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Nothing good can come of telling your spouse ;you sound just like your mother.;若你对你的伴侣说,“你说话和你妈一个德性”,看吧,那之后准没好事When youre married or in a long-term relationship, some things are better left unsaid. Below, marriage therapists and other experts share phrases and statements to strike from your vocabulary now. 假如你结婚了或处于长期的恋爱关系中,有些话最好烂在肚子里婚姻治疗师和其他专家们建议,下面这九句话最好别再说了1. ;You never do the dishes. You always just leave them sitting there.;“你从来不洗碗,总在那堆着”The dishes are a placeholder pretty much anything here. Whatever the issue, using accusatory blanket terms like ;never; and ;always; tends to end the same way every time: with you and your boo engaged in an overblown argument. Plus, there a good chance your generalization is wrong, said Samantha Rodman, a psychologist in Takoma Park, Maryland.这里的“碗”可以换成很多其他东西不管是什么,用“从不”、“总是”等一概而论地指责只会带来一个结果:那就是言过其实、夸大其词的争吵而且,美国马里兰州蒙哥马利学院塔科马公园分校的心理学家萨曼莎·罗德曼说,这种一概而论的说法很可能是错误的;Nothing is black and white so telling a partner that she never on time or he always selfish cant be right,; she told The Huffington Post. ;These types of statements only lead to a prosecutor-defendant dynamic, which is not what you want in your marriage.;罗德曼在《赫芬顿邮报上说,“凡事都无绝对,所以,说你的伴侣从来不准时或总是很自私,这都是片面的说这种话只能引发一场激烈的辩论,这在婚姻中并不是你所想要的”. ;You sound exactly like your mother.; “你说话和你妈一个德性”When arguing, stick to the issue at hand and keep the focus on the two of you. Introducing nasty comparisons to your in-laws is unfair and ultimately a diversion from your problems, said Sharon Gilchrest ONeill, a marriage and family therapist and the author of A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage.在争吵时,记得就事论事,不要把矛头指向你俩以外的人莎郎·吉尔彻雷斯特·奥尼尔(Sharon Gilchrest ONeill)是一位婚姻家庭治疗师,也是《幸福婚姻小指南(A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage)的作者她说,把你的亲家拿来比较,说些难听的话,这是不公平的,最终也会让你忘了原本要解决的问题;Mentioning parents can easily become mean-spirited attacks that interfere with the couple ability to address the underlying issues,; she told HuffPost. 她在《赫芬顿邮报上说,“伴侣吵架时提及对方父母很可能成为一种刻薄的攻击,不利于两个人解决根本问题” 3.;You think youre better than everyone else!;“你以为别人都不如你吗!”Never put words in your partner mouth or in this case, thoughts in their head. There no way of knowing what someone is feeling or thinking, so keep the assumptions to yourself, said Becky Whetstone, a marriage and family therapist in Little Rock, Arkansas.永远别对你的伴侣说这句话,也不要让他她这样想美国阿肯色大学小石城分校的婚姻家庭治疗师贝基·惠茨通(Becky Whetstone)说,你不可能知道别人的感受或想法,所以,这句话还是不要说出口为好;These statements are aggravating because your spouse knows that what youre accusing them of is not true,; she said. ;What youre saying suggests you dont think very highly of your S.O. It a double dose of pain in one sentence.;她说,“这样的话很让人恼火,因为你的伴侣知道你的指责是不正确的,而且这么说表示你对你的伴侣并不满意这一句话带来的伤害是双重的” . ;Do I look like Ive put on weight?; “我是不是胖了?”Questions about weight or changes in looks are the ;oldest grenades in the marriage script,; said Robyn Wahlgast, a dating and relationship coach woman.萝缤·沃尔加斯特(Robyn Wahlgast)是一位女性婚恋专家,她说,关于体重和外貌变化的问题是“婚姻中一枚最传统的手榴弹”;What you really mean by asking this is, I know Ive put on weight. Im unhappy about how I look and I need you to say that youre OK with my current state.; she said. ;These types of questions are all about side-stepping personal responsibility, plus they ce your partner into an enabling role.;“问这样的问题,你其实是想说,‘我知道我胖了,我对我的外表很不满意,我想听你说,就算这样你也喜欢我‘问这样的问题纯粹是回避个人责任,而且还把责任强加到了你的伴侣身上”5. ;Have you put on a few pounds?;“你是不是胖了?”Blunt, negative remarks to your spouse about his or her appearance are also out of line.对伴侣的外表进行直接批评也是不合适的;Unconstructive criticism of physical appearance is as bad as it gets,; Whetstone said. ;It painful because youre suggesting that your partner isnt good enough or that theyre less than or defective.;惠茨通说,“对于外表的非建设性批评很不合适,这对你的伴侣是一种伤害,因为这表明你的伴侣不够好,或者有缺陷”6. ;Youre a horrible parent, bwinner, lover...;“作为家长(或一家之主、爱人)你真是差劲”Put-downs centered around your spouse family or occupational roles are particularly cruel, said M. Gary Neuman, a psychotherapist based in Miami Beach, Florida.佛罗里达州迈阿密滩的心理治疗师加里·纽曼(M. Gary Neuman)说,对于你的伴侣的家庭或职业身份进行贬低是一件特别残忍的事;Negative statements about our self-identities are devastating,; he said. ;These roles are so important and tender. When theyre questioned, we feel completely torn down. It becomes hard to get statements like this.; 他说,“对于自我认同的消极评价是毁灭性的这些身份认同很重要,也很脆弱在自我认同受到质疑时,我们会受到很大的打击,也很难原谅这些话” 7. ;Ugh, I hate when you do that.; (Said in front of friends or family.)“哎,我讨厌你这样做”(在亲朋好友面前)Putting your spouse down in front of others is a huge no-no in a relationship, said Whetstone.惠茨通说,当众批评对方是伴侣关系中的一大禁忌;In this example, you are gathering people against your spouse—and what is worse than that? It is hard to recover from such a boundary violation,; she said. ;It causes resentment and a lack of trust.;她说,“假如你集结一帮人和你的伴侣唱反调,有什么比这更糟糕?这是一种难以原谅的越界,会导致憎恨和信任的丧失” 8. ;I barely know him—he just someone I work with.; “我和他不熟,他只是个同事;It almost inevitable that you or your partner will develop a small, innocent crush on someone at some point during your marriage. If that happens, be upfront about it. Dont try to sweep it under the rug with a statement that minimizes your feelings, said Wahlgast.婚后,难免你或你的伴侣会不经意对别人产生好感假如这种情况真的出现了,要坦诚面对沃尔加斯特说,不要试图轻描淡写,遮遮掩掩;The best way to neutralize the potential destructiveness of your crush is to briefly and simply acknowledge it to your spouse,; she said. ;Try saying to your husband, I know it sounds ridiculous, but I have a bit of a crush on that new consultant. He so funny—his sense of humor reminds me of yours.;她说,“要想避免这种好感可能带来的破坏,最好的方法是向你的伴侣简短而直接地坦诚你的想法你可以试着对丈夫说,‘听起来可能荒谬,但我对那个新来的顾问还挺有好感他挺有意思,他的幽默感让我想到了你’”Though it may be an uncomtable subject to broach, ultimately, Wahlgast said being transparent about your feelings ;will create more openness with your partner. Youll each feel more comtable bringing up other taboo subjects in a kind and respectful way.;尽管谈论这个话题可能会让人不舒,但沃尔加斯特说,终究来看,坦诚你的感受“可以让你和伴侣之间的关系更加透明你们今后都会更加舒地以一种相互尊重的方式谈论其他禁忌话题” 9. ;You shouldnt feel that way.;“你不该那么想”There nothing more belittling or condescending than telling your spouse what he should or shouldnt be feeling in any given situation, Rodman said.罗德曼说,告诉你的伴侣在某种情况下该怎么想、不该怎么想,这是一种特别居高临下的方式;There is no right or wrong way someone to feel,; she said. ;Feelings are what they are; try to understand your partner and be curious about his experience rather than dismissing what you dont understand.;她说,“感受不分对错,感受是客观存在的,要试着理解伴侣,对他的经历保持好奇,而不是对你所不理解的东西表示轻视” 988




  Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻.He loves chocolate chip cookies.他爱吃巧克力块曲奇An old man was laying on his death bed.老人躺在床上,He had only hours to live when he suddenly smelled chocolate chip cookies.只能再活几个小时了突然,他闻到了巧克力块曲奇的味道,He loved chocolate chip cookies more than anything else in the world.他最爱吃这种饼干了With his last bit of energy, he pulled himself out of bed, across the floor, and to the stairs.用他最后一点力气,老人翻下床,爬到楼梯那,下楼到了厨房Then down the stairs and into the kitchen. There his wife was baking chocolate chip cookies.他老伴正在做巧克力块曲奇As he reached one, he got SMACKED across the back of his hand by the wooden spoon his wife was holding.他拿了一块,这时手背被他老伴用木勺打了一下,;Leave them alone!; she said, ;Theyre the funeral!;“放下,”她说,“这是葬礼上用的!” 00什么是现在分词?现在分词(present participle)(又称-ing形式,现在进行式),是分词的一种,分词又分为现在分词和过去分词,它们都是非限定动词,现在分词在句子里面不能单独充当谓语,但能充当其它的一些成分(定语,表语,补语,状语),并且它们具有动词的性质,所以又是类动词的一种现在分词的构成现在分词是由动词原形加词尾ing构成现在分词同样有时态和语态的变化,通常有下表几种形式(以do为例):一般式doing;被动式being done;完成式having done;完成被动式 having been done;否定形式not +现在分词Not knowing his address, I could do nothing but stay at home and wait.不知道他的地址,我只好在家里等着His not coming made all of us angry. 他没来使我们大家都很生气现在分词的一般式和完成式现在分词的一般式表示和谓语动词所表示的动作同时进行的动作;完成式表示在谓语动词所表示的动作之前发生的动作Being a student, he was interested in politics. 作为一个学生,他对政治很感兴趣Not having studied his lessons very hard, he failed the examinations.因为没有努力学习功课,他考试不及格现在分词的被动式现在分词的被动式表示它的逻辑主语是现在分词动作的承受者根据现在分词动作发生的时间,现在分词的被动式有:一般被动式(being done);完成被动式(having been done)The question being discussed is very important. 正在被讨论的问题很重要He never talked about his having been interviewed by the reporter. 他从来没谈起过他被记者采访的事情Having been criticized by the teacher, he gave up smoking. 被老师批评以后,他把烟戒了注意:在need, want, require, be worth 等动词(短语)后,作宾语的现在分词常用主动形式来表示被动含义Your shoes need cleaning. Your shoes need to be cleaned.你的鞋需要清洗一下了This book is well worth ing. 这本书很值得一看 8398

  Go to the dictionary查字典While my Grade 3 class was completing a writing exercise, one of the students asked me how to spell ;piranha;. I told him I was unsure. To my delight, he went to the dictionary to solve his problem. That when another pupil said to him, ;Why bother to look it up? She doesnt know how to spell it anyway.;三年级的那个班正在做写作练习,一个学生问我怎么拼写“水虎鱼”我告诉他我拿不准结果,他去查字典来解决问题,这让我很高兴这时,另一个学生对他说:“你干嘛还查字典?反正她也不知道怎么拼写” 3771 Missing第1单元 失踪Mr. Nicolas waited. All the other kids were gone. Where was his son, Mark? It was 3:30. Mark got out of the school by 3:00. He was getting impatient. He went into the school to see if anyone has seen Mark.尼可拉斯先生还在继续等着,其他所有小孩都走了,但是他儿子马克呢?已经下午三点半了,马克应该三点就放学了他开始有点不耐烦,便走进学校看看有没有人看到马克His teacher said that he left with the other kids. Mr. Nicolas began to panic. He checked the school grounds. One of the other kids said they saw Mark get into a car with a strange man. Who was the man? Mr. Nicolas called the police. He said his son was missing.他老师说他是和其他孩子一起离开的,这一来尼可拉斯先生开始慌了他到学校操场察看时,有几个人小孩说他们看到马克和一个陌生人进入一辆车子里那个人是谁呢?尼可拉斯先生赶紧报警,说他儿子失踪了Soon, everyone was looking Mark. They checked all the parks, the malls, and the bus stations. He was nowhere. Mr. Nicolas went home, every saddened by the events of the day. When he walked in the door, he saw Mark. ;Dad, where have you been all day?; Mr. Nicolas was shocked. ;Mark, where have you been all day? I was worried about you.;不久之后,大家便动员起来寻找马克;他们找遍了所有的公园、购物中心和公车站,但是都不见马克的踪影最后尼可拉斯先生只好先回家,今天发生的事情让他觉得很难过;结果他一进门却看见马克“爸,你一整天都跑哪里去了?”尼可拉斯先生大吃一惊“马克,那你一整天又都跑哪里去了?我好担心你”;Oh,; said MArk. ;Mr. Smith, the next door neighbor, gave me a ride home. I have been here all day.; Mr. Nicolas hugged his son. He was glad Mark was safe.“哦,”马克说:“是隔壁邻居史密斯先生顺路载我回家啦我一整天都在这里”尼可拉斯先生紧紧抱住他儿子,很高兴马克平安无事 19

  6 Umgwalagwala第六节 安瓜拉瓜拉A politician was out on the Indian reservation displaying his sympathy the oppressed Native Americans. He addressed a gathering of the people.一位政客抵达一处印第安人居留地向居住在该区被压迫的原住民表达他的关切之情他向一群民众发表演说The plight of your tribe has always been close to my heart,; said the politician.“我一直切身体会到你们的穷苦困境,”政客说;Umgwalagwala , ;responded the audience enthusiastically.“安瓜拉瓜拉!”群众热烈欢呼I shan t rest until greater efts are made on your behalf.“不为你们争取更多的福利,我个人绝不会松懈”;Umgwalagwala,; they responded more loudly.“安瓜拉瓜拉!”群众反应更为热烈;And I personally guarantee that you will all be accorded full and equal civil rights.;“此外我愿个人保你们将被赋予完全及公平的公民权利”;Umgwalagwala,; shouted the tribe.“安瓜拉瓜拉!”整个部落的人都叫喊起来The politician was pleased with his reception and asked a tour of the reservation. Soon, he and his guide were standing next to a fenced enclosure.对这样的接待,政客感到非常高兴,他要求游览该居留地,不久他和向导就走到一处封闭的篱笆围墙;And what is this used ?; asked the orator.“这是做什么用的?,’政客问道;oh, this empty now, but bee we keep bulls in here. ;“喔,现在空无一物,但以前我们在这里养牛”;I see,; said the visitor, and was planning to enter the enclosure.“原来如此,”政客说着准备进入篱笆内;Hey,you better not go in there,You likely step in a lot of umgwalagwala.;“嘿,你还是不要进去的好,否则你可能踩到很多的安瓜拉瓜拉” 391889

  The Burned Ears 烧伤的耳朵A guy burned two ears... so they were asking him at the hospital how it happened. 一个男人的两只耳朵都被烫伤了...在医院的时候别人就问他是如何烫到的He said, ;I was ironing my clothing and the phone rang...so instead of the phone I picked up the iron and burned my ear...;他说:“我正在熨衣的时候,电话响了...当时我把熨斗当成电话抓起来接听了”;But how the heck did you burn the other ear?; The doctor asked.医生说:“但是你是如何烫到另一只耳朵的呢?”;How do you think I called you people?;“因为我想给你打电话呀!”1.burna.可用作及物或不及物动词:He burned her letter. 他把她的信烧了b.有时用于引申义,表示“有某种强烈的情绪”或“迫切想要”,多用于进行时态:He was burning with anger. 他怒气冲天c.构成被动语态时,除可用 be burned 外,有时也用 get burned 的形式:He was thus burned to death by the enemy. 他就这样被敌人活活地烧死了再来看看关于 burned 与 burnt:(1) 美国英语通常只用 burned, 只是在用作定语时才用 burnt:He burned his hand on a hot stove. 他的手在炉子上烫伤了Look at the burnt sugar. 瞧这烧焦了的糖() 英国英语通常分两种情况:用作不及物动词用时用burned;用作及物动词时用burnt:The fire burned brightly. 火烧得很亮I’ve burnt the dinner. 我把饭煮糊了.ironiron在这里表示电熨斗eg:She pressed her trousers with an iron.她用熨斗烫裤子 7519。

  讲解Today key word is fastfast f-a-s-t快速的Fast means happening, moving, or doing something at great speed速度. 快速的 这个是大家熟悉的含义但,fast还有另外一个含义:If you fast, you eat no food a period of time.禁食,断食Here is an example:I fasted days and lost kilograms.我禁食两天,两天没吃饭瘦了公斤今天为啥要说fast呢?Last week, when we asked what kind of topic you guys wanted to listen to, there were several listeners who told us they were interested in topics like dieting and how to lose weight.提到diet,第一个想到的就是以前看过的一个的纪录片叫做:《进食、断食与长寿lt;Eat, Fast and Live Longergt;It is a great show. 因为它回答了很多人关于减肥的疑问Nowadays, there are an increasing number of people trying to lose weight and look younger. Many people, especially young girls like those girl groups in South Korea basically eat nothing in order to keep fit. 但是,普通人真的很难做到像韩国女子组合那样严格的控制饮食传说中,South Korea girl groups like girls generation, AOA and Park Boram(朴宝蓝)only eat chicken breast, sweet potatoes and vegetables almost every day!在这些女子歌手发专辑之前,或者有重要的活动前They can fast days just hoping to look their best in front of the cameras. It is torture!!! 臣妾真的做不到啊!而且,健康还是比漂亮重要一点点的所以,今天想分享给大家之前看过的的这个节目In this show lt;Eat, Fast and Live Longergt;, the reporter Michael Mosley introduced several ways that are not only easier to use, but also look more scientific. In this show, Michael has set himself a goal: he wants to live longer, stay younger and lose weight at the same time. 为了实现这些目标,他采访了美国几所顶尖科研院所And he personally tried the ways recommended 推荐 by those experts. He discovers发现 the powerful new science behind the ancient古老的 idea of fasting, and he thinks he found a way of doing it that still allows him to enjoy his food. 片中这位英国记者最后使用的5+禁食法,还是不错的但是身体不好的童鞋,一定要慎用哦Always remember, being healthy is more important than being pretty. Do you have your own ways to lose weight?你有没有减肥成功的方法或者经验教训,可以分享给我们呢?Tell us on our wechat, search ayoenglish, ayoEnglish.我吃饭去了,吃完了才有力气减肥!Talk to you next time! 6501

  寂静之声是本人非常喜欢的一首歌曲,毕业生也是本人非常喜欢的一部电影点击此处收看MV 点击此处收看MV 如今Simon和Garfunkel都老了,但是音乐响起,从两位老人那略带颤抖的声音,我们依然看到他们对音乐的热爱这段视频真正的震撼了我,听的时候眼泪不知不觉的流,视频结束之后才后知后觉 点击此处收看MV 中年时期的个人,正值巅峰,摆脱了年轻时候的青涩,更多了一份沧桑点击此处收看MV 刚出道的两个年轻有为的音乐天才,当年,我们不过也是一个普通人,而今时光不再,但那寂静之声感动依旧点击此处收看MV(电影原配)毕业之前的迷茫和无助,谁能知道?Scarborough Fair Canticle (毕业生)点击此处收看MV(现场演唱) 89

  讲解Today’s key word is TaleTale 故事今天我们要说的这个爱情故事里,也住着一位公主It is the love story of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. Mark Zuckerberg-脸书的CEO大家应该都听说过,We talked about him and his new born daughter in the last episode.Today, we are going to tell you the love story of him and his wife- Priscilla Chan.那是年的一个晚上,Mark Zuckerberg was just a college student at Harvard.(哈佛大学) He went to a party with his friends. 喝了几杯之后,Mark准备去洗手间,在排队等着进去的时候,就在这个时候,He met a lovely and beautiful girl called Priscilla Chan.(所以说童鞋们,When you meet someone you like, do not hesitate to tell her that you like her.)And soon, these two students at Harvard started dating each other. After some time, Mark took another big decision(决定) of his life; he dropped out(退学) to run his company, then titled- The Facebook.请注意,此时扎克伯格还不是亿万富翁退学后的Zuckerberg 开始运营FACEBOOK, 两个人也开始了异地恋Zuckerberg是个工作狂,常常忘记跟Priscilla 联系后来,Zuckerberg和他的公司都常驻在加利福尼亚,Priscilla也离开哈佛跟着他到加利福尼亚大学继续学习Priscilla always stood by him.They fell in love when Zuckerberg was nothing but a college student, and they are still in love now that he has become a multi-billionaire(亿万富翁).其实,Zuckerberg在我们的眼中是一个坐拥亿万美元的青年才俊,但在Priscilla眼中-- he was just my boyfriend.Priscilla是一个成长在普通甚至不太富裕的华裔家庭的女孩,Her parents immigrated(移民)to the ed States in refugee boats (难民船) Her mother worked two jobs during her entire childhood(童年).She is the first in her family to go to college.她像所有女朋友一样给Mark 定了规矩,A minimum of 0 minutes of alone time每天至少0分钟独处的时间At least one date night every week. 每周至少一次约会时间又过了一段时间后,Mark像所有沉浸在爱情中的男孩子一样,在自己的facebook主页上兴奋的写道“Priscilla Chan is moving in this weekend.;到了年,Priscilla从医学院毕业了,他们在家里开Party庆祝她的毕业但所有人都没有想到,In the presence of 0 guests, Mark announced (宣布) it as the day of their wedding. Mark presented a simple ruby wedding ring(红宝石婚戒) to his love, which he had personally designed her.俩人就这样结婚了没有大张旗鼓的宣传,没有奢华繁琐的布置,没有轰动半个富豪圈的宾客就这样简简单单,干干净净,幸幸福福的两个人在一起了现在还有了一个可爱的女儿MaxAnn Landers says: “Love is friendship(友谊) that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding(理解), mutual confidence(信心), sharing and giving. It is loyalty(忠诚) through good and bad times. (甘苦与共)希望我亲爱的听众们你们都能找到属于自己的幸福与相爱的人相依相守,白头偕老See you next time. 59

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