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青岛市即墨做流产多少钱即墨看妇科病到哪里即墨当代妇科医院怎么样好吗 Leaders from Asia’s three main powers have agreed to resume the long-stalled six-party talks aimed at dismantling North Korea’s nuclear programme while working towards greater economic integration.亚洲三个大国的领导人同意重启停滞已久的朝核问题六方会谈,同时致力于推进经济一体化。The meeting in Seoul on Sunday between South Korean President Park Geun-hye, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese premier Li Keqiang was the first of its kind in more than three years because Japan’s relations with the other two neighbours had been frayed over territorial and historical issues.韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)、日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)和中国总理李克强周日在首尔举行会谈,是三年多来中日韩三国首次举行这样的领导人会议,原因是日本与两个邻国围绕领土和历史遗留问题关系紧张。In the rare three-way summit, the leaders vowed to “oppose any action that may cause tension on the Korean Peninsula or violate relevant UN Security Council resolutions在这个难得举行的三方首脑会议上,中日韩领导人誓言“反对任何可能导致朝鲜半岛紧张局势或违反联合国安理会有关决议的行动”。Their pledge to resume “meaningfulsix-party talks at an early date comes amid signs that Pyongyang’s weapons drive could be gaining dangerous momentum. The growing size and sophistication of Pyongyang’s nuclear programme have posed serious security concerns for Seoul and Tokyo.他们承诺尽早恢复“有意义的”六方会谈之际,有迹象表明,平壤方面的核武开发努力可能正在积聚危险的势头。平壤核武计划的规模越来越大,技术越来越先进,让首尔和东京产生严重的安全关切。But diplomatic efforts have made little headway as US officials argue that North Korea should first take measures promised under previous nuclear pacts while Pyongyang says talks should happen without preconditions. The six-party talks were last held in 2008.但外交努力基本上没有进展,美国官员主张,朝鲜应该首先落实其在以往的核协议中承诺的措施,而平壤表示谈判应该在没有先决条件的情况下举行。六方会谈上次是008年举行的。Experts remain sceptical of any near-term chance of the dialogue resumption. “It is positive that they finally met but it is hard to give a high mark to the results,said Bong Young-shik, researcher at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. “It will still be difficult for the six-party talks to resume unless those preconditions are met.”专家们对于短期内恢复对话的几率仍持怀疑态度。“这些领导人终于举行会晤是积极的,但很难对结果给出一个高分,”韩国峨山政策研究院(Asan Institute for Policy Studies)研究员奉英植(Bong Young-shik)表示。“除非那些前提条件得到满足,否则六方会谈仍然会很难恢复。”The three leaders have vowed to repair strained ties by “facing history squarely and advancing toward the future.They agreed to annualise the summit and plan to meet in Japan next year.三位领导人誓言“正视历史、面向未来”,以修复紧张关系。他们同意每年举行一次首脑会议,并计划明年在日本会晤。On the economic front, they have agreed to boost efforts to sign a 16-nation free trade area as well as a separate trilateral free trade pact. China has been a key proponent of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership to create the world’s biggest free trade bloc of 3.4bn people. But progress has been slow for the pact over the past four years. Separately, they have yet to find a breakthrough for talks for the trilateral pact encompassing 20 per cent of the global economy, with Japan becoming a founding member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership last month.在经济方面,他们同意加大努力达成16国的自由贸易区,以及另一项三边自由贸易协定。中国一直是“区域全面经济伙伴关系协定Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership)的重要推动者,该协定将缔造世界上最大的自由贸易区,覆盖34亿人口。但该协定的谈判在过去四年进展缓慢。另外,中日韩三边自由贸易协定的谈判也一直未能找到突破口,这个自贸协定将涵盖全球经济0%。上月日本成为跨太平洋伙伴关系协Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)的创始成员。Despite the many agreements unveiled in the joint statement, experts questioned if they would bring any real changes in the trilateral relations. “It is hard to say the agreements would elevate their relations to a next stage,said Mr Bong. “They were more like a declaration lacking specific action plans or guidelines on economic and security matters.”尽管联合声明中公布了许多共识,但专家们质疑它们会带来三边关系的实质性改变。“很难说这些共识将把它们的关系提升到更高一级,”奉英植表示。“它们更像是一个宣言,在经济和安全事务上缺乏具体的行动计划或指引。”No mention has been made of the contentious issue of former South Korean sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during the second world war. It may be on the agenda of the first bilateral meeting between Ms Park and Mr Abe on Monday. The two leaders have been under pressure to mend ties as Washington has been alarmed by the rift between its two key Asian allies in the face of China’s rapid rise as a global power.联合声明中没有提到第二次世界大战期间日本军队强征韩国慰安妇这个有争议的问题。这件事可能被列入周一朴槿惠和安倍晋三首次双边会谈的议程上。两位领导人近来受到修补关系的压力,因为面对中国快速崛起为世界强国,华盛顿方面对于美国的两个关键亚洲盟友之间关系不和感到忧虑。来 /201511/407461The European Union says its asylum processing is so clogged with foreign migrants seeking refuge that it would take a year to process all pending applications if the migrant influx stopped immediately.欧盟说,外国移民寻求避难的申请过程极为缓慢,如果现在移民马上停止涌入,仍需要一年时间处理所有申请。That analysis from the Malta-based European Asylum Support Office came Tuesday, as thousands of migrants - many of them from war-torn Syria and Afghanistan - continued arriving daily on Greek islands before pushing westward through the Balkans to western Europe. Italy has also been inundated in the past year with migrants, mostly from Africa and Asia.总部设在马耳他的欧洲庇护务办事处星期二公布这一分析报告的同时,数千名大部分来自战火纷飞的叙利亚和阿富汗的移民每天继续抵达希腊岛屿,之后他们向西穿过巴尔干国家前往西欧。意大利过去一年也有大批移民涌入,其中大多数来自非洲和亚洲。The EASO released data showing a backlog of 800,000 applications for international protection through September.欧洲庇护务办事处的数据显示,到9月份为止0万份要求避难的申请。It also said almost one in three migrants has been waiting at least three months for applications to be processed, and said 200,000 applicants have been waiting six months or longer.办事处说,几乎每三名移民中就有一人等候申请处理至少三个月,有20万申请者等候了六个月或更长。Ahead of a two-day EU summit in Malta with African heads of state, the EASO also said it had received fewer than half the workers requested from EU countries to process asylum applications.欧盟将与非洲首脑们在马耳他举行两天的峰会。在这之前,欧洲庇护务办事表示只从欧盟国家得到了处理庇护申请的工作人员人数的一半。It said it had asked for more than 370 workers, but that only 177 asylum experts had so far been provided, slowing the process so much that only 147 migrants have been officially relocated in Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, France and Spain since a EU relocation plan was approved last month.办事处表示曾提出需70多名工作人员,但是目前为止只得到177名庇护专家。这大大放慢了处理的速度,以致自上个月欧盟批准移民搬迁计划以来,只有147名移民正式迁移到瑞典、芬兰、卢森堡、法国和西班牙。来 /201511/409101即墨宫颈糜烂手术

青岛市即墨流产手术多少钱Japan and South Korea have agreed to settle the issue of wartime “comfort womenin a landmark deal that could transform ties between the neighbours and reshape the diplomatic map of East Asia.日和韩国已就解决战时“慰安妇”问题达成协议,这一里程碑式的协议可能会彻底改变这两个邻国之间的关系、重塑东亚外交版图。Under the accord, Japan will pay .3m into a fund for surviving victims, based on “painful awarenessof its responsibilities for the system of forced prostitution during the second world war. The deal promises a “final and irrevocablesettlement to an issue that has scarred relations between the two main US allies in East Asia and provided an effective diplomatic tool to China.根据协议,日本将向一为依然健在的受害者设立的基金出资830万美元,理由是日方“痛苦地意识到”要为二战期间的强制卖淫制度负责。这一协议有可能“最终且不可逆转地”解决慰安妇问题。该问题为美国在东亚的两个主要盟友之间的关系留下了伤痕,并为中国提供了一个有效的外交工具。What are the regional implications?这份协议会给该地区带来哪些影响?Analysts say the deal could have a negative impact on Seoul’s relationship with Beijing, which has been strengthened by the visit by Park Geun-hye, South Korean president, to Beijing in September to attend a military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war.分析人士认为,该协议可能会对首尔与北京的关系产生负面影响。今月,韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)访问北京,出席了纪念二战结束70周年的阅兵式,巩固了韩中两国关系。Although Seoul has attempted to balance its relationships with China and the US, Ms Park’s attendance at the parade gave the impression that Seoul was shifting more towards Beijing for economic reasons.虽然首尔方面一直试图平衡韩中和韩美关系,但朴槿惠出席那次阅兵仪式给人的印象是,首尔方面正由于经济原因而更多地倒向北京方面。Even if the deal does not last, Japan may reap diplomatic benefits in the short term from Mr Abe’s willingness to compromise, undermining China’s efforts to portray Tokyo as unrepentant for its second world war atrocities.即使这份协议维持不下去,日本也仍可从安Abe)的妥协意愿中收获短期的外交利益,削弱了中国所持的、日本政府对二战暴行毫无悔意的论调。What are the benefits of rapprochement between Seoul and Tokyo?日韩和解有哪些好处?The deal is likely to help Seoul and Tokyo overcome their political differences and enhance their security alliance against North Korea. There are high expectations for stronger bilateral intelligence-sharing on North Korea, with the comfort women issue being the biggest stumbling block to improving bilateral relations.这份协议很可能会帮助韩日两国政府克政治分歧,强化它们防范朝鲜的安全同盟。人们对两国政府就朝鲜问题加强双边情报交流抱有很高的期待,但慰安妇问题一直是妨碍韩日双边关系改善的最大绊脚石。The two countries signed a trilateral intelligence-sharing agreement with Washington last December to better cope with North Korea’s military threats but the agreement allowed them to share intelligence via Washington only on Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes. However, the recent thawing of relations could enable Seoul to gain better access to Japanese intelligence and boost its surveillance of North Korea.去年12月,韩日两国与美国政府签订了三边情报共享协议,以更好地应对朝鲜的军事威胁。但该协议只是让韩日两国能就朝鲜核计划与导弹计划经由华盛顿方面分享情报。而最近韩日两国关系的解冻,可能会让首尔方面能够更容易地获取日方的情报,加强对朝鲜的监视。Will this affect Korea’s hopes of joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership?这会影响韩国加入《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)的前景吗?Seoul expressed its desire to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in November 2013, when talks were aly under way, and was told by Washington it would need to wait until these discussions had concluded.韩国政府0131月就表达了加入TPP谈判的愿望(当时相关谈判已在进行当中),而华盛顿方面告诉韩国政府,需要等到相关谈判完成后再讨论韩国加入的问题。A preliminary deal was reached among the 12 initial members in October, but South Korea’s entry to the trade pact will require consensus among the existing signatories another benefit to better relations with Tokyo.今年10月,TPP2个初始成员国达成了初步协议,而韩国要想加入该贸易协定将需要现有的签字国一致同意——这是与东京方面改善关系的另一个好处。What prompted South Korea to agree to the deal?是什么促使韩国同意这份协议?Seoul has been pressured by the US to improve relations with Tokyo. Better relations between the two countries are vital to Washington’s efforts to guard against China’s ascent in the region and to cope with North Korea’s increasing military threats.首尔方面一直受到美国的压力,要其改善与东京方面的关系。韩日关系的改善,对于美国防范中国在东亚崛起和对付朝鲜与日俱增的军事威胁来说意义重大。Seoul was also pressed by a lack of time as it is keen to resolve the issue while some of the former sex slaves are still alive, giving the South Korean government some leverage in negotiating with Japan.韩国政府面临的另一个压力是,时间不等人。它急于在一些前慰安妇仍健在时解决该问题,这些人的存在让它与日本谈判时能占据一些优势。What are the main differences between this deal and former agreements?这份协议与之前的协议有什么主要区别?The agreement follows a 1993 apology by Yohei Kono, Japanese chief cabinet secretary, which was accompanied by the establishment of a compensation fund. But that apology failed to accept full state responsibility, while the compensation came from private sources, with the government contributing only administrative costs.这份协议遵循993年日本内阁官房长官河野洋Yohei Kono)作出的道歉,当时还随之建立了一赔偿基金。但那次道歉没有认可慰安妇问题为完全的国家责任,赔偿金也来自民间渠道,日本政府仅负担管理成本。Tokyo still refuses to accept any legal liability on this subject, arguing that any such obligations related to its 35-year occupation of Korea were settled by a 1965 treaty normalising relations with Seoul in which Japan provided 0m in aid.日本政府仍拒绝在慰安妇问题上承担任何法律责任,辩称任何这类与日本对朝鲜半岛的35年占领有关的责任,都已在1965年与首尔方面签订的日韩邦交正常化条约中得到了结。根据该条约,日本向韩国提供亿美元援助。Under this week’s deal, the compensation payments will be funded by the state, unlike the earlier fund. However, it will be given as humanitarian aid, rather than legal reparations.根据本周的协议,赔偿金将由日本政府提供,这与之前的民间资金不同。不过,这笔钱将以人道主义援助、而不是法律赔偿名义提供。Furthermore, the text of Japan’s apology repeated the language of the Kono statement, admitting only “the involvement of the Japanese military authorities at that time rather than claiming responsibility.此外,日本此次道歉的内容重复了河野谈话的措辞,只承认“当时的日本军事当局有参与”,而没有宣称对此负责。Could this cause political problems at home for Ms Park?这会给朴槿惠在国内造成政治问题吗?Ms Park and her party could face a backlash in next April’s parliamentary elections. She has aly been criticised for following in the footsteps of her father Park Chung-hee, the former military dictator who served as an officer in the Japanese Imperial army. He signed the 1965 treaty by which South Korea normalised relations with Japan and renounced legal claims against the former colonial ruler.朴槿惠和她所在的政党在明月的议会选举中可能会面临强烈反对。她已然因追随其父朴正熙(Park Chung-hee)的脚步而遭到了批评。朴正熙是一名军事独裁者,曾任日本帝国陆军军官,正是他签署965年韩日邦交正常化条约,同意放弃对前殖民统治者日本的法律赔偿要求。But the political setback is unlikely to be fatal because the ruling party, which holds a majority in parliament, still enjoys high approval ratings while the main opposition party has been gripped by political infighting. Ms Park is barred by law from seeking another term in the next presidential election in 2017.不过,这一政治挫折不太可能造成致命后果,因为眼下在韩国议会中占据多数席位的执政党仍享有很高的持率,而主要反对党一直被政治内斗缠身。依照韩国法律,朴槿惠不能在2017年举行的下届总统选举中寻求连任。来 /201601/420004即墨做妇科检查去哪个医院 即墨市第一人民医院做人流好吗

即墨做人流手术的医院You thought the eurozone crisis was bad. Today, Europe faces no greater challenge than the mass exodus of refugees seeking a haven from the carnage in Syria and the turmoil in north Africa and the Sahel. It is equally clear that both the EU’s response and its institutions have proved woefully inadequate.你或许认为欧元区危机很严重。如今,欧洲面临的最严峻挑战莫过于大批难民的涌入,他们是为了逃离叙利亚的大屠杀,北非和萨赫勒地区的动乱。同样清楚的是,事实明,欧盟的反应及其收容机构都严重不足。The question of immigration, a visceral issue in the way the single currency is not, is driving a wedge between EU populations and their governments, between member states and indeed between the EU itself and the values on which it was founded.移民问题——不同于单一货币,这是一个触动人心的问题——正在欧盟各国民众与本国政府之间造成隔阂、破坏成员国之间的关系,实际上也使欧盟自身偏离其所植根的价值观。France a country at the same time Mediterranean, Atlantic and continental is at the heart of this new storm. It has a xenophobic and illiberal force all too keen to take advantage of popular fears about the impact of migration in the shape of the National Front, Europe’s largest extreme rightwing party, with a base representing some 25 per cent of the electorate. But, until now, Paris has not indicated that it has any clue how to cope.作为一个毗邻地中海、大西洋的欧洲大陆国家,法国正处于这场新风暴的中心。法国存在一股排外、狭隘的势力,他们极其热衷于利用民众对移民所造成影响的恐惧,那就是欧洲最大极右翼政党,法国国民阵National Front),该党获得了法国全体选民5%的选票。但法国政府迟迟未表明如何应对难民问题。The current scale of Europe’s refugee problem is daunting. More than 100,000 boat-people arrived in the EU just in the month of July alone. The bloc’s leaders have agreed no coherent response. A recent meeting in Berlin between President Hollande of France and Angela Merkel, German chancellor, proved particularly bereft of content. The divisions between member states are growing unsustainable, with Germany, taking on board some 40 per cent of the EU’s new asylum seekers, while Britain only takes 4 per cent and France a scarcely less dismal 8 per cent.当前欧洲难民问题的严重程度令人震惊。仅月,就有超过10万难民乘船抵达欧盟。欧盟领导人并未就此达成一致的应对措施。法国总统弗朗索瓦攠朗Hollande)与德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)最近在柏林的会谈尤其空洞。欧盟成员国之间的分歧愈发不可调和,德国要接纳约40%新到欧盟的寻求避难者,而英国仅接纳4%,法国也才接%。Meanwhile pleas by Brussels and Berlin for the EU to share out asylum seekers equitably between member states have fallen on barren ground. Each country is preoccupied with its own story as Britain is, for example, with the rise of net migration to all-time highs. Beggar-my-neighbour stances by established parties and outright xenophobia by their insurgent challengers are on the rise.与此同时,布鲁塞尔与柏林方面关于欧盟成员国合理摊派接收避难者的呼吁也如同泥牛入海。每个国家都在忙于应对自己的问题——例如,英国的净移民数量已升至历史最高位。老牌政党以邻为壑的立场以及反对派挑战者彻底的仇外情绪都在上升。The recent attack aboard a Thalys high-speed train between the Netherlands and France has further stoked fears of cross-border terrorism and mutterings about the Schengen area of passport-free travel. The deliberate conflation by demagogues of immigration, the refugee exodus, the sp of Islam and jihadi terrorism is as emotionally powerful as it is factually spurious.最近发生在一趟往返荷兰与法国的大力士(Thalys)高铁列车上的袭击事件,进一步引发了对跨境恐怖主义的担忧以及对申根区(Schengen area)免签旅行安排的不满。煽动民心的政客故意将移民、难民外逃以及伊斯兰教和圣战恐怖主义的传播混淆到一起,虽然事实并非如此,但其在情感上的影响是巨大的。This is a backdrop against which a noxious force such as the National Front can prosper. It is France’s good fortune that the far-right group has largely sabotaged itself through the spat between Marine Le Pen, its leader, and Jean-Marie Le Pen, her father and the party’s founder. But Ms Le Pen and her forces have time to retrieve their position before 2017’s presidential elections, and are aly dragging French politics towards the anti-liberal, anti-European right.正是在这种背景下,法国国民阵线等邪恶势力得以崛起。法国很幸运,这个极右政党因其领导人马琳勒庞(Marine Le Pen)与自己的父亲、该党创始人马里勒庞(Jean-Marie Le Pen)之间的争执已经在很大程度上削弱了自身实力。但马琳勒庞及其势力017年的总统选举之前还有时间来恢复自己的地位,他们已经在将法国政治拖向反自由主义、反欧洲的右倾路线。France needs a principled and more coherent alternative to the National Front; the EU needs a response to the immigration crisis that lives up to rather than falls short of its values. At present, most EU member states, France included, are not providing the systematic right of asylum to which war-refugees are entitled under international humanitarian law or by common decency.法国需要一个有原则、更加团结的政党来代替国民阵线;欧盟应该拿出符合其价值观的应对移民危机的措施。目前,大多数欧盟成员国(包括法国)都未向难民们提供国际人道主义法或人类共有的道德行为准则赋予战争难民的系统性庇护权。This may not matter to the National Front’s core electorate, but it does mean that mainstream policy has largely conceded defeat when it comes to values. Europe is better than this; so is France. Europe’s leaders need to live up to our responsibilities as humans and as neighbours, assume part of the burden, and talk straight to the electorate. Continued European and French fecklessness will only improve the far-right’s prospects of success, and deepen what is aly an unprecedented crisis.这对于国民阵线的核心持者来说或许并不重要,但它的确意味着,主流政策在价值观方面已大体承认是失败的。欧洲的情况要好一些;法国也是如此。欧洲领导人需要履行我们作为人类和邻居的责任,承担部分重担,并向选民坦率直言。欧洲与法国持续的不作为只会提高极右翼势力未来成功的可能性,使这场本已空前的危机愈演愈烈。来 /201509/399113 即墨人流哪个医院好些即墨打胎医院




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