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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):President Barack Obama leaves office tomorrow and he leaves behind a complicated legacy when it comes to the auto industry.Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes reviews Obama’s relationship with automakers in his latest column.Howes pointed out that Obamas legacy when it comes to the auto bailout is, as most things are, divided along partisan lines. Republicans often use it to criticize the president and Democrats often counter any criticism with ;well, at least he saved the auto industry.;While Howes called Obamas auto industry legacy a ;net positive;, it wasnt a perfect record. For instance, he said the Obama administrations push for smaller, more fuel efficient cars isnt what most consumers want.Listen to the full interview above to hear who was hurt the most by the auto bailout, and about Obamas overall legacy (not just the bailout) when it comes to Detroit.201701/489514特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可签约编辑编写。迷你对话A: Ted is so scared by dogs that he shakes in his shoes whenever he sees one.Ted非常害怕,他一见到,就会吓得发抖。B: The reason is that he once was bitten by a dog.那是因为他曾经被咬过。A: No wonder.怪不得。对话精讲第一、地道短语shake in one’s shoes1. 解词释义该习语用来形容人哆嗦,颤抖的样子,喻指人吓得发抖。2. 持范例He was shaking in his shoes as the large dog moved towards him.当那只向他走来时,他吓得直打哆嗦。The thief shook in his shoes when he saw the policeman. 那个小偷看到警察,吓得两腿直打抖。The thief shook in his shoes when he was caught in the act. 小偷作案时被当场抓住, 吓得发抖。 He was shaking in his shoes at the thought of flying for the first time. 他想到这是他第一次乘飞机就吓得要命。第二、口语句型1. Something is so+adj.+that+从句。释义:某物或某事如此......以至于......范例:The workers did so well that he was pleased with them.工人们干得很好,他对他们很满意。 I was so busy here (that) I had no time to write a letter.我在这里很忙,没时间写信。2. No wonder+(that)+从句。释义:难怪......范例:No wonder you were late--you ate your breakfast so slowly. 难怪你迟到——早饭吃得这么慢。 No wonder you cant find anybody here; theyre all away at a meeting. 难怪找不到人, 都开会去了。 No wonder Byron fell for you. My God, youre pretty. 怪不得拜伦让你迷住了。我的上帝,你可真漂亮。No wonder he is not hungry ; he has been eating sweets all day. 难怪他不饿,他整天在吃糖果。 /201304/233145

ed States美国Abortion Policy: Gag Reflex堕胎政策:适得其反A policy intended to cut abortions is likely to do just the opposite.试图降低堕胎率的政策却适得其反。One ritual has become familiar for a president’s first week in the Oval Office.历届美国总统在就任第一周里都要进行一项“仪式”。It has long been illegal for federal money to be used to fund abortions anywhere.长期以来,联邦资金都被禁止用于资助任何地区与堕胎相关的事务。On January 23rd, four days into his presidency, Donald Trump signed an executive order that bans government aid to foreign non-governmental organisations that “actively promote” abortion, for example by telling a woman that abortion is a legally available option.1月23日,唐纳德·特朗普在其就任美国总统第四天的时候签署了一项总统令,禁止政府对“积极提倡(例如向女性告知堕胎合法)”堕胎的外国非政府组织提供官方援助。Since 1984, when the policy first came about, it has been swiftly revoked by incoming Democratic presidents and reinstated by Republican ones.自1984年该政令首次出台起,它就备受争议,继任的民主党总统不断将其废除,而共和党总统却总会把它恢复。Past experience suggests that this “global gag rule” will lead to more abortions, not fewer.根据以往经验来看,这项“全球计划生育遏制政策”将导致堕胎率升高,而非降低。A study by researchers at Stanford University found that after the policy came into effect in 2001, the abortion rate increased sharply in sub-Saharan African countries that had been receiving substantial amounts of aid for family-planning programmes.斯坦福大学研究人员进行的一项调查显示,这项政策在2001年施行之后,得到计划生育计划实质性援助的撒哈拉以南非洲国家中堕胎率急剧上升。By contrast, the abortion rate remained stable in countries that were less dependent on such aid.与之相反的是,对此类援助依赖性较小的国家中堕胎率仍保持稳定。The study, as well as anecdotal accounts and research by NGOs, suggest that abortions rose because of cuts in the supply of contraceptives.根据这项研究以及来自非政府组织的各种调查与一些未经实的说法,堕胎率上升的原因是避药物供应减少。In many poor countries NGOs funded by Western governments are big providers of contraceptives, and many fall foul of the Mexico City policy (named after the population conference at which it was first unveiled).在许多贫穷国家,免费发放的避药物大多来自受西方国家政府资助的非政府组织,而其中大部分违反了“墨西哥城政策”(首次提出该政策的人口会议在墨西哥城召开,由此得名)。Some provide abortions, others just information on where a safe, legal abortion can be obtained.他们中的一些提供堕胎务,另一些仅提供可安全合法地施行堕胎手术的诊所信息。Both can be life-saving: many women die from botched abortions, even in countries where abortion is legal.这两种做法都能挽救生命:即使在可合法堕胎的国家中,也有许多女性因堕胎手术失败而不幸身亡。Some NGOs have chosen to close clinics rather than accept money with the new strings.一些非政府组织选择关掉诊所,而不是接受附加新规的资金援助。Marie Stopes International, a British NGO, estimates the measure could cut 1.5m women off its family planning services in 2017 and lead to 2.2m more abortions in the next four years.根据英国非政府机构玛丽斯特普国际组织的估计,在2017年,该举措将使150万女性得不到原有的计划生育务,从而导致接下来的四年中将新增堕胎案例220万例。In the past, European countries have upped their aid for family-planning programmes to fill what an EU official called the “decency gap” in aid.过去,欧洲国家通过提高其计划生育计划援助力度来弥补这种后果(欧盟称之为援助上的“礼节性差距”)。A day after Mr Trump resurrected the policy the Dutch government said it will set up a special fund to counter its impact.在特朗普重新推行该政策后的第二天,荷兰政府宣布将设立一项专项资金,用以抵消该政策的影响。This time round the gap could be larger.这一次,差距变得更大了。Previously, the Mexico City policy applied only to aid for family-planning programmes, which in 2016 stood at about 0m.很明显,墨西哥城政策仅针对计划生育计划的援助,在2016年,该计划的援助资金总额为大约6亿美元。Mr Trump’s version covers all global health aid, a pot as large as .5bn a year.而特朗普新推行的政策却涵盖了所有全球性健康援助,资金总量达到95亿美元之巨。That is about a third of rich countries’ total foreign aid for health care.这相当于所有发达国家在卫生保健方面所提供健康援助资金的三分之一。Nobody knows how many NGOs will shun money under the new rules.到底会有多少非政府组织迫于新规的压力而停止援助务尚不得而知。The casualties may include the foot soldiers in America’s global campaign against HIV/AIDS, which has beaten back the disease in Africa. (George W. Bush made an exception for HIV/AIDS when he resurrected the Mexico City rules.)但至少在美洲地区,战斗在全球艾滋病抗击运动第一线的仁人志士们将首当其冲(这项运动曾在非洲地区取得显著成效,美国前总统乔治·布什在恢复墨西哥城政策时将艾滋病相关援助定为特例)。Supporters of the policy see it as pro-life.持者们认为这项政策是在挽救生命。Sadly, the probable outcome may be just the opposite.但不幸的是,其后果很可能恰恰相反。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201703/499755

日常生活中每个人都不可避免要买很多东西,但有些人擅长买到价廉物美的满意物品,而有些人就总是受骗上当。你是哪一类买主呢?1. Mary was done brown!玛丽上当了!2. He was dumped on.他上当了。3. You have been spoofed.你上当了。4. Youve really been taken.你真的上当了。5. You have fallen into the trap.你们上当了。6. We were all fooled by him.我们都上了他的当。7. We got screwed when we bought this house.我们买这所房子时上当了。8. We were tricked into buying a poor car.我们受骗上当买了一辆破汽车。9. Ive been diddled! Half of these tomatoes are bad!我上当了! 这些番茄有一半是坏的。10. Youve been sold a pup again. That car you bought is a wreck.你又上当了。你买的那辆汽车是个废物。 /201211/209504


  特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可签约编辑编写,版权归可可网站所有。A: We used to be very friendly, but it seems now that my daughter’s marriage has taken its toll of our relationship.我和女儿本来感情很好的,可是现在她的婚姻问题似乎破坏了我们的关系。B: What do you mean?这话怎么讲?A: I don’t like her husband, that bad egg, but my daughter insists on marrying him.我不喜欢她的丈夫,那个坏蛋,但她坚持要嫁给他。B: She is a grow-up. She can make her own decision.她是成年人了,她能够自己做决定了。A: I wish she wouldn’t regret for her decision.但愿她不会后悔。 /201305/238777。


  第一, 迷你对话A: You seem sad and unhappy. What’s wrong?你看上去很不开心,怎么啦?B: My girlfriend got away from me, you know, I love her very much.我女友抛弃我了,我非常爱她。A: Why not ask her to come back?为什么不叫她回来呢?B: I don’t know where she is now.我不知道她现在在哪里。第二, 地道表达get away from1. 解词释义Get away from的意思为“逃离或摆脱某人或某地”,“离开某人或某地”。2. 拓展范例e.g. She married to get away from her tyrannical mother.她为了脱离她那个暴虐的母亲而结婚。e.g. He is skipping out of town to get away from the cops.他匆匆出城,以免落在警察手里。e.g. Huck himself is glad to get away from conventional life.哈克本人是乐意摆脱这种平凡乏味的生活的。e.g. One main idea possessed her: she must get away from home.一个主要的想法配着她,即她必须离家出走。 /201601/420837Subject:Bite your tongue. 迷你对话A: The boss will criticize me openly in tomorrow’s conference.老板在明天的会议上公开批评我。B: Bite your tongue if the boss say something you do not like during the meeting, or you get fired.如果老板说了你不中听的话,你要保持沉默,否则会被解雇的。 地道表达 bite one’s tongue 1. 解词释义Bit是“咬”的意思,tongue是“舌头”的意思。Bit one’s tongue的字面意思是“咬紧舌头”,引申为“强忍住不说,强迫自己保持沉默”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. I think you have to bite your tongue when hes on the warpath.我看在他想找事的时候,你最好甭吭声。e.g. The man was too rude that I had to bite my tongue to keep from getting into an argument with him.那人如此粗鲁,我只好不作声,避免同他争辩。 Ps :in conference:在会议上 during the meeting:在会议进行中 get fired:遭到解雇 /201408/317123今天我们来看一看“我请你喝杯咖啡!”用英语怎么说:Let me treat you to a cup of coffee.还可以这么说:Let me buy you a drink.Let me buy you a cup of coffee.可以这么回答:Sure, I have time for a quick cup.Youre on! /201408/321553

  嗨,大家好。今天Rose给大家讲的小故事里包含了若干个由食物构成习惯用语,希望您借助上下文,先自行猜测它们的含义,随后再进一步了解它们的用法。好了,一起来听。 The used car I bought for three hundred dollars was a lemon. My friends said I was nuts to believe the baloney the seller gave. The seller said that the car was like new, with only ten thousand miles on it. she said she was really selling it for peanuts. Starting the engine of the car was a piece of cake. I just turned the key—no problem. However, soon I was in a pickle: the brakes didn't work! I hit a car and had to pay two thousand dollars to repair it. But my friend Nina was a peach. She took my car to the garbage dump so that I didn't have to see it again. 故事大概说的是一个人受了骗,买了一辆没法开的二手车的故事。故事一开头就告诉了大家,这辆花三百美元买的旧车是a lemon。Lemon 柠檬。习语中表示something that does not work, usually an electrical appliance or mechanical item,机械类的用具不再好用的意思。再比如:The new MP4 I bought was a lemon, and I'm going to take it back to the store for a new one. 我新买的mp4不好用,我要拿回商店换个新的。 花了三百美元上当,难怪朋友们会说我是个nuts了。Nuts原意指坚果。这里指:very crazy, very upset,疯子。我是疯了才会相信the baloney the seller gave,baloney,熏肠,大香肠这里意思相当于nonsense 废话。也就是疯了才相信卖车人的鬼话呢。是啊。就这样的车卖车还说是selling it for peanuts呢。Peanuts在习语中用于指代 a very small amount of money,很小的一笔钱。意思也就是,这还便宜卖给你了呢。我们再看一个例子:Rose buys used clothes at secondhand stores, and she gets nice-looking clothes for peanuts. Rose在旧货商店买旧衣。花很少的钱淘到漂亮衣。 这辆车启动它,是a piece of cake,小事一桩,但是开起来之后,很快我就in a pickle了。Pickle, 腌菜,泡菜。In a pickle意思就是in trouble. 陷入麻烦中。再比如: Bill was in a pickle. After filling his car with gas, he could not find the money to pay. 比尔遇到麻烦了,为自己的车装满油之后才发现身上没钱。 花了三百块买了辆破车。又花了两千给别人修被自己撞坏的车。还真是祸不单行。好在我的朋友Nina was a peach. Peach, 桃子。用来指a very nice person一个非常好的人。她善解人意的将那辆破车送到了garbage dump 垃圾堆,好让我眼不见心不烦。 结束之前问个小问题,Does something that is a lemon work well? Have you ever bought a lemon? 好了,我们下期再见。 /201111/160298习语:a thorn in ones flesh讲解:该习语源自《圣经》。根据《圣经》记载,犹太教教派之一的法利赛人严于律已,笃信教义。有人把植物的芒刺扎在自己的长袍滚边,行走时,那些刺儿会扎破皮肉,常弄得袍子口血迹斑斑。后来,这条成语常被人喻指“不断使人苦恼的事,眼中钉,肉中刺”。持范例:I wonder why I become a thorn in their flesh. Ive never harmed them.不知为什么我成了他们的眼中钉了。我可从未错待过他们。迷你对话:A:The stepmother was very wicked. She couldnt stand a happy smile on the boys face.那个继母坏透了,她看那孩子笑一笑都难受。B:And?那怎么样呢?A:And she did her best to pull out the thorn in her flesh and the boy lost whatever made him happy.她想尽办法除掉她的眼中钉,那孩子生活中的快乐全没了。B:Poor child!可怜的孩子。词海拾贝:pull out:拔除You might help us pull out these weeds.请帮助我们拔除这些杂草。You should pull out this tooth.你必须把这颗牙齿拔掉。 /201205/181583

  第一, 迷你对话A: Tom and I have broken up.Tom和我已经分手了。B: Really? I’m afraid that he can’t face the music.真的吗?恐怕他没法面对现实。A: I’ve said all there is to him. I don’t want him to knock my door again.我已经把该讲的话都对他说了,我希望他在来找我了。B: It seems that I must go to his home and cheer him up.看起来我要去他家安慰下他了。第二, 地道表达knock one’s door1. 解词释义Knock one’s door的意思是“登门拜访”。2. 拓展范例e.g. Ive never knock his door myself, though I know him so well.我自己从来没有贸然登门拜访过他,虽然我很了解他。e.g. He followed up his letter and knock her door the next week.他发了一封信,第二个星期又亲自登门拜访。e.g. He received a broad hint that they did not want him to knock his door again.他得到明显的暗示,他们不要他再来登门拜访了。第三, 咬文嚼字1. break up:分手e.g. What will happen to the children if Peter and Alice break up ?如果彼得和爱丽丝离婚孩子们将怎么办?e.g. She has been depressed since she broke up with her boyfriend.她自从与男朋友断绝关系以来一直情绪消沉。2. face the music:面对现实e.g. After he was caught with the stolen goods, he had to face the music.他偷窃物品被逮到,他必须接受应得的惩罚。e.g. You ve been caught cheating now you must face the music.你的骗局已经戳穿--这下子你得自食其果了。3. cheer sb. up:使某人开心e.g. Her husband took her to the concert to cheer her up.为使她高兴起来,她丈夫带她去听音乐会。e.g. We all tried to cheer her up, but she continued to feel sad.我们试著让她看开一点,但是她仍然感到伤悲。 /201702/492842

  特别声明:改节目总的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为未经可可许可。迷你对话:A: Can’t you remember the days when you had the hots for me?A: 你还记得你迷恋上我的日子吗?B: You tried to seduce me. I fell for you.B: 你诱惑我,我才迷恋上你的。A: By the way, are you going to the concert tomorrow?A: 顺便问一下,你明天想去听音乐会吗?B: I am just thinking of it. Maybe I’ll go.B: 我正在考虑这个问题,也许我回去的。地道表达:have the hots for someone解词释义:the hots在该词语中的意思是“爱意”,它是美国俚语,那么have the hots for someone意思就是“对某人有爱意”或“迷恋上某人”。持范例:Eg. Did you hear that Kelly has the hots for Robby?你有听说凯莉在迷恋罗比吗?Eg. Our English teacher seems to have the hots for Mary.我们的英语老师似乎有点爱上Mary了。词海拾贝:1. fall for:对......倾心,迷恋Eg. I fall for his writings, because they fall in with my taste. 我极喜爱他的作品,因为它们合我的口味。Eg. It ll do you no good to fall for Mary . 你为玛丽而倾倒没有好处。 2. go to the concert:去听音乐会Eg. Id like to go to the concert, but Ive no transport.我想去听音乐会,但没有交通工具。 Eg. Its a pity you didnt go to the concert. 很遗憾你没有去听音乐会。 Eg. I wonder whether youd like to go to the concert this evening. 不知您今晚是否想去听音乐会。 Eg. I figure Ill go to the concert with my parents tomorrow evening. 我想我明晚将和父母一起去听音乐会。 3. think of :考虑,思索Eg. Did you ever think of photographing an aerobics class? 你想过拍摄有氧运动课吗? Eg. A driver must think of safety. 司机一定要考虑到安全。 Eg. Think of the end at every beginning. 凡事开头时就要想到它的后果。 Eg. Don t always think of number one. 别老是想着自己。 /201210/202853。

  Everybody honks differently too,Some people give you the teeny tiny,每个人按喇叭的风格也不太一样 有些人按的非常轻which I really appreciate it,thats what I try to do.我跟感谢这种人 我也都尽量按很轻But have you tried to do the teeny tiny tap but its too loud,and youre like I didnt mean that.你们有没试过想要轻轻按 但是不小心太大声 好像道歉说 不是故意的You just wanna do a,like a little hey,But other people just lean on their horns,what kind of aggression is that.只想很轻的“嘿”一下 但是另外一些人喜欢全力的按下去 也太有攻击力了吧Some people arent honking to get you to move,theyre just honking to say hi.有些人按喇叭不是催你快点动 他们是用按喇叭打招呼and they should have a different horn for that,because you hear a horn,我觉得那应该用不同的喇叭才对 因为有时你听到喇叭声and youre turning around,whats your problem?;Hey Nana,hi,I didnt know it was you,no.;转头 你什么毛病啊 嘿 外婆 我不知道是你啊The problem is that no ones changed the horn,since the cars were invented,还有就是自从汽车发明以来 喇叭就没变过So heres what I think we should do,Car horns should come with the certain amount of honks,所以我觉得我们应该这样做 喇叭应该配一定数量的喇叭声that way youre gonna think twice before you use it,youre gonna run out of honks,right?那样的话按之前就会再想一想 按完就没了 对吧Another change,if you pull up outside at someones house at six in the morning and honk for them to come out,your car should explode.另一个需要改变的地方 如果你早上六点停在别人家门口 然后大按喇叭让他们出来 你的车应该爆炸Too early,its too early.And finally,lets make horns sound nicer,and instead of just a horn which is aggressive,太早了 太早了 最后一点 让喇叭声好听点 不要只是出咄咄逼人的喇叭声I like the trucks that have food on them,cos,;Bababababa;,thats nice.我就很喜欢那种载食物的卡车 叭叭啦叭叭 听起来很不错I dont want a loud horn,I would like to have a horn that,I would like ;Im sexy and I know it.;Im sexy and I.我不想要声音超大的喇叭 我想要的是那种 我想要“我很性感我知道” 我很性感;Im;,;Im sexy;,;Im sexy and; ;Im sexy and I;.Itll be pleasant and might even make you wanna dance.I dont know.我很 我很性感 我知道我很性感 听了很愉快而且也许让你想舞蹈 /201704/502386

  A: How did you get rid of him?你是怎么摆脱他的?B : I gave him a cooked-up story and told him that I had paired myself off with someone else. He fell for that and gave up hope.我精心编造了个故事,说我已经跟别人确定关系了,她就信以为真,真断了念头。A: It was a pity that he wore out his welcome with you. He must regret about losing your love.真遗憾你不喜欢他了。失去你,他一定会后悔的。B: It takes two to love, the same as it takes two to make a quarrel.爱情就这么回事,一个巴掌拍不响,就和吵架一样,两个人才能吵起架来。 /201508/389754


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