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Wedding custom around the world (5)Carribean1):A rich black cake baked with dried fruits and rum is especially popular on the islands of Barbados, Grenada and St. Lucia. The ricipe, handed down from mother to daughter, is embellished) by each. It is considered a “pound”cake――with the recipe calling a pound each of flour, dark brown sugar, butter, glace cherries, raisins, prunes, currants3), plus a dozen eggs and flavorings). The dried fruits are soaked in rum and kept in a crock anywhere from two weeks to six months. Croatia5):Married female relatives remove the bride’s veil and replace it with a kerchief and apron, symbols of her new married status. She is then serenaded by all the married women. Following the wedding ceremony, those assembled walk three times around the well(symbolizing the Holy Trinity, )and throw apples into it(symbolizing fertility). 1881Five Balls in the AirImagine life as a game in which you are juggling1) some five balls in the air.You name them―work,family,health,friends and spirit,and you’re keeping all these balls in the air.You understand that work is a rubber ball.If you drop it,it will bounce back.But the other four balls are made of glass.If you drop one of these,it will be irrevocably) scuffed,marked,nicked,damaged or even shattered.They will never be the same.You must understand that and strive balance in your life.How?Don’t undermine your worth by comparing yourself to others.It is because we a re- different that each of us is special.Don’t set your goals by what other people deem3) important.Only you know what is best you.Don’ t take granted the things closest to your heart.Cling to) them as you would to life, without them,it’s meaningless.Don’t let life slip through your fingers by living in the past or in the future.By living your life one day at a time,you live ALL the days of your life.Don’ t run through life so fast that you get not only where you’ve been,but also where you’ re going.Don’ t use time or words carelessly.Neither can be retrieved5).Life is not a race,but a journey to be savored each step of the way.Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery,and today is a gift.That’ s why we call it―The Present.□by Bryan Dyson 7英语口语:别闹了!赶快醒醒吧! --6 :55: 来源: 1. Do me a favor!   拜托哎!   表误会,这个短句跟请人帮忙木有关系当你赶脚对方又在说傻话时,用这句话来打断他犯晕的节奏吧!   . Wake up!   哎!醒醒哈~   有种沉默叫走神你说了一大堆,结果发现他根本没听,于是你气不打一处来,带点讽刺、加点幽默地将他唤醒吧!   3. Come off it!   别扯了!   这句话毫不留情地表示你说的话,我不相信!少吹牛,别装蒜,一句话把对方噎住,你就可以滔滔不绝地发表自己的见解了   . What an idea!   真荒唐!   表面上看着,这句话像是说这主意不错,其实这是彻底在说反话如果你觉得对方正在异想天开时,用这句话回敬他吧!   5. Get real!   别闹了!   遇到爱做白日梦,喜欢瞎折腾的小伙伴,你可以用这句话将他赶紧拉回现实! 英语口语

在这个国家里我最喜欢的地方其实一直有很多这些年来,由于我们自己和情况的变迁,我最爱的地方也随着改变虽然如此,过去我喜爱过的任何一个地方我并没有真正地失去它们我或许不再居住在那儿,但它们却存在于我的心里,成为我记忆中的片段,时常浮现在脑海中……此刻我最喜爱的地方相当不同,但我想它仍具有和老早的那个地方(即明湖,Clear Lake)相同的某些特质这个地方是安大略省南方奥托拿比河边的一间松木小屋我在那儿居住了三个夏天:写作、赏鸟、观河有时候我为那些来此地度周末,却驾着快艇以极速在河上往来呼啸的人感到难过,因为这些人看见的河岸只不过是绿色的混凝土岸,而河流本身也仿佛只是条闪亮的流动塑料 019387

A Trucker’s Last LetterSteamboat Mountain is a man-killer, and truckers who haul1) the Alaska Highway treat it with respect, particularly in the winter. The road curves and twists over the mountain and sheer cliffs drop away sharply from the icy road. Countless trucks and truckers have been lost there and many more will follow their last tracks. On one trip up the highway, I came upon the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and several wreckers winching the remains of a semi) up the steep cliff. I parked my rig and went over to the quiet group of truckers who were watching the wreckage3) slowly come into sight. One of the Mounties walked over to us and spoke quietly. “I’m sorry, ”he said, “the trucker was dead when we found him. He must have gone over the side two days ago when we had a bad snowstorm. There weren’t many trucks. It was just a fluke) that we noticed the sun shining off some chrome5). ”He shook his head slowly and reached into his pocket. “Here, maybe you guys should this. I guess he lived a couple of hours until the cold got to him. ”I’ d never seen tears in a cop’s eyes bee----I always figured they’d seen so much death and despair they were immune to it, but he wiped tears as he handed me the letter. As I it, I began to weep. Each driver silently the words, then quietly walked back to his rig. The words were burned into my memory and now, years later, that letter is still vivid as if I were holding it bee me. I want to share that letter with you and your families. December, 197My Darling Wife, This is a letter that no man ever wants to write, but I’ m lucky enough to have some time to say what I’ve gotten to say so many times. I love you, sweetheart. You used to kid me that I loved the truck more than you because I spent more time with her. I do love this piece of iron----she’s been good to me. She’s seen me through tough times and tough places. I could always count on her in a long haul and she was speedy in the stretches. She never let me down. But you want to know something?I love you the same reasons. You’ve seen me through the tough times and places, too. Remember the first truck?That run-down ‘old corn-binder’ that kept us broke all the time but always made just enough money to keep us eating?You went out and got a job so that we could pay the rent and the bills. Every cent I made went into the truck while your money kept us in food with a roof over our heads. I remember that I complained about the truck, but I don’t remember you ever complaining when you came home tired from work and I asked you money to go on the road again. If you did complain, I guess I didn’t hear you. I was too wrapped up with my problems to think of yours. I think now of all the things you gave up me. The clothes, the holidays, the parties, the friends. You never complained and somehow I never remembered to thank you being you. When I sat having coffee with the boys, I always talked about my truck, my payments. I guess I got you were my partner even if you weren’t in the cab with me. It was your sacrifices6) and determination as much as mine that finally got the new truck. I was so proud of that truck I was bursting. I was proud of you too, but I never told you that. I took it granted you knew, but if I had spent as much time talking with you as I did polishing chrome, perhaps I would have. In all the years I’ve pounded the pavement7), I always knew your prayers rode with me. But this time they weren’t enough. I’m hurt and it’s bad. I’ve made my last mile and I want to say the things that should have been said so many times bee. The things that were gotten because I was too concerned about the truck and the job. I’m thinking about the missed anniversaries and birthdays. The school plays and hockey7) games that you went to alone because I was on the road. I’m thinking about the lonely nights you spent alone, wondering where I was and how things were going. I’ m thinking of all the times I thought of calling you just to say hello and somehow didn’t get around to. I‘m thinking of the peace of mind I had knowing that you were at home with the kids, waiting me. The family dinners where you spent all your time telling your folks why I couldn’t make it. I was busy changing oil;I was busy looking parts;I was sleeping because I was leaving early the next morning. There was always a reason, but somehow they don’t seem very important to me right now. When we were married, you didn’t know how to change a light bulb. Within a couple of years, you were fixing the furnace8) during a blizzard while I was waiting a load in Florida. You became a pretty good mechanic, helping me with repairs, and I was mighty proud of you when you jumped into the cab and backed up over the rose bushes. I was proud of you when I pulled into the yard and saw you sleeping in the car waiting me. Whether it was two in the morning or two in the afternoon you always looked like a movie star to me. You’ re beautiful, you know. I guess I haven’ t told you that lately, but you are. I made lots of mistakes in my life, but if I only ever made one good decision, it was when I asked you to marry me. You never could understand what it was that kept me trucking. I couldn’t either, but it was my way of life and you stuck with me. Good times, bad times, you were always there. I love you, sweetheart, and I love the kids. My body hurts but my heart hurts even m ore. You won’t be here when I end this trip. the first time since we’ve been together, I‘m really alone and it scares me. I need you so badly, and I know it’s too late. It’s funny I guess, but what I have now is the truck. This damned truck that ruled our lives so long. This twisted hunk of steel that I lived in and with so many years. But it can’t return my love. Only you can do that. You’ re a thousand miles away but I feel you here with me. I can see your face and feel your love and I ‘m scared to make the final run alone. Tell the kids that I love them very much and don’t let the boys drive any truck a living. I guess that‘s about it, honey. My God, but I love you very much. Take care of yourself and always remember that I loved you more than anything in life. I just got to tell you. I love you, Bill by Rud Kendall 888

生活美语:用美语怎么表示打国际长途? -01-7 19:: 来源:  问:  我想知道在美国用美语怎么表示打国际长途?  答:  请告诉我如何拨国际电话好吗?  不论你要怎么打,都得先查好要拨打的「国码」country code、「地区码」area code及「电话号码」telephone number,对方才帮得上忙若电话不持国际直拨,而你又不想再面对电话中令人不安的英文指示,就可以拜托对方帮你打:  Could you help me make a call to Beijin? I don't know how to use this telephone.  请帮我打电话回北京好吗?我不会用这个电话  不过你要记住:若去问总机打国际电话的方法,他可能会很热心地想帮你拨通,但这项务有时是要收费的,若你不确定,可以问一下:  Is there an extra charge?  Will this make the call more expensive?  这会让这个电话变很贵吗? 美语 长途 国际 怎么

Dig a Little Deeper There's a story about the Calinia gold rush that tells of two brothers who sold all they had and went prospecting gold. They discovered a vein of the shining ore, staked a claim, and proceeded to get down to the serious business of getting the gold ore out of the mine.All went well at first, but then a strange thing happened. The vein of gold ore disappeared! They had come to the end of the vein, and the spot of gold was no longer there. The brothers continued to pick away, but without success.Finally, they gave up in disgust. They sold their equipment and claim rights a few hundred dollars, and took the train back home. Now the man who bought the claim hired an engineer to examine the rock strata of the mine. The engineer advised him to continue digging in the same spot where the mer owners had left off. And three feet deeper, the new owner struck gold. A little more persistence and the two brothers would have been millionaires themselves.That's gold in you too. Do you need to dig three feet farther? 197

The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomtable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomt, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching different ways or truer answers. 6758

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