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The relationship between celebrity and their assistant is very complicated.名人和助理之间的关系非常复杂As you know,I have heard,by the way.which I want to ask you about in a second.顺便说句 我听说你感同身受 我一会想问你这个 我很好奇My assistant and I,yeah,I had the same assistant,for 5 1/2,almost 6 years now.是的 我的助理一直没变 我们合作了五年半 将近六年了Getting weird,huh?No,its great.She will tell me to f-off,you know.变得奇怪了吗 不 很棒 她会对我说滚蛋 你知道吗What,youre crazy.Shut up,you know.She hits me and then I hit her.Its just craziness.她会说 什么 你疯了 闭嘴 她打我 我也打她 非常疯狂Sounds healthy.It will all be worked out in court.听起来挺健康 一切都会在法庭上解决的Its what happens after while.When you have this relationship with people,who youre involved with each others lives and it gets really kooky.合作一段时间后就会这样 你和他们产生了感情 你们的生活互相交织 感觉很古怪So much isolation and protection that has to happen.会牵涉到很多隔离及保护Then you sort of like end up,kind of like hiring a buddy,a confidante.结果你相当于 雇了一个好友 知己Like somebody to organize your schedule,but in addition to that,like kind of live with you essentially.某个为你安排日程的人 但是不仅如此 你几乎还和他住在一起So yeah,it more complicated than just like go buy me tampons,because Im embarrassed to go to right aid done it myself.比 去给我买卫生棉条 因为我不好意思自己买 要复杂多了I never asked her to buy me tampons.Sorry.One time I asked her to buy me tampons,and its because I was making puppets.我从没有让她给我买过卫生棉条 抱歉 我只让她给我买过一次卫生棉条 那是因为我在做木偶201612/482732Subject:I am psyched for you. 迷你对话A: Lisa, I am admitted by the famous company after my hard pursuit.Lisa,历经了那么多困难,我终于可以在那家著名的公司上班了。B: Oh, wonderful. I’m really psyched for you.哦,太好了。我真替你高兴。 地道表达 be psyched for 1. 解词释义Psyched作为俚语,它的意思是“兴奋的,精神高昂的”,与介词for连用表示“为某人感到高兴”“替某人感到兴奋”,也可以表示“盼望做某事,盼望期待某事”。For后面如果跟人,即为:be psyched for somebody为第一意思,如果跟物,即为:be psyched for something,意思这表示“期待,期盼某事或做某事”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. You won the first prize in the competition and I am really psyched for you.我你比赛中获得金奖,我真替你高兴。e.g. The kids are really psyched about the vacation.孩子们期待着度假。e.g. Since we have to tough it out, why not get psyched for the victory?既然我们一定要战斗到底,为什么不先去想想成功后的累累硕果呢? Ps:be admitted by+单位(学校等)表示“被......录取”“被......雇佣”的意思。例如:This year he took part in the university entrance examination and he has been admitted by Hangzhou University.今年,他参加高考并被杭州大学录取。Dad was delighted with the news that I was admitted by Peking University.听到我被北京大学录取的消息,爸爸高兴极了。 /201405/300204

迷你对话:A:Will you ask Frank to help me out of the difficulty?你能让弗兰克帮助我摆脱困境吗?B:Yes, I will. But now he isfeeding his face.可是,但是现在他在吃饭。A:Then what?那又怎么样?B:When he is feeding his face the hates being bothered.他吃饭时,最讨厌别人打搅他。地道表达:feed one’s face解词释义:feed是动词,表示“给(人或动物)食物,喂养,饲养”等意。这个短语为日常用语,它的字面意思是“喂某人的脸”,引申为“吃饭”。持范例:Eg.Having washed,they were now y to feed our faces.洗完衣他们现在准备吃饭。Eg.For my part, I dont mind where we feed our faces.对我来说, 到哪儿吃饭都无所谓。词海拾贝:help sb out of:帮助某人脱离Eg.I think I can help you out of your trouble.我想我能够帮您摆脱困境。Eg.He s the one man who can help you out of your difficulty.他是惟一能帮助你摆脱困境的人。Eg.He asked me, cap in hand, if I could help him out of his financial difficulties.他毕恭毕敬地问我能不能帮他摆脱财政困难。Eg.I dont want anybody to help me out of pity.我不要任何人出于怜悯来帮助我。hate + V+ing:讨厌做某事Eg.What do you hate doing around the house?你讨厌在家里做什么?Eg.I hate doing experiments. They always go wrong for me.我最恨做实验,我每次做都出岔错。Eg.I hate doing the damn laundry.我讨厌洗这该死的衣。特别声明:该节目迷你对话精选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为未经可可许可。 /201208/196043

  一千年以后的生活,你有想过是什么样子的吗?看到一篇帖子,说的是《三千年我们的爆笑生活》,大多数都是体现社会的发展,今天我们就从中挑选三条和大家分享一下。1. By the year 3000, special devices will automatically take care of your runny nose when youre sick.到了3000年,当你生病的时候,特殊的设备会帮你自动擦鼻子。Take care of是一个常用表达,“照顾”的意思,take care of the baby就是照顾这个小宝宝。感冒的时候有一种症状就是流鼻涕,英文表达就是runny nose,running 指水的流动,比如:running water 表示流水;而runny 是(指鼻子)流鼻涕的。“我流鼻涕”,这个句子用英文简单地说来就是:I have a runny nose. 倒还挺期待那种special devices特殊的设备到底长什么样。2. By the year 3000, pro athletes will make so much money, theyll just hire people to play for them.到了3000年,职业球员赚的钱多到只要雇人替他们打球就好。Pro是professional的简称,表示“职业/专业的”。Pro athletes 就是职业的运动员。赚钱叫做make money。It is one thing to make money, and it is another to spend it. 赚钱是一回事,而花钱又是另一回事。Hire是“雇佣”的意思,还可以表示“租用”。They hire out boats by the hour. 他们按小时出租小船。3. By the year 3000, your computer will punish you if you type something nasty.什么叫做nasty?这是一个贬义词,意思有“下流的”,比如:He is a person with a nasty mind.他是个思想肮脏的人。Nasty还有“严重的”意思,比如:The dog gave the mailman a nasty bite.这条将邮差猛咬一口。Nasty smell表示“难闻的气味”。到了3000年,如果你敢type 去敲打脏话的话,电脑就会punish 惩罚你。惩罚叫做punish,The boy was punished for being late.男孩因迟到而被罚。三千年以后的世界,我不知道,但可以确定的是,我肯定等不到三千年以后了。懒惰促进人的发展,正因为我们想偷懒,才会想要去发明方便生活的东西。总之,大家多点想法,一同为社会出点力。这里是,我是Canace,本期节目就到这里,感谢收听,再见!背景音乐:Edward Maya - Our Love Will Always Last本节目属 /201512/415843

  正确发音小技巧长音/C:/嘴形又小又圆,从嘴巴前部发出。 短音/C/嘴巴张大张圆,从喉咙后部发出,非常短促。如图: /C:/ door for store short corner/C/ doctor forest stop socks coffee唇舌训练: The doctor walks into the door in shorts. /C/ /C/ /C:/ /C:/These short socks are around the corner of the door. /C:/ /C/ /C:/ /C:/The Coffee Corner program is a little bit short. /C/ /C:/ /C:/The doctor stops in front of the store for his coffee. /C/ /C/ /C:/ /C:/ /C/I like walking in the forest during the morning. /C/ /C/ /C:/单词中字母的发音规律一般发长音/C:/的字母 or sport, story, forward oor floor, door al ball, small ar warm oar aboard our four, course ore more, before一般发短音/C/的字母 a water, want, wash o dog, hospital, song ow acknowledge au caught, author al talk, walk aw crawl, dawn oa abroad ou bought, cough请注意:有很多单词如: talk, walk, caught, taught, bought,等等,这些单词里加粗字母的发音可以是长音/C:/,也可是短音/C/,在这里我们是按照美音的发音规律来分类,都发短音/C/的音。发音与朗读训练(在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音)Opportunity 机会The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; /C/悲观主义者在每次机遇中看到的是困难;The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. /C/ /C/乐观主义者在每次困难中看到的是机遇。Opportunities flit by while we sit regretting the chances we have lost,/C/ /C/当我们只是坐在那儿叹息我们曾失去的机会,and the happiness that comes to us we heed not, /C/叹息我们未曾留意而曾经就在我们身边的快乐时,because of the happiness that is gone. /C/ /C/机遇正从我们身边悄悄掠过。Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today, /C/ /C:/ /C/不要把今天能做的事推到明天,for if you enjoy it today, you can do it again tomorrow./C:/ /C/因为如果今天你喜欢做它,那么明天你还可以再做一次。Great opportunitycome to all, /C/ /C/ (美式发音)良机会青睐每一个人,but many do not know they have met them. /C/只是有很多人并没有意识到他们已经遇到了该良机。 The only preparation to walk into the door of them is simple fidelity to /C/ /C:/唯一能抓住机遇,并很好地利用它的前提是watch what each day brings. /C/高度密切关注每天的动向。《Faith口语课堂之发音与朗读技巧》第5课预告:元音/aelig;/, /e/和/ei/的发音技巧,绕可令式的唇舌训练,字母发音规律以及发音与朗读训练。Faith口语课堂每周四推出新课,敬请收听! /201109/155061。

  To whistle a different tune。改变主意Different tune就是:不同的调子。To whistle a different tune就是这个吹口哨的人吹了一个不同的调子。这当然是从字面上来解释。To whistle a different tune作为俗语的意思是:一个人改变了主意,跟他以前说的不一样了。其实,这也是正常的。下面我们要举的例子就很能说明问题。这是说一个人在当爸爸前和当爸爸后的不同态度: Eg:Tom always said he didnt want any children, but hes whistling a different tune since his wife gave birth to a son. Hes so proud of the baby he cant stop talking about the kid.这个人在说他的朋友:;汤姆以前总是说他不要孩子。但是,自从他太太生了一个儿子后,他现在说的话可跟以前不同了。他真是为自己有那个孩子感到骄傲,老是在说他的儿子。; 下面我们要给大家讲解的一个习惯用语是美国人用的很多的。这个习惯用语就是:Pipe dream。白日梦Pipe就是抽烟的烟斗,dream就是做梦。Pipe dream要是按字面解释为;烟斗梦;,那就没有意思了。Pipe dream作为俗语,它的意思就是:做白日梦。这个说法的来源可能是以往盛行用烟斗的时候,有的人一面抽着烟,一面享受烟草的香味,同时又在烟雾中胡思乱想做白日梦。作白日梦本身是一种享受,可是有多少白日梦能成为现实呢?下面这个例子就是一个人在说他的朋友: Eg:My friend Johnny has this pipe dream about becoming a famous movie star. But it wont ever happen. He doesnt have any talent, and he has this high, squeaky voice people dont like to hear.这个人说:;我的朋友约翰尼一直在白日做梦想成为一个有名的电影明星。但是,他的梦想是永远也不会实现的。他没有一点演员的天才,而且他的嗓子又尖又细,没有人爱听。; 最后我们要讲的一个习惯用语很简单,只有两个英文字组成Far cry遥远的地方Far就是很远的意,因此far cry有的时候就是指在很遥远的地方。比如说,你可以讲:Washington is a far cry from Beijing。这是说,华盛顿离北京很远。但是,人们用far cry的时候往往是指某一样东西和以往有很大的不同。你听了下面这个例子就会明白它的意思。这是一个人在说当他突然变得很有钱以后,人们对他的态度是如何的不同: Eg:Youd be surprised how nice people treat me now when they hear my rich uncle died and left me twenty million dollars. Its a far cry from the days when I was just a clerk in a supermarket and nobody paid me any attention.这人说:;我那有钱的叔叔去世了,给我留下了两千万美元遗产。你要知道有的人在听说这个消息后对我有多么好,你会感到很惊奇的。我以前只不过是一个超级市场的雇员。那时谁也不把我放在眼里。现在和那时相比,那真是天差地别。; /201211/207126

  BMW是指人们出门上班时先乘坐公交车到达最近的地铁站,出了地铁以后再走一段才到达他们的目的地。那么,你是“BMW族”吗?In many western cities, the subway is called the "Metro". Many people go to work by taking a bus to the nearest Metro station. After they get off from the Metro, they walk a few blocks before arriving at their final destination, thus the sequence: Bus Metro Walk (BMW). Those who go to work by this BMW are called BMW people.在很多西方城市,地铁都叫做Metro。很多人出门上班时都是先乘坐公交车到达最近的地铁站,出了地铁以后再走一段才到达他们的目的地。这样的出行方式就叫做BMW(公车、地铁、步行),以此方式出行的人就叫做“BMW族”。For example:When asked how he gets to work everyday, a colleague of mine used to say: “I get here by BMW.”被问到每天怎么上班时,我一个同事回答说:“我是公交、地铁然后步行来的。” /201110/157402

  Subject: Am I a wet blanket? 迷你对话A: Many people don’t like to stay with me. I don’t know why. Am I a wet blanket.很多人不愿意和我交往,我不知道为什么,我是个煞风景的人吗?B: I don’t think so. Don’t be so sensitive.我不这么认为,不要这么敏感。 地道表达 a wet blanket 1. 解词释义Wet blanket是指“令人扫兴的人,煞风景者”。盖着湿毯子当然不舒,所有像一块湿毯子一样的人,一定是令人厌烦,到人胃口的人。据说,这个俗语来源于火灾中的人们用湿毯子来扑火,throw a wet blanket on something这个动词短语就用来表示“使人扫兴,给人泼冷水”。这个短语采用比喻的方式来表达内涵,其完全是从人们的生活经历中提炼出来是。 2. 拓展例句e.g. The teenagers dont invite Bob to their parties because he is a wet blanket.少年们不邀请鲍伯参加舞会,因为他常煞风景。e.g. The weatherman threw a wet blanket on our picnic plan when he forecast rain.气象员报有雨, 给我们的野餐计划泼了冷水。e.g. Dont be a wet Blanket. They all enjoy your going there with them.别扫大家的兴。他们都希望你和他们一起去那里。e.g. Dont bring Robert to the picnic. Hes such a wet blanket.不要带罗伯特去参加野餐,他实在是个很扫兴的人。 /201404/283648

  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):When we talk about our relatives, there are plenty of gender-neutral terms to cover the bases.We use ;grandparents; to talk about both our grandmothers and grandfathers; ;parents; takes care of mothers and fathers; ;siblings; refers to both brothers and sisters; and a ;cousin; can be either male or female.But what about nieces and nephews?Theres good news for aunts and uncles who crave a word to speak collectively about the kids they love to spoil.Meet ;nibling.;This gender-neutral term is a blend of ;niece/nephew; and ;sibling.; In other words, niblings are your siblings children.Unfortunately, nibling doesnt appear in most standard dictionaries. But thats not for lack of trying.In 2004, a group of schoolchildren in England campaigned to get the little-known word added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Clearly, they werent successful, but their efforts give us hope.With or without dictionary approval, nibling is just too darn cute to give up. If we say nibling and use it, that counts as a word, right? We think so.Nieces and nephews arent the only relatives without an official gender-neutral term. Dont aunts and uncles deserve something too?201701/488618


  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Are Michigans schools improving? According to a new analysis of national testing data, the answer is a clear ;no.;The report, authored by University of Michigan professor Brian A. Jacob, looked at the scores of 4th- and 8th-grade students on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The nationally administered test measures for proficiency in ing and math.;We found that Michigan students are performing very poorly on national exams, really no matter how you cut the data,; Jacob said. ;If you look at straight proficiency rates, Michigan is 41st out of 50 states. And then if you look at the change in proficiency between 2003 and 2015, it turns out that Michigan is the only state in the country where proficiency rates have actually declined over time. It is 50 out of 50.;What is Michigan doing wrong? To answer that question, Jacob highlighted some of the states at the opposite end of the spectrum.Massachusetts, for instance, ranked near the top for both proficiency and proficiency growth over the past decade. It also has among the highest levels 0f per-pupil funding, one area where Michigan has lagged.;Michigan doesnt have the lowest per-pupil funding in the country,; Jacob said. ;But the funding is only at modest levels and has not increased substantially over the past decade, compared to some of the other highest-performing states, where they really have devoted some of the most resources to education.;Jacob also discussed the role of charter school oversight in Michigans education system, and the effect of the Every Student Succeeds Act. Listen to the full conversation above.201702/493438

  迷你对话:A:I feel pity for the old man.我可怜那位老人。B:I feel the same way.我也是。A:It must be dful to grow old.老了真是可怕。B:Yeah. He has no one tocount on.是呀,他指望不上任何人。词海拾贝:1.feel pity for:同情,怜悯Eg. I feel pity for you, but I cant help you this time.我同情你,但是这次是帮不了你了。Eg. She was lazy so I do not feel pity for her now shes lost her job.她这么懒惰,所以她失业了我也不会同情她。Eg. I dont feel much pity for her.我不太同情她。2.feel the same way:有同感Eg. They feel the same way about the matter.他们对此有同感。Eg. I feel the same way and hope it stays fine the year round.我有同感,希望一年四季天气总是晴朗。Eg. I feel the same way about Alan!我同样感到Alan是为我而造的。Eg. I feel the same way as my partner does.我跟我的同事有着同样的感觉。3.count on:依靠,指望Eg. That was the only thing they could count on.那是他们唯一依靠的东西。Eg. Don t count on a salary increase this year.别指望今年会加薪。Eg. After a broken promise, it is hard to count on a person.一次失约,再要人相信你就难了。Eg. Ben could always count on his sister to help him out of trouble.本总是会依赖他的帮他解决困难。Eg. You can count on him because he is a reliable man.你可以信赖他,因为他是个可靠的人。 /201207/189781

  To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.移动、呼吸、飞翔、漂浮、在遥远的路上漫游着,旅行就是生活。单词记忆:move 移动breathe 呼吸fly 飞float 漂浮roam 漫游road 路land 土地remote 遥远的 /201604/439758

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