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城阳棘洪滩马戈庄河套阴岛不孕不育多少钱即墨做人流的费用多少钱英语专业四级 年大学英语专业四级完型专项训练() -01- :1: 来源: 年大学英语专业四级完型专项训练()  It is well known that teenage boys tend to do better 1)______ math than girls, that male high school students are more likely than their female counterparts )______ advanced math courses like calculus,that virtually all the great mathematicians 3)______ men. Are women born with )______ mathematical ability?Or does society’s sexism slow their progress? In 1980, two Johns Hopkins University researchers tried 5)______ the eternal naturenurture debate. Julian Stanley and Camilla Benbow 6)______ ,000 talented seventh and eighth graders between 197 and 1979. Using the Scholastic Aptitude Test, in which math questions are meant to measure ability rather than knowledge, they discovered 7)______ sex differences. 8)______ the verbal abilities of the males and females 9)______ differed, twice as many boys as girls scored over 500 (on a scale of 0 to 800) on mathematical ability; at the 700 level, the ratio was to 1. The conclusion: males have )______ superior mathematical reasoning ability.   Benbow and Stanley’s findings, )______ were published in “Science”, disturbed some men and )______ women. Now there is comt those people in a new study from the University of Chicago that suggests math )______ not, after all, a natural male domain. Prof. Zalman Usiskin studied 1,366 tenth graders. They were selected from geometry classes and tested on their ability to solve geometry proofs, a subject requiring )______ abstract reasoning and spatial ability. The conclusion )______ by Usiskin: there are no sex differences in math ability.   1.A. at B. to C. of D. about   .A. in tackling B. tackling C. to tackle D. about tackling   3.A. might be B. have been C. must be D. had been   .A. smaller B. less C. fewer D. not more   5.A. to settle B. to set C. settling D. setting   6.A. were tested B. have tested C. were testing?D. had tested   7.A. distinct B. instinct C. remote D. vague   8.A. Since B. However C. As D. While   9.A. scarcely not B. virtually C. largely D. hardly   .A. superficially B. universally C. inherently?D. initially   .A. as B. that C. which D. all   .A. few B. not a few C. not few D. quite few   .A. be B. were C. was D. is   .A. none of B. neither of C. either D. both   .A. got B. gained C. reached D. accomplished   参考:   1-5 ACBBA  6- DADDC - CBDDC即墨市当代医院无痛人流好吗 年6月六级作文范文:电脑对书写的影响 --19 :53:30 来源: 年6月六级作文范文:电脑对书写的影响  The Impact of the Computer on Writing Ability  Directions: this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Impact of the Computer on Writing Ability. Your essay should start with a brief description of the picture. Your should write at least 0 words but no more than 0 words.  范文:  The Impact of the Computer on Writing Ability  As we can see, from left to right, there is a brush, a pen and a computer in the picture, which indicates the development of the way people write with. Under each one of them, there are two Chinese characters meaning “handwriting”. Obviously, the two characters under the computer are not as beautiful as the rest ones, which implies that with the popularity of computer people’s writing ability has deteriorated.  This picture brings us the question whether we are going ward or backward after the popularity of computer. There is no doubt that our life has become much easier owing to the conveniences computer has brought. However, people have depended so much on computer that they can hardly do things well without it, which result in the degeneration in some abilities, such as writing ability and communication ability. In this sense, computer has made us go backward.  Alarmed by the issue reflected in the picture, we should do something to prevent ourselves from the side effects of computer. As far as I am concerned, we should limit the time we spend on computer and try to develop as many good habits as possible in spare time.persist in one's errorsasking insulting questions即墨市第四人民医院有四维彩超吗

即墨中医医院做孕检多少钱冲刺练习及范文(3) -- :: 来源: Protecting the Intangible Cultural Heritages  1.保护非物质文化遗产很重要  .非物质文化遗产指的是……  3.为保护非物质文化遗产我们应该……    Protecting the Intangible Cultural Heritages  Like tangible cultural heritages such as the Great Wall and the bidden City, intangible cultural heritages like Peking Opera and Confucius-commemorating rituals are equally crucial. We should make our utmost efts to preserve intangible heritages because, without their physical m of existence, they are in greater risk of extinction.  According to UNESCO’s Convention the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (), all ms of social customs and habits, folklore, perming arts, rituals, oral traditions, festivals, traditional crafts and various knowledge and practices about nature and universe can be classified as intangible cultural heritages. As a country consisting of a great diversity of ethnic groups and with time-honored history and civilization, China abounds in intangible cultural heritages. Cultural heritages connect modern people with the historical past, allowing them to acquire a cultural and historical identity. Without cultural heritages, we would be rendered absolutely rootless and we would find it hard to cope with challenges at present and in the future.  However, the modernization process poses mounting threats to intangible heritages. Many people have a blind faith in the latest electronic devices. It is also pathetic to see elderly people in possession of such legacies pass away without transmitting them to the younger generation. Faced with those challenges, we should both preserve and renovate our ancestral heritages so that we can help contribute to the cultural diversity of the world and return to our spiritual homeland in this age of impersonal science and technology.墨市第三人民医院四维彩超预约 英语专业四级 年专四听力材料: Mohamed Bin Hammam Banned -- :7:00 来源: 年专四听力材料: Mohamed Bin HammamBanned  The head of football in Asia, Mohamed Bin Hammam, has been banned from the sport life by the international federation Fifa after being found guilty of bribery. Mr Bin Hammam, who’s from Qatar, had been accused of trying to buy votes in the Fifa presidential election, where he was challenging its leader Sepp Blatter. Gordon Farquhar reports from Fifa headquarters.  由于收受贿赂,亚洲足联主席哈曼(Mohammed Bin Hammam)被国际足联判处终身不得参加体育赛事来自卡特尔的哈曼被指控试图在国际足联主席的竞选中收买选票,向布赖特挑战Gordon Farquhar从国际足联总部发回报道  Petrus Damaseb, a Namibian judge and chairman of the ethics committee that investigated the bribery claims, announced Mr Bin Hammam had been found guilty of all charges and said the life ban from involvement in the game was in keeping with Fifa’s zero tolerance policy. Lawyers the Qatari, now mer head of Asian football, said the ethics committee had reached its conclusions relying on circumstantial evidence, which was "bogus" and "based on lies". They indicated Mr Bin Hammam intends to fight the decision through every legal channel at his disposal.  纳米比亚法官和负责调查这次贿赂指控的道德委员会主席Petrus Damaseb宣布针对哈曼的所有控告均成立,照国际足联的零容忍政策,他将被终身禁止参加足球赛事这位前亚洲足联主席的律师声称,法官得出的结论是依情况而定的,是“基于谎言的”他们暗示,哈曼将通过所有司法渠道进行上诉即墨妇科门诊

即墨打胎最好的医院考研英语 考研英语翻译预测题及讲解(一) -- :: 来源: 考研英语考试中,翻译需要我们不断练习下面小编为大家整理了考研翻译预测,希望可以为大家带来帮助! There is no question that science-fiction writers have become more ambitious, stylistically and thematically, in recent years. (1) (But this may have less to do with the luring call of academic surroundings than with changing market conditions—a factor that academic critics rarely take into .) Robert Silverberg, a mer president of The Science Fiction Writers of America, is one of the most prolific professionals in a field dominated by people who actually write a living. (Unlike mystery or Western writers, most science-fiction writers cannot expect to cash in on fat movie sales or TV tie-ins.) () (Still in his late thirties, Silverberg has published more than a hundred books, and he is disarmingly frank about the relationship between the quality of genuine prose and the quality of available outlet. )By his own , he was “an annoyingly verbal young man” from Brooklyn who picked up his first science-fiction book at the age of ten, started writing seriously at the age of thirteen, and at seventeen nearly gave up in despair over his inability to break into the pulp magazines. (3)( At his parents’ urging, he enrolled in Columbia University, so that, if worst came to worst, he could always go to the School of Journalism and “get a nice steady job somewhere”.) During his sophomore year, he sold his first science-fiction story to a Scottish magazine named Nebula. By the end of his junior year, he had sold a novel and twenty more stories. () (By the end of his senior year, he was earning two hundred dollars a week writing science fiction, and his parents were reconciled to his pursuit of the literary life. )“I became very cynical very quickly,” he says. First I couldn’t sell anything, then I could sell everything. The market played to my worst characteristics. An editor of a schlock magazine would call up to tell me he had a ten-thousand-word hole to fill in his next issue. I’d fill it overnight a hundred and fifty dollars. I found that rewriting made no difference. (5)( I knew I could not possibly write the kinds of things I admired as a er—Joyce, Kafka, Mann—so I detached myself from my work.) I was a phenomenon among my friends in college, a published, selling author. But they always asked, “When are you going to do something serious?” —meaning something that wasn’t science fiction—and I kept telling them, “ When I’m financially secure.”    1.但是这一点与其说是与学术环境具有诱惑力的召唤有关,还不如说是与变化的市场状况有关——一这是一个学术家很少考虑的因素  .还不到四十岁,西尔弗伯格就已出版了一百多本书籍,而他对真正散文的质量与应时之作的质量之间的关系十分坦诚,毫无掩饰  3.在他双亲的敦促下,他报考了哥伦比亚大学,所以即便最糟他也能进入新闻学校,“将来总可以有一份稳定的好工作”  .到大四结束的时候,他每星期写科幻小说已经可以赚两百美元了,而他的双亲也接受了他对于文学生涯的追求  5.我知道我写不出作为读者的我所喜欢的东西,就像乔伊斯、卡夫卡、曼恩的作品,所以我不再那么关注我所写的东西  总体分析  本文介绍了科幻小说家罗伯特·西尔弗伯格文章先指出科幻小说的繁荣与市场需求关系紧密,接着通过介绍多产的科幻小说家西尔弗伯格的创作经历予以说明  本文考查的知识点:后置定语、插入语、比较结构、同位语、上下文中词义的选择,等  试题精解  1.[精解] 本题考核知识点:比较结构、同位语的翻译  该句的主干是this may have less to do with... than with...,其中含有一个比较结构less... than...,可译为“与其说…不如说…”破折号后是名词短语a factor that... 做整个主句的同位语,其中that引导的定语从句做后置定语由于是同位语,可单独译为一个句子,补译“这”为它的主语  词汇:luring是lure的现在分词形式,可译为“具有诱惑力的”;factor意为“因素”;take into 意为“考虑”  .[精解] 本题考核知识点:词义的选择  该句是and连接的两个并列分句,其主干是Silverberg has published... , and he is frank about...  词汇:in one’s thirties意为“在(某人)三十几岁时”,由于本句中有late修饰,如果直译为“三十几岁晚期”不符合汉语表达习惯,应意译为“不到四十岁”disarmingly意为“使人消除敌意(或怀疑、怒气等)的”,与frank一起应译为“十分坦诚、直言不讳”genuine意为“真正的;坦率的,真诚的”available意为“可获得的,可找到的”,outlet意为“(思想、感情、精力发泄的)出路,表现机会”,available outlet不能直译,而应根据上文对应的genuine prose(真正的散文)意译为“应时之作”  3.[精解] 本题考核知识点:顺译法  该句是主从复合句,其主干是he enrolled... so that... he could go to...,翻译时可采用顺译的方法,保持原来句子的顺序句首介词短语At his parents’ urging作状语so that引导结果状语从句,其中插入语if worst came to worst做条件状语,应意译为“在最糟糕的情况下”  词汇:urging为urge的动名词形式,译为“敦促”;  .[精解] 本题考核知识点:顺译法和分词的翻译  该句是and连接的并列句,其主干是he was earning... and his parents were...,可采用顺译的方法翻译前一分句中,分词结构writing science fiction作方式状语,翻译时应置于谓语前面,译为“(通过)写科幻小说”  词汇:be reconciled to意为“将就,妥协,接受”  5.[精解] 本题考核知识点:插入语、后置定语的翻译  该句是个主从复合句,其主干是I knew... so I detached...主从句之间是插入语,列举了几个作家的名字,根据上下文,这些名字实际上指代的是作家的作品,应补译为“乔伊斯、卡夫卡、曼恩的作品”I knew后是省略了关系代词的宾语从句I could not write...,其中宾语the kind of things后又接有一个定语从句I admired as...,由于定语不长,可直接译为汉语的前置定语  词汇:detach oneself from sth.意为“挣脱,摆脱,离开”,文中应意译为“不关注我写的东西” ;What did I say?; ;Don#39;t you see, Bella? It#39;s one thing for me to make myself miserable, but a wholly other thing for you to be so involved.; He turned his anguished eyes to the road, his words flowing almost too fast for me to understand. ;I don#39;t want to hear that you feel that way.; His voice was low but urgent. His words cut me. ;It#39;s wrong. It#39;s not safe. I#39;m dangerous, Bella — please, grasp that.;“你还看不出来吗,贝拉?这完全是两码事:对我来说,是我让自己如此悲惨的;可对你而言,你不应该被牵涉得这么深的。”他移开了写满痛苦的目光,看着路面,他说得太快,我根本不明白他话里的意思。“我不想听到你有这种感觉。”他的声音很低,却很急迫。他的话刺痛了我。“这是错误的。这不安全。我很危险,贝拉——求你了,领会这一点。”;No.; I tried very hard not to look like a sulky child.“不。”我非常艰难地努力不让自己看起来像个闹别扭的孩子。;I#39;m serious,; he growled.“我是认真的。”他咆哮着。;So am I. I told you, it doesn#39;t matter what you are. It#39;s too late.;“我也是。我告诉过你,你是什么根本无关紧要。太迟了。”His voice whipped out, low and harsh. ;Never say that.;他的声音忽然响起来,低沉而刺耳。“永远不要这样说。”I bit my lip and was glad he couldn#39;t know how much that hurt. I stared out at the road. We must be close now. He was driving much too fast.我咬住唇,庆幸他不会知道这有多伤人。我看着车外的路面。现在我们一定快到了。他开得太快了。;What are you thinking?; he asked, his voice still raw. I just shook my head, not sure if I could speak. I could feel his gaze on my face, but I kept my eyes forward.“你在想什么?”他问道,声音依然很阴冷。我只是摇摇头,不确定自己能否说得出口。我能感觉到他正凝视着我的脸,但我只是看着前方。;Are you crying?; He sounded appalled. I hadn#39;t realized the moisture in my eyes had brimmed over. I quickly rubbed my hand across my cheek, and sure enough, traitor tears were there, betraying me.“你在哭吗?”他听起来吓坏了。可我并没有感觉到眼里的液体盈出眼眶。我飞快地用手擦了一下脸颊,确实,叛徒眼泪正在那里,它们出卖了我。;No,; I said, but my voice cracked.“没有。”我说道,但我的声音嘶哑着。I saw him reach toward me hesitantly with his right hand, but then he stopped and placed it slowly back on the steering wheel.我看见他迟疑着把右手伸向我,但他停住了,然后慢慢地把手放回了方向盘上。《暮光之城》与图书题目相得益彰的是,“暮光之城”系列别具匠心的封面设计则很好地传达出了每本书内在的深远寓意。斯蒂芬妮·梅尔指出《暮色》封面上的苹果代表“创世纪” 内善恶树上的禁果。象征贝拉和爱德华之间人类与吸血鬼禁忌的爱恋。在书的开头引用了“创世纪”217页的内容:“只是分别善恶树上的果子,你不可吃,因为你吃的日子必定死。”这同时也代表了贝拉如何分辨善恶——选择是否吃下那颗禁忌的果实,这比喻了选择跟爱德华在一起或远离他。 Article/201308/252433青岛即墨治疗尿道炎哪家医院最好的即墨妇科医院哪个最好



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