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Despite the risk, Spence allows the FBI to rig a camera in the dashboard of his truck. Here, the hidden camera records one of the suspects describing how he is going to make a bomb. But getting a conviction in this case will require more than just words caught on tape. Garrity says the FBI has to prove that the suspects intend to kill. With the conspiracy, there has to be some overt acts committed, there has to be a point, when they go beyond speaking, and go towards acting. Finally, the bureau gets the break it needs, when it learns that the Klansmen are going to a field to test their homemade bombs. The Feds come up with a simple and remarkably effective plan. They give Spence an ordinary home camera and tell him to record his friends as they prepare and detonate the explosives. In case the Klansmen question why Spence has a camera, the FBI gives him a cover story. To watch tape goes was kind of amusing really. I told them that I was trying the thing out----see if it won't abide. So that was a good time to test it. The actions caught on tape are enough to convince the agents that the Klansmen are about to follow through with their terrifying scheme.I have gotten certain of homemade explosives around. And I have got to remind you what they set off over two min.But even though the tape is startling, the FBI still needs more evidence. Four weeks into the operation, they finally get it. The Klansmen go to the refinery to finalize their plans. They talk about the bombing in explicit detail. This is the tape, it seals the Klansmen's fate. Then comes the most chilling evidence of all. As the conspirators drive by a house across the street from the refinery, a tragic consequence of their plan is revealed. The FBI now has all it needs to make the arrest, they instructs Spence to drive the Klansmen to a gas station, there, the Feds make their move. 201001/94000Israelis, Palestinians Reaffirm Peace Commitment中东四方寻找结束巴以冲突途径Key participants of the Middle East Quartet, which is working to find an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, have been meeting in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el Sheikh. They have given an account of progress in behind-the-scenes peace talks and discussions. 国际中东问题四方小组主要成员一直在埃及渡假地沙姆沙伊赫开会,这个小组在争取找到结束巴、以冲突的途径。与会者介绍了在不公开的和平谈判和磋商中取得的进展情况。U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon says he is using the influence of his office to work for peace and that all the mechanisms are in place, including the Quartet, which is the European Union, the ed Nations, Russia, and the ed States. 联合国秘书长潘基文说,他正在利用做为联合国秘书长的影响力争取巴、以实现和平,他还说,解决巴、以冲突问题的各种机制都已经到位,包括由欧盟、联合国、俄罗斯和美国组成的国际中东问题四方小组。The Secretary General said he is discussing several obstacles facing the peace process at the weekend conference in Sharm el Sheikh.  潘基文说,这个周末在沙姆沙伊赫举行的会上,他准备跟与会各方商讨和平进程遇到的几项阻力。"The quartet has also made clear it supports more positive strategy for Gaza," Mr. Ban said. "I have been discussing this matter with Israeli government leaders, Prime Minister Olmert and Foreign Minister Livni, on many occasions, and today I am also going to discuss this matter about the closure of crossings and road blocks and also settlement issues and demolition of houses. All these activities are not desirable for the ongoing peace process ... creation of atmosphere conducive to the ongoing peace process will be extremely important."  潘基文说:“四方小组还清楚地表明,持在加沙地带采取更加积极的策略。我就这个问题在许多场合下一直跟总理奥尔默特和外长利夫尼等以色列政府领导人进行讨论,今天,我还准备谈及关闭过境点、封锁道路的问题,以及定居点和拆毁住房等问题。这些做法跟目前的和平进程是格格不入的,因此,给目前的和平进程创造一个建设性的氛围极为重要。”The Quartet's Special Envoy, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, underlined that everyone is hoping the new U.S. administration, under Barack Obama, will focus on the peace process from its first day in office, beginning January 20th, .  国际中东问题四方小组特使、英国前首相布莱尔强调,大家都希望巴拉克.奥巴马领导下的新一届美国政府从年1月20号上任就把工作重点放在巴以和平进程上。"The single most important thing is that the new administration in the ed States grips this issue from day one and it can do so, knowing that there is a foundation on which we can build," Blair said. "For the first time, we have comprehensive political negotiations, through the Annapolis political process. For the first time, we have a proper plan to build security capability for the Palestinians, which is necessary to create a Palestinian state."  布莱尔说:“对于美国新一届政府来说,唯一重要的事情就是,从1月20号那天起就要抓紧处理巴、以和平进程问题,而且这届新政府能够办得到,因为它知道我们有一项可以信赖的基本原则。通过安纳波利斯政治进程,我们第一次可以进行综合性政治磋商。我们还第一次拥有一项为巴勒斯坦人培养安全力量的恰当计划,而这是建立巴勒斯坦国所必须的。”U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said a peace agreement will not be reached by the end of the year, but said the peace talks, which got underway at the Annapolis Maryland conference in November of last year, will continue and ultimately bear fruit.  美国国务卿赖斯曾经说过,今年年底之前不会达成巴、以和平协议,不过她认为,去年11月在美国马里兰州首府安纳波利斯会议上启动的和平谈判将继续下去,并最终会取得成果。"I do think that what we heard today from the parties, which is the most important element of this is that they believe in the Annapolis process, they believe in the integrated nature of this process that builds peace from the bottom up and from the top down," Rice said. "They believe that their negotiations are producing an atmosphere of trust as well as the foundation on which to build." Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also expressed hope a new peace conference, to be held next spring in Moscow, will continue the work begun at Annapolis. 俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫也说,希望明年春季在莫斯科举行另外一次和平会议,继续安纳波利斯会议上开始的努力。"The conference which everybody agreed to have in Moscow some time next spring must certainly be a step forward, and this is why we are taking time to make sure that we prepare for it properly ... talking to the members of the Quartet, to the parties themselves, to the League of Arab States, to all those who participated in Annapolis, because our common desire is to make sure Annapolis process succeeds," Lavrov said.Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, says the peace talks are in the interests of Israel and the Palestinians.  以色列外长利夫尼说,和平谈判符合以色列和巴勒斯坦人的利益。"So negotiating is not a favor that Israel or the Palestinians is doing to international community, one to the other, but this is according to the interests of each people," Livni said. 利夫尼说:“因此,举行和平谈判不是以色列或巴勒斯坦人帮助国际社会,或者对对方有利,而是符合双方人民的利益。”Meanwhile, al Jazzera TV reports Syrian President Bashar al Assad is accusing Israel about "not being serious about peace," despite indirect talks between Israel and Syria, last held in September under Turkish mediation.The Arab press is critical of the Palestinians for their internal conflict, with the daily Asharqalawsat running a cartoon showing negotiators from the Fatah and Hamas factions heading into a narrow alley which culminates in a dead end.200811/55751针对朝鲜宣布成功发射“光明星2号”试验通信卫星一事,美国军方5日说,朝鲜当天发射的是导弹,而且导弹已坠入海中。位于美国科罗拉多州的北美防空司令部与北方司令部就此进行简要通报时说,朝鲜发射的是一枚导弹,发射后其一级助推火箭坠落日本海,其余助推系统与有效载荷一同坠入太平洋。在这一过程中,没有任何物体或碎片坠落日本。朝鲜中央通讯社5日发表新闻公报说,朝鲜于5日当地时间11时20分(北京时间10时20分)在东海卫星发射场成功发射“光明星2号”试验通信卫星。I'm Asieh Namdar at the CNN.com newsroom in Atlanta. Here's a look at what's happening NOW IN THE NEWS. Despite international pressure, North Korea launched a rocket late last night. It says carried a satellite. But the North American Aerospace Defense Command says the payload crashed in the Pacific Ocean instead of going into orbit. US and other countries fear the launch could have been a missile carrying a warhead. UN Security Council meets today to discuss the launch. China and Russia have called for restraint and calm. Ahead of the Security Council meeting, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is busy working to build an international consensus on condemning the North Korean rocket launch. Clinton spoke on the phone today with the foreign ministers of China, Japan and Russia this morning. All three countries in talks aimed at getting that North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons. President Obama is traveling through Europe on an 8-day-trip. He and first lady are now headed to Turkey. In Prague, Mr. Obama called North Korea's launch a provocative act and called for the elimination of nuclear weapons. The US military says an American soldier has been charged with murder in connection with the shooting death of a contractor in Iraq. Pfc. Carl Stovall was arrested last month the day of the contractor’s death. The military has not released any other details about the incident. It didn't say the contractor was neither Iraqi nor American. Police in Washington State say a father apparently shot and killed his five children and then took his own life. The children's bodies were found in the family’s mobile home near Takoma. The youngest, 7 years old. Police say after the father killed them, he drove to a nearby casino and shot himself. It’s not clear where the mother was at the time of the shootings. And millions of Christians around the world have begun their Holy Week with Palm Sunday celebrations. Pope Benedict XVI held an open air mass at the Vatican. He called for an end to human trafficking which he says could increase during the global economic slowdown. And those are the headlines this hour. For more on these stories and other news of the day, CNN is your source online, on TV, or when you're on the go.PFC: Private First Class04/66564

Steve Jobs and Apple become the global ambassador of cool.史蒂夫bull;乔布斯和苹果成为全球非常酷的大使。President Obama gives one, preloaded with all the music that he loves to Queen Elizabeth and a blank iPod is nothing compared to a loaded iPod.奥巴马总统赠予伊丽莎白女王一个,里面有总体最喜欢的音乐。一个空空如也的iPod和一个装满了自己心仪歌曲的根本没有办法比较。Music defines our lives and Steve made it highly portable and easy to access. Its a pretty big gift.音乐定义了我们的生活而史蒂夫使它非常便携,容易存取。这是上天赐予的礼物。词语解释:1. ambassador n. 大使2. blank a. 空的3. portable a. 便携的163092

Helen Mirren pens memoirThe Oscar winning actress talks about her new book “In the Frame,” her mother and what a palm er predicted for her You know why people say about Helen Mirren when she came to her success later on in life. But you had an experience, Matt alluded to it at the top of this half hour. When you were 23, that made you realize (Yes) ok, I might get success later on?Well yes, I was very confused at the age of twenty-three, I think the twenties was a very difficult time, actually much more difficult in your teens. You don’t know whether your dreams are gonna come true or not. You, suddenly reality strikes you in the face, you’ve got to do with life and all its difficulties. And I was very unhappy and confused, and I went to a shrink first, and that didn’t work out for various reasons that I described in the book. So then I was told about a hand..a guy who s hands, so I went to this guy, and he was a funky little old guy in the backstreet in London. And he said write this down, because you’ll forget what I am going to say to you, and he gave me sheets of paper and a pencil, and he started, he spoke really fast. And I wrote wrote wrote wrote wrote, like paper after paper after paper. And I worked out. Then I had this huge sheaf of papers. It was absolutely right. I could hardly remember what he said, but my whole life as it was to be revealed was there in these papers and I looked at them and I thought, you know what? I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know, I want my life to be an adventure and surprise. And I found the first rubbish bin I could find, trash can as you say, and I throw it into the trash can, but I did remember one thing that he said. And he said you will achieve fame and fortune but it won’t happen until (your) until you’re in your forties.And you certainly did, I mean boy we know you are here in this country really as the queen. That’s how everybody thinks we…No, before you knew Miss Jane Tennison, remember it?Well, that’s true, too. But...I will prefer being the police detective to the queen, it’s quite....you couldRight, but I am looking through the book, and I can’t even show these pictures, you know these picture.Yes, yes…Hello, very very racy pictures of a young woman.Well, I lived with a wonderful photographer for four years, and we did erotic photographic work together. And that’s some of it, the small part of it.But you’ve always been comfortable too in film with nudity. It’s ever been a big deal?No, I was never comfortable.No?It's never comfortable to have you to be the only person on a set of a hundred and forty people and mostly men, and to be the only person with your cloth off. That’s never very comfortable situation, but I’ve dealt with it, and to got on with it. You know.Yes. Congratulations on that Academy Award, by the way I’ve never had a chance to say that to you in person. Where is it?Thank you, thank you, it’s in England actually. I took it back to England. And that’s enough for the Midland and America. I thought he he had to live in England. He's got a little gold scarf that was knitted by a fan, and I thought that was a very nice present for him.And this is a lovely present for any of your fans. Great , Helen Mirren, thank you.Thank you, thank you very much.So, Mirren's new book “In the Frame, My Life in Words and Pictures" available in bookstores right now.shrink:Slang for a psychiatrist.01/61455

Obama to Discuss Iraq, Afghanistan Wednesday奥巴马将开会制定对伊阿新政策  President Obama meets with his national security team, including top military officers, Wednesday to begin to chart a new U.S. policy toward Iraq and Afghanistan. 奥巴马总统星期三和他的国家安全团队举行会议,开始制定美国对伊拉克和阿富汗的新政策。As a presidential candidate, several times Mr. Obama said something like this comment he made in July about the war in Iraq. 奥巴马在竞选总统的过程中就伊拉克战争的问题曾经说过几次像他在7月份所说的话。"Let me be as clear as I can be. I intend to end this war. My first day in office I will bring the joint chiefs of staff in and I will give them a new mission, and that is to end this war, responsibly and deliberately, but decisively," said Mr. Obama. 他说,“让我尽量地说清楚。我准备结束这一战争。我上任的第一天就会召集参谋长联席会议成员,给他们一个新的任务,那就是负责任地,稳步地,但是果断地结束伊拉克战争。”Now that the day is here, officials say he will not exactly meet with the Joint Chiefs of Staff - the heads of the four U.S. military branches - but he will meet with their chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen, and with Defense Secretary Robert Gates and key combat commanders, along with other members of the new national security team. The new president gave a hint of his plans during his Inaugural Address on Tuesday. 现在奥巴马已经上任。官员们说,他不一定会召见参谋长联席会议的成员,也就是美国军队四个军种的负责人。但是总统会和他们的主席海军上将马伦,国防部长盖茨和主要的作战司令员,以及新的国家安全团队成员举行会议。新总统在星期二发表就职演说时谈到了他的计划。"We will begin to responsibly leave Iraq to its people, and forge a hard-earned peace in Afghanistan," said Mr. Obama. “我们要很负责任地将伊拉克交给伊拉克人民,并在阿富汗实现经过艰苦努力赢得的和平。”During the campaign, he was more specific about his Iraq plans, calling for the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops within 16 months. That plan worried many military commanders during the campaign, and they still call the situation in Iraq "fragile."  在竞选期间,奥巴马在他的伊拉克计划方面讲得更具体,呼吁在16个月内撤出战斗部队。这个计划在竞选阶段使很多指挥官感到不安,他们现在仍然认为伊拉克的局势很“脆弱”。But with the progress made during the last year and a half in Iraq, they say something like 16 months might be possible, without risking a reversal of the security gains. And President Obama has said he will listen to the military commanders before making any final decisions. 但是,伊拉克在过去一年半时间内已经取得了进展。这些指挥官现在说,16个月也许是可能的,而且不会在安全方面出现倒退的危险。奥巴马总统说,他要听取军事指挥官的意见后再作最后决定。"In putting this plan together, I will always listen to the advice of commanders on the ground, but that ultimately I am the person who is making the strategic decisions," he said. “在制定这个计划时,我总是要听取实地作战指挥官的意见,但是最后的战略决策由我来定。”Mr. Obama has also said he plans to leave behind enough troops in Iraq to hunt terrorists and train the country's security forces. But there is now a U.S.-Iraq agreement to have all U.S. troops out, combat troops and support units, in three years.  奥巴马还曾经说,他计划在伊拉克留下足够的军力来追踪恐怖分子,训练伊拉克的安全部队。但是,现在美国和伊拉克之间已经签订了一个协议,规定美国部队,所有作战和后勤部队,必需在三年内撤离伊拉克。As he plans to move as quickly as possible with an Iraq withdrawal, President Obama also plans to follow through with former President Bush's plan to nearly double the U.S. troop commitment in Afghanistan. And in his inaugural speech, the new president indicated he will also continue what Bush called the Global War on Terrorism. 奥巴马总统计划在尽快从伊拉克撤军的同时,他还打算完成前总统布什的有关把在阿富汗的美军人数增加近一倍的计划。这位美国新总统在就职演讲时指出,他还将继续进行布什所称的全球反恐战争。"We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you," said Mr. Obama. 奥巴马说:“我们不会为我们的生活方式辩解,我们也会毫不犹豫地捍卫它。对于那些通过实施恐怖袭击、滥杀无辜来推动自己目标的人,我们要对你们说,我们的精神更加坚强,不可摧毁;你们不可能比我们更加持久,我们将打败你们。”But the Inaugural Address is more of a blueprint than a detailed design. Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell, who like his boss Secretary Gates is staying on in the new administration, said last week the details of President Obama's approach are still to be worked out. 不过,这篇就职演讲是一幅蓝图,而非具体的设想。五角大楼新闻秘书杰夫·莫雷尔上星期说,奥巴马总统的具体方法还在研究之中。"What ultimately is the strategy that the president-elect and his team wish to pursue is something that is still under discussion and likely will be for some time once they take office," he said. 莫雷尔说:“当选总统和他的团队最终要执行哪些战略仍在讨论当中,很有可能在他们就职之后还需要讨论一段时间。”That process begins in earnest at the promised first-day meeting on Wednesday. 这个考虑的进程就在星期三第一次会议上迅速开始。01/61332

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