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青岛市即墨/治疗阴道炎多少钱Boozing into the night might inhibit coherent speech, but a Japanese company bets it will make workers communicate better. And it's even willing to pay for it.Japan General Estate Co said Tuesday it is planning to dole out thousands of dollars a month for its employees to go on the town in a bid to help communication.Japanese companies routinely offer generous expense accounts to entertain clients, but the real estate company is going a step further by subsidising workers' drinking sessions with one another.The company plans to offer managers who supervise 20 or more people up to 300,000 yen (3,000 dollars) a month to take them out. Managers with fewer than 20 workers will get 200,000 yen, a company statement said.After-hours drinking is encouraged in Japanese corporate culture as a way to break the ice in work environments that can be uptight and formal.But critics say the pressure to drink is one of the reasons why Japan's population is declining as men in particular spend little time at home.Japan General Estate said the drinking benefits could alternatively be used for wedding or funeral expenses.The company is known for its unorthodox work policies, such as paying 100,000 yen in benefits every month to employees who do not smoke. 喝酒至深夜可能会导致说话语无伦次,但日本一家公司却认为喝酒可以增进员工间的交流,而且甚至愿意为此买单。日本房地产总公司于本周二表示,公司计划每月为员工提供几千美元的“促进交流”活动经费。日本公司在招待客户方面一向慷慨大方,但这家房地产公司更胜一筹,甚至愿为员工喝酒聚会提供补贴。该公司在一项声明中表示,公司计划为管理20人以上的经理提供每月30万日元(合3000美元)的部门聚餐经费;手下员工不到20人的经理则可领到20万日元的经费。日本的企业文化鼓励员工下班后喝酒聚会,这样可以帮助员工在严肃紧张的工作环境中缓和气氛。但批评人士认为,喝酒应酬是日本人口持续下降的原因之一,特别是男性经常在外应酬,很少有时间在家。日本房地产总公司表示,酒水补贴也可用于婚葬出。该公司一直以其“另类的”员工政策而著名,比如,不吸烟的员工每月可获10万日元的奖金。 /200803/28876即墨/无痛人流最好医院这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:你不是我的菜,咱俩不是一国的,我们读的不是同一本书(不在同一页上)……译者:koogleA man was hit by a cab in the street. He was brought to the hospital. His wife who was standing up by his bed, said to the doctor: ;I think that he is very ill.;  ;I am afraid that he is dead.; said the doctor.  Hearing this, the man moved his head and said: ;I#39;m not dead. I#39;m still alive.;  ;Be quiet, ; said the wife. ;the doctor knows better than you!;一个男人在街上被出租车撞倒送进了医院。他的妻子站在他的床前对医生说:“我想他伤得很厉害。”  医生说:“恐怕他已经死了。”  听到医生的话,这个男人转动着头说:“我没死,我还活着。”  妻子说:“安静,医生比你懂得多。”即墨/市妇保医院专家预约

即墨/妇科医院价格即墨/医院做药物流产多少钱Human Rights 美国人对人权的看法 The time is 1905. A steamship sails on a vast ocean. "Daddy, will we ever get to America?" asks a weary lad. "Soon, my child, soon," his father replies. "We've been on this ship for weeks. I wish we were back home in Russia," complained the boy. "Son, you know how they persecute Jews there. We can never go back," the father reminded him. "Will things be better in America?" the young boy asked. "I hope so," his father sighed. "Look! The Statue of Liberty!" the boy shouted. "Just like in the picture!" His father smiled. "Yes, my son," he said. "I think she's waving to us." 时间是在一九○五年,一艘汽船航行在浩瀚的大海上。「爹地,我们到底到不到得了美国啊?」一个小男孩疲惫地问道。「快到了,我的孩子,快到了。」他的父亲回答。「我们已经坐了好几个礼拜的船了,我真希望我们现在是在苏俄的家里。」男孩抱怨着。「孩子,在那儿他们怎么迫害犹太人,你是知道的,我们绝对不能回去。」这位父亲提醒着他。「在美国情况会比较好吗?」小男孩问道。「希望如此。」他的父亲叹气道。「你看!自由女神!」男孩喊着:「跟图片里的一模一样!」他的父亲微笑着说:「是啊,孩子。我想她正向我们招手呢。」 America has long been a haven for immigrants from around the world. Until the 19th century, the majority of immigrants were from northern Europe. By the mid-20th century, they were coming from all over the globe. In recent years, scores of refugees from Southeast Asia and Latin America have fled to American shores. Why? To find a sanctuary--a place where human rights are respected. 美国长久以来一直是世界各地移民们的避难所, 在十九世纪之前, 移民主要来自北欧. 到了二十世纪中期, 移民则来自全球各地. 近几年来, 很多来自东南亚和拉丁美洲的难民都逃往美国. 这是为什么呢? 为了要寻找一个避难所 -- 尊重人权的地方. The American idea of respecting human rights came from several sources. First, the colonists had been persecuted and deprived of their rights in the Old World. They realized that people's rights must be preserved. Moreover, the Bible and literature from Greece and Rome taught that people are born with basic rights. English writer John Locke emphasized that governments should protect these rights. As a result, the Declaration of Independence reflected the belief that God created all people equal. The U.S. Constitution included 10 amendments to guarantee citizens' basic rights. This "Bill of Rights" promised freedom of religion, freedom of speech and of the press, the right to bear arms and the right to a fair trial. 美国人尊重人权的概念有几个起源。首先,移民们在欧洲的旧世界中曾被迫害并被剥夺权利,因此他们深觉保护人权的必要。再者,圣经以及希腊罗马文学中都教导他们人类与生俱来的一些基本权利。英国作家约翰?洛克强调政府应保障人民这些权利。于是,独立宣言中便反映出神造世人、生而平等的意念。美国宪法中包含了十项保障国民基本人权的修正案,这些权利法案承诺给予人民信仰的自由、言论及新闻的自由、拥有武器的权利,以及拥有公平审判的权利。 Throughout American history, the belief in individual human rights has influenced government policies and laws. Slavery opponents argued that even slaves had rights as human beings. Finally, after the Civil War, slavery was outlawed. As industries developed, many people protested the poor working conditions. 纵观美国历史,尊重个人人权的信念一直影响着政府的政策和法律。反黑奴政策者认为甚至连奴隶都该拥有作为人的基本权利。终于在美国南北战争之后,法律便禁止奴隶制度的存在。随着工业的发展,很多人抗议不良的工作条件。 Eventually, laws were passed guaranteeing workers fair wages and working hours and prohibiting child labor. The Civil Rights Movement used human rights arguments in the fight against discrimination. Even today, U.S. trade relations with other countries depend on their having a positive human rights record. 最后,终于通过法案保障工人合理的工资、工时、并且禁用童工。在美国民权运动中,也以人权的基本论点来抗议各样的歧视和差别待遇。甚至在今天,美国与其它国家的贸易关系如何,也视对方是否拥有良好的人权记录而定。 Human rights have become a global concern. The cruelty of Nazi Germany illustrated the danger of not protecting human rights. As a result, the ed Nations was established in 1945 with a belief in the basic human rights of all people. Three years later, the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document stated that "all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." Later, groups like Amnesty International were formed to keep an eye out for human rights abuses wherever they occur. 人权已成为全球各国关注的焦点,德国纳粹党的残酷史实即说明了罔顾人权的危险。于是,联合国在一九四五年设立,该组织深信所有人类都应拥有基本人权。三年之后,联合国正式通过世界人权宣言。这一份文件提出「所有人类生而拥有尊严及权利的平等和自由」。稍后,国际特赦组织成立,以监督防止任何违反人权的事件发生。 Most nations in the world today would agree that human beings have basic rights. Of course, different countries have different perspectives about the issue. Some governments feel the need to restrict individual rights to protect the rights of society. They resent being forced to accept America's definition of human rights. But to Americans, no matter how you define the issue, people deserve to be treated like people. 今天,世界上大部分的国家都认同人类应拥有基本的权利。当然,不同的国家会用不同的角度来看这件事。有些政府觉得有必要以限制个人权利来保障社会权利;他们痛恨被迫接受美国的人权定义。然而对美国人而言,无论你如何定义这个主题,只要是人就应该以人的方式对待他。 /200804/33377Although travelers can try dishes from around China and the globe in renowned food cities Beijing and Shanghai, it is outside these major metropolises where a world of exciting Chinese cuisine awaits the true foodie.虽然在北京和上海这样闻名的美食城市,游客就能品尝到中国及世界各地的美味,但只有在这些大城市以外的地方,吃货们才能品尝到最好吃的中国美食。With this in mind and after three years of living in China and writing about Chinese food, I embarked on a six-month journey with my husband and two daughters.怀揣着这种想法,又因为在中国生活了三年并且一直在写中国美食相关文章,我就跟老公还有两个女儿开始了一次为期半年的旅行。We loaded up a campervan and set out from Shanghai on July 1. We#39;ve since covered more than 20,000 kilometers and 21 provinces in our quest to see China#39;s most remote and beautiful areas, and to taste the different regional foods along our way.7月1日,我们坐上一辆露营车便从上海出发了。这段20000多公里的旅程穿越了21个省份,一路上我们游玩了中国最偏远最迷人的地方,也品尝了不同地区的美食。Here are eight most amazing Chinese food cities I#39;ve come across so far. The list is in no particular order.下面是到目前为止我觉得最棒的中国八大美食城市,排名顺序不分先后。1. Chengdu, Sichuan Province1. 四川省成都市Crowned as Asia#39;s first UNESCO City of Gastronomy in 2010, Chengdu is best-known for its fiery hot pot and spicy dishes, which are characterized by the use of Sichuan pepper and are usually layered with salty, sour and sweet flavors. There are also dishes that aren#39;t spicy at all, such as beer-braised duck.成都在2010年联合国教科文组织列为“美食城市”,这是亚洲第一个获此殊荣的地方,成都以其麻辣火锅和辛辣菜肴而闻名。四川菜的特点就是用很多川椒,咸辣酸甜、口味多样。当然,有些川菜一点也不辣,比如啤酒焖鸭。The streets hold more than 100 varieties of street snacks, from savory jelly noodles to ;dragon lifting a hand; (poached wontons drizzled in toasty chili oil, pepper corns and green onion).成都街头至少有上百种特色小吃,比如酸辣粉,还有“龙抄手”(水煮馄饨淋上辣椒油、胡椒和葱花)。Chef Yu Bo is a must-go. The high-end restaurant cooks sophisticated Sichuan food with awe-inspiring presentations: abalone on spiced mung bean jelly, crispy ginseng root, and tiny spheres of apple poached in syrup tinged with fiery notes of green Sichuan pepper.来成都一定要去喻家厨房,这家高级餐馆专做工序复杂的川菜,例如鲍鱼凉粉、爽口人参,还有水煮江团。Hot pot is as ubiquitous in the city as the smell of chili. At Zigong Delicious Hotpot, the house specialty tiaoshui wa is a cauldron of fiery chili to which vegetables, noodles or other meats can be added.在这个城市火锅随处可见,到处弥漫着辛辣的气息。在自贡好吃客,特色菜跳水蛙就是往火锅里加入大量辣椒、蔬菜、粉丝还有蛙肉等等。For a real taste of Sichuan#39;s signature pepper, hua jiao, spend a morning at the Chengdu Spice Market where the locals sell and buy it by the sack.想要真正品尝到四川有名的花椒,可以早上去成都调料市场,那里有成包成袋的花椒在卖。2. Lanzhou, Gansu Province2. 甘肃省兰州市Synonymous in the minds of food-lovers with hand-pulled beef noodles, Lanzhou also has one of the liveliest street food night markets in China.说起兰州,吃货就会想到手擀牛肉拉面。兰州的街头夜市小吃摊也非常的活跃。Just west of the city center, the buzzing Zhengning Lu bazaar houses more than 100 street food stalls. On offer is a broad selection of hot and cold dishes with emphasis on local Hui cuisine.市中心往西的正宁路夜市上,少说也有上百个小吃摊位。小吃摊有各色冷热菜肴,全都是回族美食。Highlights include whole grilled fish seasoned with aromatic cumin and sesame paste (RMB 25, US), sweet, hot bowls of nai zhou (milk rice with sultanas, peanuts, sesame seed and beaten egg, RMB 8) and flaky pastry rou bing stuffed with meat (RMB 2).特色美食有茴香芝麻烤全鱼(25元/4美元)、牛奶鸡蛋醪糟(用牛奶、鸡蛋、醪糟一起煮,还放了葡萄干、银耳、芝麻,8元),还有夹肉香酥千层饼(2元)。No trip to Lanzhou is complete without feasting on noodles at Wumule Penhui, the 2012 winners of Lanzhou#39;s annual pulled noodle competition. The halal restaurant makes noodles spicy enough to satisfy even the most hardened heat-seekers.在兰州不吃乌穆勒鹏辉的拉面就算不上到过兰州,乌穆勒鹏辉是2012年兰州拉面比赛的冠军。这家清真面馆的面条非常辛辣,哪怕是最嗜辣的吃客都能被辣倒。3. Guangzhou, Guangdong Province3. 广东省广州市The birthplace of Cantonese food, Guangzhou is thought by many as the best place to eat in China. The city of 12 million has a passionate food culture, with equal excitement reserved for the opening of a hole-in-the-wall congee joint and a high-end restaurant.作为粤菜的发源地,广州被认为是中国最好的美食城市之一。这座120万人口的城市拥有相当丰富的美食文化,出色的粥店和高档餐馆随时敞开大门欢迎人们光临。The local cuisine is characterized by fresh clean flavors, seafood, barbecued meats and the wonderful tradition of yum cha, which is tea drinking accompanied by dumplings and small dishes.广东菜的特点是口味清淡,有海鲜、烤肉以及传统饮茶等,配上饺子和小菜。Congee is the way locals love to start their day, and one of the most popular vendors is Ru Xuan Sha Guo Zhou. Here, one can get a bowl of signature seafood congee any hour of the day.当地人早上喜欢喝粥,最受欢迎的要数如轩砂锅粥。在这里,任何时候都能喝到招牌海鲜粥。Yum cha addicts are spoiled for choice but the extensive selections at both North Garden Restaurant (where shrimp dumplings are the specialty) and Bing Sheng are exemplary.嗜好饮茶的人可去的地方很多,但最典型的还是北园酒家(以虾饺为特色)和炳胜品味。Roast meats are Bing Sheng#39;s most popular order -- their roast goose is marinated with five-spice, boiled, air-dried, then roasted by a flame oven to give a succulent crisp skin.炳胜品味最拿手的是烤肉,他们的烤鹅经过五香腌制、水煮、风干后才上烤架,皮脆肉嫩。For something more home style and removed from the madness of downtown, head to Ji Cun for steamed chicken and simple farmer-style dishes.若想远离市中心的喧嚣,体验农家风味,可以到鸡邨大饭店品尝蒸鸡和清淡的农家菜。4. Turpan, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region4. 新疆维吾尔自治区吐鲁番Lying on the northern Silk Road en route to the trading hub of Kashgar, the laidback town of Turpan has the best Uyghur food in Xinjiang. Dozens of open-air restaurants serve halal fare next to the main bazaar.在新疆通往喀什贸易中心的北丝绸之路边上,散落着的吐鲁番小镇出产最美味的维吾尔美食。大型集市边上有许多价格便宜的露天餐馆。Browse the stalls for central Asian specialties like lamb kawop and crispy rounds of nang b, served alongside less well-known local favorites like banshi (mutton wontons served in a light tomato broth topped with black-eyed beans and cilantro) or lamb, which is marinated in saffron and yoghurt and cooked until it falls tenderly apart in the tonur oven.一路走过小吃摊,你会看到中亚特有的烤羊肉和馕,跟不太大众的当地食品(羊肉馄饨番茄汤加黑豆与香菜)或羊羔肉,羊羔肉用藏红花和酸奶腌渍并炖煮而成,非常鲜嫩。Finish with a bowl of fresh set yoghurt.最后还可以来一大碗新鲜酸奶。The extremely dry county grows China’s sweetest grapes with the harvest spectacle taking place in early to mid-September.这个中国最干燥的地方产有最甜的葡萄,每年九月中旬便迎来葡萄大丰收的景象。5. Datong, Shanxi Province5. 山西省大同市Shanxi is home to one of China#39;s great eight cuisines, jin cai, characterized by the liberal use of vinegar, round bs and pastries (known as bing) and hundreds of varieties of noodles.山西晋菜是中国八大菜系之一,特点是擅于用醋,有各种馍馍、大饼和各种做法的面条。Located in north of the province, industrial city Datong is an unassuming choice for dedicated Chinese foodies, with a burgeoning number of restaurants serving innovative and elegant jin dishes.大同是一座工业城市,位于山西省北部,美食实在地道,现如今推出创新精致晋菜的餐馆也越来越多了。Phoenix Court, housed in an intimate Ming Dynasty mansion since 1518, serves the most refined jin cuisine in Datong.在始于明朝1815年的凤临阁能品尝到大同最美味的晋菜。Specialties are the delicate chrysanthemum shao mai (steamed dumplings favored by the Empress Cixi when she last visited), and the unusual yangsheng hulusi, which is carefully coiled shredded bottle gourd dressed with aged Shanxi vinegar, chilies, and finely sliced scallions.特色菜有可口的菊花烧卖(据说慈禧太后最后一次驾临山西时非常喜欢),还有特别的养生葫芦丝(佐以山西陈醋、辣椒和细细的葱花)。Across town the 500-seat Yonghe Fine Food City gives a new spin on traditional dishes, with must-tries like golden millet pudding studded with tiny orange sea buckthorn berries.市区的永和美食城能容纳500人,菜肴推陈出新,招牌菜有沙棘黄米饭,米饭里有小小的沙棘浆果。6. Qingdao, Shandong Province6. 山东省青岛市This is one of China#39;s best seafood cities. There is no better accompaniment to the city’s refreshing brew, Tsingtao, than the local shrimp, clams, geoducks, sea cucumbers and crayfish.青岛有中国最美味的海鲜。这里还有无与伦比的爽口青岛啤酒、对虾、蛤蜊、扇贝、海参还有淡水小龙虾。At Qingdao#39;s Haidao restaurant, choose the catch of the day from the tanks, request a method of cooking (if unsure, the restaurant will help), sit down with a jug of beer then wait to see what turns up.在青岛的海岛渔村,你可以自己从水箱里挑选当天新鲜海味,选择自己喜欢的烹饪方法(如果拿不定主意,店家可以帮忙),然后边喝啤酒边坐等美味上桌。The emphasis is on preserving the seafood#39;s fresh taste so don#39;t expect a lot of complex heavy sauces. Instead, enjoy gala (local clams cooked with garlic and a little chili), or wok-fired shrimp with scallions.为确保海鲜口味纯正,千万别放太多调料。推荐当地的蒜蓉蛤蜊或葱爆虾,味道很不错。For those who love to smell brine and hear the creak of rigging with your seafood, Xiao Gang Pier in northern Qingdao is lined with fishing boats selling directly from their decks.如果你想一边品尝海鲜、一边伴着咸咸的海风听船桨声,可以去青岛北边的小港海鲜市场,那里有成排的渔船,甲板上出售各种海产品。7. Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province7. 浙江省绍兴市This ancient canal city is home to huangjiu, an amber-colored rice wine that#39;s ubiquitous in Chinese cooking.这座大运河畔的老城是黄酒的发源地,黄酒是一种琥珀色的米酒,是中国烹饪的必备调料。Experience the history of 2,000 years of winemaking and taste aged wines at the Yellow Rice Wine Museum before enjoying a meal at the legendary Xianheng restaurant.在去著名的咸亨酒店饕餮之前,一定要先去黄酒物馆感受一下2000年的酿酒史、品味一下陈年酒酿。Open since 1894, the dining chain is known by almost every Chinese for its appearance in early 20th century novels by Chinese literati Lu Xun.咸亨酒店始建于1894年,得名于中国文学家鲁迅在20世纪写过的某篇小说,在中国可谓家喻户晓,现在已发展成为连锁店了。Xianheng#39;s delicacies include crispy-skinned chicken, smoked red dates in rice wine, beans flavored with fennel, and crispy bream in rice wine.咸亨酒店的招牌菜有脆皮鸡、酒醉红枣、茴香豆还有香酥黄酒渍鳊鱼。Fried fermented tofu is also a local specialty, which is available all over town at small street stalls including one just outside Xianheng.油炸臭豆腐也是当地一大特色,市内大街小巷到处都有臭豆腐摊,咸亨酒店外也有。8. Dazhai, Guangxi Province8. 广西省大寨乡Not technically a city, but Dazhai is the best destination in China to enjoy fresh food as well as a stunning natural landscape on one trip.大寨严格意义上来说并不是一座城市,但在这里不仅能欣赏到美丽的自然风光,还能品尝到新鲜的绿色食品。The village is about three hours from Guilin by car and is at the base of the remote ;Dragon#39;s Backbone; rice terraces.从桂林开车大概三个小时就到了大寨——周围是被誉为“龙脊”的梯田。Here, the Yao minorities grow, make and forage everything they eat, including rice, tea, fern shoots, wild mushrooms and liquor brewed from wild berries.在这里,瑶族人自给自足,种植并生产大米、茶、笋、蘑菇,还能用野莓酿酒。Vegetables are plucked by farmers from the earth next to dining tables which overlook spectacular centuries-old rice fields.饭桌上的蔬菜是边上的篱笆地里现摘的,放眼望去是恒古壮观的稻田。Farmer Li#39;s guesthouse is one of many lodgings that serve simple home-cooked dishes according to the season, for example: stir-fried pumpkin with fern shoots, or sticky rice cooked inside bamboo.在大寨,有很多像老李家这样的小客店,向客人提供南瓜炒笋片或竹筒饭这样的应季农家菜。 /201302/223930即墨/市中医院人流价格表即墨/市妇幼保健院有四维彩超吗

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