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自我情绪管理 7种控制坏脾气的有效方法 --3 ::1 来源:   1.Take a timeout.  多给自己留点时间  If you feel your temper slowly rising, remove yourself from the situation completely. Take a deep breath and count slowly to . This method often calms people down and stops them from reacting in an irrational manner.  如果你觉得自己的脾气在慢慢暴涨,想让自己完完全全从那样的状况中解脱出来深呼吸,慢慢数到.这种方法通常能让人平静下来,避免做出不理智的行为  .Don’t carry your temper.  不要让脾气爆发  If you dislike your job, go to the gym or to the library bee you go home from work. Take a little bit of time to let the anger pass so that the rest of your day isn’t clouded by it.  如果你不喜欢你的工作,那就在下班回家之前去体育馆或者图书馆花一点时间让自己不生气,这样剩下的时光也会变得明朗  3. Practice relaxation techniques.  练习一些放松技巧  When you become angry, try visualizing a place where you feel happy and calm. Take deep breaths, and repeat a word or phrase in your mind as you envision the place. Continue repeating the phrase and visualizing the place until you feel like you have control over your anger.  当你很生气的时候,尝试着想象出一些能让你开心、平静地情景做做深呼吸,当你沉浸在想象的世界中的时候在心里重复一些话语连续着重复这些话语,想象着这样一些会让你开心的地方,直到你感觉自己已经能控制好自己的脾气  .Take a walk.  散散步  Exercise in itself can be a great stress reliever, as your body releases endorphins as you walk. Remove yourself from the situation that has aggravated you, take a walk and get the chance to clear your mind and gain new perspectives. When you feel y to deal with the situation, walk back with a clear head.  锻炼本身就是一种很放松的方式,因为当你的身体在你走路的时候会释放出激素让自己走出那样的情况会让你更生气,让自己走走,给自己一个机会去理清自己的想法,获得新的观点当你感觉自己准备好处理这样的情况了,就能头脑清醒的走回来  5.Take a class you enjoy.  参加你喜欢的课程  Try joining a class where you will have the opporty to vent and express your anger through a different method. Dance, running classes are all great ways to let go of tension in a relaxed and happy environment.  试着去参加一个课程,让你自己有机会通过不同的方式去宣泄,表达你的愤怒跳舞,跑步课都是一些很好的方式在愉快的环境中放松  6.Think of a funny memory.  回想一些有趣的记忆  When you feel your temper rising over something small, think of a funny memory you have with your family or friends. Remind yourself that this is temporary, and it won’t matter in a few hours.  当你感觉自己因为一些小事想生气的时候,就想想你和家人或朋友之间的有趣回忆提醒自己这些都是暂时的,几小时之后就没事了  7.Smile.  微笑  When your temper has flared, the last thing most people want to do is smile. However, smiling lowers your body’s stress response.  当你感觉自己生气的时候,大部分人最不想做的事就是微笑但是,微笑会帮助降低你身体的压力反应

远离职场中的八大坏习惯 -- ::9 来源: When you're considering goals yourself, don't get to examine your work life. What changes could you make to become a more productive and pleasant colleague?  当你在为自己定目标时,不要忘记了检查你的工作生活你可以做出哪些改变来使自己更有创造性、和同事相处得更加愉快呢?  Experts offer this list of common bad habits at work -- and how to break them:  专家提供了一份清单,列出了工作上的坏习惯以及如何改正的方法:  1.Planning poorly.  不懂得规划  Do you spend your first hour at work wondering what you should work on today? "So many people, when they leave their office at to 6 p.m., really have no clue what they're going to do first thing the following morning," said Glenn Davis, president of the Next Step Group, which recruits sales and sales management professionals software and other companies. It's more efficient to plan your next day bee you leave work.  你每天的第一个小时是否都是在考虑今天要做些什么工作呢?Next Step Group公司是一家为软件公司和其他公司招聘销售人员以及销售管理专家的人力资源公司,其总裁Glenn Davis说:“很多人,在点到6点离开办公室的时候,确实一点都没意识到第二天早晨第一件事情该做什么”在你下班之前计划好第二天该做的事情是非常有必要的  .Spending the day in "email reaction mode."  一天的时间都用在了回邮件上  Answering every email message as it comes in may make you seem responsive, but it's not productive. "You feel like you're being a hero because you're dealing with all your email," said Valerie Frederickson, CEO founder of Valerie Frederickson Co., an HR executive search and consulting firm. "But it has nothing to do with achieving your goals."  回复每一封发给你的邮件可能会让你看起来很积极,但这并不是有效率的工作方法人力资源咨询和猎头公司Valerie Frederickson的创始人兼执行总裁Valerie Frederickson声称:“你可能觉得处理了所有的邮件以后你就好似英雄了,但是这对实现你的工作目标并无帮助”  3.Abusing work-from-home privileges.  滥用在家工作的特权  Yes, you save time when you work from home by not commuting. But too many people are easily sidetracked by the laundry, their kids, a quick errand. "People like to say, 'I get so much more done'" working from home, Davis said. And some do -- but not everyone. If you work from home, make sure you're putting in a full day's work -- and that you're accessible to your colleagues during the workday.  是的,在家里工作的话节约了交通时间但是太多人很容易就被洗衣、照顾孩子、以及其他突发事件耽误了工作“人们喜欢说我在家工作‘做了这么多事情’” Davis说有些人确实做了不少事情但并非每个人都是如果你在家工作的话,要确保你投入了全天的时间来工作,并且在上班时间要保你的同事能够随时联系上你  .Putting personal life bee work.  将个人事情摆在工作前面  Everyone has emergencies from time to time. But it's annoying to have to repeatedly fill in the colleague who is late every morning because he's checking on his home remodeling project, or who misses an entire afternoon because she scheduled a routine dentist appointment 1:30 p.m.  每个人不时都会有突发事件发生但是,如果经常要为因为检查家里装修而迟到、或因为和牙医在下午1:30有约而消失了整个下午的同事遮掩,那是很烦人的  5.Being late meetings.  开会迟到  People who show up 5 or minutes late a meeting cause a "domino effect," Davis said. Meetings later that day may be thrown off schedule because the earlier ones ran late. And people who show up on time feel their time is being wasted.  Davis说:“开会迟到5或分钟的人会引起连锁反应”当天接下来的会议可能没时间开了,因为前面的会议推迟了而且,那些准时出席会议的人会觉得自己的时间被浪费了  6.Not taking care of health and hygiene.  不注意身体健康和卫生  Leslie G. Griffen, an HR consultant and career coach, is sometimes hired by companies to approach an employee who doesn't bathe and ask them to improve their hygiene. The problem is twofold, said Griffen, principal of The Griffen Group. A sloppy appearance will cause a poor first impression. Also, "if your hygiene is bad, your health is probably bad," Griffen said. An added benefit of eating well and exercising: You'll have more energy.  Leslie G. Griffen,是一位人力资源顾问,也是职业教练,他还是Griffen公司的负责人如果有的公司出现不洗澡的员工时,Griffen就会被雇佣来说他们注意卫生问题Griffen说:“这些问题是双重的邋遢的外表会给人不好的第一印象如果你的卫生没搞好,你也可能不健康吃好、运动好的一个额外好处是:你将会有更多的能量  7.Using inappropriate humor.  开不恰当的玩笑  Your coworkers may not appreciate your sense of humor. Skip the off-color or "racially targeted" jokes, Griffen said. And be careful about sensitive subjects such as politics and religion.  你的同事可能对你的幽默不感冒Griffen建议说,不要讲那些黄色笑话或种族歧视的笑话同时也要注意政治和宗教等敏感的话题  8.Not caring about your work.  不关心你的工作  People like coworkers who are enthusiastic about what they do. Show that you take pride in your job by presenting yourself well, communicating clearly and doing your best work.  人们都喜欢对自己的工作积极热情的同事通过良好地变现自己、清晰地交流、并尽你最大的努力做好你的工作来向别人展示你为自己的工作感到骄傲

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LONDON -- Hong Kong's pop singer Eason Chan on Friday night held his third personal concert in London, which was also the second one in the O Arena.

热点译题翻译详解:翻译中的融会贯通(1) -- :5:55 来源: 译题一:布拉特为误判事件致歉本届世界杯开始之后,错判和误判就不断,进入八分之一决赛后,这一问题不但未有缓解,反而愈发严重北京时间昨日下午,国际足联主席布拉特正式发表声明,为英格兰和墨西哥两球队遭到误判表示歉意,并且承认,在7月份的技术会议上国际足联会认真谈论如何解决裁判在执法时出现误判的情况参考译文:Sepp Blatter Says Sorry Bad CallsSince its kickoff, the World Cup has been haunted by bad calls. At the round of , the situation worsened rather than improved. Yesterday afternoon (Beijing time) the FIFA president Sepp Blatter made an official statement to apologize to England and Mexico referee mistakes. He promised that at the business meeting of the international FA board in July they will take on board the discussion on wrong calls made by the referees.本译题是关于世界杯误判的,有效译文共有7篇,总体上翻译的还不错这段文字词汇上的难点不多,个别涉及足球比赛的专门用语在网上都很容易查到,不过也有网友把“八分之一决赛”误译成了quarter-finals;还有就是“错判和误判”,我理解就是“错误的裁判(bad or wrong calls,referee mistakes)”,有网友试图用两个词,比如erroneous judgment and misjudgment来区分二者,并非可取;再者就是“国际足联技术会议”,因为其讨论技术问题,所以网友顺势翻译成technical conference,但根据外电的报道,它应该是指国际足联理事会的事务性会议,即business meeting在句子方面,“这一问题不但未有缓解,反而愈发严重”可能会造成一定的翻译困难,其中包含了递进关系,由于对前者的否定,突出了后者,“ 问题愈发严重”,skyep处理成the situation became even worse in the wake of the eighth-finals,是可取的,只是感觉in the wake of的使用不够恰当Oncle Hugo处理成the wrong calls worsened with knobs on rather than be eased up after the eighth-finals kicked off,语法上有点问题,rather than 后面的动词形式be eased up和worsened不一致在翻译中,无论是汉译英还是英译汉,融会贯通很重要由于英汉语言句法结构的差异,简单的对等是不可取的著名翻译理论家 Eugene Nida提出了动态对等的概念,具体到汉英互译技巧上,我觉得融会贯通是解决动态对等的重要技巧虽然翻译理论发展很快,但能够具体指导翻译实践的理论仍然十分缺乏,造成了翻译研究中理论与实践脱节的问题西式理论或是偏重形而上的思考,或是倚重数据库分析,中式翻译理论中的诸多源于译者经验的概念常常被排斥在西方的理论体系之外然而,融会贯通并非完全的经验之谈,它是建立在英汉语言差异基础上的一种翻译方法,因为汉语喜欢松散的小句,翻译成英语应该注意哪些小句应该变成英语中的一个复合句、并列句或简单句,结合词类的转换、虚词的增减、词序的调整、视角的转换等,融会贯通即是根据具体的跨文化翻译语境,综合应用翻译技巧,形成上佳译文的重要原则性方法网友Oncle Hugo的译文在把握英语语言上常常有上佳的表现,用词十分地道,成语使用灵活,应该说贯彻了融通的原则需要指出的是,语法上有些问题,比如 however和furthermore衔接的两个句子,应该单独成句而不是和前面的句子松散的连在一起

US superstar Katy Perry perms the first time in China at the Infiniti China Brand Festival in Beijing.

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