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China#39;s four sacred Buddhist mountains have become hot topics in social media this week, but not because of religion. 中国四大佛教名山上周成为社交媒体热议的话题,不过这一次和宗教无关。 Or rather, it was because of religion and business. 或者更确切地说,这是因为宗教和商业绑到了一块儿。 Mount Putuo Tourism Development Co., founded by three local tourism companies based in Zhoushan of southern China, said on Saturday that it plans to go public in two years, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency. The company, which operates the tourism facilities around the mountain, aims to raise at least 7.5 billion yuan, or about .18 billion, Xinhua said. 据新华社报道,由浙江舟山三家当地旅游公司共同出资组建的普陀山旅游发展股份有限公司6月30日表示,该公司争取在两年内上市。新华社说,该公司运营着普陀山周围的旅游设施,它计划通过上市至少筹资人民币75亿元。 ;The Buddhist associations and all the temples in this area will not be included into the listing project,; Mao Jiantao, the company#39;s general manager, told Xinhua. ;Their operations will not be affected.; 普陀山旅游发展股份有限公司总经理毛剑涛对新华社说,佛教协会、各大寺院仍然属于佛协系统,与上市主体是两条线,佛协原来怎么运作将来还怎么运作 ;We think the tourism industry of Mount Putuo needs better marketing, and going public can help to boost its publicity,; said Mr. Mao. 毛剑涛说,普陀山的旅游业也需要营销,上市可以扩大知名度。 Mount Putuo officials didn#39;t respond to a request for comment. 普陀山负责人没有回复记者的置评请求。 Mount Putuo, which is about 20 miles from the coastline and is sometimes called ;Buddhist heaven above sea,; is considered one of China#39;s four Buddhist mountains - the jingtu, or ;pure lands,; for Buddhists. It has several well-known Buddhist temples and is also among top-tier national scenic areas in China. Xinhua said it had five million visitors last year. 普陀山距大陆海岸线约有20英里(约合32公里),有时也被称作“海天佛国”,是中国四大佛教名山之一。佛教名山可谓是佛教净土。普陀山有多座知名的佛教寺庙,同时也是国家5A级旅游风景区。新华社说,去年其客流量超过500万人次。 It wouldn#39;t be the first of the four mountains to be listed. Mount E#39;mei Tourism Development Co., based in western China#39;s Sichuan province, went public in October 1997. 普陀山并非四大佛教名山中第一个考虑上市的。早在1997年10月,位于中国西部四川省的峨眉山旅游股份有限公司就已经成功上市。 The other two have ambitions to list as well. Officials in the news office of Mountain Wutai, another prominent Buddhist mountain in China#39;s western Shanxi province, told Xinhua that their company had been preparing to go public since 2010 and would be listed before the end of this year. They plan to form a company called Mount Wutai Investment Co. 另外两座佛教名山也有上市的雄心。佛教名山五台山位于中国西部的山西省,五台山新闻办主任告诉新华社,2010年五台山开始筹备上市,预计2012年底前完成五台山上市前期准备工作。他们计划成立一家名叫五台山投资股份有限公司的企业。 Mount Jiuhua Tourism Development Co., which oversees Mount Jiuhua, in China#39;s Anhui province, didn#39;t succeed in its efforts of going public in 2004 and 2009. But it is trying for a third time, and its IPO application is now under consideration of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. 而管理九华山景区的安徽九华山旅游发展股份有限公司更是2004年以及2009年两次都未通过中国券监督管理委员会发行审核委员会的上市审核。该公司目前正在进行第三次尝试。中国监会目前正在考虑其首次公开募股(IPO)申请。 It#39;s unclear how far these plans will go. Liu Wei, deputy director of China#39;s State Administration for Religious Affairs, said in a press conference last month that the agency would object to local tourism development firms that try to exploit religious resources. ;Temples are non-profit organizations,; he said in comment on the administration#39;s website.;Developing a market economy should have its boundaries and not go below the social bottom line.; 上述上市方案能走多远目前尚不清楚。中国国家宗教事务局副司长刘威上个月在一次新闻发布会上说,如果当地旅游开发公司试图利用宗教资源,该局将持反对意见。他在宗教事务局官方网站上刊登的一篇文章中说,宗教活动场所是民间非营利组织,市场经济是有边界的,要符合社会底线。 Public reaction has been largely negative. ;Without its religion reputation, how can Mountain Putuo attract visitors at all?; said the director of the recruitment office of a Buddhism college in Hangzhou, who goes by the Buddhist monastic name of Master Xinwu, on his verified Weibo account. Citing the Buddha associated with compassion, ;I cannot imagine paying tribute to Kwan-yin in a listed company,; he said. 中国公众大多对佛教名山上市持负面看法。杭州佛学院招生办的负责人心悟法师在他的新浪微认账户说,没有佛教内涵的名山,普陀山拿什么来吸引游客?在提到观音菩萨的时候,他的语气充满了感情。他说:没有想到,拜观音还要拜到股份公司去。 ;China#39;s Buddhist mountains have been involved in this commercialization wave one by one. We can expect to see the Taoism mountains be dragged into this wave soon,; Yan Can, vice chairman of Buddhism Association of Henan Province in north China, said on his Weibo account. ;It will be a moral tragedy for everyone.; 中国河北省佛教协会副会长延参法师在新浪微上说:佛教名山卷入这个经营大潮,可以想的到,不远的后来,道教的名山将无一幸免。他还指出,对每个人来说这都将是道德的悲哀。 ;Religious places should never go public,; says Xue Manzi, a prominent Chinese investor in his Weibo account. ;Capital markets have developed for hundreds of years in western countries, but has anyone ever heard of a church going public?;中国知名天使投资人薛蛮子说,宗教场所不应上市,西方资本市场发展了几百年,谁听说把教堂上市的事儿? /201207/189912

A harrowing competition is underway in England, with billions of dollars and hundreds of lives at stake. OK, that#39;s not true. But competitors from around the world gathered on Thursday for the annual competition to crown the world#39;s biggest liar.当下英国正举行一场令人痛苦的比赛,数十亿美元和上百条生命都因此而受到威胁。好吧,这不是真话。不过周四这天,来自世界各地的竞赛者都聚集到英国参加一年一度的世界撒谎大赛,争夺撒谎大王的桂冠。Each contestant is given up to five minutes to weave the best fib in the contest, which was founded in honor of 19th-century Bridge Inn landlord Will Ritson, who was reportedly legendary for his lies.每个参赛者都有五分钟时间来编造出最妙的谎言。该比赛是为了纪念19世纪布里奇酒店老板威尔·瑞特森而创立的,据说瑞特森因为善于撒谎而成为传奇人物。Competitors gather at the Bridge Inn every year for the competition, a small pub in northwestern England.竞赛者每年都要聚集到布里奇酒店来参加撒谎大赛。布里奇酒店是英国西北部的一个小酒馆。Anyone can take part in the competition. Well, almost anyway; the reporters note that lawyers and politicians are banned, citing ;an unfair advantage; in the proceedings.任何人都能参加这一比赛。当然,这里指的是几乎任何人。记者指出,律师和政客被禁止参赛,据称这两类人在比赛中有“不公平的优势”。A study published this past July in the journal Evolution amp; Human Behavior found that nearly all lies are detectable through visible facial muscle reactions in the person telling a lie. ;Thus, while interpersonal deception often is highly successful, signs of covert emotional states are communicated clearly to the informed observer,; the study concluded.今年七月在《进化与人类行为》杂志上发表的一篇研究报告发现,几乎所有的谎言都能通过说谎者的面部肌肉反应识别出来。该研究得出结论说:“因此,尽管人骗人通常都能成功,但是隐藏的情绪状态的讯号还是可以清晰地传递给见多识广的观察者。”A bishop of Carlisle reportedly holds what may be the greatest lie of all time in the competition, simply stating, ;I have never told a lie in my life.;卡莱尔的一名主教据称说了比赛中前所未有的最大谎言,他只说了这句话:“我这辈子从来没说过一句谎话。”In 2003, Abrie Krueger of South Africa became the first non-Brit to win the competition. Ironically, Krueger was accused by some of cheating.2003年,南非的阿布里·克鲁伊格成为第一个不是英国人但却赢得撒谎大赛的人。具有讽刺意味的是,克鲁伊格被一些人指控作弊。In 2006, comedian Sue Perkins became the first female to win the competition, telling a tale about people riding camels to work as a result of climate change.2006年,喜剧演员苏·帕金斯成为第一位赢得该大赛桂冠的女性,她讲述了一个人们因为气候变化不得不骑骆驼上班的故事。Last year#39;s winning entry came from Glen Boyland, who told a lie about competing in a snail-racing competition with Prince Charles.去年摘得桂冠的谎言来自格伦·波伊兰德,他讲了一个与查尔斯王子进行蜗牛赛跑的谎话。 /201211/210064



  China#39;s economy will probably grow by less than 8 per cent this year due to weak international demand and a sluggish domestic real estate market. Now the talk among China-watchers is that it is approaching a breaking point on its path of growth: the episode of high growth is over and the country is heading towards a path in the range of 6-7 per cent. 今年中国的经济增速很可能低于8%,主要是受海外需求疲软以及国内房地产市场降温影响。当前,关注中国经济形势的观察家普遍认为,中国已逼近自身增长路径的转折点——高速增长阶段告一段落,未来中国经济增长率或在6%至7%的区间内徘徊。 This mood is strong inside China. When Justin Yifu Lin, who just returned to China from his position as chief economist of the World Bank, announced China would keep growing by 8 per cent before 2030, the Chinese media dubbed his claim as ;shooting a satellite; – a phrase referring to the widesp phenomenon of output exaggeration in the Great Leap-forward of 1958. 这种论调在国内很有市场。当不久前刚卸任世界首席经济学家回国的林毅夫预言中国经济有望在2030年以前保持8%的年均增速时,国内媒体纷纷调侃他在;放卫星;——在1958年开始的大跃进期间,;放卫星;常被用于形容普遍存在的夸大产出现象。 China#39;s slowdown is bad news for countries that are linked to its production chain. This includes East and Southeast Asian countries, regions that export to China, as well as China#39;s raw material and energy providers such as Australia, Brazil and the traditional oil producers. However, China#39;s slowdown can be good news for the developed world, especially the US. My colleague Yiping Huang and David Li, professor at Tsinghua University, both believe that the share of household consumption in GDP has increased in the past several years. China#39;s current account surplus also declined substantially to a mere 2.8 per cent of gross domestic product last year. 中国经济增长放缓对于产业链相关国家来说是坏消息,这包括东亚和东南亚地区的对华出口国,澳大利亚、巴西、传统产油国等中国的原材料和能源供给国。但中国经济增速放缓可能利好发达国家,尤其是美国。我的同事黄益平教授以及清华大学的李稻葵教授都认为,过去几年间家庭消费在GDP中所占比重有所上升。去年中国经常项目顺差占GDP比重也大幅下降至仅为2.8%的水平。 There are good reasons to believe China#39;s slowdown is permanent. The growth of China#39;s labour force has been falling since 2010 and by 2020 its stock will start to decline. In accordance, wages are increasing fast; China#39;s episode of cheap growth is approaching its end. On the international stage, the eurozone has fallen into recession again and the light of recovery is still deep in the tunnel. In the US, federal government debts will grow to more than 100 per cent of GDP even by the most conservative estimates. 固然有不少理由可以使人相信中国经济增速放缓将是长期性的。中国劳动人口增速自2010年起持续下滑,并且到2020年劳动人口总数将开始收缩。与此同时,工资水平快速上升;中国经济的低成本增长阶段接近尾声。国际方面,欧元区再度陷入经济衰退,并且复苏希望渺茫;而在美国,即使按最保守的估计,联邦政府债务规模占GDP比重也将突破100%。 However, an international comparison gives hope that China may be able to maintain an 8 per cent growth rate for at least another decade. China#39;s per-capita GDP is about the level of Japan#39;s in 1962 and the level of Korea#39;s in 1982. Both countries grew by 9.7 per cent in the following 10 years after they reached China#39;s per-capita income of today. A contrast is Brazil. It reached China#39;s current per-capita GDP in 1978 but then stagnated for more than 20 years. But the Brazilian case – and for that matter, those of other Latin American countries – is peculiar because its stagnation was triggered by a sovereign debt crisis. China has a sound – even too good by many opinions – international balance of payment and a Latin American-type of crisis is a remote possibility for the country. 但通过与其他国家横向比较,我认为中国经济至少在本十年内有望保持8%的年均增速。中国现阶段人均GDP水平与日本1962年和韩国1982年的水平相当。日韩两国在达到中国当前人均GDP水平后的十年间双双实现了9.7%的年均经济增长。一个反例是巴西,该国1978年即已达到中国现有人均GDP水平,但在其后的二十几年间一直处于停滞状态。不过巴西以及其他拉丁美洲国家的例子具有特殊性,因其经济萧条是由主权债务危机引发的。而中国的国际收情况良好——很多人甚至认为是过好了——发生拉美式经济危机的可能性很小。 Inside the country, several factors will help China maintain fast growth in the next several decades. The most significant is continuous improvement of young people#39;s educational achievement. The bulk of China#39;s workforce is rural migrants. Compared with a decade ago, men in rural areas aged between 21 and 29 have two more years of schooling today and women in the same age group have 2.6 years more. In the city, the average years of schooling have reached 11 for both men and women in the same age group. The government has announced a national plan of education for 2020. One of its aims is to allow rural young people to finish high school (including professional high school) education. Another aim is to raise the college enrolment rate to 40 per cent. 在中国国内,几个方面的因素将有助于中国在未来几十年保持较快增长。其中最重要的一点是青年受教育水平的不断提高。中国劳动力的主体是来自农村地区的流动人口。相对于十年前,农村地区21至29岁男女青年的受教育年限分别增长了2年和2.6年。而在城市地区,21至29岁男女青年的平均受教育年限都达到11年。中国政府颁布了国家中长期教育改革和发展规划纲要(2010-2020年),其中战略目标之一是在农村地区普及高中教育(包括职业高中),另一战略目标是将高等教育毛入学率提升至40%。 The return to education is high, averaging 10 per cent for one additional year of schooling. The schooling gap between people aged from 21 to 29 and those between 50 and 59 is 4.3 years. This means the new generation is 43 per cent more productive than the old and retiring generation. This will more than offset the loss of labour in the coming decade. Nobel Prize laureate Robert Fogel predicts China#39;s economy would be 40 per cent of the world total in real terms by 2040. I asked him if this prediction was too optimistic when I met him in Chicago last November. His answer was no. Instead, he believed that improvement of education alone would allow China to do that. 教育回报很高,教育年限增加1年带来的平均回报率高达10%。目前21至29岁人群的受教育年限较50至59岁人群高出了4.3年。这意味着新一代劳动者的生产率相对于即将退休的年龄组高出了43%。这将足以弥补未来十年可能出现的劳动力人数下降问题所造成的影响。诺贝尔经济学奖获得者罗伯特#8226;福格尔(Robert Fogel)预计,按实际值计量,到2040年中国经济规模占全球经济总量之比将达到40%。去年11月我在芝加哥见到福格尔时,曾问他该预测是否过于乐观。他给出了否定回答。正相反,他认为单凭教育水平提升就足以让中国达到上述水平。 Improvement of education is supplemented by the Chinese government#39;s investment in research and development. By the 12th Five-Year Programme, Ramp;D expenditure will be increased from the current 1.7 per cent of GDP to 2.2 per cent of GDP in 2015. This will place China close to the rank of developed countries. 除发展教育以外,中国政府还计划加大在研发领域的投入。根据十二五规划纲要,2015年研发经费占GDP比重应达到2.2%,高于目前1.7%的水平。这将使中国的研发投入接近发达国家水平。 The world economy of this decade resembles that of the 1980s in many ways. On one count, it will probably be as sluggish as the 1980s. However, that decade witnessed the rise of the East Asian tigers. China has a much bigger economy than the tiger economies and export cannot be a long-term driver of its growth. But China can also benefit from having a large population. The recent growth of household consumption is an encouraging sign. It is likely that the country#39;s economy will continue to turn to domestic consumption to look for growth. As the level of income increases, the advantage of a large country will only become stronger. In the end, China will be likely to maintain an average rate of growth of 8 per cent before 2020. This will probably allow the country to take over the US to become the largest economy in nominal term by 2020. 本十年世界经济形势在很多方面或与二十世纪八十年代相似。一方面,全球经济增长可能和二十世纪八十年代一样疲软,但;东亚四小龙;却是在二十世纪八十年代崛起的。中国的经济规模远大于四小龙,而且经济增长也不可能长期依赖出口。但中国还是能从庞大人口中获益。近期居民家庭消费呈现增长态势是一个令人振奋的信号。中国经济很可能继续从国内消费环节中寻找增长源泉。随着居民收入水平的提高,大国优势只会变得更加明显。综上,中国有较大可能在2020年前保持8%的年均增速。这可能使中国在2020年以前超越美国,成为按名义值计算全球第一大的经济体。 /201207/189117

  1833 - Slavery was abolished in the British colonies.1833年的今天,奴隶制在英属殖民地上被废除。 1839 - The UK captured Hong Kong.1839年的今天,英国占领香港。 1914 - Japan declaresd war on Germany and bombed Qingdao, China. 1914年的今天,日本向德国宣战并轰炸中国青岛。 1821 - Mexico gained its independence from Spain.1821年的今天,墨西哥脱离西班牙取得独立。Windows 95 is a consumer-oriented graphical user interface-based operating system. It was released on August 24, 1995 by Microsoft, and was a significant progression from the company's previous Windows products. During development it was referred to as Windows 4.0 or by the internal codename Chicago.Windows 95 was intended to integrate Microsoft's formerly separate MS-DOS and Windows products and includes an enhanced version of DOS, often referred to as MS-DOS 7.0. It features significant improvements over its predecessor, Windows 3.1, most visibly in the graphical user interface (GUI). Windows 95中是一款面向普通消费者的,以图形用户界面为基础的操作系统。1995年8月24日的微软发行的这款操作系统是该公司Windows系列的一个重大进展。在开发过程中它被称为的Windows 4.0,公司内部也把它命名为芝加哥。 Windows 95成功的将微软两个独立的产品MS - DOS和Windows整合,另外还包括一个增强版本的DOS模式——MS - DOS 7.0 。与前身Windows 3.1相比Windows95有了明显的改善,最显著的是图形用户界面( GUI ) 。 /200908/82328


  Cases of officials gaming China#39;s strict residence registration system for property-buying sprees prompt public backlash.近日,中国数名官员违反严格的户籍制度购入大量房产的事件引发了公众的强烈谴责。A public security official in southern China purchased 192 properties with the help of a fake identification card, state media reported.据官方媒体报道,中国南方某地一名公安局官员利用假身份购买了192套房产。Zhao Haibin, a high-level Communist party official in Lufeng city#39;s public security bureau, was exposed online for alleged excessive property buying by a local multimillionaire amid a business dispute. Zhao claimed the properties belonged to his brother, but admitted to forging an identification card.广东省陆丰市公安局党委委员赵海滨被曝光持有大量房产,举报人是当地的一名亿万富豪,因一起商业纠纷发现了这一秘密。赵海滨声称这些房产归他弟弟所有,但承认伪造了身份。Identity fraud has become a recurring theme in property scandals after a senior executive at a bank in Shaanxi province was outed last month for purchasing 41 properties with fake residence registration permits, called hukou in Mandarin.上月,陕西省某地一位副行长龚爱爱因被曝伪造户籍文件(也称户口)购入41套住房而被刑事拘留。此后,又有多位官员的购房丑闻被曝光。China#39;s new leader Xi Jinping has embarked on a high-profile anti-corruption crackdown since he took the reins of the Communist party in the autumn.中国新任领导人习近平自去年秋季就任中共中央总书记以来,就开始高调反腐。;This kind of story, it underscores the fact that it#39;s very hard to know how much property people have,; said Jean-Pierre Cabestan, a Chinese politics expert at Hong Kong Baptist University. ;Because usually what they#39;ve done is to register the properties under relatives#39; names, friends#39; names and companies#39; names, so it#39;s a real maze, and it#39;s hard for the authorities to really pare down this kind of practice.;香港浸会大学的中国政治专家让#8226;皮埃尔#8226;卡贝斯坦说:“这种新闻让大家看到,想要清楚地知道人们有多少房产是很困难的,因为有些人会把房产登记在亲友和公司的名下,所以很难分辨。因此政府想要打击这种行为也很困难。”Internet users nicknamed Gong ;House Elder Sister; and Zhao ;House Grandpa;, a play on the netizen-dubbed ;Uncle House; – a 59-year-old Guangdong official who made headlines last autumn for owning 22 properties despite his meagre government salary.网民将龚爱爱称为“房”,将赵海滨称为“房爷”,这些绰号来自于“房叔”。“房叔”是广东的一位59岁的前官员,去年秋天因为被曝光持有22套房产,远远超过公职收入而得此名。;There are practical, logical and symbolic reasons; for the major public backlash against these cases, said Cabestan. ;For a long time Chinese people didn#39;t have access to property, it was a dream.;卡贝斯坦说,此类事件引发了公愤,“是有实际的、合乎常理、且具有象征意义的原因。长期以来中国民众都觉得房价过高,很多人买不起房,拥有住房成为很多人的梦想。”Furthermore, massive property investments by corrupt officials have contributed to a spike in housing prices, making even modest apartments unaffordable for ordinary people. ;For young couples, it#39;s getting very hard – it#39;s impossible without their parents#39; help to buy property,; he said. ;This is contributing to widening [China#39;s] social gap.;而且,腐败官员的大量房产投资也抬高了房价,使普通人无力购买一般的公寓住宅。他说:“对年轻夫妇来说,买房越来越难,不啃老就买不起房。这也加剧了社会分化。” /201302/224869

  He has excited domestic insurrection amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions.他在我们中间煽动内乱,并竭力挑唆残酷无情的印地安蛮子来对付我们边疆的居民,而众所周知,印地安人作战的准则是不分男女老幼、是非曲直,格杀勿论。In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: our repeated petition have been answered only by repeated injury. A prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.在遭受这些压迫的每一阶段,我们都曾以最谦卑的言辞吁请予以纠正。而我们一次又一次的情愿,却只是被报以一次又一次的伤害。一个君主,其品格被他的每一个只有暴君才干的出的行为所暴露时,就不配君临自由的人民。Nor have we been wanting in attention to our British brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpation, which would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our separation, and hold them., as we hold the rest of mankind, enemies in war, in peace friends.我们并不是没有想到我们英国的弟兄。他们的立法机关想把无理的管辖权扩展到我们这里来,我们时常把这个企图通知他们。我们也曾把我们移民来这里和在这里定居的情况告诉他们。我们曾恳求他们天生的正义感和雅量,念在同种同宗的分上,弃绝这些掠夺行为,因为这些掠夺行为难免会使我们之间的关系和来往中断。可他们对这种正义和同宗的呼声也同样充耳不闻。因此,我们不得不宣布脱离他们,以对待世界上其他民族的态度对待他们:同我交战者,就是敌人;同我和好者,即为朋友。We, therefore, the Representatives of the ed States of America, in General Congress assembled , appealing to the supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the name, and by authority of the good people of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these ed States Colonies and Independent States; that they are absolved by from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State, they have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.因此我们这些在大陆会议上集会的美利坚合众国的代表们,以各殖民地善良人民的名义,并经他们授权,向世界最高裁判者申诉,说明我们的严重意向,同时郑重宣布:我们这些联合起来的殖民地现在是,而且按公理也应该是,独立自由的国家;我们对英国王室效忠的全部义务,我们与大不列颠王国之间大不列颠一切政治联系全部断绝,而且必须断绝。作为一个独立自由的国家,我们完全有权宣战、缔和、结盟、通商和采取独立国家有权采取的一切行动。我们坚定地信赖神明上帝的保佑,同时以我们的生命、财产和神圣的名誉彼此宣誓来持这一宣言。 /201207/189450。

  China is entering upon a difficult transition to both lower growth and a different pattern of growth. This is the conclusion I drew from this year#39;s China Development Forum in Beijing. Moreover, it is likely to be a political as well as an economic transition. These two transitions will also interact with one another in complex ways. The past record of economic success, under Communist party rule, does not guarantee a comparably successful future.中国正步入一个艰难的转型期,既要降低经济增速,又要改变增长模式。这是我从今年在北京召开的中国发展高层论坛(China Development Forum)得出的结论。此外,这可能既是一种经济转型,又是一种政治转型,这两种转型还将以复杂的方式互相作用。中国过去在共产党领导下所取得的经济成就,不一定确保未来会同样成功。Readers do not need to take my word. They can take those of the outgoing premier, Wen Jiabao, who said on March 14: ;The reform in China has come to a critical stage. Without the success of political structural reform, it is impossible for us to fully institute economic structural reform. The gains we have made in reform and development may be lost, new problems that have cropped up in China#39;s society cannot be fundamentally resolved and such historical tragedy as the Cultural Revolution may happen again.;读者不必相信我的话。但他们可以相信即将卸任的中国国务院总理温家宝在3月14日的讲话:;现在改革到了攻坚阶段。没有政治体制改革的成功,经济体制改革不可能进行到底,已经取得的改革和建设成果还有可能得而复失,社会上新产生的问题也不能从根本上得到解决,lsquo;文化大革命rsquo;这样的历史悲剧还有可能重新发生。;These political questions are of great importance. But the economic transition, in itself, will be hard enough. China is coming to the end of what economists call ;extensive growth; ndash; driven by rising inputs of labour and capital. It must now move to ;intensive growth; ndash; driven by improving skills and technology. Among other consequences, China#39;s rate of growth will slow sharply from its average annual rate of close to 10 per cent of the past three decades. Making this transition harder is the nature of China#39;s extensive growth, particularly the extraordinary rate of investment and heavy reliance on investment as a source of demand (see charts).这些政治问题当然非常重要,但经济转型本身已经足够艰难了。中国正在结束经济学家们所说的;粗放型增长;;;指依靠增加劳动力和资本投入实现经济增长。中国现在必须转向;集约型增长;模式,依靠技能和科技的提高实现经济增长。由此带来的一个后果就是,中国经济增长率将从过去30年平均每年近10%的水平大幅下滑。中国粗放型增长的本质加大了这一转型的难度,尤其是超高的投资率以及严重依赖于投资作为需求来源(见图表)。China is ceasing to be a labour surplus country, in terms of the development model of the late West Indian Nobel laureate, Sir Arthur Lewis. Lewis argued that the subsistence income of surplus labour in agriculture set a low ceiling for wages in the modern sector. This made the latter extremely profitable. Provided the high profits were reinvested, as in China, the rate of growth of the modern sector and so of the economy would be very high. But, at some point, labour would become scarcer in agriculture, so raising the price of labour to the modern sector. Profits would be squeezed and savings and investment would fall as the economy matured.用已故诺贝尔奖得主、西印度群岛人阿瑟?刘易斯爵士(Sir Arthur Lewis)的发展模型来看,中国将不再是一个劳动力过剩国家。刘易斯认为,农业剩余劳动力维持生计所需的收入,为现代部门的薪资设置了一个较低的上限。这让现代部门得以实现极高的盈利能力。如果将这些高利润用于再投资,就像中国那样,现代部门乃至整个经济的增长率将会非常高。但在某一个时间,农业劳动力将变得更加稀缺,从而提高现代部门的劳动力价格。随着经济的成熟,利润将遭到挤压,储蓄和投资将下降。 /201203/175078


  A UK poll of 2000 females has come up with the answer to the question that has plagued blokes for centuries: What do women look for in a man?一项针对2000名女性的英国调查回答了一个困扰了小伙子们好几个世纪的问题:女人最看重男人的什么?Unfortunately, if you#39;re not somewhat well-to-do with the charm of George Clooney, you might have to settle for lonely nights on the couch.不幸的是,如果你并没有乔治·克鲁尼那样的魅力,你也许只能在沙发上度过寂寞的夜晚了。The poll revealed Mr Perfect as 183cm with short dark hair and good fashion sense. The man has earned a Ph.D or master#39;s degree and brings in about ,000 a year. He also has an Audi parked out the front.调查显示,女性心中的“完美男人”身高应为1.83米,黑色短发,穿着时尚,有硕士或士学位,年薪9.5万美元,开奥迪车。Sound rather shallow? Don#39;t worry, they#39;ve covered the personality traits too.听起来很浅薄吗?别着急,调查同时也描述了性格的特征。The perfect man isn#39;t ;too deep; and has a cheeky, playful manner when conversing with others. He also avoids wine and spirits, but loves a good meat dish with a cold beer.“完美男人” 不能太深沉,要能开玩笑,不喝烈酒,但喜欢肉食和冰镇啤酒。Interestingly, 86 percent of those polled said they want a sensitive man, while 64 percent want him to say ;I love you; only when he means it.有意思的是,86%的调查者表示她们想要一个感情细腻的男人,而64%的调查者希望男人们只在发自内心的时候说“我爱你”。Phew. It#39;s reassuring to know women aren#39;t too picky, but if they want to keep a checklist, blokes might just have a few requests of their own.呦。知道女人并没有那么挑剔是一件让人安心的事,但如果她们想要有一份清单,小伙子们也许也有他们的一些要求。According to a straw poll in our office, guys tend to like women stunningly beautiful, low maintenance, forgiving, fun and always in the mood to satisfy any sexual needs.根据我们办公室里的民意调查,男人们喜欢漂亮、好养、包容、有趣、可随时满足性需求。If only we lived in a perfect world.要是我们生活在一个完美的世界就好了。 /201206/185572

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