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【注意:如果视频不清晰,有白色模糊部分,刷新页面重新播放即可】 /200703/11451031 transport Words Bus train bicycle car boat ship motorcycle van truck tram ferry barge speedboat yacht Coach airplane helicopter balloon minibus cruise ship scooter airport shuttle bus light railway Subway commuter train platform terminal bus/railway station carriage Phrases Use public transport Take a trip in/on a … Take to the air Drive a car Ride a bus Pedal a bicycle Driver’s license Traffic rules Beginner A: do you think we should travel by bus or by train? B; it’s a difficult choice. The train is a litter faster, but much more expensive. A; we could face delays if we travel by bus, thanks to traffic jams. B; buses are more cramped and you can’t walk around. A; that’s true, but I feel that I see more when I travel by bus. B; really? I think you see more traveling by train. a; so, which form of transport do you prefer to use? b; I prefer going by train, ever though it costs more. a: ok them. We’ll go by train. I’m sure we’ll have a good journey. Shall we go to the station and buy the tickets? B: the train aren’t usually full. We can get them on the day we travel. We should buy return ticket because they are much cheaper than getting two singles. A; we should take a packed lunch on the journey. The food they sell on the trains is always expensive. Intermediate A; how do you think the transport system in our city could be improved. B; I think that the public transport system could be made simpler. I never know where the bus routes actually go. The routes seem to twist and turn rather than going roughly in a straight line. A; I think we just need to build more roads. Then there would be more space for cars to drive and we’d have fewer traffic jams. B: if we built more roads, people would just fill them with cars again. I think we should discourage people from using their cars. A; how would you do that? B; I think we should do a few things at once. Improving public transport would encourage people to use that. If we also charge people to use their cars in the city centre, they won’t use their cars as much. A; I don’t know. I think it’s unfair to make drivers pay more money. They aly pay a lot of tax-petrol tax, for example. B; I think that they should pay more tax. Look at the damage they cause to the environment and people’s health by discharging all those exhaust fumes. A; the air would certainly be cleaner if there were fewer cars being used in the city. The problem is that people will see it as reducing their freedom. It well be unpopular. B; that’s a good point. Car owners will probably be against it, but people who use public transport will be in favor of it. /200705/13130Hi, everybody. One of the things that makes America so strong is our spirit of innovation. Our drive to invent and harness new technologies to tackle our greatest challenges. Its how we won the race to invent the lightbulb and the Internet; its why we were first to the Moon and Mars. Its why I keep models of American inventions like the telegraph in the Oval Office. Its a daily reminder of the genius thats embedded in our DNA; the way weve always shaped the future through our ideas and discoveries.大家好!美国之所以强大,其中一个重要原因就是我们的创新精神。我们对新技术创新和技术进步的不断追求让我们很好解决了众多艰难的挑战。正是这种精神让我们取得领先,我们发明了电灯、互联网;正因如此,我们最先登上了月球和火星。因此,我将美国人民创新精神的代表作,电报机等放在总统办公室。这些作品每天都在提醒我,这种创造精神根植于我们的DNA中,我们正是通过我们的创意和开拓精神塑造了我们的未来。Thats truer than ever today, with the constant stream of new apps and tools and data that are still changing the way we live–from getting a ride to paying our bills to developing smarter ways to combat climate change.时至今日,这种精神显得更加真切,新的应用、技术、数据不断发展,一直在不断改变我们的生活方式,从搭车出行到付日常账单,再到采取更智能的方式应对气候变化问题,无所不包。Thats why, next week, Ill travel to Austin, Texas, to visit South by Southwest. Its an annual gathering of some of our most creative thinkers, coders, makers, and entrepreneurs from across the country. And while Im there, Im going to ask everyone for ideas and technologies that can help update our government and our democracy to be as modern and dynamic as America itself.因此,下周,我将访问德州的奥斯汀市,参加西南以南大会。这是一年一度全国各地的创意大家、编程高手、创造大师以及企业家欢聚的盛会。我过去之后,会向所有人询问新的创意,了解新技术来帮助我们改进政府工作,改善我们的民主体制,让政治与美国一样现代化、充满动力。This has been a goal of mine since before I was President. On my campaign in 2008, we saw how technology could bring people together and help them engage as citizens in their own communities. So when I came to the White House, I wanted apply that experience to the federal government. It hasnt always been easy. And weve had some bumps along the way.在我还没有担任总统之前,这就是我的奋斗目标。2008年我参加总统大选之时,我们看到了技术发挥的作用,人们利用新技术汇聚,参与到选举中,行使各自的公民权力。因此,当我入主白宫之后,我也希望将这些经验应用到联邦政府的工作之中。但事情并不总是那么容易。前进的道路上,我们遇到了很多坎坷。But weve also made good progress. Over the past few years, for example, weve done something that government never has. We asked some of the sharpest minds from companies in Silicon Valley and across the country to come help us modernize the federal government for the way we live today. And they came y to serve, tackling some of our biggest challenges–like high-tech special ops units.但是,我们还是取得了很多成就。例如,过去的几年里,我们完成了以前的政府从来没做过的事情。我们邀请来自硅谷以及全国各地的高新企业的优秀人才帮助我们,改进了联邦政府的工作方式,改善了我们今天的生活方式。他们有备而来,全心务,解决了我们面临的众多艰难挑战,比如解决了高科技特别运维单位的难题。These teams are partnering with the governments existing policy and technical experts to re-imagine the way we do business and deliver services that work better and cost less. Aly, weve made it easier for students to find the college thats right for them. For immigrants to track the green card and naturalization process online. For veterans to access their medical records. And yes, after an initial false start, weve made it much easier for tens of millions of Americans to compare and buy health insurance and the peace of mind that goes with it.这些团队参与改进现有政策,并与技术专家一起重新规划我们开展业务的方式,改善务,让我们的工作更有效,成本更低。例如,我们让学生更方便找到适合自己的大学。让移民通过在线方式跟踪绿卡和入籍进度。让退伍军人可以掌握自己的医疗记录。还有,经历不完美的开始之后,我们已经让数千万美国人民可以方便的比较各种医疗保险的优劣,择优选购,买到手的还有内心的安宁。Thats what this is all about–making sure our government of the people and by the people works better for the people in the 21st century. Its about Americans working together to make a real difference in peoples lives. Because the easiest thing to do is to blame government for our problems. Some people have made a career out of that. But our founders trusted us with the keys to this system of self-government because its the best tool weve got to settle our differences and solve our collective challenges. And its only as good as we make it.这就是我今天要讲的内容,确保让我们的政府成为21世纪的民有、民治、民享的优秀政府。这也是美国人民共同努力,为人们带来新生活的目标。因为我们的错误责备政府实在是太容易不过了。但很多人还是终身在政府务。我们的建国先贤们相信我们,有了自我治理的关键制度这一最好工具,我们就可以消弭我们的分歧,共同解决我们面临的挑战。只要我们去努力,我们就一定可以做的更好。Thats why Im going to Austin and South by Southwest–to keep asking everyone from all walks of life, working inside or outside of government, to help us make this democracy even stronger. And I hope you join us.因此,我计划前往奥斯汀参加西南以南大会,征求各个层面的人、在政府工作和不在政府部门工作的人的意见,帮助改进我们的民主制度,使之更加强大。我希望大家加入进来。Thanks everybody, have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝周末愉快! 201603/430924

And isnt that part of what so often makes politics dispiriting?不正是这些因素使人们对政治感到失望的吗?How can elected officials rage about deficits when we propose to spend money on preschool for kids, but not when were cutting taxes for corporations?如果政客没有对削减企业税感到不满的话,那我们提议增加对学龄前儿童的出时,他们凭什么感到愤怒呢?How do we excuse ethical lapses in our own party, but pounce when the other party does the same thing?在抨击其他政党腐败的同时,我们怎么能宽宥党内腐败呢?Its not just dishonest, this selective sorting of the facts; its self-defeating.这些行为不只是不诚实,更是对事实的区别对待,是自我毁灭的行径。Because, as my mom used to tell me, reality has a way of catching up with you.因为,就像我母亲曾经告诉我的,现实总能让你自食其果。Take the challenge of climate change.让我们接受气候变化带来的挑战吧。In just eight years, weve halved our dependence on foreign oil;仅仅八年,我们对国外石油的需求量就削减了一半,weve doubled our renewable energy;可再生能源的产量也翻了一倍。weve led the world to an agreement that has the promise to save this planet.我们领导世界各国达成协议,承诺拯救我们生活的星球。But without bolder action, our children wont have time to debate the existence of climate change.但是如果不坚决地采取行动,我们的孩子将没有时间再讨论气候变化问题是否存在,Theyll be busy dealing with its effects:他们将忙于应对气候变化带来的各种影响:more environmental disasters, more economic disruptions, waves of climate refugees seeking sanctuary.更多的环境问题,更多对经济的阻碍和一拨又一拨寻求美好生活环境的气候移民。Now, we can and should argue about the best approach to solve the problem.现在,我们可以并且应该讨论解决环境问题的最佳方案。But to simply deny the problem not only betrays future generations,单纯地否认问题的存在是对后人的不负责,it betrays the essential spirit of this country,是对我们国家精神的实质的背叛,the essential spirit of innovation and practical problem-solving that guided our Founders.是对我们开国元勋的创新与解决实际问题精神的背离。201701/488705

Im here today to tell you that we are on the verge of another huge change,我今天想要告诉各位,我们即将经历另一次剧变,and that this change, surprisingly enough, is going to come from manufacturing, again.这次改变,出乎意料的是,也再次会从制造业开始。It will get us out of our growth slump它将使我们走出经济的萧条期,and it will change radically the way globalization has been shaped over the last decade.会从根本上改变过去十年全球化塑造的状况。Im here to tell you about the amazing fourth manufacturing revolution that is currently underway.现在我要告诉大家,第四次工业革命已经在发生了。Its not as if weve done nothing with manufacturing since the last revolution.这并不意味着,自上次工业革命以来我们没有任何进步。Actually, weve made some pretty lame attempts to try to revitalize it.事实上,我们做了几次努力,试图重振工业经济。But none of them have been the big overhaul we really need to get us growing again.但成效甚微,不足以让经济恢复增长。For example, weve tried to relocate our factories offshore in order to reduce cost and take advantage of cheap labor.比如说,我们曾试图将工厂迁至海外,利用当地廉价劳动力,从而降低成本。Not only did this not inspire productivity, but it only saved money for a short period of time,但这不仅没有提高生产力,还只是在短期内节省了成本,because cheap labor didnt stay cheap for long.因为廉价劳动力不会永远廉价。Then, weve tried to make our factories larger and we specialized them by product.之后,我们还试图把工厂做大,对每种产品进行专门化生产。The idea was that we can make a lot of one product and stockpile it to be sold with demand.这个想法是基于如果我们可以只做一种产品囤积起来以根据需求售卖。This did help productivity for a while.这个做法确实在一段时间内提高了生产力。But it introduced a lot of rigidities in our supply chain. Lets take fashion retail.但它让我们的供应链非常死板。让我们以饰时尚零售业为例。Traditional clothing companies have built offshore, global, rigid supply chains.传统的装企业建立了位于海外的,全球化的,僵化的供应链。201703/498100

简介: Go home and sleep on it, and tell me tomorrow what you think.sleep on it意为 think about it more.回家再多想想,明天告诉我你的想法。 /200701/9979

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