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America 美国 An American woman living in Wisconsin volunteered to tutor1 English to a Japanese woman who had moved into the same community. “Before each lesson, and on each and every visit,” the American reported, “the Japanese lady brought me a gift — a book, some paper sculpture, flowers, or candy. It was embarrassing.”  一位居住在威斯康星州的美国女士自告奋勇辅导刚搬进同一社区的一位日本女士学习英语。她指出:“那位日本妇女每次上课、每次拜访都带礼物给我,一本书、纸刻品、花或是糖果,真令我尴尬。”  Unknowingly, this American was experiencing a vestige of protocol rooted centuries deep in the Japanese culture.  这位美国女士不知不觉领教了日本几百年来根深蒂固的文化传统。  In America, lavish, extravagant gifts are definitely out. An appropriate alternate to a gift is to take the deserving person to dinner, or to an entertainment or sporting event. On the contrary, gift giving is an institution and a revered custom in Japan. According to Business Tokyo magazine, among the Japanese “gift giving is a necessity, not merely a nicety as in the West.” In Japan the proper gift is thought to express the giver's true friendship, gratitude, and respect far better than words can. So if you plan to visit Japan or to have Japanese visit you here, be prepared.  在美国,赠送贵重的礼物是行不通的,比较合适的礼物是带上你要感谢的朋友去赴宴或参加体育活动。与之相反的是,在日本送礼是一种制度,一个优良惯例。据《东京商业杂志》所言,“日本人送礼至关重要,而不像西方仅把它当作一件不起眼的事。”在日本,恰当的礼物意为表达送礼之人诚挚的难以言表的友好、感激及尊重之情,所以如果你准备前往日本或有日本朋友前来拜访,一定要做好准备。  So you know gift giving plays a very important role in nowadays society. Now let's see what's happened in other countries.  你看,当今社会,送礼发挥着重要作用。现在我们来看看其他国家的情况。Australia 澳大利亚  Australia is known for its friendly informality and lack of pretentiousness8. So modest gifts, such as a business diary, a paperweight, or a coffee mug might be presented as a memento9 of a visit of business meeting. At a trade show, T-shirts, ties, baseball caps, or a pin may be appropriate mementos. Anything more than these types of gifts could cause embarrassment.  澳大利亚以其友好,不拘礼节及坦诚而闻名,所以在参加商务会议时,送上一个商用记事本、纸镇或一个咖啡杯再合适不过了。在商业展览上,赠送T恤衫、领带、棒球帽或者一个大头针最合适做纪念品了。若送比这些东西贵重的礼品反而会致人尴尬。Greece 希腊  The most common form of showing appreciation in Greece is probably an evening's entertainment. If you do present a gift, avoid personal items, such as ties and shirts. If you are invited to a Greek home, flowers or a cake for the hostess are an appropriate gift.  在希腊,表达感激之情最常见的方式可能就是晚间活动。如果你要送礼,不要送一些过于亲昵的东西,比如领带衬衣之类。如果希腊人邀请你去其家做客,给女主人送上鲜花或者蛋糕就很合适了。Germany 德国  A West Virginia executive, visiting Germany for the first time, was invited to the home of his largest customer. He decided to be gallant4 and bring his hostess a bouquet of flowers. He selected a dozen red roses.  一位西弗吉尼亚主管第一次去德国,其最大的客户邀请他上门拜访。他想献殷勤,于是给女主人带了一束鲜花,选的是一打红玫瑰。  Oops! Terrible mistake! Social gift giving is popular and well-established in Germany but has certain do's and don'ts.  噢!这个错可犯大了!交际中送礼在德国早已司空见惯,为世人所接受。不过什么可送什么不可送可是大有学问的。  Flowers are often taken to a hostess of a dinner party at her home, but there are three taboos to remember: 1)red roses signify a romantic interest, 2)an even5 number of flowers signifies bad luck, as does the number thirteen, and 3)always unwrap the flowers before presenting them. This West Virginia was making what amounted to a pass at his customer's wife.  如果晚宴设在女主人家中,常见的就是给她送花。不过有三个禁忌一定得记住:1)红玫瑰象征着心仪对方;2)偶数鲜花寓意着倒霉,13朵也是如此;3)献花之前不要包扎。这个西弗吉尼亚人送红玫瑰让人以为他对客户的妻子有意思呢!  When visiting a German home, gifts that reflect your home country are popular, and you might want to bring small gifts for the children of the family you are visiting.  登门拜访德国人时,带上能反映你祖国特色的礼物将大受欢迎!也可以给主人家的孩子带上点小礼物。  Gifts are customarily6 wrapped and many Germans spend considerable time designing elegant wrappings. Most shops offer gift-wrapping services, too.  礼物一般得包扎,很多德国人会花上一定的时间设计个优雅的包装。大多数商店也会提供包装务。Italy 意大利  When you are invited to a person's home for dinner, it might be nice to bring flowers or a box of chocolates for your hostess, although it is just as considerate to have the flowers sent the next day.  Yellow roses can signify “jealousy.” And in Italy never send chrysanthemums7, since they suggest death.  当你受邀至某户人家共进晚餐时,为女主人带上几束花或者一盒巧克力就可以啦,不过当然你要是第二天再送花的话,也可算是考虑周到了。  黄玫瑰寓意着“嫉妒”。在意大利人们从来不送菊花,因为这暗示死亡。 /200903/64225

Most women will have the occasional moan about the length of their legs, the size of their waist or the shape of their bottom.多数女性都会偶尔叹息自己的腿不够长,腰不够细,或臀部不够丰满挺翘。But it seems Pippa Middleton and her peers might find less to grumble about than most – this year, at least.但皮帕#8226;米德尔顿和她的同龄人与多数人相比却似乎很少抱怨——至少今年是这样。Women feel their sexiest at the age of 28, according to a survey.据一项调查显示,女人在28岁的时候觉得自己最性感。Miss Middleton, millionairess Tamara Ecclestone and actress Mila Kunis are all at the magic age for embracing their sex appeal, according to the research.该调查称,米德尔顿、超级富婆塔玛拉#8226;埃克尔斯通和女演员米拉#8226;库尼丝都处于正散发着性感魅力的奇妙年龄。Although they may feel most sexy at 28, a woman’s confidence doesn`t peak until she is 32 - with supportive friends and family acting as the biggest boost to their self-belief.也许女人觉得自己在28岁的时候最性感,但她们的自信通常到32岁时才会达到顶峰——持她们的朋友和家人会最大程度地提升她们的自信心。The findings come from a new study by Lil-Lets which focused on British women’s attitudes towards being female.该发现来自英国研究机构Lil-Lets的一项新研究。这一机构主要研究英国女性身为女人的心态。Researchers found that most women are happy with the shape of their bum and boobs and the size of their hips and waist.研究人员发现多数女性都对自己的臀型、胸型和腰臀尺寸感到满意。In fact, three quarters of British women said they would not change their body shape if they were given the opportunity.实际上,四分之三的英国女性都表示即便有机会也不会去刻意改变自己的体形。The body part women are most proud of is their eyes, with 23 percent feeling that they are their best physical attribute. Twenty percent opted for their breast, with brains coming in third (13 percent).女人们最引以为傲的部位是她们的眼睛,有23%的女性认为眼睛是她们最好看的身体特征。20%的女性更欣赏自己的胸部,排在第三位的是头脑(13%)。When asked which part of themselves they would change if they had to, 41 percent of women said they`d like to have longer, slimmer legs.当被问到如果一定要改变自己身体的某一部位她们会如何选择时,41%的女性说她们想拥有更修长更苗条的双腿。And the aspects of womanhood which they enjoyed the most were getting dressed up, wearing heels and doing their hair and make-up.而身为女人她们最喜欢做的事就是打扮自己、穿高跟鞋、做头发和化妆。Although they may feel most sexy at 28, women’s confidence peaks at 32 - with supportive friends and family the biggest boost to their ego.尽管她们可能觉得自己在28岁时最性感,但她们的自信通常到32岁才会达到顶峰——持她们的朋友和家人是她们自信起来的最大动力。A fifth of those surveyed wished they could be more confident around men while the biggest reason for broken confidence was being dumped by a partner.五分之一接受调查的女性希望她们能在男人面前更自信,而女性自信心崩溃最常见的原因就是被男友甩掉。 /201207/192474

Designer Gayla·Bentley loves necklines: "V necklines, portrait necklines...cuts that emphasize femininity and decolletage," said Gayla. One of the first steps to building a timeless wardrobe is to choose clothes that look great on you; flattering necklines are key because they bring attention to your face and decolletage, a Gayla Bentley signature. The Houston-based designer uses what she calls "basic, but sassy" versatile pieces sized 2-28 that look great on real women's bodies and work well with women's hectic lifestyles. 设计师Gayla·Bentley唯独对领口情有独钟:“V字型,肖像型等的剪裁必须强调女性气质的美和低胸。” 永恒衣橱的第一个步骤是选择的穿在妳身上真是好看的衣,领口就是关键因素,因为它们使你的脸部和低胸引人注意。这是Bentley的名言。 这位休斯顿设计师的风格是“典雅但又不失活泼”。这套2-28利用多种方式剪裁而成,表现了女性的身材美的同时又非常符合女性那种忙碌但有序的生活方式。 /201110/159497

Its His Fault是他的错 Billy and Bobby were brothers, and they often had fights with each other.比利和波比是两兄弟,两人经常打架。Last Saturday their mother said to them, ;I#39;m going to cook our lunch now. Go out and play in the garden - and be good.;上个星期六,他们的妈妈对他们说:“我现在要做午饭了。去,到花园去玩吧,别淘气。”;Yes, Mummy.; the two boys answered, and they went out.“是,妈妈。”两个男孩回答,然后他们就出去了。They played in the garden for half an hour, and then Billy ran into the kitchen, ;Mummy, ; he said, ;Bobby#39;s broken a window in Mrs. Allens#39; house.;他们在花园里玩了半个小时,然后比利跑进了厨房。“妈妈,”他说:“ 波比打碎了艾伦太太家的窗玻璃。”;He#39;s a bad boy,; his mother said. ;How did he break it?;“他是个坏孩子。”他妈妈说。“他是怎么把玻璃打碎的?”;I threw a stone at him,; Billy answered,;and he quickly ducked.;.“我朝他扔了一块石子,”比利回答:“他蹲下了。”         /201206/185580

It has often been said that opposites attract but research suggests that initial spark of attraction soon fades and does not make for a long and happy married life.A survey carried out by The Oxford Internet Institute, looked at the habits of 1,000 couples to find the secret of a happy relationship.The poll was conducted for online matchmaking service eHarmony.People who want to sign up for the site, complete a comprehensive questionnaire of more than 200 questions, which takes about an hour to complete."At the time that we launched in 2000, people were really sceptical that you could bring technology or scientific research to something that had always been attributed in these magical terms to some unknowable quality about why two people connect," Greg Waldorf, eHarmony's chief executive said.eHarmony to claim that every day on average 118 US couples who met on eHarmony get married--2% of the total number of marriages.Paula Hall, a relationship psychotherapist at the UK relationship service says: "Compatibility is an essential ingredient in relationship happiness, but some differences are inevitable. How couples manage those differences is the key to long-term success."But there is not one formula for all couples. Analysis of the data gathered by eHarmony shows that across cultures couples value very different things.For instance, Britons are the least likely to complain if modern life leaves their partners too tired for sex. Australians are less worried by their spouse being less affectionate and Americans argue more.Happily married people in the UK tend to agree more on how to make major decisions, how family finances are handled, the division of household tasks, and how to deal with parents and in-laws. Compared to the US and Australia, UK couples are the least likely to be worried if their partner is regularly too tired for sex.In the US, couples put more focus on the interpersonal facets of their relationships, reporting that they laugh together, exchange ideas, kiss, and confide in each other more often. However, they also have more arguments and are more likely to report that their partners annoy them.In Australia, couples put a lot of stock in working on projects together, and it is the country where couples are least likely to be concerned that their spouse doesn't show enough love and affection.Couples in the US, the UK and Australia experience a dip in marital satisfaction around the birth of their first child, which Mr Waldorf attributes to a period of adjustment to the change in the relationship. Chinese couples, by contrast, actually experience a rise in satisfaction, which Mr Waldorf suggests is due to a stronger immediate family support network. /200812/59291

“Elopement” is a term or an event with some sort of mysteriousness. In China, stories about runaway lovers are quite a lot. Some may wonder, what eventually happened to the runaway lovers, or if there were happy endings to those brave lovers.  “私奔”总是个神秘的话题。在中国,也有很多关于私奔的故事。你也许会好奇:私奔最终会有怎样的结局,那些勇敢的情侣们会有个圆满的结局吗?  In ancient China, elopement mainly referred to the act of running away with one’s beloved. The lovers, usually not able to gain approval of marriage from parents, had to resort to a secret runaway. Mostly the female lover would follow her beloved male lover.  在古代中国,私奔是指和所爱的人一起逃跑。情侣们的婚姻得不到父母的持,不得不选择秘密逃跑。通常,是女方跟随男方逃跑。  In fact, “elopement” seldom happened in ordinary households. In the rich or official families, as the young generation received a relatively higher education, there were cases of young lovers going against their parents’ wish and running away for marriage freedom. However, as the act did not accord with the value of “arranging a match by parents’ order and on the matchmaker’s word” which was much advocated by the feudal ethics, not many stories of runaway lovers have been handed down.  事实上,在普通家庭中,私奔是很少发生的。在一些权贵家庭,年轻一代所接受的教育水平比较高,容易背离父母一辈的期望,为了婚姻自由而私奔。但是由于私奔的行为不符合“父母之命,媒妁之言”的封建传统价值观,流传下来的关于私奔的故事相当之少。 /201108/147142

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