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内蒙古253医院绣眉手术多少钱呼和浩特彩光脱体毛价格呼和浩特整形医院排行 The speed and volume of mergers and acquisitions large and small in the technology industry has ramped up. Global tech Mamp;A volume in the first half of this year was up 55% over last year, reaching its highest level since 2000.科技行业大大小小的并购在速度和规模上都有所提升。今年上半年,全球科技行业并购规模同比增长了50%,达到2000年以来的最高点。Part of the reason for the buying spree is because tech companies have massive cash piles on their balance sheets. There’s also the acqui-hire trend, where tech companies are created cheaply, raise seed funding easily, fail, and then “sell” to Yahoo YHOO 0.76% , Facebook FB 2.35% , or Google GOOG 0.98% – which merely want the employees.出现收购热潮的部分原因是科技公司手中积累了大量现金。同时出现了为获得人才而收购的趋势——在这种趋势下,以低成本创立的科技公司轻松获得种子资金,然后倒闭,接下来就“转让”给雅虎(Yahoo)、Facebook和谷歌(Google)——但后者想要的只是所收购公司的员工。But that’s not all. As vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase, Jimmy Lee has a front-row seat to the deal action. And he’s been increasingly pushing the firm into tech deals, most notably, the much-anticipated initial public offering of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.但这还不是全部。根大通(JPMorgan Chase)副董事长吉米o李在并购领域一直处于前列。他推动根大通越来越多地参与到了科技公司的资本运作,其中最引人注意的就是中国电子商务巨擘阿里巴巴(Alibaba)备受期待的首发上市。Speaking on stage at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen on Monday, Lee pointed to another sign of a tech Mamp;A boom: Shares of publicly traded tech companies going up, not down when they announced acquisitions in recent years. Traditionally, companies that acquire another lose value because of the expense along with the uncertainty about making the deal pay off.周一,吉米o李在阿斯彭举行的财富头脑风暴技术会议(Brainstorm Tech Conference)上登台发言。他提出了科技行业出现并购热潮的另一条佐,那就是最近几年,就并购事项发布公告后上市科技公司的股价没有下跌,反而节节攀升。传统上,收购方的价值会下降,因为收购会产生费用,而且收购能否带来收益存在不确定性。“So the buy side is saying, we’re going to pay for growth, and it’s okay if we pay a premium,” Lee said. “A lot of it is a growth challenge that companies now want to go after, and attack it hard.”吉米o李说:“买方会这么说,我们买的是成长性,因此溢价收购没问题。在很多情况下,这是一个有关成长的挑战。现在的企业都想追逐这样的挑战,全力出击。”See a of the discussion here.吉米o李引述了两个通过收购成功实现增长的例子,一是Facebook斥资10亿美元收购图片和短视频分享网站Instagram(最新一期《财富》杂志对此进行了探讨),二是八年前谷歌(Google)收购YouTube。Lee cited Facebook’s success with its billion Instagram acquisition (recently outlined in the latest issue of Fortune magazine) and Google’s success with buying YouTube eight years ago as examples of successful growth by acquisition.吉米o李指出,各家公司一直在囤积现金,而资本成本“实际上为零”。资产负债规模巨大的科技公司纷纷崛起,导致风险投资领域出现了一个有意思的现象。除了四处收购,风投资金还在相互竞争。谷歌的风投业务已经令人望而生畏,而包括康卡斯特(Comcast)和时代华纳(Time Warner)在内的大型传媒公司也在提升对初创公司的投资规模。Companies have been hoarding cash, Lee said, and the cost of capital “is virtually zero.” The rise of tech companies with massive balance sheets has created another interesting wrinkle for venture capital world. Aside from buying up portfolio companies, they’re also competing. Google built up has a formidable venture capital practice, and large media companies from Comcast to Time Warner have also ramped up their startup investing.股票投资机构Breyer Capital首席执行官吉米o布雷耶指出,以前人们总是认为这些公司的风投部门并不是真正的风投市场参与者,但现在它们“正在非常有效地展开竞争”。这给风险投资者带来了更大的竞争风险。同时,竞争已经全球化,阿里巴巴、百度(Baidu)和腾讯(Tencent)等亚洲多元化集团都已经加入了这个行列。Jim Breyer, CEO of Breyer Capital, noted that these corporate venture arms, which weren’t always viewed as serious players in the VC game, are now “competing very effectively.” That has increased the competitive risks to venture investors, Breyer added. The competition is global, too, with Asian conglomerates from Alibaba and Baidu to Tencent bidding up deals.估值方面的情况是——没错,估值水平已经上升。风投机构First Round Capital合伙人乔什o科佩尔曼说,近年来种子阶段投资的价格已经提高了20%-30%。他说:“我们一直在努力保持对价格的敏感性。但作为风投机构,我们放弃了对Twitter的投资……原因就是价格。”他表示,等到移动付务供应商Square来到自己面前时,他决定不重蹈覆辙。And about those valuations: Yes, they’ve gone up. Josh Kopelman, a partner at First Round Capital, says seed deals have increased in price by around 20% to 30% in recent years, which makes his job difficult. “We have tried to maintain price sensitivity,” he said. “But you’re also talking to a VC who passed on Twitter … because of price.” He noted that he decided not to do the same thing when Square knocked on his door.对于估值,布雷耶的理念跟科佩尔曼类似:如果创始团队足够出色,他就乐于拿出资金。他完成的最出色投资价格都高得足以让一些投资者裹足不前——其中包括对Facebook的投资,当时的融资前估值为7800万美元。科佩尔曼说:“如果(回报率)达到50倍甚至100倍,我就不会考虑价格。” /201407/312515And so it has finally arrived: the long-awaited, much-anticipated Apple Watch. Don’t call it an iWatch; this is a new era, people. OMG! OMG! OMG! And all that.万众期盼多时的苹果手表终于来了。各位,不要叫它iWatch;它是一个新时代。天哪!天哪!天哪!无数的惊叹。Because it is Fashion Week, however, and because this is an accessory, I thought it was only fitting – pun intended – that we ask the same question of the wearable (which is another word for clothes, after all) that we ask of the other accessories we see during the week: does it look good on? Is it, finally, a wearables game changer?不过,既然现在是时装周,而它又是一种配饰,我觉得本周我们对其他配饰所提出的问题也适用于这件可穿戴设备(说到底,“可穿戴”这个词其实也就是衣的另一种说法):它戴着好看吗?它能否最终改变可穿戴设备市场的格局呢?It’s definitely a step forward. But does it rewrite the rules of our aesthetic expectations?它无疑是向前跨出了一步,但它是否重新书写了我们审美期待的准则呢?No.没有。The big, giant, amazing thing about the Apple Watch, sartorially speaking, is that it looks like … a watch. Not a device.从装的角度而言,苹果手表叫人大吃一惊的一面,是它看上去就是……一块表。而不是一种设备。That is, clearly, an enormous step forward for a gizmo that has the functionality of the Apple Watch. The two other wearable devices introduced this week at New York Fashion Week – the Samsung Galaxy S and the Intel/Opening Ceremony MICA – look like big bangles in comparison: they have much larger rectangular curved screens embedded in hard plastic, or snakeskin-covered plastic, bands.让一个小玩意能够拥有苹果手表这样的功能,这显然是巨大的进步。本周的纽约时装周上还推出了另外两件可穿戴设备——三星Galaxy S和英特尔/“开幕式”MICA智能手环,相比而言,它们看上去更像大大的手镯:更大的矩形曲线屏幕镶嵌在硬塑料腕带或覆着蛇皮的塑料腕带上。The Apple Watch by contrast, has a much smaller, squarer face (it looks a bit like a super chic Nano), framed in stainless steel or aluminum or specially treated super-strong 18-carat gold. It is the first wearable watch to come in two sizes – 38 millimeter and 42 millimeter, presumably for men and women, and it comes in three different lines (Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, the latter being the most corporate up-market version). It has an enormous number of interchangeable bands that look just like normal watch bands, including leather and stainless-steel bracelets. The only ones it does not seem to offer are evening, or black-tie appropriate, styles. (Which is an oversight to my mind, given that the time a slim, attractive watch/communication device most comes in handy is during an evening event when quick peeks at technology are not appropriate. But maybe that’s just me.)相比而言,苹果手表的屏幕小得多,接近正方形,看上去有点像非常时尚的苹果Nano,它有不锈钢或铝制边框,或是特别制作的超强18k金边框。它是第一款以38毫米和42毫米两种规格推出的可穿戴设备腕表,两种尺寸分别是为男人和女人设计的,此外还有三个不同版本(苹果手表普通版、苹果手表运动版和苹果手表 Edition版,其中Edition版是最适合商务的高端款)。它有多款可供更换的表带,外观和普通表带差不多,包括皮革款和不锈钢手镯款。唯一没有提供的是晚装款,或者说礼款(在我看来,这是一种疏忽,在新发明的科技小玩意往往不适合的晚宴场合,一款纤细迷人的腕表/通讯设备才是最用得着的。但或许只有我才这么想)。Apple is billing the watch as its “most personal device ever,” because aside from all those straps, you can also swap among 11 watch faces (normal, butterfly and Mickey Mouse, for example).苹果公司说这款腕表是公司“迄今最个性化的设备”,因为除了表带,还可以更换11款表盘,比如普通表盘、蝴蝶图案和米老鼠图案的表盘。The funny thing is, while I understand why they find this sort of choice extraordinary in the tech world, it’s par for the course in fashion, which points up some of the gulf between the two sectors; What they find revolutionary makes us want to yawn.有趣的是,我明白他们为什么觉得这样的选择在技术界是非同寻常,但在时尚界却很普通。这反映出技术界与时尚界之间的鸿沟——他们觉得革命性的产品在我们看来乏味得令人想打哈欠。But back to the watch. It even has a “crown” – that dial on the side of a chronograph that you normally use for winding, but that here acts as a scroll so you don’t have to worry about a fat-fingers problem on a tiny screen.但我们还是回到这款腕表上来。它甚至还有一个“王冠”,就是表盘一侧的旋钮,这种旋钮通常是用来上发条的,但在这里是用来滚动屏幕,这样即便是粗手指也能操纵小小的触控屏了。All of which is smart, and slick, and even chic. But it doesn’t make you reimagine the whole concept of how a watch you might wear everyday should look.这一切都很智能、很巧妙,甚至是很时尚。但不会让你去重新设想“一块每天佩戴的腕表到底应当是什么样的”这个概念。It makes you reimagine what a watch that you might wear everyday should do. That’s a meaningful distinction.它会让你重新设想“一块每天佩戴的腕表到底应该能够做什么”。这是一个很重要的区别。In other words, unlike, say, the iPhone, which resembled no other phone on the market when it appeared, or the iPod, the Apple Watch is firmly in watch aesthetic vernacular – just not other connected watch vernacular. Rather, it speaks the visual language of ye olde-fashioned watches.换言之,它和iPhone和iPod不一样,iPhone刚出现的时候,和市场上任何其他手机都不一样,而苹果手表严格遵循腕表的美学语汇——而不是其他和腕表有关的语汇。它要以老古董式腕表的视觉语言说话。Ironic, isn’t it? They had to look backward to go forward.有点讽刺是不是?要想向前走,他们得先向后看。Which means, in turn, that the truly mind-boggling bit of all this is the fact that Apple figured out how to fit ALL THAT TECHNOLOGY into that relatively wee bit of hardware. Intel, for example, had to distribute its board throughout the MICA, which is why the bangle is the size that it is.这也就是说,真正惊人的事实是苹果想到办法把这么多先进技术放在相对较小的硬件之中。至于其他公司,比如说英特尔,得把面板分布在整个MICA手镯上,所以这款手镯才是这种尺寸。Put another way: the shocking thing, the innovative thing, about the Apple Watch is that it can look as normal as it does while doing all the things it does (including opening hotel doors, if you have the Starwood app).换句话说:关于苹果手表令人震惊的创新部分是,它可以看上去其貌不扬,却能做各种各样的事(比如说,如果你装了喜达屋国际酒店集团的应用,就可以用它打开酒店房间的门)。So, while it may indeed change behavior, and may indeed threaten some in Switzerland, I don’t think Patek Philippe should be shivering in its boots.所以,它可能真的能够改变人们的行为,也可能真的威胁到了一些瑞士手表,但我并不觉得百达翡丽(Patek Philippe)会吓得全身发抖。Of course, the Apple Watch will start at 9 when it goes on sale next year, and even presuming that the rose-gold version will cost a whole lot more, it probably won’t reach the Patek pricing league. Apple isn’t saying. So Swatch, on the other hand. …当然,苹果手表将于明年以349美元起售,就算它会推出价格昂贵得多的玫瑰金版本,想必也不会达到百达翡丽的价位。苹果公司没有说。所以,大概是斯沃琪(Swatch)吧…… /201409/327741内蒙古医学院第一附属医院祛痣多少钱

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土默特左旗妇幼保健人民中医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱Chinese phone maker Xiaomi Inc. emerged three years ago from nowhere to become one of the top-selling brands in China#39;s competitive smartphone market on the strength of its top-shelf specs and cheap prices. As of this year#39;s first quarter, Xiaomi had 11% of China#39;s smartphone market share, on par with Lenovo Group and trailing only Samsung Eelctronics, which commands some 18% of the market, according to data from research firm Canalys.三年前白手起家的中国手机制造商小米公司(Xiaomi Inc)如今已经成为中国竞争激烈的智能手机市场上最畅销的品牌之一,它制胜的关键是高配置与低价格。研究公司Canalys的数据显示,截至今年第一季度,小米手机在中国智能手机市场的占有率已经达到11%,与联想集团(Lenovo Group)不相上下,仅仅落后于三星电子(Samsung Eelctronics),后者在中国市场的占有率大约为18%。But along the way the company#39;s products got a reputation for feeling a bit...well, cheap. More than one reviewer has cited a flimsy, plastic feel to earlier models, though other features have gained praise.不过,小米产品一直以来给人的感觉是不够高贵。尽管小米手机的不少特点获得了称赞,但不止一名人士认为之前几代小米手机塑料感强,不够结实。Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun appears to have been ing his reviews. On Tuesday he unveiled the latest version of his flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi 4, at a typically raucous presentation before fans. While he touted its more powerful battery and faster Qualcomm processor, he lingered particularly on the fact that the new phone#39;s housing contains much more metal than earlier models, giving it a higher-quality feel.小米公司董事长雷军似乎一直在阅读对小米手机的。周二他以一贯热闹的方式向粉丝推出了最新的旗舰智能手机小米4。在强调更加强大的续航能力和更快速的高通(Qualcomm)处理器的同时,他特别提及新小米手机的外壳比之前的型号包含更多金属材质,显得更有质感。The phone#39;s frame is made of stainless steel, he said, joking that it should be called the #39;kitchen knife.#39;雷军称,小米4的边框是不锈钢材质,他还调侃称,应该称之为“菜刀”。Mr. Lei said Xiaomi went to the same companies that made the metallic-framed Apple iPhone to see what they could do for him. During his presentation, he showed his audience a of the phone#39;s frames getting bent, smoothed, washed and tested before emerging as a finished product. He also showed the raw components themselves, holding a phone frame into the air.雷军表示,小米去了为苹果(Apple)的iPhone生产金属边框的几家公司,询问能给小米生产出什么样的边框。雷军在介绍小米4时向观众展示了这款手机的边框在成为成品前变弯曲和平整以及水洗和测试的视频。他还手拿小米4的金属边框,展示原材料本身。Specwise, the phone looks aimed at the same market as Apple Inc.#39;s iPhone, Samsung Electronics Co.#39;s Galaxy line and HTC Corp.#39;s One line. The five-inch phone features a high-definition screen, a 2.5-gigahertz Qualcomm processor and a battery that Mr. Lei said was bigger than the models offered by rivals. The new phone will cost 1,999 yuan (8) for a basic model with 16 gigabytes of memory and will be available later this month. A 4G version for China Mobile will be available in September.从参数来看,小米4似乎要和苹果公司的iPhone、三星电子的Galaxy系列以及宏达国际电子股份有限公司(HTC Co., 2498.TW, 简称:宏达国际)的One系列手机抢夺市场。这款大小为5英寸的手机配备高分辨率的屏幕、2.5GHz高通处理器以及据雷军称超过竞争对手机型的续航能力。16G版小米4的售价为人民币1,999元(合258美元),将在本月晚些时候上市。中国移动(China Mobile) 4G版要到9月份才能推出。Other draws for potential users include a new function that maps out the branches of endless recorded customer-service phone trees, allowing a user to quickly tap the place he or she wants to go when calling companies that cooperate with Xiaomi on the service. And in an Apple-inspired #39;one more thing#39; moment -- punctuated with an image of the English phrase appearing on a screen behind Mr. Lei -- the company also unveiled a 79 yuan bracelet that can connect to the phone and offer features such as a vibration function that can also act as an alarm clock.小米4还有一项能吸引潜在用户的新功能,即在拨打运营商电话时,可以将语音菜单翻译为文字,用户通过触屏操作选择务内容,可迅速接入自己所要选择的那项务。受苹果公司“最后时刻意外惊喜”桥段的启发,小米公司在周二的发布会上还推出了售价为人民币79元的小米手环,这款设备能连接到小米4,而且具备震动等功能,可当闹钟用。 /201407/314827 解放军第253医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱呼和浩特去疤痕哪个医院最好



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