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  • When partners were asked whether they had their spouses emails, eight per cent of men and 14 per cent of women said they had.A fifth of spouses admit checking their partner's emails or text messages, according to a new study.The report also found that in a fifth of relationships, at least one partner had checked their spouse's browser history on the computer.Entitled "Netiquettewithin married couples", the study involved an analysis of data from nearly 1,000 UK couples by researchers from the London School of Economics, the University of Oxford and Nottingham Trent University.Ellen Helsper, who led the study, said: "Our findings showed that there are surprisingly high levels of surveillance."One of the surprising findings was that surveillance was undertaken more often by wives than husbands."This contrasts with research that suggests that women are less technologically skilled than men. It seems that they are able to overcome these barriers when they feel their relationship is at stake.''The researchers, who reported their findings in the journal, Computers in Human Behavior this week, analysed replies given to a series of questions about internet use.When partners were asked whether they had their spouses' emails, eight per cent of men and 14 per cent of women said they had. In a further ten per cent of cases, both had done so.Asked the same question in relation to text messages, seven per cent of men and 13 per cent of women said they had. Again, in a further ten per cent of cases, both said they had done so.This equates to around a fifth of spouses admitting to checking emails or text messages.One in 10 women and six per cent of men had check the browser history of their partners. In a further four per cent of relationships, both said they had.One per cent of both men and women had used monitoring software, and one per cent had posed as someone else to contact their partner.Ms Helsper added: "It is clear that internet users do not shy from taking action when they think their partner might be undertaking activities that they are not comfortable with."Whatever the reason for the monitoring, partner surveillance was wider sp than we initially assumed, with one out of every three couples having at least one partner who monitored the other partner's behaviour using some kind of technological tool."The average age of those taking part was 49 and the couples had been married for an average 19 years with 1.6 children. /201003/100147。
  • The U.S.-Afghan strategic partnership agreement signed Tuesday by U.S. President Barack Obama and his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai is being greeted with mixed feelings in and outside of Afghanistan.美国总统奥巴马和阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊星期二签署的美阿战略夥伴关系协议在阿富汗内外引发各种不同的反应。While the strategic partnership deal could pose new challenges to Afghanistan, many believe it helps end any prevailing confusion about the nature of U.S.-Afghan relations once all foreign combat troops leave the country in 2014.尽管这项战略夥伴协议可能对阿富汗构成新的挑战,但是许多人认为,一旦所有外国作战部队在2014年撤离阿富汗,这项协议就有助于结束阿富汗人对美阿关系性质普遍存在的困惑。Afghan lawmaker Shukria Barekzai says it is early to comment on the fate of the deal once it is presented to parliament.阿富汗律师巴雷克扎伊说,现在对该协议提交议会后会出现的结果发表为时尚早。;It is very early to say that the parliament may pass [it] or not, but for my point of view as long as it is good for the country and good for the Afghan people we would like to vote for it,; said Barekzai. ;We would like to accept that partnership with a very clear stand, the stand which gives us and assures the Afghans that Afghanistan will be a prosper[ous] country, which Afghans deserve. And of course, it is a very long way for us to walk, but we have to achieve, what we should.;巴雷克扎伊说:“现在说议会将要通过或否决这项决议还为时太早。可是,据我看,只要协议对我们国家以及阿富汗人有好处,我们就会投持票。我们想带着十分明确的立场接受这个夥伴关系。这个立场就是要让阿富汗人确信,阿富汗将成为一个繁荣的国家,阿富汗也应该享有这样的国力。显然,要想实现这一目标我们还有很长的路要走,可是我们必须实现这一目标,我们应当实现这一目标。”Kabul-based independent researcher Omar Sharifi says that the strategic bilateral agreement also sends a strong message to the Taliban and other insurgent groups that they will not be allowed to return Afghanistan to the civil war of the 1990s.喀布尔的一位独立研究人员沙里菲说,这项双边协议还向塔利班和其他叛乱组织发出一个强烈的信息,那就是不允许他们让阿富汗回到1990年代的那场内战。;But the main question remains with almost every single Afghan right now, especially in the decision-making circles, will we have enough capacity to implement this agreement and to show that we are capable both structurally and in terms of politically thinking to be a good partner in this agreement,; said Sharifi.沙里菲说:“可是,几乎所有的阿富汗人,尤其是在决策圈,仍然有一个主要疑问。那就是我们有足够的能力来落实这项协议吗?我们能否表现出我们在结构上和政治思考上有能力成为这项协议中的一个好夥伴呢?”President Obama signed the agreement with his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai during Tuesday#39;s unannounced visit to Kabul. The document defines the role of the remaining American forces in Afghanistan after 2014, with troops staying on to support counterterrorism and training efforts.奥巴马总统在星期二对喀布尔进行的事先未作宣布的访问中与阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊签署了这项协议。这项文件明确规定了2014年之后留在阿富汗的美军的角色,一些部队要继续驻扎在阿富汗持反恐努力,并且还要做培训工作。Analysts in neighboring Pakistan, including former ambassador to the U.S. Maliha Lodhi, believe winding down the Afghan war can have a far-reaching effect on regional stability.邻国巴基斯坦的分析人士,包括前巴基斯坦驻美大使罗德尼在内,认为逐渐结束阿富汗战争可以对地区稳定产生深远的影响。;For 11 years Pakistan has wanted to hear these kinds of words from an American president that the war is ending, and the first time, I have heard an American president talk about a negotiated peace with the Taliban,; said Lodhi. ;President Obama, it was very significant, said in his speech that his administration was in direct discussions with the Taliban. So overall, I think, the president#39;s speech would be welcomed by Pakistan.;罗德尼说:“11年来,巴基斯坦一直想听到一位美国总统说出将要结束阿富汗战争这些话。我第一次听到一位美国总统谈到与塔利班进行和谈。奥巴马总统在讲话中说,美国政府与塔利班进行直接谈判。这一点极为重要。因此,总的来说,我认为奥巴马总统的讲话会受到巴基斯坦的欢迎。”Lodhi says Pakistan has been unable to successfully crack down on Islamist insurgents along its border with Afghanistan partly because the presence of foreign troops next door has helped fuel militancy in the region.罗德尼说,巴基斯坦一直不能对巴阿边境线上的伊斯兰叛乱分子实施成功的打击,部份原因是邻国的外国驻军激发了该地区的战斗状态。 /201205/180483。
  • Germany is the most positively viewed nation in the world in this year#39;s annual Country Ratings Poll for the B World Service.英国广播公司(B)的全球民意调查显示,德国成为全世界最受好评的国家。More than 26,000 people were surveyed internationally for the poll. They were asked to rate 16 countries and the European Union on whether their influence in the world was ;mainly positive; or ;mainly negative;. Germany came out top with 59% rating it positively. Iran was once again the most negatively viewed.这次调查接触了世界各地2.6万多名调查对象,请他们对16个国家和欧盟品头论足,品评它们对世界的影响主要是积极还是消极。德国脱颖而出,有59%的人评价其具有积极影响,居各国之首。与之相反,伊朗再次成为最被消极看待的国家。Global views of Europe#39;s biggest country have improved significantly in 2013, according to the poll. It was conducted for the B by GlobeScan and PIPA, who conducted face-to-face and telephone interviews with randomly selected people, mainly in urban centres, in 25 countries around the globe.B的这次调查是通过“环球扫描”和PIPA公司开展的,在全球25个国家(主要在城市中心)随机选择受访者,通过面对面采访和电话访谈的方式进行调查。View of India deterioratesA three-point increase in Germany#39;s average rating returned it to the top of the B list, displacing Japan, which saw its positive ratings drop from 58% to 51%, and fell from first to fourth place overall.作为去年榜首的日本,其好评已经从58%降到了 51%,总体地位从第一名降到第四名。The UK saw a bigger increase in positive ratings than any other country and climbed to third place in the table, in the wake of its hosting of the 2012 Olympics.英国本次获得的积极评价上升幅度最大,已经攀升到榜单的第三位,这要归功于英国主办2012年奥运会的成绩。The poll also indicates that positive views of China and India have fallen sharply around the world over the last year. After improving for several years, views of China have sunk to their lowest level since polling began in 2005, putting it in ninth position.India is ranked 12th, with negative views (35%) slightly outnumbering positive ones (34%) for the first time.与去年相比,印度获得的积极评价也大幅减少,排名第12位,对该国的消极评价(35%)首次略高于积极评价(34%)。中国排名第九位。Risers and fallersMore positively viewed than in 2012 - UK, Canada, FranceMore negatively viewed than in 2012 - China, USA, RussiaBut Germany, whose economy has done better than almost every other in Europe in recent years, scored well across the world in the poll.最近几年,德国经济好于其他欧洲各国,它在本次调查中也获得全世界的好评。它取代日本,重新回到B排行榜首位。In Ghana, 84% of people polled said Germany#39;s influence was mainly positive, while 81% in neighbouring France and 76% in Australia felt the same. The big exception to the trend was in recession-hit Greece, where a majority of people polled gave Germany negative ratings.在加纳,84%的调查对象认为,德国的影响主要是积极的,81%的法国被调查中持有同样的看法。在澳大利亚,对德国持积极看法的人也占到76%。但在遭衰退重创的希腊,多数被调查者对德国评价消极。Positive views of the EU dropped to their lowest level last year but have stabilised this year, rising one point to 49% on average.欧盟在去年得到的好评降至最低,今年渐趋稳定,平均分上升一个点,为49%。But this figure masks significant changes. There has been a sharp drop in positive ratings by Germans, down 14 points to 59%. Canadians and Americans both give significantly lower ratings to the EU. In the UK, positive views of the EU continue to fall steadily and, for the first time this year, more Britons rate it negatively (47%) than positively (42%).但这一数字背后仍然有重大变化。德国人对欧盟的积极评价下降了14个点,目前为59%。加拿大人和美国人给欧盟也都打了低分。在英国,对欧盟的积极看法也在减少,英国人今年对欧盟的负面评价(47%)第一次高出了正面好评(42%)。Israel, North Korea, Pakistan and Iran came out worst in terms of how they are viewed globally. Only 15% of respondents said they saw Iran as having a mainly positive influence.以色列、朝鲜、巴基斯坦和伊朗在全球评价中居于末位。只有15%的调查对象认为,伊朗的影响主要是积极的。 /201305/241513。
  • From March 3rd until April 15th, 12 river dolphins were discovered dead one after another in Dongting Lake in Hunan Province#39;s Yueyang City. In the entire Yangtze River basin, only around 1,200 of this species remain, to the point that its numbers are even less than China#39;s ;National Treasure;, the giant panda. Apart from Dongting Lake, Poyang Lake has also recently found river dolphins dead, with autopsies revealing that most of these river dolphins shared a common characteristic: There was no food to be found in their digestive systems.从3月3日到4月15日,湖南岳阳洞庭湖连续续发现12只江豚死亡。整个长江流域这一物种也仅仅只剩下约1200头左右,其种群数量甚至已经比国宝大熊猫还少。不仅是洞庭湖,鄱阳湖近期也发现江豚死亡,尸体解剖发现,这些死亡的江豚大多有一个共同特点:消化系统里没有任何食物残留。 /201204/178956。
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