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文山/做纹绣眉型多少钱成都/武侯艾美美容医院韩式半永久化妆多少钱张掖做半永久性化妆漂唇术多少钱 While you are basking in the glow当你沉浸在你第一次of having won your first massively multiplayer thumb-wrestling game,赢得超级多人拇指摔跤比赛胜利的光荣中时lets do a quick recap on the positive emotions.我们来说说这当中的正面情绪So curiosity.好奇心I said ;massively multiplayer thumb-wrestling.;当我说超级多人拇指摔跤的时候You were like, ;What the hell is she talking about?;你大概会想:她到底在说什么?So I provoked a little curiosity.我引发了一些好奇心Creativity:创造力:it took creativity to solve the problem of getting all the thumbs into the node.把所有的拇指连结到一个节点,需要发挥创造力Im reaching around and Im reaching up.要和周遭以及上面的人连结So you used creativity. That was great.所以你们发挥了创造力,这样很好How about surprise? The actual feeling那惊喜呢?of trying to wrestle two thumbs at once is pretty surprising.同时用两个拇指摔跤,是很让人惊喜的事You heard that sound go up in the room.你听到了这个房间里的声音变大了We had excitement. As you started to wrestle,还有兴奋:当你开始摔跤的时候maybe youre starting to win or this persons, like, really into it,你也许觉得能够赢过那个人so you kind of get the excitement going.所以你开始感到兴奋We have relief. You got to stand up.我们得到了解脱:你得站起来Youve been sitting for awhile, so the physical relief, getting to shake it out.你们已经坐着好一阵子了,身体的舒缓把疲劳一扫而空We had joy. You were laughing, smiling.我们得到了喜悦。你们在大笑、微笑,Look at your faces. This room is full of joy.看看这些面孔。这个房间里充满了喜悦We had some contentment.我们感到很满足I didnt see anybody sending text messages or checking their email while we were playing,当我们在玩的时候,我没看到有人在传讯息,或是在看电子邮件so you were totally content to be playing.表示你们完全满足于玩这个游戏The most important three emotions,最重要的三个情绪、敬畏、以及惊讶awe and wonder, we had everybody connected physically for a minute.我们把所有人在生理上连结起来了一分钟When was the last time you were at TED你们上次在TED演说当中and you got to connect physically with every single person in the room?和在这房间里的每一个人,产生连结是什么时候?And its truly awesome and wondrous.这真是令人惊讶又奇妙And speaking of physical connection,说到生理上的连结you guys know I love the hormone oxytocin,我很喜欢催产素这个荷尔蒙you release oxytocin, you feel bonded to everyone in the room.当你分泌催产素时,你会感到跟这个房间里的所有人产生了连结You guys know that the best way to release oxytocin quickly快速分泌催产素的最好方法就是is to hold someone elses hand for at least six seconds.握住另一个人的手至少六秒You guys were all holding hands for way more than six seconds,你们都握了远远超过六秒so we are all now biochemically primed to love each other. That is great.所以我们现在正因为,生化反应的刺激而爱对方,这很棒And the last emotion of pride.最后一种情绪是骄傲How many people are like me. Just admit it.有多少人跟我一样,承认吧You lost both your thumbs.你两个拇指都输了It just didnt work out for you.那这个情绪就不适用在你身上Thats okay, because you learned a new skill today.但没关系,因为你今天学了一项新技能You learned, from scratch, a game you never knew before.你学到,从基础开始,一个你从来不知道的游戏Now you know how to play it.You can teach other people.现在你知道如何玩这个游戏,你可以教别人玩So congratulations.恭喜你How many of you won just won thumb?有多少人只有赢一个拇指?All right. I have very good news for you.好,我有个好消息告诉你们According to the official rules of massively multiplayer thumb-wrestling,根据多人拇指摔跤的正式规则this makes you a grandmaster of the game.这表示你是这个游戏的大师Because there arent that many people who know how to play,因为并没有很多人知道怎么玩we have to kind of accelerate the program more than a game like chess.我们必须让更多人认识这个游戏,让它变得比西洋棋还要热门So congratulations, grandmasters.恭喜,大师们Win one thumb once, you will become a grandmaster.赢一个拇指,就会让你成为一位大师Did anybody win both their thumbs?有人两个拇指都赢的吗?Yes. Awesome. Okay.有。大棒了。好Get y to update your Twitter or Facebook status.准备在Twitter或是Facebook上面更新状态吧You guys, according to the rules, are legendary grandmasters, so congratulations.根据规则,你们是传奇大师,恭喜I will just leave you with this tip,if you want to play again.如果你们还想再玩的话,让我告诉你们一个秘诀The best way to become a legendary grandmaster,youve got your two nodes going on.成为一位传奇大师最好的方法,要同时注意你的两个节点Pick off the one that looks easiest.选看起来比较容易的那个下手Theyre not paying attention. They look kind of weak.别人并不专心,他们看起来很弱Focus on that one and do something crazy with this arm.专注在那一边,并用这边的手臂做些疯狂事As soon as you win, suddenly stop.当你赢了之后,马上停止Everybody is thrown off. You go in for the kill.每个人都会被分心,你就进去大杀四方Thats how you become a legendary grandmaster of massively multiplayer thumb-wrestling.如此就能成为多人拇指摔跤的传奇大师Thank you for letting me teach you my favorite game.谢谢你们让我教你们我最喜欢的游戏201512/417980As one of the most significant Christian festivals, Easter is a time of reflection and renewal. What it celebrates is the moving and powerful story of Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection.As the poet Spenser wrote, “Love is the lesson which the Lord us taught.”And the values that Jesus lived his life by – compassion, humility and forgiveness – resonate with people of all faiths and none.It’s why so many people, both Christian and not, use the weeks before Easter – the forty days of Lent – to take stock of what is truly important to them and their families. Whether that is through giving their time to volunteer or going without something in their own lives to help those most in need. It all makes a difference.Easter is also a time that many people spend with their families, relaxing and enjoying the break in their different ways.So, whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope you have a very Happy Easter.201507/384119天水做唇妆多少钱

昌吉阜康市做眉毛多少钱成都/柴志教育韩式半永久化妆多少钱 都江堰绣眉哪家好

阿克苏市做韩式雾眉多少钱We will never run out of fossil fuels well never use it all up, not for centuries化石燃料将永远烧不完几个世纪都用不完Sure, there is less oil and less especially of that really sweet Appalachian crude than there ever used to be没错 石油越来越少了特别是阿帕拉契山脉原油的数量正在减少but there is also oil sand and tar sand and oil shale and they may be called by some new euphemism like shale tar但我们还有油砂焦油砂 油页岩也许以后还会有人起新的名字 例如页岩焦油and of course there are enormous quantities of coal, coal, coal nothing but coal, everywhere all over the world当然还有大量的煤炭 煤炭 煤炭全世界各地都有煤炭And it was left herewhen there were no termites to chew it all up煤炭还有很多而且没有白蚁能够将它们吃完Right now no one pays for the smoke and the gas that burning coal creates现在 没人为燃烧煤炭产生的烟尘和废气付出代价So people worldwide will just keep digging it up, keep burning it世界各地的人只会不断将其挖起 然后燃烧使用Now when I rode my bicycle to the first Earth Day on the National Mall in 19701970年 我骑自行车去参加国家广场的第一届地球日I locked my bike to a US flag pole at the Washington Monument and Washington was a small town back then我将自行车锁在华盛顿纪念碑的国旗杆上 当时华盛顿还是个小地方and I celebrated that I had not produced any pollution because I had not driven a car我庆祝自己没有对环境成任何污染因为我没有开车It seems a little hard to believe now but here in ed States along with rivers that caught on fire现在看来可能有些难以置信原来在美国河流沿岸燃烧产生的有害物质we had air pollution so thick, how thick was it?让空气污染非常严重 有多严重呢It was so thick that it killed people in their sleep严重到甚至能让人死于睡梦之中That would still be happening and it would almost certainly be a great deal worse now如果不是那些为改变世界而奋斗的人if we were not for the people who fought for change but with the air quality regulations in place lethal clouds of pollution dont happen here anymore这种情况肯定还在发生 甚至可能更糟还好 得益于空气质量监管这里不再有致命烟雾污染发生201510/403368 One of the greatest formative experiences of my life preceded Harry Potter, though it informed much of what I subsequently wrote in those books. This revelation came in the form of one of my earliest day jobs. Though I was sloping off to write stories during my lunch hours, I paid the rent in my early 20s by working in the research department at Amnesty International’s headquarters in London. 想象力使我随后写书有了很多的想法,但对我印象最深远的经历发生在写《哈利·波特》之前。这种影响源于我早期的工作经历。在刚二十几岁的时候,为了付房租,我在伦敦大赦国际总部的调查部门工作,但我可以在午餐时间偷偷溜出去写小说。 There in my little office I hastily scribbled letters smuggled out of totalitarian regimes by men and women who were risking imprisonment to inform the outside world of what was happening to them. I saw photographs of those who had disappeared without trace, sent to Amnesty by their desperate families and friends. I the testimony of torture victims and saw pictures of their injuries. I opened handwritten, eye-witness accounts of summary trials and executions, of kidnappings and rapes. 在那儿,我在狭小的办公室里看着从集权主义政体偷运出来的信件。写这些信件的人,为了让外界知道他们那里所发生的事情,冒着被监禁的危险,用潦草的字迹匆匆写下他们的遭遇,然后再将信件寄给我们。我看过那些由绝望的家人和朋友寄来的无迹可寻的人的照片。我读过被严刑拷打的受害者的词并看了他们遍体鳞伤的图片。我打开过目击者的手记,上面描述了对于绑架案和强奸案的审判和处决。 Many of my co-workers were ex-political prisoners, people who had been displaced from their homes, or fled into exile, because they had the temerity to think independently of their government. Visitors to our offices included those who had come to give information, or to try and find out what had happened to those who they had left behind. 我的很多同事以前都是政治犯,因为他们敢于批判政府,有自己的想法,所以被赶出家门,或被放逐海外。来我们办公室的的访客,包括那些前来提供信息的,或想方设法知道那些留下的同志发生了什么事的人。 I shall never forget the African torture victim, a young man no older than I was at the time, who had become mentally ill after all he had endured in his homeland. He trembled uncontrollably as he spoke into a camera about the brutality inflicted upon him. 我永远不会忘记那个非籍酷刑受害者,一个当时还没我大的年轻男子,他因在故乡的经历而精神错乱。在摄像机前讲述被残暴地摧残的经历时,他的身体止不住地颤抖。 /201207/191000博尔塔拉博乐市做眉妆多少钱那曲地区做唇妆多少钱



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