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2017年10月22日 18:06:43

On Thursday, Americans across the US will gather to celebrate Thanksgiving. But with the current political landscape, it looks like this year could see a decidedly frosty feast for some families.11月24日是感恩节,这一天美国人都会和家人相聚庆祝节日。但是在当前政治局面下,有些家庭今年的感恩节聚餐一定会十分尴尬。The US presidential election didn#39;t just divide the nation, it split some families right down the middle. And as the country prepares to mark Thanksgiving, thousands of Americans are taking to social media to share feelings of d and words of advice on how to cope with the fallout.美国总统选举不仅撕裂了整个国家,还将一些家庭一分为二。在感恩节即将到来之际,数千美国人在社交媒体上分享自己的担忧和如何应对大选结果的建议。If this sounds too close for comfort, it might be worth looking at the survival guides that have sprung up online.如果这让你感受到了危机,那你应该看看在网上流传的感恩节生存指南。;Know your emotions and be prepared to manage them. Be curious: listen with an intent to hear, rather than react,; advises hostage negotiator George Kohlrieser in Quartz magazine#39;s feature on how to manage ;difficult political conversations with people you love;.人质谈判专家乔治#8226;科尔瑞瑟对“如何与爱的人谈论艰难的政治话题”给出了建议,他对《石英》杂志表示,“摸清自己的情绪并保持克制,保持好奇心:试着倾听而不是做出回应。”He also suggests: ;Come equipped with the things you can say to deflect: #39;I don#39;t share that view. Pass the potatoes.#39;;他还建议:“准备一些可以转移话题的话,如:‘我不同意这样的观点。帮我递一下土豆。’”The New York Times has also drawn up a guide on how to ;argue fairly and without rancor;.《纽约时报》还撰写了一份关于如何“心平气和的辩论”的指南。;And if you do go despite serious apprehension, have an escape plan,; advises the Los Angeles Times - arrive ;a little late so no one#39;s blocking your car in;. Blogger Jennifer Peepas warns that ;it#39;s really hard to storm out of an argument if you have to get your uncle who#39;s yelling at you to move their car.;《洛杉矶时报》建议“如果你不顾心中的不安,一定要和家人过节,那就做个脱身计划吧。”——“稍微晚点到,这样就没有人把你的车堵在里面了。”主詹妮弗#8226;皮帕斯提醒道,“如果离开时还需要对你大吼大叫的叔叔去移车,那你真的很难从争吵中脱身了。”Over on Twitter some are drawing up battle plans.有些人则在推特上制定起作战计划。Others are feeling provocative.有的人开始挑衅。And people from both sides of the political divide are weighing in.这场政治分歧两边的持者都在发表意见。One Twitter user wonders if the whole celebration, which can be traced back to a 1621 harvest feast the Pilgrims shared with Native Americans, could even be called off.一位推特用户甚至设想能否取消今年的庆祝活动。要知道,感恩节的历史可以追溯到1621年,清教徒和印第安人一起分享丰收后的美食。But not everyone is preparing for battle.但是,并非所有人都在准备大战一场。Despite living in a politically divided family, Chris Ray Maldonado from Los Angeles isn#39;t ding sitting down to a roast dinner with his relatives on Thursday.虽然生活在政见不同的家庭里,来自洛杉矶的克里斯#8226;雷#8226;马尔多纳多却不担心在感恩节和亲人一起共进晚餐。;My parents were always political opposites. That#39;s how I learned that having a different opinion is OK,; Maldonado told B Trending.他对B表示,“我父母总是政见不同。这让我明白了意见不同没什么。”;At the end of the day, family is family. I feel bad for those who were never taught that disagreements were OK.;“到头来一家人还是一家人。有些人从来没学过存在分歧没什么大不了的道理,对此我感到很遗憾。” /201611/480010浮桥镇盆腔炎多少钱太仓市能做人流的医院太仓无痛人流多少钱一次

浮桥镇人民妇幼中心医院生孩子好吗太仓那个医院人流技术好Cats have a reputation for being a bit lazy and there#39;s a good reason for that - as they sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day.猫咪以慵懒著称,而这是有原因的--它们每天要睡16到20小时。These sleep loving animals need twice as much kip as humans do and are often not fussy about where they do it.这些嗜睡的小动物需要人类两倍的睡眠,它们通常也不太挑地儿睡。In fact, they have the uncanny ability to nod off in the oddest of places, as these pictures show.实际上,它们有着不可思议的能力,它们可以在任何奇奇怪怪的地方打盹,正如下面这些照片一样。This cat has managed to use up every inch of space in this box with no room to wriggle around and is still sleeping soundly这只猫利用好每一寸空间,努力把自己塞进纸盒子里,盒子里没有任何动弹的空间,而它依然睡得香甜。And while they have a reputation for being more aloof than dogs, it seems that their attitude helps them enjoy a good rest anywhere in the home.人们普遍认为猫咪比更加冷漠和疏离,但这种态度反而帮助它们在家中的任何角落得以好好地睡上一觉。This kitten has managed to fall asleep hugging the warm radiator and doesn#39;t seem to mind that they are sitting这只小猫居然抱着暖气片睡着了,似乎丝毫不介意自己还坐在地上。Curled up like two peas in a pod, these kittens are just small enough to be able to fit in their food bowls像蜷缩在豆荚里的两颗豌豆,这两只猫咪身形娇小,完全可以塞得进它们盛食物的碗里。This, of all the pictures, seems the most uncomfortable and yet the cat is sleeping soundly这张是所有照片里看起来最不舒的,但猫大人依然睡得深沉。This cat proved it can sleep purr-etty much anywhere and is lounging in the same position as its owner这只猫咪向世人明,它可以在任何地方呼呼大睡,而且还和主人用相同的姿势躺着。A teeny tiny kitten manages to snooze between a rack of DVDs on a shelf一只萌萌哒小奶猫居然在书架上一堆DVD中间打起了盹。This cat has chosen to sleep on top of a dog and weirdly, the dog doesn#39;t seem to mind这只猫选择把自己的窝安在一只身上。而奇怪的是,这只完全不介意。This teeny tiny kitten has stretched their body over a box and seems to have fallen asleep in the process这只小猫想要在盒子上伸展身体,但似乎……在半路上就撑不住睡着了。Cats also tend to stay in a light sleep much of the time should potential prey appear before them. They do engage in deep sleep but in much shorter 10 to 15 minute cycles.猫在大部分时间都处于浅层睡眠状态,以防潜在猎物出现在它们前面。它们也会有深层睡眠,但一般只有不到10到15分钟的短暂周期。It doesn#39;t matter to them then where they sleep, they#39;re nearly always y for action.对它们而言,在哪里睡觉并不重要,它们几乎总是处在随时准备行动的状态。 /201609/468165How to Make a Kite怎样制作风筝In kite making extremely thin strips of bamboo or wood are used to construct a frame,which is then covered with paper or gauze. Painting and mounting are vitally important. The kites are made to resemble animals,figures and musical instrument. Some have rigid wings while others have movable ones. Some can even make sounds like an organ,a gong or a drum while flying. With the application of new technology to kite making, China has an ever-growing variety of these exquisitely shaped and patterned creations.在制作风筝中,尤其是需要极其细的竹条或木材用于构造一个帧,然后用纸或纱布将其覆盖。绘画和安装是非常重要的。风筝做得像动物,人物和乐器。一些有刚性的翅膀,而另一些可移动。有些甚至在飞行时可以像器官一样发出声音,像锣鼓。随着风筝制作的新技术的应用,中国不断增长风筝的品种,精美的形状和图案创作。 /201609/465667太仓妇幼保健院做孕检多少钱太仓市中医院做彩超多少钱

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