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成都尼斯铂尚美容做眉毛好吗四川省眉毛整形价格Y:Hey,Don.Did you have wanna be a doctor when you are a kid? D:Yeah,I always wanna be a surgeon. Y:So,what happend? D:I'm afraid of blood.Plus,it’s a lot of pressure, having someone’s life in your hands. I mean one mistake and you can kill someone. Y:Right.But you know there are things surgeons can do to cut down on mistakes. Like, for instance, warming up before operating. D:You mean warming up by as streching or something? Y:Not exactly,but sort of.Most of the time, surgeons prepare for surgery by going over the case and thinking about the procedure. But studies have shown that warming up by actually practicing the procedure or going through the hand motions of the surgery really helps.In one study, doctors that warmed up this way had eighty-percent fewer errors than doctors who didn’t warm up. D:Wow,so how can the surgeons practiced on a computer simulator or something? Y:Exactly.And many hospitals have simulators, but they’re usually tucked away in a classroom or in the basement. But if there were a practice simulator near the OR, more surgeons could take a few minutes to warm up and perform better during the real thing. D:Cool,if I'd known about this,maybe I would have to become a surgeon. Y:Maybe.10/85871成都改色唇花瓣唇漂唇旋染彩唇立体咬唇 US Doctors, Airlines Monitoring for Swine Flu美诊所及边界加强监测防堵猪流感  U.S. health officials are increasing surveillance measures at doctors' offices and international borders to guard against the sp of swine flu. Washington also has begun dispersing medicine from a federal stockpile.美国卫生官员加强在医生诊所和国际边界的监测措施,防止猪流感的蔓延。华盛顿当局也开始动用联邦库存,分发药品。The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there have been only mild cases of swine flu in the ed States, but experts remain on guard.美国疾病控制和预防中心说,美国出现的猪流感病例比较温和,但是专家们仍保持高度警惕。Acting agency director, Richard Besser, says the epidemic in Mexico prompted U.S. doctors to begin monitoring actively for possible infections.美国疾病控制和预防中心代理主任贝塞尔说,墨西哥爆发的猪流感疫情促使美国医生开始积极监控可能出现的感染病例。"We are asking doctors when they see someone who has flu-like illness who has traveled to an affected region, to do a culture, take a swab in the nose and send it to the lab so we can see: is it influenza, is it this type?" he said.贝塞尔说:“我们要求医生在给那些曾前往疫区旅行,出现流感症状的病人问诊时,做个细菌培养,用个棉球在鼻腔中提取些液体,送到化验室,以便查明:到底是流感,还是猪流感?”Speaking Sunday at the White House, Besser said the extra detection efforts have enabled officials to find more infections than under normal circumstances. He also says he expects the number of infections will rise and the illness will sp to other U.S. regions, as doctors continue to monitor the problem.贝塞尔星期天在白宫说,增加的一些监测措施能使有关官员能比一般情况下发现更多的感染病例。他还说,在医生们继续监控这个问题时,他预计感染的数量将上升,猪流感将蔓延到美国的其它地区。The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it does not recommend people travel to Mexico, where the outbreak of swine flu is centered and more than 100 deaths have been reported. But officials have not ordered a travel ban to the country.美国疾病控制和预防中心说,他们建议人们不要前往墨西哥旅行。墨西哥是猪流感疫情爆发的中心,已报告的死亡病例超过100人。但是有关官员尚未颁布前往墨西哥的旅行禁令。Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says, instead, airlines have the option of screening passengers on flights from Mexico.国土安全部张纳波利塔诺说,航空公司有权对来自墨西哥航班的乘客进行检查。"We are letting air carriers and our employees at the gates on those flights make sure that they are asking people if they are sick; and if they are sick, that they should not board the plane," she said. “我们让航空公司和这些航班检票口的员工要询问乘客是否生病。如果他们生了病,就不要上飞机。”Denise Korniewicz, an infectious disease expert at the University of Miami, says officials should take bolder steps to screen passengers at international borders, like Japan and other Asian nations are doing.科尔尼维茨是迈阿密大学的传染病专家。她说,有关官员应像日本和其它亚洲国家那样,在国际边界采取更果断的措施。"We have a very transient population here. And Japan has taken a lot of precautions. What Japan is doing is they are making everyone take a temperature when they get off the airplane," she said. "As far as I am concerned, I think that is a good idea."“我们的人口流动性很大。日本已采取许多防范措施。日本的做法是,他们让所有下飞机的乘客量体温。我认为这是个好主意。”U.S. officials say they are holding off on more aggressive actions because the outbreak has been limited in the ed States and they do not want to cause a health scare. 美国官员说,他们暂时不采取更大胆的行动,因为疫情仅在美国的局部地区爆发,他们不想引起卫生恐慌。Korniewicz says around the country health centers are putting in place emergency response measures aimed at limiting disease outbreaks. 科尔尼维茨说,全美国各地的医疗中心正在着手准备紧急应对措施,限制这种疾病的爆发。"I think we are going to be OK. We seem to have put things in motion quicker this time," said Korniewicz. "In every state we have had cases, the CDC has aly dispersed Tamiflu, which decreases the symptoms of the flu."“我认为我们会没有问题的。我们似乎这次采取的行动更快。目前每个州都出现这种病的病例,美国疾病控制和预防中心已经开始分发抗流感药‘达菲’。这种药能减轻流感的症状。”U.S. officials say they have distributed about 12 million doses of Tamiflu, from a federal stockpile. They say additional supplies are available if needed.美国官员说,他们已经动用联邦库存,分发了大约1200百万剂达菲流感药。他们说,如果需要的话,还能提供更多的药品。04/68256Itrsquo;s not clear why, exactly, heavy traffic could cause premature birth. Air pollution from car exhaust could have something to do with it. Some studies have found that women exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide were up to twenty-five percent more likely to have a preterm baby than women in areas with cleaner air. Itrsquo;s also possible that loud noise from highways and freeways could play a role by disturbing pregnant womenrsquo;s sleep. Losing sleep typically causes stress, which is linked to premature birth. Whatever the specific cause, these studies at the very least suggest that loud, heavy traffic, and pregnancy donrsquo;t mix.目前尚不清楚,究竟为什么,交通繁忙可能导致早产的确切原因。从汽车尾气造成的空气污染可能与之有些联系。一些研究发现,暴露在高浓度的一氧化碳中的妇女比在空气清洁的地区的妇女高达早产的可能性高达百分之二十五。公路和高速公路的巨大噪音也有可能会干扰妇的睡眠。失眠通常会导致压力,而压力与早产有关。无论具体原因是什么,至少在这些研究表明,发出巨大噪音的繁忙交通应当与妇分离。164915成都激光脱毛和雾眉哪家哪里医院好

成都市一字眉怎么画Donor's Pledge .48 Billion in New Gaza Aid捐助国承诺为加沙提供45亿美元 Representatives from donor nations meeting in Egypt have pledged more than .4 billion in new aid to help rebuild the war-torn Gaza Strip after the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas. 在埃及参加捐助国会议的代表筹集了44亿多美元,帮助重建加沙。加沙在以色列和哈马斯最近发生的冲突中受到战争的摧毁。Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said international donors meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh have pledged more than billion for Gaza reconstruction. 埃及外交部长艾哈迈德.阿布.盖特说,国际捐助国会议在沙姆沙伊赫为加沙重建筹集了50多亿美元。The Egyptian foreign minister says the participants at the conference pledged the sum of .481 billion dollars in fresh money at Monday's session ... and he says if you add previous pledges that some donor nations have reiterated, the figure comes to .2 billion, a figure that well exceeded expectations. 这位埃及外长说,参加会议的各国代表星期一在会议上表示愿意捐助44亿8千1百万美元。他说,如果加上此前一些捐助国已经表示要赠与的款项,总数达到52亿美元,这个数字大大超过了原来的预期。It is nearly twice the amount sought by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. 这个数字几乎是巴勒斯坦领导人阿巴斯寻求援助资金数额的两倍。U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed aid money for Gaza must be accompanied by a "comprehensive peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors."  美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿强调说,为加沙提供资金的同时也必需要在“以色列和它的阿拉伯邻国之间实现全面的和平”。"By providing humanitarian assistance to Gaza, we also aim to foster conditions in which a Palestinian state can be fully realized," said Hillary Clinton. "A state that is a responsible partner, is at peace with Israel and its Arab neighbors, and is accountable to its people. A state that Palestinians everywhere can be proud of, and is respected worldwide. This is the Palestinian state we all envision. This is the Palestinian state we have an obligation to help create." 她说:“在向加沙提供人道主义援助的同时,我们还要取得一个目标,那就是为充分建立一个巴勒斯坦国创造条件。这个国家应该是一个负责任的伙伴,一个同以色列以及它的阿拉伯邻国能够和平共处的国家,能够对自己的人民负责,一个各地巴勒斯坦人都能引以自豪的国家,一个在世界范围受到尊敬的国家。这才是我们希望看到的巴勒斯坦国, 这才是我们有义务帮助创建的巴勒斯坦国。”Clinton said the ed States 0 million in humanitarian aid for Gaza, in addition to 0 million for the Palestinian Authority, which is expected to use it to help pay the salaries of civil servants.  克林顿国务卿说,美国为加沙提供3亿美元的人道主义援助,除此之外,还向巴勒斯坦当局提供6亿美元的捐款,用以付公务员的工资。Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al Faisal told al Arabiya TV that rebuilding Gaza would be "difficult and fool-hardy, so long as peace and security do not prevail" in the territory. 沙特外交大臣费萨尔在接受阿拉伯语新闻频道的采访时说,要是在这片土地上不能实现和平与安全,那么重建加沙既是艰巨的,也是很傻的。Conference host Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said it is his "priority to reach a truce between Israel and the Palestinians," despite the multiple setbacks in negotiations Egypt has been mediating. 主持会议的埃及总统穆巴拉克说,以色列和巴勒斯坦人达成和平协议这一点是他的重点,尽管埃及帮助调停的谈判受到了重挫。He says Palestinians, as well as Arab and Muslim states, can not bear the climate of limbo, in which peace never quite arrives, for much longer. The situation in the region, he emphasizes, is alarming and could explode, more than at any time in the past, abetted by terrorism that thrives on delayed peace and regional forces that seek to drag the region into the abyss. 他说,巴勒斯坦人以及阿拉伯和穆斯林国家不能再容忍这种和平永远不会到达的气氛。他强调说,这个地区的形势比过去任何时候都更加危险,而且可能爆炸。这是由于恐怖主义只有在推迟和平的情况下得逞,也由于地区武装力量试图把整个地区拖入深渊。Israel threatened Sunday to launch a punishing new round of retaliatory strikes against Gaza if there is not a halt to rocket attacks against Israeli territory that have continued since the Israeli incursion ended in January. French President Nicholas Sarkozy said making peace with Israel was the duty of all "responsible Palestinians" and excuses are no longer acceptable. 法国总统萨科齐说,和以色列制订和平协议是所有负责任的阿拉伯人的义务,任何借口都是不能接受的。"It is a matter of will," he said. "Do we want to meet, just to talk or do we want to take the risk of making peace? Some tell me that the conditions [for peace] are not ripe, he argues. Well, if we wait for the conditions to be ripe to talk peace, we will be waiting a long time, and in the meantime we will be giving the initiative to extremists, everywhere." 他说,这是一个意愿问题。我们举行会议是仅仅为了会谈,还是要冒险来实现和平? 有人告诉我说,和平的条件还不成熟。那么如果我们等待和平谈判的条件成熟,我们将等待很长的时间,同时也就给各处的激进份子有可乘之机。Among the extremists Mr. Sarkozy was referring to is the Islamic Hamas movement, which controls Gaza. International donors want Hamas to play no part in spending funds pledged to rebuild Gaza. 萨科齐所说的激进份子包括伊斯兰组织哈马斯运动,这个激进组织控制着加沙。国际捐助国在使用重建加沙的资金方面不要哈马斯参与。03/63685绵阳纹唇哪家好 World Markets Edge Higher美三大汽车公司寻求获得联邦救助 World markets were mostly higher, despite more discouraging U.S. economic news. Congress and the Bush administration are examining restructuring plans put forth by failing American carmakers in hopes of securing emergency federal loans. 美国经济的负面消息不断传来。与此同时,美国国会和布什政府正在审查陷于困境的美国汽车制造商提交的改组计划,它们希望获得联邦紧急贷款。The latest economic data shows further contraction of America's service sector, the slashing of 250,000 private-sector jobs in November, and reduced productivity gains in the ed States, which is now believed to have been in a recession since the end of 2007. 最新的经济数据显示,美国务业进一步收缩,11月份私人部门损失了25万份工作,美国的生产率增长出现下降。所有这些都进一步表明,美国经济处于衰退状态。The deteriorating economy has further strained America's aly-struggling automobile industry. The biggest of the top three U.S. carmakers, General Motors, says without immediate government assistance, it could face bankruptcy in coming weeks.  不断恶化的经济使已经在死亡线上挣扎的美国汽车工业雪上加霜。三大汽车公司中规模最大的通用汽车表示,如果没有政府的立即援助,它将在几个星期之内面临破产。General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are asking for a total of billion in federal loans, and have pledged to cut costs and restructure operations to restore long-term viability. 通用、福特和克莱斯勒正在要求政府提供总数为340亿美元的联邦贷款。它们保降低成本,改革经营管理,以恢复长期的生存能力。The Bush administration, which has opposed extending federal assistance beyond a billion government loan originally intended to foster the development of more fuel-efficient vehicles, is taking a wait-and-see approach to the carmakers' pleas for help. 布什政府反对在最初的250亿美元用于开发节能汽车的联邦贷款之外提供任何新的联邦援助,现在仍然对汽车制造商要求帮助采取观望态度。"We want to make sure that a company is viable, so that if the American taxpayers help the automakers now, that they do not have to help them again in six months because the plans did not work. We have said that we want to try to help the automakers. But we need to look at each of them and see if what we would be able to support could actually be a good investment fort the taxpayers, and we just do not know that yet," said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino. 白宫发言人佩里诺说:“我们想要确保一家公司能够独立生存。所以如果美国纳税人现在帮助汽车制造商,他们就不需要在6个月之内由于援助计划不生效而被迫继续施以援手。我们已经说过,我们希望试图帮助这些汽车公司,但是我们需要审查每一家公司,看看我们提供的帮助对于纳税人来说是不是一笔真正好的投资。我们现在还不能确信这一点。”Auto executives are to testify on Capitol Hill later this week for the second time in as many weeks. Tuesday, the carmakers reported sales in November that were down as much as 47 percent from a year ago. 今后两天,三大汽车公司的总裁们将在国会山接受几个星期以来的第二次质询。星期二,这些汽车公司报告了11月的销售情况,销售量比一年前下降了多达百分之47。"The pace of deterioration [of sales] has actually accelerated. Weakness in the first quarter [of 2008], more weakness in the second quarter, significantly more weakness in the third quarter, then October and November were the worst levels we have seen post-World War II," said General Motors Chief Operating Officer Fritz Henderson. 通用汽车公司的首席运营官弗里兹.亨德森说:“销售恶化的速度实际上正在加快。2008年第一季度销售量就已经下降,第二季度更加疲软,第三季度疲弱态势急剧恶化,然后10月和11月达到二战结束之后最差的水平。”But industry analysts say, even if car sales were better, U.S. manufacturers would still be losing money because the cost of producing each vehicle exceeds what they can charge to sell them.  但是产业界分析人士说,即使汽车销售量好转,美国汽车制造商还是会亏损,因为每辆车的生产成本都超过了它的销售价格。Carmakers need to cut costs, and that means securing significant wage and benefits concessions from the ed Auto Workers union, according to analyst Rebecca Lindland of the forecasting firm Global Insight.  美国经济咨询公司全球透视的分析人士莱拜卡.林德兰德说,汽车制造商需要削减成本,那就意味着要从工会组织汽车工业联合会那里获得工人工资和福利方面的巨大让步。"This [bailout of the auto industry] is not going to really work without getting some kind of flexibility from the UAW. These companies could go bankrupt, and then the union is powerless. So they have to give concessions," he said. “如果不能从汽车工人联合会那里得到某种弹性让步,对汽车工业的救助就不会真正发挥作用。如果这些公司破产,工会就失去了地位。所以它们不得不做出让步。”Democratic congressional leaders have said it would be unacceptable for the U.S. auto industry, the backbone of American manufacturing, to fail. What is yet to be decided is whether emergency government funds would come from a 0 billion financial rescue package Congress approved in October. 国会的民主党领导人表示,美国制造业的柱汽车工业的倒闭是不能令人接受的。现在需要决定的是,政府的紧急救援资金是否出自国会10月份通过的7千亿美元的金融救助方案。The Treasury Department has spent nearly half of those funds to prop up banks, mortgage and investment firms, and insurance companies.  财政部已经动用了这笔资金的将近一半来援助、房贷公司、投资机构和保险公司。At a news conference, President-elect Barack Obama said he wants to see federal assistance go beyond rescuing financial corporations and provide relief to Americans who are in danger of losing their homes.  当选总统奥巴马在新闻发布会上说,他希望看到联邦救援不仅仅要帮助金融公司,而且也要惠及到面临失去住房危险的美国人。"We have got to start helping homeowners, in a serious way, to prevent foreclosures. The deteriorating assets in the financial markets are rooted in the deterioration of people being able to pay their mortgages and stay in their homes. And if we help Main Street, ultimately we are going to help Wall Street," he said. “我们必须开始以十分严肃的方式来帮助房主,防止他们丧失房屋赎回权。金融市场资产不断贬值的根源在于人们缴纳房屋贷款、保住他们房屋的能力不断恶化。如果我们帮助了普通的美国人,最终我们也能够帮助华尔街。”Mr. Obama spoke after announcing the latest member of his economic team, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who he nominated to be commerce secretary.Major markets in Asia and Europe all closed moderately higher.200812/57895曲靖市纹绣多少钱

四川省纹眉绣眉雕眉 HTC's patent problemsHTC的专利问题Android alert安卓系统,要当心了Using Google’s Android software has given HTC a boost, but it may now make the Taiwanese handset-maker vulnerable to costly lawsuits 使用谷歌的安卓软件推动了宏达电(HTC)的发展,但是现在它可能变成弱点,令这家台湾手机制造公司遭遇昂贵的诉讼Jul 21st 2011 | TAOYUAN, TAIWAN | from The Economist print edition UNTIL a few years ago HTC was pretty small and relatively obscure. But the Taiwanese company’s recent growth has been remarkable. In the second quarter it sold 11m smartphones, more than doubling its revenues in the same period last year. HTC’s main rivals, Nokia, Samsung and Apple, still sell around twice as many smartphones. But its rapid growth, especially on Apple’s American home turf, has made it a competitor to reckon with.几年前HTC还只是一个规模很小、相对不知名的公司。但是这家台湾公司最近的业绩增长却有目共睹。今年第二季度它共出售了1100万部智能手机,收入比去年同期增加了一倍多。HTC的主要竞争对手诺基亚、三星和苹果公司卖出的智能手机仍然是HTC的大概两倍。但是它的快速崛起、特别是在苹果的美国老家的迅速发展,已经使它成为不容小觑的对手。One reason for HTC’s surging sales is the relentless pace of its innovation: in the past quarter, in which Apple had no new iPhone to launch, HTC introduced ten new models. Another is Google’s Android operating system, on which most of HTC’s smartphones are now based, which has proved a hit among consumers.HTC手机销量猛增的原因之一是它源源不断的创新:上个季度,苹果公司没有发布任何新款iPhone,但是HTC却推出了10款新机型。还有一个原因是谷歌的安卓操作系统,现在HTC智能手机的大部分都以此系统为平台,它在消费者中间非常受欢迎。201107/146452成都玛姬美学化妆做纹绣多少钱达州韩式半永久眉毛哪家好



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