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呼和浩特脱毛呼和浩特京美医院去疤多少钱呼和浩特脸上去疤那家医院好 A government employee found and old brass lamp in a filing cabinet.有一位政府机关员工在档案柜里面发现一盏老旧的铜制油灯。When he dusted it off,a genie appeared and granted him three wishes.当他把它的灰尘除去的时候。有一个精灵出现了 ,并且同意他三个愿望。;I#39;d love an ice-cold beer right now,;他告诉精灵 “我现在马上就要一瓶冰啤酒 。”he told the genie .Poof! A beer appeared .砰!一瓶啤酒出现了。Next the man said,; I wish to be on an island,surrounded by becautiful and willing woman.;这个人接着说:“我想要到一个岛上, 被甘心乐意的美女围绕着。”Poof!He was on an island with gorgeous woman fawning all over him.砰!他到了一个岛上,被美女纠缠着对他献殷勤。Oh,this is the life,the guy thought.这家伙想着啊,这才是生活呀。;I wish I never had to work again.;“我希望我永远都不必再工作。”And poof! He was back at his desk in the government office!砰!他回到他在政府机关的 办公桌前。 /201503/361462At a women#39;s prison in Nairobi, Kenyan inmates are taking the law into their own hands. Law classes have helped inmates launch their own appeals and defend themselves in court.在肯尼亚的内罗毕女子监狱,犯人们在学习法律。这些法律课程帮助犯人为自己上诉并在法庭上捍卫自己的权利。In a classroom behind bars, three inmates and a prison officer learn the basics of common law.在这个铁窗内的课堂里,三名犯人和一名狱警在学习习惯法的基础知识。Inmate Rose Musyoki said these classes have given her the chance of a lifetime.犯人罗斯·穆羽琪说,这些课程对她是一次难得的机会。“It has been my childhood dream to do law, but due to some unavoidable circumstances like lack of finance, I#39;ve not been able to do it,; said Musyoki. ;So when this chance came in I gave it a trial, and now I#39;m in it, I#39;m doing it.”她说:“我小时候的梦想就是做法律工作,但因为一些不可避免的原因比如资金不足,我就没有做。所以现在有这个机会,我就想试一试,现在我真的在做了。”And aly, she#39;s put her lessons into practice, successfully helping another inmate to appeal a sentence for kidnapping by arguing that the accused was under duress at the time.她已经把课堂上学到的知识付诸实践了。她成功的帮助另一名狱友就绑架的判决提出上诉,理由是这名犯人当时是被迫认罪的。“When she went there, the prosecution had nothing against her. They never even said anything, when she raised just that defense, the prosecution was asked, #39;Do you have anything against her?#39; He said, #39;No, your honor.#39; That was a big achievement,” said Musyoki.她说:“她出庭的时候,检方没有据可以起诉她。他们甚至什么都没说。当她开始为自己辩护的时候,法官问检方:‘你有据可以起诉她吗?’他说,‘没有,法官大人’。这是一个非常大的成功。”Langata Women#39;s Prison holds about 600 inmates, serving sentences ranging from a few days to life behind bars. Some are awaiting trial; others have exhausted their appeals.兰加塔女子监狱关押着约600名犯人,她们的刑罚从几天到终身监禁都有。一些人在候审中,另一些上诉失败。Accustomed to being on the wrong side of the law, the prisoners get a new perspective through the education program.通过这个课程,惯于违法的犯人们对事物有了新的认识。Jane Ouma, for example, is serving a 14-year sentence for assaulting her husband#39;s mistress.比如简·欧曼,她由于袭击她丈夫的情妇被判14年监禁。She said if she knew then what she knows now, she could have done better than her own lawyer.她说,如果她那时候像现在这样懂法,她可能会比她的律师做的更好。“I would have been in a much better position than when I got my lawyer -- he didn#39;t turn up in court, he gave me a student lawyer who was just practicing law, and I feel I did not get the right representation,” Ouma said.“以后如果为自己辩护,会比当时分配给我的律师做得更好。他没有在法庭上露面,而是派出一名实习的学生律师,我感觉我并没有得到适当的辩护。”欧曼说。The program is the work of a non-profit group called the African Prisons Project. Students work toward a two-year diploma in common law from the University of London.这个项目是一家名为“非洲监狱项目”的非营利组织设立的。学生学成后可以获得伦敦大学习惯法专业的两年学位书。Then, when good legal advice is hard to come by, these jailhouse advocates can step in.那么,当难以获得好的法律建议时,这些监狱中的专业人员就会介入。Sam Bryar, a consultant with the project, said, “They#39;re not quite at the level where they#39;re equivalent to a lawyer, but they#39;re always going to be available and they#39;re always going to be able to provide that kind of support. We think the impact at the end of the day is going to be substantially larger than if we took the funds that we have and put them into just bringing a lawyer in one day a week.”山姆·比亚尔是这个项目的顾问。他说:“他们的水平不比律师,但是他们随时待命提供帮助。我们认为一天下来,这种影响是巨大的,比我们花钱聘请一名律师每周来一天要好。”Only a handful of inmates gain acceptance into the prison#39;s education programs. Most spend their days in workshops. In one of them, for instance, inmates make handicrafts to be sold at the prison welfare office.只有一小部分犯人可以接受监狱的教育培训。大部分人在这种车间干活,制作手工制品再卖到监狱福利办公室。Some work in the kitchen to feed other inmates and staff. Corrections officers here say teaching these kinds of skills gives inmates something to do when they get out.或者在厨房工作,为其他狱友和工作人员做饭。教官说,教犯人学习这些技能可以使她们在出狱后有事做。Education officer Jacqueline Onyango said learning the law also can keep people out of prison altogether.教育官员杰奎琳·奥延戈说,学习法律可以帮助人们不再入狱。“When people are more equipped with knowledge, there will be less people committing offenses, because most of them commit these offenses out of ignorance, and a more knowledgeable society is easier to deal with,” she said.她说:“当人们具备更多知识的时候,冒犯别人的人就少了。因为大部分人冒犯别人是出于无知,知识水平更高的社会更易于管理。”Many prisoners here say they are disillusioned with the Kenyan courts; but, as law students they have a chance to prove that a person is not powerless to challenge the system, just because she is behind bars.这里的一些犯人说,她们对肯尼亚法庭的幻想破灭了。但是,作为学习法律的学生,她们有机会明,一个人不会因为身在狱中就没有能力挑战司法系统。 /201504/369113呼和浩特土默特左旗祛痣多少钱

呼和浩特京美美容医院胎记多少钱Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead in Moscow on Friday, was one of the most charismatic Russian politicians of the post-Soviet era, a tireless campaigner and fiery orator renowned for his uncompromising opposition to the Putin regime.上周五在莫斯科被杀的鲍里斯#8226;涅姆佐夫(Boris Nemtsov)是后苏联时代最有魅力的俄罗斯政治家之一。他是一名不知疲倦的活动家和慷慨激昂的演说家,以毫不妥协地反对普京政权而闻名。He rose from humble origins to scale the heights of Russian power and was once touted as a future president. But after being booted out of office in 1998 he gradually emerged as one of the Kremlin’s most outspoken critics.他出身于普通家庭,后来一步步进入俄罗斯最高权力阶层,并一度被誉为未来的总统人选。但在1998年失势之后,他逐渐成为最直言不讳批评克里姆林宫的人士之一。In words that now sound prophetic, Nemtsov recently expressed fears for his life. In a February 10 interview with Sobesednik, a news website, he related how his mother would often say: “When will you stop railing against Putin? He’ll kill you!”涅姆佐夫不久前表达了对自己人身安全的担忧,这些话现在听起来像是预言。在今年2月10日接受新闻网站Sobesednik采访的时候,涅姆佐夫提到了自己母亲经常说的话:“你什么时候才会停止批评普京?他会杀了你!”Asked if he feared for his life, he said: “You know, yes, a little bit. But if I was really scared, I would hardly be the leader of an opposition party.”在被问及是否担心自己的性命时,他说道:“你知道,是的,有点担心。但如果我真的害怕的话,我就很难成为反对党的领袖。”Nemtsov was born in the Black Sea town of Sochi in 1959 of a Jewish mother and Russian Orthodox father. In the 1980s he studied physics at the state university of Nizhny Novgorod, known as Gorky in Soviet times.涅姆佐夫于1959年出生于黑海岸边的索契市,母亲是一名犹太人,父亲信奉俄罗斯东正教。上世纪80年代,他在下诺夫哥罗德(Nizhny Novgorod)国立大学攻读物理学专业——下诺夫哥罗德在苏联时代被称为高尔基市。He was swept up in the intellectual and political ferment of the glasnost era and by 1990 had been elected to the Russian Supreme Soviet or parliament. There, he caught the eye of Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first democratically elected president, who appointed him governor of Nizhny Novgorod the following year.涅姆佐夫迅速投身于俄罗斯开放时代的思想和政治运动浪潮中,到1990年,他当选为俄罗斯最高苏维埃(即俄罗斯的议会)人民代表。在那里,他引起了俄罗斯首位民选总统鲍里斯#8226;叶利钦(Boris Yeltsin)的注意,后者在第二年任命其担任下诺夫哥罗德州州长。In this position, he turned the city into a laboratory of market reforms. Nemtsov was one of the first provincial officials of the Yeltsin era to auction farmland and sell state-owned shops and other businesses. And with his distinctive unruly black curls, engaging smile and colourful language, he was the closest thing Russia had to a popular, western-style politician.涅姆佐夫在下诺夫哥罗德任职期间积极开展市场改革试验。他是叶利钦时代首批拍卖农田并出售国有商店和其他企业的省级官员之一。涅姆佐夫有着独特不羁的黑色卷发、迷人的微笑和风趣的言辞,广受欢迎,是俄罗斯最接近西方风格的政客。In 1997, Yeltsin brought him to Moscow to work in the government. During this period, in which he rose to the rank of deputy prime minister, he was closely associated with liberals such as Anatoly Chubais, the architect of Russia’s privatisation programme.1997年,涅姆佐夫受叶利钦提携进入俄罗斯政府工作。在此期间他曾担任俄罗斯副总理,并与俄罗斯私有化项目设计师阿纳托利#8226;丘拜斯(Anatoly Chubais)等自由派人士关系密切。He grabbed headlines with eye-catching initiatives such as insisting that Russian ministers switch from Mercedes to domestically produced cars. Many saw him as a potential successor to Yeltsin.涅姆佐夫坚称,俄罗斯部长应将座驾从奔驰换为国产车,这类吸引眼球的提议让他登上了新闻头条。许多人将其视为叶利钦的潜在接班人。But he lost his job in August 1998 during the fallout from a financial crisis that saw Russia default on its domestic debt and which tarnished the reputation of the Yeltsin-era reformers.但在1998年8月他丢掉了副总理职位,当时金融危机肆虐,俄罗斯无力偿还国内债务,叶利钦时代改革家们的名声受损。He later drove efforts to create a liberal party that would bring together all reformist forces in Russia. He was one of the founders of the “Union of Right Forces” and was elected to the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament where he sat between 1999 and 2003. But his star waned with the rise of Vladimir Putin, who after becoming president in 2000 gradually curbed the democratic freedoms of the Yeltsin era.涅姆佐夫后来致力于创建一个将俄罗斯所有改革派力量联合起来的自由党派。他是“右翼力量联盟”(Union of Right Forces)的创始人之一,并在1999年至2003年当选为俄罗斯杜马(即议会下院)议员。但随着弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)的崛起,他的光环褪色。普京在2000年当选总统之后逐渐遏制了叶利钦时代的民主自由力量。Unlike other leading liberals of the 1990s, such as Chubais, Nemtsov refused to reach an accommodation with the Putin regime, remaining an implacable opponent of the new leader.与上世纪90年代的丘拜斯等其他主要自由派人士不同,涅姆佐夫拒绝与普京政权达成和解,依然不遗余力地反对普京。He continued to found and lead liberal parties, and ran for mayor of Sochi in 2009, coming second with 14 per cent of the vote despite little coverage in the mostly state-run media. In 2013 he was elected to the regional parliament of Yaroslavl, northeast of Moscow.他继续创立和领导自由党派,并在2009年竞选索契市市长,以14%的得票率位列第二,不过基本上由政府控制的俄罗斯媒体对此鲜有报道。2013年,他当选位于莫斯科东北方向的雅罗斯拉夫尔(Yaroslavl)州杜马议员。But he was better known for organising street protests and rallies, and became a driving force behind the anti-Putin demonstrations of 2011 and 2012. He was often detained by police, and was sentenced to 15 days in jail in January 2011.但他更为人所知的是组织街头抗议和集会活动,并推动了2011年和2012年反对普京的游行示威。他经常被警方拘捕,并在2011年1月被判处15天监禁。He also published reports on official corruption, and in recent months had been investigating Russian involvement in the war in eastern Ukraine.他还发表了关于官员腐败的报告,最近几个月一直在调查俄罗斯是否卷入乌克兰东部的战争。The attack on him came less than two days before he was to take part in another rally to protest against what he called “Putin’s covert war against Ukraine”. After Friday’s events, that was turned into a memorial march to mark Nemtsov’s eventful life — and tragic death. Guy Chazan and Kathrin Hille在涅姆佐夫遭杀之时,距他原本要参加被其称为“普京对乌克兰隐秘战争”的抗议活动已不到两天时间。在上周五的事件之后,这场抗议活动已转变为对涅姆佐夫跌宕起伏的一生及其悲剧性死亡的悼念活动。 /201503/362185呼市隆鼻多少钱 6. The Constitution is Committed to Liberty and Equality6.宪法以保人们的自由和平等为前提Same sex couples have the right to the very same benefits that heterosexual or non-LGBT couples enjoy, as they are citizens of the same place. If a city allows its citizens to get married, why should a legal citizen be excluded from the same right simply because of their sexual identification? This is especially true because the American Constitution is committed to liberty and equality for its citizens. Gay marriage is covered under this, as demonstrated in the 1974 Supreme Court ruling that ;freedom of personal choice in matters of marriage and family life is one of the liberties protected by the Due Process Clause;. To promote anti-gay marriage sentiments as well as the banning of same-sex marriage are unconstitutional actions.作为生活在同一地方的居民,同性伴侣应该和异性恋伴侣或者非同志群体享有相同的权利。若一个城市允许其居民结婚的话,那么同样是合法居民,为什么仅仅因为这类人的性取向有所不同就将他们的婚姻视为非法呢?在这种背景下,同性恋婚姻应运而生,以下这点便印了美国宪法是以保公民的自由和平等为前提的。1974年最高法院规定,任何公民都有选择婚姻和家庭生活的自由,而这项自由受到正当程序条款的保护。促使反同性恋婚姻情绪的高涨的行为和颁布同性恋婚姻禁令都是违宪的行为。注:本文转载自前十网,译者:落月,小飞侠,刘洋,瓜瓜,旭旭 /201504/368118呼和浩特市立医院光子脱毛多少钱

呼市第一人民医院光子脱毛多少钱Available in varying lengths, styles and fabrics, a skirt can work on any occasion, whether it’s a date or a weekend trip. For girls, skirts change your look, keep everyone’s eyes on you and can boost your confidence. But with fashion trends always changing, choosing the right skirt for you is tricky.裙装以其不同的长度、多样的风格以及多元的材质,得以适应各种场合,不论是去约会还是周末去旅行都没有问题。对女孩而言,裙装不仅能一改你的整体风格,吸引众人眼球,而且还能增强自信。不过,时尚潮流变幻莫测,选对裙子并非易事。Here we run through this summer’s hot skirt trends so you can add new pieces to your wardrobe.下面就为大家奉上今夏最热的裙装时尚趋势,新装添起!Vintage 70s A-line maxi skirt70年代复古风A字长裙A-line skirts are versatile and look good on any woman. Its flattering cut cinches at the waist but gracefully glides away from the hips and thigh area. With 70s-style fashion sweeping the fashion world this year, A-line skirts, especially those with a slit up the front filled with patchwork or an insert, are popular, fashion magazine Vogue notes. Whether they are made with suede or denim, they give you a folksy feel. You can match them with a pair of knee-length boots to fully embrace the 70s vibe, Vogue suggests. If you still feel the maxi fit is hard to handle, shorter mid-length versions are also available.百搭的A字长裙似乎适合所有女性。腰部系带的设计十分讨巧,臀部到大腿的流畅线条则令它更显优雅。今年,上世纪70年代的时尚风格再次席卷全球。如时尚杂志《Vogue》所言:通过拼接或是内嵌设计将裙装上下分开的A字裙尤为流行。不论它们的材质是翻毛皮革还是牛仔布,都能让你更接地气。《Vogue》还建议想要完全走70年代复古风的人士搭配一双及膝长靴。如果你觉得长裙太难驾驭,中长裙也是不错的选择。 /201506/379989 The year’s best books, selected by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.年度最佳书籍,由《纽约时报》书评版编辑评选。FICTION虚构类ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE《我们看不到的所有光明》(All the Light We Cannot See)By Anthony Doerr安东尼·多伊尔(Anthony Doerr)著Scribner, .斯克里布纳出版社(Scribner),27美元。With brisk chapters and sumptuous language, Doerr’s second novel follows two characters whose paths will intersect in the waning days of World War II: an orphaned engineering prodigy recruited into the Nazi ranks, and a blind French girl who joins the Resistance. Tackling questions of survival, endurance and moral obligations during wartime, the book is as precise and artful and ingenious as the puzzle boxes the heroine’s locksmith father builds for her. Impressively, it is also a vastly entertaining feat of storytelling.这是多伊尔的第二部小说,以轻快的章节和丰富的语言讲述两个人物的人生道路如何在“二战”之后交汇:一个是被招募为纳粹士兵的工程天才孤儿,另一个是加入抵抗组织的失明法国女孩。本书探讨战争期间的生存、忍耐与道德困境,如同女主人公做锁匠的父亲为她打造的谜箱一样精确而巧妙。它令人难忘,在叙事上也展现出引人入胜的技巧。 /201412/348761呼和浩特市附院祛疤多少钱呼和浩特整容院排名



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