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呼和浩特隆鼻手术费用赛罕区做文眉手术多少钱Today we are ing a story about two sisters . Their name were Sundy and Candy .今天我们来读一个关于两姊的故事两姊的名字叫珊蒂与坎蒂They were very lonely . When their mother died , Sundy was only junior high student and Candy was an elementary school student .她们非常寂寞当她们的母亲去世时,珊蒂还只个是中学生,而坎蒂只是一个小学生Their father was a gambler . He gambled nights and days . And finally ended up in high debt .她们的父亲是一个赌徒,从早到晚只知道,最后落得债台高筑So to avoid repaying the money , he ran away and left the two sisters behind .为了逃避赌债,他丢下两姊跑掉了At that time their mother had being died five years . After their father walked down them. The two sisters could only stay at friend house because their own house was giving away to repay their father debt .那时母亲也已经去世五年了父亲遗弃她们后,两只能住在朋友家,因为她们自家的房子已经拿去抵债了But the two sisters never feared hardship and did not lose hope a better life .但两不害怕艰辛,仍然对未来抱持着美好的希望They lived their life happily and actively . The two sisters were both wery hard working , after school Sundy the elder sister did every thing she could to support the family .开朗快乐地过着每一天,两姊都非常勤奋珊蒂利用课余时间打工赚钱养家She sold newspapers and sometimes worked as a tutor to earn extra money . And Candy the younger sister prepared meals and did all the trifles at home . Though the younger sister was small , she could manage money very well .她送报纸,有时做家教赚钱坎蒂在家负责做饭、打扫等一切家事,她年纪虽小,却能掌管好金钱The two sisters cared each other and their school grades were excellent .两互相关心,两人在学校的成绩都很突出Now the two sisters are still in poverty , but their stories have touched a lot of people .如今,她们依然贫困但她们的故事感动了许多人,大家纷纷从各方面帮助她们And they help the two sisters in any way they can . The landlord , the by house keeper, the shop owners ,their school mates and teachers and some neighborhood are all looking after them .住在同一社区的房东、管澡堂的婆婆、商店老板,以及她们的同学和老师,都照顾着她们Poor as they are , they say they are the happiest persons in the world because they can be with each other every day .虽然生活贫困艰辛,但对她们两人来说,每天都能在一起就是最大的幸福 371958内蒙古呼和浩特市处女膜修复多少钱 Passing through the Atlanta airport one morning, I caught one of those trains that take travelers from the main terminal to their boarding gates.一天早晨去亚特兰大机场,我看见一辆列车载载着旅客从航空集散站抵达登记处Free, sterile and impersonal, the trains run back and th all day long.这类免费列车每天单调、无味地往返其间Not many people consider them fun, but on this Saturday I heard laughter.没人觉得有趣,但这个周六我却听到了笑声At the front of the first car looking out the window at the track that lay ahead were a man and his son.在头节车厢的最前面,坐着一个男人和他的儿子,他们正透过窗户观赏着一直往前延伸的铁道We had just stopped to let off passengers, and the doors wee closing again. 我们停下来等候旅客下车,之后,车门关上了“Here we go! Hold on to me tight!” the father said. “走吧拉紧我!”父亲说The boy, about five years old, made sounds of sheer delight.儿子大约5岁吧,一路喜不自禁I know we’re supposed to avoid making racial distinctions these days, so I hope no one will mind if I mention that most people on the train were white, dressed business trips or vacations and that the father and son were black, dressed in clothes that were just about as inexpensive as you can buy.车上坐的多半是衣冠楚楚,或公差或度假的白人,只有这对黑人父子穿着朴素简单,我知道如今我们不该种族歧视,我希望我这样描述没人介意“Look out there!” the father said to his son. “See that pilot? I bet he’s walking to his plane.” The son craned his neck to look.“快看!”父亲对儿子说:“看见那位飞行员了吗?我敢肯定是去开飞机的”儿子伸长脖子看As I got off, I remembered some thing I’d wanted to buy in the terminal. 下了车后我突然想起还得在航空集散站买点东西I was early my flight, so I decided to go back.离起飞时间还早,于是我决定再乘车回去I did and just as I was about to reboard the train my gate, I saw that the man and his son had returned too. 正准备上车的时候,我看到那对父子也来了I realized then that they hadn’t been heading a flight, but had just bee riding the shuttle.我意识到他们不是来乘飞机的,而是特意来坐区间列车的“I want to ride some more!”“我还想再坐一会儿!”“More?” the father said, mock-exasperated but clearly pleased. “You’re not tired?”“再坐一会儿!”父亲嗔怪模仿着儿子的语调,“你还不累?”“This is fun!” his son said.“真好玩!”儿子说“All right,” the father replied, and when a door opened we all got on.“好吧,”父亲说车门开了,我们都上了车There are parents who can afd to send their children to Europe or Disneyland, and the children turn out rotten. 我们很多父母有能力送孩子去欧洲,去狄斯尼乐园,可孩子还是堕落了There are parents who live in million-dollar houses and give their children cars and swimming pools, yet something goes wrong. 很多父母住豪华别墅,孩子有车有游泳池,可孩子还是学坏了Rich and poor, black and white, so much goes wrong so often.富人、穷人,黑人、白人,那么多人都轻易学坏了“Where are all these people going, Daddy?” the son asked.“爸爸,这些人去哪?”儿子问“All over the world,” came the reply. “世界各地”父亲回答The other people in the air port wee leaving distant destinations or arriving at the ends of their journeys. 机场来来往往的人流或准备远行,或刚刚归来The father and son, though, were just riding this shuttle together, making it exciting, sharing each other’s company.这对父子却在乘坐区间列车,享受着父子间的亲情与陪伴So many troubles in this country crime, the murderous soullessness that seems to be taking over the lives of many young people, the lowering of educational standards, the increase in vile obscenities in public, the disappearance of simple civility. 我们正面临许多问题:犯罪、越来越多的年轻人变得冷漠无情、文化水平下降、公共场合卑劣猥亵上升、起码的礼貌丧失,等等So many questions about what to do. 我们有那么多的问题要处理Here was a father who cared about spending the day with his son and who had come up with this plan on a Saturday morning.而这里这位父亲却很在意花上一天陪伴儿子,并在这样一个星期六的早上,提出这个计划The answer is so simple parents who care enough to spend time, and to pay attention and to try their best. 其实很简单:父母愿意花时间,愿意关注,愿意尽心尽职It doesn’t cost a cent, yet it is the most valuable thing in the world.这不要花一分钱,可这却是世间无价之宝The train picked up speed, and the father pointed something out, and the boy laughed again, and the answer is so simple.火车加速了,父亲指着窗外说着什么,儿子直乐,是的,就是这么简单 398567内蒙古医学院第三附属医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱

呼市国际蒙医院祛眼袋手术多少钱As a child—and as an adult as well—Bill was untidy. It has been said that in order to counteract this. Mary drew up weekly clothing plans him.童年时期——即使成了了大人——比尔也不修边幅据说为了改此习惯,玛丽为他制定了一周着装计划On Mondays he might go to school in blue, on Tuesdays in green, on Wednesdays in brown , on Thursdays in black, and so on , Weekend meal schedules might also be planned in detail. Everything time, at work or during his leisure time.周一上学他穿蓝色装,周二绿色,周三棕色,周四黑色,等等周末用餐时间也布置得细致入微每件事都要井井有条比尔·盖茨讨厌浪费时间,无论是在工作中或闲暇时Dinner table discussions in the Gate family home were always lively and educational. “It was a rich environment in which to learn,” Bill remembered.在比尔家中的餐桌上讨论总是既生动又富有教育意义 “那是个内容丰富的学习环境,”比尔回忆道Bill contemporaries, even at the age, recognized that he was exceptional. Every year, he and his friends would go to summer camp.比尔的同代人,即使是在那个年龄,都能看出他的与众不同每年,他和朋友们都要去夏令营Bill especially liked swimming and other sports. One of his summer camp friends recalled, “He was never a nerd or a goof or the kind of kid you didnt want your team.比尔特别喜爱游泳运动等他的一位在夏令营的朋友回忆道,“他绝不会是个不足挂齿或无足轻重之人我们都晓得比尔比我们聪颖We all knew Bill was smarter than us. Even back then, when he was nine or ten years old, he talked like an adult and could express himself in ways that none of us understood.”甚至在更早的时候,当他九、十岁时,言谈就如同成人一般他说的话有时我们感到高深莫测Bill was also well ahead of his classmates in mathematics and science.在数学和自然方面比尔比同班同学也更胜一筹He needed to go to a school that challenged him to Lakeside—an all-boys school exceptional students.他需要上一所对他充满挑战的学校随即父母决定送他去湖畔中学—一所专门招收超常男生的学校It was Seattle most exclusive school and was noted its rigorous academic demands, a place where “even the dumb kids were smart.”这是西雅图一所限制最严的学校,它以严格的课程要求而著称,是个“连哑童都聪明的”地方Lakeside allowed students to pursue their own interests, to whatever extent they wished.湖畔中学允许学生们自己兴趣自由发挥,去通达他们希望的极至The school prided itself on making conditions and facilities available that would enable all its students to reach their full potential .令校方骄傲的是他们所创造的环境及设施使学生们能充分发挥各自的潜能这是像比尔·盖茨这样学生的理想环境It was the ideal environment someone like Bill Gates. In 1968, the school made a decision that would change thirteen-year-old Bill Gates life—and that of many of others, too.1968 年,学校做出的一项决定改变了 岁的比尔·盖茨的生活——同时也改变了许多其他的人Funds were raised, mainly by parents, that enabled the school to gain access to a computer—a Program Data processor(PDP)—through a teletype machine.学校主要靠家长提供的资金通过一种电传打字机进入电脑——即程序数据处理机Type in a few instructions on the teletype machine and a few seconds later the PDP would type back its response.在电传打字机上键入几条指令,几秒钟后程序数据处理机即会反馈回信息Bill Gates was immediately hooked— so was his best friend at the time, Kent Evans, and another student, Paul Allen, who was two years older than Bill.比尔·盖茨当即就着了迷——他那时最要好的朋友坎特——他那时最要好的朋友坎特·埃文斯和另一名长他两岁的学生保罗·艾伦也是如此Whenever they had free time, and sometimes when they didnt, they would dash over to the computer room to use the machine.他们不管有没有空,都要赶到电脑室去用用那台机器The students became so single-minded that they soon overtook their teachers in knowledge about computing and got into a lot of trouble because of their obsession.这些学生非常专注,以至于在电脑方面的知识都超过了老师,同时因为他们的执著也带来了不少麻烦They were neglecting their other studies—every piece of word was handed in late. Classes were cut.他们忽略了其他的课程——每项作业都迟迟才交,有时还旷课Computer time was also proving to be very expensive. Within months, the whole budget that had been set aside the year had been used up.上机时间也很昂贵几个月后,当初留做一年用的预算就已经消耗殆尽了At fourteen, Bill was aly writing short programs the computer to perm.比尔十四岁时,就已开始编写简短的运行电脑的程序了Early games programs such as Tic-Tac-Toe, or Noughts and Crosses, and Lunar Landing were written in what was to become Bill second language, BASIC.早期的游戏程序如“三棋杀三子”,或“画圈打叉游戏”,及“登月”就是用后来成为比尔的第二种语言 BASIC 来写的One of the reasons Bill was so good at programming is because it is mathematical and logical.比尔善于编程的其中一个原因就是它蕴含的运算性与逻辑性During his time at Lakeside, Bill scored a perfect eight hundred on a mathematics test. It was extremely important to him to get this grade-he had to take the test more than once in order to do it.他在湖畔中学的那段时间,比尔在一次数学测验中取得了满分 800 分,取得这样的成绩对他来说是至关重要的—为了这个成绩他不得不参加几次测验If Bill Gates was going to be good at something. It was essential to be the best.倘若比尔?盖茨决定要做好某件事,他必定会做得最为出色Bill and Paul fascination with computers and the business world meant that they a great deal.比尔和保罗对电脑和商务的痴迷意味着他们要览群书Paul enjoyed magazines like Popular Electronics, Computer time was expensive and, because both boys were desperate to get more time and because Bill aly had an insight into what they could achieve financially, the two of them decided to set themselves up as a company The Lakeside Programmers Group.保罗喜爱像《大众电子之类的刊物,而比尔则翻阅商业杂志上机时间的昂贵,以及因为这两个孩子迫切需要更多的上机时间,还有比尔早已洞察到他们在经济上会有所收益,于是他们俩决定自己组建公司:湖畔程序设计者集团“Let call the real world and try to sell something to it!” Bill announced.比尔宣布道:“让我们唤醒这个世界并给它推销点东西吧!” 3831土默特左旗镭射去痘印价格 A walk in the woods-Jastin林中漫步-詹斯汀I was puzzled! Why was this old woman making such a fuss about an old copse which was of no use to anybody? She had written letters to the local paper, even to a national, protesting about a projected by-pass to her village, and, looking at a map, the route was nowhere near where she lived and it wasnt as if the area was attractive. I was more than puzzled, I was intrigued.我实在不明白!为什么这个年老女士会对一片毫无用处的老灌木林如此紧张呢?她给当地报纸写了信,甚至给全国性的报纸也写了信,对拟将在她们村子里修建小路的方案表示抗议但从地图上看,这条拟建的小路离她家并不近,那一带也并非风景优美这不仅使我感到迷惑,还激起了我的好奇心The enquiry into the route of the new by-pass to the village was due to take place shortly, and I wanted to know what it was that motivated her.很快就要进行对新小路的调查了,我想了解一下她反对的原因So it was that I found myself knocking on a cottage door, being received by Mary Smith and then being taken a walk to the woods.于是我敲响了小屋的门,一位叫玛丽·史密斯的女士接待了我,然后她带我去树林中走走;Ive always loved this place,; she said, ;it has a lot of memories me, and others. We all used it. They called it Lovers lane. It not much of a lane, and it doesnt go anywhere important, but that why we all came here. To be away from people, to be by ourselves,; she added.“我一直深爱这个地方,”她说,“这里珍藏了我和其他许多人的回忆我们都曾在这个地方呆过人们称它为‘情人路’它其实并不能算是什么路,也不通往什么重要的地方,但这正是我们来这里的原因远离他人,只有我们自己”她补充说道It was indeed pleasant that day and the songs of many birds could be heard. Squirrels gazed from the branches, quite bold in their movements, obviously few people passed this way and they had nothing to fear.那天林间实在迷人,小鸟唱着歌,松鼠在树枝间张望,很自在地活动,显然这里人迹罕至,它们一点都不害怕I could imagine the noise of vehicles passing through these peaceful woods when the by-pass was built, so I felt that she probably had something there.我能想象得出,在小路修好后,汽车通过这片宁静的树林将会是怎样的喧闹,我猜这对她来说可能意味着些什么But as I hold strong opinions about the needs of the commy over-riding the opinions of private individuals, I said nothing. The village was quite a dangerous place because of the traffic especially old people and children, their safety was more important to me than an old woman whims.但我坚持认为社区的需要重于个人的意见,所以我没说什么村里目前的交通,特别是对于老人和小孩来说,尤其危险,所以对我来说他们的安全比这个老年女士的怪念头更重要;Take this tree,; she said pausing after a short while. ;To you it is just that, a tree. Not unlike many others here.; She gently touched the bark. ;Look here, under this branch, what can you see?;“拿这棵树来说吧,”她停了一会儿说,“对你来说它只是一棵普通的树,与这里其它的树没什么区别”她轻轻地摸着这棵树的树皮说:“看这,在这个枝条下面,你看见了什么?”;It looks as if someone has done a bit of carving with a knife,; I said after a cursory inspection.“好像有人用小刀在这里刻过什么东西”我略略看了一下后说;Yes, that what it is!; she said softly. ;There are letters and a lover heart.;是的,正是这样!”她轻轻地说,“是一些字母和一颗爱人的心”I looked again, this time more carefully. The heart was still there and there was a suggestion of an arrow through it.我又看了一下,这回看得认真了一些刻的那颗心还在那,此外还依稀可以看见有箭穿心而过 3785呼和浩特整形医院排行

武川县妇幼保健人民中医院修眉手术多少钱原创朗读:MrPan May Buddha let us meet in my most beautiful hours,如何让你遇见我,在我最美丽的时刻I have prayed it five hundred years.为这我已在佛前求了五百年Buddha made me a tree佛于是把我化做一棵树By the path you may take.长在你必经的路旁In full blossoms Im waiting in the sun阳光下慎重地开满了花Every flower carrying my previous hope.朵朵都是我前世的盼望As you are near,当你走近Listen carefully请你细听The quivering leaves are my waiting zeal,颤抖的叶是我等待的热情As you pass by the tree without noticing me.而你终于无视地走过My friend,朋友啊,Upon the ground behind you在你身后落了一地的Is not the fallen petals那不是花瓣But my withered heart.是我凋零的心更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 68775 和林格尔县脸部激光美白多少钱呼和浩特e光祛老人斑哪家医院好



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