge we have to those who needed.今天的社会比以往任何一个时代都强调科学和创新的重要性。但同样重要的是,把人类已掌握的知识传播到特别需要它们的地方。Changing the world doesn’t mean everyone has to find the next big thing.改变世界并不意味着每个人都要找到下一个巨大突破。It can be It can be as simple as becoming better communicators and finding more creative ways to pass on the knowledge we have, to people like my mom and farmers in the local community.改变世界可以很简单:成为一个更好的沟通者,用有效的方法把我们掌握的知识传递给像我母亲以及村里其他的村民。Our society also needs to recognize that the equal distribution of knowledge is a pivotal step of human development and we will work to bring this into a reality.我们这个社会也需要认识到知识的均衡传播是人类发展的关键环节,并应该努力让它成为现实。And if we do that, then perhaps a teenager in rural China who is bitten by a poisonous spider will no longer have to burn his hand, but will know to seek a doctor instead.如果我们能够做到这些,那么一个被毒蜘蛛咬伤的中国农村少年将不会忍受“火疗”,而会得到医生的专业治疗。Thank you!谢谢!201606/447328。

1_10 Let’s go for a walk. Let’s go for a walk. 我们去散步吧. Let’s get exercise. . 我们去做些运动. A walk would do us good. 散步对我们有好处. Walking is great. 散步很棒. Walking is healthy. 散步有益健康. It’s the best exercise there is.散步是最好的运动. Where shall we go? 你说我们去哪里? Any place in mind? 你有没有想到任何地方? I’ll follow you anywhere. 我愿意跟你去任何地方. /200705/13653。

小刚现在已经是5个公司的老板了,但是谁又知道他当初的窘迫。【口语要素1】He’s gone from rags to riches.想想这个世界,只有奋斗才能出头,如果做生意就要做一名实业家。【口语要素2】He’s a self-made man.因为只有辛苦之后,才能成为腰缠万贯的大富翁,【口语要素3】He’s loaded.那个时候花钱可以不在乎,喜欢什么做什么,但是建议大家还是不要乱花钱,虽然那点钱不算什么。【口语要素4】This is peanuts to you.挣钱要取之有道,所以我们不要幻想一夜暴富,没准到时候你会担心那么多钱要怎么花呢,哈,开个玩笑!【口语要素5】Sudden wealth can bring joy as well as pain. /200604/6700。

But your dreams if you are sick or get in an accident还能保障你生病或发生事故时的梦想But were going to need some doctors to make sure it works too不过我们也需要一些医生 让这能够真正实现Weve got to make sure everybody has good health in this country我们需要确保国内每个人都有良好健康Its not just good for you, its good for this country这不仅对你们有好处 这对整个国家都有好处So youre going to have to sp the word to your fellow young people你们需要向比你们更年轻的人传播这种理念Which brings me to a second point:这就引出了我要讲的第二点Just as Morehouse has taught you to expect more of yourselves就像莫尔豪斯教你们寄更多希望于自身一样Inspire those who look up to you你们也应该激励那些敬仰你们的后辈To expect more of themselves寄更多希望于他们自身We know that too many young men in our community continue to make bad choices我们知道 社会上很多年轻人不断在选择错误的道路And I have to say, growing up, I made quite a few myself我承认 我也在成长过程中犯过很多错Sometimes I wrote off my own failings有些时候 我把自己的失败As just another example of the world trying to keep a black man down看成是这个世界贬低黑人的另一个例子I had a tendency sometimes to make excuses for me not doing the right thing有时 我为自己没有做正确的事而找这样的借口But one of the things that all of you have learned over the last four years但过去四年肯定能让你们明白了一点Is theres no longer any room for excuses那就是 没有任何找借口的余地I understand theres a common fraternity creed here at Morehouse:我知道莫尔豪斯有一条常见的兄弟会教义;excuses are tools of the incompetent借口是弱者的工具Used to build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness;用以建造通往无处之桥和无物之丰碑Well, weve got no time for excuses我们没有时间找借口Not because the bitter legacy of slavery and segregation have vanished entirely倒不是因为奴隶和隔离制度的残留已经完全消失They have not它们显然没有Not because racism and discrimination no longer exist倒不是因为种族主义和歧视不再存在We know those are still out there我们知道这些仍然存在Its just that in todays hyperconnected, hypercompetitive world而是因为在今天紧密联系 高度竞争的世界中201604/438011。

听讲美国口语 /200607/8053。