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呼和浩特京美整形医院玻尿酸多少钱呼和浩特市中医医院光子嫩肤多少钱B News – If you’re an expat in Hong Kong, a cup of coffee costs nearly . An unfurnished two-bedroom apartment in an “appropriate neighbourhood” will set you back ,800 a month. A carton of milk? .B新闻 – 如果你是在香港的外籍人士,喝一杯咖啡就要花近8美元。“合宜的小区”不带家具的两居公寓月租费6800美元。一盒牛奶?4美元。That’s according to global consultancy firm Mercer, which last month ranked the most expensive cities in the world for expats in its 2016 Cost of Living report. Hong Kong was top of the list, followed by Angolan capital Luanda, then Zurich in Switzerland and Singapore. The list is compiled based on measuring the comparative cost of more than 200 items in each location. Items compared include accommodation, transport, food, clothing, household goods and leisure activities.这是根据全球咨询公司美世的数据 – 该公司上月对2016年世界上外派员工生活成本最贵城市作了排名。香港位列榜首,安哥拉首都罗安达紧随其后,然后是瑞士苏黎世和新加坡。该榜单的编撰,依据的是对每个地方200多项比较成本的衡量。比较项包括衣食住行,家庭用品和休闲活动。But do people really pay those prices, or are there ways for expats to live in places like Hong Kong or Luanda for less? What is it about the expat experience that makes these cities so expensive for foreigners to live there, but not necessarily locals?但人们是真的付了这些价格, 还是对住在香港或罗安达等地的外派员工来说,有少花钱的方法呢?使得这些城市对居住在那里的外侨来说如此昂贵,但对当地人来说却不一定这么贵的外派员工经验是什么呢?Dean Blackburn, head of HS Expat, an offshore banking arm of the HS Group catering to expatriates, said that rent was a major expense for expats, particularly in cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, London or New York. According to the bank’s own research, only one in three expats received an accommodation allowance from their employer.为外派人员务的汇丰集团离岸业务部门“汇丰外派员工”负责人布莱克本说,房租是外派人员的费用大头,特别是在新加坡,香港,伦敦或纽约这样的城市。根据该行自己的研究,只有三分之一的外派人员从雇主那里得到了住房补贴。Not all expats are as money-minded. Indeed, according to Keren Bobker, an independent financial advisor and long-term resident of Dubai in the ed Arab Emirates, a “keeping up with the Joneses mentality” had led many expats into serious debt…并非所有外派员工都同样地具有金钱头脑。其实,根据独立财务顾问,阿联酋迪拜的长期居民鲍勃克的说法,“与左邻右舍攀比的心态”使许多外派员工陷入了严重的债务…….Moving overseas with a family can also ramp up costs due to additional spending on school fees, health care and regular trips back home.举家迁至海外也会由于在学费,健康医疗和定期返家之旅上的额外开销而加大生活成本。 /201604/437089呼和浩特京美整形美容医院治疗疤痕怎么样 A few years ago, after Eddie Huang submitted the manuscript of his memoir “Fresh Off the Boat,” which made ample use of footnotes, his editor, Chris Jackson, asked him if he’d fellow footnoter Junot Díaz. He had not.几年前,黄颐铭(Eddie Huang)交出了自己的回忆录《初来乍到》(Fresh Off the Boat)的草稿,里面有大量脚注,他的编辑克里斯·杰克逊(Chris Jackson)问他是不是读过另一位爱加脚注的作家朱诺·迪亚斯(Junot Díaz)的书,黄颐铭说没有。“I have real gaps in my literary history,” Mr. Huang said recently, with his signature blend of self-deprecation and upstart bravado. “Number 1, I’m Chinese, and Number 2, I’m from Orlando. So help me, fam!”“我的阅读史中确实有很多空白,”黄颐铭在不久前说道,这种自我贬低加自命不凡的逞强是他的标志,“首先,我是华裔;其次,我来自奥兰多。所以拜托了,朋友!”He began Mr. Díaz’s “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao,” but stopped after 100 pages, wowed and flummoxed: “I didn’t want to steal his moves.” He didn’t return to it until he had completed the first draft of his new memoir, “Double Cup Love: On the Trail of Family, Food, and Broken Hearts in China” (Spiegel amp; Grau), which will be released on Tuesday.于是他读了迪亚斯的《奥斯卡·瓦奥奇妙而短暂的一生》(The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao),但是看了100页就不敢往下看了,他感到惊叹、困惑:“我根本没想过偷他的点子。”后来他没有再看这本书,直到写完最新回忆录《双杯的爱:追溯家庭、食物与中国的伤心事(Double Cup Love: On the Trail of Family, Food, and Broken Hearts in China,Spiegel amp; Grau出版社)的初稿,这本书将于周二出版发行。“I was chasing him through the last eight revisions, asking myself, ‘Does this give you feelings on that level that “Oscar Wao” gave you?’” Mr. Huang said. “I got as close as I could.”“在最后的八次修改过程中,我一直都在追赶他的脚步,我问自己:‘这一段能让你产生像读《奥斯卡·瓦奥》时同样的感觉吗’?”黄颐铭说。“我已经尽可能地去贴近了。”It was coming up on midnight in Chelsea when he said this, and he was wearing a jubilantly loud J. W. Anderson coat with fat horizontal stripes in varying shades of brown. It was cold out, and a few feet away was the Gilded Lily, the club where he was about to host a party with the fashion designer Maxwell Osborne, of the au courant duo Public School.他在切尔西说这番话的时候,时间已经将近午夜,他穿着一件鲜艳喜庆的J·W·安德森(J. W. Anderson)牌外套,宽宽的棕色横条纹呈现深浅不一的色调。外面的天气很冷,几英尺外便是“镀金百合”(Gilded Lily),他即将在这家夜店和“公立学校”(Public School)品牌目前的双人设计师之一——马克斯韦尔·奥斯本(Maxwell Osborne)合作主持派对。But before that, one last point. “People always want to compare me to Tony,” Mr. Huang added, referring to Anthony Bourdain, the modern prototype of chef turned acidic social commentator. “But I never ‘Kitchen Confidential.’ I ‘Oscar Wao.’”但在此之前还有最后一件事。“人们都想拿我和托尼相比,”黄颐铭说,他指的是安东尼·波登(Anthony Bourdain),后者是从厨师转型为辛辣社评家的现代原型。“但是我从来没读过他的《厨房秘辛》(Kitchen Confidential),我读的是《奥斯卡·瓦奥》。”Food is, as ever, a Trojan horse for Mr. Huang, who in the past five years has parlayed fame (and a little bit of infamy) as a chef into a career of pining, bomb-tossing and taunting — sometimes good-naturedly, sometimes bad-naturedly, sometimes both.美食对于黄颐铭来说犹如特洛伊木马,过去五年来,身为厨师的他开始打入界,对他人冷嘲热讽、猛烈抨击和奚落,有时候是善意的,有时是恶意的,有时二者兼有,从而渐渐为自己赢得了名声(以及一点恶名)。In addition to his two memoirs (his first was turned into an A sitcom), he’s given a memorable TED talk (then had his TED fellowship rescinded over disagreements with the foundation); written the occasional scathing takedown article; been featured in a Sprite commercial; and hosted an Internet show about global food culture, which has morphed into the television show “Huang’s World,” on Viceland.除了两本回忆录(他的第一部回忆录被A台拍成了情景喜剧),他还做过两次令人难忘的TED演讲(然后他因为与TED基金会不合,被取消了TED伙伴资格);写过那篇夹杂着尖刻抨击的文章;拍过雪碧广告;主持过一次全球美食文化网络秀,之后这个节目被搬上电视,变成了Viceland台的节目《黄的世界》(Huang’s World)。Throughout, hip-hop has been his framework and organizing narrative. On the difference between his first memoir and the new one: “‘Fresh Off the Boat’ is a mixtape — the Cam’ron mixtape before ‘Purple Haze’; ‘Double Cup Love’ is the album. I smoothed things out, I mixed it, I was surgical about it.”总的来说,嘻哈乐是他的整体构架,以及组织叙事的方式。他谈起自己两本回忆录之间的不同:“上一本《初来乍到》犹如混录磁带——录的都是Cam’ron在推出《紫雾》(Purple Haze)之前唱的歌;而《双杯的爱》则已成为一张正式专辑。我把事情整理好,混在一起,再给它来个手术。”On the bridge-burning article he wrote for New York Magazine about how A’s “Fresh Off the Boat” sanitized his childhood: “That’s Kendrick, ‘Control.’ Me just beefing.”在他给《纽约杂志》(New York Magazine)写的那篇关于A台的电视剧《初来乍到》的里,他毫不留情面地批评这部剧美化了自己的童年:“就像是肯德里克(Kendrick)的《控制》(Control),我只是在抱怨。”And on the relatively fallow period between his two books and his public falling out with A: “I feel like Future right now after ‘Pluto’ — people definitely left me for dead.”他如此形容这两本书之间相对的蛰伏期,以及他与A台公开闹翻:“我觉得自己就像推出《普鲁托》(Pluto)这张专辑之后的歌手Future——人们肯定只等着我死。”In “Double Cup Love,” Mr. Huang, 34, who was born in Falls Church, Va., near Washington, to Taiwanese immigrants, and raised in Orlando, Fla., details his parallel quests for acceptance: by China, and by a woman he fell for and eventually proposed to. “I don’t think I was ever able to be as close with someone as I was with her, and I don’t think I was ever as able to be comfortable with being Chinese as I was with Chengdu,” he said.黄颐铭现年34岁,出生于华盛顿附近弗吉尼亚州福尔斯彻奇(Falls Church)的一个台湾移民家庭,在佛罗里达州的奥兰多长大;在《双杯的爱》中,他详尽地叙述了自己寻求接受的两条平行线索:期望被中国认同的过程,以及期待心爱的女人接受自己的过程,最后他向她求婚了。“我觉得同她在一起比同任何人在一起都亲密;我也觉得自己只有在成都才能轻松自在地当个中国人,”他说。Exclusion is a continuing theme of Mr. Huang’s work, and he often finds himself at odds, he said, with Asian-Americans who feel his story isn’t appropriately representative. “A lot of people are trying to actively contain my voice, like, ‘He doesn’t speak for us,’ and I’m like, ‘I won’t argue with you.’” Often, he said, he speaks at colleges where the main question he’s asked is, in essence, “How did you learn to love yourself?”“排斥”是黄颐铭书中一直延续的主题,他说,他经常觉得自己和他人格格不入,亚裔美国人觉得他的故事不具有代表性。“很多人努力试图遏制我的声音,比如,‘他没有为我们说话’,我说,‘我才不跟你们吵呢。’”他说,他在大学里演讲时,最常被问到的问题本质上其实就是,“你是怎么学会爱你自己的?”Mr. Huang’s writing is wry and zippy; he regards the world with an understanding of its absurdities and injustices and with a willingness to be surprised. The dark edge of “Fresh Off the Boat” is mostly gone in the new book, replaced with an acceptance of calm in his life.黄颐铭的文风热情而充满讽刺;他了解这个世界的荒诞与不公,同时又愿意得到惊喜。《初来乍到》中阴暗的锋芒在新书中几乎消失了,代之以对平静人生的接受。“Double Cup Love” was originally proposed as a book in which Mr. Huang would travel to China to try cooking for locals, but it turned into a memoir about love. Neither of his books is really about food — “it’s all window dressing,” he said.《双杯的爱》原本的计划是让黄颐铭去中国旅行,写一写为当地人烹饪的故事,结果却成了一本关于爱的回忆录。他的两本书其实全都不是关于美食的——“那只是橱窗的装饰物而已,”他说。He added: “When you live in a place where you are not the dominant culture, you have to play fools against themselves. You’re going to assume I can kung fu, you’re going to assume I can cook food, and I’m going to play this against you.”他补充说:“如果在你生活的地方里,你自己的文化并不是配文化,你就得靠装傻来对抗他们。你得假装自己会功夫,你得假装自己能烹饪美食,我就靠这个来对抗你们。”Still, even if food is only the costume, it occupies a central role in Mr. Huang’s life. Before the party at the Gilded Lily, Mr. Huang had begun his evening cooking a private dinner for a music lawyer and some associates, including Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) and the songwriter-producer Emile Haynie. After that, it was on to Sushi Yasuda in Midtown, for a seat at the counter and some fawning over the omakase, with running commentary after he popped each piece into his mouth with his hands.然而,就算美食只是一种道具,它仍然在黄颐铭的生活里扮演了核心角色。在“镀金百合”的派对之前,黄颐铭还在一家私厨烹制晚餐,出席的是一位音乐界的律师和他的若干朋友,包括“佛罗伦斯与机器”(Florence and the Machine)乐队的佛罗伦斯·韦尔奇(Florence Welch),以及作曲家兼制作人艾米丽·海尼(Emile Haynie)。后来,在中城的安田寿司(Sushi Yasuda),他坐在柜台前的座位上,奉承了几句面前的主厨定制菜,用手把一样样事物塞进嘴里,就开始滔滔不绝地高谈阔论起来。In between the kinmedai and the cherrystone clam, he remembered how Dena, the woman at the center of his new book, comforted him early in their relationship during a bumpy time in the bedroom. “I was soft as a piece of kinmedai,” he said. “She was like: ‘It’s all right. We’re going to fix you,’ and my heart literally dropped.”在鲷鱼和小圆蛤蜊这两道菜之间,他回忆新书中的女主角蒂娜(Dena)在两人之间的关系刚开始进入困难期的时候,在卧室里安慰他。“我就像鲷鱼片一样软塌塌的,”他说。“她说:‘没问题,我们能治好你,’我的心一下就放下来了。”But the relationship ended after Mr. Huang wrote the first draft, giving the book an uncomfortable coda — an elaborate story of love and self-discovery that ends with the cruel realization that love isn’t always eternal.但是黄颐铭写完初稿之后,两人的关系告终了,也为这本书画上了一个令人不快的句号,一个关于爱与自我发现的精巧故事,却以一个残酷的认识告终:并非所有爱情都能永恒。Mr. Huang began writing during high school as a reaction to hearing other students disparage hip-hop. It was “a call to arms,” he said. “I decided I’ll write about anything unfair.” Righting injustices remains a crux of his work: He devoted much of a recent “Huang’s World” episode about Jamaica to the “new colonialism” caused by that nation’s crippling debt, and said that he hoped to go to Kenya to learn more about one organization’s attempt to support a universal baseline income — a policy he described as “reparations for those who don’t fit in.”黄颐铭从上高中就开始写作,是因为听到其他同学贬低嘻哈乐,他想对此作出回应。那是“战斗的呼唤,”他说。“我决定写下一切不公平的事情。”对不公的矫正成了他作品的核心:在《黄的世界》最近一集里,他用大部分篇幅谈及牙买加由严重债务导致的“新殖民主义”,还说自己希望到肯尼亚去,研究某个组织为帮助最低收入人群所做的工作,他说那是一种“对无法适应的人所做的赔偿”。Even though Mr. Huang has rabbis who’ve smoothed his path toward the mainstream — his editor, Mr. Jackson; Shane Smith of Vice; Michael Lombardo, HBO’s president of programming, who is stepping down — the defining throughline of his public life has, until now, been a tug of war with authority.在进军主流世界的道路上,黄颐铭有不少导师——他的编辑杰克逊、Vice的沙恩·史密斯(Shane Smith),以及HBO退休的节目总监迈克尔·隆巴尔多(Michael Lombardo),但是,迄今为止,他的公众生活的主线仍然是与权威进行斗争。But lately he’s been wondering if his bomb-throwing days are coming to an end. “I’m not as much of an outsider now,” he conceded. “People can make money off of me — I’m a proven commodity.”但是后来他也在思考,自己猛烈抨击他人的日子是不是已经走到尽头了呢。“我现在已经不完全是一个局外人了,”他同意。“人们可以靠我赚钱了——我已经成了一件得到认的商品。”He’s also putting less of himself on the line, beginning to trade ax-grinding and self-revealing memoir for fiction and screenplays.与此同时,他不再让自己去冒更多风险,不再去写锋芒毕露、袒露自我的回忆录,而是创作小说和剧本。A seat at the table has its costs, though, and Mr. Huang is trying to remain awake to them, remaining vigilant about falling “in love with the seat and not what you’re saying.”但是,要在任何领域内占据一席之地都是需要代价的,黄颐铭尽量对此保持清醒,警惕不要“爱上那个位置本身,而不在乎你在说什么”。For now, though, he’s open to the options being thrown his way. “I’m able to say, ‘This is what I want, this is what it’s worth to me, how much is it worth to you?’ If the value ever doesn’t match, I’m back to selling things off the truck, and I’m O.K. with that.”不过,他还是对任何可能发生的事情保持开放心态。“我还可以对自己说,‘这是我想要的,这对我来说是值得的,这对你来说值得吗?’如果价值观对不上,就算让我回去开卡车卖东西也没问题。” /201606/446878呼和浩特京美整形美容医院抽脂减肥价格

呼和浩特市中医医院激光祛痘多少钱The Moon in Mid-Autumn Day中秋节的月亮In the Chinese cosmology, the moon—not the sun—is the dominant orb,and not only has its radiance inspired countless poets, priests, andpeasants alike,but its waxings and waning have inspired the calendar according to which most of Asia plots yearly events. It’s only natural that a lunar year should include a holiday set aside for appreciation of the moon. The Mid-Autumn Festival,aka Moon Festival, a Chinese staple since the Song dynasty, is just that. The moon is said to be at its loveliest on this night;its roundest,brightest,and most magical.在中国的宇宙观中,月亮而不是太阳占天体的主导地位,不仅是其光辉鼓舞了无数诗人,牧师,和农民,但其盈亏也启发日历将亚洲大部分地区的每年事件记入历法中。这是很自然的,一个农历年应包括有假期来欣赏月亮。在中秋,又称月亮节,自宋代以来是中国的主题,就是这样。月亮被认为在这个夜晚是最美丽的;它在这晚最圆,最亮,最神奇。 /201607/454242乌兰察布市妇幼保健人民中医院激光祛痘多少钱 These children have very comical responses to the question of what or who they want to be when they grow up.当被问及长大后想成为什么或想当什么样的人,这些孩子给出的回答非常好笑。Images circulating the web show some youngsters#39; dreams in life are either unrealistic or hilariously mundane.网上流传的图片向我们展示了一些小孩子的人生理想,要么不现实,要么平凡得让人忍俊不禁。From a large number of little boys hoping to become Batman to the wish to turn into an inanimate object - such as a potato - these children won#39;t let anything stand in the way of their ambitions, including all sense and reason.很多小男孩都希望成为蝙蝠侠,有的还希望变成静物——比如土豆,这些孩子不会让任何事物阻碍他们的雄心抱负,包括一切道理和理智。This blond boy is after the good life and lots of long walks, hoping to become a dog when he grows up这个金发小男孩追求的是美好生活和走很多很长很长的路,他希望长大后变成一条。Another little boy wishes nothing more than to grow up and work in this local supermarket另外一个小男孩仅仅希望长大后在当地这家超市工作。His goal s: #39;In 20 years I#39;ll be 32 years old and working in KMart#39;.他的目标是这样写的:“20年后我就32岁了,我会在凯马特工作”。This boy hope to tackle a lack of ethnic diversity in the Marvel Comics universe by becoming Black Spider-Man这个男孩希望能变成黑色的蜘蛛侠来解决漫威漫画世界中缺少种族多样化的问题。However, lofty ambitions aren#39;t for all of us. One child simply dreams of once day being a #39;potato#39;.然而,崇高的志向不是我们每个人都有的。一个小孩子仅仅希望有一天能成为一个“土豆”。It#39;s the simple life for this child too. ;I want to be a person who cleans tables.;这个孩子也想要简单的生活。他希望长大后变成擦桌子的人。Realist Warren refused to dignify this scientifically inaccurate question - instead opting for a morbid response现实主义者沃伦拒绝夸大这个在科学上并不严谨的问题——相反,他胡乱回答了一下。Edwin#39;s goals for 2013 included learning to fly, playing the accordion and getting his hands on an iPhone 5埃德温2013年的目标包括学习飞行,弹手风琴,并得到一部iPhone 5。Chris wanted to embody his hero in all ways. To become Michael Jordan he recognised that he would have to first get bigger, secondly shave his head and lastly be black克里斯想要全面模仿他的偶像。为了成为迈克尔#8226;乔丹,他意识到首先他得长大,其次得剃个头,最后得成为一个黑人。Alina hoped to be a customer when she grew up so that she could buy the ingredients to make soup艾丽娜希望长大后成为一名顾客,这样的话她就可以买配料做汤。When he becomes 100 this little boy vows to take his wife to Pizza Hut for dinner这个小男孩发誓,他100岁的时候要带他的妻子去必胜客吃饭。Another child had the simple dream of first getting a hat and then putting it on另外一个孩子的梦想也很简单,首先他要得到一顶帽子,然后再把它戴上。This adorable little boy hopes to become a truck driver and combine it with another passion, the Ninja Turtles这个可爱的小男孩希望成为卡车司机,并融入他对忍者神龟的热情。He wrote: #39;When I grow up I want to be a truck driver, I will load the trucks and wear a ninja turtle uniform.#39;他写道:“我长大了要当一名卡车司机,我会往卡车上装东西,穿着忍者神龟的衣。”This pizza loving child has their priorities in order, choosing the Italian dish over one million dollars这个热爱披萨的小孩给梦想排了个优先顺序,优先选择意大利披萨,然后才是一百万美金。He wrote: #39;If I had one wish I would wish for all the pizza in the world except for vegetable pizza and anchovie [sick] pizza, and if I had two wishes I would have one million dollars and that pizza.他写道:“如果我有一个愿望,那我就希望拥有除了蔬菜披萨和凤尾鱼(好恶心)披萨之外世界上所有的披萨,如果我有两个愿望的话那我就希望有一百万美元和那些披萨。#39;If I had three wishes I would have the one million dollars and that pizza and some dinosaurs that wouldn#39;t wreck the world.#39;“如果我有三个愿望,我就想要一百万美元和那些披萨还有一些不会毁灭世界的恐龙。”This food fan declared that their one wish would be for it to rain tacos这个食物爱好者称他的一个愿望就是下墨西哥卷饼雨。Another big eater said that someday they would have so much food to eat that they would explode另一个大吃货说,有那么一天他会有很多食物,都会吃“爆炸”。One youngster decided it was the single life for them and drew a picture of them relaxing to demonstrate一个小孩决定以后要过单身生活,还画了张画展示轻松的样子。An animal fan responded to the question of what they wanted to be by deciding the would be a wolf一位动物爱好者回答以后想成为什么的问题,决定要成为狼。Albert wanted to be #39;a person who stays home and does nothing#39; while David hoped to be #39;a fireman since I like explosions and fire#39;阿尔伯特想成为“一个待在家里什么都不干的人”,而戴维希望当“一位消防员,因为我喜欢爆炸和火”。This postal network enthusiast was determined to become a mailbox when they grew up这个邮政网络爱好者决定长大后变成一个邮筒。This high flyer made it their wish to have two quarters and three dollars这个有鸿鹄之志的人希望拥有3美元50美分。Ashanta was asked to share her dream like Dr King. She opted to work in Taco Bell with her mother阿珊塔被要求像金士(马丁#8226;路德#8226;金)那样分享自己的梦想。她选择的梦想是和妈妈一起在塔可钟餐厅工作。Four-year-old Jessica hoped to become a fire hydrant when she grew up四岁的杰西卡希望长大后能成为一个消防栓。Lila#39;s dream to watch more television while on the toilet is an unusual but hopefully achievable goal莱拉的梦想是上卫生间时看更多的电视,这个目标虽然不一般,但还是有希望实现的。One unlikely candidate for leader of the free world dreamed of destroying the Earth from outer space还有一个小孩不太可能成为自由世界的领导候选人,他的梦想是从外太空毁灭地球。This fun character will work with rock in the future, by throwing them into water a creating a splash这个有趣的小人儿未来要和石头一起工作,他要把石头扔进水里溅水花。This pessimist doesn#39;t want to look on the bright side, refusing to acknowledge the thought of life after school这个悲观主义者不愿看向积极的一面,拒绝承认他对上完学之后的生活有任何想法。Three-year-old Louisa wanted to have mint in her water and eventually to grow large and grow a beard三岁的路易莎希望在水里加点薄荷,并且最终长大,长出胡子。Graham had a rather ghoulish message for beyond the grave. He claimed he would break out of his tomb格拉哈姆要爬出坟墓的梦想可真是令人毛骨悚然。他声称他将会从自己的坟墓中逃出来。#39;When I grow up I will go to a vet to be a vet until I am 20 then I will be a Engineer#39; one child wrote“我长大了就去诊所当兽医,直到我20岁,然后我就会成为一名工程师,”一个孩子写道。Another frightening message came from this child who wanted to become a werewolf in their adult life这个小孩的梦想也很恐怖,他希望成人后变成一个狼人。One sports fan dreamed that some day he would be renowned for his awesome bicycle kick goals一个体育迷梦想有一天他将以出色的倒勾球技术而闻名。In a class of 13 boys six wanted to be Batman. Only one wanted to be Spider-Man在一个教室里有13个男孩,六个想成为蝙蝠侠。只有一个想成为蜘蛛侠。Another#39;s personal goal was to beat Super Mario Bros 3另外一个小孩的人生目标是打通《超级马里奥3》。#39;When I grow up I want to be like mommy!#39; one child wrote, drawing a sweet picture of their mother working in Home Depot selling shovels... although it looks like something entirely different“当我长大后,我想像妈妈一样!”一个小孩写道,他画了张可爱的画,画上在家得宝工作的妈妈在卖铲子……尽管看起来完全不一样。 /201606/449690呼和浩特填充太阳穴价格

呼和浩特市中医院去痘多少钱A rare blue diamond which was almost stolen in the thwarted Millennium Dome jewels heist in 2000 has sold for a record 20million pounds.一枚差点在2000年千年穹顶珠宝盗窃案中被盗的罕见蓝钻,近日以2千万英镑的价格拍卖成功。The De Beers Millennium Jewel 4, a 10.10 carat vivid blue diamond, broke the record for the most expensive piece of jewellery to be sold at auction in Asia yesterday at Sotheby#39;s in Hong Kong. It ended up being sold for HK8.29 million (20 million pounds), which was at the lower end of estimates which had predicted it would fetch up to 31 million pounds.这枚名为De Beers Millennium Jewel 4的鲜蓝钻重达10.10克拉,在香港苏富比上被拍卖,打破了亚洲最昂贵珠宝的拍卖记录。它以2亿4829万港币(2千万英镑)被出售,达到了预计销售价格的底线,预计的最高价格为3100万英镑。Slightly larger than an almond, it is described by Sotheby#39;s as the largest oval blue diamond ever to appear at auction and #39;internally flawless#39;. It was sold to an anonymous phone bidder.这枚蓝钻比杏仁稍大,被苏富比方面称为拍卖会上最大的“无暇”椭圆蓝钻。它最终被一位匿名的电话买家拍走。It was a very successful sale,#39; Sotheby#39;s international jewellery division worldwide chairman David Bennett said. #39;The fact that it#39;s a record price for jewellery in Asia I think speaks well about the Asian market... I think it#39;s alive and well and very healthy.#39;苏富比国际珠宝部全球主席大卫·贝内特说:“这是一次成功的拍卖。这是珠宝在亚洲拍出的最高记录,我想这也说明了亚洲市场的良好前景……我认为这个市场非常活跃、良好而且很健康,”The Millennium Dome raid was an attempted robbery of the Millennium Dome#39;s diamond exhibition in Greenwich, South East London on November 7, 2000. A gang planned to ram-raid the De Beers diamond exhibition where the De Beers Millenium Jewel and others were being held at the time.值得一提的是,2000年11月7日,在伦敦西南部格格林威治的千年穹顶钻石展览上曾发生了一起盗窃未遂案。一伙歹徒计划窃取展览上的De Beers Millenium Jewel钻石以及当时其他的展览珠宝。 /201604/436577 内蒙古附属医院韩式三点多少钱呼和浩特京美整形美容医院治疗痤疮怎么样




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