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  英语学习笔记:hang v. 悬挂;(使)低垂;绞死 n.悬挂方式;悬挂;绞刑separately adv. 分别地;个别地hung over 宿醉hang a few on 去喝一杯We must hang together, or well be hanged separately.我们必须团结在一起,否则我们将被一个个绞死They went out to hung a few on.他们打算出去喝一杯You are going hang tough on this.你一定要坚持下去更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 31

  We are throw to be enjoying one of the world most successful recording artist Avril Lavigne who sold more than o 30 million albums, 50 million singles worldwide.我们很高兴有请世界上最成功歌手之一的艾薇儿,她可是卖出了超过3000万张唱片, 5000万单曲的销量Today she releasing her faith studio album, Avril Lavigne is aly NO.1 in thirteen countries.今天她会公布自己录音室的新专辑,艾薇儿在个国家中已经排名第一And she gonna perm her single Let Me Go in just a moment, I dont want to not love with Avril Lavigne, you are right? 而且她稍后还将演唱自己的单曲《Let Me Go,你太令人着迷了,艾薇儿,自己怎么看?Homon got you, music youve gotten on you, husband you are going out on tour where you sing, life is good.你得到了幸福,有了自己的音乐,在巡演的时候演唱,生活就是这样美好Yes, there is lots going on is very exciting, but today amazing and just to have faith record out and to see all you guys on the fans, so cool!是的,有很多正在进行中,这令人非常兴奋,但今天的惊人爆料是有新专辑的消息,看看粉丝们,真是太酷了!And this new music is wonderful, and we know that your now husband Chad you cooperated with this, so you are not supposed to make business or pressure,新的音乐非常美妙,而且我们知道你的现任丈夫查德与你合作,所以你不应该工作或感到有压力,but you fell in love and you are now married so I think you are running out.但你与他有了恋情,现在又结婚了,所以我以为你已经江郎才尽I like to break the rules.我喜欢打破规则You break the rules never.你从来没有打破规则Tell us about your new music though.跟我们谈谈你的新专辑OK. Well. This song is a single called Let Me Go.好的好这首单曲的名字是《Let Me GoAnd its my first do it. And it with Chad.它是我和查德一同完成的第一首歌曲And with the first song we wrote in the studio.我们是在工作室写的第一首歌And it like he has to be on the song, and then now we are together, so it kind of cool,他喜欢创作,然后现在我们在一起,所以这很酷,We are not busy with Nickel back in.我们不是很着急尼克尔回来Well, congratulations to your both and everyone.嗯,恭喜你们的新专辑 9。

  人体穿刺被早早地发现于存在于人类古老的部落文化中,因不同文化历史背景而异,而现代人无异吸取了这种古老的身体装饰方式,在英国70年代的“朋克浪潮”和同时期美国的“嬉皮运动” 时以艺术的方式卷土重来并风靡全球借鉴融合了传统穿耳、印度穿鼻、阿非利加人骨穿鼻和印第安羽毛穿额等部落文化如今,人体穿刺可以在耳、鼻、口、唇、乳、脐等地方打刺佩带饰物除了摇滚乐、纹身与涂鸦,人体穿刺也成为了年轻人个性宣泄、另类审美的独有方式听力文本:小高:好吧,咱们继续周一没说完的话题,我们今天要聊聊人体穿孔的艺术,对吧?京晶:是的,穿孔的历史同样来自许多不同的文化和历史背景先说说鼻环吧,它最先是在四千年前的中东地区被发现小高:还有穿舌环最早也是来自古代部落的一些仪式,比如阿兹特克人和玛雅人的部落,人们使用这种方式来抽血以献祭神灵京晶:而耳环呢确实最常见的一种古老的穿孔艺术,你猜怎么着?就是那个被发现纹身的冰人干尸身上,也打了耳洞,合起来约有七到十七毫米左右宽呢小高:哇!那个冰人确实有些叛逆哦!再后来呢,部落的人们相信恶魔会通过耳朵进入你的身体,所以耳洞上的金属会起到保护作用京晶:让我吃惊的是,到时有一种人体穿刺不需要追溯到远古时代哦,那就是穿脐环这是现代才流行起来的,女性比男性更爱穿脐环小高:那你知道罗马的战士和武士们也会在自己的乳头上穿上环,有两个理由:一是表现他们身为战士的力量,勇气,和胆量,二是在战争中在他们的皮铠甲上用此环挂上披风京晶:想想都疼呀!不过如我们所说,给人体穿孔的理由来自不同历史文化如今美国人给自己的身体打了各种洞主要是他们觉得看上去很酷小高:还有一些人给身体弄很多洞只是因为这样他们看上去显得很危险,所以也有一些反抗世俗的因素在里面京晶:好吧,挺有意思的,那我们这就去弄个纹身然后穿一个舌环吧!小高:这是什么鬼?京晶:开玩笑嘛,走,吃东西去New words dialogue :Draw blood Ear lobe Rebel Surprisingly Stretch back to Bellybutton 听力中英对照文本敬请期待下期内容! 363751

  A Pair of Socks一双袜子One fine afternoon I was walking along Fifth Avenue, when I remembered that it was necessary to buy a pair of socks. Why I wished to buy only one pair is unimportant. I turned into the first sock shop that caught my eye, and a boy clerk who could not have been more than seventeen years old came ward. ;What can I do you, sir?; ;I wish to buy a pair of socks.; His eyes glowed. There was a note of passion in his voice. ;Did you know that you had come into the finest place in the world to buy socks?; I had not been aware of that, as my entrance had been accidental. ;Come with me,; said the boy, ecstatically. I followed him to the rear of the shop, and he began to haul down from the shelves box after box, displaying their contents my delectation.一个明朗的下午,我走在第五大街上,忽然想起得买双短袜至于为什么我只买一双,那是无关紧要的我看到第一家袜子店,便走了进去,一个年纪不到岁的少年店员向我迎来“您要什么,先生?”“我想买双短袜”他的眼睛闪出光芒,话语里含着“您是否知道您来到的是世上最好的袜店?”这我倒没有意识到,因为我是偶然走进来这家商店的“请跟我来,”那少年欣喜若狂地说我随他来到店堂后部,少年从货架上拖下一个又一个盒子,把里面的袜子展示在我面前,让我赏鉴;Hold on, lad, I am going to buy only one pair!; ;I know that,; said he, ;but I want you to see how marvelously beautiful these are. Arent they wonderful?; There was on his face an expression of solemn and holy rapture, as if he were revealing to me the mysteries of his religion. I became far more interested in him than in the socks. I looked at him in amazement. ;My friend,; said I, ;if you can keep this up, if this is not merely the enthusiasm that comes from novelty, from having a new job, if you can keep up this zeal and excitement day after day, in ten years you will own every sock in the ed States.; (To be continued)“等等,小伙子,我只要买一双!”“这我知道,”他说“不过,我想让您看看这些袜子有多漂亮,真是好看极了!”他脸上洋溢着庄严和神圣的狂喜,像是在向我启示他所信奉的宗教的玄理我对他的兴趣远远超过了对袜子的兴趣我诧异地望着他“我的朋友,”我说,“如果你能一直这样热情,如果这热情不只是因为你感到新奇,或因为得到了一个新的工作——如果你能天天如此,把这种热忱和保持下去,不消十年,你会成为全美国的短袜大王”(待续) 368也许一开始你不熟悉这个名字,但曲子一响起,你一定就知道了... ...点击此处收看MV 6388

  In summing up, I wish I had some kind of affirmative message to leave you with, I dont.作为结束,我希望给大家留几句乐观积极的话,不过我没有Would you take two negative messages?你们愿不愿意听两句悲观消极的话呢?My mother used to say to me when I was younger, ;If a strange man comes up to you, and offers you candy, and wants you to get into the back of his car with him...go;.小时候我妈妈曾对我说:“如果有陌生人凑近你,给你糖吃,要你跟着他坐到他车子后面去那你就去吧”Good night.晚安 3737A Puerto Rican youth is on trial murder, accused of knifing his father to death, and his fate rests in the hands of twelve strangers. The judge further inms them that a guilty verdict will be accompanied by a mandatory death sentence.This is the start of the powerful and thought-provoking drama Angry Men. Written by Reginald Rose, the film was released in 1957 starring legendary Hollywood actor Henry Fonda. The plotline revolves around a jury made up of men as they deliberate the guilt or acquittal of a defendant on the basis of reasonable doubt.After almost sixty years, the story is still a classic and watched by people across North America. This summer, Beijing Charity Readers Theatre is bringing the story to China with a one-time stage permance.The play is directed by Chris Verill. 397755


  无线青春剧“当四叶草碰上剑尖时”主题曲Shining Friends英文歌词:曲编监制 :陈光荣 词 : Anders唱 : Fiona FungPeggy LeeMathilde ChanA little faith Brightens a rainy day小小的信念 照亮那下雨天Life is difficult you can't go away生命难困苦、你总不能逃避Don't hide yourselve in the corner不要于躲角落You have my place to stay 我的胸怀可让你倚靠Sorrow is gonna say goodbye 忧伤终会跟你说再见Opens up You'll see the happy sunshine张开眼睛 你会看见快乐的阳光Keep going on with your dream继续追寻梦想Chasing tomorrow's sunrise向着明天的太阳追赶The spirit can never die不会逝去的、是信念与理想Sun will shine, my friend好朋友、太阳会闪耀Won't let you cry, my dear谁都不会令你流泪Seeing you shed a tear,Make my world disappear 你的一滴眼泪 都会让我的世界灰暗You'll never be alone in darkness 在黑暗中、你永不会孤独See my smile, my friend 好朋友、看我的笑颜We are with you, holding hands手牵手、我们和你一起走you have got to believe,you are my destiny 在我宁静的心灵、你是我的信念与目标We're meant to be your friends我们永远都会在一起That's what a friendship be因为我们是朋友 6959。

  约翰#86;塞纳,美国职业摔跤手,曾多次获得WWE冠军今天他现场展示摔跤夺冠者常有的动作很欢乐,有木有?John cena the champion of wrestlemania 9, John welcome back.约翰·塞纳,狂热摔角9次冠军,欢迎回来,约翰I didnt want to get into the goal, youre huge.我不想成为对手,你十分巨大Youre such a friend of the show.你是这节目的一位朋友You come, you hang out with us.你来了,你和我们一起The kids love you. Congratulations on your win.孩子们爱你祝贺你的胜利Thank you very much!非常感谢!Recently just a little bit, last night, can we just play a little bit?最近只是一小会儿,昨晚,我们能否展示一下吗?I wanna show the big move that made it all happen last night.我想展示绝技,而这一切昨晚发生了Look at that, there you are.看,你就在那里Huge. We have October like on that.十分巨大像是年月我们就已经是那样了Johnson the biggest boxer star in the world disappoint nobody.世界上最伟大的摔跤明星约翰从不令人失望Last night in front of over 8 thousand people.昨晚在8000多观众面前Look at this, run out to the crowd, a huge, huge, huge crowd.看看这个,跑到人群中,人群如浪潮一般汹涌Last night, it freezing cold.昨晚,非常的寒冷How did it affect the big match?它对这场重要比赛影响大吗?Oh, it didnt affect at all with over 8 thousand people there and its broadcast was heard a hundred countries around the world.哦,在所有超过8000人,世界各地一百多个国家的广播声音面前,那根本不是问题It really the energy in that place with stifling and it awesome.在那样一种地方的能量真的令人窒息,而且非常棒Like if I want have a look here, and if Im looking apposing and I wanna show somebody that I met you and I know you.就像如果我看看这里,如果我想做些展示及我想给一些我遇到过你,我了解你的人展示Can you tell me something that I do? Just like.你能告诉我一些我该做什么吗?就像你说的那样Absolutely. You want me to show you moves and you want me to get you prepared.没问题你想让我告诉你招数,而你要我给你准备的Be a WWE super star.这就是WWE超级明星But I looks at you and Im not thinking, any man festal is the right way to go.但我看着你并且我不会思考,任何男人都有条正确的路要走Here is what I am gonna do.这就是我选择的Im master the arm of visibility.我的主要杀招是隐身术,我是这方面的大师So when you get into some trouble, this is all and exactly what youre gonna do.所以当你遇到一些麻烦,就是所有的,你会做什么It hand in front of your face.手放在你的脸上And you just go, You cant see me! And that a champion.你就这样好了,你看不见我!那样才能成为冠军Here we go, Ill practice, this move, this move.我们去这里了,我会练习,这一招数,这一招数You cant see me. It works like that.你看不见我就是如此This is what the real belt looks like.这就是真正的冠军腰带What is that?那是什么?In the last of my champion, we think you do deserve, that one champion showing other, youre champion.在过去我的冠军赛中,我们认为你实至名归,这是一个冠军应有的表现,你就是冠军 37373



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