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Ive missed him, and hes gone.我没抓到 它跑掉了Man, theyre fast!Oh, this is hopeless.天哪 它游得真快 这下没戏了With a difficult and strength-sapping sea crossing ahead of me,要历尽千难万险 到达前面那座岛上theres still a need for high-energy food source.我必须得到更充足的食物补给Time to move on and come up with a different plan.现在该继续想点新办法了Theres some trash washed up here.这里有些被潮水冲上来的垃圾Always a good place to find that sort of thing.在这里总有点好东西The windward point of an island all the wind and the waves and the weather 这是整座岛的迎风点 很多东西会受风 海浪和天气的作用driving stuff up onto the rocks.堆积到这些礁石上面Bottles are always useful. Look.It doesnt matter how remote the place.瓶子绝对是个好东西 不管什么兔子不拉屎的地方Youll always find some man-made material.你总会找到工业产品A bit of flexible rubber hosing.That, though, could be really useful.还有一小截橡胶软管 这个可能很有用的My discoveries have given me a new idea.刚才的发现给了我新的灵感Almost everything that Im hunting for or chasing is basically faster than me.我捕杀的大多数东西 速度都比我快But finding just something as simple as a bit of hosing like that但是发现了这 一小截橡胶管has actually given me the advantage back.就足以让整个局面大反转It allows me to make a spring-loaded weapon thats gonna give me more speed.我可以利用它来制作一个弹射箭 来提高我的捕猎速度Im gonna make a simple bamboo harpoon.我要做一个竹制鱼叉Its a basic design thats been used for centuries and is still in use today.这种基本设计已经流传了几千年 一直沿用至今And just use the tip end of an agave plant to make a barb in this,我用龙舌兰的末端 做了一个这样的倒钩So if I harpoon something, its not gonna then come out.如果我插到东西的时候 就不会滑出来Now for the all-important trigger mechanism.接下来就是最重要的触发机制Theres very little that youll find in nature that has elasticity like that,自然界中很难找到 这么有弹性的东西And what this does gives me back the advantage of speed.这个小东西 完全可以弥补我在速度上的缺憾Next up, Im continuing my quest to find food in preparation for a major sea crossing.接下来 我将继续寻找食物 备战跨海大计Its way rougher here. Im struggling now.现在的海况很差 我必须努力拼搏201704/501883When the rain started, a week after the outbreak of the fire,allowing an early stocktaking,火势持续一周后 大雨降临 人们开始清点损失the scale of the devastation horrified even the pessimists.然而灾难带来的损失令所有人膛目结舌13,200 houses had been destroyed,along with some of the most famous buildings of the city.共有13200户房屋受损 其中包括几处标志性建筑St Pauls Cathedral was in ruins.圣保罗大教堂亦化为废墟The new Leviathan, it seemed, had no fire insurance.似乎这庞然大物中 无任何防火设施Still, there were those who were determined that London would rise as a phoenix from its ashes不过 仍有人坚信 凤凰涅槃 浴火重生 伦敦必然会崛起and, like the reborn, rebuilt Rome, astonish the world.如同重建的罗马一样 让世界为之震惊This sort of thing had long been on the mind of Christopher Wren,皇家学会的数学家兼建筑师mathematician, architect and brilliant prodigy of the Royal Society.天才克里斯多夫·雷恩 对此更是深信不疑So when Roman antiquities were found in the debris around St Pauls,人们在圣保罗大教堂的废墟附近发现罗马遗物one of them a tablet bearing the Latin inscription其中有一块碑上刻着一行拉丁文;Resurgam; I shall arise,;Resurgam; Wren took the message to heart. 我将崛起 雷恩将这句话铭记在心London had once been a great Roman city and now would outdo the ancients,伦敦是罗马人建起的伟大城市 而今 她将超越历史with great piazzas, broad avenues,calculated to afford geometrically satisfying vistas and up to fifty new churches.大型的广场 宽阔的街道 都经过精心设计 构成完美的几何图案 此外还将新建五十座教堂And at its heart would be a new St Pauls,而城市中心将会修建一座新的圣保罗大教堂a cathedral the like of which had never been seen in northern Europe.一座在北欧 前所未见的大教堂 /201704/505122

You know, weve been hearing a lot about Cyber Security lately.你知道的 关于网络安全我们已经听得太多Largely because of what happened toSony.主要是因为索尼事件Companies and individuals are more concerned about公司和个人比以往任何时候the safety and privacy of their information than ever.都关注他们的信息隐私安全President Obama has unveiled a number of new proposals this week to crack down on hackers这周总统奥巴马公布了新一轮的建议怎么打倒黑客and he plans to address this in the states union speech on Tuesday.以及他计划在周二的国家联合演讲中解决这问题Its great that the government is working on this but the truth this matter is这很棒 政府正致力于这事 但事情的真相是we need to do a better job of protecting ourselves. You know,我们需要更好地保护我们自己 你知道的the most popular password in ed State is password 123美国最热门的密码是123and as long as were, as long as thats the case we are vulnerable.似乎我们 似乎表明我们很是脆弱So, today we set a camera on the Hollywood boulevard to help people那么 今儿我们来看看设置在好莱坞大道的相机怎么帮助人们by asking them to tell us their password and this is how that went.通过向他们要密码 这便是事情的具细Were talking about Cyber Security today and how safe peoples passwords are.今儿我们正在讨论网络安全以及人们的密码到底有多安全What is one of your online passwords currently?说说你最近的一个网上密码It is my dogs name and the year I graduated from high school.是我名字还有我从高中毕业的年份Oh... What kind of dog you have?Ive a 12-year old puppy. And whats his name? Jameson.噢 你养了个啥 我有一个12岁的老 那他的名字呢 詹姆森Jameson.And where did you go to school?I went to school back in Greensburg in pennsylvania.詹姆森 那你曾经在哪上学? 宾夕法尼亚的格林斯堡What school?Hempfield area senior high school. When did you graduate?In . Oh, great.啥学校? 县城高中 你啥时候毕业的? 年 噢 很好Its like my cats name and then just like random number. Ok.就像我猫的名字然后随机数字 好的As if you have this cat for a while?Yeah, she is my childhood pet.就是说有段时间你养过猫?没错 是我童年的宠物Whats her name?Her name is Joelie.她的名字? 她的名字叫乔莉Joelie. So I got password of yours would be Joelie and a number.乔莉 那我知道你的密码是乔莉以及一个数字Like number one? Uh...Like my birthday.数字1? 呃 我的生日Oh, when is your birthday?June twelfth. Oh, nice. What year you were born?-95噢 你生日是啥时候? 六月12 噢 很好 你是哪一年生的? 95年Oh, great.So, Joelie 61295. Yes. Got it.噢 棒死了 那么 joelie61295 不错 是那个So, you mean to give my password right now? No, I can not do that.那 你的意思现在得给出我的密码? 不 我不能那么做But, we all wanna know what it is.So we can tell you if its strong enough.但是 我们都想知道是啥 那样我们就能告诉你密码强度够不够Oh, my goodness. Um... Let me think. Ok, one is Tel Aviv, yeah.噢 我的天 呃 我想想 好的 一个是telaviv468 and an Israel. Its only three, but Its...486以及lsael 密码只有三 但是它You know its... For me, Its strong enough. Ireland 1234.你知道 它 对我来说 已经够强了 Ireland1234Gemma 123. Spelled: GEMMA. Well, most of them are Italian.gemma123 拼写 GEMMA 好的 他们大多数是意大利文Oh, beautiful.yeah, so like... Whats, whats a good Italian password?噢 真美 是的 就像 怎样才算是好的意大利密码?Um...My grandmas name. Whats your grandmas name?Um...Maria.呃 我奶奶的名字 你奶奶的名字是什么? 呃 玛丽亚Maria. So, Maria is your password? Oh, yeah. Now, you know my password. Haha... Yeah.玛丽亚 那么 玛丽亚是你的密码? 噢 不错 现在 你知道我的密码了 哈哈哈 没错Yeah, well, the important thing is they aly learned, they uh... a terrible lesson.是的 好吧 最重要的事情就是他们已经学到 他们 呃 上了糟糕的一课I am Jimmy Kimmel. Did you know there are things other than pronography on the Internet?我是吉米·希梅尔 想知道除了春宫外网上的其他事?Watch them on the Jimmy Kimmel live YouTube channel去吉米·希梅尔的油管频道观看which much like your own body.I encourage you to explore.像是你自己的身体 我鼓励你去探索201706/513306

Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize in economics, once wrote:诺贝尔经济学奖得主,保罗克·鲁格曼,曾经说过:;Productivity is not everything, but in the long run, it is almost everything.;“生产力不能代表一切,但长期来看,它差不多就是一切。”So this is serious. There are not that many things on earth that are ;almost everything.;这是个严肃的问题。世界上没有什么东西能“几乎代表一切。”Productivity is the principal driver of the prosperity of a society. So we have a problem.生产力是社会繁荣的主要推动力。那么我们面临着一个问题。In the largest European economies, productivity used to grow five percent per annum in the 50s, 60s, early 70s.在欧洲最大的经济体当中,50、60年代和70年代初期的生产力,曾经保持着每年5%的增长速度。From 73 to 83: three percent per annum. From 83 to 95: two percent per annum.在1973-1983年间,生产力年化增长率为3%。在1983-1995年间,生产力年化增长率保持在2%。Since 1995: less than one percent per annum. The same profile in Japan.自1995年以来,生产力年化增长率每年的增长一直低于1%。日本也是如此。The same profile in the US, despite a momentary rebound 15 years ago, and despite all the technological innovations around us:美国亦是如此,即便15年前出现了一次短暂的经济复苏,虽然我们身边的科技日新月异:the Internet, the information, the new information and communication technologies.例如互联网,信息技术,新信息技术和通讯技术的发展。When productivity grows three percent per annum, you double the standard of living every generation.生产力年化增长率为3%时,生活水平每个年代会翻一番。Every generation is twice as well-off as its parents.每一代人享受到的福利是其父母那代的两倍。When it grows one percent per annum, it takes three generations to double the standard of living.当增长率仅为1%时,需要3代的时间才能使生活水平翻一番。And in this process, many people will be less well-off than their parents.在这一进程中,许多人会过得还不如他们的父母。They will have less of everything: smaller roofs, or perhaps no roof at all,他们的一切都更差些:房子更小了,或者根本没房子,less access to education, to vitamins, to antibiotics, to vaccination -- to everything.受教育机会更少,获取维生素、抗生素、疫苗的机会也更少--一切机会都更少。Think of all the problems that were facing at the moment. All.考虑下我们当前所面临的所有问题。所有问题。Chances are that they are rooted in the productivity crisis.我们的问题有可能是扎根于生产力危机之上的。Why this crisis? Because the basic tenets about efficiency为什么说这个危机是根源呢?因为效率的基本原理effectiveness in organizations, in management -- have become counterproductive for human efforts.组织、管理的效率--往往会使人们的努力适得其反。Everywhere in public services -- in companies, in the way we work, the way we innovate, invest -- try to learn to work better.在公共事业的任何地方--在公司当中、我们的工作方式里、我们的创新、投资方式上--都在努力提高效率。Take the holy trinity of efficiency: clarity, measurement, accountability. They make human efforts derail.效率的三位一体是指:透明度、衡量和问责制。它们使人们的努力白费。There are two ways to look at it, to prove it. One, the one I prefer, is rigorous, elegant, nice -- math.有两个方式来看待、明这点。第一,也是我偏向的一种,是严谨,典雅,美观大方的数学。But the full math version takes a little while, so there is another one.但完整的数学评估方案需要一点时间,因此又有了另一种方式。It is to look at a relay race. This is what we will do today.就是通过接力赛跑来看。也是我们今天要用到的。Its a bit more animated, more visual and also faster -- its a race. Hopefully, its faster.这样会更生动、更直观也更快--这是短跑比赛嘛。当然,我们希望它更便捷。World championship final -- women. Eight teams in the final.世界杯决赛--女子项目。决赛共有八队。The fastest team is the US team. They have the fastest women on earth. They are the favorite team to win.最快的是美国队。美国有全世界最快的女运动员。她们是夺冠热门。Notably, if you compare them to an average team, say, the French team,显然,如果你把她们和一般的队伍比较,比如说,法国队吧,based on their best performances in the 100-meter race, if you add the individual times of the US runners,按照她们在100米短跑当中的最佳成绩,把美国选手个人的成绩相加起来,they arrive at the finish line 3.2 meters ahead of the French team.最后她们会在达终点线时比法国队领先3.2米。And this year, the US team is in great shape.今年,美国队状态很好。Based on their best performance this year, they arrive 6.4 meters ahead of the French team, based on the data.根据她们今年的最好成绩,她们在到达终点时应该要领先法国队6.4米,这是根据数据推算的。We are going to look at the race.那我们来看一下比赛。At some point you will see, towards the end, that Torri Edwards, the fourth US runner, is ahead.从某个角度来看,快到终点时,Torri Edwards,美国队第四棒,暂时领先。Not surprising -- this year she got the gold medal in the 100-meter race.毫不意外地--今年她在100米赛跑中获得了金牌。And by the way, Chryste Gaines, the second runner in the US team, is the fastest woman on earth.顺便说下,Chryste Gaines,美国队第二棒,是地球上跑得最快的女性。So, there are 3.5 billion women on earth. Where are the two fastest?那么,全世界有35亿女性。最快的两个在哪里?On the US team. And the two other runners on the US team are not bad, either.在美国队。美国队的另外两名选手也不赖。So clearly, the US team has won the war for talent.显然,美国队赢得了人才争夺战。But behind, the average team is trying to catch up. Lets watch the race.不过在其背后,普通的队伍也在奋力追赶。我们来看下比赛。So what happened? The fastest team did not win; the slower one did.所以视频里发生了什么?最快的队伍没有赢;慢的那一队反而赢了。By the way, I hope you appreciate the deep historical research I did to make the French look good.顺便说下,我希望你们能认可我做了非常深入的历史研究来使法国看起来很好。But lets not exaggerate -- its not archeology, either.但我们不要这么夸张--这也不是考古学。But why? Because of cooperation. When you hear this sentence:但是为什么呢?因为合作。当你听到这句话:;Thanks to cooperation, the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts.;“多亏了合作,整体大于部分之和。”This is not poetry; this is not philosophy. This is math.这不是诗歌;这不是哲学。这是数学。Those who carry the baton are slower, but their baton is faster.握着接力棒的人跑得慢了点,但她们交接棒更快。Miracle of cooperation: it multiplies energy, intelligence in human efforts.合作的奇迹:它能让人们努力的能量和智慧加倍。It is the essence of human efforts: how we work together, how each effort contributes to the efforts of others.这是人们努力的精髓:我们如何合作,个人的成果如何为团队做贡献。With cooperation, we can do more with less.通过合作,我们可以事半功倍。Now, what happens to cooperation when the holy grail -- the holy trinity, even -- of clarity, measurement, accountability -- appears?那么,当目标--包含了--清晰度、衡量、问责的圣神三位一体--出现时,会对合作产生什么影响?Clarity. Management reports are full of complaints about the lack of clarity.清晰度。管理报告充满了对缺乏清晰度的抱怨。Compliance audits, consultants diagnostics.合规性审核、咨询诊断。We need more clarity, we need to clarify the roles, the processes.我们需要更高的清晰度,我们要明确角色分担和过程。It is as though the runners on the team were saying, ;Lets be clear -- where does my role really start and end?就好比说队伍里的选手说,“我们明确下吧--我从哪里跑到哪里?Am I supposed to run for 95 meters, 96, 97...?; Its important, lets be clear.我要跑95米,还是96、97米...?”这很重要,我们要分清楚。If you say 97, after 97 meters, people will drop the baton, whether there is someone to take it or not.如果你说97米的话,那么跑完97米,人们就会把交接棒丢掉,可不管到时候有没有人接。Accountability. We are constantly trying to put accountability in someones hands.问责制。我们总是试图把责任规定给某个人。Who is accountable for this process? We need somebody accountable for this process.谁对这个过程负责?我们需要一个人对这个过程负责。So in the relay race, since passing the baton is so important, then we need somebody clearly accountable for passing the baton.所以在接力赛中,既然交接棒如此之重要,那么我们需要非常明确负责交接棒的人是谁。So between each runner, now we will have a new dedicated athlete,在两个选手中间,我们现在要规定一个新的专门的运动员,clearly dedicated to taking the baton from one runner, and passing it to the next runner.这个运动员要非常明确地专注于接过上一个选手的交接棒,然后再交接给下一个选手。And we will have at least two like that. Well, will we, in that case, win the race?而且我们至少需要两个这样的选手。那么,我们,这样以来会赢得比赛吗?That I dont know, but for sure, we would have a clear interface, a clear line of accountability.这个我就不知道了,但是可以肯定的是,我们有一个明确的分工,对责任有了非常明确的划分界线。We will know who to blame. But well never win the race.我们会知道由谁来承担过错。但我们不会赢得比赛。If you think about it, we pay more attention to knowing who to blame in case we fail, than to creating the conditions to succeed.如果你仔细想想,会发现我们在失败时把更多精力集中在确定谁来负责的问题上,而不是去创造有利于成功的条件。All the human intelligence put in organization design -- urban structures, processing systems -- what is the real goal?把所有的人类智慧都投入到组织设计当中--城市结构、处理系统--真正的目的是什么?To have somebody guilty in case they fail.目的是在失败的时候把责任归咎于某人。We are creating organizations able to fail, but in a compliant way, with somebody clearly accountable when we fail.我们创造了会失败的组织,但是以一种合规的方式来创造的,在这种组织中有明确的人来为失败负责。And we are quite effective at that -- failing.在失败这点上,人们做的相当有效率。Measurement. What gets measured gets done.衡量。东西衡量好了,事情也就完成了。Look, to pass the baton, you have to do it at the right time, in the right hand, at the right speed.你看,要传递交接棒,你要在对的时间、用对的手、以正确的速度来传递。But to do that, you have to put energy in your arm. This energy that is in your arm will not be in your legs.但要这么做的话,你要把能量分配到你的手臂里。你手臂中的能量不在你的腿里。It will come at the expense of your measurable speed.你必须牺牲掉可被衡量的速度。You have to shout early enough to the next runner when you will pass the baton,你将要交接的时候要及早喊出声,to signal that you are arriving, so that the next runner can prepare, can anticipate.发出信号说明你快到了,以便让下一位选手最好准备、有所预备。And you have to shout loud. But the blood, the energy that will be in your throat will not be in your legs.而且你要喊得够大声。但是这时血液、能量会集中在你的喉咙里,而不是你的腿里。Because you know, there are eight people shouting at the same time.因为你知道,这时候有8个人同时在喊。So you have to recognize the voice of your colleague. You cannot say, ;Is it you?; Too late!所以你要辨别得出你队友的声音。你可不能说,“是你吗?”这就晚了!Now, lets look at the race in slow motion, and concentrate on the third runner.那么,我们现在看下比赛的慢动作,大家注意第三棒选手。Look at where she allocates her efforts, her energy, her attention.你看她把力量、能量和注意力都分配在哪里。Not all in her legs -- that would be great for her own speed -- but in also in her throat, arm, eye, brain.并没有都在腿部--虽然这样对她的速度很有利--可也分配在了喉咙、手臂、眼睛、大脑里。That makes a difference in whose legs? In the legs of the next runner.那么这对哪个选手的腿产生了影响呢?是下一个选手的腿。But when the next runner runs super-fast, is it because she made a super effort, or because of the way the third runner passed the baton?但当下一名选手跑得特别快的时候,这是因为她自己特别使劲跑了呢,还是因为前面一名选手的交接棒传得好呢?There is no metric on earth that will give us the answer.这个地球上没有标准来给我们一个。And if we reward people on the basis of their measurable performance,如果我们根据可以测量的表现来对人们进行奖励的话,they will put their energy, their attention, their blood in what can get measured -- in their legs.人们就会把自己的能量、注意力和血液集中在能够被测量的部位--就是腿部。And the baton will fall and slow down.而这样一来交接棒会滑落然后传递速度会减慢。To cooperate is not a super effort, it is how you allocate your effort.合作不是一股超级力量,而是对力量的分配。It is to take a risk, because you sacrifice the ultimate protection granted by objectively measurable individual performance.这意味着冒险,因为你要牺牲可被客观测量的个人表现所能给予你的终极保障。It is to make a super difference in the performance of others, with whom we are compared.这对别人的表现有着重要影响,而这些人正是和我们相比较的人。It takes being stupid to cooperate, then. And people are not stupid; they dont cooperate.所以要合作就要当傻子。但是人们可不是傻子;所以他们不合作。You know, clarity, accountability, measurement were OK when the world was simpler. But business has become much more complex.你知道吗,在比较简单的世界里,清晰度、问责制、衡量都是可行的。但商业已经变得更加复杂了。With my teams, we have measured the evolution of complexity in business.我的团队,我们评估了商业复杂度的演变。It is much more demanding today to attract and retain customers, to build advantage on a global scale, to create value.如今要吸引并留住客户,打造世界级的优势并创造价值,是一件要求严苛的事。And the more business gets complex, the more, in the name of clarity, accountability, measurement we multiply structures, processes, systems.而商业越是复杂,我们就越是会以清晰度、问责和衡量的名义来让结构、过程和体制更加复杂繁多。You know, this drive for clarity and accountability triggers a counterproductive multiplication of interfaces,要知道,这种对清晰度和问责的推崇会引发一种反生产力的复杂化,导致出现更多的分界线、middle offices, coordinators that do not only mobilize people and resources, but that also add obstacles.中间部门、协调者,他们不仅能动员人力和物资,但也会增添障碍。And the more complicated the organization, the more difficult it is to understand what is really happening.组织越是复杂,就越难理解究竟发生了什么。So we need summaries, proxies, reports, key performance indicators, metrics.所以我们需要做总结、代理、报告、关键绩效指标、衡量标准。So people put their energy in what can get measured, at the expense of cooperation.所以人们都把精力放在了可以被测量的东西上,然后牺牲合作。And as performance deteriorates, we add even more structure, process, systems.当表现退步了,我们会增加更多的结构、过程、体系。People spend their time in meetings, writing reports they have to do, undo and redo.人们会把时间都用来开会、写报告,写了又改、改了又写。Based on our analysis, teams in these organizations spend between 40 and 80 percent of their time wasting their time,根据我们的分析数据显示,这些机构的团队会把40%到80%的时间用来浪费时间,but working harder and harder, longer and longer, on less and less value-adding activities.他们越做越辛苦,越做越耗时,而增值活动却越来越少。This is what is killing productivity, what makes people suffer at work.这才是泯灭生产力的罪魁祸首,这才是让人们工作痛苦的原因。Our organizations are wasting human intelligence. They have turned against human efforts.我们的组织在浪费人类智慧。它们和人类的努力背道而驰。When people dont cooperate, dont blame their mindsets, their mentalities, their personality -- look at the work situations.当人们不合作的时候,不要怪他们的思想、他们的心理、他们的性格--请看一下他们的工作环境吧。Is it really in their personal interest to cooperate or not,合作与否真的事关他们的个人利益吗,if, when they cooperate, they are individually worse off? Why would they cooperate?如果他们合作了,他们的个人表现会不会被削弱?既然如此他们为什么还会合作呢?When we blame personalities instead of the clarity, the accountability, the measurement, we add injustice to ineffectiveness.当我们责怪的是一个人的性格,而不是责怪清晰度、问责制和衡量方法时,我们在无效之上又加上了不公正。We need to create organizations in which it becomes individually useful for people to cooperate.我们要创造的组织,应该让人们觉得合作有益于个人。Remove the interfaces, the middle offices -- all these complicated coordination structures.把界线划分、中间部门取消掉--所有这些复杂的协调结构。Dont look for clarity; go for fuzziness. Fuzziness overlaps.不要强求清晰度;选择模糊。模糊没有明确分界线。Remove most of the quantitative metrics to assess performance.取消大部分的评估表现的量化指标。Speed the ;what.; Look at cooperation, the ;how.;速度指的是“什么”。可我们要看的是合作,即“如何。”How did you pass the baton? Did you throw it, or did you pass it effectively?你如何传递交接棒?你直接抛弃它吗,还是有效地传递过去?Am I putting my energy in what can get measured -- my legs, my speed -- or in passing the baton?我是不是把我的能量都集中在了可量化的方面--我的腿,我的速度-- 还是放在了如何传递交接棒上?You, as leaders, as managers, are you making it individually useful for people to cooperate?你们,作为领导和管理者,是否让人们觉得合作有益于个人了?The future of our organizations, our companies, our societies hinges on your answer to these questions. Thank you.我们组织、公司、社团的未来取决于你们对这些问题的。谢谢。201706/515075

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