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;Keep an eager guard over your behaviour;翼翼矜矜,For thence happiness will come.福所以兴。Fulfil your duties calmly and respectfully;靖恭自思,Thus shall you win glory and honour.;荣显所期。The painting that illustrates this poem also has a high moral purpose and interestingly, although the lessons are ostensibly for women, they can also speak to men. When the Emperor refuses to be seduced by his vain wife, he sets an example of male judgement and strength. Dr Shane McCausland, a leading expert on early Chinese painting, has studied the Admonitions Scroll in detail:而表现诗歌的画作也有崇高的道德目标。劝诫的对象不只是女性,也包括男性。皇帝拒绝妃子的引诱,表现了男性的决断与力量。肖恩麦克索兰士是中国古代绘画的知名专家,他曾仔细研究过《女史箴图》。;I think it#39;s about positive criticism, he#39;s trying to not tell people what not to do, but to tell them how to do something better, and each of the scenes describes ways in which ladies of the court could improve their conduct, their behaviour, their character. Admonition is really about learning, improving yourself, but in order to do that, if your audience is very jaded, I think you need to inject quite a lot of wit and humour into it, and I think that#39;s exactly what this artist has done.;It bears very closely on kingship, on the tradition of statecraft, of principled government. It#39;s a really incredibly insightful portrayal of the human interactions which go to governing.;这是一种正面的劝导。艺术家的目的并不是想告诉别人哪些事不能做,而是告诉他们如何能够做得更好。每一幅场景都描述了宫廷女性应如何改善自己的行为举止、个性品行。画的主题是关于学习与改进。为了避免欣赏者对说教感到厌烦,艺术家还加入了机智幽默的内容。而且我认为这正是艺术家们所致力于打造的。画作的内容与为君之道密切相联,是对治国者与他人互动模式富有洞见的描画。Unfortunately Empress Jia was impervious to the poem#39;s moral message, and she carried on with her scandalous sexual exploits and her murderous activities. Some of her ruthlessness may have been warranted, since there were rebels stirring up civil war, and ultimately in 300 AD there was a successful coup. She was captured and forced to commit suicide.但遗憾的是,贾皇后并不为诗文所动,继续过着荒淫的生活。她的冷酷也许在某种程度上情有可原,因为当时有藩王叛乱引起内战。公元300年政变成功,贾皇后被俘获并赐死。 Article/201501/357031By European standards, these ancient Chinese bronze bells are enormous. 按欧洲的标准来看,这些中国铜钟的体型过于巨大。Nothing on this scale would be cast in Europe until the Middle Ages, over fifteen hundred years later.直到一千五百多年后的欧洲中世纪,欧洲人才制造出与其规模相当的物品。But the role of bells in China could go far beyond the musical. 但钟在中国的作用远不只奏乐这么简单。To produce perfect tones they had absolutely standardised shapes, and the consistency of these shapes meant that the bells could also be used to measure volume. 为了校正出完美的音调,钟的形状必须标准化, You had, so to speak, a pint bell or a quart bell. 因而可以用于测量标准容积。And as the amount of bronze in each one was also carefully controlled, they could just as well provide standard weights. 此外,制作铜钟所使用的青铜数量也是固定的,So you could have, as it were, a hundredweight bell, and so on. 于是也可成为重量标准。So there is a sense in which a set of bells in ancient China could also serve as a sort of local weights and measures office, bringing harmony to commerce as well as society.古代中国的一套铜钟,演奏之余还可以充当当地政府的度量衡工具,使商业与社会和谐。Intriguingly, bells also played a major roll in the etiquette of war. 有趣的是,战争礼仪也需要铜钟。The Chinese held that no attack could be considered fair and above board without the sounding of bells or drums, from then on you could honourably fight without restraint. 中国人认为,不奏响钟鼓便发动的攻击不是公平正义的战争,而钟鼓奏响之后便可大战一场。But more commonly, the bells were used for rituals and entertainments at court, played at grand occasions, banquets and sacrificing ceremonies, the complex music of the bells marked the rhythm of court lives.不过,铜钟还是更多地用于宫廷仪式与活动。在重大场合、宴会和宗教仪式上,铜钟奏响的复杂音乐标记了宫廷的生活步调。The bells, and the ancient methods of playing them, travelled well beyond the boundaries of China, and the closest surviving form of this ancient music is today found not in China, but in Korean court music that originated in the twelfth century-and is still played in Korea now.铜钟及其古老的演奏方式也传到了中国境外。如今流传下来的最接近古代的演奏方式不在中国,而在朝鲜半岛:从十二世纪出现起便一直流传至今的朝鲜宫廷音乐。 Article/201410/335470英语非常道 第39期:Go to party想参加哪种? 1、学生时代:同学聚会…… 讲解要点: ? 简单介绍几。。。 Article/201511/396117

Looking to hook up, or maybe even fall in love? These scientifically proven flirting techniques will increase the odds that your seduction attempts succeed.想要结识对方,甚至已经坠入爱河?下面这些经科学明的调情技巧将增加你的诱惑成功的机会。You Will Need你需要Smile微笑Female friends女性朋友Alcohol酒精Conversational skills对话技巧Open-mindedness开明Perspective洞察力Steps步骤STEP 1 Smile!1.微笑If you#39;re a woman with your eye on a particular guy, smile at him. According to research, a man finds a woman who smiles directly at him significantly more attractive than a woman who looks at him without smiling.如果你是女性,看上了一名特别的男孩,向他微笑。根据一项研究,男性认为直接向他微笑的女性比看着他不笑的女性更有吸引力。Body language like hair-flipping and lip-licking can also be effective.拨弄头发和舔嘴唇等身体语言也有效。STEP 2 Get some groupies2.聚集一些狂热追随者If you#39;re a guy on the make, have a few female friends on hand who are willing to beam adoringly at you now and then. One study found that women are likely to find a man more attractive if they see other women smiling at him.如果你是大有希望的男性,在你周围聚集几个愿意不时向你放电的女性朋友。一项研究发现,女性可能认为有其他女性向他微笑的男性更有吸引力。STEP 3 Buy them a drink3.为他们买一杯饮料Buy the object of your desire a drink. The phenomenon known as ;beer goggles; may be scientifically true: in one experiment, people who had been drinking found faces of the opposite sex 25 percent more attractive than their sober counterparts did, because alcohol stimulates the part of the brain we use to determine facial attractiveness.为你倾心的对象购买一杯酒水。“啤酒护目镜”现象从科学上来讲可能是正确的:在一份实验中,正在饮酒的人认为异性有吸引力的可能性比清醒的人高25%。因为酒精会刺激大脑中决定面部吸引力的部分。STEP 4 Make it about them4.对话围绕对方进行Make the conversation all about them -- ask questions, show interest in their answers, use their name, laugh at their jokes, and flatter them. Psychologists who#39;ve studied flirting say if you can make someone feel good about themselves, they#39;ll feel good about you.对话全部围绕对方进行——问他们问题,对他们的表现出兴趣,用他们的名字,对他们的笑话发笑,奉承他们。研究调情的心理学家表示,如果你能让某人自我感觉良好,他们对你的感觉也会很好。STEP 5 Demonstrate open-mindedness5.表现出开明的精神Let them change your mind about something. According to one researcher, people on a date find a person who agrees with them more attractive than a person who disagrees with them, but they find someone who switches positions to agree with them the most attractive of all.让他们改变你对某事的观点。一位研究人员表示,约会的人发现赞同他们观点的人比不赞同他们观点的人更有吸引力,但是他们发现改变自己的立场,赞同他们的人是最有吸引力的。In a study, men who chatted for just 5 minutes with a pretty woman experienced a temporary boost in their testosterone levels immediately after.一项研究发现,与漂亮女性聊天五分钟之后,男性的睾丸素水平就会立即上升。 Article/201501/357289

Frida Kahlo: Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird芙烈达·卡萝:卡萝戴荆棘和蜂鸟项链的自画像》We#39;re so pleased to have Frida Kahlo#39;s self-portrait from 1940 back with us here in Austin. Over the last two decades, the self-portrait has traveled the world from New York to Australia, Paris to Barcelona, San Francisco, and right back here to Austin, Texas.我们很开心能让芙烈达·卡萝1940年的自画像回到我们身边在奥斯汀这。在过去二十年,这幅自画像游遍世界,从纽约到澳洲、巴黎到巴塞隆纳、旧金山、然后就回到德州奥斯汀这儿。Frida Kahlo, since I#39;ve been here, has gone out, I think I had estimated, about 30 times. When we travel the Kahlo, she has a number of restrictions that are put on her. She always travels with a courier from the Ransom Center. If that entails airplane travel, which it generally does, she gets her own seat. She has her own traveling case. The security, of course, at the borrowing institution has to be very stringent. She is very important to the collection, she is a very high value item, and so she gets particular care.芙烈达·卡萝,自我到这以来,已经出去过,我想我估计,大约已有三十次。当我们运送卡萝时,她有加诸于她的几个限制规定。她总是让Ransom研究中心的运送员运送。如果那包含飞机旅行,通常都有包含,她有她自己的机位。她有她自己的行李箱。当然,在申借机构的保全必须要非常严谨。她对于收藏品来说是非常重要的、她是非常高价值的展品,所以她得到特别照顾。The role as a courier within the Frida Kahlo painting was to go to El Paso and pick up the painting. After loading the vehicle and preparing it for shipping and bringing home the masterpieces of the Ransom Center, we left El Paso at approximately 8:30 in the morning. The vehicle itself is also not advertising the fact that it is carrying a priceless cargo. It#39;s a very unique truck. It also carries 300 gallons of diesel, so therefore we can drive more than 10 hours without ever stopping.身为芙烈达·卡萝画作运送员这角色是要前往艾尔帕索接那幅画。在将画放上车、并准备好运送并把这幅Ransom研究中心的杰作带回家后,我们在大约早上八点半时离开艾尔帕索。那车辆并没有宣扬它正载着一幅价值连城的货物这个事实。那是一台非常特殊的卡车。它同样也装有三百加仑的柴油,所以我们可以完全不用停下来驾驶超过十个小时。Once we arrived, the pieces were immediately brought to the fourth floor and locked. Once the Frida Kahlo painting is unwrapped, then Ken Grant comes in and assesses the work and makes a comparison with the condition report documents.当我们抵达时,那画作马上被带到四楼并锁住。当芙烈达·卡萝的画作拆封后, Ken Grant 进来并评估那作品,和画作状况报告文件做比对。The painting itself now is in extremely good condition. And there are only sort of residual condition issues with the painting itself that we make note of, but they#39;re stable. So there#39;s some minor cracking in the paint. Of course, a painting of this age would probably have that sort of condition no matter what.画作本身现在处于极佳的状态。画作本身只有一点残留的状况问题,我们记下了,但它们是很稳定的。所以这幅画上有几个小小的裂痕。当然,这个岁数的画作不管怎样也许都会有这种状况。Frida Kahlo#39;s self-portrait is part of a series of works that she did in 1940. There were other self-portraits that she completed that year. What makes this particular work important is not only the subject matter in the work but also the context within which it was created.芙烈达·卡萝的自画像是她在1940年创作的一系列作品中其中一部分。有其他幅她在那一年完成的自画像。让这幅特殊作品这么重要的事情,不只是作品的题材,还有它被创作出来其中的背景。It is a wonderfully symbolically rich self-portrait, as well as a work that was created during an important crossroad in Frida Kahlo#39;s life. She had divorced with her husband, the muralist Diego Rivera in 1939, and she broke her love affair with the collector Nickolas Muray in 1940. Later on in 1940 Rivera and Kahlo remarried.那是完美富含象征性的自画像,也是一幅在芙烈达·卡萝人生中一个重要的转折点所创作出来的作品。她和丈夫壁画家Diego Rivera在1939年离婚,她还在1940年爆出了她和收藏家Nickolas Muray的绯闻。后来在1940年Rivera和Kahlo再婚。So there is quite a bit going on in her life as well as in the painting itself. And in that painting we see a variety of things: we see Frida Kahlo looking not necessarily at the viewer but out off in the distance as if she were in great or deep thought, the thorn necklace with its religious connotations, and certainly the animals and the flora and fauna of Mexico that surround her create this claustrophobic space.所以在她人生中以及在画作本身都有相当多的事件发生。在那幅画中我们看到各种东西:我们看到芙烈达·卡萝不一定只是看向观众,而是往远方看出去,好似她处于伟大、或是深沉的思考中、那带着宗教意涵的荆棘项链、以及当然环绕着她的动物与墨西哥动植物群产生这种幽闭恐惧的空间。The other works in the Kahlo collection include Diego y Yo, which is a wonderful drawing that was created within months after her marriage to Diego Rivera. It was created in California, where and when Rivera was working on his murals in San Francisco.卡萝藏品的其他作品包括《Diego和我》,那是她在嫁给Diego Rivera几个月中创作出的美妙画作。那是在加州所创作的,就在那时那地Rivera正在旧金山创作他的壁画。The other work in the collection, a still life from 1951, was essentially a work at the apex of her series of still lifes that she created, the last series of works that the artist created before she died in 1954.藏品中的另一个作品,一幅1951年的静物画,本质上是她创作的一系列静物画中的颠峰之作,那艺术家在她在1954年逝世前创作的最后一系列画作。I think we#39;re very fortunate to have three of her pieces here in the collection. So, you know, I#39;m thrilled to be able to be around Kahlos and I think that the audience that comes to see her is going to be as well.我认为我们非常幸运在这儿能有她作品中的三幅画作。所以,你知道,我很兴奋能够围绕在Kahlos身旁,我认为前来观赏她的观众们也会很兴奋。While she only created less than 200 works over her lifetime, really had become at the time, and now is, a complete artist, someone who represents fully her country as well as established a place for herself in the traditions of modern art.虽然她在她一生中只有创作不超过两百幅的作品,但她确实在当时成为、现在也是,一位完完全全的艺术家,某个完整代表她的国家、并在现代艺术传统中建立她自己地位的艺术家。It#39;s going to be wonderful. I mean, everybody loves to see this painting. So it#39;s gonna be great. I mean, I#39;ll love to see her up. You know, I only get to see her laying on a table. So it#39;ll be good to see her installed the way she#39;s supposed to be seen. So Frida would be happy.那会很棒的。我是说,每个人都喜欢看到这幅画。所以那会很棒的。我是说,我会很乐意去看她挂起来展出。你知道,我只能看到她放在桌上。所以去看用她应该被观赏的方式所装置的她会是很棒的。这样芙烈达会很开心的。 Article/201412/350662

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