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I admit that I'm not very good at small talk . When I'm with friends, I can just shoot the breeze all day long. But when I talk to a stranger or someone I don't know very well, I'm always casting about, searching something to talk about. Politics and religion are definitely taboo subjects, at least here in the ed States. But you have to chat about something, otherwise there are these uncomtable silences. So we end up talking about#818;Auml;icirc;what else?#818;Auml;icirc;the weather. This usually begins with something like, "So, nice weather we've been having!" or "It sure is a warm one out there today." Of course, we have to comment on the temperature. My favorite is, "It's not the heat that's so bad, it's the humidity!" Actually, I think that's true#818;Auml;icirc;I hate it most when it's muggy outside.Back in my home state of Minnesota, everyone is obsessed with the weather report! Every TV station has it's own meteorologist with a high- tech radar giving you the 5 day ecast. They tell you when the temperature is rising or falling , what kind of clouds are moving in, and how cold the wind chill is. My favorite e about the weather comes from Mark Twain, who once said, that everybody talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it!Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan 958。

  • Why is my verse so barren of new pride,为什么我的诗缺乏点晴之笔,So far from variation or quick change?行文沉闷呆板,千篇一律?Why with the time do I not glance aside为什么我的诗不顺应时尚,To new-found methods and to compounds strange?花样翻新,自铸奇特的伟辞?Why write I still all one, ever the same,为什么我总是重复同一个主皆,And keep invention in a noted weed,我的所有诗趣总穿同一件诗衣?That every word doth almost tell my name,几乎每一个词都打着我的印记,Showing their birth and where they did proceed?透露它出自何手,意在何地何时O, know, sweet love, I always write of you,啊,我的小亲亲,我的笔底明珠,And you and love are still my argument;我只是写你、写爱、永远不会换题So all my best is dressing old words new,竭聪尽智,我只能陈辞翻出新意境.Spending again what is aly spent旧曲重弹,又何妨故伎今日再重施 as the sun is daily new and old,天上太阳,日日轮因新成旧,So is my love still telling what is told.铭心之爱,不尽衷肠诉无休 56。
  • June: Did you get an invitation to Kelly’s party? Roberto: Yes, I did. I’m going to send my regrets. How about you? June: I’m trying to find an excuse not to attend, without Kelly taking offense. Roberto: Couldn’t you just tell her that you have another engagement that night? June: I used that little white lie last time I turned down one of her invitations. I have to think of something else. Roberto: How about telling her that you have to take care of a sick relative? That one always works me. June: I’ve used that one, too. I told her that I was looking after my mother the last time she invited me to dinner.Roberto: How about if you tell her you’re on a special assignment at work and you have to work night and day to get it done? June: That’s a little far- fetched, don’t you think? I work as a store clerk. Roberto: You’ve got a point there. June: What are you going to tell Kelly when you decline her invitation? Roberto: I’m going to extend an apology and just say that I can’t make it. June: That’s it? I’d never thought of just saying “no.” Roberto: You know the old acronym: KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid. June: You’re right. Hey! Who are you calling stupid? 7866。
  • Cherise: Rise and shine! Isnt it a lovely day? I love getting back to nature. There nothing like going camping. How did you sleep?雪妮丝: 快起来!真是美好的一天啊!我爱回归大自然的感觉没有什么可以比得上户外露营了!你睡得怎么样?Evan: That was the most miserable night of my life!埃文:昨晚真是我人生中最悲惨的一晚!Cherise: Really? What happened?雪妮丝:真的吗?发生了什么事情?Evan: I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I heard a bear. I got up, stubbed my toe, and tripped. I have scratches all over my arms, not to mention these bruises on my legs. See?埃文:我半夜里被一只熊惊醒了于是我就起床,却踢到了脚趾头,而且还摔了一跤现在我的手臂上全是伤痕,更不用说腿上的淤青了看见没?Cherise: Oh, dont you know that there arent any bears this late in the year?雪妮丝:欧,你难道不知道,这么晚是不会有熊出没的?Evan: How should I have known that? This was my first time camping.埃文:我怎么可能知道?这是我第一次去露营Cherise: All right. Why are you holding your neck like that?雪妮丝:好吧你为什么像那样昂着脖子?Evan: I couldnt get comtable at all sleeping on the ground. I woke up with a crick in my neck.埃文:在地上睡觉我很不习惯醒来时脖子就抽筋了Cherise: Stop moving around like that or youll really hurt yourself.雪妮丝:别像那样乱转,不然你真会伤到自己Evan: Oh, I have a cramp in my shoulder! It hurts!埃文:啊,我的肩膀抽筋了!真疼!Cherise: I told you not to twist around like that. Just let it work itself out.雪妮丝:我告诉过你不要团团转慢慢会好的Evan: All of this had to happen to me after getting a stitch in my side and a charley horse hiking five miles yesterday. Ive had it! Im going back to civilization.埃文:昨天徒步行走了5英里后,我的腹部就剧烈疼痛起来,腿也抽筋得厉害我受够了!我要回到文明世界去!Cherise: How are you getting there?雪妮丝:你怎么回去呢?Evan: What do you mean? Im walking.埃文:你什么意思?我走回去Cherise: Without food or water? Youd better wait me or you may end up bear bait after all!雪妮丝:不带食物和水吗?你最好等我一起回去,不然就要葬身熊腹了!原文译文属! 11。
  • The ed States has lost almost seven million jobs since the recession began in December of two thousand seven. The good news: the central bank says economic activity appears to be "leveling out." The bad news: no one knows when the job market will recover. 88。
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