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甘南藏族自治州做化妆造型多少钱都江堰圆形脱发乳晕-MTS微针Congress and the president国会与总统Face-off对峙Anyone hoping for an outbreak of good government is likely to be disappointed想要一个良好政府的人们恐要大失所望SPEAKING at the White House after a stinging mid-term defeat, Barack Obama adopted a conciliatory tone. “Both parties,” he said, “are going to have to come together and compromise to get something done here.” Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, agreed, adding that he hoped the president would work with Republicans on spending, energy and trade agreements. “The question,” said Senator McConnell, “is how do we meet in the middle?” That was in November 2010. There followed a government shutdown, two flirtations with a sovereign default over the raising of the legal limit on government borrowing, and the least productive Congress since anyone began counting.谈起白宫中期大选惨败收局,布拉克·奥巴马采用一种调和的语调,说:“两党将合力协作,通过作出妥协,完成一些事宜。”参议院共和党领袖米奇·麦康内尔表示赞同,并补充道他希望总统可以和共和党就经费、能源、贸易协议问题共同努力。“问题在于,我们如何实现折中妥协?”麦康内尔议员说道。那还要追溯到2010年的11月。当时政府停摆, 两党因提高政府借贷上限造成的债务违约已经闹得面红耳赤,而且那时候任何人都期望国会有点起码的效用。The president and Mr McConnell once again made similar pronouncements about working together after another disastrous mid-term election for the Democrats on November 4th. Those who believe that this time will be different argue that divided government works better when Congress is wholly controlled by one party and the presidency by the other. When the House and the Senate are in the hands of different parties, according to this line of thinking, it is too easy for one to blame the other for intransigence and avoid governing.继11月4日民主党损失惨重的中期选举后,总统和麦康内尔先生就合力协作事宜再一次发表类似声明。认为这次会有所不同的人们争辩道,当控制国会的党派和总统所属的党派不同时,分立政府可以工作地更好。按照这种思维模式思考的话,如果白宫和参议院为不同党派所控制,那么要将不妥协的责任推脱给另外一方并且避开管理,那就太容易了。Before this idea is tested by the new Congress in January, there is a lame-duck session to finish. These sessions of Congress are typically productive when compared with the healthy-duck sort. Because the budget process pushes controversial decisions towards the end of the year, a disproportionate number of important votes on spending will fall in a session where 12 senators (or 13, if Mary Landrieu loses a run-off in Louisiana on December 6th) will not have to face the voters again and can therefore smooth their passage. In 2010 the expiring Senate allowed gay people to serve openly in the military, ratified a treaty on nuclear missiles with Russia and extended some tax cuts.在这个观点被新国会一月份验之前,美国正面临“跛脚鸭会期”。与“健康鸭会期”相比,这个时期特别“多产”。因为预算草案将会推动富有争议性的决议至今年年底。而且在这个时期就政府开销问题统计所得投票——不成比例的重要数据——将会失败,届时会有12位议员(或者13位,如果兰德里欧在12月6日失去路易斯安那州的连任)将无须再次面对选民,因此顺利通过。在2010年,奄奄一息的参议院曾允许同性恋人群公开兵役,并获准了参与与俄国的核导弹、扩展了一些减税措施。Funding the government past December 11th, the deadline to avoid another shutdown, should be straightforward. The confirmation of the 35 ambassadors and 16 judicial nominees currently before the Senate will be harder. In 2008 Democrats held a series of pretend sessions to prevent George W. Bush from making appointments while the chamber was in recess. Republicans may now try a similar wheeze; the Senate cannot go into recess without the agreement of the Republican-controlled House. Such shifty manoeuvres are now all too common.资助政府度过12月11日—避免下一次政府停摆的最后期限—应该是简单明确的。要在参议院之前确定35名大使和16名司法提名候选人将难上加难。在2008年,议院休会,民主党假装采取了一系列举措来阻止小布什做下承诺。共和党现在也许邯郸学步,但若没有被共和党控制的国会之同意,参议院就无法休会。像这样诡诈的手段现在实属家常便饭。Congress may give the president fast-track authority to negotiate foreign-trade deals. And there are other areas where Mr Obama and Republican leaders agree. Both sides want to lower Americas high taxes on companies, which contribute to the parking of just over trillion of profits overseas. Agreement may not lead anywhere: a sensible corporate-tax reform would lower rates and close loopholes; if done properly, it would mean a tax increase for those firms that now benefit from exemptions. Since most Republican members of the House have signed a pledge to voters never to raise taxes, this will be a hard sell.国会也许会给总统洽谈外贸事宜开绿灯。而且奥巴马先生和共和党领导人在一些领域仍达成共识。双方都想降低美国公司的高额税收,如此一来,将获得海外超过2万亿美元的利润。双方的意见一致并不涵盖所有领域:一个合理企业税收改革制度可以降低利率、修补漏洞;如果合理执行,对那些从免税额中获利的公司来说,意味着税收增加。因为国会里大多数共和党向选民们保,绝不增加税收,这样一来,政府将推行强卖政策。A more straightforward, though less important, change is likely when the new Senate takes up the Hire More Heroes bill, which the House has aly passed and will revive in January. This would allow companies to hire veterans whose health care is covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, without them counting towards the overall headcount for the purposes of the Affordable Care Act. Under that law, all firms with 50 or more full-time staff must provide them with health cover.若新的议会实行“雇佣更多英雄”的法案,而这些已经被白宫通过了、且将在一月复兴,那么一个更加明确直接但不那么重要的变化有可能会发生。这样一来,公司便可以雇佣老兵,这些老兵的卫生保健被退伍军人事部承包了,若不将老兵算在内,那总员工人数将达不到“付得起的医疗保险”。依据这项法律,全公司上下超过50名全职员工(包含50名)必须获得医疗保险。The way this bill works with Obamacare suggests that House Republicans know the law itself is not going away. (A bill to repeal it may find its way to the presidents desk, but he would veto it.) A second likely tweak will be to repeal Obamacares 2.3% tax on medical devices, which will slightly increase the deficit but not affect the way the health law works. Republicans will also try to change the definition of full-time work, which triggers an employers obligation to provide insurance, from 30 hours a week to something lengthier.这项法案和奥巴马医改行之有效的方式,显示,国会里的共和党人深知法律并未失效。(废除医改的法案也许最终会出现在总统的桌子上,但总统会否决。)第二个可能变化就是废除奥巴马医改中医疗设备的2.3%税收,此举将会稍微增加赤字,但不会影响卫生法实施。共和党也将努力重新定义全职工作——具体时长为一周30个小时—这也将激发员工义务购买保险。Mr McConnell may attach things that the president would rather avoid to proposals with broad support. Approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry crude oil from Canadas tar sands to refineries on the Gulf coast, fits this description. But no compromise seems likely over global warming. The president wants to do something about it, as his tentative deal with China this week shows (see article). Most Republicans do not; Mr McConnell campaigned partly on rescuing his states coal mines from federal bullying.麦康奈尔先生也许会偏好总统避而远之而有持率高的议案。基斯顿输油管发展计划的批准符合麦康奈尔的口味,这项计划将加拿大焦油砂的原油运输到墨西哥区域的精炼厂。但是一旦涉及全球变暖问题,似乎无法做出任何让步。总统对此有所想法,因为他本周与中国达成临时协议(见文章)。大部分共和党人不想如此;麦康奈尔先生竞选的部分理由是从联邦的欺凌下挽救他所在州的煤矿。Where are the new faces?新面孔在哪里?The new Senate will have to vet the presidents appointments. The most pressing of these is a new attorney-general. The president has nominated Loretta Lynch, a federal prosecutor, to take over from Eric Holder. Ms Lynch, who has a Harvard law degree, is well qualified for the job. She also has a remarkable family story: her great-great-grandfather, a free black, fell in love with a slave and, unable to buy her freedom, became enslaved again so he could marry her. Ms Lynchs grandfather, a pastor, helped blacks escape from the organised racism of Jim Crow states. These qualifications should see her confirmed, but her nomination hearing is likely to get caught up in a fight over immigration. The president has repeated a threat to use his executive power to slow the deportation of illegal immigrants—though he has yet to reveal how exactly he will do this. Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah have promised to press his nominee on whether such a move would be legal.新的参议院将不得不审视总统的任期。最压抑的地方就是新司法部长。总统已经任命林奇联邦检察官接任艾瑞克·霍尔德。林奇女士,拥有哈佛法学学位,完全能够胜任此职。她家世值得称赞:她的曾曾曾祖父是一名自由黑人,和一名奴隶相爱,但因无法帮爱人赎身,就再次成为奴隶,最后共结连理。林奇女士的祖父是一位牧师,曾帮助黑人逃脱组织性极强的黑人州。这些都可视其为最佳人选,但是她的提名听会极有可能会陷入移民争辩中。总统一再强调利用自己的管理权限放缓对非法移民的驱逐行动——尽管他还没展现他的权利到底还有多大。议员泰德·科鲁兹和犹他州的麦克·李已经许诺将逼迫他提名,不管这样的举动是否违法。After his partys drubbing in the mid-terms, Mr Obama might be expected to reshuffle his team. Yet he shows no sign of doing so. Several cabinet members are newish and unlikely to be turfed out yet. Since Rahm Emanuel left in 2010, no chief of staff has lasted much more than a year. The president will be in no rush to get rid of the current one, Denis McDonough. One adviser whose importance is likely to grow is John Podesta, who was Bill Clintons chief of staff when Republicans controlled Congress in the 1990s. He helped the two sides work together productively, despite the impeachment battle.继民主党在中期大选中落败,奥巴马先生也许会重新改组他的团队。但却不见迹象。几名内阁成员是初出茅庐,而且还未“穿戴整齐”。自拉姆·伊曼纽尔2010年离开,继任的参谋长无一例外地任期不过一年。而总统也不着急寻辞退现任者丹尼斯·麦克多诺。咨询师约翰·斯塔的影响力与日俱增,20世纪90年代当共和党控制国会时,他曾是比尔·克林顿的参谋长。虽经弹劾斗争,但他依旧帮助两方合力协作,富有成效。Many in Washington were hoping that Valerie Jarrett, Mr Obamas closest confidant, might move. Her vast influence, vague job description and lack of policy expertise infuriate Democrats and Republicans alike; but she will probably stay put. The president trusts her, and the mid-terms have made his job lonelier than ever.华盛顿许多人都曾希望奥巴马的亲信Valerie Jarrett离开。她广泛的影响力、模糊的工作经历以及缺乏政策技能,都惹怒民主党和共和党。但她有可能会屹立不倒。总统相信她,而且中期大选使得他的工作越发的孤单。译者:黄柳译文属译生译世 /201411/343292成都/市第六人民医院韩式半永久化妆多少钱 Islands with deep sand and covered in vegatation are more stable, and one island in particular seems just right.只有那些有深厚沙石且植被覆盖的岛屿才是合适的地点,而有一个小岛尤其符合这些条件。In the far north of the Great Barrier Reef is the Rain Island.那就是位于大堡礁最北边的雷恩岛。Its so wide and so special that few people are permitted to land.雷恩岛非常原始,并且极为特别,只有极少数人才被允许登岛。Its one of the most protected islands on earth.它是地球上最受保护的岛屿之一。This speck in the ocean is barely a kilometer long.这是个纵长还不到1公里的海岛。Yet it attracts thousands of turtles and enormous flocks of sea birds.但却吸引了数千只海龟及成群结队的海鸟。201507/384855雅安纹眉纹绣的地方

南充水光美白去青春痘多少钱From federal investigations into Major League Baseball to allegations ofsubstance abuse in track and field, performance enhancing drugs have been in the news a lot.从对美国职业棒球大联盟药物滥用指控的联邦调查来看,用兴奋剂已经成为一个热门话题。The most well-known performance enhancers are steroids, drugs that can make athletesbigger and stronger.其中最著名的兴奋剂是类固醇,它可以让运动员更大更强。But they can also cause serious medical problems.但是它们也会导致严重的医学问题。So how do steroids work, and what makes them so dangerous?那么类固醇是怎样发挥作用的呢?是什么使它们如此危险?First, it’s important to understand that the body naturally produces steroids.首先,知道身体能够自然产生类固醇是很重要的。For men, the best known is testosterone.对于男性来说,最广为大家所知的就是睾丸激素。Testosterone is an anabolic steroid,meaning that itencourages new muscle growth.睾丸激素是一种合成代谢类固醇,它能够促进新的肌肉的生长。So the more testosterone you have in you, the greater potential youhave to be bigger and stronger.因此如果你的睾丸激素越多,你的潜力就越大越强。这样一来,人造合成类固醇It makes sense, then, that artificial anabolic steroids mimic testosteroneproduced in the body.模仿人体内分泌的睾丸激素应运而生了。Here’s how they work.它们是这样工作的。Anabolic steroids attach to cells and encourage them to produce more protein,which muscles need to grow and become stronger.合成类固醇依附于细胞上,促使它们产生更多肌肉生长和壮大所需要的蛋白质。So steroids basically speed up and enhance theprocess of muscle growth that you can accomplish by lifting weights and other kinds of exercise.因此类固醇主要是加快和加强肌肉生长,而这样的效果你可以通过举重和其它的运动练习达到。Aweightlifter on steroids will develop larger muscles and do so faster than a “clean” weightlifter.一个用类固醇举重运动员的肌肉会比一个“干净”的运动员生长得更大更快。Millions of people take performance enhancing drugs such as caffeine and vitamins every day.成千上万的人们每天都在用咖啡因,维他命之类的兴奋剂。But unlikethese drugs, steroids can cause serious, long lasting problems.但是与其它药物不同的是类固醇会导致严重,持久的问题。For example, steroid use puts extrapressure on the liver to cleanse the bloodstream of the many toxins in steroids.例如,使用胆固醇会对肝脏净化血液带来压力,因为胆固醇里有很多毒素。Prolonged steroid use can result in liver damage.长期使用类固醇可导致肝损害。They also affect brain chemistry,and cancause depression and severe mood swings known as roid rage.它们同样会影响脑化学,并会导致抑郁症和被称为“类固醇癫狂”的严重情绪波动。There’s certainly nothingwrong with building your body, but using steroids to do so will ultimately break you down.强身健体当然没有错误,但是如果你使用类固醇来完成,那么最终你会垮掉。 201411/345023宁夏做眉妆多少钱 So you..so most people have your song stuck,you have Katy Perrys song stuck in your head.那么,很多人都成天想着你的歌,你脑袋里却一直想着Katy Perry的歌?Yep, yeah.Its a good song.It is.Its a good song.是啊,是。 这是一首好歌。是这样的。确实是这样的。And Im glad you know,uhh, you are gonna release an acoustic CD right?我很高兴的是, 你是要发行一张不插电专辑吧?Yes. Im releasing an acoustic album. exclusively at Walmart.恩,我要发行一张不插电专辑。只在沃尔玛销售So you know, you can go get that if you want.They want it.所以,你们要是想买的话就去买来听听吧。 他们绝对想要买的。I think its good because..I think a lot of people I know,我认为你这么做很好是因为 我知道的很多歌手cuz weve had you on, you know, every single time youre on,因为我们请你很多次上这个节目,每次你来的时候Im always amazed that you have a really good voice,from the very first time I met you.我都会为你的好声音、好歌声感到惊讶 从我第一次见到你开始。a lot of people are packaged and they go to the studio and manipulate their voice很多别的歌手都要靠包装,他们进了录音棚 处理他们的声音,and they sound, they dont sound as good as they do in person,and you have a really great voice.Thank you.然后他们在现场唱歌听起来就不像录音里那么好听。 但是你的声音真的很好听。谢谢。Im glad that people get to actually hear your voice instead of all the other stuff.我很庆幸,人们可以听到你真正的音色,而不是通过处理之后的别的东西。Thats basicly the reason,uh , thats the reason I wanted to do this acoustic album,这就是我为什么想要做 这张不插电专辑的基本原因。because you know youre not even be able to hear my voice as much on the track cuz there are so much like,因为,你懂的,如果经过很多处理,你就很难在歌里听到我的声音了 因为,有很多特效音效 比如the through the ;A do As; and all the sense behind you,you cant really hear my voice.在你唱歌的声音以外还有很多别的音色, 你就没法听见我真正的声音了。Yeah with the ;A do As; and stuff so..uhh..Yeah So you cant really hear my voice.恩,是啊,有那种背景音的话...是啊 所以,就不太容易听清我的声音。Whats ;A do As;;A do As; are like the bass,like the..yeah.这个背景音是个什么东西? 就是低音贝斯的背景音乐,,就像..Yeah,we knew that, I was just making sure that everybody.恩,我都明白,我就是想确定这里在场的观众都.Yeah, so , I think its good that people.Plus, when youre singing,恩 所以我觉得这个想法不错..还有,在你唱歌的时候,probobly when you go out and sing to people,like,are they actually listen or are they screaming the whole time?比如说你在唱给别人听的时候,她们是在认真听呢还是在一直尖叫Yeah thats what Im wondering,how can you even hear me sing when youre like Aaaaaahhhhhh!是啊,我一直在思考这个问题。 你怎么可能听到我唱歌呢。如果你一直在 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊 这样的话.. /201604/435095四川蓝美人化妆绣眉飘眉多少钱

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