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Party-planning can be tricky, but you dont have to be Martha Stewart to be a good host.制作派对计划非常微妙复杂,但是要成为一个好的主人,你不必是玛莎·斯图沃特(Martha Stewart)。You Will Need你需要A venue举办地点Event-appropriate food, drink, and decorations适合所举办活动的食物,饮料和装饰And guests宾客Printed invitations印刷的请柬And hired help雇用他人帮忙Steps步骤STEP 1 Decide whom to invite1.决定邀请哪些人Decide whom to invite. Choose guests who will get along, but dont be afraid to push the envelope. Mix Democrats with Republicans, book-lovers with TV junkies, artists with tycoons.决定邀请谁。选择容易相处的人,但是不要害怕越界。可以邀请民主党人,也可以邀请共和党人,书籍爱好者和电视爱好者,艺术家和商业巨头。There are limits, of course—if youve invited the Hatfields, have the McCoys another time.当然也有一些限制——如果你邀请了哈特菲尔德,最好下次再邀请玛可伊。STEP 2 Issue invitations2.派发请柬Issue invitations by mail, phone, email, or in person. The more formal the event, the more notice you should give. A wedding needs at least six weeks, but a potluck only days.通过信件,电话,电子邮件,或者亲自派发邀请函。活动越正式,你就应该越早通知。婚礼至少需要提前六周通知,家常便饭提前几天就可以了。If you anticipate a noise level that might annoy your neighbors, make sure to invite them! Even if they dont come, its harder to complain about a party you were invited to.如果你预料到你们的聚会产生的噪音会惹怒邻居,确保把邻居也一起邀请!即使他们不来,也不好意思再为自己也受邀的派对而抱怨了。STEP 3 Prepare early3.提前准备Prepare early. If its a dinner party, set the table before the doorbell rings. If kids or pets are coming, put away breakables (ditto for Super Bowl parties). Choose foods you can make ahead of time.及早准备。如果是晚餐派对,在门铃响起之前摆好桌子。如果有孩子和宠物一起前来,把容易打碎的东西放在一边(超级碗比赛也是如此)。选择可以提前准备的食物。If your budget allows, hire someone to set up, take coats, and clear dishes, even if its just an eager high school kid. Youll be free to ease conversation and smooth over social wrinkles, which is a hosts real job.如果你的预算允许,可以雇用他人来布置,拿外套,洗盘子,即使只是一名热情的高中生。这样你就有时间和别人闲聊或进行社交,这才是主人真正的工作。STEP 4 Get guest drink amp; introduce4.让宾客喝饮料并互相介绍Make sure each guest has two things within minutes of arriving: a drink and an introduction to at least a few other guests. This isnt a library or funeral parlor, so give people that initial incentive to talk.确保每位宾客到来之后几分钟内享受到两件事:一杯饮料,并把对方介绍给至少几名宾客。这并不是图书馆或殡仪馆,所以为人们提供对话的最初动机。Use alcohol judiciously. A little might be good to loosen up both you and your guests—but break out the club soda well before the brawling begins.明智地提供酒水。一点酒水有利于让你和宾客放松——但是在引发争吵之前赶紧把酒水换成可乐。STEP 5 List for disharmony amp; silence5.不和谐和沉默时间Listen for disharmony or awkward silence. If your buttoned-up boss is struggling to talk to your pet psychic, jump in with an introduction to someone new—like your neighbor, whos wondering why he was invited.注意倾听不和谐或尴尬的沉默的时刻。如果你不外露的老板正在挣扎着和你的宠物沟通师说话,赶紧站出来把他介绍给其他人——比如你的邻居,人家正在思考为何会受到邀请。STEP 6 Relax6.放松Relax. Once everyones in the room, theres a limit to what you can do. Let the event take its course and try to have some fun.放松下来。一旦每个人都到来,你可以做的就已经有限了。让派对自然而然地进行,自己也寻找一些乐趣。The Korean monster movie, The Host, features a creature that emerges from the river and eats people.韩国怪兽电影《汉江怪物》描述的是一种从河里出现并吃人的生物。视频听力译文由。201410/335009。

These whales can weigh up to 40 tonnes这些鲸鱼有的重达四十吨and move surprisingly quickly.而且移动速度出奇地快As well as getting the camera to get the shots -所以摄影机 就位拍摄的速度也要快they have to be fairly close -而且又要蛮近的距离we have to be careful they dont get bumped.我们必须非常小心 以免碰到或撞到它们If they get a knock from one of these guys,要是碰到或撞到了it could do some serious damage.它们随便反应动一下 都可能造成严重的伤害Hes right towards you.朝你的方向来了To avoid disturbing the whales behaviour,为了不要打扰到鲸鱼the team need to free-dive, without scuba tanks,摄影师只好不使用装备潜水holding their breath as long as they can.尽可能长间时地憋住气On a good dive, I can hold my breath for maybe two minutes.潜下去如果顺利 我大概能憋到两分钟These guys, they can go for 20 minutes or more座头鲸能憋到二十分钟 甚至更久before they have to come up for air.才需要上来换一次气Theres no contest.我们可没得比More and more whales are gathering,越来越多鲸鱼聚集在一起了but its not turning into a heat run yet.但是还没有要求偶竞逐的样子201308/250951。

Now, its 41 degrees Celsius.气温已经升到了41摄氏度Soon, shell be baked alive.她很快就会被烤死Her survival instinct, in the end, over-rides her love for dung.最终 求生本能超越了她对粪球的热爱Much of the Sahara is uninhabitable,撒哈拉大部分区域都不适合居住but there are rare places where there is some possibility of survival.但也有极少数的地方可以生存Places where, by strange chance, there is water.比如那些在偶然情况下囤积了水源的地方Waw An Namus is an extinct volcano.瓦安纳姆斯是一座死火山From space,从太空中看its a remote, black scar on the Libyan Sahara.它就像利比亚撒哈拉上的一块黑色疤痕Yet there are other colours here,但也有其他颜色colours rarely seen on the desert floor.一些极少在沙漠中看到的颜色Blue and green.蓝和绿201404/293926。

Report predicts China to have 480 mln elderly by 20502050年中国老人数量将达4.8亿Chinas national committee on ageing has issued its first blue paper, which says that the country is in the initial stage of becoming an aged society.中国老龄科学研究中心编写公布的第一份蓝皮书称中国正处在老龄社会的初级阶段,The paper says China currently has over 200 million elderly.并且表示中国目前有2亿多老人。It predicts that number will grow to a staggering 480 million by 2050.该报告预测到2050年这一数字会增长至惊人的4.8亿。That will represent a fourth of the worlds estimated 2 billion senior citizens for that period in time.届时中国老人将占全球约20亿老人中的四分之一。Within that Chinese group of elderly, there will be 30 million more women than men.在中国的老年人群中,女性的数量将比男性多3000万。The number of seniors aged above 80 is growing by one million every year.年龄超过80岁的老人数量将以每年一百万的速度增长。By 2020, there will be an estimated 46 million disabled elders in China.到2020年,中国将有4600万生活无法自理的老年人。The peak will hit in 2053, when the disabled elders will number over 100 million.而2053 年将迎来最高峰,届时无法自理的老人数量将超过一亿。201409/332639。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!During an NFL play, what unit has a total of seven people on the field? If you think you know it, then shout it out. 在一场NFL比赛中,哪一方一共有7个人在场上?如果你认为你知道,那就大声喊出来吧!Is it the offense, defense, special teams or officials? Youve got 3 seconds, go.是进攻组,防守组,特勤组,还是裁判呢?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The referee leads a team of seven on-field officials during an NFL game. That is your answer and thats your shoutout.在一场NFL比赛中,主裁判将带领一由7名场上裁判组成的队伍。这就是你的,你的“大喊”。AZUZ: NFL officials include an umpire, a linesman, a field judge. NFL裁判包括一名主裁,一名线上裁判,和一名场地裁判。But its one job where you do not usually see women. 但在这行当里你并不经常看到女性的身影。There are no full-time female NFL referees. 现在还没有全职的女性NFL裁判。That may soon change.但这状况也许很快就会改变。In Fridays pre-season game between the New Orleans Saints and the Oakland Raiders, the line judge was a 39-year-old mother of three. 在周五进行的新奥尔良圣徒与奥克兰突袭者的季前赛中,一名39岁育有三个孩子的妈妈担任了线上裁判。Sarah Thomas says she did not start out to break a gender barrier.莎拉·托马斯说她此举并不是要突破性别壁垒。 /201308/253972。

What on earth?发生了什么?Chris Foy has sent off Vincent Kompany.克里斯·福伊罚下了文森特·孔帕尼。That is remarkable.太神奇了。An astonishing moment.令人吃惊的瞬间。Unbelievable.难以置信。重点词汇: what on earth 发生了什么例句:What on earth is the matter there?那里究竟发生了什么事情? 视频介绍:在赛季的第二场曼彻斯特德比中,曼城队的队长孔帕尼被主裁判直接红牌罚下。201403/282671。

橄榄球比赛如果没有中场休息,就不能称之为橄榄球比赛;而中场休息如果没有百事可乐就不能称之为中场休息。以下是双语文本:广告对白:Can we get a little help?能帮点忙不?Focus, fellas!集中一点,老兄!Weve got Pepsi!我们有百事可乐!What if we just take like fifteen minutes?要不我们就休息15分钟?Halfway through the game?在比赛半道?They got Pepsi.他们有百事可乐啊。So what do we call that?所以我们管这个叫什么?Halftime.中场休息。I like halftime!我喜欢中场休息!Even the first halftime wasnt halftime without Pepsi. Because its not foortball without halftime and halftime isnt halftime without Pepsi.第一次中场休息如果没有百事就称不上中场休息。橄榄球比赛如果没有中场休息,就不能称之为橄榄球比赛;而中场休息如果没有百事可乐就不能称之为中场休息。201406/307757。

Fen-Phen seems to have caused a rare but lethal side-effect.芬-芬似乎有种罕见但致命的副作用The blood vessels that go to Carlas连接到卡拉肺部的血管lungs have constricted and her heart is now failing.已经狭窄了 并且她的心脏现在很虚弱Primary pulmonary hypertension, or PPH,早期肺动脉高血压 又叫PPHhas now damaged all of Carlas internal organs.现在损害了卡拉的所有内脏器官The search for a wonder drug to对治疗肥胖的神奇药物cure obesity clearly wasnt at an end.所进行的探索 无疑并没有就此结束But the seeds to our modern understanding但我们现在对肥胖诱因的理解of the causes of obesity were actually planted 40 years ago.其实源于40年前In a little-known study from an era在现代道德委员会出现前的时代before the modern ethics committee,进行过的鲜为人知的研究scientists took a completely different approach to the problem.科学家对这一难题采用了全然不同的方式They didnt examine fat people,他们没有去调查肥胖人群but concentrated on thin ones instead.而是把注意力集中在瘦人身上In 1967, the inmates of a Vermont state1967年 医学研究人员prison were approached by medical researcher伊森·西姆斯对佛蒙特州监狱的囚犯Ethan sims to take part in a unique experiment.进行了一项独一无二的实验He wanted to find out about the hormonal changes in our bodies他想研究当我们变得异常肥胖时when we become seriously overweight.我们身体里的荷尔蒙会有怎样的改变And in order to study that,为了进行这项研究he needed to take a group of people and make them fat. Very fat.他需要选择一组人并把他们变胖 相当之胖201306/245770。