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乌兰察布妇幼保健人民中医院去痘多少钱呼和浩特中药去斑哪家医院好呼市第一医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱 My friend, Daniel Batson, spent a whole life putting people in the lab in very complex situations.我的朋友丹尼尔巴特森花了一生的时间研究人们在实验室中复杂环境下的表现。And of course we are sometimes selfish, and some people more than others.当然,我们有时是自私的, 而且有些人会比他人更自私。But he found that systematically, no matter what,theres a significant number of people who do behave altruistically, no matter what. 但他发现,整体来看,无论如何,有大量的人会表现出利他的行为,无论如何。If you see someone deeply wounded, great suffering,you might just help out of empathic distress you cant stand it, so its better to help than to keep on looking at that person. 如果你看到有人受伤很严重,非常痛苦,你就会出于同理心而伸出救援之手,你无法承受其伤痛, 与其冷眼相看,不如上前救援。So we tested all that, and in the end, he said, clearly people can be altruistic.种种情况都进行过试验研究, 最后,他说,人是有利他精神的So thats good news.这是好消息。And even further, we should look at the banality of goodness.而且,我们要看到善良的平凡一面。Now look at here.看这儿,When we come out, we arent going to say,Thats so nice.当我们走出家门,我们不会说,太好了,There was no fistfight while this mob was thinking about altruism.当强盗也在考虑帮助他人, 就不会有暴力发生了。No, thats expected, isnt it?不,这很显然,不是吗?If there was a fistfight, we would speak of that for months.如果真有暴力事件, 那够我们谈论几个月的了。So the banality of goodness is something that doesnt attract your attention,but it exists. 因此,你或许没留意到善良的平凡一面,但它确实存在。Now, look at this.看这段录像,So some psychologists said,when I tell them I run 140 humanitarian projects in the Himalayas that give me so much joy,they said, Oh, I see, you work for the warm glow. 许多心理学家说,当我告诉他们我在喜马拉雅地区 开展的140个人道主义行动带给我极大的幸福感时,他们说,我明白了,这是温情效应,That is not altruistic. You just feel good.而不是利他精神, 你只是为了让自己感觉良好。You think this guy, when he jumped in front of the train,he thought, Im going to feel so good when this is over?看看他,迎着火车跳入铁轨时,你们认为他会在想 救了他之后我的感觉会棒极了吗?But thats not the end of it.故事并没有结束。They say, well, but when you interviewed him, he said,I had no choice. I had to jump, of course.他们说,好吧,他接受采访时,说,我没有选择,我不得不跳下去, 当然了。He has no choice. Automatic behavior. Its neither selfish nor altruistic.他没有选择,自发的行为。 这不是自私也不是利他。No choice?没有选择?Well of course, this guys not going to think for half an hour,Should I give my hand? Not give my hand? 当然,他不会在那想个半小时,我要不要救他?不救他会怎样?He does it. There is a choice, but its obvious, its immediate.他跳了下去,这是一个选择, 但很显然,这是瞬间的反应。And then, also, there he had a choice.然后,没错,他确实是做了选择。There are people who had choice, like Pastor Andr Trocm and his wife,and the whole village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in France.有很多人做了选择, 像 Pastor Andre Trocme 和他的妻子,还有法国的名为利尼翁河畔勒尚邦的小镇。For the whole Second World War, they saved 3,500 Jews,在二次世界大战期间, 他们救了三千五百个犹太人,gave them shelter, brought them to Switzerland,为他们提供住所,带他们去瑞士,against all odds, at the risk of their lives and those of their family.克一切困难,冒着丧生和失去整个家庭的危险。So altruism does exist.因此,利他精神确实存在。So what is altruism?利他精神是什么呢?It is the wish: May others be happy and find the cause of happiness.是一种希望: 愿他人幸福喜乐,并找到幸福的根源。Now, empathy is the affective resonance or cognitive resonance that tells you,this person is joyful, this person suffers. 移情作用是一种共鸣, 或称之为认知共鸣,它会让你感受到他人的欢快, 他人的伤痛。But empathy alone is not sufficient.但只有移情是不够的。If you keep on being confronted with suffering,you might have empathic distress, burnout,so you need the greater sphere of loving-kindness. 如果周遭的不幸始终笼罩着你,你就会感到压力,承受不住,所以,你需要更大范围的充满关爱的善良。With Tania Singer at the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig,we showed that the brain networks for empathy and loving-kindness are different.来自莱比锡马普研究所的塔尼亚辛格 与我一起发现,从大脑构造的角度来看, 移情和充满关爱的善良是不一样的。Now, thats all well done,so we got that from evolution, from maternal care, parental love,but we need to extend that. 这是成熟的科学研究。这些是进化而来的, 是从我们接受母爱、父爱而得到的,但我们不能止步于此,It can be extended even to other species.它还可以拓展到其他物种。Now, if we want a more altruistic society, we need two things:如果希望社会中有更多的利他行为, 我们需要做到两方面:individual change and societal change.个人的改变和社会的改变。So is individual change possible?个人的改变可能吗?Two thousand years of contemplative study said yes, it is.两千年的冥想研究表明,是可以改变的。Now, 15 years of collaboration with neuroscience and epigenetics said yes, our brains change when you train in altruism.神经科学和表观遗传学 长达15年的合作也表明,改变可以发生,当你接受利他精神的训练时, 你的大脑会发生改变。So I spent 120 hours in an MRI machine.我接受了MRI长达120小时的扫描,This is the first time I went after two and a half hours.这是上次两个半小时治疗后第一次接受扫描。And then the result has been published in many scientific papers.扫描的结果被多篇学术论文选用。It shows without ambiguity that there is structural change and functional change in the brain when you train the altruistic love.其结果清晰地表明,当你接受利他关爱的训练时,大脑的结构和机能会发生改变。Just to give you an idea:给你们一个直观的感受:this is the meditator at rest on the left,meditator in compassion meditation, you see all the activity,and then the control group at rest, nothing happened,in meditation, nothing happened. 从左到右依次是放松状态下的冥思者,正在冥思怜悯的冥思者, 你们能看到发生了什么,然后是对照组,放松时,什么都没发生,冥想时,什么都没发生。201503/365492Ministers, Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen: I am most grateful to you for sparing your very precious time to be here for this meeting today on Forests and Climate Change, exactly a month before COP21 begins in Paris. In addition to complimenting Minister Ségolène Royal for her and her Governments absolutely herculean efforts in preparing for a successful COP, may I also take this opportunity to congratulate the Ministers from Latin America present for their recent Protected Areas and Climate Change Declaration, endorsed by seventeen Latin American countries, which calls for the recognition of protected areas, working hand in hand with indigenous peoples, as natural solutions to climate change. Ladies and Gentlemen, amid such esteemed Ministerial company – not to mention that of leaders from the private sector and civil society, such as Paul Polman from Unilever, Marc Bolland from Marks and Spencer and John Sauven from Greenpeace – I can only hope that the stage is set today for a very positive, action-oriented and productive days work. Before we begin, though, and if you will allow me, I would just like to make three brief observations – the first on COP21 and its significance; the second on the importance of forests and land use in the context of COP21 and climate change; and the third on the need for the new and ambitious partnerships for action to tackle deforestation, involving forest nations, donors, civil society and the private sector. Regarding COP21, I have been immensely touched by President Hollandes invitation to attend and speak at the opening of the Conference. Paris will be an absolutely crucial milestone in the long overdue international effort to keep to a 2 degree world, although I think that everyone realizes that this COP will be the beginning of a new phase in the process, not the end in itself. It must, however, send an unequivocal, long-term signal to the international community, and to global markets, that the transition to a low carbon, sustainable, climate-compatible economy is firmly and irreversibly underway – and that a 2 degree world is therefore still, just, if we stretch every sinew – by setting a proper price for carbon – within reach. Central to addressing climate change, and to many national plans submitted by countries to the UN, is of course the issue of forests and sustainable land use. And it will not surprise you that I remain as convinced as ever that if we can truly protect our forests, manage our soils and our landscapes in a far more ecological and integrated way and at the same time undertake the large-scale restoration of degraded forests and lands, then we will enormously increase our chances of attaining a 2 degree world. Between 24 and 33 per cent of the total potential to mitigate global greenhouse gas emissions is to be found in these actions. But they are not desirable on climate mitigation grounds alone; they will also safeguard the cultures and wellbeing of indigenous and forest peoples, protect the worlds remaining biodiversity on which our future depends and render more resilient the water cycle and food production that is so fundamental to human existence. That is why forests, REDD+ and land use continue to form such a vital part of the international effort to address climate change. For while we have made heartening progress in recent years, as illustrated by the strong commitments to zero deforestation made by so many countries and companies and captured in the recently agreed Sustainable Development Goals, the hard and profoundly depressing fact, ladies and gentlemen, is that rates of deforestation and degradation continue to increase. All of which brings me to my third and final point and, in a sense too, to the original spirit of my Rainforests Project at its inception in 2007. It seems to me that we must build on all that has been achieved to date by establishing a whole new set of strong partnerships for action between forest countries and regions, donor governments, civil society and the private sector. The policy and governance drive to reduce deforestation can come only from forest countries, with the benefits being of almost incalculable value, both locally and globally. As forest nations increasingly show the way through ambitious commitments, these must be mirrored by greater long-term support from donor countries and agencies. Companies really will need to accelerate their admirable efforts to re-engineer supply chains in support of smallholders, to adopt sustainable agricultural practices and, of course, to meet their zero deforestation pledges if we are to have any conceivable chance of keeping to a 2 degree world. We cant possibly allow it to become 4 degrees as climate scientists have warned, thats 7 degrees Fahrenheit, a big, big increase which will be impossible, I think, to adapt to. And all of this will have to be complemented by those organizations working with local communities. Everything needs to be brought together into one coherent narrative, a comprehensive programme that includes governments, the private sector and civil society. My only hope is that todays meeting is a contribution to this essential process. I can only conclude, ladies and gentlemen, by praying that you will have a fruitful and stimulating meeting – billions of people and, indeed, what is left of the rest of a rapidly diminishing creation, depends upon whether this time, real, concerted action – and not just words, can be taken. So I wish you an excellent day and the most constructive prelude imaginable to the best possible outcome on forests and climate in Paris in a months time. 201511/408295呼和浩特割双眼皮哪家好

清水河县共振吸脂价格Good evening, everybody. Please have a seat. Have a seat. Well, welcome to the White House. Everybody looks fabulous. I am truly honored to be one of Michelle Obama’s guests tonight here at dinner. (Laughter.) I want to thank all the governors and their better halves for being here tonight, especially your chair, Mary Fallin, and your vice chair, John Hickenlooper. (Applause.) Tonight, we want to make sure that all of you make yourselves at home, to which I’m sure some of you are thinking that’s been the plan all along. (Laughter.) But keep in mind what a wise man once wrote: “I am more than contented to be governor and shall not care if I never hold another office.” Of course, that was Teddy Roosevelt. (Laughter.) So I guess plans change.I look forward to working with each of you not just in our meetings tomorrow, but throughout this year, what I hope to be a year of action. Our partnership on behalf of the American people, on issues ranging from education to health care to climate change runs deep, deeper than what usually hits the front page.Being here tonight, I’m thinking about moments that I’ve spent with so many of you during the course of the year -- with Governor Patrick in a hospital in Boston, seeing the survivors of the Boston bombing, seeing them fight through their wounds, determined to return to their families, but also realizing that a lot of lives were saved because of the preparations that federal and state and local officials had carried out beforehand; with Governor Fallin at a firehouse in Moore, thanking first responders who risked their lives to save others after a devastating tornado, but once again seeing the kind of state-federal cooperation that’s so vital in these kinds of circumstances; spending time with Governor O’Malley at the Naval Academy graduation last spring and looking out over some of our newest sailors and Marines as they join the greatest military in the world, and reminding ourselves that on national security issues, the contributions of the National Guard obviously are extraordinary and all of you work so closely with them.So if there’s one thing in common in the moments like these, it’s that our cooperation is vital to make sure that we’re doing right by the American people. And what’s common also is the incredible resilience and the goodness and the strength of the American people that we’re so privileged to serve. And that resilience has carried us from the depths of the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes to what I am convinced can be a breakthrough year for America and the American people.That of course will require that we collectively take action on what matters to them -- jobs and opportunity. And when we’ve got a Congress that sometimes seems to have a difficult time acting, I want to make sure that I have the opportunity to partner with each of you in any way that I can to help more Americans work and study and strive, and make sure that they see their efforts and their faith in this country rewarded.I know we’ll talk more about areas where we can work together tomorrow. So tonight, I simply would like to propose a toast to the families that support us, to the citizens that inspire us and to this exceptional country that has given us so much. Cheers. 201501/356595乌兰察布妇幼保健人民中医院激光去胎记多少钱 呼和浩特减肥

呼和浩特蓝光去痘价格Now I know this might sound odd 这听起来可能有些奇怪but its really a genetic flaw that makes us go into show business 但让我们进入脱口秀行当的确实是一种遗传缺陷I mean, what normal people want to stand on the stage, have vegetables thrown on them 哪会有正常人想要站在台上 等别人朝他脸上扔蔬菜They dont 没人想这样I somewhere that most peoples greatest fear is having to speak in public 我听说 很多人最害怕的就是在公众面前讲话They frighten to death of it 他们害怕得要死We are fortunate to live in an age when it obviously paid huge dividends 我们很幸运 能够活在一个讲笑话能发财的时代If this was ancient Rome 如果是在古罗马and Caesar said why are all those soldiers laughing 凯撒说 那些士兵在笑什么Well, that guy is entertaining them 有个人在讲笑话Really? Kill him 真的吗 杀了他Number 12, you can never make it too late, you can only make it too soon 第12点 成功永远没有太晚 只有太早You know, show business is like golf. If you play it right you can do it to your 80s 脱口秀行当就像打高尔夫球 80岁都能打When you start out in show business, I know 开始进入脱口秀行当后hours are days, days are weeks, weeks are years 我开始觉得有些度日如年I thought I was the oldest guy 我觉得我很老了I thought I was the last guy ever do this night show 我觉得我是搞夜间秀的最后一个人I was only 27 years old 其实我只有27岁But then we get to the age the whole things turn us around 之后一切都反过来了and years are weeks, and weeks are days, and days are hours我开始觉得度年如日So it kind of changed这会发生变化Number 13 第13点If you cant get in front door, go through back door 如果前门进不来 那就进后门You know, for years, I couldnt get to Tonight Show我有很多年都没能进入今夜秀I auditioned, I auditioned, I just couldnt get it 我试演过很多次 但就是不行You know why? I wasnt good enough 知道为什么吗 因为我不够好Nothing personal, I wasnt good enough 没什么别的问题 就是不够好So I did every second-rate cable bad talk show I could get my hands on 于是我接了很多能够接手的二线有线电视脱口秀until I was good enough 直到我变得足够好Dont pout and be a hole like I was when I couldnt pass a drama audition在通不过喜剧试演时不要自暴自弃Keep trying 继续努力Number 14, you can only live in the time you live in 第14点 你只能生活在你所生活的时代I had a young comedian come up one time and he said 曾经有个年轻喜剧演员跑来跟我说you guys all came up during the golden age of comedy when it was easier你们这些人都生活在喜剧的黄金年代 这让你们很容易成功So what are you advocating? Time travel? Shut up your mouth 你想说什么 时间旅行吗 闭上你的嘴201601/420082 As things stand now, the financial system of each country is being sustained and supported by its own government. The governments are primarily with their own economies. This tends to give rise to financial protectionism, which threatens to disrupt and perhaps destroy global financial markets. British regulators will never again rely on the Icelandic authorities and countries at the periphery will be reluctant to be entirely dependent on foreign-owned banks.照目前的情况来看,每个国家的金融体系都是由本国政府来维持和保障的。政府主要关注本国的经济,这就助长了金融保护主义,有扰乱甚至有可能破坏全球金融市场的危险。英国的监管部门再也不会依赖冰岛当局,边缘国家也不愿完全依赖外资。The point I am trying to make is that regulations must be international in scope. Without it, financial markets cannot remain global; they would be destroyed by regulatory arbitrage. Business would move to the countries where the regulatory climate is the most benign and this would expose other countries to risks they cannot afford to run. Globalization was so successful because it forced all countries to remove regulations but, the process does not work in reverse. It will be difficult to get countries to agree on uniform regulations. Different countries have different interests which drive them towards different solutions.我想说明的是,从范围来讲,规则必须是国际性的。没有这一点,金融市场就不会是全球性的,并且会被监管套利所破坏。商业就会转移到监管环境最好的国家,使其他国家面临无法承受的风险。全球化之所以成功,是因为它使所有的国家都摒弃了本国的规则,否则全球化过程就无法运行。让所有的国家认同统一的规则是非常困难的。不同国家有不同的利益要求,因此它们会采取不同的应对措施。201409/328900呼和浩特做激光脱毛多少钱呼和浩特市第一医院光子脱毛手术多少钱



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