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A little Girl Sitting on a grassy grave, beneath one of the windows of the church, was a little girl.With her head bent back she was gazing up at the sky and singing, while one of her little hands was pointing to a tiny cloud that hovered like a golden feather above her head. The sun, which had suddenly become very bright, shining on her glossy hair, gave it a metallic luster, and it was difficult to say what was the color, dark bronze or black. So completely absorbed was she in watching the cloud to which her strange song or incantation seemed addressed, that she did not observe me when I rose and went towards her.Over her head, high up in the blue, a lark that was soaring towards' the same gauzy cloud was singing, as if in rivalry. As I slowly approached the child, I could see by her ehead, which, in the sunshine seemed like a globe of pearl, and especially by her complexion, that she was uncommonly lovely. Her eyes, which at one moment seemed blue-gray, at another violet, were shaded by long black lashes, curving backward in a most peculiar way, and these matched in hue her eyebrows, and the tresses that were tossed about her tender throat and were quivering in the sunlight. All this I did not take in at once; at first I could see nothing but those quivering, glittering, changeful eyes turned up into my face. Gradually the other features, especially the sensitive full-lipped mouth, grew upon me as I stood silently gazing. Here seemed to me a more perfect beauty than had ever come to me in my loveliest dreams of beauty. Yet it was not her beauty so much as the look she gave me that fascinated me, melted me. 768幸福是一种习惯我学会了去养成这种习惯剧烈的胃痛与心痛都会阻碍幸福,但没有我的允许,它们绝对无法破坏幸福母亲不愿意看到家中有人闷闷不乐如果有人胃痛,母亲会给他吃药;如果是心痛,她会给予爱和理解,并做很多有趣的事让他忘记痛苦,重新展露笑颜即使心碎了,无法再修补,即使有人习惯在工作、爱与爱的回忆中寻找幸福,我也希望我永远不会将这一习惯丢弃拥有它,就仿佛点亮了生命的明灯Three O' Cat Is Still a Game by Lillian Bueno Mccue What do I believe? What laws do I live by? There are so many answers - work, beauty, truth, love - and I hope I do live by them. But in everyday things I live by the light of a supplementary set of laws. I'd better call them rules of thumb. Rules of thumb aren't very grand, but they do make the wheels go round. My father and mother sent me to good schools, but the finest thing they did my education was to have seven children. I was the oldest, and my brothers and sisters were my best teachers. I learned first to pull my own weight in the boat. Kids making a bob-sled have no use the loafer who wants a free ride. Neither has the world. I learned to make the bed I slept in, and wash the glass I used, and mend what I broke, and mop up where I spilled. And if I was too lazy or too dainty or too busy, and left it someone else, somebody else soon taught me different. Then, the same way, I learned that anger is a waste. It hurts nobody but me. A fit of the sullens got short shrift in our house. It wasn't pulling my weight in the boat. It was spoiling sport. And among seven children it got me nowhere. It might reduce four o'cat to three o'cat, but the game went on just the same, and where was I? Out of it. Better go in and join the group around the piano and get my grievance. Better still, next time don't fling down my bat in a tantrum; keep my temper, and stay in the game. Here's a rule thumb that's important, and the older I get, the more important I think it is. When I can do something, and somebody wants me to do it, I have to do it. The great tragedy of life is not to be needed. As long as you are able and willing to do things people, you will be needed. Of course you are able; and if so, you can't say no. My mother is seventy-seven. In seventy-seven years she has never said no. Today she is so much in demand by thirteen grandchildren and countless neighbors that her presence is eagerly contended . When I want to see her I have to pretend emergency. Then there's the rule of curiosity. Your body would die if you stopped feeling hunger and thirst, and your mind will die if you lose your curiosity. This I learned from my father. My father was a naturalist. He could see the beetle under the bark, and draw it th unharmed us to squint at through the magnifying glass. He sampled the taste of thirty-three different caterpillars. Fired by his example, once, my sister ate an ant. In case you are wondering, caterpillars taste like the green leaves they eat, and ants taste of lemon. I personally haven't tasted any entomological specimens lately, but I am still rejoicing in the limitless curiosity, the draws me to books and people and places. I hope I never lose it. It would be like pulling down the blind. Finally, there is the rule of happiness. Happiness is a habit. I was taught to cultivate it. A big stomach-ache, or a big heart-ache, can interrupt happiness, but neither can destroy it unless I permit. My mother simply wouldn't have unhappy faces moping about the place. If it was stomach-ache, she does it. If it was heart-ache, she administered love and understanding and lots of interesting things to do, and soon the sun came out again. Even the heartbreaks that can't really be mended, even those seem to yield to the habit of finding happiness in doing things, in love and in the memory of love. I hope I never lose that habit either. It would be like putting out the light. So I learned to live, by the great laws, and these little rules of thumb. I wouldn't take a million dollars any one of them, or a million times that the years at home that taught them to me. 97

"On the th of March, at a quarter to three in the afternoon, the greatest living thinker ceased to think. He had been left alone scarcely two minutes, and when we came back we found him in his armchair, peacefully gone to sleep-but ever."An immeasurable loss has been sustained both by the militant proletariat of Europe and America, and by historical science, in the death of this man. The gap that has been left by the departure of this mighty spirit will soon enough make itself felt."Just as Darwin discovered the law of development of organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of development of human history the simple fact, hitherto concealed by an overgrowth of ideology, that mankind must first of all eat, drink, have shelter and clothing, bee it can pursue politics, science, art, religion, etc.; that theree the production of the immediate material means of subsistence and consequently the degree of economic development attained by a given people or during a given epoch m the foundation upon which the state institutions, the legal conceptions, art, and even the ideas on religion, of the people concerned have been evolved, and in the light of which they must, theree, be explained, instead of vice versa, as had hitherto been the case."But that is not all. Marx also discovered the special law of motion governing the present-day capitalist mode of production and the bourgeois society that this mode of production has created. The discovery of surplus value suddenly threw light on the problem, in trying to solve which all previous investigations, of both bourgeois economists and socialist critics, had been groping in the dark."Two such discoveries would be enough one lifetime. Happy the man to whom it is granted to make even one such discovery. But in every single field which Marx investigated -- and he investigated very many fields, none of them superficially -- in every field, even in that of mathematics, he made independent discoveries. 37

口语小词误用大总结:Lose (9) -- :58:19 来源: 动词是lose,表示失去、丢失的意思如果是形容人,流行用loser,一些教养不好的人动不动就称别人是loser,与这样的人打交道可得小心了这些词用法比较广泛,而且比较散例句:1、如果这样的话,大家都会丢脸的If so everyone would lose face.、我得警告了,我的耐心快没了Chinglish: I must warn you, my patience will be less and less.Revision: I have to warn you I'm losing my patience.3、你输定了Chinglish: You must lose.Revision: You're bond to lose.、他这个人输不起(输了就骂人等)Chinglish: He can't bear to lose too much.Revision: He is a bad loser. (或sore loser)Actually name calling can solve no problems. A real loser is virtually the one who loves to callothers "loser".总评:使用频率:造句功能:西方思维: 总结 口语 loser lose

  Don't Wait TomorrowGravity is not responsible people to fall in love. It just happens.And when it does happen, don't wait the right time to express,because right time is when your heart beats faster.If you love someone.. don't wait tomorrow, or the other person to make the move.Agreed 'Tomorrow never dies', but also remember… 'Tomorrow never comes, so live in today.'Each Day Is Too ShortEach day is too short -All the thoughts we want to think,All the walks we want to take,All the books we want to ,And all the friends we want to see.Make the best out of this day.

  经典:(9) 唱卡拉OK -01-7 00:: 来源: 唱卡拉OK我们去唱卡拉OK吧 Let's go to karaoke. *虽然卡拉OK在美国的大城市比较受欢迎,但是并不普遍美国人称卡拉OK为“Carry O.K.”Let's go to karaoke! (我们去唱卡拉OK吧)Sorry, I'm tone-deaf. (对不起,我五音不全) 什么是卡拉OK? What is karaoke? 就是合着录音带的音乐一起唱歌 Singing along with recorded music. 你唱歌拿手吗? Are you good at singing? 我想点首歌 I'd like to request a song. 你先唱 You sing first.Go ahead.After you. 大家高兴地玩吧! Let's enjoy ourselves. 约翰,你来唱一首吧 How about a song, John? 你打算唱什么歌? What are you going to sing? 来个二重唱吧 Let's sing a duet. 现在轮到我了 Now it's my turn.It's finally my turn. (终于轮到我了) 我不敢在大家面前唱歌 I don't have the nerve to sing in front of people. *have the nerve to...“敢做……, 有做……胆量”I don't have the guts to sing in front of people.我跟不上新歌的速度(我不会唱新歌) I can't keep up with the new songs. *keep up with...“跟上,不落后于……”I can't keep track of the new music.I can't learn the new songs fast enough. 我五音不全 I'm tone-deaf.I have no ear music.My singing is out of tune. (我唱歌总跑调儿) 你唱卡拉OK有什么拿手的歌吗? What's your karaoke specialty?What's your best song?Which songs do you sing the best? 我从来没听说过那首歌I've never heard of that song.Do you know that song? (你知道那首歌吗?)No, I've never heard of that song. (没有,我从来没听说过那首歌) 你唱得真好! You're a good singer!You sing very well!Well done! (唱得好)Good job! (太棒了!) 卡拉 英语口语 经典 sing。

  Over the moon: 欣喜若狂 -01-7 00::0 来源: 中秋赏月,不妨向友人讲述几个“月亮”词汇还记得否?早先谈过的blue moon(蓝月亮)指“罕见、不常发生的事”,今天的over the moon(在月亮上)则是指“欣喜若狂”Over the moon源于一首欢快的儿歌:“Hey, diddle, diddleThe cat and the fiddleThe cow jumped over the moonThe little dog laughedTo see such sportAnd the dish ran away with the spoon.”(嘿,快摇、快摇猫咪和小提琴母牛跳过月亮小看到哈哈笑碟子带着汤勺不见了)儿歌虽然毫无意义,但是儿歌中的over the moon倒被大人采用,用来形容“兴高采烈”到了上世纪70年代,over the moon常用语体育赛事,指赢得比赛后大家“欣喜若狂”如:The whole team is over the moon at winning the competition.(全队因赢得这场比赛而欢呼雀跃)(英语点津陈蓓编辑) moon over 月亮 儿歌

  尽管我们每个人都应该乐于勇敢、独立地发挥自己的能力,但也要相信,只要我们愿意,我们也能从外界获得力量之源Spiritual Handholds on Lifeby Dr. Fred Dow Fagg, JR The view of the high Sierra Lake, nestled in the snow and rock slightly below the timber line, was beautiful from my vantage point some five hundred feet above its shimmering surface. I was anxious to rejoin my companions and try the fishing bee are afternoon shadow - edging out from the surrounding array of peaks - entirely covered the lake. Just a short distance beyond the intervening shale, the trail zigzagged down to the valley. I disliked the thought of returning by the long, tedious trail I had ascended, and decided to chance the shale - even though part of it lay above a sheer drop-off of several hundred feet.I started working my way over the loose rock with considerable caution and had covered about half the distance when I became aware of a slight but persistent yielding of the shale under my feet. Desperately, I looked something that would offer support and lurched ward to grasp a light outcropping of solid rock just as the surface shale underfoot - loosened from its foundation by the warm noonday sun - cascaded downward and disappeared over the cliff. Several seconds passed bee I heard it rattle into the lake.Finally - after due consideration of the folly of short cuts - I managed to move from handhold to handhold and, at last, pulled myself to the trail by the aid of a dwarf juniper root. I have gotten how many trout I caught that afternoon, but I have not gotten the value of handhold.Handholds are needed also during the course of everyday life. They provide security when the things we depend upon seem to be slipping out from under us. What are the spiritual handholds I have found to be most value?First, the teachings of the humble carpenter of Nazareth - their insistence on the supreme worth of the individual, their stressing of the significance of sympathetic understanding, and their unsurpassed evidence of dauntless faith.Second, the conviction that, while every person should delight in making a courageous and self-reliant eft to live up to his capabilities, there are well-springs of power outside himself that can be tapped - if he will avail himself of them.Third, that the nature of this world and of the people in it is determined more by our individual vision, understanding and conduct than by any material environmental factors, and that - in other words - nothing will produce the good world but the good man.These are the principal spiritual handholds I have found to possess enduring value. They offer both an exciting challenge and a calm assurance. They are the things I believe. 90181人类中堪称墙一般笔直挺立的人少有,像纪念柱一样矗立的人更少,这样的人是美的化身,世所罕见,历史记录他们的存在,奉之为后世的楷模《圣经中的人物在我心中是最接近完人的范例,他们无私,信仰坚定,帮助他人,不遗余力A Straight Wall Is Hard to Build by Lou R. CrandallAs I try to outline my thoughts, the subject becomes more and more difficult. I have many basic beliefs but as I try to pick and choose it seems to me that they all can be summarized in the word "character." Obviously, what you believe is a fundamental thing. There can be no fanfare, no embellishments. It must be honest.An architect once told me that the most difficult structure to design was a simple monumental shaft. The proportions must perfect to be pleasing. The hardest thing to build is a plain straight wall. The dimensions must be absolute. In either case there is no ornamentation to hide irregularities, no moldings to cover hidden defects and no supports to strengthen concealed weaknesses.I am using this example to illustrate human character, which to me is the most important single power in the world today. The young people of toady are in reality foundations of structures yet to be built. It is obvious that the design of these human structures is the combined efts of many human architects. Boys and girls are influenced first by their parents, then by their friends and finally by business associates. During this period of construction, the human character is revised and changed until at maturity a fairly well-fixed m of character is found.There are few human straight walls and fewer human monumental shafts. Such men and women are personalities of great beauty and are so rare that history records their being and holds them up as examples the future. The Biblical characters are me the closest examples of human perfection. They were unselfish, steadfast in their faith and unstinting in their help to others.Today in this world of turmoil and trouble we could use more of such people, but they do not just happen along. I believe that they are the result of concentrated eft on the part of parents and associates, and the more we build with character the better the world will become. This may sound like a dreamer's hope and a theoretical goal which can never be reached. I do not think so.The world as a whole has progressed tremendously material-wise, and we are a tunate nation in that we are leading the procession. It is, I believe, natural that nations not so tunate should look upon us with envy. We would do the same if the positions were reserved, so we should not judge too harshly the efts of others to equal our standard of living. In either case, the tunate or the untunate character in the individual and collectively in a nation stands out. I agree that it is easier to build character under ideal conditions but cannot get that character is also required to give as well as receive.It should be to the benefit of humanity if all individuals - and this includes myself - did a renovation or remodeling job on our own character. It may merely be a case of removing rough edges or tossing away molding to expose irregularities, in some cases to remove a prop and stand on one's own feet. In any event if some of us set example, others will follow and the result should be good. This I believe. 536道别九句:除Goodbye外…… 九句最常用的道别语 -01-7 19:: 来源: 说再见 除了说Goodbye之外…… 九句最常用的道别语 一般的用法: Take care. 保重 Later. 回头见 So long. 再见 Until we meet again (next time.) 下次见 俏皮的说法: See you later, (alligator.) 回头见,(鳄鱼)(英文的部份押韵) 约定下次见面时间的用法: See you tomorrow (next week, on Monday, etc.) 明天(下星期、下星期一……)见 非常隆重的说法(或是开玩笑的说法): Farewell. 再会 异国风味的说法: Adios (西班牙文的「上帝祝福你」) Hasta la vista! 西班牙文的「下次再见」) 常用 说法 下次 再见

  英语口语:使用频率最高的美语口语96句() -- 1:51: 来源: 1. Better luck next time. 下次运气更好   . come in handy 派得上用场   3. rains cats and dogs 倾盆大雨   . First come, first served. 先来先招待;捷足先登   5. It's not my day! 今天运气真糟   6. That's news to me. 这可是新闻呢   7. There's no way to tell. 没办法知道   8. sb. like an open book 清楚某人心里的想法   9. You've got me there. 你考到我了   50. Easy does it. 慢慢来;小心一点;别生气了   51. on the tip of one's tongue 差一点就说出口;差一点就记起来的   5. The more, the merrier. 越多越好   53. let someone off the hook 让某人摆脱麻烦、解脱困境   5. beside the point 离题的;不是重点   55. burn the candle at both ends 白天晚上都要忙;花费很多精力   56. meet a deadline 截稿   57. out of sight, out of mind 眼不见为净;离久情疏   58. rub someone the wrong way 惹恼某人   59. stop on one's toes 触怒到某人   60. be fed up with 对……感到厌烦   61. give credit where credit is due. 称赞该被赞美的人   6. go from bad to worse 每况愈下   63. hit the jackpot 中大奖,走运   6. It all depends on what one means by sth. 看某人对于……是指什么意思   65. accidentallyon purpose 不小心故意   66. in one's book 在某人的字典里;对……而言   67. No pains, no gains 一份耕耘,一份收获   68. You ain't seen nothing yet. 你还没看过更好(烂)的   69. to give a rain check 改天的邀请   70. That's what friends are . 这就是好朋友啊   71. It's a pain in the neck. 很讨厌而难避免   7. It's the thought that counts. 心意最重要   73. the tip fo the iceberg 冰山一角;危险的细微的征兆   7. jump down someone's throat 粗暴地回答某人;无理地打断某人的话   75. save sth. a rainy day 以备不时之需   76. behind the scenes 在幕后;在黑暗中   77. by the skin of one's teeth 刚好,勉强,侥幸   78. Don't rock the boat. 不要破坏现状、捣乱   79. worth its weight in gold 很有价值的   80. speak fo the devil 说曹操曹操到 英语口语 口语 频率小笨霖英语笔记73集: 英文乌龙笑话(四) -01-7 00::1 来源: 大家会觉得小笨霖的英文很好吗? 哈哈... 关于这点你就大错特错了, 看看这集英文乌龙笑话, 你就知道小笨霖和他的好朋友又在美国怎样乱用英语, 乱听英语, 以致于又闹出了一堆的乌龙笑话了. 不过我还是要鼓励大家要多开口说英语, 敢用一些自己不常用的字, 这样才能从错误中记取经验.1. How did you know this bug is female? 你怎么知道这只小虫是母的呢?话说小笨霖有一次到学校的图书馆去借书, 结果不偏不倚一只美丽的小瓢虫就正好停在我的书本上. 那位帮我 Check out 这本书的美眉就兴奋地说, "Hey, look this lady bug." (嘿, 看看这只瓢虫.) 我一听到 lady bug, 不经大脑思考就回她一句, "How did you know this bug is female?" (你怎么知道她是母的呢?) 结果她一边狂笑之馀, 一边跟我解释, lady bug 就是「瓢虫」的意思, 而非「母的」小虫. . I often suck myself. 我通常都自己"吸"自己.我有一个美国朋友在替一个 dot-com公司写程式, 因为长时间坐在计算机桌前又缺乏运动, 所以他的脖子、手臂和手掌都患有严重的职业病, 贴满了胶布. 过去我在台湾也深受这种情形所苦恼,所幸中医的推拿、针灸和拔罐让我逐渐康复, 所以我一直鼓吹他试试我从台湾带过来的拔罐器. 我知道拔罐器在英文叫作 suction cup, 我告诉他 : "You must try the suction cup. It really works!" 但是他始终认为那是不科学的方法,而且可能会伤害到自己的身体, 这时我急著为我们国粹辩护, 竟脱口而出: "Don't worry too much, I often suck myself!" 这时大家已经笑成一团. 我的朋友们一直对我说: "you are a happy guy!" (本则由读者提供) 3. I will play your mother. 我会玩给你妈妈看.故事发生在年初,我一位韩国好友身上, 有一天老师没来上课, 因为他的妈妈因二度中风过世了, 我与那韩国友人购买了一张致哀卡片, 她写完慰问文句之后, 换我写. 我想先参考一下她怎么写, 看完后我觉得很奇怪, 就问她 "为什么你要玩给他已过世的妈妈看呢?" 她说"没有呀!" 等她再检查一遍后, 我俩大笑, 原来她把 pray 拼成play了. 原文是: Mr. Bagnole, "I am so sorry. I will play your mother." (本则由读者提供) . I will see you in half an hour. 我半小时之后再见你.半小时在英文中要怎么讲? 我想有许多人直觉的反应就是 a half hour. 但事实上呢? 老美习惯上会讲 half an hour. 但我常常会把 half an hour 误会成是一个半小时的意思. 记得有一次跟一个老美约好要讨论功课, 他说, "I will see you in half an hour." 结果当我一个半小时后再现身时, 他早已不见踪影了, 后来仔细一想, 不好, half an hour 好像是半小时而不是一个半小时的意思耶! 怪不得他早已弃我而去. 5. Can you give me some pepper? 能不能给我一点胡椒啊?这是在 New Orleans 的 KFC 吃炸鸡时发生的事, 为了听懂店员的南方腔英文, 我已经很努力了噢! 还听懂她问我要烤的, 脆的要鸡胸还是要鸡腿. 好不容易点完了, 她又问我还要什么吗? 我看了看, 没有胡椒粉就跟她要pepper, 结果她拿了一叠餐巾纸 (paper) 给我. 我知道 pepper 是短音 paper 是长音可是为什么我说的在她耳里都是长音哩? 噜了半天, 只好请学长帮我要 pepper 这回,店员可听懂了pepper 就... 从冰箱里拿了两条那种腌渍绿色的辣椒给我...(就是吃pizza会配的那种) 我想说没有我要的那种 pepper, 有这个也不错, 所以我就放弃了.结果到了位置上才看到胡椒粉都是装在罐子里放桌上不是一小包一小包装起来的, 所以根本不用跟店员要, 当初如果说 ground pepper也许那位店员才知道我们要啥吧! 后来我只吃了一条小辣椒, 就辣到肚子热热的一整晚, 其实那味道还不错啦... (Foxrose 提供) 6. Are you going to a wedding tomorrow? 你明天要去参加一个婚礼?上个星期跟一群老美出去小酌一番, 三杯过后, 大家开始谈起最近的计划. 一个老美说, 他明天要去田纳西, 因为他的一个好朋友要结婚了. 这时我也不加思索, 脱口就问另一个老美, "Are you going to the marriage tomorrow, too?" 他笑著说, "No. I am not going to get married tomorrow; I am going to a wedding tomorrow." (我不是要去结婚, 而是要去参加婚礼) 这时我才会意过来, 原来 go to a marriage 是去结婚的意思, 而不是参加婚礼 go to a wedding 的意思. 7. Look. There are some "rotating wooden horses" over there. 大家看看, 那里有一些旋转木马.有一次一堆人去逛 mall, 眼尖的我一眼瞧见了不知是谁把整座的 "旋转木马" 给搬了进来. 这对童心未泯的小笨霖来说自然是件很兴奋的事. 结果我一说 rotating wooden horse, 立刻就发现了有两极反应, 所有的老中立刻会过意来, 知道我说的是 "旋转木马", 但跟我们同行的老美就一脸茫然了. 后来我指 "旋转木马" 给她看, 她才恍然大悟地说了, "Oh~ Carousel" 喔喔.. 原来旋转木马在英文里还有一个专用的名词 Carousel 哩. 8. Do you want some green bean soup? 你要不要喝一点绿豆汤?有次招待一对美国夫妇去中国餐厅吃饭, 这家餐厅饭后的甜点绿豆汤十分有名. 所以眼见酒足饭饱, 我就问他们要不要来碗 green bean soup? 结果这对夫妇露出一副很不可思议的表情, 还连忙说不要不要. 我觉得很奇怪, 为何他们对绿豆汤如此感冒呢? 后来回家把我的那包绿豆拿出来一看, 才发现原来绿豆的英文叫 mung bean 而 green bean 呢? 原来是四季豆的意思. 现在我终于能体会当时他们为何拒喝 "四季豆汤" 的原因了, 想想真的是蛮恶心的. ^__^ 9. Do you have a pen knife? 你有没有美工刀啊?大家知不知道老美都比较喜欢用铅笔啊? (他们好像都不太喜欢用原子笔), 所以很多教室的墙上都有削铅笔机 (pencil sharpener) 结果有一次上课坐我隔壁的老美跟我说, "Do you have a pen knife?" 我摇摇头, 但我想他大概是要削铅笔吧, 我还好心地指著墙上的 pencil sharpener 对他说 "You can try this one." (你可以试试削铅笔机呀!) 他就露出一副很没力的样子.后来他跟我解释道, pen knife 不是用来削铅笔的, (如果是削铅笔的, 也应该是叫 pencil knife 而不是 pen knife 吧?) 通常 pen knife 的形状通常都跟笔很像, 所以叫 pen knife. 所以我想想其实 pen knife 就是 "美工刀" (utility knife) 的意思, 而非削铅笔的小刀. . We need a "hooker" back there. 我们需要一个 "钩子" 在后面.老美是蛮爱好水上活动的民族, 所以实常可以看到有人开车后面拖著一艘船行驶在路上. 有一次当我在开车时, 我的好友就说了, "I wish I had a boat." (我真希望我有一艘船) 我就接著说了一句至理名言, "But we still need a hooker back there." (但我们还需要一个拖钩啦!) 结果大家都在笑我. 虽然 hook 的确是指钩子的意思, 但 hooker 在英文里却单指的是 "" 的意思. 所以我这句话变成了, "我们需要一个的意思." 怪不得大家都觉得小笨霖是不是太饥渴了, 才需要一个 hooker. 其实就算这里我讲 hook 也不对, 因为 hook 是指像钓鱼用的那种小钩钩, 车后面的拖钩是不能叫 hook 的, 正确的用法是 hitch 这个字才是指拖钩. 生活小故事上个星期去田纳西的 Ocoee River 泛舟 (rafting). 一上车导游就问大家, "How many of you haven't tried this bee?" (你们当中有多少人是没有经验的啊?) 结果小笨霖跟一堆笨笨的老美就举手了. 导游一看, 就很幽默地说了一句, "Okay, it's quite simple." (放心, 这很简单) "Just remain in your seats and don't stick your heads or hands out the windows." (只要保持在你的座位上, 不要把头手伸出车外就可以了.) 笑话 英文 笔记 英语

  那一刻,我突然体会到及时说出“我爱你”有多么重要,与那些我们深爱的人分享他们应得的时光是多么美好......昨天是票,已经付讫明天是本票,还未到期今天是现金......用心去花The Other Woman in My LifeAfter 1 years of marriage, I discovered a new way of keeping alive the spark of love. A little while ago I had started to go out with another woman. It was really my wife's idea."I know that you love her," she said one day, taking me by surprise.The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my mother.She had been a widow 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally.That night I called to invite her to go out dinner and a movie."What's wrong, are you well?" she asked. My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or a surprise invitation is a sign of bad news."I thought that it would be pleasant to pass some time with you,"I responded, "just the two of us."She thought about it a moment then said, "I would like that very much."That Friday after work as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit nervous. When I arrived at her house, I noticed that she, too, seemed to be nervous about our date.She waited in the door with her coat on. She had curled her hair and was wearing the dress that she had worn to celebrate her last wedding anniversary.She smiled from a face that was as radiant as an angel's."I told my friends that I was going to go out with my son, and they were impressed," she said, as she got into the car. "They can't wait to hear about our meeting."We went to a restaurant that, although not elegant, was very nice and cozy. My mother took my arm as if she were the First Lady.After we sat down, I had to the . Her eyes could only large print. Half way through the entree, I lifted my eyes and saw Mom sitting there staring at me. A nostalgic smile was on her lips."It was I who used to have to the when you were small," she said."Then it's time that you relax and let me return the favor," I responded.During the dinner we had an agreeable conversation, nothing extraordinary, but catching up on recent events of each other's lives. We talked so much that we missed the movie.As we arrived at her house later she said, "I'll go out with you again, but only if you let me invite you."I agreed."How was your dinner date?" my wife asked when I got home."Very nice. Much more so than I could have imagined," I answered.A few days later my mother died of a massive heart attack. It happened so suddenly that I didn't have a chance to do anything her.Some time later I received an envelope with a copy of a restaurant receipt from the same place mother and I had dined.An attached note said "I paid this bill in advance. I was almost sure that I couldn't be there, but nevertheless I paid two plates--one you and the other your wife. You will never know what that night meant me. I love you."At that moment I understood the importance of saying, in time "I LOVE YOU" and giving our loved ones the time that they deserve ...Yesterday is a canceled check.Tomorrow is a promissory note.Today is cash … Spend it wisely. 90

  我终于意识到真正的幸福来自人的精神世界,来自人的心智与灵魂诚然,在这个纷扰喧嚣的时世,想拥有宁静祥和的内心世界并非易事,这需要我们时常反省、冥思,还要自律坦然直面自己实属不易(你得有耐心,能体谅,只要可能,寻求上帝的帮助)而一旦你的精神世界能真正远离暴风骤雨和阴风邪气的侵犯,你必将获得无比丰厚的回报A Reporter Quotes His Sources  It’s rather difficult in these noisy, confusing, nerve-racking days to achieve the peace of mind in which to pause a moment to reflect on what you believe in. There’s so little time and opporty to give it much thought—though it is the thing we live by; and without it, without beliefs, human existence today would hardly be bearable.  My own view of life, like everyone else’s, is conditioned by personal experience. In my own case, there were two experiences, in particular, which helped to shape my beliefs years of life and work under a totalitarian regime, and a glimpse of war.  Living in a totalitarian land taught me to value highly—and fiercely—the very things the dictators denied tolerance, respect others and, above all, the freedom of the human spirit.  A glimpse of war filled me with wonder not only at man’s courage and capacity self-sacrifice, but at his stubborn, marvelous will to preserve, to endure, to prevail—amidst the most incredible savagery and suffering. When you saw people—civilians—who where bombed out, or who, worse, had been hounded in the concentration camps or worked to a frazzle in the slave-labor gangs—when you saw them come out of these ordeals of horror and torture, still intact as human beings, with a will to go on, with a faith still in themselves, in their fellow man, and in God, you realized that man was indestructible. You appreciated, too, that despite the corruption and cruelty of life, man somehow managed to retain great virtues love, honor, courage, self-sacrifice, compassion.  It filled you with a certain pride just to be a member of the human race. It renewed your belief in your fellow men.  Of course, there are many days (in this Age of Anxiety) when a human being feels awfully low and discouraged. I myself find consolation at such moments by two means trying to develop a sense of history, and renewing the quest inner life.  I go back, example, to ing Plutarch. He reminds you that even in the golden days of Greece and Rome, from which so much that is splendid in our own civilization derives, there was a great deal of what we find so loathsome in life today war, strife, corruption, treason, double-crossing, intolerance, tyranny, rabble-rousing. Reading history thus gives you perspective. It enables you to see your troubles relatively. You don’t take them so seriously then.  Finally, I find that most true happiness comes from one’s inner life; from the disposition of the mind and soul. Admittedly, a good inner life is difficult to achieve, especially in these trying times. It takes reflection and contemplation. And self-discipline. One must be honest with oneself, and that’s not easy. (You have to have patience and understanding. And, when you can, seek God.)  But the reward of having an inner life, which no outside storm or evil turn of tune can touch, is, it seems to me, a very great one. 96。

  Grotesque: 奇异的,怪诞的 -01-7 00::31 来源: 对英语学习者来说,grotesque(奇异的,怪诞的)并不是生僻难解的单词,我们可以找到它的一系列近意词汇,如:odd,bizarre,outlandish…今天主要谈谈grotesque与古罗马的历史渊源Grotesque由意大利语Grotteschi演变而来,最早用来指00年左右出土的古罗马建筑人们发现这些古建筑的墙壁上,画有大量奇异、怪诞的人物形象和花草树木文艺复兴时期罗马拉斐尔学派首先复兴这种风格,在世纪的意大利很快流行起来,并普及整个欧洲,一直持续到19世纪举个例子:All the human figures in the painting were grotesque.现在grotesque除了做形容词外,也可做名词,指与奇异风格有关的建筑或艺术作品美国俚语中,世纪60年代,Beatles(甲克虫)乐队曾一度唤起人们对grotty(grotesque的缩略语)一词的痴迷 建筑 奇异 世纪 大利

  贺节九句:假期快乐的九句问候语 -01-7 19::19 来源: 直截了当说贺节︰ Happy New Millennium! 千禧年快乐! Happy *Hanukkah! 如果对方是犹太人) 献殿节(光明节)快乐! 每逢佳节倍思亲︰ I'll have a blue Christmas without you. 没有你圣诞节我会过得很郁卒 I'll We'll be thinking of you during this Christmas season. 在这耶诞时节我(们)会想念你的 甜言蜜语贺吉祥︰ Wishing you peace and happiness during the holidays. 祝你假期幸福平安 Stay warm, safe and healthy during the holidays! 祝你假期温暖、平安、健康 May your Christmas be filled with joy and warmth! 愿你圣诞节充满喜乐与温暖! Hope the holidays find you happy and healthy. 祝你假期健康快乐 探询新年新气象︰ So, what's your New Year's resolution? 那么,你的新年新希望是什么? *Hanukkah犹太教的献殿节(或称光明节),假期在每年月左右,为期八天,纪念公元前5年犹太人战胜叙利亚人以后,在耶路撒冷寺庙的重新奉献 问候 快乐 假期 祝你

  英语口语:如何搭讪与反搭讪? -01- :: 来源:   看到美女帅哥,是不是有想要上去搭讪的冲动?常见的搭讪用语无非就是说对方看着眼熟,或者称赞对方眼睛好看之类的,那么如果你是被搭讪的对象,遇到这种情况怎么才能独善其身呢?今天我们就把搭讪用语和反搭讪用语配对奉上,大家自取所需吧   1、搭讪:似曾相识:拉近和对方的距离   You look like someone I know   你跟我一个朋友长得好像   Haven't we met bee?   我们之前见过吧?   反搭讪:完全不在状态,没心思理你   Get out of here!   滚远一点(这个一定惹恼了的)   Leave me alone!   离我远一点!(同上,看不出我现在很烦啊!)   、搭讪:借题发挥:只要有心,总是有借口   That's a great haircut   你的发型很棒   You have a great smile   你的笑容很美   反搭讪:直截了当,不给你机会   I’m not available   我已经名花有主了(很委婉、很明确)   I am waiting my boyfriend (girlfriend)   我正在等我男朋友(女朋友)(请不要误会好吗?)   3、搭讪:略施小惠 :说这话可是有目的   Can I buy you a drink?   我可以请你喝一杯吗?   (To the bartender) I'll have what the handsome gentleman (beautiful lady) is having   (对酒保说)我要跟这位帅哥(美女)点一样的东西   反搭讪:回击稳准狠   I’ve quit my baby-sitting job   我已经不当保姆了(你还太嫩)   Not if you were the last man (woman) on earth   除非你是世界上最后一个男(女)人(老兄先照照镜子吧!)   、搭讪:趁虚而入:此句可以列入防狼手册,单身MM注意了   Are you here alone?   你一个人在这儿吗?   What's a handsome guy (pretty girl) like you doing here alone?   像你这样的帅哥(美女)怎么会落单?   反搭讪:我不是一个人!   I’m expecting a friend   我在等朋友(不是在等你来搭讪)   Is begging on the street legal here?   此地当街乞讨是合法的吗?(你是不是忘了打扮就出来了?)   5、搭讪:单刀直入:太直接了吧?   What do you say we go somewhere quiet..   我们另外找个安静的地方如何……   反搭讪:彻底断了你的念想   Not in this lifetime   这辈子休想(别不识相啦!)   Only if your name is Brad Pitt (Jennifer Lopez)   除非你是布拉德?彼特詹妮佛?洛佩兹(你远不够格) 英语口语

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