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DIRECTV运用了同样的假设逻辑,与之前的“不要坑你爹”用了相同的假设,不过这次坑的可就是你自己了。以下是双语文本: When your cable goes out you get stressed. When you get stressed you need to get away. When you need to get away you go for something exotic. When you go for something exotic you get bitten by something exotic.假如电缆公司罢工,你就会觉得压力山大;当你觉得亚历山大,你就想远离喧嚣去度假;当你远离喧嚣去度假,你就会选择一些有异国情调的事;当你选择有异国情调的事,你就会被某些有异国情调的东西咬一口。[DIRECTV]When you get bitten by something exotic things swell up. When things swell up you can’t go home. [Quarantine] And when you can’t go home, you become a local fisherman they call big fatty face. Don’t become a local fisherman they call big-fatty face.当你被那些有异国情调的东西咬一口,那里就会肿;当(脸)肿了,你就回不了家;(会被隔离检疫)当你回不了家,你就变成当地的渔夫,还被大伙叫“大肥脸”。别变成当地的渔夫,还被人叫“大肥脸”。Get rid of Cable. And upgrade to DIRECTV告别电缆,升级到DIRECTV吧。directv.comCall 1-800-DIRECTV Article/201406/304252Let them know you’re just not that into them – without hurting their feelings.在不伤害对方感受的情况下告诉他们,你不想和他们亲吻。You Will Need你需要Diplomacy外交手段Dodging skills躲避技能Steps步骤STEP 1 Read the signs1.阅读信号Read the signs that they’re gathering up the courage to kiss you, so you’ll be prepared to dodge their lips. Telltale clues include becoming touchy-feely, looking at your lips, and invading your personal space.辨别他们正在鼓起勇气亲吻你的信号,这样你就可以做好躲开他们的准备。暴露实情的线索包括过于卿卿我我,盯着你的嘴唇,入侵你的私人空间。STEP 2 Create distance2.创造距离Create some distance. Literally and figuratively. Take a step back from them, and change the topic of conversation to something unsexy—like your earwax problem.创造一些距离,无论是实际上的还是象征性的。向后退一步远离他们,改变话题,谈一些与性无关的东西,比如你的耳垢问题。STEP 3 Play the friend card3.打友情牌Emphasize that you see them as nothing more than a friend by saying so, as in, #39;I#39;m so glad I have you as a friend.#39;强调你只是把他们当作朋友,可以说,“我很高兴能有你这样一位朋友。”STEP 4 Be slightly rude4.稍微无礼一点Point out people that you find attractive, or start talking exclusively to someone else. This way, you demonstrate that you don’t see the other person in a romantic context.告诉对方你觉得某人比较有魅力,或者开始专心和其他人说话。这样,就可以表明你不把他视为浪漫对象。STEP 5 Stay in public5.待在公共场合Don’t let them get you alone. Chances are they won’t make a pass at you with other people around.不要私下与他们接触。有其他人在场的情况下,他不会越轨。If you’re coming home from a bad date and can’t bear the idea of a goodnight kiss, get your house keys out ahead of time and make a beeline for your front door.如果你刚刚结束了糟糕的约会,不想要晚安吻,提前拿出门钥匙,直接走向前门。STEP 6 Give a hug6.拥抱Give a preemptive hug. Pat them on the back for an added #39;friendly#39; touch.先发制人,给对方一个拥抱。轻拍他们背部,作为更加友好的举动。STEP 7 Dodge7.躲避If all your hints have failed and their lips are looming, turn your head so that the kiss lands on your cheek or ear. It’ll make them feel stupid, but, hey, at least they#39;ll know the truth.如果所有的暗示都无效,他们的嘴唇仍然向你靠近,转头,这样他们的吻就落在你的脸颊或耳朵上。这样会让他们感到愚蠢,但是至少他们会知道你的真实想法。Four percent of American adults have never been kissed.4%的美国成年人从来没有被亲吻过。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/292055Her destination is Mexico它的目的地是墨西哥and one small and special group of trees.和一小群独特的树木No-one knows how she finds them, in these great mountain forests.在这大片的山林里 谁也不知道它是怎么找到的She joins other monarch butterflies它和其他帝王斑蝶作伴that have travelled here from all over North America.一路飞越北美到这儿来Countless butterflies crowd these particular trees,数之不尽的蝴蝶 聚集在这些树上hanging from every branch.悬挂在每根枝娅上They come here because, although winter brings a chill to the air,它们飞到这儿来 是因为尽管冬天的空气变得冷冽there will not be a lethal freeze as there will in Canada.还不至于像加拿大那样 把它们冻死The conditions are perfect for hibernation.这里的环境最适合冬眠Hibernating butterflies are vulnerable to predators.冬眠的蝴蝶 是掠食动物眼中的肥羊But monarchs are poisonous.但帝王斑蝶带有毒性However, a few birds have learned to rip out the toxic parts and eat the rest.不过有些鸟儿 学会扯掉有毒的部分They kill hundreds of thousands of butterflies把剩下的吃进肚里 几千只蝴蝶死在它们手里and dislodge many more.被赶走的更多Those that fall must get back into the trees before nightfall brings another killer.落下的蝴蝶必须回到树上 否则夜里又出现另一个杀手They vibrate their wings to warm their flight muscles.它们振动翅膀为飞行肌肉加温But it#39;s a race against time.但这是一场和时间的赛跑Night brings a lethal ground frost.夜晚带来致命的地面霜 Article/201309/255089

Your kitchen can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. If you use commercial cleaning products, you may be causing damage to you, your family and the environment. Follow these steps to organically kill kitchen bacteria.你的厨房可能是细菌和其他微生物生长的温床。如果使用商业清洁产品,可能会对你,家人和环境造成损害。遵循以下简单的方法,使用有机环保的方法消灭厨房细菌。Step 1: You will need1.你需要3% hydrogen peroxide3%的双氧水plastic spray bottle塑料喷瓶Step 2: Half And Half2.配制溶液Fill up a plastic spray bottle with half water and half hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide will kill bacteria like e-coli and salmonella and will leave your kitchen odor free.向一个塑料喷瓶中装满同样比例的水和双氧水。双氧水可以消灭大肠杆菌和沙门氏菌,并且消除厨房里的异味。Step 3: Back Off Bacteria3.击退细菌Spray your hydrogen peroxide solution on counter tops, cupboards and appliances. The solution will remove stains and prevent bacteria and germs from sping to your food and your family.在橱柜顶,砧板和电器上喷洒双氧水溶液。这种溶液可以擦净污渍,防止细菌和微生物传播到食物和家人身上。Step 4: Done.4.完成。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of Salmonella Naturally.感谢收看“怎样天然消除沙门氏菌”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/241913

Sheryl Sandberg: Not running for office Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg talks to Jake Tapper about her political aspirations and why Facebook pushes for privacy.I know you’ve said that you’re never gonna run for office, but your name has been bandied about quite a bit. You obviously worked in the treasury department earlier in your career, are you really saying that you’re never going to run for office, that’s never going to happen?I’m not running for office, I really love my job at Facebook.Well. You’re not currently running for office. I understand.I have no plans to run for office, I really love working at Facebook.This past year, the Obama administration has faced a lot of criticism for the information gathering for the NSA. And Mark Zackberg, your boss has spoken with president Obama about the program and about its transparency, but one of the arguments that I’ve heard a lot is:” Hey, corp in America has a lot ofdata on Americans too, look at Facebook, look at all the information Facebook has on people. Should the public be concerned about the information that Facebook has and what Facebook plans to do with it?”As you know, we were very concerned with some of the NSA revelations, Mark has spoken to the president, Mark has flown to DC recently and seen the president, we believe every user of our service and any other technology service has a right to have their privacy, or has a right to have control of their data, and has a right to the security of that data. Whether it be from our government or any other, and we’re asking the US government to do more to make sure Americans know that they stand behind that promise. /201404/289910传统用于疾病诊断的实验室,造价都非常的昂贵且检测程序也纷繁复杂。在苛刻的环境中,不太适合。乔治·怀特萨德提出了富有创意的构想,那就是以接近零成本来完成疾病的检测 Article/201404/285802

Lunch here at the British Museum staff canteen has always been a pretty international affair. It#39;s not just the scholars and the curators who come from all round the world; it#39;s also of course the food.在大英物馆职工餐厅里吃午餐,堪称是一件相当国际化的事情。一则物馆里的学者与管理员都是来自全球世界,二则当然大家所吃的食物也是。As today is one of my healthy days, I#39;m at the salad bar, looking in among the greens at a fairly standard run of potato salad, rice, sweetcorn and kidney beans. What I find interesting about these vegetables is not just that they come originally from all over the world, but that none of them would exist in the form they do today if the plants they come from hadn#39;t been carefully chosen, cherished and modified in a long process that began about ten thousand years ago with some intrepid and ingenious Ice Age cooks.今天恰好是我的“健康日”之一,所以我站在沙拉吧前边,在一大堆形形式式的蔬菜前面左看看,右瞧瞧。菜式挺标准的,有土豆沙拉、米饭、甜主米、腰豆等等。让我对这些蔬菜颇感兴趣的倒不是它们源产地本来是遍及世界各地,而是假如不是当年经过一代又一代的人类精心选择,仔细培育,品种改良,这些植物也不可能会长得现代这样子了。而那漫长的过程,早在距今约一万年前,就由冰河时代那些勇敢而天才的厨师们开始了。#39;Everyone did these things, and the families existed as families because you did it not for yourself but for the family.#39; “大家都在做这些日常琐事,而家庭之所以存在恰恰是因为你不仅仅是为了自己,还为了家庭。”#39;We need some new evolutionary tricks in order to sp out into increasingly hostile environments.#39; “为了能在日趋恶劣的环境里开枝散叶、生息繁衍,我们需要拥有更新、更加进化的技能。”Bird-shaped pestle ,made of stone 4 - 8,000 years old , discovered in Papua New Guinea 鸟形杵,石制,距今约4000至8000年,巴布亚新几内亚。In previous programmes, we have looked at how our ancestors moved around the world; in this week#39;s programmes I#39;m going to be focussing on what happened when they settled down. This is a week full of ancient animals, powerful gods, dangerous weather, good sex and even better food.在之前的节目里,我们观察我们的祖先们是如何全世界迁徙;在本周的节目里,我将聚集于当人类开始定居生活后所产生的变化。本周节目将充满各种古老动物、强大神灵、恶劣气候、美好性爱与美食佳肴。Around 11,000 years ago, the world underwent a violent and rapid period of climate change, leading to the end of the last Ice Age. 大约一万年前,这世界经历了剧烈而快速的气候巨变期,导致了最后一次冰河时代的终结。 Article/201403/281931Listening to gossip is fun — unless they#39;re whispering about you. Here#39;s how to shut down the office busybody.听别人的八卦似乎是比较有趣的事情——除非别人窃窃私语的对象是你。以下方法可以帮你杜绝办公室流言。Step 1 Be kind1.友好Gossips act out of insecurity. So the next time the office tattler starts to share her suspicions that the new girl is bulimic, make a complimentary transition like, ;Have you lost weight? You look terrific.; She#39;ll be so flattered she#39;ll completely forget what she was saying.八卦通常出于不安全感。所以,下次办公室那个大喇叭又说,她怀疑新来的女孩食欲过盛时,通过赞美她来转移话题,例如,“你是不是减肥了?你的身材看上去很好哦。”她听到会心里会非常舒,完全忘记自己刚才传播的流言。Step 2 Be positive2.积极Totally aggravate her by playing Susie Sunshine to her Nasty Nelly. If she growls, ;Doris snuck out at four yesterday,; say,;Good for her! She works so hard; (even if you, too, think Doris is a deadbeat.)说一些与她完全相反的话来刺激她。如果她嚼舌头说,“多丽丝昨天四点钟就开溜了。”你可以说,“不错啊,她的工作一向非常努力。”(即使你也认为多丽丝非常游手好闲。)Step 3 Don#39;t encourage it3.不要鼓励流言Don#39;t encourage her. Even if you#39;re dying to ask her how she knows that two married colleagues have embarked on a torrid affair with each other, grit your teeth and change the subject.不要鼓励她。即使你非常想问一下,她怎么知道那两位已婚同事开始了火热的恋情,咬紧牙关,改变话题。Don#39;t think that being friendly with the office gossip will keep you safe — gossips talk about everyone.不要以为和八卦的人比较友好就能保障你的安全——八卦的人会说任何人的闲话。Step 4 Entrap4.设计圈套Trap the big mouth by telling her a lie about yourself that you emphasize is top secret. Then tell your co-workers what you#39;ve done so they can report to you when the fake rumor has reached them—and then confront her when it does.给大嘴巴设计一个圈套,告诉她关于你自己的一个谎言,一再强调这是高度机密。然后告诉其他同事你的打算,这样他们就会在虚假的流言传到他们那里的时候报告给你——然后你就可以直接质问她。Step 5 Enlist your co-workers5.联合其他同事Make a pact with other employees that when the town crier gets going, you#39;ll all get going, too. She won#39;t be able to gossip if no one is listening.和其他同事约好,当这个八卦的同事开始传播流言蜚语时,所有人都走开。如果任何人都不听她说,她就没有办法搬弄是非了。Step 6 Speak up6.畅所欲言Her lips are still flapping? Take her aside and ask her to really think about what she#39;s doing. With as much tact and diplomacy as you can muster, ask her to refrain from talking about others to you.她仍然不闭嘴?把她拉到一边,让她认真反思一下自己的所作所为。利用你的全部智慧,让她克制向你传播别人是非的冲动。Step 7 Approach your supervisor7.报告上司As a last resort, talk to your supervisor. Stress that you tried handling the situation yourself. And don#39;t make it personal— drive home the point that the gossip is affecting productivity.最后一个办法,告诉你的上司。强调一下你已经努力采取了很多方法来处理这个问题。讲述的角度不要私人化,强调一下流言蜚语会影响工作效率。According to a British survey, teachers are the worst workplace backstabbers, with a full 78% admitting to bitching about their colleagues.根据英国的一项调查,教师是最喜欢背后中伤的群体,78%的教师承认曾经背后说过其他同事的坏话。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/230075百事可乐搞笑英语视频广告,百事之烤鸡相扑大赛,本是同根生,争着被人吃哪,就为了与可乐搭配?HeiI#39;ll take one of those chickens.Sure, which one?Em~I#39;m gona go with that one.Good choice.gona是going to的缩写go with that one在这里的意思是:买那一只 Article/201403/277606

I believe the ed States has and hopefully will continue to have some of the great thinkers in terms of entrepreneurship.美国一直就不乏具有创业精神的伟大思想家相信将来还会不断出现We are a nation of open-mindedness.我们是一个思想开放的国家I think we love new things.我觉得我们喜爱新鲜事物I think we love to try new things.我们喜欢尝试新鲜事物We#39;ve sacrificed our blood and treasure for just about every great thing in America美国的每一次巨大变革 我们都为之牺牲过生命和财富whether it#39;s been on an overseas battlefield不管是在海外战场or something as seemingly mundane as the Hoover Dam.还是像胡佛水坝这样看似平凡的事情Over the centuries there has been a lot of adversity,过去的几个世纪里 艰难险阻不断and we have usually triumphed.我们总能凯旋而归We#39;re a country that is always prepared to fight back.我们是一个随时准备迎难而上的国家It#39;s just part of the American character.这就是美国精神的一部分This country reacts very well under pressure.这个国家越是承受压力 越是表现出色It goes through these pressurized times她经历过那些重压下的日子and then comes out stronger than before.并且变得比从前更强大So I suppose you could say the most defining characteristic is our dynamism,你可以说我们最突出的特点是我们的活力and equally important we are an optimistic people.我们还是个乐观的民族 这一点同等重要We are a people who believe the future is our friend.我们是一群相信未来的人Everybody was created equal.人人生而平等It#39;s in the Declaration of Independence.这是《独立宣言》里说的All men are created equal.所有人都是生而平等的That really gives voice to the whole American experience.美国的整个历史正说明了这点We still have racial difficulties,我们仍然有种族问题we still have disadvantaged people,仍然有贫困人口but the unique thing about America and its diversity and its people,但美国的多样性及其人民的独特之处就在于is that we are always moving forward.我们总是在不断前进And we#39;re always dealing with problems,not ignoring them.我们总是在解决问题而不是忽视问题Questioning your country and constantly going back and examining the beauty of it and the flaws,质疑你的国家并不时地回顾她的美好与不足I think that makes a patriotic American.我觉得这才是一个爱国的美国人That#39;s real American character in my mind.在我看来 这才是真正的美国精神I mean, the frontiers that we#39;ve conquered is kind of amazing.我们所征的疆域可以称得上令人瞠目In a relatively short period of time在一段相对较短的时间里America#39;s helped to transform the world.美国在帮助世界变革From few fragile footholds, in just 400 years短短400年间 美国从几个脆弱的小据点America has grown into the most powerful nation on earth.已经成长为全世界最强大的国家Born from the enterprising experiment,and piety of the first settlers,脱胎于伟大的尝试和第一批移民的虔诚forged by revolutionary passion and high ideals,成型于革命的与远大的理想driven by a thirst for innovation and technological change,在渴求创新和科技进步的驱使下a nation drawn from across the world.整个国家采世界精华本节目到这期就全部结束了,谢谢各位的持... /201305/238343He changed our lives.他改变了我们的生活Steve Jobs had a vision.史蒂夫·乔布斯很有远见Like the world lost a John Lennon.这世界像失去了另一位约翰·列侬He demanded perfection.他追求完美He could rip into people,他对员工不留情面be tough to work for.为他工作绝非易事And led a technological revolution.他发起了一场技术革命The personal computer.最初是个人电脑A light bulb goes off他灵光一现and he says, wow, I can put computers on every desktop.便说 我要让电脑进入寻常百姓家The iPod.紧接着是iPodWhen they first came out, people were like, oh, my god,刚面世的时候 人们都惊呼不止they#39;re so sleek, they are so sexy.赞叹其时尚性感的外观It was new and small.它们小巧新颖I had to have it.我必须要买一台The iPhone.然后iPhoneI have an iPhone, which is an extension of me and I love using it.我的iPhone就像是我身体的一部分 使用它是种享受I was able to text messages and send them.我能用它语音收发信息The iPad.接着是iPadPeople didn#39;t know they wanted it or needed it人们并不知道自己想要或需要它and turns out they did.最后发现自己离不开它It#39;s kind of like, well,we#39;re gonna make a portable music player.反正就是我们要生产便携式音乐播放器I need that.我需要We#39;re going to make a phone,我们要生产手机I need that!我也需要We#39;re going to make a toaster.我们要生产烤面包机I need that!我还是需要iGenius How Steve Jobs changed the world乔布斯如何改变世界 /201305/238957Watching sports is ace and we know that like us you won#39;t be denied your fix by the shackles of work. Getting a sneak of the match ain#39;t half tricky when you#39;re busy with your 9 to 5 and surrounded by spying eyes…so what can you do? Well, this.观看体育比赛是非常惬意的事情,我们知道,像我们一样,你肯定不想让工作束缚你的爱好。在被主管盯紧的朝九晚五的生活中,机警一点,偷懒一下偷看体育比赛并非难事。那么你应该怎么做呢?Step 1: Get your co-workers involved1.把同事拉进来First off, convince the boss that getting the whole team in on the action is a good bonding type thing. Spin some story about a happy office being a productive office and with any luck they#39;ll go for it. Get hold of a telly and make sure everyone#39;s on board, otherwise you might not get to do it again. Also, make sure everyone is paying attention; anyone who chooses not to watch could result in dissention amongst your fellow work slackers...and what could be worse than that?首先,说老板让大家一起进行这项活动,这是可以增进同事间关系的事情。捏造一点谎言,气氛愉快的办公室也是高效的办公室。运气好的话老板或许会同意。准备一架电视机,确保每个人都参与进来,否则你就不可能故计重施了。同时,确保每个人都认真观看;任何不用心看的人都会导致这群偷懒的同事之间的不和,没有什么比这种情况更严重了。Step 2: Desktop scoreboards2.电脑桌面记分板If you have to be even more sly then you can follow your game via live written commentary. Some dude with fast fingers outlines all the ins and outs of the game#39;s progress and all you have to be is not be dyslexic. It#39;s kinda like watching a film with subtitles except it#39;s easier to follow than Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.如果必须偷偷摸摸地私下进行,你可以通过赛事实况报道进行了解。一些动作比较快的人会概括出比赛进展情况,只要你没有阅读困难就可以了。这就好像观看有字幕的电影一样,只不过比观看《藏龙卧虎》容易多了。Step 3: Online Streaming3.网上观看Many sports are now shown over the internet and if you#39;ve got a good broadband connection you can watch the game on the sly. Just don#39;t forget that the subtlety of this approach can become lost if you get too engrossed in it and forget that you#39;re supposed to be working.现在许多体育比赛都在互联网上直播,如果你的宽带连接状况比较好,你也可以偷偷观看比赛。不要忘记,如果你看得太投入了,就失去了这种方法的隐秘性,忘记你原本应该在工作。If you can#39;t be bothered with all that other nonsense and you have bad eyesight and very thick skin, why not jack it all in and get a job right in the middle of it all? Good on ya son, live the dream.如果你不想麻烦来尝试这些荒谬的行为,而且你的视力不好,很不怕羞,为何不综合以上方法,在比赛的中场完成工作呢?祝你好运,实现自己的梦想。Thanks for watching How To Watch Sport While You Work.感谢收看“上班时间如何观看体育比赛”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201306/242450

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