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太仓做人流手术医院太仓市微管可视无痛人流Many children who have milk and egg allergies对牛奶和蛋类过敏的儿童are potential candidates for developing allergies可能在儿童时期更容易出现to other highly sensitizing food such as peanuts对易引发过敏反应的食品的过敏现象during childhood.比如花生However people who have a peanut allergy但是,对花生过敏的人do not usually react to other legumes such as反而可以接受一些其他的豆类食品green beans, lima beans or navy beans and比如绿豆,青豆或者海军豆are also likely to tolerate soy.也可能可以接受大豆This shows that some individuals are这表明一些人genetically more susceptible to从基因上就更容易出现develop food allergies.食物过敏的现象Now lets examine some treatment options现在我们来讨论一下for food allergy.食物过敏的治疗方法There is currently no cure for food allergy目前对于食物过敏and the American Academy of Pediatrics并没有治愈的方法and the Food and Drug Administration advise美国儿科学会和食物和药品those with the condition to completely avoid建议食物过敏的人远离the susceptible foods.可能引发过敏的食品However there are several promising treatments但是确实有一些很有发展前景的in the process of development or are in testing.治疗方法正在研究实验过程中Next we will look at a few of these options.下面我们就来看看这些方法中的几种The first is sublingual immunotherapy第一种是舌下免疫疗法and oral immunotherapy are based on the concept和口腔免疫疗法,它们基于这样一种概念that the contact of the antigen with the oral mucosa通过口腔黏膜and gut associated lymphoid system leads to tolerance.和内脏淋巴系统接触抗原可以导致耐受性With these treatments patients are given用这种治疗方法的病人通过口腔minute amounts of the allergen orally and over time接触了很小剂量的过敏原,随着时间推移the quantity is increased.他们可以接受得过敏原的剂量增加了Only a few uncontrolled trials have been reported.已报告的失败的案例只有几例And although OIT and SLIT for egg, milk虽然对蛋类,牛奶和榛子的过敏and hazelnut appear to provide desensitization用这两种治疗方法在治疗期间during therapy long term tolerance可以达到脱敏的效用has yet to be validated.但是这是否长期有效尚未得到验The second treatment option we will examine is第二种治疗方法是the anti-IgE therapy.抗IgE疗法In one research study on peanut allergy在对花生过敏的一项实验研究中treatment TNX-901,给接受实验者使用一种抗IgE的名为an anti-IgE antibody was administered to individualsTNX-901的抗体,剂量从150毫克in varying doses from 150 to 450 milligrams到450毫克不等each week for 4 weeks.时间长度为4周Results showed that the 450 milligram dose实验结果表明 450毫克剂量的人significantly increased the threshold response from可以接受的花生数量从平均半个about one half of a peanut to 9 peanuts on average.上升到了9个The increased threshold would be enough to protect上升的数量足以使against accidental ingestion of peanuts and对花生过敏的人,在意外吃到花生后potentially protect the patient from a life不受影响,也可以使他们threatening reaction.免于遭受生命威胁However the results were inconsistent但是实验结果也有不一致的地方and the therapy would require bimonthly且这种疗法需要两月一次or monthly injections for life.或者一月一次接受注射Still it may be useful for those可能它对那些对花生who have severe reactions to peanuts.严重过敏的人较为有效The third treatment option we will examine is第三种疗法也是again for peanut allergy and is针对花生过敏the engineered recombinant protein.是工程重组蛋白The three major proteins that elicit可以引发过敏反应的三种an allergenic response have been isolated主要的蛋白质已经被分离出来to identify the allergenic components of peanuts.从而查明花生中可以导致过敏的部分The proteins have been modified to这些蛋白被进行了重组,降低它们reduce their ability to bind with the IgE antibodies在人体内与IgE抗体的联系能力within the human body therefore从而减少reducing the allergenic response.过敏反应The recombinant proteins have been shown to be重组蛋白在抑制过敏症状发生significantly more effective at blocking symptoms.方面作用显著This treatment is undergoing further testing before这种疗法目前正在being submitted for an application试验阶段,今后会向for approval by the Food and Drug Administration.食物和药品申请批准Another treatment option that is being researched另外一种疗法是is the food allergy herbal formula.采用植物配方This herb blend contains 9 Chinese herbs这种植物配方中包括9种中草药and has been shown to block anaphylactic symptoms在对老鼠进行的临床试验中and provide protection against symptoms of在抑制花生过敏的过敏性反应peanut allergy in a clinical study performed on mice.方面效果显著The FDA has recently approved the application食物和药品最近批准了这项申请and a Phase I clinical trial will soon be underway.一期临床试验即将开始In summary, food allergies are an autoimmune response总结下来,食物过敏是一种自身免疫反应that is often mistaken for food intolerance.经常被误认为是食物不耐症Research and reporting has found that peanut allergy研究及报告显示尤其是in particular appears to be increasing and theories花生过敏的数量一直在增加as to why this is happening are still being examined.而这其中的原因还未找到Genetic, environmental and immunological influences人们进行了基因,环境和are being examined to explain免疫系统方面的研究来解释食物过敏是how food allergies develop and many research studies如何产生发展的,目前仍然有很多实验研究are underway to find this answer.正在进行中来寻找Improved diagnosis, allergy management and成功诊断,过敏管理和患者教育patient education have improved in recent years近年来都得到了发展,对食物过敏的人and foods that elicit allergenic responses应该远离should be avoided.可能引发过敏反应的食物While a cure is not available numerous虽然目前没有可行的治愈方法treatment options are being examined.但是有很多疗法正处于研究试验阶段Reading food ingredient lists and asking questions目前对食物过敏的人来说about the foods you plan to consume are最好的方式是阅读食物成分表currently the best defense for those以及询问你要吃的食物的with food allergies.成分包括什么201506/380621太仓友谊医院做人流好吗 栏目简介:《跟jade老师学英语》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,来之英伦的美女老师jade,一口纯正的伦敦腔,听上去就是一种享受,最重要的是妈妈再也不用担心我看不懂权利的游戏了。通过视频讲解,英语学习爱好者能够更好地理解英语知识内容,培养英语学习的兴趣,是提高英语水平的好伙伴。201511/400321TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201511/411036太仓哪里处女膜修复好那

璜泾镇妇幼保健人民医院有四维彩超吗Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced Friday the discovery of a Spanish boat that sank with a massive cargo hold of treasure 300 years ago.哥伦比亚总统胡安·曼努埃尔星期五宣布,发现一艘300年前装有大量宝藏的西班牙沉船。The San Jose has been called the ;holy grail of shipwrecks.; Its treasure is estimated to be worth somewhere between billion and billion.圣荷西号被称为“沉船的圣杯”。其价值估计介于40亿美元到170亿美元。However, ownership of that ridiculously valuable treasure has been hotly contested. Sea Search Armada, an American company, claims it was under contract with the Colombian government to search for the San Jose and was promised a portion of its treasure.然而,宝藏财富的所有权一直备受争议。一家美国公司的海上搜索舰队声称是与哥伦比亚政府共同寻找圣荷西号,并承诺获得部分宝藏。Legal battles over this kind of sunken treasure arent uncommon. Odyssey Marine Exploration uncovered 0 million in sunken treasure in the Atlantic in 2007, but a court ruled it had to hand it all over to Spain.这种沉船宝藏的法律斗争并不少见。2007年奥德赛海洋探险公司在大西洋发现了价值6亿美元的宝藏,但法院裁定必须全部交付给西班牙。The legal fight over the San Joses treasure still isnt over, so its not clear if Colombia will get to keep all the treasure or hand some of it over.圣荷西号宝藏的法律斗争还没有结束,所以哥伦比能否保留所有宝藏或是移交一部分出去还尚不清楚。译文属。201512/414044太仓医院检查怀孕多少钱 Since the mid-1800s,Adelaides mammal diversity has fallen by more than a quarter,New York City has lost nearly half of its native plants,and at least 25 species of butterflies have disappeared from Rome.Our concrete jungles can be hard on wildlife,but there are plants and animals that survive-even thrive-in them.从19世纪中叶起,阿德莱德的物种数量下降了超过1/4,纽约近半数本土植物已不见踪影,至少25种蝴蝶也消失在罗马城内,我们的水泥城墙让野生动物受尽折磨,不过,也有一些动植物能在其中生存,甚至壮大。Some lucky species happen to be naturally suited to cities.For instance,English ivy and rock pigeons climb and roost on vertical structures like trees and cliffs anyway,so brick walls and sky-high ledges are fine substitutes.And omnivorous raccoons thrive on an endless buffet of everything from corn chips to cockroaches,helping them live ten times more densely in cities than in woodland habitats.某些幸运物种天生就适合在城市生活,如英国的常春藤和原鸽可攀附于,竖直的结构上,如树和悬崖,砖墙和屋檐正恰到好处,杂食性浣熊什么都能吃,无论炸玉米片还是,使其种群密度双林地中高出10倍。Natural flexibility can also help animals cope with the streeses of metropolitan living:coyotes that colonize cities often become more nocturnal to minimize their encounters with humans.Most species cant adopt an urban lifestyle so easily.But over several generations,genetic change can help some populations evolve into city slicker.自然适应性也可帮助动物适应大城市的生活压力,占据城市的土狼更常在夜间活动,以尽量少与人类碰面,大多数物种并不能轻松适应城市生活,不过几代后,基因改变,有助于某些群体适应城市生活。New York Citys white-footed mice are one example:DNA sequencing suggests that these urban dwellers genes differ from their country cousinsin more than 30 significant ways.We dont yet know exactly what effects these changes have,but we know theyve shown up in genes involved in fighting disease and processing toxins,traits that likely help mice survive in crowded landscapes.纽约白足鼠就是如此,DNA测序说明“城里人”基因与“乡里人”的不同,体现在30多处地方,我们仍不知这些变化会带来什么影响,但我们知道,它们出现在抵御疾病,处理毒素的基因中,这些特征很可能帮助老鼠在钢筋水泥间活下来。We usually think of evolution as a slow process,so evolving fast enough to keep up with urbanization may seem like a tall order.But when a big challenge spring up suddenly.an uncommon trait that helps individuals cope can become the genetic norm surpringingly fast expecially in speedy breeders because those without it may not get a chance to reproduce.我们常认为进化过程很慢,跟紧城市化步伐的快速进化似乎是天方夜谭,不过,巨大挑战来袭之下,较少见有助于适应的特征将很快成为常态基因,快速繁殖动物尤其如此,因为没有这种能力就没有机会繁殖。For example after factories dumped thousands of tons of toxic PCBS into the Hudson River in the mid-twentieth century.it took just just six decades for 99 percent of the local tomcod to evolve a protective mutation that blocks the toxin from entering their cells.And in Montpelier,France,its taken fewer than 12 years for urban weeds to start producing a larger proportion of heavy seeds,boosting their odds of settling in a patch of nearby soil instead of crash-landing on concrete.例如 21世纪中期,当工厂向哈得孙河排放数千吨,有毒PCB后,当地99%的鳕鱼仅花了60年,就进化出能阻止有毒物质进入细胞的保护性变异,在法国蒙彼利埃,市区内的野草不到12年内就开始长出,大多较沉的种子,显著提高种子落在附近土壤,而非混凝圭土的几率。As urban and rural populations diverge genetically and geographically,theres even a chance that some species could split in two.This doesnt mean that cities are a boon for biodiversity,but they arent biological dead zones either-theyre more like accidental laboratories where the limits of lifes adjustability are being tested...and tasted.城市郊区种群在基因和地理上渐行渐远,甚至一些物种可能分为两种,这不是说城市有利于生物多样性,亦非城市是生物的“死区”,它更像是充江满偶然的实验室,生物极限适应性在其中,不断被探索,品味。201505/373540太仓无痛引产一般多少钱

太仓看妇科哪家好They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so make sure you’re not enabling your kids irresponsibility by doling out the cash. If they dont learn to manage money, it may cost them their future.人们常说,有其父必有其子,所以有计划地给孩子零用钱,以免孩子在用钱方面没有责任感。如果他们不学会理财,将来会付出代价。You Will Need你需要Discipline纪律Allowance零用钱Planning skills计划技巧Budget预算Savings account储蓄账户Prepaid debit card预付借记卡Sound investment strategies (optional)合理的投资策略(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Model behavior1.以自己的行为作榜样Model the behavior you desire. Get your house in order and discipline yourself before you curb them, so that your advice and counsel has credibility.你想孩子有什么样的行为,以身作则。开始约束他们之前,把房子整理得井然有序,严于律己,这样你的建议和忠告才有说力。STEP 2 Say no2.说不Say no to your teen. Many parents lack the gumption – don’t be one of them.向你的孩子说不。许多父母缺乏进取心——不要成为他们中的一员。STEP 3 Control their spending3.控制出Help control your teens spending by educating them about wants and needs. Allowing them to have a credit card only temporarily forestalls the conversation about responsibility.帮助孩子控制出,教育他们学习欲望和需求的不同。允许他们暂时拥有一张信用卡,预先进行关于责任感的对话。STEP 4 Use allowance4.使用零花钱Use allowance as a tool through which they can experiment with their own money, allowing them to suffer the consequences when money is wasted. The results will be priceless.用零花钱作为一个工具,让孩子用自己的钱亲身体验,让他们承担钱被浪费掉的后果。所取得的结果将是无价的。Many financial companies offer services for monitoring your teen’s credit card account.许多理财公司提供监督家中青少年信用卡账户的务。STEP 5 Teach planning5.教他们制定计划Teach them to plan, which may include getting a part-time job to purchase desired objects.交给他们制定计划,或许包括为了购买渴望已久的物品而做兼职工作。STEP 6 Help them make a budget6.帮助他们制定预算Help them develop a budget, teaching them to acknowledge each expenditure and to organize their basic material desires.帮助他们制定预算,教给他们确认每一项花费,组织基本的物质需求。STEP 7 Set saving goals7.制定储蓄目标Set goals for a savings account aimed at future needs like college, trips, and marriage. Agree to reinforce this with small matching contributions on your part.制定储蓄账户目标,用于将来的需求,例如大学,旅游和婚姻。自己也可以做出相应的贡献,使该目标得到强化。Teach sound investment strategies to your teen, or have someone who knows what they’re doing help.教给孩子合理的投资策略,或者让知道自己在做什么的人帮忙。STEP 8 Allow a pre-paid card8.允许他们持有预付卡Allow the teen to have a prepaid debit card instead of a credit card. There is no government bailout authority that will reinforce poor money management for your family.允许孩子持有一张预付卡,而不是信用卡。没有任何政府救援机构会帮助你的家庭处理糟糕的财务管理状况。By 2008, over 91 million U.S. households had at least one credit card.截止到2008年之前,超过9100万美国家庭至少持有一张信用卡。201502/361288 栏目简介:《造物小百科How its made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201508/391973太仓娄东科教新城人民妇幼中心医院网上预约太仓友谊妇科医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗




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