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5.Edison Creates The First Phonograph5.爱迪生发明了第一部留声机Edison had his first Menlo Park success in November of 1877. He had been attempting to record human sound since his breakthrough improvement on Alexander Graham Bell#39;s telephone. Edison was not adverse to taking another#39;s invention and improving on it and in no time at all had improved on Bell#39;s product. Graham had been unable to strengthen the weak signal of his device before introducing it. Edison seized the opportunity to make the device better by improving the quality and distance of the voices sent. Edison discovered that substituting acarbon disc for the parchment membrane used by Bell did just that.1877年11月爱迪生取得了在门洛园的第一次成功,自从他在亚历山大·格雷厄姆·贝尔的电话上取得突破性进展就一直在尝试记录人声。爱迪生并不反对改良其他人的发明,于是很快就对贝尔的发明进行改造。在引进格雷厄姆的发明之前一直无法加强装置的信号。爱迪生抓住机会,通过提高质量和缩短收发声音的距离改良装置。他发现用二氧化碳光盘替代之前贝尔用的羊皮纸膜即可达到效果。In February of 1878, Edison submitted a patent request for what he termed a phonograph or speaking machine. Made from two tubes, a diaphragm, a scribing and a detecting stylus, a small metal drum and tin foil, the phonograph successfully recorded his voice reciting the popular children#39;s poem ;Mary Had a Little Lamb.; By taking the vibrations of the diaphragm and carving grooves into the tin foil, Edison#39;s invention worked. As Edison had done to Bell with the telephone, Bell was able to improve on the phonograph by replacing the flimsy tin foil with discs of wax so the machine could be sold commercially. This original invention catapulted Edison into world-wide fame as one of the greatest inventors ever.1878年2月,爱迪生为留声机呈交了专利申请。由两根电子管,一个膜片,划片和检测笔,一个小金属鼓和锡箔组成的留声机成功地记录下他背诵流行儿童诗歌《玛丽有只小羔羊》的声音。这项发明的工作原理是将膜片的震动和雕刻的凹槽记录在锡箔上以录下声音。因为爱迪生帮助贝尔发明了电话,贝尔才能用盘蜡取代锡箔纸改良留声机,并进行商业出售。这种独创性发明使得爱迪生在全世界获得;有史以来最伟大的发明家之一;的称号。4.Edison Invents The Light Bulb4.爱迪生发明了电灯泡After working on his idea of electric lights for some time, Edison was finally able to introduce his first attempt in 1878. He had discovered that when placed in a vacuum of air, a paper filament, attached to wires, would burn and glow for a very short duration while the paper burned out. The short illumination time was impractical and not worth the expense of production. Dissatisfied with his original prototype and losing investors#39; money because of the delay, Edison and his employees kept working on it. Finally, an associate named Lattimer, after numerous tests, discovered that if the filament was made of th that was carbonized, the light would last a lot longer. Still not satisfied, Edison tested over 6000 various materials until he found what he was looking for. After much testing, Edison settled on carbonized bamboo for his filaments, allowing his light bulbs to burn for close to 600 hours. His dream of inventing a consumer practical electric light bulb was finally a reality. Edison went on to first light all of his own facilities with these new electric bulbs and then turned his attention towards doing the same in the financial district of Manhattan. Edison#39;s lighting system was based on direct current only, limiting its distance to three miles for each section. After the discoveries of Westinghouse and Tesla, an alternating current system was put into place.在思索如何改良电灯之后,爱迪生终于在1878年初次尝试实施这一想法。他发现,在真空中,把纸质细线系在金属丝上点燃可发光,直至纸燃尽。这种短时间照明灯泡并不值得投资生产。不满足于灯泡雏形的爱迪生因为发明进度缓慢亏掉了不少投资者的经费。但他和员工仍坚持不懈、努力尝试。最终,爱迪生的同事拉蒂默经多次试验之后发现,如果用碳化的线作灯丝,可延长灯光的照明时间。然而爱迪生对此并不满意,他试验了6000多种各种各样的材料,终于发现了他一直苦苦寻找的那一种。在多次试验后,爱迪生选用碳化竹子做的灯丝。这种灯丝可以让他的电灯泡持续照明近600小时。他的发明实现了人们对使用长效电灯泡的梦想。爱迪生想将这些改良过的电灯泡用于所有他自己的设备中,于是他来到曼哈顿金融区将此想法付诸实践。爱迪生的照明系统必须使用直流电,这就把每部分电流传输的距离限制在3英里之内。在威斯汀豪斯和斯特拉的努力探索后,交流电系统终于问世,并投入电灯的使用中。3.Edison#39;s First Wife Dies From Possible Morphine Overdose3.爱迪生的第一任妻子或死于用过量吗啡In 1884, Edison and his children suffered an unbearable tragedy. His wife, Mary, died at the age of 29. While there were reports that Mary died of typhoid fever, the official cause of death was listed as ;congestion of the brain.; This type of diagnosis could point to a possible overdose of morphine administered to Edison#39;s wife at that time.1884年,爱迪生和他的孩子们经历了一场难以忍受的悲剧。他的妻子玛丽年仅29岁便阖然长逝。虽然有报道称玛丽死于伤寒,但官方公布的原因是脑充血致死。该诊断表明他的妻子可能药过量导致摄入过量吗啡。New information, uncovered in 2006 by the authors of ;The Edison Papers,; a group based at Rutgers University in New Jersey, though circumstantial, tells of the common practice in the 1880s of using morphine, as well as other similar type drugs, to treat ailments claimed by young women of the time. Morphine was not the controlled substance it is today. It was available everywhere and used as a treatment for numerous medical issues. Information recently found in digital online resources indicate that doctors believed that the side effects of opiate type drugs could result in congestion of the brain and could explain the death of someone so young. Although not confirmed, researchers have uncovered information pointing to the possibility that Mary Edison was an abuser of morphine. There is evidence that Edison attempted to revive his wife with shock treatments once she became comatose. While it is unclear whether or not he was aware of her possible addiction, it is a strange coincidence that he chose to try a medically suggested remedy for morphine overdose to help her. Edison was reportedly devastated by the loss of his wife and blamed himself for being away from home so often. It became a motivating factor later in his life.2006年,撰写;爱迪生的论文;的作者们(来自美国新泽西州罗格斯大学)详细地讲述了吗啡及其他同类药品在19世纪80年代是如何治疗年轻女子的疾病的。吗啡在当时不像今天这样受到严格控制。人们很容易就买到吗啡以治疗各种疾病。最近,数字在线资源表明,有医生认为催眠类药物的副作用或导致脑充血。这也就解释了为什么一些人年纪轻轻便会死去。研究人员发现玛丽·爱迪生可能滥用吗啡(尽管还未确定)。有据表明,爱迪生曾经在玛丽昏迷不醒的时候尝试过使用电击疗法挽救她。对于爱迪生是否了解他的妻子可能吗啡成瘾已难以考,但他选择用医学上治疗用吗啡过量的疗法挽救妻子未免也太巧了。据说,爱迪生因为痛失妻子而意志消沉,萎靡不振。他责备自己以前经常不回家。但是这也成为他日后人生中的重要推动力。2.Edison Remarries And Forms Edison General Electric Company2.爱迪生再婚并成立了爱迪生通用电气公司In 1886, 39 year-old Thomas Edison married 20 year-old Mina Miller. The next year, Edison closed his laboratory in Menlo Park and opened a new facility in West Orange, New Jersey. He also purchased a home in the country#39;s first planned community, Llewellyn Estates. A new life began for Edison. He had three more children with his second wife. Not wanting to make the same mistakes he made with his older children, Edison made a point to spend more time at home with his family.1886年,39岁的爱迪生与26岁的米娜·米勒成婚。次年,爱迪生关闭了门洛园的实验室,迁至新泽西州的西奥兰治成立了一家新公司,同时在卢埃林房地产购置了新居。爱迪生开始了新生活,他的第二任妻子为他添了三个孩子。为了避免在前两个孩子身上犯过的错误,爱迪生决心要为家庭付出更多的时间。In 1890, Edison formed the Edison General Electric Company. The following year, Edison merged with his major competitor, the Thomson-Houston Company. The competition for business proved to be too much for each company to stand alone. This could be described as one of the greatest mergers of all time as the General Electric Co. was born. General Electric remains today as one of the most successful businesses of all time. The following year, Edison patented both a kinetegraph camera and a kinetescope viewer allowing a single individual to view moving pictures using a crank. Edison#39;s presence in the motion picture industry was short-lived however. Edison continued to invent and perfect existing inventions up until his death. He filed his final patent request on January 31, 1931.1890年爱迪生创建了爱迪生通用电气公司,次年便与他最大的竞争对手托马逊-休斯顿公司合并了。由于独立的两家公司生意竞争太过激烈,所以这次合并可以算得上一次壮举,由此通用电气公司应运而生。直到今天该公司依然是生意场上的龙头产业。第二年,爱迪生获得了活动电影摄影机和活动电影放映机的专利。人们通过摇晃一个曲柄可以看见活动的相片。然而爱迪生的活动相片产业并没有存活多久。直到生命的最后一刻爱迪生都坚持发明创造以及完善改进自己的发明。在1931年1月31日,他最后一次提出了专利申请。1.Edison#39;s Company Provides Construction Material For Yankee Stadium1.爱迪生的公司为洋基体育场提供了建筑材料Edison spent a great deal of time in his later years trying to develop an effective ore-milling system. In 1881 he founded the Edison Ore-Milling Company, confident that his patented process of separating iron from rock using an electromagnet would prove successful. Working with his associate William Dickson and expert in the mining field John Birkinbine, Edison tried to refine his processes so that there would be a market for the iron produced. The process proved to be too expensive and Edison closed the company after only a few years in operation.后来爱迪生在矿物碾磨工业上耗时颇多。1881年,他创办了爱迪生矿物碾磨公司,并自信利用他从岩石中分离钢铁的专利使他的公司前程大好。于是他与助手威廉·迪克森以及矿物专家约翰·贝尔金宾一起研究,他负责改善生产结构,从而打造钢铁生产市场。然而事实明这项工程耗资过多,于是爱迪生在公司成立不久后就将其关闭了。Not one to give up easily, Edison made another attempt in the late 1880s. He first built a plant in Pennsylvania close to the mines he was trying to extract ore from. In 1889 he built a very large ore crushing plant in Ogdensburg, New Jersey. Production problems persisted in spite of all his efforts, and the company closed its doors for good in 1899. Through all the frustration he faced trying to make his ore-milling business profitable, Edison learned that there was a market for the waste sand that resulted. Originally selling the waste sand to other cement companies, Edison decided to go into that business for himself and in 1899 founded the Edison Portland Cement Company. Edison made great strides in streamlining the production of cement using kilns twice the size of those previously used. He chose to rent the larger kilns to his competitors, increasing their production and making his competition much stiffer. Edison thought there would be many uses for his cement, especially in home construction. While there was some interest initially, the process proved to be too complicated and costly for most home builders. Struggling financially, the Edison Portland Cement Company was awarded the contract for materials to be used in the construction of the original Yankee Stadium, which was completed in 1923. The Edison Portland Cement Company was unable to stay in business and closed a few years later. Thomas Edison never felt that he failed at anything. Although a number of his inventions were unsuccessful, Edison always pointed to what he learned during the process and how it would help him going forward. Although he demanded much from his employees, he was always open to their suggestions and did not hesitate to implement them where he saw fit. Edison#39;s tenacity, work ethic and attention to detail was inspirational to all he came in contact with. Although he received the most acclaim for perfecting the electric light bulb, Edison said his favorite invention was the phonograph. Although a disappointment to his older children with his frequent absence, Edison learned from this as well and made sure he made his family a top priority in his later life. Thomas Alva Edison died on October 18, 1931 leaving behind an unbelievable legacy of improving the lives of people all over the world with his numerous inventions. Not everyone considers Thomas Edison to be the grand inventor described above. Read about Thomas Edison#39;s long-running feud with Nicola Tesla.爱迪生从来不是一个轻言放弃的人。十九世纪八十年代末,爱迪生再次尝试经商。起先他计划在宾夕法尼亚发展,因为那里靠近他所需要提纯的矿物原材料。1889年,在新泽西州的奥格登斯堡建立了一所大型的矿物碾磨公司。尽管做了大量努力,产品依然存在问题。1889年,公司就关门大吉了。在经历了诸多挫折与打击之后,为了让自己的矿物碾磨产业有发展前景,爱迪生发现废弃砂石的潜在市场。一改之前向其他水泥公司销售原材料,爱迪生决定自己进军这个领域。1899年,他建立了爱迪生波兰水泥公司。他使用较之前大两倍的炉窑,从而实现了水泥批量生产这样的质的飞跃。他决定给竞争对手们租赁自己的大炉窑,以提高他们的产量,但同时也使他的竞争对手更加竞争性。爱迪生认为他的水泥用处良多,尤其是在房屋建造上。最初一些人对此比较感兴趣,但对于大多数房屋建设者来说工序太过复杂且造价太过昂贵。迫于经济状况,爱迪生波兰水泥公司被迫签订为洋基体育场提供建筑材料的合同,并于1923年完工。爱迪生的波兰水泥公司无法继续经营,几年后就倒闭了。托马斯·爱迪生认为他从未有过失败。即使他的很多发明都不甚成功,但他经常强调在实践过程中所获取的经验教训以及这些经验教训是如何促使他不断进步。尽管他对员工要求非常严格,但他常常听取他们的建议。一旦建议合理,就会毫不犹豫地采纳实施。爱迪生的不屈不挠、职业道德以及事无巨细的精神成就了他的一切。虽然他因改良电灯泡备受称赞,但他最喜欢的发明却是留声机。由于他在前两个孩子生活中的频繁缺席致使孩子们对他很失望,爱迪生在他后续的生活中特别注意这一点,也因此,一直将家庭放在首位。托马斯·阿尔瓦·爱迪生于1931年与世长辞,留下了改变人类生活的传世发明。但并不是每个人都认为托马斯·爱迪生是以上描述的那样的发明大王,如果你了解了他与尼克拉·特拉斯的长久纷争便知缘由。审校:哎呀 编辑:Freya然 来源:前十网 /201604/435636。

She moved to Arizona to escape what she thought were allergies. It didn’t work. She got married, and moved back to California and a doctor who she describes as her “Doctor House” diagnosed her with mast cell activation syndrome, an immune disorder where certain cells release too many chemicals. 婚后,她搬到加利福尼亚居住,一名她称为“豪斯医生”的外科医生诊断她患有肥大细胞活化综合征(mast cell activation syndrome),一种由于某些细胞分泌过多化学物质而导致的免疫系统的紊乱。Today, for the first time in years, Hagberg Fisher is living without a diagnosis hanging over her. She’s on a strict plan to keep her mast cell activation in check and she says it’s working, and she feels better. But she still lives with uncertainty about her health. She’s never sure when she might be diagnosed again with a tumour, whether there’s something lurking within her waiting to finally reveal itself. But she says the uncertainty of her own life, and how long it might last, has completely changed her.现在,这么多年来的第一次,哈格伯格#8226;费舍尔终于不用再面临一个不确定的诊断了。她目前按照严格的计划接受治疗,定期进行细胞激活检查,而且她说这个治疗起到了作用,她感觉比以前有了很大的进展。但她对于自己的健康状况仍然不确定,不知道是否会再次确诊为癌症,也不知道体内是否藏着什么物质尚未显现出来。但她说,这种对于生命的不确定性,能活多久的担忧,彻底改变了她。The day you will die生命终结的那一天What if you knew when it would be?如果你知道是什么时候那会怎么样呢?Various online quizzes plot your death date using demographic data such as race, gender and age. According todeathclock.com, for example, a 28-year-old non-smoker like me, with a BMI under 25, will die on Monday, December 26, 2044. These websites wildly overpromise in their accuracy, but scientific tools for looking at what might kill a person – and when – are improving.五花八门的在线测试通过人口统计数据,例如种族,性别和年龄来预测你的死亡时间。例如 deathclock 网站预测,像我这样的28岁的非吸烟者,体脂指数低于25,将会在2044年12月26日星期一死亡。这些网站严重的夸大他们的准确性,而一些用来预测人死亡的科学工具正在不断的改进。Some life insurance companies, for example, try to predict lifespans of their users based on big data techniques. And researchers are searching for genetic clues to death dates. Certain genes might even help doctors predict the time of day you die. People with one genotype in a study at Harvard University died before 11am; others on average died just before 6pm.例如一些寿险公司通过大数据技术预测客户的寿命。科研人员正在通过基因的线索推算死亡时间。一些基因甚至可以帮助医生预测你死亡的具体时间。哈佛大学的一份研究表明拥有某个基因的人将在上午11点前死亡,而其他的人平均在下午6点前死亡。For now, it’s mainly guesswork, based on averages – but as personalised medicine and genetic research advances, the date of your death may eventually be a fact that you must learn to live with. 现在这些预测主要是基于平均值的猜测,而未来当个性化的医疗和基因研究更加完善时,每个人的死亡时间有可能会提前知道,而人们必须要学会在这种情况下过日子。Death on the mind在知道死亡日期后生活Scientists know that reflecting on death can influence our thinking in profound ways, often without us realising. Some research has shown that whenever any resource, like time left to live, is scarce, people tend to value it more. Another researcherhas found that when students write about death for a period of time, they report lower rates of depression and anxiety and higher levels of self-esteem and motivation.科学家们认为对死亡的思考可以在潜意识中极大的影响我们的思维方式。一些研究表明,任何资源越稀缺,人们往往对其越珍视,例如剩余的活着的时间。另一位研究者发现,当学生们以死亡为主题进行写作一段时间之后,抑郁和焦虑的程度会降低,自尊与上进程度会提升。 /201606/451542。

A gunman who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State killed 50 people and wounded 53 more when he opened fire in a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday. It was the worst mass shooting in American history. Here is the latest:周日清晨,一名宣称效忠伊斯兰国(Islamic State)的持歹徒在一家人头攒动的同性恋夜店杀害50人,伤53人。这是美国历史上最惨烈的大规模击案。下面是最新资料:Who Is the Suspect?嫌犯是谁?#8226; The gunman was Omar Mateen, 29, an American citizen whose parents were from Afghanistan. He claimed allegiance to the Islamic State in a 911 call he made before the attack, law enforcement officials said. He lived in Fort Pierce, Fla.#8226; 凶手名为奥马尔·马廷(Omar Mateen),是美国公民,现年29岁,父母来自阿富汗。执法官员称,在发起袭击不久之前,他拨打911电话,声称效忠伊斯兰国。马廷生前住在佛罗里达州皮尔斯堡。#8226; The Orlando Police Department said Mr. Mateen was born in New York. Court records indicate he was married and divorced.#8226; 奥兰多警察局披露,马廷出生于纽约。法庭记录显示,他结过婚又离了婚。#8226; The F.B.I. investigated Mr. Mateen for possible terrorist ties in 2013 and 2014 but did not believe him to be a threat. The 2014 investigation centered on a possible link between Mr. Mateen and Moner Mohammad Abusalha, an American from Florida who became a suicide bomber for an extremist group in Syria.#8226; 联邦调查局(FBI)在2013年和2014年调查过马廷,怀疑他或许和恐怖分子有联系,但不认为他会造成威胁。2014年的调查集中在马廷和穆莱·默罕穆德·阿布萨哈(Moner Mohammad Abusalha)可能存在的关系上。阿布萨哈是佛罗里达的美国公民,他前往叙利亚,成为了一个极端组织的人体自杀炸弹。#8226; The global security company G4S, based in Britain, said Mr. Mateen had worked for it as a guard since 2007.#8226; 总部设在英国的全球安保公司G4S表示,自2007年以来,马廷就一直在该公司当警卫。#8226; The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said Mr. Mateen had legally bought both weapons used in the attack, a handgun and a long gun, in Florida within the last week.#8226; 美国烟酒及爆炸物(Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)表示,马廷在上周合法购买了他在袭击中使用的一长和一手。What Happened?发生了什么?#8226; Mr. Mateen opened fire inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, a popular gay club, at about 2 a.m. He was armed with an AR-15-style assault rifle and a handgun.#8226; 大约凌晨2时,马廷在奥兰多一家人气很高的同性恋夜店“Pulse”开火,使用的是一AR-15式突击步和一手。#8226; Mr. Mateen shot about one-third of the people in the packed club. Hundreds of panicked clubgoers escaped and fled into the streets.#8226; 在这家挤满了顾客的夜店里,马廷朝大约三分之一的人开了。数以百计的顾客惊恐地逃到街头。#8226; Mr. Mateen holed up inside the club during the attack and effectively held dozens of people hostage. Some of them hid in a restroom and frantically texted friends and family for help.#8226; 在攻击过程中,马廷在夜店里占据了一块地方,将数十人扣为人质。他们有的躲进洗手间,疯狂地给朋友和家人发求助讯息。#8226; Mr. Mateen was killed by a police SWAT team when it raided the building at about 5 a.m. with an armored vehicle and stun grenades. One police officer was wounded, and at least 30 people were rescued.#8226; 大约凌晨5点,特种武器与战术部队(SWAT)用装甲车和闪光弹攻进楼里,马廷被击毙。一名警察受伤,至少30人获救。Who Were the Victims?受害者是谁?#8226; The City of Orlando set up a special web page where it said it would release the names of victims. It has released seven names so far: Stanley Almodovar III, Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz, Juan Ramon Guerrero, Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo, Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera, Edward Sotomayor Jr. and Luis S. Vielma.#8226; 奥兰多市政府开设了专门的网页,发布遇难者的姓名。迄今公布了七个名字:斯坦利·阿莫多瓦三世(Stanley Almodovar III)、彼得·O·冈萨雷斯-克鲁兹(Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz)、胡安·拉蒙·格雷罗(Juan Ramon Guerrero)、路易斯·奥马尔·奥卡西奥-卡波(Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo)、埃里克·伊万·奥尔蒂斯-里维拉(Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera)、小爱德华·索托马约尔(Edward Sotomayor Jr.)和路易斯·S·别尔马( Luis S. Vielma)。How Does This Compare With Other Mass Shootings?与其他大规模击事件相比如何?#8226; More people were killed in Orlando than in any previous mass shooting in the ed States. The 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech killed 32 people, while 26 people were killed in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.#8226; 奥兰多这次事件的遇难者超过了美国历次大规模击案。2007年弗吉尼亚理工大学击案致32人身亡,2012年康涅狄格州纽敦桑迪·胡克小学(Sandy Hook Elementary School)击案致26人死亡。#8226; This is the second mass shooting in the ed States linked to sympathizers of the Islamic State since December, when a married couple killed 14 people in a rampage in San Bernardino, Calif. The Orlando shooting was the worst terrorist attack on American soil since Sept. 11, 2001.#8226; 这是自去年12月以来,美国发生的第二次涉及伊斯兰国持者的大规模击事件。上次是一对夫妇在加利福尼亚州圣贝纳迪诺杀害了14人。奥兰多击案还是自2001年9月11日以来,在美国国土上发生的最严重的恐怖袭击。#8226; President Obama called the attack “an act of terror and an act of hate” and said the American flag would be flown at half-staff at the White House, embassies and military facilities. “In the face of hate and violence, we will love one another,” he said.#8226; 奥巴马总统称这次袭击是“恐怖与仇恨行径”,并表示白宫、使领馆和军事设施将降半旗致哀。“在仇恨和暴力面前,我们会爱护彼此,”他说。#8226; The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the massacre in a statement released over an encrypted phone app. The group said the attack “was carried out by an Islamic State fighter,” according to a transcript provided by the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks jihadist propaganda.#8226; 伊斯兰国在一个加密手机应用上发表声明,宣称对这次杀戮事件责任。追踪圣战组织宣传的赛德情报集团(SITE Intelligence Group)提供了一份文稿,其中显示,该组织称这次袭击“由伊斯兰国斗士发动”。What We Don’t Know目前我们尚未得知的#8226; Law enforcement officials have not said whether Mr. Mateen had any direct link to the Islamic State, such as training or any sort of direct communication. The statement by the Islamic State did not provide details about its relationship with Mr. Mateen.#8226; 执法官员没有明确表示马廷是否与伊斯兰国有任何直接联系,比如参加过培训,或进行过任何形式的直接沟通。伊斯兰国的声明也没有提到他们与马廷之间关系的细节。#8226; It is possible he was “self-radicalized” — that is, claimed allegiance to the Islamic State but had no direct tie — like the husband and wife team behind the San Bernardino attack last year.#8226; 马廷的情况有可能属于“自我激进化”——声称效忠伊斯兰国,但并没有直接的联系——就像去年在圣贝纳迪诺发动袭击的那对夫妻一样。#8226; The authorities have not released the names of most of the victims.#8226; 当局尚未公布大部分遇害者的名字。#8226; The police in Santa Monica, Calif., arrested a heavily armed man who said he was in the area for the gay pride parade in West Hollywood, but they did not know of a connection between him and the Orlando attack.#8226; 在加利福尼亚州圣莫尼卡,警方逮捕了一名持械男性。他自称出现在那里是为了参加西好莱坞的同志游行。但警方不知道他和奥兰多袭击案之间是否有联系。 /201606/449029。

Females are adopting a croaky drawl known as ‘vocal fry’ and showcased by the likes of many US celebrities including reality TV stars the Kardashian family. 女性如今都爱拉长调子用沙哑的声音说话,俗称“气泡音”。许多美国名人都这么说话,包括真人秀明星卡戴珊。 Their voices are also getting lower thanks to the linguistic phenomenon - perhaps reflecting the need to compete with men in the workplace. 这一语言现象还让这些女性的声音变得更低沉,也许反映出在职场上和男性竞争的需要。 One cultural critic complained that it made young women sound like ‘ducks quacking’. 一位文化家吐槽说这种风潮让年轻女孩的声音听起来像“鸭子嘎嘎叫”。 Paris Hilton and singers Britney Spears and Katy Perry are among other celebrities who pepper their speech with guttural growls and the style of speaking is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. 帕丽斯#8226;希尔顿、歌手布兰妮和凯蒂#8226;佩里等名人在说话时都会时不时发出这种低沉的喉音,这种说话风格在英国正变得越来越流行。 Also known as creaky voice, it involves elongating certain syllables so that they vibrate at the back of the throat, creating a tapping sound like a stick running along a railing. 这种声音也叫作“紧喉音”,发音时拉长特定音节,这样就会让喉咙深处发出颤音,产生一种像棍子一边移动一边敲击栏杆的哒哒声。 With vocal fry, the phrase ‘no way’ becomes ‘no waaaaaaay’ and ‘whatever’ turns into ‘whateverrrrrr’. 用“气泡音”说话,短语no way(绝不)就变成了no waaaaaaay,whatever(无论什么)就变成了whateverrrrrr。 Louisiana State University researchers said that women think that lower voices make them seem more masculine and so better able to take on men in the workplace. 路易斯安那州立大学的研究人员称,女性认为低沉的声音让她们听上去更阳刚,这样才能更好地在工作中与男性竞争。 However, while the vocal quirk hasn’t done Kim Kardashian’s career any harm, many believe it carries negative connotations. 不过,虽然这种嘎嘎嗓没有给金#8226;卡戴珊的事业造成任何损害,但许多人认为这种声音带有负面含义。 One study found that women with the speech pattern sound less competent and less employable. 一项研究发现,这么说话的女性听起来能力较差,而且较不适宜被雇用。 The Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama has gone so far as to describe it as a speech impediment. 演讲及戏剧教师协会甚至将其称作一种语言障碍。 Chairman Cally Foster said: ‘It seems extraordinary that, having fought hard for the right to be heard, women risk not being listened to, or taken seriously, by adopting a speech impediment - one that is at best laughable, at worst vocally damaging.’ 该协会主席卡莉#8226;福斯特说:“这看起来真让人匪夷所思。女性费力争取了这么多年,就为了让自己的声音能被听到,而现在女性却时兴这种语言障碍,这将让女性面临得不到倾听或认真对待的风险。这种语言障碍往最好的方面说就是可笑,往最差的方面说则会损害声带。” /201604/440167。

Dress or skinny jeans? Heels or flats? Red lippy or natural lipgloss? Preparing for a first date is a minefield of questions to debate, decisions to make and that#39;s before you even meet the lucky guy or gal.连衣裙还是紧身牛仔裤?高跟鞋还是平底鞋?涂个红唇还是自然色润唇膏?为第一次约会做准备是一片雷区,布满了各种要争论的问题和要做的决定,甚至这一切都发生在你见那个幸运的小伙子或者姑娘之前。A team of nutritionists told Daily Mail Online what you eat in the run up to your night out, can make a huge difference to first date night nerves. Here they reveal the best foods to eat before a date to help you look and feel on your best form.一组营养学家告诉《每日邮报》在线,在晚间约会前吃的东西能够对你首次约会之夜的紧张情绪产生很大的影响。接下来,他们揭晓了约会前要吃的最佳食物,这些食物能帮你在外表和心情上达到最佳状态。1. Nuts... to de-stress yourself坚果:为你减压#39;Stick to snacks that don#39;t raise your blood sugar too quickly such as nuts including almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts, as these contain some protein and good fats that will reduce your cravings. They are also a good source of magnesium, which helps with efficient energy production while also being calming to the nervous system.#39;“坚持吃一些不会快速提高血糖的零食,如杏仁、巴西果、榛子和夏威夷果之类的坚果,因为这些食品中含有蛋白质和优质脂肪,会降低你的生理欲望。它们也是很好的镁元素摄入来源,能够产生高效能量,也能镇定你的神经系统。”2. Crunchy veg... to ensure fresh breath鲜脆蔬菜:保口气清新Nutritionist Cassandra Barns said as with stress and anxiety, there are a number of different foods that can actually help freshen a person#39;s breath.营养学家卡桑德拉·巴恩斯说,与压力和焦虑一样,有许多不同的食物能切实帮你清新口气。#39;Carrots, apples and celery can help scrape out the plague build-ups that can cause bad breath. Apart from being nutritious and healthy, these crunchy foods can also boost production of saliva, which fights bacteria#39; she said.“胡萝卜、苹果和芹菜能帮助消除令人困扰的口腔积物,而这些积物就会导致口腔异味。除了营养与健康,这些清脆的蔬菜也能够促进唾液分泌,从而抗击细菌。”她说。#39;Our saliva is a natural antiseptic and it plays a crucial role in breaking down food particles trapped within dental crevices, protecting teeth from bacterial decay. In order for your body to produce enough of it, you must be drinking plenty of water throughout the day“我们的唾液是一种天然的抗菌剂,它在分解牙缝中的食物残渣方面扮演着重要角色,能保护牙齿免受细菌侵蚀。为了你的身体能产生足够的唾液,一天之中你必须喝足够的水。”3. A green smoothie... to get the glow一杯绿果奶昔:让你容光焕发To ensure your complexion is on point, flawless and glowing, Ms Wilkinson advises blending up a green smoothie with avocado, pineapple, coconut water and spinach.为了确保你的肤质状态良好,没有瑕疵又容光焕发,威尔金森女士建议用鳄梨、菠萝、椰子汁和菠菜做一杯混合的绿果奶昔。#39;Avocado will hydrate your skin and pineapple is packed with vitamin C, which boosts the production of collagen. In addition, spinach will help to detoxify and remove toxins from your body.“鳄梨有给皮肤保湿的作用,菠萝富含维生素C,这能促进胶原蛋白的生成。另外,菠菜能帮助消解和祛除体内的毒素。”4. Healthy fats... to line your stomach健康脂肪:垫一垫胃It is advise that resonates for any night out - line your stomach before hitting the booze.这个建议对任何夜晚约会都适用,即在喝酒前先吃点东西垫一垫你的胃。Ms Wilkinson said: #39;Overall, it#39;s important that you do eat before drinking to slow the absorption of alcohol and additionally reduce the irritation that it causes to the stomach.威尔金森女士说:“总的来说,喝酒之前吃点东西很重要,这能够减缓对酒精的吸收,还可以减轻酒精对胃造成的刺激。”#39;Include healthy fats such as salmon or olive oil dressing to slow absorption of alcohol, thereby slowing the work for your liver.“摄入一些健康脂肪,如三文鱼或者橄榄油加工食品,来减缓对酒精的吸收,从而减轻肝脏的负担。”5.Legumes... to beat the bloat and keep your tummy flat豆类:对抗腹胀,保持腹部平坦Try to include legumes in meals in the run up to the big day, says Dr Marilyn Glenville, leading nutritionist and author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar.“在重要的日子里,就餐时尽量吃一些豆类食品,”首屈一指的营养学家兼《糖的天然替代品》一书作者玛丽莲·格伦威尔如是说。She said:#39; They consist of amylose, which is a resistant starch - so called because it is resistant to stomach acid and digestive enzymes and it reaches the large intestine essentially intact.她说:“它们包含直链淀粉,这是一种抗性淀粉,之所以如此称呼是因为它能抵抗胃酸和消化酶,基本上可以分毫未损地到达大肠。”6. Dark chocolate... to get in the mood黑巧克力:改善情绪#39;Have a couple of squares of dark chocolate,#39; says Dr Glenville.“吃一些黑巧克力吧,”格伦威尔士说。#39;Chocolate contains several substances that may improve mood.These include phenylethylamine, which can act as a brain neurotransmitter and affect your mood and pleasure. Chocolate also contains magnesium, one of the nutrients needed for production of serotonin, the primary hormone responsible for good mood.“巧克力含有好几种能改善情绪的物质。这些物质包含苯(基)乙胺,它是一种脑神经递质,会影响你的情绪和快感。巧克力还含有镁元素,它是血清素产生的必备营养素,而血清素又是好情绪的主要激素。”#39;Eating any food that you enjoy also stimulates endorphin release, which makes you feel good#39; says Wilkinson.“吃任何你喜欢的食物也能够刺激脑内啡释放,它会使你心情愉悦,”威尔金森说。 /201608/458396。

Master Kong Mushroom Stew Chicken Ramen康师傅香菇炖鸡面Here’s one that was donated by a er from Sweden! Thanks! You really can’t find any Master Kong noodles here in the ed States which is a real bummer. They’re really good – hopefully they’ll be here at some point. What’s tough about Master Kong packs is that they don’t seem to say how much water to add in. For a pack this size, I’ve gone with 500ml before, so I’ll go with 500ml again.这包面是瑞典的一位读者赠给我的!感谢!然而在美国这边真的找不到康师傅方便面,这真是很糟糕。康师傅方便面真的很好——希望某天能在这儿买到。康师傅方便面不太好的地方就是似乎没有说明烹饪时应该添多少水。这种尺寸的一包面,我以前会添500ml水,所以这次我还是添500ml水。Here’s the back of the package. Looks to contain chicken. To prepare, add noodle block and vegetable sachet to 500ml boiling water and cook for 4 minutes. Add in remaining sachet contents and stir. Enjoy!这是包装的背面。注意里面有鸡肉。煮的时候,先加入面块和蔬菜包,冲入500ml开水,然后煮4分钟。加入剩余调料包并搅拌。开动吧!Added grilled chicken, sweet onion and bell pepper. The noodles aren’t very chewy – they’re very soft. Not to say that’s bad – they really work well in this context. They suck up the broth, which is decently thick and has a warm, cozy chicken flavor. There is a kind of off taste that’s meandering in the background though. The vegetables and chicken are very nice and have a good taste. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.加入烧鸡、甜洋葱以及灯笼椒。面条不是很难嚼,很柔软。不是说那不好——这样的面真的很不错。喝汤的时候,面条很好地吸收了肉汤,稠度适中,而且有新鲜、可口的鸡肉香味。虽然隐隐弥漫着一点怪味,蔬菜和鸡肉还是很好的,而且味道也很不错。5分满分的话,可以给3.5分。 /201604/437691。