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Watch the VideoJug guide to boosting self-esteem. We provide you with advice on overcoming self-doubt and learning to think more positively.观看VideoJug这段视频,学习如何增强自尊。我们为您提供了克缺少自信的建议,学习如何更加乐观地的思考。Step 1: What is low self esteem? 1.何为自尊不足Self esteem is the opinion you have of yourself. This is not constant. Your self esteem can go up and down depending on the things that are happening in your life.自尊是你对自己的看法。这并不是一成不变的。你的自尊会随着生活中发生的事情而起伏不平。A major influence on self esteem is the type of childhood you had. The relationships you#39;ve had with your parents, and others, and the amount of praise and encouragement you received from them will have had a big effect.自尊的一个重要影响因素就是你的童年。与父母和他人之间的关系,从他们那里得到的赞扬和鼓励影响非常大。Any type of abusive relationship, whether it is physical or psychological abuse, will invariably have an impact on a person#39;s self esteem.任何类型的虐待,如论是身体上的还是心理上的虐待,都会对一个人的自尊产生一定的影响。Step 2: Don#39;t be so hard on yourself2.不要苛求自己Try not to focus on things that have happened or that you might have done wrong in the past. Holding onto guilt and regret over long periods doesn#39;t achieve anything. Try to let go of these feelings, rather than criticising yourself and being negative about yourself.不要耿耿于怀于已经发生的事情或者过去可能做错的事情。长期被愧疚和遗憾束缚不会有任何好处。努力释放这些感觉,而不是不断自我批评,自我否定。Step 3: Be positive3.积极乐观Try to focus as much as possible on your achievements, and your talents, even if they#39;re small. If you#39;re good at something, keep doing it, and try to forget about what you perceive are your weaknesses. Also try to stretch yourself by giving yourself new challenges and goals, so that you can feel a sense of achievement when you reach them.尽可能多地集中在自己取得的成绩,自己的智慧方面,即使是非常小的成绩。如果你擅长某件事,坚持下去,尽量忘记自己认为的弱点。不断给自己设立新的挑战和目标来提升自己,这样当你达到这些目标的时候会很有成就感。It can also be helpful to have a positive role model, someone whose qualities you admire. Surround yourself with positive people, and try to enjoy a social life with people who make you feel good about yourself.有一个各方面都让你钦佩的人做正面偶像也非常有帮助。让自己置身于积极乐观的人周围,与认可你的人结交,享受社交生活。Step 4: Reward yourself4.奖励自己A good way to feel better about yourself is to set achievable goals, and then reward yourself when you reach them.Treat yourself to things you really enjoy and make you feel good, like a massage or a nice meal.自我感觉更好的一个好方法就是设立切实可行的目标,然后达到目标之后奖励自己。奖赏自己非常喜欢的东西,让自己感到高兴,例如或大餐。Acknowledge that you deserve to be good to yourself.要认识到,对自己好是非常值得的。Step 5: Your health5.你的健康Your body and mind are very closely linked and so one will affect the other. So if you#39;re sick or run-down you are less likely to feel good about yourself.身体和思想是紧密相连,相互影响的。如果你生病或感到疲惫,就不可能自我感觉良好。Eat a healthy, balanced diet, but don#39;t beat yourself up if you don#39;t always stick to it. Also, try to exercise regularly, and take up activities that help you relax - yoga, pilates and meditation are good for this.享用健康平衡的饮食,但是如果不能长期坚持,也不要强迫自己。尝试经常锻炼,学习一些能帮助你放松的活动——瑜伽,普拉提和冥想都是不错的选择。Remember, high self esteem doesn#39;t just happen automatically. But by staying positive, and nurturing yourself, you can end up feeling great about who you are. Good luck!记住,很强的自尊并不是与生俱来的。但是保持积极乐观,自我提升,你会自我感觉越来越好。祝你好运!Thanks for watching How To Boost Your Self Esteem.感谢观看“如何增强自尊”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201309/256685Today in History: Tuesday, March 26, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月26日,周二On March 26, 1979, the Camp David peace treaty was signed by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat at the White House.1979年3月26日,以色列总理梅纳赫姆·贝京和埃及总统安瓦尔萨达特在白宫签署了戴维营和平条约。1827 Composer Ludwig van Beethoven died in Vienna, Austria, at age 56.1827年,作曲家路德维希凡·贝多芬在奥地利维也纳去世,时年56岁。1874 Poet Robert Frost was born in San Francisco.1874年,诗人罗伯特·弗罗斯特在旧金山出生。1885 The Eastman Dry Plate and Film Co. of Rochester, N.Y., manufactured the first commercial motion picture film.1885年,伊士曼干板公司和纽约罗切斯特电影公司制造了第一部商业电影。1892 Poet Walt Whitman died at age 72.1892年,诗人惠特曼逝世,享年72岁。1911 Playwright Tennessee Williams was born in Columbus, Miss.1911年,剧作家田纳西·威廉姆斯在密西西比州哥伦布出生。1964 The musical ;Funny Girl,; starring Barbra Streisand, opened on Broadway.1964年,芭芭拉·史翠珊主演的音乐剧《妙女郎》在百老汇上映。1971 East Pakistan proclaimed its independence, taking the name Bangladesh.1971年,东巴基斯坦宣布独立,取名孟加拉国。1992 A judge in Indianapolis sentenced former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson to six years in prison for raping a Miss Black America contestant.1992年,前世界重量级拳王迈克·泰森因强奸一名美国黑人被印第安纳波利斯法官判处6年监禁。1997 The bodies of 39 members of the Heaven#39;s Gate techno-religious cult who had committed suicide were found inside a mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.1997年,在加利福尼亚州兰乔圣菲一住宅内发现了39具尸体,系天堂之门信徒集体自杀。2000 Vladimir Putin was elected president of Russia.2000年,普京当选俄罗斯总统。2003 Former Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, N.Y., died at age 76.2003年,前纽约参议员丹尼尔·帕特里克·莫伊尼汉去世,终年76岁。2011 More than 250,000 people took to London#39;s streets to protest the toughest spending cuts since World War II.2011年,250,000多人走上伦敦街头抗议自世界大战以来最严重的开削减。 /201303/232264

人类的大脑是一个迷 -- 对于我们的身体来说,它是出奇地大。它的重量和那一个奇形怪状的密集的大脑皮层消耗了大量的能量。但是:为什么?神经学家苏珊娜带上她的侦探帽,带领我们探索这个神秘的大脑。通过制作“大脑汤剂”,她得到了一个惊人的结论。 Article/201406/304585Oh!It#39;s in!噢,球进了!Czech, beaten by the header.切赫被这个球打败了。It could be the killer blow for Chelsea.这是给切尔西的绝杀。重点词汇: killer blow 致命一击例句:That was the killer blow.那是致命一击。 视频介绍:镜头转回到半年前,切尔西在与勒沃库森的比赛中被逆转,小组出线形势岌岌可危。 Article/201404/288406In 1937, the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland1937年 联合国前身the fore-runner of the ed Nations位于瑞士日内瓦的国际联盟stated that 90% of the world-wide illegal opium and heroin trade宣城 世界超过90%的非法鸦片和海洛因交易was in the hands of the Japanese drug dealers.经由日本人之手Ultimately, it was the Marco Polo Bridge incident in Peking最终 卢沟桥事件爆发that finally started the full-scale second Sino-Japanese war中日战争正式开始which lasted from 1937 to 1945.这场战争从1937年持续到1945年During that time,八年中Imperial Japan#39;s ferocious war machine not only conquered most of China,日本帝国邪恶的战争机器不仅征了大部分中国地区but also committed some of the most atrocious war crimes in the history of mankind,也在人类历史上写下了不可饶恕的战争罪行such as 1937 Nanjing Massacre.1937年的南京大屠杀便是其中的一个The rape of Nanjing raged on for three months,南京大屠杀持续三个月之久with more than 300,000 civilians savagely slaughtered.三十万手无寸铁的百姓死于日本人刀下In honor of the victims,为了纪念他们the Nanjing Massacre Memorial was built in 19851985年建立了南京大屠杀纪念馆on the grounds of the massacre graves馆址正位于大屠杀遗址之一的万人坑with Wu Weishan sculptures著名雕塑家吴为山的雕塑vividly capturing the horrids at that dful time生动地再现了那段恐怖的岁月underneath these stones, rest the remains of the innocent victims.这些石头下 埋葬着不知多少的冤屈灵魂 Article/201409/329646

Every cowboy needs his hat and boots, especially on a day for celebrating cowboy culture. The Festa do Peao of Barretos is an annual rodeo festival in Brazil. Let#39;s head to Barretos to check it out and find out what makes the town#39;s boots so famous.每个牛仔都需要一顶帽子和一双靴子,特别是在一个庆祝牛仔文化的节日上。巴雷图斯是巴西一年一度的马术节。让我们一起去巴雷图斯看看究竟都有哪些好戏上演,又是什么让巴西城的马靴如此出名。Barretos lies in the northern part of Sao Paulo. During the festival, that began in mid-August, cowboys walking in their shiny boots are a common sight on the streets here.巴雷图斯坐落在圣保罗北边。在八月进行的马术节期间,牛仔们脚蹬闪亮马靴,穿梭于街道是一道常见的风景。Time-honoured workshops for handmade boots are all over the city. Borges and her husband own one of the most successful.手工打制马靴的老店在这座城市随处可见。格斯与丈夫经营着一家极其成功的店铺。;Our shop will be half a century old next year. Every year, we offer new styles and they are all made from leather by hand. From sizes designed for babies all the way up to size 48, we have everything,; Borges said.格斯说“我们的店铺到明年就历时半个世纪了。每年,我们为顾客提供新款马靴,这些马靴全都是用皮革纯手工制成。从婴儿码一直到48码的马靴,我们这里一应俱全。”Barretos Boots have earned quite a reputation for design, quality and custom made service. Besides cow leather, crocodile, snake, and ostrich skin are also used.巴雷图斯马靴因其新颖的设计,上乘的质量以及客户定制的务而声名赫赫。除牛皮,鳄鱼皮和蛇皮外,鸵鸟皮也是马靴原料。As the most renowned cowboy festival in Latin America, the Festa do Peao has stimulated big sales for boots. Borges said the shop had a lot of customers during the festival, and sales have increased four times.作为拉美地区最出名的牛仔节,Festa do Peao为马靴的销售注入了一剂助推剂。格斯说,牛仔节期间,前来店铺购买靴子的人很多,而且销售额也会翻上四翻。The sales during the festival account for 80 percent of the total annual income of the cobblers.牛仔节期间的销售额占到店铺一年总销售额的80%。 Article/201308/254021TED跟随着尼古拉斯·尼葛洛庞帝去哥伦比亚,他去那发放手提电脑,那里曾是游击队所管辖的地区。而他的合作夥伴是谁?哥伦比亚的國防部,他们将“每童一电脑”计划看作是对该地区的一种投资。 Article/201304/232902

Alan Russell研究的是再生医学 - 以一种突破性的思维方式去看待疾病与损伤,以一种方式向人体发送信号诱导其进行自我修复。 Article/201407/313143Mixed views on Croatia#39;s entry into EU CNN#39;s Nina dos Santos reports on how Croatians feel about the country entry into the European Union.克罗地亚实现“欧洲梦”。克罗地亚(Kroatien)于当地时间7月1日正式加入欧盟,成为欧盟的第28个成员国。欧洲的政治家们“纷纷向这个亚得里亚海畔的小国表示祝贺,同时也敦促其进行更深层的改革”。 克罗地亚是继斯洛文尼亚(Slowenien)之后,第二个加入欧盟的前南斯拉夫(Jugoslawien)的国家。从与欧盟签订《稳定与联系协议》起,克罗地亚入盟之路历经12年。2005年10月,克罗地亚开始与欧盟举行入盟谈判。2011年12月,欧盟议会批准克罗地亚入盟条约。去年年初,克罗地亚就加入欧盟举行全民公决,超过半数的投票者赞成加入欧盟。Croatia is y and fired up for a new economic era, now an EU member, this former Balkan battleground hopes to be on the path to prosperity, though not everyone believes that journey will be easy. I think it would be good because we’ll maybe come more jobs.We’ll be one community, and the young can go abroad studying.I think we’re not to become a developed economy enough for such a big step. Here in the Croatia capital, locals appear to have mixed opinions about what EU accession really means. On the one side, some say that it’ll be good to boost trade, particularly in the tourism sector. But on the other hand, a lot of people are openly questioning whether this country has come to party 10 years too late. Croatia’s coming to the EU at a time when the block is facing some of its biggest economic challenges, with a persistent debt crisis in the euro zone and deep divisions between rich and poor member states.Croatia should be a part of the EU 10 years ago, definitely, 5, 10 years ago, because those were all born the times that were good, and young people are also very pessimistic in this. I think it’s not a good time to join the union, but we will see.With 20% unemployment and more than 4 years of recession, many have had little reason for optimism. And now as this young national at the Adriatic Sea takes its place in the EU. While celebrations are muted, there are some who take heart and hope better days lie ahead. Nina dos Santo, CNN, Zagreb /201307/246668

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