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  • She asked me a series of questions and the interview was over. As I exited her office, I turned around and said, Mrs. Martin, I know that I am not qualified like your other applicants, but please give me a chance. I learn quickly and can be a very productive member of your team.回答完一连串的问题后,面试结束了我正要迈出办公室时,转过身对马丁太太说:“马丁太太,我知道自己并不如其他人优秀,但是,请您给我一个机会我接受能力很强,会成为公司优秀的一员”I thanked her and went home exhausted. Oh well, I thought, tomorrow would be another day.That evening as I was getting y bed, I received a phone call from Mrs. Martin.谢过马丁太太后,回到家时,我已经疲惫不堪了我心想,算了,没有关系,明天又是新的一天当晚,我正准备睡觉时,突然接到了马丁太太的电话Gina, she said you were not the most qualified applicant, but you have so much confidence in yourself that we decided to give you a chance to prove yourself.“吉娜,”她说,“你虽不是应试者中最出色的,但你对自己充满信心,我们决定给你一个展示自己的机会”I screamed out loud, was jumping all over the room in disbelief. I could hear Mrs. Martin laughing in the background and suddenly I realized that Mrs. Martin was still on the line.我简直难以相信这是真的,我激动得大叫起来,兴奋得在房间里又蹦又跳电话那头传来马丁太太的笑声,我这才意识到我们还在通话Thank you Mrs. Martin, you will not regret this decision, I said and hung up the phone.“马丁太太,谢谢您!我不会令您失望的”说完,我挂断了电话I got my wallet and took out my two dollar bill.我掏出钱夹,拿出了那张两美元钞票Thanks mom, I am going to make it, I said out loud so my mother could hear me.“谢谢您,妈妈,我的好运来了”我大声地说,妈妈应该听得到At that instant, I remember the time she pulled all of us into the living room and said, You are all brilliant in my mind, but if you fail once dont give up. Dont fear failure. It is a way of getting us to try harder. You will succeed, I promise.那一刻,我想起了妈妈说的一番话,她把我们拉到客厅里说:“在妈妈眼里,你们都很棒无论做什么事情,失败了,千万别放弃失败并不可怕,我们可以化失败为动力我相信,你们一定能够成功”I still think of mom everyday and still keep my two dollar bill in my wallet. At a family reunion years later, I found out that my brothers and sisters all had a two dollar bill in their wallet. We all laughed and talked about how special this gift from Mom had been to each and everyone of us. It had reinced the confidence Mom had instilled in us.我时刻都想念妈妈,那两美元也依然珍藏在我的钱夹里多年后,在一次家庭聚会上,我才发现,我们兄弟的钱夹里都各有一张两美元钞票我们都笑了,谈论着妈妈赠给我们的这份特殊礼物她在我们心底播下了自信的种子,而这两美元让这粒种子迅速茁壮地成长起来 37887
  • Christine: What do you think of this one?克莉丝汀:你觉得这个怎么样?Eric: Were here to buy hats to protect us from the sun while were on vacation. Do you think a beret will do that?埃里克:我们来这里是为了买一顶假期用的,防太阳暴晒的帽子你认为贝雷帽能防晒吗?Christine: No, but it looks great on me, dont you think? Isnt it great to be getting away to the beach in the middle of winter! I aly picked out a straw hat with a wide, floppy brim, so Im all set the trip.克莉丝汀:不能,但我戴上它看起来很棒,你不觉得吗?在隆冬时节去海滩度假,这样不是很好吗!我已经选好了一顶帽檐宽而松软的草帽,所以我已经准备好去旅行了Eric: In that case, help me pick one out. How about this baseball cap?埃里克:既然这样,也帮我挑选一顶吧这顶棒球帽怎么样?Christine: Well, the brim gives your face plenty of shade, but it leaves the back of your head exposed. How about this helmet?克莉丝汀:嗯,虽然它的帽檐能遮住你的大半张脸,但却让你的后脑勺露出来了这顶安全帽怎么样?Eric: Very funny. Do you want me to suffocate in this thing? Okay, hand me that cowboy hat.埃里克:太滑稽了你想让我戴着它窒息吗?好吧,把那顶牛仔帽递给我Christine: That looks cute on you, but it huge and it going to get squished in the luggage. Hey, try these two hats on!克莉丝汀:你戴上它看起来很可爱,但是它太大了,而且在行李箱中会受到挤压嘿,试试这两顶帽子!Eric: Stop messing around. I dont need a top hat, and that one looks like a bonnet!埃里克:别到处乱翻我不需要礼帽,另一顶看起来像个引擎盖!Christine: Okay, okay, how about this straw hat? Like mine, it soft enough to travel in a suitcase.克莉丝汀:好吧,好吧,这顶草帽怎么样?跟我的帽子一样,它足够柔软,适合旅行时塞到行李箱中带走Eric: Hey, this one isnt bad. How do I look?埃里克:嘿,这顶看上去不赖我看起怎么样?Christine: Just like the tourist that you are, but that makes two of us.克莉丝汀:一看就知道你是游客,我看起来也一样Eric: I couldnt care less. I dont care if I look cool on vacation as long as I am cool!埃里克:我才不关心这个只要我感到凉爽了,我才不管旅行时看起来酷不酷!原文译文属! 735
  • 啃嚼语段;Aah!; he said to himself. ;What fine men They were!Loyal to the end. “嗳呀!”他自言自语地说,“他们是多好的人啊!忠诚到底They never told the priest where the jewels were.Nor about old Fagin.Not even at the very end.And why should They?他们一直没告诉牧师珠宝在什么地方也没把我老费金招出来直到最后他们为什么要招出来呢?It was aly too late.It wouldn’t have stopped the rope going round their necks!;当时已经太晚了,招了也已经无法去掉就要套在他们脖子上的绳索了!”Fagin took out at least six more watches, as well as rings and bracelets and many other valuable pieces of jewellery.费金又拿出了至少六块手表,还有戒指、手镯和其它一些贵重的宝石饰品He looked at the m with pleasure, then replaced them. ;What a good thing hanging is!;he murmured.他欣喜地看着这些东西,之后,又放了回去“绞刑是多么好的事!”他咕哝着,;Dead men can never talk,or betray old friends!;“人死了就再也不能开口说话了,也不能背叛老朋友了!”At that moment he looked up and saw Oliver watching him.就在这时,他抬起头,看见奥利弗正在盯着他看He closed the lid of the box with a loud crash,and picked up a b knife from the table.他哗啦一下盖上了盒盖,从桌上抓起一把面包刀;Why are you watching me? What have you seen? Tell me-quick!;“你为什么看着我?你都看见什么了?快告诉我!”语段精讲1. ;Aah!; he said to himself. ;What fine men They were!Loyal to the end.短语精讲:1. say to oneself:自言自语 e.g. At first I used to say to myself that there are no dangers which will stop him.起初,我常对自己说没有什么危险能阻拦他 . loyal to:效忠于,对......忠诚 e.g. He remained loyal to me through thick and thin.他历尽艰辛始终都忠实於我The vassal swore that he would be loyal to the king ever. 这位封臣宣誓他将永远忠诚于国王3. to the end:始终,到最后 e.g. His assignment was hard but he saw it out to the end. 他的任务艰巨,但他终于把它完成了These aims will be carried out through to the end. 这些目标将贯彻到底 . They never told the priest where the jewels were.Nor about old Fagin.Not even at the very end.短语精讲:at the every end:最后,最终 e.g The bad boy got his just deserts at the every end. 这坏孩子最终得到了应有的惩罚 语法点拨1:Nor about old Fagin.这个句子是一个省略句,它和前面句子共用一个主语、谓语和间接宾语,they never told the priest语法点拨:Nor在这里是有so而改变过来,因为这个句子是含有否定意义的,那么so就要改为nor3. Fagin took out at least six more watches, as well as rings and bracelets and many other valuable pieces of jewellery.短语精讲:1. as well as:也 e.g. He was very popular, a distinguished fashion figure as well as financier. 他是非常有声望的,一位杰出的时髦人物和金融家. 基数词+more+名词:某样东西不低于...... 在文中说到的是six more watch,six是基数词,watch是名词,six more watch就是指“不低于六块手表”3. many other:其它更多的 e.g. I want to see many other countries, new way of living and different social customs. 我想了解许多其他国家、新的生活方式和不同的社会风俗词汇窜烧:bracelet: n.手镯 jewellery:n. 珠宝,首饰. He looked at the m with pleasure, then replaced them.短语精讲:with pleasure:愉快地,高兴地 e.g. He recalled his fellow traveler with pleasure. 他愉快地回忆起他的旅伴I of your success with pleasure. 看到你成功的消息非常高兴 词汇精讲:replace:vt. 放回原处 e.g. Would you please replace the book on the shelf. 请把书放回书架上5. Dead men can never talk,or betray old friends!词汇精讲:betray:vt. 出卖某人或泄漏某事 e.g. John betrayed state secrets. 约翰泄漏了国家机密 Judas betrayed Jesus to the authorities. 犹大向当局出卖了耶稣语法点拨:dead men这里使用了名词man的复数形式,这样不是具体指某个男人,而是泛指男人表示这个意思,也可以用单数,即:a man 363
  • Patrick: Hey, congratulations! I just heard that you're expecting. How far along are you?Cindy: Thanks. I'm four and a half months pregnant. It feels like it! I feel huge.Patrick: You don't look it. I bet Carlos is excited. Do you know yet if it's a boy or a girl?Cindy: No, we don#818;Auml;ocirc;t. Not yet. We should be able to find out at my next ultrasound. I don't care what sex the baby is as long as it's healthy. Carlos is really excited about the baby. He has been going with me to every prenatal appointment and we'll be taking a Lamaze class together soon.Patrick: How was your first trimester? When my wife had our daughter, she had a lot of morning sickness . Cindy: Oh, it was horrible! I was nauseous all the time, but I'm better now. Did your wife have a natural delivery or a cesarean ? Patrick: She had a natural delivery, but she was in labor hours! I was in the delivery room the entire time and wish I had an epidural, too.Cindy: Twelve hours! I can't imagine doing that. Patrick: Don't think about it. I'm sure you'll have an easy delivery. Let me know when the baby shower will be.Cindy: Thanks. I will. 背景链接: 6
  • Change Gallbladder 89
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