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义乌市唇部激光脱毛价格义乌抽脂价格义乌市人民医院治疗疤痕多少钱 It was a modest drop but Taiwan#39;s unemployment rate fell to a six-year low in July, highlighting the economy#39;s resilience despite a slowdown in mainland China.7月台湾失业率小幅下降,至6年最低点,显示台湾经济在大陆经济放缓时仍具弹性。Taiwan#39;s unemployment rate fell from 3.97 per cent in June to 3.95 per cent, just beating estimates and continuing a steady downward trend from an average 4.18 per cent in 2013. This is the lowest jobless rate since June 2008 (see chart).台湾失业率从6月的3.97%下降至3.95%,略胜过预期,为2008年6月以来最低的失业率,也延续了从2013年以来稳步下降的趋势。2013年时,台湾失业率平均为4.18%。The labour force grew by 42,000 last month, a third straight gain, with the number of employed people rising for a fifth month, by 29,000.上月劳动力人口增加4.2万,为连续第三个月上升;受雇人数增加2.9万,为连续第五个月上升。The export-driven economy has been picking up steam in recent months, with GDP in the second quarter expanding by 3.74 per cent from a year ago - the fastest pace since late 2012.近几个月来,出口驱动型的台湾经济一直在提速,第二季度国内生产总值(GDP)同比增长3.74%,为2012年下半年以来的最快增速。Data released last week showed export growth accelerated to a yearly pace of 5.8 per cent in July, from 1.2 per cent in June. Barclays commented on that report: The pick-up was led by continued strong growth to China, with exports to Europe also improving. Export growth to the US slowed surprisingly, but leading indicators suggest this is unlikely to last.上周公布的数据显示,7月台湾年化出口增速从6月的1.2%提高至5.8%。巴克莱(Barclays)对该数据称:“出口提速的首要原因是对大陆出口持续增加,对欧洲出口也在好转。对美出口增速放缓令人惊讶,但先行指标显示,这一趋势很可能逆转。The economy is expected to decelerate in the current quarter, but exports of tech gadgets, including Apple#39;s upcoming iPhone 6, are limiting the downside risks.预计第三季度台湾经济增长将会减速,但一些新科技产品——包括苹果(Apple)公司即将上市的iPhone 6——的出口,将减小下滑风险。 /201408/323593For more than 20 years, international climate talks have been dominated by a schism between those who created the problem of climate change (largely the ed States and nations of the European Union) and those who would greatly contribute to it moving forward (largely China and India). But as climate negotiators meet in Lima, Peru, this week and next, and news reports are full of gloomy predictions that the negotiations will produce little, there are increasing signs that this stalemate may have been broken. This emerging shift is due in large part to China and its decision to break ranks and join the ed States in making commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.20多年来,国际气候谈判中的主要问题,一直是那些造成气候变化问题的国家(主要是美国和欧盟国家)和那些从现在起会让它大幅恶化的国家(主要是中国和印度)之间的深度分歧。对于本周和下周在秘鲁首都利马举行的气候谈判,虽然新闻报道充满了悲观预测,认为它几乎不会取得任何成果,但有越来越多的迹象表明,僵局可能会被打破。这个新转变在很大程度上归功于中国,因为它决定改弦更张,加入美国的行列,对减少温室气体排放做出承诺。One critical question now is whether India — the country that has stood by China’s side in climate talks and is now the world’s third-largest emitter — will follow suit in a meaningful way at the Lima negotiations. And there seems to be a surprisingly high chance that India will.现在的一个关键问题就是,在利马谈判中,印度——过去它在气候谈判中站在中国一边,目前是世界第三大排放国——是否也会真的效仿中国。我们觉得,出人意料的,印度会这么做的可能性很高。China and India share a common domestic problem — one that has motivated China’s leaders to act, and could motivate India’s. That is, the fossil fuels that cause climate change also produce local air pollution. This has risen to deadly levels, with all of the Chinese and Indian cities that the World Health Organization monitors for air pollution failing the organization’s test for acceptable levels of airborne particulate, widely believed to be the most dangerous air pollutant for human health. More than half of these cities also fail their own countries’ particulates standards.中国和印度都有一个共同的国内问题,它已经促使中国领导人采取了行动,并且有可能促使印度行动起来。这个问题就是,造成气候变化的化石燃料也污染了本地的空气。这已经严重到了致人死命的程度。接受世界卫生组织(WHO)空气污染监测的所有中印城市,空气中的微粒水平都没有达到WHO的合格标准,逾一半的城市也没有达到本国的颗粒物标准。在危害人类健康的空气污染物中,微粒被广泛认为是最危险的一种。This pollution shortens lives and, in the process, undermines the economic growth emerging economies urgently need, as I and other researchers concluded in a recent study. Comparing China’s pollution in the north — where it’s worse, because of subsidies for coal heating in the winter — with the south, we found the north experienced reductions in life spans of about five years. That means people living in northern China are losing many billions of years of life expectancy because of heavy pollution. Keep in mind that southern China also has high pollution levels, which very likely reduces life spans there, too.这种污染缩减了人类寿命,而且还破坏了新兴经济体亟需的经济增长,这是我和其他研究人员最近从一项研究中得出的结论。在中国,北方的污染比南方更严重,因为中国在冬季为北方提供了燃煤供热补贴。我们发现,北方人的寿命平均减少了5年左右。这意味着,由于污染严重,中国北方人口总共减少了数以十亿计的寿命年数。请记住,中国南方的污染程度也很严重,居住在那里的人的寿命很可能也已缩短。Because of this pollution, Chinese citizens have called for change, speaking out online and holding protests. The government has responded with actions, perhaps most notably the declaration by Li Keqiang, China’s premier, of a ;war on pollution.” The leaders have realized that cleaner air decreases rates of sickness, in turn reducing health care costs, increasing time at work and presumably making people more productive while they are there. It also increases life spans, meaning more years citizens can contribute to the economy.面对这种污染,中国公民呼吁进行变革,他们在网上疾呼,还举行抗议活动。政府则用行动来予以回应,其中是最引人瞩目的也许是中国总理李克强宣布“向污染宣战”。领导人已经意识到,清洁空气可以降低患病率,进而降低医疗成本,增加人们的工作时间,并且可能会提高他们的工作效率。这也延长了人们的寿命,意味着民众可以在更长的年头里为经济做出贡献。The result is that China’s policies to reduce particulates air pollution for the well-being of its people has been a part of, not counter to, its economic agenda. Moving away from coal and other fossil fuels also reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, which has allowed China to confront two problems at once.其结果就是,中国为提升公众福祉而减少颗粒物空气污染的政策,成为了其经济议程的一部分,而不是与之相背离。逐步放弃煤炭等化石燃料,也减少了温室气体排放引起的气候变化,对中国来说,这是一箭双雕的事情。India could be next. Over the last several weeks, India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi, has publicly recognized his country’s serious pollution problem, which may actually be worse than in China. First, he announced his intention to make air quality data available to the public. Last week, his administration said it would announce new emissions standards for power plants.下一个可能就是印度。过去几周里,印度的新总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)公开承认该国存在严重的污染问题。印度的问题其实可能比中国的更严重。首先,莫迪宣布要向公众提供空气质量数据。上周,莫迪政府又表示将颁布电厂排放的新标准。India, like China, has a tremendous opportunity to improve the well-being of its citizens. If the regions of India that violate its own particulates air pollution standard were brought into compliance, the 660 million people currently living in these higher-pollution areas would see their life expectancy increase by an average of 3.2 years, for an overall gain of roughly two billion life years, according to our study. This action can in turn be part of India’s economic strategy, contributing to a healthier, longer-working labor force and reduced medical bills.印度和中国一样,在提高公民福祉的过程中蕴含着巨大机会。我们的研究显示,目前印度有6.6亿人居住在没有达到本国颗粒物空气污染标准的地区,如果污染严重的地区地区能够变得合规,其居民的平均预期寿命将增加3.2年,累计起来大约为20亿年。此举可能会进而成为印度经济战略的一部分,有助于让劳动人口变得更加健康,可以工作更长时间,并降低医疗费用。For years, climate negotiations have involved richer and poorer countries telling each other what they must or should do for the common good. I find it unlikely that American negotiators suddenly found the right words to persuade China to announce a new policy. Far more likely, an increasing awareness of the high levels of air pollution and its costs inside China caused the leadership to conclude that moving away from fossil fuels was in its own interest. Whatever the climate benefits for the planet, and they’re potentially large, they are not driving China’s decision.多年以来,在气候谈判中,富国和穷国常常告诉对方,必须或应该做哪些事情来维护共同利益。我觉得,美国谈判代表不太可能是突然发现了合适的措辞,说中国宣布一项新政策。更有可能的状况是:对于严重空气污染及其给中国本土带来的代价,人们的意识在不断提高,因此领导人得出结论,逐步放弃化石燃料对本国有益。无论地球可以获得怎样的气候效益,其潜力有多么巨大,它们都不是推动中国的决定的主要因素。But results matters more than motives. If India follows China — and the countries make good on their pledges — it’s possible that history books will ultimately judge this moment as a turning point when the world first collectively took meaningful actions to confront climate change.但结果比动机重要。如果印度效仿中国——并且两国都能兑现承诺——史书可能就会把此刻记载为一个转折点,因为世界首次采取了应对气候变化的重大集体行动。 /201412/346764义乌芙洛拉整形医院激光祛痣多少钱

东阳市肿瘤医院去胎记多少钱义乌江东后宅街道割眼袋多少钱 Protesters gathered Saturday outside a Hong Kong department store that had been prominently selling ivory products, part of an effort to publicize the city’s key role in the trade, which activists say contributes to the poaching of elephants.周六,抗议者聚集在香港一个公然销售象牙制品的百货大楼外。这场抗议活动的目的在于向公众展示香港在象牙贸易中所扮演的角色。活动人士称,象牙贸易造成了偷猎大象的行为。Over the past year, at least three Hong Kong stores have stopped selling ivory after complaints by local conservationists. Stamps and decorative items made from ivory are traditionally valued in China, but in recent years activists have worked to highlight the connection between the sale of such products and the threatened extinction of African elephants.过去一年里,在当地环保人士投诉后,香港至少三家百货公司停止售卖象牙。中国人传统上认为象牙制成的印章和装饰品很贵重,但近年来,活动人士努力强调这类产品的销售,与非洲大象濒临灭绝之间存在联系。The Chinese basketball star Yao Ming is the most visible face of that campaign. He traveled to Africa in 2012 and recently released a book and documentary on the severe risks faced by elephants and rhinos due to poaching for their tusks and horns.在这场行动中,中国篮球明星姚明是最引人注目的代表。他于2012年前往非洲,并在前不久推出了一本书和相关纪录片,介绍盗取象牙和犀牛角的偷猎活动,给大象和犀牛带来的严峻威胁。The three dozen or so protesters who gathered at the Chinese Goods Center in Hong Kong’s North Point neighborhood included a child in an elephant costume and drummers from Ghana, Togo, Cameroon and Nigeria. Tony Lui, a salesman at the store, said Saturday afternoon that the items on display were carved from mammoth tusk, which can legally be sold.聚集在香港北角地区华丰国货(Chinese Goods Center)外的三十多名抗议者中,包括一名身穿大象道具的孩子,以及多名来自加纳、多哥、喀麦隆和尼日利亚的鼓手。该百货大楼的售货员托尼·吕(Tony Lui)周六下午表示,陈列的货品都是由可合法交易的猛犸象牙雕刻而成。Alex Hofford, a Hong Kong-based wildlife campaigner for the conservation group WildAid, said the store had removed its stock of ivory from display earlier in the day. A journalist who attempted to take a photo of the store’s license to sell ivory was briefly grabbed by a man suspected of working for an ivory wholesaler, Mr. Hofford said.但环保组织野生救援(WildAid)驻香港的野生动物保护活动人士亚历克斯·霍福德(Alex Hofford)称,该百货大楼已在当天早些时候,撤下了陈列货品中的象牙。霍福德称,一名记者尝试拍下该百货大楼销售象牙制品的执照,但遭到一名男子唐突无礼的驱赶。那名男子可能供职于一家象牙批发商。Conservationists say Hong Kong is a key point for the sale of ivory to visitors from mainland China. Trade in ivory was banned in 1989 under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, but products that were commercially available before then can still be sold. Activists accuse Hong Kong retailers of using that exemption as cover for selling freshly harvested ivory products, and they are pushing for a complete ban on all ivory sales to limit the potential for illegal trade.环保人士称,在向中国内地游客销售象牙的过程中,香港是一个关键环节。1989年,按照《濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约》(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)的规定,象牙贸易受到禁止,但该公约颁布前就在商业领域流通的象牙制品依然可以销售。活动人士指责,香港的零售商以这一例外为幌子,销售新取得的象牙制品。他们正在推动一项针对所有象牙贸易的全面禁令,从而限制潜在的非法贸易。“The reason we were protesting outside that store was not to target that store in particular,” Mr. Hofford said. “They seemed to be a good target because they had ivory on display and it was easy for the public to see. What we’re actually trying to do is highlight Hong Kong’s illegal trade. We think the parallel illegal trade from poached ivory comes to Hong Kong and is laundered with existing stocks.”“我们在那座百货大楼外抗议的原因,并不是专门针对那家商店,”霍福德说。“他们似乎是个不错的对象,因为他们把象牙陈列了出来,公众容易看到。我们实际上是想强调香港的非法贸易。我们认为,暗地里进行的非法贸易,让偷猎的象牙流入了香港,并且被人用现有的库存洗白了。”In May, the Hong Kong government began destroying nearly 30 tons of confiscated ivory, which wildlife campaigners called an important step to emphasize the illegality of trafficking products made from elephant tusk.今年5月,香港政府开始销毁近30吨收缴的象牙。野生动物保护活动人士称这是重要的一步,突显出贩运象牙制品是非法的。But the Hong Kong authorities have resisted taking further action. The government has rejected a request to join the Elephant Protection Initiative, The South China Morning Post reported. Five African states that are home to elephants — Botswana, Chad, Ethiopia, Gabon and Tanzania — are part of that effort, which calls for steps to end to all ivory sales, the newspaper said.但香港当局不愿采取进一步的行动。《南华早报》(The South China Morning Post)报道,香港政府拒绝了加入大象保护计划(Elephant Protection Initiative)的请求。该报称,大象保护计划呼吁采取行动,结束所有象牙贸易。发起该计划的包括境内生活着大象的五个非洲国家,分别是茨瓦纳、乍得、埃塞俄比亚、加蓬和坦桑尼亚。 /201412/346230永康做双眼皮

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