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年(TOEFL)考试词汇分类记忆:活熊取胆 --5 ::59 来源:qnr  活熊取胆extractharvest bear bile;  养熊业bear farming;  导管catheter;  腹壁abdominal walls;  胆囊gall bladders;  永久性伤害permanent wounds;  动物权利保护人士animal rights activists;  制药公司pharmaceutical company;  发行上市to be listed on the stock market 词汇 词汇 记忆 考试 活熊取胆 TOEFL1) In recent years an interesting fact has been brought to public attention: As educational levels, salaries, and the cost of living have increased, more and more people are now having fewer and fewer children to the point where schools in many cities have to close down.

   Now there is in America a curious combination(1)of pride in having risen to a position where it is no longer necessary to depend on manual labor a living()and genuine delight in what one is able to accomplish with one's own hands(3).

考研英语 考研英语阅读高频词汇:艺术类 -- 19:7:1 来源: 词汇是英语的基础,,参加考研的考生要想搞定考研英语,就必须积累和掌握足够的词汇量在复习考研英语阅读的时候,很多同学发现阅读中经常会出现一些比较难掌握的专业词汇和背景词汇下面,文都考研小编给大家整理了考研英语阅读中出现频率较高的专业词汇和背景词汇,方便各位考生复习以下是艺术类的:abstract painting 抽象画art decor 艺术装饰baton 指挥棒break dance 霹雳舞0elb 大提琴chant 吟唱chord 合唱,合唱曲composer 作曲者,作曲家concerto 协奏曲conductor 指挥conservatory 音乐学校flute 长笛folk music 民间音乐gong 锣harmonica 口鬈harp 竖琴horn 号impressionism 印象派instrument(精密)乐器lyric 歌词melody 旋律,曲调musical 音乐喜剧musical notation 乐谱orchestra 管弦乐队overture 前奏曲pipe organ 管风琴playwright 剧作家prelude 序曲premiere 首演producer 演出者properties 舞台道具rap music 快板音乐,快板歌recital 独奏会.独唱会refrain(歌曲中的)叠歌,副歌rehearsal 排演Renaissance 文艺复兴reproduction 复制saxophone 萨克斯管scale 音阶score 总谱;(总谱中的)乐曲sculpture 雕刻,雕塑sonata 奏鸣曲symphony 交响乐,交响曲synthesizer 合成器,音响合成器tempo 节奏theatricals 戏剧trumpet 喇叭whistle 口哨wind 管乐器以上就是考研英语阅读中经常出现的一些艺术类的英语词汇,希望参加考研的同学们抽出一点点时间将这些词汇搞定,也预祝大家愉快复习,在考研的考场上考出理想成绩

  slow 意思 翻译 译为

  翻译专项训练:互生 -- 18:5:1 来源: 翻译专项训练:互生互生最叫我们纪念的是他做人的态度他本来是一副铜筋铁骨,黑皮肤衬着那一套大布之衣,看去像个乡下人他什么苦都吃得,从不晓得享用,也像乡下人他心里那一团火,也像乡下人那一团火是热,是力,是光由他不爱多说话,但常常微笑;那微笑是自然的,温暖的在他看,人是可以互相爱着的,除了一些成见已深,不愿打开窗户说亮话的他对这些人却有些憎恶,不肯假借一点颜色世界上只有能憎的人才能爱;爱憎没有定见,只是毫无作为的脚色公互生觉得青年成见还少,希望最多;所以愿意将自己的生命一滴不剩而献给他们,让爱的宗教在他们中间发荣滋长,让他们都走向新世界去参考翻译What wag most memorable about Husheng was his attitude toward life. He was as strong as a man ofsteel, his dark complexion set off by clothes of coarse cloth, looking like someone from the countryside.He could withstand any hardship and never sought ease and comt. In this respect he was like acountryman, too. Again like a countryman, he had a heart as warns as fire radiating warmth, power andlight. He was a man of few words, but of all smiles. His smile was natural and friendly. In his view,people could love each other, except those with deep prejudices and those who could not bring themselvesout in the open. He hated these people, and to them he wouldn't show anything like gentleness. In thisworld, only those who could hate could love. Those who did not know what to love and what to hatewere useless people. Hussheng thought that young people had little prejudice but lots of future promise, sohe was willing to devote his life to them without reservation, letting the religion of love grow and flourishamong them so that they could all go to a new world.。

  技巧 考试 中高 选项

    一、寄达城市名的批译:译题一:北京打车难究竟难在哪?Our terms are cash within three months, i.e. on or bee May 1.

  -- :00:1 来源:kekenet作文范文:“大四空巢”现象 -- 00:0: 来源:   写作部分测试学生用英语进行书面表达的能力,所占分值比例为%,考试时间30分钟六级0-0词在英语六级备考过程中,六级作文部分是非常重要的,也是让考生最头疼的内容,作文除了需要我们有一定的词汇积累,也需要我们不间断的练习,练习多了才能熟能生巧,才能下笔成章下面为大家整理了大学英语六级作文范文,供广大考生备考使用  题目要求:  1. 目前许多大学校园里出现“大四空巢”现象  . 出现这一现象的原?因  3. 我对这一现象的看法和建议  参考范文:On the Senior Empty Nests   most senior students in universities, the last academic year has nothing to do with academics. To the frustration of professors, few courses are attended by students. And dorms are almost vacant with few lodgers. This kind of phenomenon, which has been called “Senior Empty Nests”, is common among universities of China.  Where have those absent senior students gone? Some lucky dogs have gone to their new jobs while the majority are still striving to get a job or engaging in their internship outside of the campus. The severe employment pressure has pushed senior students into employment market earlier. The anxiety of getting a job bee graduation disturbs the restless mind of every student, which leads to skipping school of most students.  In my view, with senior students leaving campus earlier, their time of education has been reduced, which puts them in a disadvantaged position in the employment market. Students should start job hunting after finishing the courses of the last academic year. At the same time, the universities should provide career education senior students.

    【例91】 We should help in ways which are mutually beneficial to both developing and developed countries.

  欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第6节】6.Trying to criticize writing on the fly is possibly the single greatest barrier to writing that most of us encounter.英语四级译文:试图匆忙地修改写作内容可能是我们大多数人在写作时遇到的唯一最大的障碍四级词汇讲解:本句的主干是trying to criticize writing on the fly is the barrier to writingthat most of us encounter是由that引导的定语从句,修饰barrier句中的criticize相当于edit,也就是“修改”的意思on the fly的意思是“急忙,匆忙”encourter的意思是“遇到或发现(困难、危险等)”英语四级考点归纳:动名词结构(v.+ing)作主语,表示比较抽象的多次性的动作该结构作主语时,谓语动词用单数动名词结构作主语有两种情况:※ 将动名词直接.置于主语位置:如:1)Reading extensively is one of the most effective ways to enlarge our vocabulary.广泛阅读是扩大词汇量的最有效的途径之一) Saying is easier than doing.说比做容易:※ 采用形式主语it的结构如:1) It is a waste of time discussing such matters with her.和她讨论这些问题是在浪费时间) It is no good leaving today wor}C tomorrow.把今天的事情留到明天是无益处的学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法。

    6. Ring farewell to the century of physics, the one to which we split the atom and turned silicon into computing power,

  史出现频率最高的词汇总结排行榜 -- ::1 来源:qnr species 0次system 7次painting 6次contain 次fossil 1次project 8次occur 3次construction 1次atmosphere 1次range 1次organism 1次 词汇 词汇 排行榜 频率最高

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