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嘉定区妇幼保健医院做全身检查要多少钱双凤镇妇幼保健人民医院网上预约挂号21世纪让你变得更健康些If you are the parent of a young child, you need to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet not only for your child but also for you. Towards this end, one step that you will want to consider taking is the eating of smaller meals and the eating of smaller portions when you do eat.Nutritionists have long held that it is better to eat smaller meals more often than it is to eat 2-3 large meals every day. However, most people have ignored this advice because it is often easier to eat fewer times a day and they are used to breakfast, lunch and dinner. In today’s world, many people are so busy throughout the day that they feel they don’t have time to eat 5-6 times per day, as experts often recommend. This is understandable, especially since there are certain social aspects built around the three main meals, especially lunch and dinner. Restaurants and other eating establishments also design their s around three square meals.But if you care about your health, there are many reasons to consider switching to eating small. Most people who eat fewer times a day tend to really stuff themselves at mealtime. This is due in part because they know that it will be awhile before their next meal, and also because they are used to the humongous servings that most eateries now offer. People get so used to eating large meals that they feel unfulfilled if they shrink their portions. If they knew that they would be able to have another snack before their next meal, though, it might change their approach to eating.Some nutritionists believe that eating smaller meals more often can lower your cholesterol. A study published in the British Medical Journal determined that people who eat six small meals a day lowered their cholesterol by 5% compared to those who ate 2-3 big meals every day. Of course, most of these people were probably not eating fast food six times a day. No matter how often and how much you eat, healthy choices must still be made in regards to the type of food you eat. But it does appear that eating more frequently can help lower cholesterol.Another health advantage to eating small is that it is easier on your digestive system. When you eat large meals, your stomach and intestines are forced to process more material at once, which can lead to indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn and occasionally ulcers. More food goes to waste when a lot of food is eaten at once, since the body can’t digest and use it all at once. Eating smaller is easier on the digestive system because your body is able to slowly process the food and properly distribute the nutrients. Eating smaller also makes it easier to be active between meals, since it doesn’t take your stomach so long to rid itself of all the food. 如果你的孩子还小,你一定得知道保持饮食健康对你的孩子和你自身都十分重要.为此,可供你考虑的一种方法就是实行少食多餐制.营养学家早就提出与其每天吃2-3顿正餐,不如增加餐次同时减少每餐的食物摄入量.然而大多数人都对此不屑,因为少量的餐次对大多数人来说比较可行,而且人们也习惯了早餐,午餐,晚餐这种形式.如今,许多人太繁忙以至于他们认为没有时间像专家所推荐的那样,一天中吃5-6顿饭.这是可以理解的,因为现在的人们在三顿正餐间都需要进行一定的社会活动,尤其在午餐和晚餐之间.饭店和其他享用饮食的地方所提供的菜单也都是针对这三顿正餐而制订的.但是如果你关心自己的健康,那就有太多理由让你少食多餐啦.大多数每天就吃几顿饭的人会每顿都吃得饱饱的.一部分原因是他们知道在下顿饭之前还有一段时间,另外,他们也已经习惯了如今这种食物的大供应量.一旦人们习惯了每餐都吃得很多,那么一旦要让他们减少食物量,他们就会觉得没吃饱.但如果让他们知道在下一顿饭之前还有一顿点心,那么也许他们会改变一下现在进食的方式了.一些营养学家认为每顿吃少点可以降低你的胆固醇.刊登于英国医学杂志上的一篇研究显示,与那些每天吃2-3顿大餐的人相比,每天吃6顿饭,但每顿量都很少的人们体内的胆固醇含量低了5%.当然,这些人可不能一天6顿都吃快餐.无论你吃几顿,每次吃多少,选择健康的食物也是很重要的.但少食多餐确实被明可以降低你的胆固醇含量.每顿吃少点同样也对你的消化系统有好处.当你吃得多时,你的胃和内脏同时被迫接受太多的东西,就会出现消化不良,胃痛, 胃灼热等状况,偶尔还会出现胃溃疡. 由于你的身体无法一下子消化你吃的所有食物,如果你一次进食很多,许多食物其实是被浪费的.如果吃得少一点就能减轻消化系统的负担,因为你的身体可以慢慢消化食物并且合理分配营养成分. 吃得少点也可以使你的胃在两餐之间变得更活跃点,因为你的胃不必再用很多时间去消化所有的食物了. /200803/30959浮桥镇妇幼保健人民医院妇产科怎样 Does this sound like an excuse that you use to not workout or eat healthy? Use these tips from Isabel from The Diet Solution to help no longer use this excuse!I must get this call and this statement from busy moms, executives, students, all the time “I just don’t have time to eat right and exercise!” No one seems to be able to find the time to lose weight. With all of the responsibilities and events packed into our busy days how are we to keep ourselves healthy and maintain an optimal weight?When people think weight loss, they think diet and exercise, both of which aly sound time consuming. Well after 10 years of seeing clients I will tell you with 100% certainty that if a client follows their nutrition plan without exercise they always lose weight but if they don’t follow their nutrition plan but are consistent with their workouts, there is no weight loss. Anyone who has ever attempted to lose weight without changing to healthier eating alternatives knows this is true. Trust me, I’ll be the first one to tell you all the reasons why exercise is so important but following a healthy eating regimen must be priority number 1!So if nothing else, the following easy adjustments in your nutrition plan will help to take off, at the very least, an initial 5-10 lbsto get you well on your way to your health and weight loss goals:1. Only drink water as your beverage (with the occasional unsweetened tea or black coffee). Eliminating all sugar drinks, “diet” drinks and sodas will automatically cause a dramatic weight loss. Studies have shown, when all else is kept constant, people lose up to10lbsjust by giving up diet coke. But it has no calories you say? Equal (Aspartame) and all other artificial sweeteners like Splenda and Sweet and Low are toxins to your body and cause weight gain, even more so than sugar!Squeeze fresh lemon in your water or make flavored herbal teas and cool them to make ice tea to make water drinking much easier. Always consume frac12; of your body weight in ounces of water per day to experience adequate hydration and weight loss (ex. If you weigh150lbs, you must drink 75 ounces of water each day).2. Eliminate the 4 white devils : White Flour, Refined Salt, White Sugar, and Dairy. If you just stay away from these 4 things, you will automatically see a drastic drop in weight and will instantly feel more energetic throughout the day. Most people are well aware of the harmful effects of flour, refined salt and sugar but dairy? Doesn’t it do a body good? Definitely not! Dairy is one of the number 1 reasons people have such a hard time losing weight. It causes inflammation in the body, digestive problems, clogged arteries, and weight gain. Get your calcium from leafy greens and avoid dairy at all costs. When moms bring in their children to see me with weight and health problems one of the first things I do is take them off dairy. The results are miraculous! Chronically sick kids are now automatically better. And those who have had such a hard time losing weight experience automatic weight loss without dairy.3. Know exactly where to find the healthy food! It is honestly just as easy to run in to Kings and get a bag of carrots and some almonds than it is to run into Quick Chek and buy some harmful processed food. You can go absolutely anywhere now and find healthy meal options but you must know what you are looking for. Stay away from most packaged foods as the label indicates more of a science experiment than anything that would be close to food. No one needs all of those toxins in their body. Labels should have 2 – 3 items, at most. And the best foods don’t have labels.Don’t let time be your excuse. If you stop to eat 2-3 times per day and snack in between it is just as easy to find something healthy as it is to find something harmful. Don’t let your body come to a shrieking halt before you decide to do anything about your weight and your health. You know what will be a huge impediment on your time? If you or a family member becomes ill due to poor nutrition and lifestyle habits. So tackle the problem now before it really does begin to affect your time and your life! You can replace cars, homes and all material items, but you only get one body! Take good care of it.Learn “The Top 5 Essential Truths You Must Know Before You Go on Any Diet Ever Again” from Isabel De Los Rios at The Diet Solution Program. Isabel is a nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coach who has helped hundreds of people lose their unwanted weight and take complete control of their health. She is the author of The Diet Solution Program, a complete and comprehensive nutrition program that is helping people all over the world finally reach their ideal weight. “我只是没时间去减肥而已”,在你没有保锻炼及饮食的健康之时,这听上去是不是更像是个借口?现在,只需参照其中提示,伊莎贝尔的《饮食计划》就能帮助你摆脱掉它。 “我只是没时间去减肥而已”,这就是我听到的那些操劳的母亲、忙碌的白领还有学业繁忙的学生们的抱怨之词,好像他们没人能挤出点时间去减肥。但是我们每天忙碌的生活绑缚着责任、要件, 那我们要怎么去保持健康的身体,维持良好的体重状态呢? 每当人们想到减肥,第一反应就是饮食与锻炼问题,但是这两者都太耗时了。通过十年的客户观察经验,我可以百分之一百肯定的告诉你,假如一个客户遵照他的营养计划保饮食健康,即使没有锻炼也可以减掉一定体重,但是反之则不行,只是持续锻炼达不到这一效果。我想所有尝试过减肥但是没有改变饮食习惯的人都很清除这一结果。“为什么锻炼很重要,但是健康饮食生活却是最为重要的?”对这一问题,我会是第一个告诉你所有原因的人! 以下的这些饮食调节都能有助于你减掉体重,在你向健康行进的路上,至少能帮助你减掉5到10镑。 1.饮料?只喝水!(可偶尔喝不加糖的茶或黑咖啡)不喝所有的糖类饮料!喝健康的饮料和苏打水可以帮你减掉体重,且成效明显。研究显示,就算只是不喝可乐也可以减去高达10磅的体重。但是你可能会说,“它并不含卡路里啊”。我要告诉你的是:一定量的阿斯巴甜和其他所有的人造甜味剂(如代糖 )对于人的身体来说都是有害物质,并且会使得人体体重增加,与糖相比甚至更严重些! 在引用水中适当的添加一些压榨的柠檬汁或是加入药草茶叶并冷藏制成冰茶都能使得它更好喝一些。并且,通常来说引用水量为身体体重的50%(比如你的体重是150磅,那你每天得喝75磅的水),这样才能满足水合作用和减肥所需的用水量。 2.不吃四“白”食品(颜色为白色):面粉,精盐,白糖,奶制品。如果不食用这四种食品,那你会发现你的体重直线下降,并且能明显感到一整天都是精力充沛。 许多人都知道面粉,精盐,糖的有害影响,但是却唯独不知道奶制品也与它们一样。“它对身体不是有好处吗?”当然不是!人们减肥为什么会那么难?奶制品就是罪魁祸首之一!它会引起发炎、消化不良、动脉阻塞、以及肥胖等问题,所以还是多吃绿色蔬菜来补钙吧!每当有母亲因为孩子体重、健康问题来找我时,我通常所做的第一件事就是告诉他们别再给孩子喝牛奶了。结果?显而易见!慢慢地,这些孩子身体变好。而那些曾经有过痛苦减重经历的人,在拒绝奶制品后体重自动下降! 3.得知道哪有健康食品!老实说,到菜市场买点健康的胡萝卜和杏仁比去超市买那些对身体有害的加工食品简单多了。而现在你也可以去到任意的地方,健康食品的选择性也更广了,但关键是你得知道你想要的是什么?首先是要远离包装食品,因为上面的标签意味着此食品已经过不止一个试验了,而没人会需要这些有害物质的。一般来说,标签上会最多包括2-3个项目,而好的食品是不需要标签。 另外,别让时间成为你的借口。如果你每天正常饮食是两到三次,期间还要吃点零嘴的话,你会发现吃点健康食品和吃点有害食品都是很容易办到的事。不要让自己到时候大声惊呼然后再决定开始减点体重、保持健康。你知道什么会成为时间的巨大阻碍吗?倘若你或是你的家人身体感觉异样,那都是因为营养缺乏、生活习惯问题所造成的。所以现在就该解决问题,而不是等着让它开始干扰你的时间和生活!你可以购新车,买新房以及其他的所有物品,但是你自己的身体却是没办法替换的,所以好好的照料自己的身体吧! 从伊莎贝尔的《健康饮食计划》中,我们可以学到以上几点在进行节食之前所必须知道的方法。作为一位营养、锻炼及生活指导师,伊莎贝尔已经帮助许多人成功的减肥并且完全控制其健康状况。她写的《饮食计划》一书提供了营养饮食方案,能帮助人们解决体重问题,达到理想的重量。 /200809/47424摘要:访问英国的人会发现传统英国酒吧是最能领略当地文化的地方。但对于初来乍到的异国人来说,这些友善的酒吧却犹如潜藏着有惹事危险的"地雷区"。Visitors to Britain may find the best place to sample local culture is in a traditional pub. But these friendly hostelries can be minefields of potential gaffes for the uninitiated.An anthropologist and a team of researchers have unveiled some of the arcane rituals of British pubs--starting with the difficulty of getting a drink. Most pubs have no waiters--you have to go to the bar to buy drinks. A group of Italian youths waiting 45 minutes before they realized they would have to fetch their own. This may sound inconvenient, but there is a hidden purpose. Pub culture is designed to promote sociability in a society known for its reserve. Standing at the bar for service allows you to chat with others waiting to be served. The bar counter is possibly the only site in the British Isles in which friendly conversation with strangers is considered entirely appropriate and rea1ly quite normal behaviour. "If you haven't been to a pub, you haven't been to Britain." This tip can be found in a booklet, Passport to the Pub: The Tourists' Guide to Pub Etiquette, a customers' code of conduct for those wanting to sample "a central part of British life and culture". The trouble is that if you do not follow the local rules, the experience may fall flat. For example, if you are in a big group, it is best if only one or two people go to buy the drinks. Nothing irritates the regular customers and bar staff more than a gang of strangers blocking all access to the bar while they chat and dither about what to order. /200904/68468太仓哪家医院做无痛人流最权威

璜泾镇妇幼保健人民医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱Some of our 32 adult teeth are more vulnerable to decay and damage than others. Here, London dentist Dr Charles Ferber reveals where the dangers lie.   你知道吗?在成人的32颗恒牙中,有的牙齿要更容易遭受损伤和腐蚀,想要有一口漂亮又健康的牙齿,除了日常的清洁护理之外,还应对这一类“VIP牙”进行重点保护。 INCISORS   门牙   Incisors are the eight teeth at the front of your mouth — four at the top, four at the bottom.   门牙是分布于口腔下颚前方的八颗牙齿,四颗在上,四颗在下。   PROBLEMS: The central incisors are most vulnerable, but those in the lower jaw are particularly affected by teeth grinding, which 8 per cent of us do unconsciously.   问题:位于中央位置的门牙是非常容易受到腐蚀的,而下颚的门牙则直接则特别容易遭受磨损。   Your lower central incisors are more -yellow because the enamel is thinner, revealing the yellowish tissue (dentine) that gives teeth their strength.   下门牙很容易呈现出黄色,这是因为珐琅质较薄而露出了黄色的组织,也就是牙本质的“真面目”,而这样以外便使得下门牙异常的坚硬。   The inside of these incisors is also particularly prone to tartar because there are -salivary glands here. Minerals in saliva combine with plaque to form hardened tartar. A build-up of tartar can cause -irritation that gradually makes the gum and jawbone shrink.   但因为唾液腺位置的缘故,门牙上也非常容易有牙垢的出现。唾液中的矿物质在结合之后,会形成硬化的斑块牙垢,而当牙垢积累到一定的程度之后,可能会引起牙龈与颚骨的萎缩。 /201101/123103太仓哪家医院上环好 13 Years Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith — December 31, 1997Quotes about the Love and Marriage — Will: "Families are like a business. The key is one person having a vision of what it needs to be and being able to pull everyone together. That's Jada for sure."13年婚姻:史密斯夫妇婚姻之道——威尔·史密斯:经营家庭就像做生意。关键在于有一个人能够纵观全局,了解需求,将所有人有力地组织起来。我妻子就是这样一个人。17 Years Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley — November 13 1993Quotes about the Love and Marriage — Michelle Pfeiffer: "Compatibility is important, and respect. Because that's sexy to me. We're both homebodies. I'm not sure about the opposites thing. It may attract initially, but it's what eventually breaks people apart."17年婚姻:米歇尔·菲佛与大卫·E·凯利婚姻之道——米歇尔·菲佛:相互包容很重要,彼此尊重也一样。其实这样很性感。我们都是恋家的人。我觉得相互对立不靠谱,一开始可能会很吸引人,但是最终会让人分道扬镳。18 Years Warren Beatty and Annette Bening — March 10, 1992Quotes about the Love and Marriage — Annette Bening: You’ve got to make peace with it. By and large it’s okay. You’re an object of people’s projections, certainly with my husband being so famous for so many years. That’s out of your control.18年婚姻:安妮特·贝宁与沃伦·贝蒂婚姻之道——安妮特·贝宁:心平气和一点儿。总的来说没什么大不了的。你是人们议论的一个话题而已,我老公红了那么多年已经是即成的现实。这又不是我能掌控的。19 Years Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw — October 12 1991Quotes about the Love and Marriage — Steven Spielberg: "I’ve stayed in my marriage this long because I never disagree with my wife. Whatever she says is the right choice."19年婚姻:斯皮尔伯格夫妇婚姻之道——史蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格:我们的婚姻之所以能这么长久,完全是因为我们没有意见相左的时候。老婆说什么都是对的。 /201105/137086太仓港口开发区妇幼保健人民医院能做人流吗

嘉定人民妇幼中心医院能做人流吗Search engine to use online queries to predict health trends before official health bodiesGoogle aly has a window into our souls through our internet searches and it now has insight into our ailing bodies too.The internet giant is using its vast database of individual search terms to predict the emergence of flu up to two weeks before government epidemiologists.Google Flu Trends uses the tendency of people to seek online help for their health problems.By tracking searches for terms such as 'cough', 'fever' and 'aches and pains' it claims to be able to accurately estimate where flu is circulating.Google tested the idea in nine regions of the US and found it could accurately predict flu outbreaks between seven and 14 days earlier than the federal centres for disease control and prevention.Google hopes the idea could also be used to help track other diseases. Flu Trends is limited to the US.Jeremy Ginsberg and Matt Mohebb, two software engineers involved in the project, said: "Patterns in Google search queries can be very informative."In a blogpost on the project they wrote: "It turns out that traditional flu surveillance systems take one-two weeks to collect and release surveillance data but Google search queries can be automatically counted very quickly."By making our estimates available each day, Flu Trends may provide an early-warning system for outbreaks of influenza."They explained that private information health would be kept confidential. " Flu Trends can never be used to identify individual users because we rely on anonymised, aggregated counts of how often certain search queries occur each week."A paper on the project has been accepted by the respected journal Nature."This seems like a clever way of using data that is created unintentionally by the users of Google to see patterns in the world that would otherwise be invisible," Thomas Malone, a professor at the MIT Sloan school of management, told the New York Times. 在官方的健康组织还没有发布健康趋势之前,搜索引擎就能利用网上的搜索查询内容来预测它。在我们用Google进行网上搜索的时候, 她已经打开我们心灵的窗户,现在她又要洞察我们的病体。这个互联网的巨人正在利用她收集到的无数个人搜索词汇数据赶在政府流行病学家之前两个星期来预测流感的出现。Google流感趋势项目就是利用了人们在网上对他们的健康问题寻求帮助的趋势来预测流感。通过追踪像“咳嗽”,“发烧”和“疼痛”这样的词汇,它表明已经能够准确地判断流感在哪里扩散。Google在美国的九个地区就这一观点做了测试并且发现她比联邦疾病控制和预防中心提前了7到14天准确预测了流感的爆发。Google希望这一发现同样能帮助预测别的流行病。流感预测目前也只是限于在美国。参与这一项目的两名软件工程师Jeremy Ginsberg 和Matt Mohebb 说, “ Google搜索显示的数据分布模式非常有价值。” 他们还在关于这一项目的日志中写到: 结果是传统的流感监测系统要用一到两个星期来收集和发布监测数据而Google搜索查询统计却是在很短的时间内自动完成的。“通过我们每天的评估,流感趋势项目可以为流感的爆发提供一个早期预警系统。”他们还解释说,会为私人的健康信息保密。“流感趋势项目绝不用来透漏个人使用者的身份,因为我们依靠匿名的汇总的计数来知道一定的查询内容在每个星期发生的频率。”著名期刊《自然》已经准备刊登关于这一项目的论文。麻省理工学院斯隆商学院的教授Thomas Malone在接受《纽约时报》采访时说,“使用Google 用户无意创造的数据来看世界上原本看不见的模式,这看起来是一个聪明的做法。” /200811/56945 奥斯卡别样风景 “味”女星争艳红地毯This year at the Academy Awards the most of the attention got not the winners, but the actress being pregnant. There was even a nominee to who goes the baby.The pregnant celebrities at the Oscar were Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba and most noticeably Cate Blanchett who all brought baby bumps to the Academy Awards. And though Angelina Jolie was nowhere to be found, hers got a bigshout-outfrom host Jon Stewart, who noted the number of actresses who are expecting for several times."This is so exciting. The baby goes to ... Angelina Jolie," Jon Stewart said, opening a fake envelope as photos of Blanchett, Alba and Kidman flashed on the screen. "Angelina couldn't be with us tonight. It's tough to get 17 babysitters on Oscar night. I’ll accept this baby on her behalf."Nicole Kidman arrives at the show with Keith Urban with whom she is expecting her first child.Pregnant in purple Cate Blanchett,nominee for best actress for "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" and for best supporting actress for "I'm Not There", is closest to term for what will be a third child with playwright husband Andrew Upton. She presents the Oscar for best art direction during the 80th annual Academy Awards in Hollywood.Alba, with fiancee Cash Warren at her side, was serene in a deep purple strapless gown with purple feathers decorating her bodice. She cleared the air over recent reports that she's expecting twins! "That would be a surprise to me," Alba joked to Mark and Dayna on the Oscars red carpet."I'm not really terribly nervous," she said before the show. "Being pregnant is like taking a sedative."During one of his monologues, host Jon Stewart poked fun of pregnant Angelina Jolie.He said, “Earlier, I mentioned there were two very famous quite pregnant actresses here tonight. Actually, I was incorrect. I’ve become aware that there’s a third. Jessica Alba is pregnant, Cate Blanchett is pregnant and Nicole Kidman is pregnant.”Continuing his joke, Jon gave out an imaginary Oscar: “The baby goes to…. (drumroll) Angelina Jolie. ”Jolie and partner Brad Pitt are expecting their second child together. They are the parents of 1-year-old Shiloh, and three children adopted from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam. Their adopted children are Maddox, 6; Pax, 4; and Zahara, 3. 在今年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼上,最引人注目的不是那些获奖嘉宾,而是几位怀女星。甚至有一位提名者获得了宝宝大奖。亮相本届奥斯卡的“味”女星包括妮可#8226;基德曼、杰西卡#8226;阿尔芭,和最“突出”的凯特#8226;布兰切特,她们都“大腹便便”地出现在颁奖典礼现场。尽管颁奖礼上未见安吉莉娜#8226;茱丽的身影,但几次提及怀女星的主持人乔恩#8226;斯图尔特“颁给”她一个宝宝大奖。当布兰切特、阿尔芭和基德曼的照片闪现在大屏幕上时,乔恩#8226;斯图尔特一边打开一个假信封,一边说:“这太让人激动了。这个宝宝属于……安吉莉娜#8226;茱丽。不过茱丽今晚未能到场,因为在奥斯卡之夜找到17个保姆实在是太困难了。我就替她来领这个宝贝吧。”妮可#8226;基德曼与丈夫凯斯#8226;厄本一同现身红地毯,妮可正育着他们的第一个孩子。身着紫色礼的凯特#8226;布兰切特味十足,她凭借影片《伊丽莎白:黄金时代》和《我不在场》分别获得本届奥斯卡的最佳女主角和最佳女配角两项提名。布兰切特是几位怀女星中离预产期最近的一位,这是她与丈夫、剧作家安德鲁#8226;阿普顿的第三个孩子。此外,在好莱坞举行的第80届奥斯卡颁奖典礼上,布兰切特还登台颁发了“最佳艺术指导奖”。在未婚夫凯西#8226;华伦陪伴下的杰西卡#8226;阿尔巴身着深紫色羽毛饰抹胸长礼,显得宁静端庄。她澄清了最近有关她身怀双胞胎的消息。阿尔芭在红毯秀上与马克和黛娜开玩笑说:“如果能生对双胞胎,那可是个意外的惊喜。”在红毯秀开始前,她说:“我并没有那么紧张,其实怀的感觉就像打了镇静剂一样。”主持人乔恩#8226;斯图尔在他的一段说词中还拿准妈妈安吉莉娜#8226;茱丽开起了玩笑。他说:“刚才我提到,今晚这里有两位非常著名的怀女星。其实我错了。我发现还有第三位。除了杰西卡#8226;阿尔芭、凯特#8226;布兰切特,还有妮可#8226;基德曼。”乔恩继续开玩笑,他竟然颁出了一项假奥斯卡奖。“该宝宝属于……(击鼓声)安吉莉娜#8226;茱丽。”茱丽和布拉德#8226;皮特将迎来他们的第二个孩子。目前,除了已满周岁的生女夏洛伊外,茱丽和皮特还从柬埔寨、埃塞俄比亚和越南收养了三个孩子,他们是六岁的马德克斯,四岁的帕克斯,和三岁的扎哈拉。 /200803/30368太仓友谊做人流的价格太仓友谊医院怎么样好吗




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