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即墨市市北医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱即墨一般做人流要多少钱Climate change气候变化Raise the green lanterns高举环保大旗China is using climate policy to push through domestic reforms中国以环境政策推动国内改革WHEN world leaders gathered in Paris to discuss cutting planet-heating emissions, a pall of smog hung over Beijing. In parts of the capital levels of fine particulate matter reached 30 times the limit deemed safe. Though air pollution and climate change are different things, Chinese citydwellers think of them in the same, poisoned breath. The murky skies seemed irreconcilable with the bright intentions promised in France.当各国领导人齐聚巴黎讨论有关减少温室气体排放的问题,北京被厚厚的雾霾笼罩。在首都的某些地方,大气细颗粒物的含量达到了最低安全指标的30倍。尽管空气污染和气候变化不是一件事,但生活在城市的中国居民认为他们都会在我们呼吸的过程中毒害我们的健康。灰蒙蒙的天空似乎和领导人在法国所承诺的美好意愿不太相符。Yet a marked change has taken place in Chinas official thinking. Where once China viewed international climate talks as a conspiracy to constrain its economy, it now sees a global agreement as helpful to its own development.然而中国官员的思维模式开始有了显著的变化。曾经中国认为国际气候谈判是一场阻碍其发展的鸿门宴,现在中国领导人将全球气候协议看成是有助其发展的一种推动。China accounts for two-thirds of the worlds increase in the carbon dioxide emitted since 2000. It has come a long way in recognising the problem. When China first joined international climate talks, the environment was just a minor branch of foreign policy. The ministry for environmental protection had no policymaking powers until 2008. Only in 2012 did public pressure force cities to publish air-pollution data.自2000年以来,全球三分之二二氧化碳排放量的增长量都来自中国。而中国在很长一段时间后才开始正视这个问题。当中国第一次参加国际气候谈判时,环境问题仅仅只是其外交政策的一个小分。环境保护部在2008年以前都没有制定政策的权利。而出于公众舆论的压力,各市政府在2012年才公布了空气污染数据。Yet today China pledges to cap carbon emissions by 2030 (reversing its former position that, as a developing power, it should not be bound to an absolute reduction); and it says it will cut its carbon intensity (that is, emissions per unit of GDP) by a fifth, as well as increase by the same amount the electricity generated from sources other than fossil fuels. The latest five-year plan, a blueprint for the Communist Partys intentions that was unveiled last month, contains clear policy prescriptions for making economic development more environmentally friendly.但是中国决定在2030年前控制碳排放(该决定与中国过往的立场完全不同,中国之前的立场是作为发展中国家的中国不应该被规定做出绝对数目的减排目标),宣布大幅减少碳浓度(即每单位GDP的排放量)达五分之一,同时中国将增加五分之一用除化石燃料以外的清洁能源来发电的电量。在上个月最新出炉的五年计划包含着共产党对中国未来的规划,其中明确包含促使经济更环保发展的政策。Theres more更多内容Right after the Paris summit, however it ends, China is expected to make more promises in a new document, co-written by international experts, that presents a far-reaching programme of how China should clean up its act. It is based on models that account for both economic and political viability. On top of existing plans, such as launching a national emissions-trading scheme in 2017, the government may even outline proposals for a carbon tax, something that has eluded many prosperous countries in the West.不管过程如何,各国在巴黎峰会上通过了一份由各国专家共同撰写的文件,其中要求中国在环境问题上给出更多的承诺,同时该文件中还有一个计划长远的项目用以指导中国该如何规范其行为。该文件是基于那些给出经济可行性和政治可行性的模型。在现存计划之外,如2017年开始运行的全国碳排放交易系统,中国政府甚至开始拟定征收碳排放税,而在许多发达的西方国家,这都是一件避而不谈的事。The big question is why China is now so serious about climate change. The answer is not that Communist leaders are newly converted econuts. Rather, they want to use environmental concerns to rally domestic support for difficult reforms that would sustain growth in the coming decades. Since a global slowdown in 2008 it has become clear that to continue growing, China must move its economy away from construction and energy-intensive industry towards services. At the same time, China faces an energy crunch. For instance, in recent years China has been a net importer of coal, which generates two-thirds of Chinas electricity. It all argues for growth plans that involve less carbon.问题是中国为什么现在对气候变化如此重视?不是因为共产党领导人向环境保护论低头。相反,中国领导人希望用环境问题来召集国内持,增援改革瓶颈,维持接下来几十年的经济增长。自2008年全球经济增长放缓以来,中国领导人开始明白,要实现经济的持续增长,中国经济需要摆脱建筑业密集型和能源密集型的特点,转向务集中型经济。与此同时,中国面临能源枯竭问题。举个例子,近几年中国是煤炭净进口国,而煤炭发电量占中国总发电量的三分之二。这些都让低碳经济增长计划成为讨论热点。This is where signing international accords, such as the one hoped for in Paris, come in, for they will help the government fight entrenched interests at home. Observers see a parallel with Chinas joining the World Trade Organisation in 2001. It allowed leaders to push through internal economic reform against fierce domestic opposition. In the same way, a global climate treaty should help it take tough measures for restructuring the economy.正如巴黎气候大会所预设达成的协议一样,签署这些国际协议能够让各国政府更有利地对抗国内根深蒂固的利益集团。有分析人士认为中国2001年加入世贸组织的行为也同样有着这一目的。此举让中国领导人能够在强烈的国内反对声音中继续推动内部经济改革。同样,全球性的气候条约能够使得一些重构经济的硬措施成为可能。It will not be easy. Provincial party bosses and state-owned enterprises hate to shut factories, particularly in those parts of the country, such as Shanxi and Inner Mongolia in the north, where coal is a big employer. Cutting demand for energy is even harder. Even if the amount of electricity used by state industry falls, that used by private firms and households is bound to increase. What is more, environmental regulations and laws laid down by the centre are routinely flouted.但是这不会是件简单的事。各省级政府以及各个国企领导不希望关闭工厂,特别是像山西和内蒙古这些以煤矿业提供工作岗位的北方省份。降低能源需求就更苦难了。即使国有产业的用电量下降了,民用和私营企业的用电量一定都会上升。另外,由中央政府制定有关环境的法律法规常常遭到各地政府的无视。But cleaning up Chinas act has, for the central government, become a political necessity too. Environmental issues have been major public concerns for over a decade, says Anthony Saich of Harvard University, which has conducted polls. True, rural people fret most (and with good reason) about water pollution. But those in the cities gripe about their toxic air. Both represent a reproach to the government over its neglect of peoples lives and health.但对于中央政府来说,变更中国的行为模式也开始有了政治必要性。哈佛大学的安东尼·塞挈进行了一项投票调查,称环境问题在过去十年中变成了公众关心的一大问题。事情确实是这样的,比如农村居民最担心的是水污染问题(这个担心也是非常合理的)。但那些居住在城市的人抱怨空气中的毒害成分。这两种人都表达了对政府忽略人民生命健康的斥责。That is why national economic goals, political goals, public opinion and international pressure all point towards trying to cut emissions, pollutants included. In particular, says Zhang Zhongxiang of Tianjin University, now that dealing with climate change is a pillar of Chinas diplomacy, the government must show it can keep its promises. It has some tools at its disposal. Across the country, the environmental record of government officials has become a crucial part of their evaluation by the Communist Party; and cadres will be held accountable for their actions even after leaving their position. Several provinces have aly punished officials for environmental accidents and for not enforcing environmental laws.这也是为什么国家的经济目标、政治期望、民众意见以及国际压力都将矛头指向了减少某些污染物在内的排放量。就像天津大学的张忠祥所说的一样,现在气候变化问题成为中国外交的重点之一,政府必须要拿出遵守承诺的行动。中国有着其自身可用的方法处理环境问题。环境行政档案成为了共产党评定一个政府官员的重要依据,各级政府官员即使在离职后依然要对其在职时所作的决策负责。某些省份已经因为出现有关环境问题的事故或者没有依环境法行政等问题对一些官员进行了惩处。Fifty shades of grey五十度灰But there are obstacles to real change. The electricity grid and national power market are ill-equipped to increase renewable generation by much. Corruption in industrial procurement remains widesp, which does nothing to promote long-term efficiency or reductions in emissions. Competing incentives are also in play: earlier this year, the authorities forced a big Chinese investment company to buy back shares it had sold in old-fashioned industrial fields, for fear that it might depress share prices (which crashed anyway in a more general stockmarket meltdown). The government will not trust market mechanisms alone, says Yang Fuqiang of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an activist group.但想要真正做到改变,前面还有一些拦路虎。国家电网和国家能源市场对于新能源大量涌入没有足够的准备。行业采购中的腐败行为依然泛滥,这对于提高长期效率以及减少排放没有好处。竞争激励依然起作用:今年早些时候,一家大型中国投资公司在旧工业领域出售了许多股份,但有关部门因为担心抛售会使股份价格贬值(虽然其股价在股市暴跌情况下依然跌至低谷),于是强制要求其购回相应股份。维权团体自然资源保护委员会的杨富强称,政府不会把宝都压在市场机制上的。Nor are leaders yet pushing for change on all fronts. For instance, government efforts to cut emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are greater than for many other greenhouse gases. Scarce and polluted water, one of Chinas most severe environmental challenges, is almost entirely beyond the scope of the current raft of reforms. And China refuses to publish its estimate of the environmental toll of economic growth.但政府也没有在每个方面都推进改革。例如政府对于减少二氧化碳和氮氧化物所采取行动明显大于其他温室气体。稀缺且日益受到污染的水资源是中国最严重的环境威胁之一,但却几乎没有没能在这一轮改革的方案之中看到相关措施。而且中国政府拒绝透露经济增长所带来的环境破坏预估值。Sceptics scoff that Chinas promises in Paris are irrelevant because emissions will probably peak regardless, long before the promised 2030. Nor has the government said how high that top might be. Yet the sceptics underestimate the importance of an international agreement for China and beyond. Like other countries, China has to date followed a pattern of “grow first, clean up later”. Yet very quickly it has recognised the dangers and drawbacks of such a policy and has been pouring money into clean energy and other innovations it hopes will provide green growth. In that, it may prove a model for other fast-developing countries. That might signal a small patch of blue sky.持怀疑态度的人嘲弄称中国在巴黎气候大会上的承诺根本毫无意义,因为远在2030年前,全球温室气体排放量不论如何都会达到最大。尽管没有政府预计过这个最大的具体数值是多少,但这些人都低估了国际协议对于现在和以后的中国的重要性。和其他国家一样,中国曾经采用“先污染后治理”的模式。但是很快中国政府就意识到了其中的危害和缺点,并投入大量资金建设清洁能源和其他有助于绿色增长模式的研发。因此,中国或许能够成为其他高速发展国家的可模仿的例子。这可能标志着天空那一抹蔚蓝色出现。 /201512/414736即墨妇科病医院 The living wage最低生活工资Wage flaws工资缺陷Sense and nonsense about minimum wages最低工资的意义何在What unites Ed Miliband, the Labour leader; Boris Johnson, London’s Tory mayor; and Barclays Bank? All are keen on the “living wage”, the hourly rate needed to pay for the items people reckon they need for an acceptable standard of living. On November 5th researchers paid by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation uprated it to 7.45 pounds (.90). A separate calculation by GLA Economics, a research unit that advises Mr Johnson’s government, put the living wage in London at £8.55. Mr Miliband suggests naming and shaming those who pay less. Business folk warn darkly about the cost in lost jobs. Who is right?是什么将工党领袖埃德·米利班德,纽约的保守市长鲍里斯·约翰逊以及巴克莱联系在一起呢?他们都对“最低工资”极感兴趣,每小时的工资应该足以付人们认为的在一个合适的生活水平下应该拥有的东西。在11月5日,Joseph Rowntree基金会的调查者发现每小时工资提高到7.45英镑(约为11.90美元)。约翰逊政府的咨询机构——GLA经济研究协会做了一项独立的计算,得出伦敦的最低工资是7.45英镑。米利班德对那些小气的雇主冷嘲热讽,而商界人士则严肃警告说,员工失业对公司也会造成损失。孰对孰错?A mandatory national minimum adult hourly wage of 3.60 pounds was introduced in April 1999, and has been regularly uprated since. In October it rose to 6.19 pounds. The wage floor seems not to have cost jobs. A 2010 paper by researchers at the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics found the long-run effect was either negligible or positive (ie, jobs increased). That finding is echoed in studies of minimum wages in America.在1999年4月,强制实行成年人小时工资不低于3.6英镑的标准,到目前为止此项标准不断提高。到了10月就增加到每小时6.19英镑。薪资水平似乎还没导致失业。2010年,伦敦经济学院中心的一篇论文研究经济发现(最低工资)这一研究与美国的最低工资研究遥相呼应(即就业增加)。而这项研究在美国最低工资水平的研究中一直持续着。Such results might seem puzzling. If the price of something is forced upwards, demand for it should fall. Why might this not be the case for low-paid workers? The answer is that firms find other ways to absorb higher wage costs. The simplest is to raise prices. Fast-food restaurants in New Jersey did so when the state’s minimum wage was raised in 1992, according to a landmark study by David Card and Alan Krueger of Princeton University. Firms may also skimp on non-wage benefits, trim the number of hours worked by low-paid staff, or cut other costs. Even the best-run firms can find savings when pushed.这样的结果可能会令人费解。如果东西的价格被迫上升,那么他的需求将会下降。这样的情况难道不会难道不会出现在那些低工资者的身上么?是,公司将会寻找其他方式来减少高额的工资成本。最简单的就是提高价格。根据David Card和普林斯顿大学的Alan Krueger的一项里程碑式的研究显示,新泽西的快餐店在1992年国家的提出最低工资标准的时候就是这样做的。公司也可以克扣非工资福利,削减低薪工作人员工作时数以及其他的减少成本方式。运行得最好的公司甚至可以在强制的情况下找到解决的方式。They may even find benefits. Turnover of low-paid staff often falls in places where minimum wages go up, reducing hiring costs. Higher wages might also make workers more productive. The theory of “efficiency wages” says that well-paying firms can induce staff to work harder by improving morale or by making it costlier for them to risk being sacked. The well-heeled firms that have signed up to the living wage report a better standard of work. Bosses in less cosy workplaces know this, too. A study of prostitution in Chicago found that pimps paid above-market wages to retain the best street workers.他们甚至在其中有利可图。当最低工资上调时,低薪员工流通率也会同时上涨,这样将可以降低雇佣成本。而高工资也可能使得工人更有效率。“绩效工资”理论认为:高薪公司或可以激发员工士气,或使员工冒解雇之风险而投机牺牲代价变的更高,从而促使员工更努力工作。据报告显示,收入不错的企业都规规矩矩地执行最低工资标准,其工作质量都处于较高水平。而工作环境不怎么舒适的公司的老板都知道这一点。芝加哥的一项研究发现,老鸨们付高于市场的薪水来留住最好的街头工作者。These are comforting arguments for those who think firms should be cajoled into paying the living wage. They apply only up to a point. Efficiency-wage theory was devised to explain high unemployment. Wage floors in America are low by European standards. Britain’s minimum wage is carefully set to avoid demolishing jobs. When it was introduced it affected fewer than 2 million workers. But the national living wage is 20% higher, the London rate almost 40% higher. If applied to all those currently in work, they would raise the pay of around 5m employees. It is hard to believe that would have no effect on jobs.对 那些认为公司应该被连哄带骗地付最低生活工资来说,这些都是令人欣慰的参数。但是他们只用到了一个方面。效率工资理论被用来解释高失业率。美国的最低工资标准低于欧洲水平。英国的最低工资的设置是十分谨慎的,以防带来失业,受影响的人数应控制在200万之内。但是全国最低生活工资高出(实际水平 的)20%,伦敦率更是高出近40%。如果推广到所有的行业,约有500万人将会提高最低工资。那么,很难相信这对就业没有任何影响。Indeed, large cuts in real wages help explain why the jobs market has hummed along in an otherwise sluggish economy. Employment growth has been stronger in low-paid industries—in shops, hotels, bars, office services and so on—than in higher-paid work. The law firms, banks and accountants who have embraced the living wage can afford it, as they employ few low-paid workers.事实上,实际工资大削减有助于解释为什么就业市场在萧条的经济中仍高歌猛进。例如像商店、酒店、酒吧、办公务,如此等等低收入行业往往比报酬更高的的工作的就业率要高。律师事务所、和会计等行业可以承受起最低工资标准,因此他们很少雇佣那些低薪劳动者。A living wage implies a wage level that keeps up with prices, at least in part. But British workers have had to settle for a lower standard of living in recent years, because of a weaker pound, the rising cost of oil across the world and higher taxes. As a result, surprisingly few have lost their jobs. Brits, it seems, much prefer the hardship of low wages to the misery of no wages.一个最低生活工资至少要与部分物价水平保持一致。然而,由于英镑疲软,世界范围内石油价格上升以及税收提高,英国工人最近几年不得不过着水平相对较低的生活。但是,令人惊讶的是,很少有人失去了工作。与没有工资相对比,收入低一点对英国人来说没什么关系。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201608/461378Theres a good reason for the law enforcing seatbelt usage inmany states.很多国家法律规定使用安全带是有原因的。Seatbelts saved nearly 12,000 lives in the year 2000.2000年,安全带的使用挽救了近1200条生命。In this Moment of Science, we take a look inside thesesimple but highly useful machines.让我们通过科学一颗来了解一下这个简单但又十分有用的装置吧。A seatbelt consists of a belt made of flexible webbing and a retractor device.安全带是由弹性带和一个牵开器装置构成的。The retractor, usuallylocated inside a plastic housing above the passengers outer shoulder, consists of a spool aroundwhich the belt winds, and a spring attached to the spool to keep the webbing taut.牵开器通常位于乘客外肩上方的塑料罩里,由一个缠绕弹性带的线轴和一个依附在线轴上使弹性带拉紧的弹簧构成。When you pull a seatbelt across your chest and pelvis, the spool spins counter-clockwise,untwisting the spring.当你拉开安全带绕过你的胸和盆骨时,线轴就会逆时针旋转,松开弹簧。Since the spring wants to return to its coiled position, when you let go ofthe belt the spring causes the spool to spin clockwise, reeling in the slack.当你解开安全带的时候,弹簧就会通过自身回力使线轴顺时针旋转,收紧安全带。The most important part of a seat belt is the spools locking mechanism—a device that makes thebelt hold tight in the unfortunate event of a crash.安全带最重要的部分就是线轴的预收紧装置,在发生车祸的时候可以使安全带收紧,The locking mechanism is activated either bythe cars movement or by the belts movement.汽车运动和安全带运动都会触发预收紧装置。In car-activated systems, when the car stops suddenly a weighted pendulum swings forward,causing a metal bar to jam into a toothed gear attached to the spool.在汽车启动触发的情况下,汽车突然停下时,一个加重的摆锤会向前摆动,金属棒就会卡进依附在线轴的齿轮里。Unable to unwind anyfurther, the belt holds the passenger tightly in place.安全带再无法被进一步放开的情况下就会紧紧的将乘客束缚在座位上。In belt-activated systems, centrifugal force, cause by a sudden jerking of the belt, causes a leverattached to the spool to move outward.在安全带激活系统中,由安全带突然震动造成的离心力会使线轴上的杠杆向外移动。The extended lever activates a device that catches thetoothed gear attached to the spool, stopping its spinning motion.延长的杠杆会触发线轴上与齿轮相连的一个装置,从而使轴芯停止转动。In both systems, the point is totighten the belt so that its stopping power is sp across the sturdiest parts of your body.这两种情况的关键就是要收紧安全带,这样安全带的收力才会传递到身体中最强壮的部分。 201409/331509即墨好一点的妇科医院

城阳棘洪滩马戈庄河套阴岛治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱Today Buddhism is still an integral part of everyday life in Tibet.今日佛教仍是西藏生活不可缺少的一部分。It is an ancestral gift that permeates all levels of society.佛教是祖先的赠礼,渗透各社会阶层。Tibetan still flock to Guge, even today, not so much for the temples, as for the wondrous peak, towering of Tsaparang, the secret Mount Kailash.影响整个西藏人生活,即使是今日,西藏人还是涌入古格王朝,朝拜札布让上的冈仁波齐峰。These pilgrims are a remind of the thousand who have come to Guge before them.这些朝圣者令人回想之前来到古格王朝的数以千计转山者。They are a living proof of a deep reason for this most unique journey in life.他们是这趟最独特生命旅程的活生生印。Pilgrims like the ones Tsering has come across here are on a track around the perimeter of a secret site in a ritual known as Kora.这些朝圣者会来到这里寻找这个被称为科拉琴的秘密仪式。Some pilgrims would even go to profound length to demonstrate their faith through prostration.有些朝圣者甚至会到达很深的地方以叩拜方式展现他们的虔诚。A devotee may take years to travel hundreds of miles in this manner.虔诚的信徒可能以这种方式耗时数年行遍几百哩远。 译文属201604/437214青岛当代妇产医院在线咨询 Antarctica南极洲Core values核心价值The southern continent hots up南方大陆热闹起来了ANTARCTICA is 2,700km away. Yet as the brief austral summer fades, for Hobart, the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania, it is big business. The town is home to the Australian governments Antarctic Division and Frances Antarctic programme. The two countries ageing icebreakers are busy supplying their research stations. Australia is trying out a new research and supply vessel, which dwarfs its part of the harbour.远在2700公里的南极洲。随着南半球夏天的离去,澳大利亚塔斯马尼亚岛霍巴特迎来了大生意。澳大利亚政府南极洲研究部与法国南极洲考察项目驻扎在此。两国积极为其研究站提供技术成熟的破冰船。澳大利亚开展一项新的研究,研发供给船,这使其港口相形见绌。In early January the Falkor, a research vessel funded by Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google (and a member of The Economists board), steamed into Hobart. Its research budget would quicken the pulse of any ocean scientist, and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania threw a party for the crew. Among other topics, the institutes researchers are studying why the Earth is warming more slowly than models predict. One reason could be the cold Southern Ocean, a powerful climate regulator.早前一月初,谷歌执行总裁埃里克·施密特资(同时也是该杂志董事会一员)助了一艘名为Falkor的研究船驶向霍巴特。该船研究预算让海洋科学者心跳加快,而且塔斯马尼亚大学海洋与南极洲研究中心为船员们开了派对。该中心的研究课题还有为什么地球变暖速度低于先前模型的预测。其中原因之一可能是寒冷的南大洋能有力的调控天气变化。Though there are (disputed) territorial claims, the 1959 Antarctic Treaty sets Antarctica aside as a scientific reserve. States assert themselves by building bases and planting flagpoles. The dozen original signatories have swelled to 50, including India and South Korea. China, which signed up in 1983, has the fastest-growing presence. Some 350 features now have Chinese place-names (there is even a Great Wall).虽然领土争端仍然存在,1959年签订的南极条约使其成为了科学保留地。各国通过建立考察站升起国旗展示国家能力。原始缔约国大约十几个,现在升至50个,其中印度,韩国,中国在1983年签署加入,并成为了发展速度最快的国家。350个左右的地点是以中国地名命名的(其中包括长城站)。Chinas annual Antarctic spending has grown from m to m in a decade, and it has five bases. Its Ukrainian-built icebreaker, the Xue Long (Snow Dragon), shuttles between the Arctic and Antarctic summers, and will be joined in 2016 by a new vessel. Yet co-operation remains essential in this remote and hostile environment, and it relies on Russia and Australia for help with logistics and supplies.中国每年在南极洲花费从10年前的2千万美元到5千5百万美元,中国现在有五个科学考察站。乌克兰建造的雪龙号破冰船,在夏天,往返于北极和南极。2016年会配备一艘新船。然而,在如此遥远与恶劣的环境中,合作是极其重要的。雪龙号的后勤和供给都要依靠俄罗斯和澳大利亚。Chinas long-term interest may be in resources. But mining has been banned in the Antarctic since 1998, and that would be hard to change if most countries active there resisted it. For now, scientists in Hobart say the Chinese are doing impressive research. Most ambitious is an attempt to drill 2.5km into Antarcticas highest ice dome. Trapped air may reveal the secrets of 1.3m years of climate change. But extracting samples without contaminating them is only one of many challenges. And, whisper Australian scientists gleefully—for co-operation has its limits—the Chinese may not be drilling in the best place.资源是中国长期利益出发点。但是1998年起,南极洲就禁止采矿,如果那里活跃的大多数国家反对开采的话,这个现状很难改变。目前,霍巴特的科学家中国的研究让人吃惊。其中在南极洲最高的冰穹钻入2500米的尝试非常有野心的。收集的空气可能揭示130万年前的气候变化的秘密。但是采集的样本如何不受到污染也是众多挑战之一。其中一位澳大利亚的科学家幸灾乐祸的小声说,合作也意味着限制。中国就无法在最佳的地方钻探。翻译:刘苗苗 校对:于玉涵译文属译生译世 /201503/364641即墨市市南医院妇产科建卡要多少钱

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