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He wiped sweat of his face. It had to be at least ninety degrees right now. He pulled off the last board and pushed at the glass window he uncovered. It opened with an eerie, creak. "Let me go in first," he said, " just so I can make sure it is safe."  He turned on his stomach and pushed himself in the window. Right as he did the window slammed shut. I ran over to it and pushed it. It wouldn't open. I couldn't even see him in there. It was completely dark. I took out my flashlight and shined it up to the window, but that wasn't any good. I threw my whole weight against the window, but nothing would make it open. Alex had taken the crowbar inside with him, so I could try breaking the window. Besides, the glass was way to thick.  I heard a scream from inside, then a cry. It was Alex! I started screaming and crying. Then I turned and ran. Through the forest, and all the way to my house. Article/200906/73609。

  • 几位年纪小的表一到那里,就再也不去理会他了。她们的眼睛立刻对着街头看来看去,看看有没有军官们走过,此外就只有商店橱窗里的极漂亮的女帽,或者是最新式的花洋布,才能吸引她们。Lydia#39;s intention of walking to Meryton was not forgotten; every sister except Mary agreed to go with her; and Mr. Collins was to attend them, at the request of Mr. Bennet, who was most anxious to get rid of him, and have his library to himself; for thither Mr. Collins had followed him after breakfast; and there he would continue, nominally engaged with one of the largest folios in the collection, but really talking to Mr. Bennet, with little cessation, of his house and garden at Hunsford. Such doings discomposed Mr. Bennet exceedingly. In his library he had been always sure of leisure and tranquillity; and though prepared, as he told Elizabeth, to meet with folly and conceit in every other room of the house, he was used to be free from them there; his civility, therefore, was most prompt in inviting Mr. Collins to join his daughters in their walk; and Mr. Collins, being in fact much better fitted for a walker than a er, was extremely pleased to close his large book, and go.In pompous nothings on his side, and civil assents on that of his cousins, their time passed till they entered Meryton. The attention of the younger ones was then no longer to be gained by him. Their eyes were immediately wandering up in the street in quest of the officers, and nothing less than a very smart bonnet indeed, or a really new muslin in a shop window, could recall them.But the attention of every lady was soon caught by a young man, whom they had never seen before, of most gentlemanlike appearance, walking with another officer on the other side of the way. The officer was the very Mr. Denny concerning whose return from London Lydia came to inquire, and he bowed as they passed. All were struck with the stranger#39;s air, all wondered who he could be; and Kitty and Lydia, determined if possible to find out, led the way across the street, under pretense of wanting something in an opposite shop, and fortunately had just gained the pavement when the two gentlemen, turning back, had reached the same spot. Mr. Denny addressed them directly, and entreated permission to introduce his friend, Mr. Wickham, who had returned with him the day before from town, and he was happy to say had accepted a commission in their corps. This was exactly as it should be; for the young man wanted only regimentals to make him completely charming. His appearance was greatly in his favour; he had all the best part of beauty, a fine countenance, a good figure, and very pleasing address. The introduction was followed up on his side by a happy iness of conversation--a iness at the same time perfectly correct and unassuming; and the whole party were still standing and talking together very agreeably, when the sound of horses drew their notice, and Darcy and Bingley were seen riding down the street. On distinguishing the ladies of the group, the two gentlemen came directly towards them, and began the usual civilities. Bingley was the principal spokesman, and Miss Bennet the principal object. He was then, he said, on his way to Longbourn on purpose to inquire after her. Mr. Darcy corroborated it with a bow, and was beginning to determine not to fix his eyes on Elizabeth, when they were suddenly arrested by the sight of the stranger, and Elizabeth happening to see the countenance of both as they looked at each other, was all astonishment at the effect of the meeting. Both changed colour, one looked white, the other red. Mr. Wickham, after a few moments, touched his hat--a salutation which Mr. Darcy just deigned to return. What could be the meaning of it? It was impossible to imagine; it was impossible not to long to know. Article/201107/145005。
  • VOICE ONE:I’m Sarah Long.VOICE TWO:And I’m Steve Ember with the VOA Special English program PEOPLE IN AMERICA. Today, we tell the story of Jack Benny. He was one of America’s best-loved funnymen during the Twentieth Century.(MUSIC)VOICE ONE:Jack Benny was one of the most famous names in show business for more than fifty years. He started as a serious musician, before he discovered he could make people laugh. Jack Benny (left) Jack Benny became famous nationwide in the Nineteen Thirties as a result of his weekly radio program. His programs were among the most popular on American radio, and later on television. Jack Benny won the hearts of Americans by making fun of himself. He was known not as someone who said funny things, but as someone who said things in a funny way. VOICE TWO:Jack Benny was born in Chicago, Illinois, on February fourteenth, Eighteen Ninety-Four. His parents, Meyer and Emma Kubelsky, were religious Jews. They had moved to the ed States from eastern Europe. They named their first child Benjamin. Benjamin Kubelsky and his family lived in Waukeegan , Illinois. Benjamin was a quiet boy. For much of the time, his parents were busy working in his father’s store. As a child, Benjamin, or Benny as his friends called him, learned to play the violin. Benny was such a good violin player that, for a time, he wanted to become a musician.VOICE ONE:While in school, Benny got a job as a violin player with the Barrison Theater, the local vaudeville house. Vaudeville was the most popular form of show business in the ed States in the early Nineteen Hundreds. Vaudeville shows presented short plays, singers, comedians who made people laugh and other acts. Benny worked at the Barrison Theater -- sometimes during school hours. He left high school before completing his studies. The piano player for the theater was a former vaudeville performer named Cora Salisbury. For a short time, she and Benny formed their own performing act. Later, he and another piano player had their own act. At first, Benny changed his name to Ben K. Benny. However, that name was similar to another actor who played a violin. So, he chose the name Jack Benny. (MUSIC)VOICE TWO:The ed States entered World War One in Nineteen Seventeen. Benny joined the Navy and reported to the Great Lakes Naval Station. He continued using his violin to perform for sailors at the naval station. In one show, he was chosen more for his funny jokes than for his skill with the violin. That experience made him believe that his future job was as a comedian, not in music. VOICE ONE:After leaving the Navy, Benny returned to vaudeville. His performances won him considerable popularity during the Nineteen Twenties. He traveled across the country with other well-known performers, including the Marx Brothers. In Nineteen Twenty-Seven, Benny married Sadie Marks, a sales girl from the May Company store in Los Angeles. Missus Benny soon became part of the traveling show. She used the name Mary Livingstone. Jack Benny appeared in a few Hollywood films, but then left California and moved to New York. He had a leading part in the Broadway show, “Vanities.”VOICE TWO:Benny made his first appearance on radio in Nineteen Thirty-Two. He was invited to appear on a radio show presented by newspaper reporter Ed Sullivan. Benny opened with this announcement:“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Jack Benny talking. There will be a short break while you say, who cares?” However, many listeners did care. Within a short period, Benny had his own radio show. It continued for twenty-three years. (JACK BENNY OPEN)ANNCR:“The Jack Benny Program…”(MUSIC)“…starring Jack Benny, with Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Rochester, Dennis Day, and yours truly, Don Wilson…”(MUSIC)VOICE ONE:Jack Benny developed a show business personality that had all the qualities people dislike. He was known for being so stingy he refused to spend any of his money, unless forced to do so. He always was concerned about money. For example, he would put on a jeweler’s glass to examine the diamond on a wealthy woman he had just met. In another example, a robber points a gun at Benny.(JACK BENNY PROGRAM)ROBBER: “This is a stick-up.”BENNY: “Mister, put down that gun.”ROBBER: “Shut up. I said this is a stick-up. Now, come on. Your money or your life.”((laughter))ROBBER: “Look, bud. I said, your money or your life!”BENNY: “I’m thinking it over.”((laughter/music)) VOICE TWO:On his shows, Jack Benny often spoke of his appearance, especially his baby blue eyes. As he grew older, he always claimed to be thirty-nine years old. Benny was known as a comedian with great timing. He seemed to know the perfect time to tell a joke and when to remain silent. The way he looked at other actors and his use of body movements were world famous. He also was skilled at using his violin to make people laugh. Article/200802/28057。
  • 有声名著之秘密花园 Chapter8暂无文本 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200809/51046。
  • ;She is a great fool for going away, if she liked him. ;;要是她喜欢他而又走开,那真是个大傻瓜呢。;;But I hope there is no strong attachment on either side, ; said Jane.;我但愿他们双方的感情都不十分深,;吉英说。;I am sure there is not on HIS. I will answer for it, he never cared three straws about her--who could about such a nasty little freckled thing?;;我相信他这方面的感情不会深的。我可以担保,他根本就没有把她放在心上;;谁看得上这么一个满脸雀班的讨厌的小东西?;Elizabeth was shocked to think that, however incapable of such coarseness of EXPRESSION herself, the coarseness of the SENTIMENT was little other than her own breast had harboured and fancied liberal!伊丽莎白心想,她自己固然决不会有这样粗卤的谈吐,可是这种粗卤的见解,正和她以前执迷不悟的那种成见一般无二,她想到这里,很是惊愕。As soon as all had ate, and the elder ones paid, the carriage was ordered; and after some contrivance, the whole party, with all their boxes, work-bags, and parcels, and the unwelcome addition of Kitty#39;s and Lydia#39;s purchases, were seated in it.吃过了饭,们回了帐,便吩咐着手准备马车;经过了好一番安排,几位,连带自己的箱子、针线袋、包裹、以及吉蒂和丽迪雅所买的那些不受欢迎的东西,总算都放上了马车。;How nicely we are all crammed in, ; cried Lydia. ;I am glad I bought my bonnet, if it is only for the fun of having another bandbox! Well, now let us be quite comfortable and snug, and talk and laugh all the way home. And in the first place, let us hear what has happened to you all since you went away. Have you seen any pleasant men? Have you had any flirting? I was in great hopes that one of you would have got a husband before you came back. Jane will be quite an old maid soon, I declare. She is almost three-and-twenty! Lord, how ashamed I should be of not being married before three-and-twenty! My aunt Phillips wants you so to get husbands, you can#39;t think. She says Lizzy had better have taken Mr. Collins; but I do not think there would have been any fun in it. Lord! how I should like to be married before any of you; and then I would chaperon you about to all the balls. Dear me! we had such a good piece of fun the other day at Colonel Forster#39;s.;我们这样挤在一起,多够劲!;丽迪雅叫道。;我买了顶帽子,真是高兴,就算特地添置了一只帽盒,也很有趣!好吧,且让我们再偎紧来舒舒,有说有笑地回到家里去。首先,请你们讲一讲,你们离家以后遇到了些什么事情。你们见到过一些中意的男人吗?跟人家有过勾搭没有?我真希望你们哪一位带了个丈夫回来呢。我说,吉英马上就要变成一个老处女了。她快二十三岁啦!天哪!我要是不能在二十三岁以前结婚,那多么丢脸啊!腓力普姨妈要你们赶快找丈夫,你们可没有想到吧。她说,丽萃要是嫁给柯林斯先生就好了,我可不觉得那会有多大的趣味。天哪!我真巴不得比你们哪一个都先结婚!我就可以领着你们上各式各样的跳舞会去。我的老天爷!那天在弗斯脱上校家里,我们那个玩笑真开得大啊! Article/201112/164755。
  • Pollution 'makes you stupid' 环境污染使人变蠢Brain at risk from the environment (环境污染严重损害大脑) Pollution and other environmental threats are harming the intelligence of millions of people across the world, says a ed Kingdom review of the available evidence. The causes are poisons such as lead, PCBs, and radiation. A further problem is the loss of micronutrients like iron and iodine through soil erosion, impoverishing food crops. And scientists say it is hard to know the full extent of the problem, because of the difficulty of gathering data. 据英国杂志报道,污染与其它环境问题正在威胁着全世界成千上百万人们的智力发育。其主要原因在于人们使用的导线、电路板与辐射的毒害作用。 另一个大问题是由于土壤腐蚀而导致的农作物中的铁和碘等微量元素的流失,科学家说很难完全了解问题已经有多严重,因为数据实在太难统计了。 Article/200803/32039。
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