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许昌龟头炎症许昌那家医院人流好魏都区包皮手术怎么样 With the age of electronics, it was found that hearing your own voice played back to you almost as soon as you speak helps a stutter as well.人们发现,如果在说话时能够几乎同步地听到自己所说的内容会有助于减缓口吃。Thats called the Delayed Auditory Feedback effect.这就是所谓的延时听觉反馈效应。Altering the pitch of the playback gives an extra boost to the effect as well; thats called Frequency Altered Feedback.并且,改变所听内容的音调会加强这一效应,这就是移频听觉反馈。Now, researchers at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina have created a small device that combines both these effects in a portable earpiece.目前,位于美国北卡罗来纳州格林维尔市东卡罗莱纳大学的研究者们已经研发出一种便携式耳机,这种耳机将上文所说的两种效应结合在了一起。The device fits inside your ear, picks up the sound of you speaking, alters the pitch a little, and plays it back to you.你只需将耳机放入耳朵,它便会收集你的话语并适当地改变音调,最后在回放给你听。The first tests look promising: many of the volunteers who had a stutter found that their problem was helped by wearing such an electronic earpiece.第一批测试看起来效果不错:很多参与实验的口吃志愿者都发现,佩戴上这种电子耳机后,口吃情况有所好转。Scientists who study stuttering sound a more cautious note: such effects, while real, have shown a tendency to be short-term.然而,研究口吃的科学家们给出了一个更为谨慎的结论:这些效果固然真实,但持续时间不够长久。Still,even if it isnt a fix, tiny microelectronic devices like this may indeed be a help–and we may be seeing more and more of them in the future.但是,即便这一效果不长,像这样的微电子设备确实对口吃有所帮助--相信在以后会有越来越多这样的产品出现。201503/366295I wanted to find out what kind of caterpillar it was,cause I loved nature.我想弄清楚它是哪种毛毛虫 因为我爱自然And because I touched,and I thought it maybe poisonous也因为我摸过它 我觉得它可能有毒So I did what I always do,I have a nature question, I showed a picture to my assistant.然后我就像往常一样 有关于大自然的问题 我就把照片给我助理看I said ;Craig,what this be?;我说“克雷格 这是什么”And uh...whatever it is,thats what I say.我大概就是 这么说的And uh...He told me this particular caterpillar turns into a morning cloak butterfly,which is that one.然后 他告诉我 这种毛毛虫会变成一种蝴蝶 就是这样的蝴蝶See how pretty!And the reason they show up is cause they wanna eat my chinese oak tree,because we dont love chinese.漂亮吧 它们之所以出现在我家附近是想吃我的中国橡木树,因为我们不喜欢中国人。And sorry.Thinking about this,and this caterpillar is gonna turn into this beautiful butterfly,and then fly away.抱歉 不过好好想想 这只毛毛虫会变成这样美丽的蝴蝶 然后翩翩飞走And it got me thinking about all these amazing miracles in the universe we take for granted.这让我不禁思考 宇宙间所有我们习以为常的 精妙绝伦的奇迹I am not talk about child birth.We all know that happens.我说的可不是生孩子 我们都知道那是咋回事Its not a miracle.Its just disgusting.那不是奇迹 那是只是件恶心的事And I am takling about real miracles,like this caterpillar turning into butterfly;我说的那些真正的奇迹 比如毛毛虫破茧成蝶Or how tadpoles turn into frogs Or how my mother keeps getting her drive license renewed或者蝌蚪变青蛙 又或者我妈怎么能一直换到新驾照If you pay attention to miracles,they happen every single day.如果你留心奇迹 它们每天都在发生Like when I leave work in the morning,my bed is a mess, I mean,就比如我今早出门上班时 我的床铺乱成一团 我是说the covers are pulled down,The pillows are all over the place.被子全部掉地上 枕头到处都是But when I get home,my bed are aly made!但当我回到家 我的床已经整整齐齐了How does that happen?Science cant explain it.怎么会这样 科学也解释不清楚And my maid tries to,but shes a very thick accent.So remains a mystery.我的女佣想解释来着 但她口音太重了 所以这还是未解之谜I hope you take a moment to appreciate all the little miracles in your life.And I hope you appreciate this dance.我希望你们花点时间 欣赏你生命中所有的奇迹 也希望你们能喜欢这舞 /201509/400593禹州市治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱

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鄢陵县妇科官网Theres a lot of complaining these days that youth sports are too expensive and competitive. And, in fact, kids are dropping out and most sports are on the decline in the U.S.One sport that is not losing players is hockey, which has also changed the way it trains young athletes. The approach has been so successful that the U.S. Olympic Committee recently adopted it.The hockey club in Traverse City was a pioneer in this effort.Kurt Froese can remember exactly where he was when he realized something was wrong. He was at Centre Ice in Traverse City coaching his sons team, kids ages five and six.;And I was having them stop on a line, and no one could stop,; he recalls. ;They could not stop.;Froese says even the best player on the team couldnt stop on a line. They were getting y for a game on a full-sized rink. Thats 200 feet of ice.;The kids couldnt handle a puck, and they had no control on their skates,; he says. ;And I just thought, Why are we doing this?;Fifteen years later, Froese says he understands why they were doing it. He is a chiropractor and he says in many aspects of life—such as health and food—people want instant gratification.For youth hockey, that meant parents expected to see their kids playing a game that looked like the one on TV.;So what it is, at that age, youve got the two best kids from each team going up and down the ice trading scoring chances,; he says. ;The other eight kids on the ice are kind of just watching them, trying to be involved.;National reformBecause of people like Kurt Froese, that is not what happens in many places where kids play hockey today. They play games on half the rink.George Atkinson says they make better players that way. Atkinson is the president of the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association. He says even those fast players, the ones that used to take all the shots, learn more when the rink is smaller and congested.;They have to learn how to control the puck, skate with the puck, work though traffic,; he says, ;all the things that, if theyre ever going to aspire to a high level of hockey, theyre going to have to learn.;This approach to coaching hockey, sometimes referred to as ;development,; was not new even 15 years ago when Kurt Froese was first looking at those hapless five-year-olds in his charge. Froese says back then, USA Hockey recommended that kids practice three times as much as they play in games, but almost nobody followed that advice.;At the time, the travel teams were playing more games than they were practicing,; he says. ;So it was flip flopped.;Kurt Froese began making changes in Traverse City with the teams he coached for the Grand Traverse Hockey Association. For example, his travel team practiced four times as much as they went to games and tournaments.Froese wasnt alone in thinking about all this a decade ago. Officials at USA Hockey were asking similar questions.Ken Martel has directed this work at the national organization. He says they were worried about a problem almost all sports have: Many players burn out and quit by age 12.;A lot will tell you theyre not having fun,; Martel says. ;Theyre being over-coached. Parents are too pushy.;So in , USA Hockey made a few changes, like putting games for eight-and-under players on half ice. And they started working closely with clubs like the one in Traverse City that were making changes on the ground.Martel says people were not happy, particularly not with the switch to half-ice. He says its taken years to convince them this is a better way.;People dont like change,; he says. ;Someone who grew up playing a certain way, its like, Well this is what I did when I grew up, its good enough for me.;Beyond hockeyHockey in Traverse City did not look like what Andrew Hiss remembers in Maine where he grew up. He has two girls who play in Traverse City.Hiss says it took some time to adjust to the smaller rink but there are other differences, too. When he played hockey, the focus was on winning, and he says he has to adjust his expectations as a parent.That is something the club can help him do. He says he recently asked the coach how he should talk with his daughters after a game, and whether he should talk about hustling and being aggressive.;What the coach said was, No, just ask her if she had fun,; Hiss says.Grand Traverse Hockey Association is one of 20 teams in the country to be named a model club by USA Hockey for implementing principles like this.The change in the sport nationwide has been impressive enough to the U.S. Olympic Committee that it recently endorsed the approach and is using it to inspire change in other sports.Chris Snyder is the director of coaching for the Olympic Committee. He says they want to keep kids playing sports.;The less athletes playing sports in the ed States, the less athletes that have a chance to become Olympic caliber,; Snyder says. ;Which means well have less athletes on the podium.;Snyder says when they set out to address this problem, they saw that USA Hockey had developed a model based on lots of research.;It takes the research about how to keep kids in sports, how to make it developmentally appropriate, but also puts expectations on key outcomes, on making sure they have fun,; he says.Snyder says more than 20 sports organizations have pledged to make similar changes in their sports based on the lessons hockey has learned.More than sportsKurt Froese says changing the culture of a sport is hard. He says even when the parents were sold on the new approach in Traverse City, it took a lot of campaigning to get the clubs board to fully buy in.Froese was a semi-professional hockey player in Manitoba but he says this wasnt about hockey. It was about helping kids.;You never get an opportunity to be a child again,; he says. ;It wasnt about hockey itself. Its about how kids learn. And thats what drove me.;201605/443769 许昌市第五人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱魏都区肛肠医院好不好



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