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呼和浩特皮革修复呼和浩特胎记医院好吗乌兰察布中心医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 Each week at bes we scan our database of corporate insiders to see who got richer from the action in the stock market.每周,我们都会对《福布斯的企业人士数据库进行检索,以考察哪些人因为股市动向变得更加富有It was yet another record-breaking week the stock market. The Samp;P 500 closed at a new high Thursday of 90.6, gaining .5% during the past week. The index minting new records is becoming about as reliable as a new scandal a day from Toronto Mayor Rob d, but this week it was optimistic words from the soon-to-be Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen that precipitated investor confidence. In her first appearance bee the Senate Banking Committee, Yellen emphasized her intentions to continue cushioning the economy via quantitative easing — good enough to bump the Samp;P by 0.5% Thursday. With the market party still raging onward, it wasn’t hard to find some big winners. Of course, the most notable one had her family, not the market, to thank her bump:对股市来说,这又是打破纪录的一周标普500指数在周四创下新高,收报1,790.6点,较过去一周上涨.5%该指数屡创新高的节奏正变得跟多伦多市长罗伯·福特(Rob d)每天爆出一条新丑闻一样稳定,不过这周给投资者打强心针的是准美联储主席珍妮特·耶伦(Janet Yellen)所做的乐观发言在其参议院业委员会(Senate Banking Committee)首秀中,耶伦强调了她继续通过量化宽松政策为经济提供缓冲的意图——光这一点就已经足以在周四提振标普500指数上涨0.5%了在市场盛宴方兴未艾的情况下,我们并不难发现一些当然了,对于其中最值得一提的一位赢家来说,其财富增长归功于她的家族,而不是市场Estee A Little Longer雅诗兰黛后继有人Cosmetics queen Estee Lauder didn’t have a monster week in trading, but Jane Lauder, one of the granddaughters of the eponymous founder saw her tune jump after filings with the SEC showed she had been given control of additional shares through family trusts. Lauder, 0, who has worked the cosmetics giant years and sits on its board, now holds just under million shares, worth . billion. That makes her the youngest female billionaire in the U.S. and one of the youngest in the world. No new SEC filing her older sister Aerin, 3, who is the company’s style and image director and is chairman of her own brand Aerin, has popped yet. Still she holds at least million shares, worth just about billion.化妆品巨头雅诗兰黛(Estee Lauder)的股价在这周没有经历大幅波动,不过,在简·兰黛(Jane Lauder)向美国券交易委员会(SEC)提交监管文件显示她通过家族信托基金获得额外的公司股份之后,其个人财富出现激增——她是该公司创始人雅诗·兰黛(Estee Lauder)的孙女之一简·兰黛今年0岁,她已在这家化妆品公司工作多年,并且是董事会成员目前,简·兰黛持有该公司近,000万股股票,价值亿美元这使她成为美国最年轻的女亿万富豪,同时也是世界上最年轻的亿万富豪之一现在尚没有关于艾琳·兰黛(Aerin Lauder)的新监管文件,3岁的艾琳是简的,她是雅诗兰黛的风格暨形象总监,并且是自有品牌Aerin的董事长不过,艾琳至少持有公司1,600万股股票,价值约亿美元Mythic Proportions惊人增幅Alan Trefler got his start working his father’s antique restoration company. These days he’s traded antiques business technology and software solutions at Pegasystems, the company he founded in 1983. Despite decades of experience, his management strategy doesn’t rely a whole lot on mal authority. “I often tell people that if somebody cites me as the reason doing something, they should throw them out of the office. If I want somebody to do something, I will personally find them and tell them, ” he told the New York Times in . You can’t argue with the results. The company just blew past third-quarter earnings expectations, with quarterly revenue topping $ million — a % increase from last year. Net income also increased, improving to .7 million from a loss last year. Pegasystems’ stock popped, ending trading Wednesday up 7% from last week at .95 per share. That boosted Trefler’s stake by $ million in value, closing at 7 million (though a small portion of his million shares are pledged as collateral). Though the stock has dipped a little bit since that Wednesday high, Trefler’s still worth more than 0 million.阿兰·特雷弗莱(Alan Trefler)的起点是为他父亲的古董修复公司打工如今,他已经从古董生意转行为提供商业技术和软件解决方案,他在1983年成立了Pegasystems公司尽管已经有几十年的经验,但特雷弗莱的管理策略并不十分依赖于正式职权“我经常告诉人们,如果有人把我说成是做某些事的理由,那他们就应该把那个人赶出办公室如果我想要某人干什么事,我会亲自找到并告诉他们”特雷弗莱在年接受《纽约时报采访时如是说你无法反驳这种策略带来的成果Pegasystems最近公布的第三季度财报超出了市场预期,其季度营收突破1.亿美元,比去年同期增长了%该公司净利润同样有所增长,从去年的亏损变为盈利870万美元Pegasystems的股价出现飙升,在周三交易日报收于8.95美元,较上一周上涨了7%这推动特雷弗莱所持股票的价值上涨了.亿美元,使其个人净资产达到9.77亿美元(不过,在他所持的,000万股股票中,有一小部分被抵押为担保品)尽管该公司的股价在周三达到高点后已经下跌了一些,但特雷弗莱的个人净资产仍然超过9亿美元Quite Refined, Indeed石油热潮造富Paul Foster founded Western Refining in after close to a decade of running affiliated companies. The El Paso, Texas-based independent refiner and marketer went public in at $ per share and eclipsed per share bee making a poor acquisition leading up to the recession, battering its stock. The company was under per share as late as , when the economy started showing life and U.S. oil production began booming. The oil rush, which now has the U.S. as the top exporter in the world, has invigorated many of the industry’s companies, and it would appear Western Refining is no exception. But it was a strategic acquisition that set Western Refining’s share price on a .3% rise this past week, closing Wednesday at .81 per share. It bought a 38.7% stake in Northern Tier Energy 5 million, increase the company’s refining capacity by 89, 500 barrels per day a total of , 500 barrels. Foster, who owns 1.7 million shares or about 5% of the company (though million shares are pledged as collateral against a loan), saw his stake rise .8 million in value during the week a total of 7.9 million.1997年,保罗·福斯特(Paul Foster)创立了西部炼油公司(Western Refining),此前他有近十年经营相关公司的经历西部炼油公司的总部位于得克萨斯州的埃尔帕索,这家独立炼油商和贸易商在年上市,股票发行价是美元,并曾达到50美元的高点,但该公司股价因经济衰退前的一笔糟糕收购交易而受到重创直到年,西部炼油公司的股价还不到5美元,当时经济已经开始回暖,而美国石油生产迎来了蓬勃发展石油热潮——美国现在是全球最大的出口国——已经为这个行业的很多公司带来生气,看起来西部炼油公司也不例外不过,令西部炼油公司股价在过去一周上涨.3%的是一笔战略收购交易——其股价在周三交易日报收于36.81美元——该公司以7.75亿美元的价格收购了Northern Tier Energy公司38.7%的股份,这使其自身的日炼油能力增加了89,500桶,达到每日,500桶福斯特持有公司,0万股股票,持股比例为5%(不过,其中00万股股票被抵押为一笔贷款的担保品),过去一周这些股票的价值增长了1.018亿美元,使他的个人净资产达到7.679亿美元The Really Rich In Real Time实时亿万富豪Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (net worth .9 billion) was the biggest dollar gainer yesterday, netting 1 million. Spanish retail mogul Amancio Ortega wasn’t far behind at 7 million. But after his clothing conglomerate Inditex lost .3% last week, he was due a rebound, and he now rests with a .8 billion net worth. This week’s biggest loser was Oracle’s Larry Ellison, who lost 8 million on Thursday trading, which will barely leave a mark on his more than billion net worth.亚马逊(Amazon)的杰夫·贝索斯(Jeff Bezos,其个人净资产为339亿美元)是上周四最大的赢家,其个人净资产增长了9.71亿美元西班牙零售巨头阿曼西奥·奥特加(Amancio Ortega)以8.87亿美元的增长稍落其后不过,奥特加旗下装集团印第纺织(Inditex)的股价在上一周下跌了.3%,他是正好赶上了股价反弹,现在个人净资产为658亿美元本周最大的输家是甲骨文(Oracle)的拉里·埃里森(Larry Ellison),他的个人净资产在周四交易日缩水6.68亿美元,但相较于逾30亿美元的身家来说,这只不过是九牛一毛 666呼市第一人民医院激光脱毛多少钱

呼和浩特京美医院激光祛痣多少钱内蒙古医学院第二附属医院割双眼皮多少钱 呼和浩特哪里祛斑见效快

呼和浩特京美整形美容医院蝴蝶斑怎么样An Australian mining tycoon Clive Palmer has released on Tuesday plans a ;Titanic II; - and this time the ship will come with a safety deck and ;proper life boats;, the Daily Telegraph reported.据英国《每日电讯报报道,周二,澳大利亚矿业大亨克莱夫·帕尔默宣布,他将出资复制“泰坦尼克号”邮轮这次这艘邮轮将安装一层安全甲板,并配备与游客相应数量的救生船The ship which is due to set out on its first voyage in . The upper decks will feature the public rooms, passenger stairs, cabins and features of the original, according to designs by Deltamarin, a Finnish-based engineering firm. The ship will also include a casino.该邮轮预计年首航据设计方的芬兰知名船舶设计企业Deltamarin透露,轮船最顶层的甲板将配备公众活动室、游客楼梯、客舱,同时,还保留了原有特色邮轮还将开设The drawings show nine decks complete with first, second and third class, officer and crew accommodation. Though the plans have not yet been finalized, the ship is due to be built by Chinese shipbuilders CSC Jinling Shipyards.新邮轮将设置一二三等船舱、共九层甲板,船长和船员休息室尽管这次计划没有最终确认,但承建商已经定为中国长航重工金陵造船厂 1953 呼和浩特京美医疗美容激光去黄褐斑多少钱乌兰察布中心医院做抽脂手术多少钱



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