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哈密市做纹美瞳线多少钱固原市做PCD纹绣多少钱The sundews tentacles are living fly-paper.小毛毡苔的触须 有如活生生的捕蝇纸Struggling only makes matters worse.挣扎只会让情况越变越糟With each contact, the plant tightens its grip.每一次接触 都会让小毛毡苔卷得更紧As more and more tentacles envelop the prey,卷住猎物的触须越来越多the droplets sp across its body.液滴沾满了猎物的身体The Venus fly trap.这是捕蝇草Like the sundew, it makes itself very attractive,它和小毛毡苔一样 都想办法让自己变得香甜可口oozing nectar across the brim of each leaf.每一片叶子的边缘都渗出蜜汁Eventually, the insect is smothered and drowns in sticky fluid.最后昆虫窒息,在黏液中淹死Digestive enzymes break down the body into a nitrogen-rich meal消化酵素把昆虫的身体 分解为一顿富含氮的大餐which is absorbed by the plant.由植物吸收Without animal tissues this plant would not survive.若少了动物的组织 这种植物也无法存活But theres another carnivorous plant但另一种食肉植物的thats an even more sophisticated predator.狩猎策略更高明201310/262913重庆纹绣哪家好 The last hidden world, China. For centuries, travellers to China have told tales of magical landscapes and surprising creatures.最后的隐世净土--中国。数世纪来,旅人传诵着关于这片神奇土地以及那些神奇生物的传说。Chinese civilisation is the worlds oldest and today, its largest, with well over a billion people.中国文明是世界最古老的文明,而如今是最宏的,拥有数十亿的人民。Its home to more than 50 distinct ethnic groups and a wide range of traditional lifestyles, often in close partnership with nature.现存超过五十个民族,以及各式各样贴近自然的传统生活方式。We know that China faces immense social and environmental problems. But there is great beauty here, too.我们都知道中国面对着着众多社会,比如环境问题,但这里也存在着令人窒息的美丽。 /201405/301387彭州人民医院修眉绣眉毛漂眉雕眉

成都玉之光整形医院Black rhinos are critically endangered.;黑犀牛濒临灭绝;That is what here, at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy,那正是我们莱瓦野生动物保护组织were trying to do,正在努力做得事情save the animal,拯救动物provide a safe and secure sanctuary提供一个安全的避难所where the animal can breed and live freely.让动物们能够在这里自由地繁衍生息There arent many true wild rhinos left in Africa.非洲真正的野生犀牛所剩不多Most, like these, in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy,大部分 如同莱瓦野生动物保护组织下的这些are under armed guard.都处于武装保护之下This young female has reached the age眼前的年轻雌犀牛已达到合适的年龄when Matthew must do some health checks,马修必须为她做一些健康检查including taking blood samples.包括采集血液样本This will help deter poachers and traffickers,那能阻止偷猎者以及非法商人as DNA in illegally traded rhino horn因为根据被非法交易的犀牛角中的DNAcan be tracked back to its origin.可以追踪到其来源If you have to do anaesthesia in the wild,如果必须在野外进行麻醉you will expect some degree of risk.将会有一定程度的风险This female has reacted badly to the anaesthetic.那头雌犀牛对麻醉剂产生了严重不良反应Shes not breathing.她没有呼吸了Its a rare and extremely serious situation.此情况很少见 也很棘手He knows that the next few minutes are crucial.他知道接下来的几分钟相当关键201405/301971保山市做漂唇多少钱 Below the granite peaks, steep forested valleys shelter surprising inhabitants.在这花岗岩巅峰下,陡峭峡谷的森林中隐藏着令人惊讶的居民——黄山猕猴。Huangshan macaques, rare descendants of the Tibetan macaques of western China, are unique to these mountain valleys where they enjoy strict official protection.它们隶属中国西部西藏短尾猴家族中稀有的分,自得其乐地生活在这政府保护的山谷中。After a morning spent in the treetops, the troop is heading for the shade of the valley.在树梢度过了早上之后,猴群转移到了山谷的阴凉处。A chance for the grown-ups to escape the heat and maybe pick up a lunch snack from the stream.这是它们躲避酷暑的绝佳契机,它们甚至还在溪流中寻觅零食。 注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 /201407/313207四川省文眉多少钱

华蓥市做纹绣整形多少钱 Steve was very much taken with zen, zen buddhism.史蒂夫从禅宗与佛教中受益匪浅Zen represents the relationship between things, Things of the world.禅宗描绘了世界万物之间的联系,In zen, its expressed in the art.在禅宗里,这种联系被用艺术的形式表达You see it in flower arranging, ikebana,你能在生长的花朵里感悟它You see it calligraphy, you see it in in artworks.你能从书法中感悟它 你能从艺术作品中看到它Steve was very much taken with that And especially calligraphy.史蒂夫对此受益匪浅,尤其是在书法上He noticed the way the lines and the spaces had a relationship.他注意到了线条与空间之间相互关联的方式I think his genius was being able to take the principles Of zen我认为他的天才来自于禅宗的启发and incorporate it into the products That came out of apple.并且把 这种启发融入进入了他的产品当中Jobs freely acknowledged how these outside influences Had affected him.乔布斯公开实了这些外部因素是如何影响到了他He was always trying to look for external references And external influences,我猜他总是在寻找一些客观的参照和影响And hed talk about, you know, his mercedes was beautifully designed正如他说过的,他的奔驰车设计的很漂亮Because those german guys were thinking beautiful thoughts, I guess.因为那些德国人有着漂亮的想法He loved aphorisms.他热爱格言.You know, picasso said,你知道的,毕加索说过,;good artists copy, Great artists steal,;;好的艺术家抄袭,伟大的艺术家偷窃;And he loved to say that.而他则喜欢说He was the guy who camep with他是那种一来就会说;something would be insanely great.;;这将会是一场疯暴;What does that mean?他是什么意思?much of what apple did was built On the efforts of others.苹果公司做的大部分事情是建立在他人的成就之上A 1979 deal gave him access to xerox technology,1979年的一笔生意给了他一个接触施乐科技的机会One thing blew him away, a prototype mouse.一个东西彻底让他着迷,那是一个鼠标的原型He gave his own team orders to make one, only better.他给他自己的团队下达了命令,制作一个更加好的 /201309/255677成都市第一人民医院修眉绣眉毛漂眉雕眉昆明市做绣眉多少钱




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