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人们耗费一生的精力寻找着爱,我也一样直到有一天,我决定到当地的动物收容站去看看就在那里,爱等待着我Heartstrings1) People spend their whole lives searching love.I was no different.Until one day I decided to look in the cages at the local pound).And there was love,waiting me.The old dog was considered unadoptable.An under-weight beagle-terrier3) mix,he had been found running along the road on three legs,with a hernia),a damaged ear and BBs imbedded in his hind end.The people at the humane society kept him his allotted seven days and then some because he was friendly,and they figured if someone had once spent the money to have his leg amputated5),maybe that person would be looking him.But no one came.I met him on his tenth day.I was dropping off a donation of blankets at the humane society and happened to walk by and see him.Looking down thro ugh the wire mesh of his cage,I thought he was an appealing little guy,and my heart went out to him.But I really couldn't take another dog home;I had four aly.There has to be a limit,I thought,I can' t save them all.Driving away from the humane society,I knew the dog would be destroyed if I didn't take him.I felt so helpless.As I passed a church,the sign announcing this week's sermon caught my eye.It was right bee Christmas and appropriately it :“Is There Room at the Inn?”I knew at that moment there was always room one more,especially one that needed my love.As soon as the humane society opened t he next morning,their phone rang.“I' m coming that old beat-up6) dog.Save him me,”I told them.I couldn't get there fast enough.And from the moment I claimed him,he gave his heart t o me completely.In my experience,there is nothing like the feeling of rescuing a dog.Dogs are loving creatures aly,but add the element of relief and gratitude,and true devotion flows.It is an immensely satisfying bond that I wouldn't trade all the puppies in the world.I named the dog Tugs,because he had tugged on my heartstrings,and I did all I could to make his life a happy one.In return,Tugs brought new meaning to the term adoration7).Wherever I went,he wanted to be there too.He never took his eyes off me and with a simple glance in his direction,his whole body wagged with happiness.Despite his many handicaps and increasingly failing health,his enthusiasm life was amazing.There was never an evening I came home that Tugs did not meet me at the door,eyes sparkling,his tail wagging excitedly.We were together a little over a year.And constantly during that time,I felt a silent current of love from him--strong,steady and deep--unceasingly flowing to me.When it was time the vet to end his suffering,I held his head in my hands,the tears falling on his old muzzle8),and watched as he gently fell asleep.Even in my sadness,I was grateful the gift of his love. someone who has never had this kind of experience with a pet,there are no words to adequately explain it.But if you have loved an animal in this way and been loved so fully in return,nothing more needs to be said.Some people will understand that since Tugs has been gone,my fear of death has lessened --if death means finally joining Tugs,then let it happen when it will.In the meantime,I continue my work:rescuing abandoned animals and finding them homes where they can taste love and give such happiness in return.And oftentimes when I look into the sky and see the soft billowy9) clouds floating there,I find myself sending a little message:I love you,Tugs. 1口语盘点第一季:老美嘴边500句之五 --19 :7:39 来源: 1. What‘s wrong with you? 你哪里不对劲?. You are a chicken. 你是个胆小鬼3. A lovely day,isn’t it? 好天气,是吗?. He is collecting money. 他在筹集资金5. He was born in New York. 他出生在纽约6. He was not a bit tired. 他一点也不累7. I will be more careful. 我会小心一些的,. I will never get it. 我会记着的9. It is Just what I need. 这正是我所需要的30. It rather surprised me. 那事使我颇感惊讶31. Just around the comer. 就在附近3. Just entertainment. 只是为了消遣一下33. Let bygones be bygones. 过去的,就让它过去吧. Mother doesn‘t make up. 妈妈不化妆35. Oh,you are kidding me. 哦,你别拿我开玩笑了36. She has been to school. 她上学去了37. Skating is interesting. 滑冰很有趣38. Supper is y at six. 晚餐六点钟就好了39. That’s a terrific idea! 真是好主意!0. What horrible weather! 这鬼天气!1. Which would you prefer? 你要选哪个?. Does she like ice-cream? 她喜欢吃冰淇淋吗?3. First come first served. 先到先得. Great minds think alike. 英雄所见略同5. He has a sense of humor. 他有幽默感6. He is acting an old man. 他正扮演一个老人7. He is looking a job. 他正在找工作8. He doesn‘t care about me. 他并不在乎我9. I develop films myself. 我自己冲洗照片50. I felt no regret it. 对这件事我不觉得后悔301. Did you enter the contest? 你参加比赛了吗?3. Do you accept credit cards? 你们收信用卡吗?3. Don’t cry over spilt milk. 不要做无益的后悔3. Don‘t let chances pass by. 不要让机遇从我们身边溜走3. He owned himself defeated. 他承认自己失败了3. He seems at little nervous. 他显得有点紧张3. He strolls about the town. 他在镇上四处遛达3. Her tooth ached all night. 她牙疼了一整夜3. How about a drink tonight? 今晚喝一杯怎样?3. I can do nothing but that. 我只会做那件事3. I get hold of you at last. 我终于找到你了3. I have a surprise you. 我有一个意想不到的东西给你看3. I like all kinds of fruit. 我喜欢各种各样的水果3. I saw it with my own eyes. 我亲眼所见3. I will arrange everything. 我会安排一切的3. I wish I knew my neighbor. 我很想认识我的邻居3. I would like to check out. 我想结帐318. It has be come much cooler. 天气变得凉爽多了319. It’s time you went to bed. 你早就该睡觉了3. No spitting on the street. 禁止在大街上吐痰31. She was totally exhausted. 她累垮了3. Show your tickets,please. 请出示你的票33. Thank you your advice. 谢谢你的建议3. That‘s the latest fashion. 这是最流行的款式35. The train arrived on time. 火车准时到达 口语 盘点 第一季值得结交的人相处---在事业的每个阶段你身边都有有成就的人,这很重要倍加重视有一个健康的身体---努力提高健康水平,保持精力旺盛Secrets of Self-made1) Successes 1.Dream Big Dreams--How to visualize),imagine and create an exciting picture of prosperity.2.Develop a Clear Sense of Direction--Learn a powerful,proven goal-setting exercise that c an change your life.3.See Yourself as Self-employed--How to take complete control of your career and your life.4.Do What You Love to Do--Identify the ideal work you and then get paid well doing it.5.Commit to Excellence--How to move in to the top %in your field.6.Work Longer and Harder--How to organize your time so you get more done and contribute more value.7.Dedicate Yourself to Lifelong Learning--How to continually upgrade3) your talents and abilities.8.Learn Every Detail of the Business--How to become an expert in your chosen field.9.Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others--The starting point of all personal success and how to beg in.10.Be Absolutely Honest with Yourself and Others--How and why personal integrity) goes hand in hand with success.11.Set Priorities and Concentrate Single-mindedly--The importance of focusing on your most important tasks all day long.12.Develop a Reputation Speed and Dependability5)--How to give yourself the winning edge in everything you do.13.Practice Self-discipline in All Things--Develop the most important quality success.14.Unlock Your Inborn Creativity--Learn how to solve any problem,overcome any obstacle,achieve any goal.15.Get Around the Right People--The importance of surrounding yourself with winners at each stage of your career.16.Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health--How to develop and maintain high levels of energy and fitness. 81

实用口语:“残疾人”用英语怎么说才算礼貌? -- :5:30 来源: 首先要说的是“crippled”这个词对应中文的“残废”,相信如果你的朋友腿受伤了,一瘸一瘸地走进来,听到你用“残废”来形容他,估计当时会暴跳起来残而不废的例子很多,这里不一一列举,前几年,最让人感慨和震撼的,便是千手观音的舞蹈,特别佩她们,失明的人即使看不到世界是什么样子,但可以通过其他方式来感知,而失聪的聋哑人,只能通过看着老师的手势来排练舞蹈,用心里的意念控制步伐节奏,经过成千上万次的训练,才能达到统一,最关键的是她们根本无法明了音乐是什么,或者对音乐的美妙只存留在那存封的记忆里,而她们在舞台上,还要表现出那样的沉醉,在表演完如此完美的舞蹈时,主持人告诉大家,她们是聋哑人,全场顿时爆发出持续几分钟的雷鸣掌声相信没有人会用残废这两个字眼来形容任何一位像她们这样的人从小学到大的一个词就是“disabled”,当然,它也不完全表达“无能的人”,但总给人感觉不爽,和中文对应起来就是“残疾”从医学角度上讲,残也许是疾病,但是从美学的角度讲,则不一定让人感到病态的感觉最著名的自然是维纳斯,安上两只手虽然不残了,也可以一手拿个手机,一手拿个MP,嘴里还用英文说“hell moto”或者“I chocolate you?”,事实上破坏了它原有的美感让我真正感受到残缺之美的真实例子当然是两个残疾人,一人少了一只腿,一人少了一只手,当她们用唯美的舞蹈演绎自己的人生和梦想时,那种震撼和感动也许是任何一个健全人都无法给予我们的下面一个自然是高级一点的词汇,叫做handicapped,这个词对应的中文可以是“残障”,似乎这个“障”已经把委婉程度提到了一定高度,但是这个“残”字总会让人感到不舒“残”左边是个“歹”,表示不好,右边是“贱人”的“贱”的一半,自然充满了贬义,而且残本身表示缺少,但有的时候,我们对那些多出一个手指或者脚趾的人,我们也说“残疾”,蛮怪异的西方书面比较主流的说法自然是“physically challenged”,这个词语的独到之处这里就不用详述了,只不过在翻译的时候不能直译成“他在挑战身体极限”,而要说“腿脚不灵便”当然,这让我想起一个经历,我的一位好朋友——个老外从宾馆推着自己的太太出来,看到她坐在轮椅上,我自然不会傻到去问“what's wrong with her?”老外沉默片刻,便介绍说“Amy, this is my angel, but without wings”一下子让我感受到了他对太太无比的爱,因为天使没有翅膀,绝对不影响她的任何美,何况天使的翅膀也是我们人为想象,帮他们设计出来往返天界人界的交通工具其实大家都知道有翅膀的不一定是天使,还可能是鸟人,如同头上有光环的也不一定是天使,还有可能是浪味仙所以这样的句子应该已经到了极致,毕竟我们不能说this is my angel, but without legs. 怎么 礼貌 英语 口语

英语句子:英语学习三十二课必修句() -01-7 :: 来源: 1. The dying leaves became brown and curled up.快死的叶子发黄而卷曲. She curled up in front of the fire with a book.她蜷曲在炉火前看书3. The lovely boy has beautiful blonde curls.这个可爱的小男孩长着漂亮的金黄色卷发. This word is no longer in current use.这个词现在已经不再使用5. The current is strongest in the middle of the river.河中央的水流最急6. This button switches the current on.这个电钮接通电流7. I drew the curtain as it was getting dark.天黑了,我把窗帘拉上8. The castle was hidden behind a curtain of smoke.城堡被一层烟雾遮掩着9. Social customs vary greatly from country to country.国与国之间的社会习俗有很大差异. She followed her usual custom of spending Sunday at her villa at the seaside.她照通常的习惯,在海滨别墅度过了星期天. It took us only a few minutes to get through the Customs.我们的海关检查只花了几分钟时间. Don't cut your finger on the broken glass.别让碎玻璃割伤你的手. His cruel remarks cut me deeply.他那无情的话太伤我的心了. Bee this play is broadcast several cuts must be made.这个剧目播出前必须经过数次剪辑. I go to the university twice daily.我每天去那所大学两次. I like to China Daily on my way home.我喜欢在回家的途中阅读《中国日报. She loves to dance to music.她喜欢随着音乐跳舞18. The waves danced in the sunlight.波浪在阳光下跳舞19. Her whole life has been given to the study of dance.她一生献身于研究舞蹈. The operation is a success and now the patient is out of danger.手术成功了,病人现在已脱离危险1. Violent criminals like that are a danger to society.那种暴力罪犯对社会是一种危害. It's dangerous to be so near to the tiger.离老虎那么近是很危险的3. His dog looks dangerous.他的看上去很危险. How dare you say such a thing?你怎敢说出这样的话?5. He dared me to jump over the river.他激我跳过河6. I dare say you are right.我认为你是对的7. It's a dark and moonless night.这是一个黑暗无月的夜晚. Some children are afraid of the dark.有些小孩怕黑9. He turned off the light and the room was in complete darkness.他关上了灯,室内一片漆黑30. He dashed across the street and ran towards me.他冲过马路,向我跑过来31. This Greek dish is of a very early date.这个希腊盘子是很早时期的制品3. They made a date to meet soon.他们约定不久见面33. I can't date that house exactly, but it must be very old.我不能确切地说出那所房子的年代,但一定是很古老的. Mr. and Mrs. Jones have 3 daughters.仲斯夫妇有三个女儿35. Joan of Arc was one of France's greatest daughters.圣女贞德是法国最伟大的女性之一36. He is the man of the day.他是时下的风云人物37. You can see stars by night, but not by day.你在夜晚可以看到星星,白天却看不到38. His love you is dead.他对你的爱情已不复存在39. The meeting will deal with these problems.本次会议将就这些问题作出处理0. It means a great deal to her.这对她意义重大1. He holds life dear.他珍视生命. The accident cost him dear.这次事故使他损失惨重3. Car accident caused many deaths.车祸造成很多人死亡. That defeat meant the death of all my hopes.那次失败毁灭了我所有的希望5. We owe you a debt of gratitude you help.承蒙帮助,感恩不尽6. We'll run into debt if you spend more than our income.要是你花的比我们挣的还多,我们就要欠债了7. He deceived me into signing the papers.他骗我在文件上签了字8. You are deceiving yourself if you still believe that she loves you.你如果还相信她爱你,你就是在欺骗自己9. My little daughter was born in December.我的小女儿是十二月出生的50. Don't decide on important matters too quickly.不要过于匆忙地对重要的事情作决定51. He decided to get married.他决定结婚5. Britain declared war on Germany in 19.英国在19年向德国宣战53. I now declare this meeting open.我现在宣布会议开幕5. The customs asked me if I had anything to declare.海关人员问我是否有要报税的东西55. Deeds are better than words when people are in need of help.当有人需要救助的时候,行动胜于言语56. The deer escaped to the deep est.那鹿逃入了丛林深处57. The ship sank deep into the sea.船深深地沉入了海底58. The union said that they would take action to defend their member's jobs.工会说他们将采取行动维护会员的工作权益59. How can you defend the killing of animals pleasure?你怎么能为杀死动物取乐的行为辩护呢?60. Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius.水在摄氏零度结冰61. They cannot be trusted in the slightest degree.对他们一点也不能相信6. To do this job, you must have a degree in English.从事这个工作你必须具有英语专业的大学学位63. We decided to delay our wedding until next year.我们决定把婚礼推迟到明年6. Our plane was delayed by fog.我们的飞机因大雾而误点了65. After much delay, he finished his paper at last.拖了那么久,他终于完成了论文66. He takes great delight in painting.他爱好绘画67. He delighted the audience with his permance.他用他的表演使观众喜悦68. Newspapers are delivered every day.报纸每天都送来69. The doctor delivered her baby.医生给她接生70. They prayed to God to deliver them from danger.他们祈求上帝把他们从危险中拯救出来71. The accused man denies that he has ever met her.被告否认他曾经遇到过她7. I was denied the chance of going to university.我得不到上大学的机会73. He has denied his country and his principles!他已经背弃了自己的国家和原则!7. The train to Beijing will depart from platm 3 in half an hour.开往北京的火车将于半小时后从三站台开出75. Children depend on their parents food and clothing.小孩依赖他们的父母供给衣食76. The country depends heavily on its tourist trade.这个国家的经济在很大程度上依靠其旅游业77. We are depending on you to finish the paper by Friday.我们相信你在星期五之前可以完成这篇论文78. The police asked me to describe exactly how it happened.警察让我描述一下这事是怎样发生的79. The guard deserted his post.卫兵擅自离开了他的岗位80. The baby's mother deserted him soon after giving birth.那个母亲生下他后不久就把他遗弃了81. The writer decided to live in the Sahara Desert some time.那位作家决定去撒哈拉沙漠住一段日子8. He deserved to be punished.他应当受到惩罚83. You've been working all morning---you deserve a rest.你已经干了一个上午了,该休息一下了8. I desire happiness.我渴望幸福85. I am filled with desire to go back home.我心中充满了回家的渴望86. There is a desk in the boy's room.小男孩的房间里有张写字台87. You may leave your key at the reception desk.你可以把钥匙留在务台88. An atom bomb would destroy a city.一颗原子弹能摧毁一座城市89. She found out her husband was a devil soon after her marriage.结婚后不久她就发现她丈夫是一个邪恶的人90. The grass was wet with dew.草被露水打湿了91. She wears a diamond ring on her left hand.她左手上戴着一枚钻石戒指9. His secret died with him, he never told anyone.他的秘密至死也不为人知,因为他从未告诉过别人93. Flowers make no difference to this room.这房间有没有花没什么区别9. He's a different man from what he was years ago.他和十年前不一样 英语学习 句子 英语 这个

围绕在你身边的是天使,她们一直在那里指引着你的道路如果软弱正吞噬着你,去请求力量吧,她们会赐予你力量她们是你的护身符,当生活看上去非常艰难,当你有时觉得很孤独时,你的天使,她们一直就在那里…… Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. Surrounding you are angels, they are there to guide your path. If weakness overcomes you, they'll give you strength if you will ask. They are your protection when life seems too hard to bear, and though you feel alone at times, the angels, they are there… Their faces may be hidden, and their voices you might not hear, but they are always with you through your laughter or your tears. They'll walk along beside you, they'll guide your steps along the way, they'll comt you and hold you, protect you night and day. They'll hold to your hand tightly, and will not ever let it go, and they'll gently lead you ward, taking each step very slow. When life is overwhelming, and your spirit has grown tired, know that they'll be there you to uplift and to inspire. And when you're torn and lonely, and you see no hope ahead, know that they will nourish you, and your spirit will be fed. even in the darkest hour, when all of hope seems gone, they'll give you strength to live your life, and desire to go on. And if your faith in Heaven should ever fade away, they'll help renew your spirit, and help you find your way. You’re listening to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. Angles are always there; and upon their strength and guidance, you always may rely. 3

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