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South Koreas president said last Monday that there are signs that North Korea is preparing for a fifth nuclear bomb test amid reports of increased activity at the countrys main nuclear test site.韩国总统上周一声称,近日朝鲜主要的核试验基地现场活动频繁,种种情报表明,朝鲜正准备进行第五次核试验。In a regular meeting with her top adviser, President Park Geun-hye said that North Korea could carry out such a test to try to bolster morale as the country deals with tough international sanctions imposed after it conducted a fourth nuclear test and a long-range rocket launch earlier this year.在与她的高级顾问进行的常规会议上,韩国总统朴槿惠表示,今年年初朝鲜就曾进行过第四次核试验以及发射火箭等军事行动,随后被施行国际制裁。此次核试验或许旨在鼓舞士气。Park didnt elaborate on what signs pointed to another nuclear test, but ordered the military to be y to deal with any provocation by Pyongyang, according to media pool reports on the first part of the meeting posted on the website of her office.据总统办公室官方网站上关于会议前半部分的报道显示,朴槿惠并未详细说明究竟是何种迹象指向朝鲜将要进行第五次核试验,但是却下令军队做好准备,应对来自平壤方面的任何挑衅。Speculation about a fifth nuclear test increased last month when the Norths state media cited leader Kim Jong Un as ordering a test of a nuclear warhead and ballistic missiles capable of carrying warheads.自从上个月朝鲜媒体引用领导人金正恩的话称,不久后将进行核弹头爆炸试验以及能够装载核弹头的各类弹道火箭发射试验,关于朝鲜近期进行第五次核试验的言论就迅速增加。Analysts say an atomic test could happen before North Korea holds a landmark ruling Workers Party congress in early May so that Kim can burnish his image as a powerful leader at home and further cement his grip on power.分析人士认为,朝鲜最有可能在5月初朝鲜劳动党第七次全国代表大会召开前进行核试验,这样一来,金正恩便可以趁此机会再次彰显自己强有力的领导形象,从而进一步巩固势力。South Koreas Yonhap news agency said last Monday that South Korean and U.S. authorities detected two to three times more vehicle and personnel activities than normal this month at the Norths northeast Punggye-ri nuclear test site where all previous four bomb tests took place.韩联社在上周一声称,美韩两国当局已经侦查到本月朝鲜东北部丰溪里核试验场的车辆、人员和设备数量月份增加了两三倍。先前四次核试验正是在该地点进行的。Foreign experts said that a fifth test could put North Korean scientists and engineers a step closer toward a goal of manufacturing a warhead small enough to place on a long-range missile that could reach the U.S. Mainland.外国专家纷纷表示,第五次核试验很可能会促使朝鲜科学家和工程师制造出一种足够小的核弹头,使其能够应用于洲际导弹,一举将射程延伸到美国境内。来 /201604/439319In a field in a remote part of north-west Wales, a lone farmer cuts the grass, parcelling it up into hay bales which can be sold for a modest profit. His farm, and even the hill on which it sits, will soon be demolished by the Japanese-owned company Horizon ground zero in an ambitious scheme to build one of a string of nuclear power stations across the UK.在威尔士偏远的西北角,一个农民正独自在田里割草,他把草捆成草垛,干草垛可以卖掉,换取微薄的收入。他的农场乃至农场所在的那座山,都将很快被Horizon公司(日本人所有)夷平,修建一座核电站的宏伟计划就将在这里付诸实施。不仅在这里,英国还计划在全国各地修建一系列核电站。Wylfa, on the island of Anglesey, is one of several sites designated for the plants, which could cost up to 00bn and, if all goes to plan, will replace the UK’s ageing coal power stations. But despite the billions of pounds about to be poured into nuclear energy in Britain, only some is likely to stay in the UK. Of the six plants being planned, none will be owned by a British company.位于安格尔西Anglesey)上的威尔Wylfa)是这些核电站的指定选址之一,这些核电站可能耗资高达1000亿英镑,如果一切按计划进行,它们将取代英国日益老化的燃煤电站。尽管将有数十亿英镑投入英国的核能领域,可能只有一部分钱会留在英国。在计划修建座核电站中,没有一座是由英国公司所有的。For nuclear power groups from France, China, the US and Japan, the UK’s ambitious plans represent a ripe opportunity in an otherwise difficult global market. Following the meltdowns at the Fukushima plant in Japan in 2011, several countries, including Japan and Germany, scaled back or cancelled their nuclear energy plans.英国雄心勃勃的计划为来自法国、中囀?美国和日本的核能集团提供了一个大好机会,而除英国以外的全球市场形势严峻。在2011年日本福Fukushima)核事故后,包括日本和德国在内的多个国家削减或取消了它们的核能计划。The lack of British participation in such a massive domestic programme has drawn opposition. Critics say the project represents yet another example of the country’s propensity to allow foreign companies and governments to profit from the UK’s most sensitive and lucrative infrastructure projects.如此大规模的国内计划缺乏英国公司的参与,这招致了批评。批评人士表示,该项目代表着另一个例子,表明英国往往放任外国企业和政府从英国最敏感(也最有利可图)的基础设施项目中获利。That critique appears to be shared by some in the UK government. When Theresa May, the prime minister, unexpectedly delayed the 8bn plant planned for Hinkley Point in south-west England, allies said it was over concerns about the involvement of two Chinese state-backed companies alongside France’s EDF, the state-backed utility. Some officials see the plant as a matter of national security, warning that the Chinese state could have the power to turn off a large chunk of Britain’s electricity supply.一些英国政府内部人士似乎也持有同样的看法。当英国首相特里#8226;Theresa May)出人意料地推迟放80亿英镑的英格兰西南部欣克利角(Hinkley Point)核电站计划时,持者们表示,其原因是英国对国有的法国电EDF)以及两家中国国有企业的参与有顾虑。一些英国官员认为该核电站事关国家安全,他们警告称,这或许会让中国政府拥有切断英国很大一部分电力供应的能力。Mrs May’s decision has caused consternation in Beijing, where officials had been reassured by the previous government’s unflagging support for the project. She will travel to China next month to steady bilateral relations, and is expected to make a decision over the project around the time of that trip.梅的决定令中国方面感到惶恐,之前那届英国政府对该项目的持续持让中国官员感到安心。梅下月将访华,以稳定英中双边关系,预计她将在访华前后就该项目作出决定。It is not just the country’s nuclear reactors that are being built, financed or purchased by overseas backers. The owners of Heathrow airport include Spain’s Ferrovial as well as Chinese, Qatari and Singaporean sovereign wealth funds.不只是英国的核反应堆由海外投资者建造、出资或买下。希斯罗机场的所有者包括西班牙的法罗里奥集Ferrovial)以及中国、卡塔尔和新加坡的主权财富基金。英国的大型火车和巴士运营商Arriva由德国铁Deutsche Bahn)所有。英国前首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)曾试图吸引中国持者投资英国HS2高铁。Made in Japan 日本制造At Wylfa, the Hitachi branding on the cranes involved in initial groundworks give a signal of how integral the Japanese company, which owns Horizon, is to every stage of the process. The entire station will be built in Hitachi City in Japan before being shipped over, piece by piece, to north Wales. Horizon has submitted its design to regulators for approval, and will only make the final decision to go ahead after it has funding in place and made the necessary planning applications.在威尔法,初始土方作业中使用的吊车上的日Hitachi)品牌标识,表明日立在工程的每个阶段都多么不可或缺(日立是Horizon的东家)。整个核电站都将在日本的日立市建造,然后一块块运到威尔士北部。Horizon已将其设计递交监管机构审批,在资金到位并完成必要的规划申请后才会做出最终的开工决定。At Moorside, in the northern county of Cumbria, a company called NuGen is developing another site over the road from Sellafield power station. NuGen is a joint venture of Japan’s Toshiba and Engie, the French utility, whose biggest shareholder is the French state. Its reactor has been designed by Westinghouse, the US industrial company, most of which is owned by Toshiba.在英国北部坎布里亚郡(Cumbria)的穆尔赛Moorside),一家名为NuGen的公司正在通往塞尔德核电站(Sellafield)的道路附近开发另一座核电站。NuGen是日本东Toshiba)与法国公用事业单位Engie共同组建的一家合资企业,Engie最大股东是法国政府。该核反应堆由美国工业企业西屋电Westinghouse)设计,东芝持有西屋电气多数股权。If Mrs May is worried about the Chinese being able to shut down Hinkley Point, she might be even more concerned with the plans of EDF, China General Nuclear Power and China National Nuclear Corp in eastern England. After the consortium develops another plant at Sizewell, in Suffolk, the Chinese groups are hoping to design and build the plant at Bradwell in Essex.如果梅担心中国有能力关闭欣克利角核电站,她可能更担心法国电力、中国广核集China General Nuclear Power)以及中国核工业集China National Nuclear Corp)组成的财团在英格兰东部的计划。该财团将在萨福克郡(Suffolk)的赛兹韦Sizewell)开发一座新的核电站,之后两家中国企业还希望设计和建造位于埃塞克斯郡(Essex)布拉德韦Bradwell)的那座核电站。Yet the UK was left with little choice but to source the new power stations from elsewhere, having seen its own skillbase dry up over decades of aversion to the construction of new reactors.然而,英国别无选择,只能把新的核电站外包给别的国家建造——英国舆论几十年来反对新建核电站,其本国的技能储备已枯竭。Politicians have sought to make a virtue of this, saying it shows how open the UK is to outside investment. John Hutton, a champion of nuclear power while serving in Labour cabinets in the previous decade and now chairman of the Nuclear Industry Association, says: “The government decided not to choose the technology. Our position was that anyone with a viable technology can submit it for licensing, and the simple truth was that EDF were in a better place than anyone else to start the renaissance.”政治人士试图把这变成件好事,称此事展现了英国对外部投资多么开放0年前效力于工Labour)内阁时持核胀?现任英国核工业协会(Nuclear Industry Association)主席的约#8226;赫顿(John Hutton)表示:“政府决定不去选择技术。我们的立场是任何具备可行技术的企业都能申请许可,而一个简单的事实是,法国电力比其他任何企业都更适合来启动这一复兴。”Others argue that there was a different way to go about regenerating the country’s nuclear power sector. Ministers could, for example, have asked companies to bid to build the stations and then negotiated on price and the benefit to the UK workforce, before building it at public expense.还有一些人辩称,振兴英国的核能行业有不同的方法。例如,在花费纳税人的钱修建核电站之前,政府大臣们可以要求企业就修建核电站竞标,然后就价格以及带给英国劳动力的好处进行谈判。Peter Atherton, an analyst at Cornwall Energy, a consultancy, says: “We could have a government-driven nuclear programme to get it for the cheapest cost. But what we did instead was say whoever wants to build nuclear can do. That’s why we’re seeing a free-for-all right now.”咨询机构Cornwall Energy分析师彼#8226;阿瑟Peter Atherton)表示:“我们本可以制定一个由政府推动的核计划,将成本降至最低。但我们所做的是跟大家说谁想建就可以建。这就是为什么我们现在会看到这种混战的局面。”Others are more critical. One nuclear industry executive told the Financial Times: “The government is happy for our energy infrastructure to be state-owned, as long as it is not the British state.”还有一些人的批评更为严厉。一位核电行业高管告诉英囀?金融时报》:“政府乐意看到我们的能源基础设施变为国有——只要不是英国政府所有就奀?”Scaling up工程浩大At Horizon’s site in north Wales, the fact the project is being designed and built more than 9,000km away brings unique challenges. On one edge of the site a small dockyard services the 45-year-old existing plant, which is being decommissioned. That dockyard will be transformed into a deepwater port able to receive the 600-tonne reactor unit when it arrives from Japan.在Horizon位于威尔士北部的核电站选址,这一事实带来了独特的挑战,即该项目在9000公里以外的地方设计和建造。在该选址边上,一个小型造船厂为已有45年历史、即将退役的现有发电站提供务。这个船厂将被改造成一个深水港,足以接收将从日本运来的600吨的反应堆。To move the 600-tonne reactor from the port will require the construction of the world’s biggest crane: a 200 metre-high vehicle that will carry it on specially built rail tracks across the 1,000-acre site, a process which could take several weeks.将这00吨的反应堆从港口移出,将需要建造全世界最大的起重机:200米高的起重机将通过专门铺设的铁轨,运载反应堆穿000英亩的场地,这一过程可能要花费数周。The scale of the work will create up to 10,000 jobs at its peak but Horizon says only 2,500 of them are likely to be sourced locally. The company is in talks to hire two-thirds of a planned holiday village nearby to house workers from outside the area.在巅峰期,这项工程将提供多达1万个工作岗位,但是Horizon称其中仅500个岗位可能从本地招聘。该公司正在讨论租用附近一家计划建设的度假/3的房间,用来为外地来的工人提供住宿。So much of the work will be done in Japan that Horizon is hoping to receive a government guarantee from the Japanese state to help finance it.太多工作将在日本完成,Horizon希望日本政府可以提供担保,帮助Horizon为项目融资。Among the local community on Anglesey, there is some concern over the sense that the project is being led by foreign companies. The island has an area of about 715 sq km and is home to 70,000 residents, many of whom have lived there for generations. It has one of the highest concentrations of Welsh speakers in the country, at more than 50 per cent.在安格尔西岛的当地社区,有人对这一点有一些顾虑,即该项目由外国企业主导。该岛面积约715平方公里,有7万人口,其中很多人是世代生活在这里。这里是整个英国讲威尔士语的人口最集中的地区——超过一半的人口讲威尔士语。“Are they going to bring people in from away?asks Bethan Roberts, who has lived on Anglesey all her life. “It could change the area maybe the jobs that will come will not go to locals.”“他们会把外面的人带到这里来吗?”一辈子都生活在安格尔西的贝#8226;罗伯Bethan Roberts)问,“这会改变这个地方——项目带来的就业机会或许不会落到本地人头上。”“We see this as a threat to the Welsh language,says Dylan Morgan, one of the organisers of the local campaign against the plant. “It is no coincidence that the building of the first Wylfa plant led to a reduction in the percentage of Welsh speakers,he adds.“我们认为这会威胁威尔士语,”当地反该核电站运动的一个组织者迪#8226;根(Dylan Morgan)称,“修建第一座威尔法核电站就曾导致讲威尔士语的人口比例下滑,这并非巧合。”Horizon is sensitive to these concerns. Greg Evans, its site director, comes from the US but has lived on Anglesey since 2001 and is chairman of Amlwch Town, the local football club. He says: “A lot of Anglesey’s young people have to leave in order to get work at the moment. This is a key opportunity to allow quite a few of them to stay.”Horizon对这些顾虑十分敏感。核电站的负责人格雷#8226;埃文Greg Evans)来自美国,但是他001年以来便一直生活在安格尔西,并且是当地足球俱乐部阿姆卢赫镇(Amlwch Town)的主席。他称:“目前安格尔西很多年轻人为了找到工作不得不离开。这是让他们中的不少人能够留下来的关键机会。”For the likes of EDF, Hitachi and Toshiba, the UK’s willingness to press ahead with building nuclear power plants after Fukushima presents a rare opportunity to provide work for their engineers.在经历过福岛事件后的今天,英国推进核电站建设的意愿,为法国电力、日立和东芝等公司的工程师提供了一个难得的工作机会。The other main reason for international developers to build in Britain is that the UK’s Office for Nuclear Regulation, which must approve all plant designs, is seen as one of the most rigorous in the world. One of the main motivations for EDF’s Chinese partners to invest in the UK is the stamp of quality they would gain as they market their Hualong One design internationally.各国际开发商在英国承接工程的另一个主要原因是,英国核能管理办公室(Office for Nuclear Regulation)被视为全球同类机构中最严格的之一。所有核电站设计都必须得到该办公室的批准。法国电力的中国合作伙伴在英国投资的主要动机之一就是,当他们在国际上推广自己的“华龙一号Hualong One)设计时,他们将被视为质量过硬。The major hurdle for Horizon and NuGen is that they must sell their visions to global investors. Both developers say they will build their plants for less than the 8bn it will cost to build Hinkley Point, but they will not say by how much.Horizon和NuGen面临的主要障碍是,他们必须让全球投资者相信他们的构想。两家开发商都表示,他们将以低于180亿英镑(修建欣克利角核电站的花费)的造价建成自己的核电站,但是他们都不肯透露具体低多少。For investors, the risks and the rewards are significant. Building a nuclear plant means spending billions of pounds, with no hope of a return until it is operational. But if the scheme reaches that point, the returns are generous, long-term and underpinned by government guarantees. The UK has agreed to pay EDF 2.50 for every unit of electricity it produces at Hinkley Point, more than double the current wholesale price.对于投资者来说,风险和回报都很显著。修建核电站意味着要花费数十亿英镑,在核电站投入运营前不会获得回报。但是,如果项目成功投入运营,企业将得到由政府担保的长期丰厚回报。英国同意为欣克利角核电站生产的每单位电力向法国电力付92.50英镑,比目前的批发价高一倍多。“Infrastructure provides long-term, low-risk, high-yield return providing it gets built,says Cornwall Energy’s Mr Atherton.“一旦建成,基础设施项目将提供长期、低风险、高收益的回报,”Cornwall Energy的阿瑟顿表示。Import drivers促进进口For many of those instrumental in shaping Britain’s attitude to outside investment, this is all a sign of a healthy approach to building infrastructure.很多影响着英国对外投资态度的人士认为,上述事态都表明英国建设基础设施的方式是健康的。Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former foreign secretary, has warned about the security implications of letting Chinese groups help develop Hinkley Point. But he defends the wider strategy behind the nuclear programme: “I doubt you could get real value for money by limiting the number of companies or countries you allow to be involved in projects like this. That has never been the British approach.”前外交大臣马尔科姆#8226;里夫金德爵士(Sir Malcolm Rifkind)曾就让中国企业帮助修建欣克利角核电站带来的安全影响发出过警告。但是他持该核电站项目所遵从的整体战略:“我怀疑,限制允许参与这类项目的企业或国家的数量,可能会让你无法用最少的钱办最多的事。英国人从来都不这么做事。”For others, it is a sign of a more general failure that has exacerbated the country’s long-term industrial decline.其他人认为,上述事态标志着一种整体的失败,这种失败加剧了英国长期的工业衰退。“We are now using four different technologies from five different manufacturers simultaneously,says Mr Atherton. “By doing that you minimise the opportunities for the UK supply chain. The builders will have to reduce the risk by importing lock stock and barrel from their home countries.”“我们现在同时使用着来自5家不同制造商种不同的技术,”阿瑟顿称,“这种做法极大地减少了这些项目带给英国供应链的机会。不同国家的建设方不得不完全从本国进口材料以降低风险。“In north Anglesey, locals are preparing for part of their island to be changed unrecognisably. Many worked on the construction of the original plant in the 1960s, and are hoping the reactors will provide a similar burst of employment and investment.在安格尔西北部,当地人正准备迎接这一前景:他们所生活的这个岛,有一部分区域要变得面目全非了。很多人在上世纪60年代曾参与原来那座核电站的建设,现在他们希望这些核反应堆能再次带来就业和投资热潮。Geraint Jones used to teach at Coleg Menai, a local college which is helping train nuclear engineers and is backed by Hitachi. “My son works at the old Wylfa plant. The new one is essential. I just hope he can find a new job there.”杰兰特#8226;琼斯(Geraint Jones)曾经在当地大学Coleg Menai教书,该学校得到日立的资金持,帮助培训核工程师。“我儿子在老的威尔法核电站工作。新核电站非常重要。我只希望他能在那里找到新工作。”来 /201608/462236

If today’s general election polling holds true, Hillary Clinton will easily defeat Donald Trump.如果今天的大选民意调查属实,希拉釷克林顿(Hillary Clinton)将轻松击败唐纳德·特朗Donald Trump)。Current national and battleground state polls have Mr. Trump trailing Mrs. Clinton by about 10 percentage points should they face off in the general election.目前,全国和关键州的民调均显示,倘若是特朗普和克林顿在大选中对决,特朗普会落后大0个百分点。If those numbers hold, Mrs. Clinton would take all of the states that President Obama won in 2012, as well as North Carolina (which he won in 2008), putting her far over the 270 electoral votes needed to win.假如这种数字维持不变,奥巴马总统012年赢得的各州均会成为克林顿的囊中之物,再加上北卡罗莱纳州(奥巴马曾在2008年拿下),问鼎白宫所需70张选举人团票数将远远不在话下。Mrs. Clinton currently fares worse than Mr. Obama only in New York, a state that she would win easily according to current polling.与当年的奥巴马相比,克林顿只在纽约州的持率有所不及。以目前的民调来看,她可以在该州轻松取胜This is how the map would look if Mr.Trump improved on his polling margin by five percentage points in each state.如果特朗普在每个州的成绩提升5个百分点,前景就会是这样。He would win Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, but he would still lose the election.他会在佛罗里达州、北卡罗来纳州和俄亥俄州获胜,但仍然会在大选中失利Mr. Trump could win if he improves on his polling margin by 10 percentage points.如果特朗普在每个州获得的持提升10个百分点,就可能赢得大选。In that scenario, Mr. Trump would win five additional battleground states that Mitt Romney lost in 2012, a big swing in the electoral map that would leave him with roughly 30 electoral votes to spare.在这种情况下,特朗普将拿下米特·罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)012年中落败的另外五个关键州。这是选举地图的巨大逆转,可以让他获得大0张的选举人团票数优势来挥霍。Closing large polling gaps in the time remaining is rare but certainly not unprecedented.在剩下的时间里进行大幅赶超是十分罕见的,但也不是史无前例。In 1980, Jimmy Carter led Ronald Reagan in many polls this time of year. He went on to lose by 10 points.980年,吉米·卡特(Jimmy Carter)在这个阶段的很多民调中领先于罗纳德·里Ronald Reagan),但最终却0个百分点之差落败。来 /201605/441471

Q. Why is Dilma Rousseff facing impeachment proceedings? 问:迪尔玛·罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)为何面临弹劾程序?She is charged with violating budgetary laws in order to conceal a deficit before what she anticipated would be a tough 2014 re-election campaign, borrowing money from banks that the executive branch controls to fund domestic programs, and making changes to the federal budget without congressional approval.她被控违反了预算法,目的是在她预计会很激烈的2014年连任竞选前掩盖财政赤字,从行政部门掌控的借钱以便为国内项目提供资金,且未经国会批准擅自修改联邦预算。Q. What did the Senate vote on? 问:参议院投票表决的议案是什么?The Senate voted on whether to start a trial of Ms. Rousseff. Last week, a Senate committee formally presented charges against her when it approved a document detailing the accusations.参议院投票表决的内容是是否开始审判罗塞夫。上周,参议院的一个委员会正式对罗塞夫提出指控,批准了一份详细介绍相关指控的文件。Q. What exactly are those charges? 问:具体是什么指控?Ms. Rousseff is accused of violating Articles 85 and 167 of Brazil’s 1988 Constitution and the 1950 Law of Impeachment in making changes to the budget without congressional authorization. She is also accused of violating the Constitution and the same 1950 law in borrowing money from an institution that the state controls.罗塞夫被控未经国会授权擅自修改预算,违反了巴988年宪法的5和第167条,以及1950年的《弹劾法Law of Impeachment)。她还被控从政府控制的一个机构借钱,同样控违反了宪法和《弹劾法》。Q. Why are these potentially impeachable offenses? 问:这些为什么是可能导致总统被弹劾的犯罪行为?The 1950 law defines “crimes of responsibility,identifying more than 50 situations that call for impeachment. One is violating the annual budgetary law. The 1988 Constitution applies because it includes “crimes of responsibility.950年那项法律对“职务犯罪”进行了界定,规定了50多种会招致弹劾的情况。其中之一是违反年度预算法988年制定的宪法适用是因为它包含了“职务犯罪”。The 2000 law of fiscal responsibility makes it illegal for the executive branch to borrow money from financial institutions it controls. The law also requires congressional approval of any changes in an annual budget after it has been approved.2000年制定的财政责任法规定,行政部门从其掌控的金融机构借钱属于违法行为。该法还要求年度预算在获得批准后,任何修改均需获得国会的同意。Q. Can Ms. Rousseff go to prison if the Senate convicts her? 问:如果参议院判其有罪,罗塞夫是否会入狱?No, but she must step aside temporarily while the trial is underway and would have to resign if convicted.不会,但在审判过程中,她必须暂时停职,如果被判有罪则不得不辞职。“The nature of these crimes are administrative crimes,said Oscar Vilhena Vieira, a constitutional law professor at Funda#231;#227;o Getulio Vargas, a university in S#227;o Paulo. “They are not penal crimes, so you cannot be put in prison because of them, but you can lose your mandate.“这些犯罪行为的本质是行政犯罪,”圣保罗瓦加斯商学院(Funda#231;#227;o Getulio Vargas)研究宪法的教授奥斯卡·维列纳·维埃拉(Oscar Vilhena Vieira)说。“不是刑事犯罪,所以不会因此入狱,但可能会失去权力。”Q. So is the Senate trial different from a criminal trial in a court? 问:所以参议院的审判不同于法庭的刑事审判对吗?Yes. This is a political trial, and the standard of proof for conviction is less than it would be in a courtroom trial. If Ms. Rousseff were tried by the country’s Supreme Court over these same offenses, she would be likely to face better odds of obtaining a favorable result.是的。这是政治审判,明有罪的标准比法庭审判低。如果因为同样的罪名接受最高法院的审判,罗塞夫获得有利结果的几率可能会更高。That also means that congressional support is crucial. “If she had a solid majority in Congress, these acts would be forgivable,said Brasílio Sallum Jr., a professor of sociology at the University of S#227;o Paulo and an expert in Brazil’s political processes.这也意味着获得国会的持至关重要。“如果有绝大多数国会议员的持,这些行为都是可原谅的,”圣保罗大学(University of S#227;o Paulo)社会学教授、研究巴西政治进程的专家小布拉西利奥·塞卢Brasílio Sallum Jr.)说。Ms. Rousseff’s problem, he said, is that, “the majority support she had in Congress at the beginning of her presidency no longer exists.”他表示,罗塞夫的问题是,“她开始担任总统时得到了国会多数人的持,但现在这些持已不复存在。”来 /201605/443813

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