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lemon tree 一歌由Fools Garden(傻子的花园)于1996年首唱,1996年,一曲“LEMON TREE”(柠檬树)使这原本寂寂无名的德国5人乐队一下子红遍欧洲、亚洲,同时也有The brothers four 演唱的美国乡村版,在被苏慧伦翻唱后也开始为国人熟知。 台湾歌手王若琳在2011年9月23日发行的专辑《为爱做的一切》中翻唱此曲。下面来听听Fools Garden的Lemon Tree.Im sitting here in the boring room.Its just another rainy Sunday afternoon.Im wasting my time, I got nothing to do.Im hanging around, Im waiting for you.But nothing ever happens, and I wonder.Im driving around in my car.Im driving too fast, Im driving too far.Id like to change my point of view.I feel so lonely, Im waiting for you.But nothing ever happens, and I wonder.I wonder how, I wonder why.Yesterday you told me about the blue, blue sky.And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree.Im turning my head up and down.Im turning, turning, turning, turning, turning around.And all that I can see is just another lemon tree.Sing,da ,da la da la, de la da,da la da la, de la da,da de le de daIm sitting here,I miss the power.Id like to go out taking a shower.But theres a heavy cloud inside my head.I feel so tired,put myself into bed.While nothing ever happens, and I wonder.I so lation is not good for meI so lation... I dont want to sit on the lemon tree.Im stepping around in the desert of joy.Maybe any how Ill get another toy.And everything will happen, and you wonder.I wonder how, I wonder whyYesterday you told me about the blue, blue sky.And all that I can see is just another lemon tree.Im turning my head up and down.Im turning, turning, turning, turning, turning aroundAnd all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree.And I wonder, wonderI wonder how, I wonder whyYesterday you told me about the blue blue skyAnd all that I can see.And all that I can see.And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree.201208/193984Forbidden fruit is the most tempting, but it could cost you a friendship. Navigate this tricky situation with these helpful hints.You Will NeedAn understanding friend Intuition Tact Step 1: Think about it(仔细权衡)Think about it. Is a potential relationship worth losing an established friendship? Keep in mind that if things don’t go well, you could lose both.Wait to start dating until the amount of time they’ve been broken up exceeds the amount of time they were together.Step 2: Talk to your friend(告知自己的好友)Talk to your friend alone. Be open and honest about how you feel and prepare yourself for the possibility that they not only won’t approve, but might end your friendship. At least for a little while.Step 3: Make sure the relationship is over(确定他们已经分手了)In the event your pal gives the go-ahead, make sure the former lovebirds aren’t still hung-up on each other. If either frequently brings up their old flame in conversation, has pictures of each other up, or regularly laments the failed relationship, reconsider your choice.Steer clear if you think your friend’s ex might be going out with you just to hurt your friend.Step 4: Establish boundaries(与朋友保持一定的距离)As your new relationship progresses, establish boundaries with your friend. Although part of the fun of any new relationship is bragging about it, refrain from sharing information that could dredge up old memories or ignite any jealousy.Step 5: Ease the tension(放松)Ease tension by restricting PDA with your new love when you’re around your friend. Tact and consideration will go a long way towards maintaining an old friendship while nurturing a new romance.In a poll, over 50 percent of respondents said it was acceptable to date a friend’s ex.201003/97572Today in History: Wednesday, October 24, 2012历史上的今天:2012年10月24日,星期三On Oct. 24, 1962, the U.S. blockade of Cuba during the missile crisis began under a proclamation signed by President John F. Kennedy.1962年10月24日,古巴导弹危机期间总统约翰·肯尼迪签署公告对其实施封锁。1648 The Peace of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years War and, effectively, the Holy Roman Empire.1648年,威斯特伐利亚和约和平结束了三十年战争以及神圣的罗马帝国。1861 The first transcontinental telegraph message was sent from California to President Abraham Lincoln.1861年,第一条横贯大陆的电报消息从加利福尼亚发送到亚伯拉罕·林肯总统手中。1931 The George Washington Bridge connecting New York and New Jersey was dedicated.1931年,连接纽约和新泽西的乔治·华盛顿大桥落成。1940 The 40-hour work week went into effect in the ed States.1940年,美国实行每周40小时工作制。1945 The ed Nations charter took effect.1945年,联合国宪章生效。1952 Republican presidential candidate Dwight D. Eisenhower declared, ;I shall go to Korea; as he promised to end the conflict.1952年,共和党总统候选人艾森豪威尔承诺要结束冲突宣称“我要亲自去朝鲜”。1992 The Toronto Blue Jays became the first team outside the ed States to win a World Series as they defeated the Atlanta Braves 4-3 in Game 6.1992年,多伦多蓝鸟队在第六场比赛中以4-3击败亚特兰大勇士队,成为第一个赢得世界大赛的非美国本土外球队。2002 Authorities arrested Army veteran John Allen Muhammad and teenager Lee Boyd Malvo in connection with the Washington-area sniper attacks. (Muhammad was later sentenced to death, Malvo to life in prison.)2002年,当局逮捕了陆军老兵约翰·艾伦·穆罕默德和十几岁的李伊德马尔沃,因其涉及华盛顿狙击手袭击事件。(穆罕默德后来被判死刑,马尔沃终生监禁。)2003 The era of supersonic jet travel came to an end as three British Airways Concordes landed at Londons Heathrow Airport.2003年,随着英国航空公司协和飞机 降落在伦敦希思罗机场,超音速喷气式飞机时代结束。2005 Civil rights activist Rosa Parks died at age 92.2005年,民权活动家罗莎·帕克斯去世,享年92岁。2007 Facebook Inc. sold a 1.6 percent stake to Microsoft Corp. for 0 million, spurning a competing offer from Google Inc.2007年,facebook 拒绝谷歌竞价,以2.4亿美元出售1.6%的股份给微软。 /201210/205715

想创业吗?让David S. Rose在这个“怎样说风险投资者”的TED演讲中,教您在打开幻灯片之前,就应该知道的10样关于您自己的事情,去说风险投资者。201301/219837

How To Effectively Study on HowcastStep 1: Choose the right environmentChoose an environment for studying where you will be free from distractions including phone calls, television, or other interruptions.第一步:选择合适的环境选一个适合学习的环境,在那里你不会被诸如电话,电视或其他活动所打扰而分心。Step 2: Prioritize your studiesPrioritize your study materials so that the most important or the hardest is finished first.第二步:将学习内容排下次序将学习内容排序以便先学习最重要的和最难的内容。Step 3: Read for comprehensionRead your materials over once for basic comprehension. Don’t stress about remembering it all on the first .第三步:通过阅读来理解将学习内容读一遍先有个基本的了解。不要强调读第一遍就能记住。Step 4: Read and take notesRead the material again, taking notes and summarizing the main ideas in your own words.第四步:阅读并做笔记再读一遍,做笔记并用你自己的话将要点总结出来。Tip:Make new material stick by relating it to something you aly know or care about. Context and emotion enhance our ability to remember.小贴士:学新的内容要将它与你已经知道的或是关注的内容联系起来。内容和情感能增强我们的记忆能力。Step 5: Use you sensesUse your senses to assist with learning. When possible, don’t just , but listen to lectures or podcasts, and watch instructional s. Build a rich understanding of the material.第五步:利用感官来学习利用感官来帮助学习。如果可能的话,不要只是读,去听听演讲或播客,或是看教学视频。这样会对学习内容会有多样的理解。Step 6: Quiz yourselfQuiz yourself without the aid of any notes. Write down your answers or speak them aloud. In other words, rehearse for the test.第六步:自测在不看笔记的情况下自测。将你的写下来或是大声说出来。换言之,为考试演练。Tip:Take a nap after a heavy study session to allow your brain time to rest. Napping after studying can help with recall.小贴士:在刻苦学习一段时间后可以打下盹,留些时间让大脑休息下。学习后小睡下能帮助记忆。Step 7: Test yourself againTest yourself again and again, at different times of the day and week. This “self-testing” will reinforce your studies so that when the real test arrives, you’ll be y.第七步:再次测试自己在一周或一天的不同时间要反复测试自己。这种自测会巩固你的学习,当真的考试到来时,你会准备充分。201012/120187How To Have A Harmonious RelationshipUse VideoJug's simple advice and say goodbye to those arguments and tiffs within your relationship. Find out how to embrace your differences and restore harmony to your relationship with this great guide.Step 1: Avoiding arguments(避免争吵)Some arguments just aren't worth having, as you're never going to win. So never pick a fight when it concerns the following areas:Clothes. It's your girlfriend's right to tell you how to dress, but on no account should you make unsolicited comments or criticisms about her outfits. Avoid all negative clothing references, even if she asks your opinion. Cooking .If he wants to be the Picasso of the pots and pans, let him. Never criticise his cooking style, complain about the mess, or refuse to eat it. Better to risk a dodgy stomach then never be cooked for, or spoken to, again.Exes. Criticising previous relationships will only make your partner defensive. As for your own past relationships, avoid making any kind of comparisons. This is almost as dangerous as shouting out the wrong name.Step 2: The War of the Worlds(世界大战)As everyone knows, Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus. It's important to accept these differences to avoid unnecessary rows. So, don't try and be Mr. Fix-it: When she's had a hard day at work and wants to get it off her chest, you may try and help by suggesting some solutions to her problems. Women often don't want solutions, they just want to be listened to - easy! No effort involved. Equally, don't be Miss Chatterbox: When he's had a hard day at work and wants to be a moody sulky nightmare, let him. He doesn't want to be probed and questioned endlessly. So leave him alone and eventually he'll come crawling out of his cave.Step 3: Restoring harmony(恢复和谐)It's unrealistic to think you're never going to row, but the key is how quickly you can make it up to each other when you do. Be the bigger person, swallow your pride, and don't sulk. If you can't bear to back down to their face, write them a note or leave a surprise you know they'll find when you're not there. Use humour to diffuse a tense atmosphere by calling yourself names. Get creative. Agree that yes you are a culinary challenged, poorly dressed Martian fool. If you're both laughing, you'll probably forget why you were upset in the first place.201105/136627Use these tips to get rid of the basement smell without getting rid of your favorite clothes.根据以下简单建议,不需扔掉你最喜欢的衣,轻松去除衣上发霉的味道。You Will Need你需要Stiff-bristled brush硬毛刷子Washing machine洗衣机Lemon juice柠檬汁Salt盐Soft rag软布Dry cleaner (optional)干洗剂(可选)Oxygen bleach or chlorine bleach (optional)氧漂白粉或氯漂白粉Steps步骤Step 1 Brush fabric1.刷洗Brush the mildew spot with a stiff-bristled brush to remove spores.用硬毛刷用力刷洗霉菌污点,清除孢子。Brushing fabrics inside will sp spores around your house. Take your clothing outside when using a brush to remove visible mildew.在室内刷洗会导致孢子在房间内传播。使用刷子刷洗肉眼可见的霉菌时将衣拿到室外。Step 2 Wash in washing machine2.洗衣机洗涤Wash the clothing in a washing machine with hot water if possible. Be sure to follow manufacturers guidelines on the garment tag.用洗衣机洗涤衣物,如果可能的话,使用热水。确保按照衣物标签上生产厂家的说明。If your garment is designated dry-clean only, take it to the cleaners and let them know about the mildew.如果你的衣标明只能干洗,带到干洗店,告诉他们衣长了霉菌。Step 3 Hang dry3.悬挂晾干Air dry your clothing as the clothes dryer will only sp the mildew, if it is not completely gone yet.悬挂晾干衣物,如果霉菌还没有完全消除的话,使用衣烘干机只会导致霉菌传播。Step 4 Check for mildew4.检查霉菌Check your garment for remaining mildew or mildew smell. If it is clean, then you can wear it without following any more steps.检查衣是否还有霉菌残留或发霉的味道。如果已经清洁如新了,就可以不采取其他措施,像往常一样穿出去了。Step 5 Soak in lemon and rub with salt5.用柠檬汁浸泡,用盐揉搓If the mildew has not gone away, soak the garment or mildew spot in lemon juice. Pour salt over the moist area to form a paste and rub into the fabric with a soft rag.如果霉菌还没有被消灭,用柠檬汁浸泡衣物或霉菌污渍。向潮湿的部位倒一点盐,形成膏体,用软布向衣物上擦拭。Step 6 Wash clothing6.洗涤Wash the clothing in the washing machine again to remove salt and lemon.再次用洗衣机洗涤衣物,清除盐和柠檬。If the lemon and salt paste did not remove the mildew, wash it with an oxygen or chlorine bleach.如果柠檬和盐的混合膏体还没有清除霉菌,用氧漂白粉或氯漂白粉洗涤。Step 7 Dry clothing7.晾干Dry the clothing and repeat any of the cleaning processes to thoroughly remove any remaining mildew before wearing your garment.晾干衣物。重复以上任何一项洗涤程序,彻底清除任何残余的霉菌之后就可以穿这件衣了。Some of the first forms of soap were made from fat, water, and caustic ashes used by the ancient Romans.最初的一些肥皂是由古代罗马人用脂肪,水和苛性苏打灰制成的。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/236025

内战和种族纷争已经给全世界带来令人难以置信的苦难,而斯蒂芬·沃尔夫的研究表明,在过去的20年内,这类冲突发生的数量在稳步减少。他从北爱尔兰,利比亚,帝汶岛的冲突中得到:领导力,外交手腕和制度上的设计是三种最有效的捍卫和平的武器。201208/196699特别声明:该节目由文字由可可整理。视频出处:选自B记录片《英国史》第七集《女王的一生》精视觉:精解说:Bothwells idea of a marriage proposal波斯维尔的求婚想法was to abduct Mary and take her to his grim castle in Dunbar.是把玛丽劫持到他在邓巴那可怕的城堡There he planted his flag在那里 他通过奸污玛丽as prospective King of Scotland by planting himself violently,来确认自己作为未来苏格兰国王的地位it was said - inside her body.据说是强奸Now he supposed the traumatised Mary would have to marry him,如此一来 被奸污的玛丽就不得不嫁给他and to most of the countrys horror,然后让全国大多数人惊骇的是Mary did just that a few weeks laterat Holyrood.玛丽几个星期后就和他结婚了 /201301/219090Poor Madame de Maintenon had to do everything.可怜的德·曼特侬夫人身兼数职She had to act as a cook, plumber, gardener,她是厨师 水管工和花匠as well as a teacher and nursemaid.同时还是教师和女佣It was exhausting, and she did this so well尽管很辛苦 但她表现出色that Louis began to pay attention to her.路易开始注意到她He noticed this, this intelligent woman, this calm presence.他注意到了这位聪慧安静的女性Slowly, slowly Madame de Maintenon began to seduce the King.德·曼特侬夫人开始慢慢诱惑国王Rejected mistress Montespan was distraught.受到冷落的蒙特斯潘夫人心烦意乱I think it was the rise of Maintenon in the first place起初曼特侬的晋升惹怒了她which really riled her because she found shed made a mistake,因为她发现自己铸下大错shed underestimated another woman.竟然低估了另一个女人Maintenon was poor, and a widow曼特侬是个贫穷的寡妇and innocuous and very pleasant and intelligent.和蔼聪明 似乎对她没有威胁And she didnt spot但她没有想到that Louis might actually fall in love with a woman路易真的爱上了like that, you know,那样的女人and it might be a very seductive thing to him,她对他来说充满诱惑in quite a different way from her own seductive past.与蒙特斯潘的诱惑截然不同And I think, for a couple of years at least,她的怒气she was extremely angry.至少持续了好几年When Louis long-suffering queen, Marie Therese, died,被冷落多年的王后玛丽·特蕾兹去世后he was free to marry again.路易终于可以再婚了And he turned to the quiet governess.他把注意力转向了安静的女教师Shed not only won his heart,她不仅赢得了路易的心shed convinced him she could help save his soul.也让他相信她能拯救自己的灵魂201204/177519

The bride and her dress should be the center of attention on her wedding day. Follow this advice to make sure you are not the one standing out in the crowd.婚礼当天,新娘和她的礼必须是焦点。遵循以下建议,确保你不要抢了风头。You Will Need你需要Location of the wedding婚礼地点Weather forecast天气预报Invitation to a wedding婚礼邀请Steps步骤Step 1 Consider the location1.考虑地点Consider the location. The reception venue will provide you with a clue as to how formal the wedding will be.考虑一下婚礼地点。婚礼接待处会为你提供线索,婚礼有多么正式。A country club or hotel calls for formal attire, whereas a beach or outdoor wedding calls for more casual dress.乡村俱乐部或酒店需要比较正式的着装,而沙滩或户外婚礼穿休闲一点的衣就可以了。Step 2 Watch the weather2.观察天气Watch the weather forecast, especially if the wedding or reception is being held outside.观看天气预报,尤其是当婚礼或接待是在户外举行的时候。Steer clear of high-heel shoes for outdoor weddings. The heels will sink into the sand and lawn.如果是户外婚礼,不要穿高跟鞋。鞋跟会陷入沙滩或草坪。Step 3 Read the invitation3.阅读请柬Read the invitation carefully. It may mention casual, proper, or black tie attire requested.认真阅读请柬。请柬上可能会提到要求便装,正装,或者黑色装。Redefine your understanding of casual attire. Jeans are never recommended. A cotton suit or sundress for women and khaki pants and a shirt with a collar for men are as casual as you should go.重新定义你对休闲装的理解。从来不建议穿牛仔裤参加婚礼。女性穿棉质套装或太阳裙,男性穿卡其裤,有领衬衣看上去比较休闲。Step 4 Consider the time of day4.考虑婚礼时间Consider the time of the reception. Morning or early afternoon weddings are more casual than dinnertime or evening ones.考虑婚礼时间。早上或下午早些时候的婚礼比晚餐时间或者晚上的婚礼更加随意一点。Step 5 Do not wear white5.不要穿白色装Do not wear white to a wedding. You never want to be mistaken as the bride or take the attention away from her.不要穿白色装参加婚礼。你肯定不想被误认为是新娘,或者抢了新娘的镜头。Veils were originally worn by ancient Greeks and Romans to protect the bride from evil spirits.面纱最初是由古希腊人和罗马人佩戴的,是为了保护新娘免受魔鬼侵犯。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/233699

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