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All right, welcome back welcome back, do you enjoy us欢迎回来 欢迎回来,大家玩的开心吗?I have taken control of this show tonight今天晚上的节目将由我来主持Normally, this program is hosted by that tonight, it is being hosted by this通常情况下,节目都是由那边那位主持的 但是今天,我来了Look, this seems like a good opportunity to explain the origin of all the hatreds and bitternesses between me and Jimmy kammel今天貌似是个很好的机会,给大家讲讲我和吉米之间所有怨恨痛苦的渊源I think it#39;s time people finally know the truth是时候让大家了解事情的真相了Jimmy bumps me from his show every night, because吉米每天晚上在节目中挤兑我Jimmy always wanted to be an actor, and unfortunately for him是因为吉米一直很想成为一名演员,但是很遗憾的是I....I beat him out for every role that he ever truely wanted it他真心想要饰演的每个角色最后都被我拿下了Jimmy has audition for every movie I#39;ve ever been in我参演的每部电影吉米都有去参加试镜that#39;s true, every single one of them and how many did he get?是真的,每一部电影 那么他拿到了几个角色呢?None So he hates me and, Look! I know it seems hard to believe, so很遗憾,一个都没有 所以他对我心生怨恨 我知道这很难让大家相信to prove it to you guys, I..I called every casting director in town to get tapes of all of Jimmy#39;s audition所以为了明我说的是真的,我给电影的选角导演打电话并且拿到了吉米去参加试镜的录像带You guys wanna see it? Yeah! Fine你们想看吗?想看 嗯Yeah, now I#39;m sorry Jimmy, I#39;m gonna have to show I mean, yeah, go ahead, you can roll it对不住了吉米,我要把录像带拿给大家看看 好了,可以开始放了This is Jimmy Kammel y for the role of Will Hunting吉米试镜《心灵捕手》Oh, I got a number how do you like them,Apples? Try one more time Again?诶,我拿到了一个号码牌 你觉得苹果怎么样?再试一次?再读一次?How do you like them? Apples? Do you like Apples? I have them你觉得苹果怎么样?你喜欢苹果吗?我有货哦So you are the guy running for office, aren#39;t you? You bet I am你就是那个参加竞选的人,是吗?我是And judging from you speech, you are not wining?从你演讲的内容来看,你输了?Well, that what happens when you are a part of the Adjustment Bureau What are you doing?事情已成定局 这是命运规划局的安排 你在干嘛?Sorry, what#39;s...what#39;s he doing? I just is planing on that stretching the..不好意思,他在干嘛?我就是跟摄像机互动一下,伸展下筋骨No, you can#39;t do it to the camera when you....不,你对词的时候不应该看着摄像机So you are the guy running for that? You bet I am You are gonna let me finish你就是那个......对,我就是 呃,你要先让我说完我的台词You know this movie is an animated, right? uh?这是一部动画电影,你知道吧?啥?It#39;s a voice-over audition What? A voice-over audition你要做的是配音 配音But why am I in the costume Hi, kids I#39;m happy feet two OK, cut那我为什么要换装 嗨,孩子们,我是快乐大脚2号哦 好,停My beak kicks off eye Ok, next Picture? Nope, thanks噢,我的喙戳到了我的眼睛 好的,下一个 要我的大头照片吗?不,谢谢Judging from your speech, you are not wining从你的演讲内容来看,你输了?That#39;s what happens, when you are a part of the Adjustment Bureau Ok这是命运规划局的安排,事情就是这样 嗯Are you say that camera was I supposed to look at?你是说我对词的时候应该看着那台摄像机吗?No, just what you do it to it Oh, to you Have you done this before?不是,是看着我 对着你哦!你之前有过经验吗?Whenever you are y. You are adorable. Was that you saying I#39;m adorable,too?你准备好就开始了 你好可爱!你会觉得我也很可爱吗?well, that#39;s why we bought a zoo yeah这就是我们为什么要买下这座动物园 嗯Before we start I just clarifying am I..am the stucky? or the stucker? I mean who stuck to who here?在我们开始之前 我想先弄清楚,我们到底是谁贴着谁呢?I don#39;t. I#39;m sorry is that matter for the process? Really?不好意思,这对我们工作有意义吗?It#39;s part of my process, it does matter. Who the hell are you?有意义,对我有意义 请问你是哪位?I#39;m Jimmy Kammel, and I#39;m stuck on you Who looking the Matt Damon我是吉米 我要黏着你了 谁知道马特·达蒙在哪儿啊?Go do it The movie is called Stuck on you#39;ve even do it ....hey hey, hey, hey快去找 这部电影叫贴身兄弟 嘿嘿嘿.....I don#39;t know what this is, is this like a pity ing or something我不知道这是个什么情况?这是因为同情而组织的会面还是?No, no, you are here on your own American. Don#39;t.. don#39;t do that噢不,你是凭实力得到这个角色的That#39;s.. I#39;ve been come..you came here since she is her own.Ameican我是被选上的......你告诉她她是凭实力得到这个角色的吗?I#39;ve been cost an.. She thinks it#39;s a pity meeting How do you like dump Apples?她以为是因为同情让她过来的 你觉得苹果怎么样啊?Next How do like them? Apples?下一个 你觉得它们怎么样?苹果?I swear to god if I even feel somebady behind me, there is no measure without.... stop....um我发誓,如果我感觉到后面有人跟踪我,你无法估量......停we should just.. yes So we will start it again You y?不好意思,我们得重来一遍 你准备好了吗?Just give us an action again. I swear to god if I even feel somebady behind me重新开始 我发誓,如果我发现有人跟踪我......There#39;s no measure....What you doing? What you doing? you my part你在干嘛?你在干嘛?你读了我的台词No, my this, you are the other part. I#39;m Jason Born. I thought I was really for Born你的台词是另外一段 我是杰森·伯恩 我以为我是杰森·伯恩呢Yeah? Why would you? I mean, I played it in the first two movies, why would you my part?呃,你以为?我的意思是,这部电影前两部都是我演的,你怎么能不知道,抢了我的台词呢?I didn#39;t see the first two movies前两部电影我没看And thank you, since you spoiler alert. I#39;m supposed to those alert你剧透了,剧透了what goes on here? I mean he didn#39;t say Spoiler Alert I#39;m, really, I#39;m sorry yet Spoiler Alert他这是怎么了?他没说剧透警告 实在是不好意思 剧透警告 Article/201706/514893。

Alexei Romanoff doesn#39;t speak Russian, he was 4 years old when his mother brought him to the ed States.阿列克谢·罗曼诺夫并不会说俄罗斯语。在他4岁的时候,妈妈把他带到了美国。At the age of nine, he made a startling discovery: he was attracted to boys.九岁那年,他有一个惊奇的发现:他喜欢上了男孩子。Seventy years ago, homosexuality was considered a psychiatric illness in America.70年前,同性恋在美国被认为是精神疾病。If you acted on your impulses, you could have been sent to a hospital or jailed for ;lewd conduct.;如果你意气用事,你就会因“淫荡行为”被送进医院或监狱。;I had two friends, Steve and Sal, they were lovers, they lived together, they were in a bar.“我有两个朋友,斯蒂夫和萨尔他们是一对情侣,住在一起。他们在一个酒吧里。And Sal was sitting in a chair and Steve was standing over him,萨尔坐在椅子上,斯蒂夫站在他的身边。and they were talking and talking to a couple of other people, and they were drinking.他们在和其他人一起说话喝酒。It was a beer bar in those days in California, in Silver Lake, and they were drinking.那是一个在加利福尼亚银湖的啤酒吧。他们喝着酒。And he had looked away and talked to somebody, and his glass tipped, and it spilled a little onto Sal,斯蒂夫扭头和别人说话。他歪着他的玻璃杯,酒洒在了萨尔的身上。and he went like this, he brushed his chest off, Sal#39;s chest.然后他就这样,用手掸掉洒在萨尔胸口的酒。And there were two vice officers in there, and they arrested them for lewd conduct.;正好有两个副军官在那儿。他们以淫荡行为为由,逮捕了这两个人。”On New Year#39;s Eve in 1967, just at the stroke of midnight,1967年的新年前夜,午夜钟声敲响的时候,policemen burst into the Black Cat gay bar and arrested 14 people who were celebrating with a kiss.警察冲进了黑猫同性恋酒吧,逮捕了14个正在亲吻庆祝的人。In response, hundreds of gays and supporters took to the streets in what is thought to be the first mass gay rights demonstration.结果,上百个同性恋者和持者走上街头示威。这就是第一个大规模的同性恋维权游行。Alexie was one of its organizers.阿列克谢是其中的一个组织者。;I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and we had to do something to change the status quo.;“我烦透了。我们必须做点儿什么去改变现状。”Over the last 15 years some states have legalized same-sex marriage.在过去的15年,一些州已经将同性婚姻合法化。Alexei and his partner David made their relationship legal in 2008,阿列克谢和他的爱人大卫在2008年确立了他们的合法关系。they say that marriage was necessary for them to protect each other legally.他们说,用婚姻来合法的保护彼此很有必要。;We found that out once when I was in a hospital, I nearly died from a ruptured aneurysm.“有一次我进医院了,我差点因为血管瘤破裂死掉。I was taken to the hospital by ambulance, Alexei followed我被急救车拉进医院。阿列克谢也跟着我,and he was denied admission to me in the emergency room because he wasn#39;t my spouse.;但是他被禁止进入急救室看我,因为他不是我的配偶。”In June of 2015, same-sex marriage became legal in the whole country.2015年6月,同性婚姻在全国范围内合法化。But there are still no laws prohibiting discrimination against sexual minorities.但是没有法律禁止对这群少数人的歧视。;In the majority of the States of the U.S., it is legal to fire me or to deny me housing because I am gay.;“在美国的大部分州,人们可以因为我是同性恋而解雇我或者拒绝给我房子住,这是合法的。”Over the weekend, gay activists went to the street not just to celebrate gay pride在周末,同性恋活动分子来到街道上,不仅是为他们的同性恋骄傲喝,but also to call for civil rights for all, gays, women and immigrants.更是为所有人呼吁公民权力,不管是同性恋、女人还是移民。And in the lane, the grand marshal of the parade was Alexie.阿列克谢是此次游行的总领导者。He and the marches across the country hope that message will be heard loud and clear.他和遍及全国的游行队伍希望他们的声音可以被清晰的听到。 Article/201707/515946。

Bull#39;s-eye.Feels like it#39;s caught.正中目标 感觉很稳固了I#39;ve chosen this one because looking back,it really could#39;ve ended very, very differently.我选择了这一时刻 因为事后想想 结局很可能会迥然不同It#39;s risky stuff. It#39;s hot in the mouth.The rope#39;s holding so far.这个任务很艰巨 人都口干舌燥的 到目前为止 绳子还算稳固But there was always that chance it could slip.但很可能会松动And it blooming did while he was on it.而他在绳上时 还真就松动了This is working quite nicely,Oh, my god.绳子质量还不错 天呐Bad place for the anchor to slip!停在这儿 可真是糟透了It#39;s that ability to use that level of fear and anxiety.他需要利用那种情况下的恐惧和不安Not let it take over you.Because that could be disastrous.而不是让它左右你 因为那样很糟糕Number 17 happened in Vietnam,when I was given a brutal reminder of the awesome power of water.第17个经典片段发生在越南 那一次 洪流强劲的水力 让我永生难忘When you#39;re operating in an extreme environment,things can change really quickly.你在极限环境中行动时 事物变化极快Stop, stop!The water level here is definitely rising.停下 停下 这水面肯定在往上涨Look back up to the waterfall.There#39;s definitely more water coming down that.看后面的瀑布 很明显 流下来的水量也越来越大Okay, I want us out of the water. Okay?我们快点上岸And suddenly, the level of risk goes from fairly steady to...pooh!危险系数从比较稳定瞬间蹿升到...With the water level rising by the second,I knew we had to act fast.因为水面上涨速度过快 我明白我们得赶紧行动了Up you come, up you come, up you come.Good, I#39;ve got you, I#39;ve got you.往上爬 往上爬 往上爬 很好 我够到你了 够到你了 Article/201612/482645。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/478387。

No one here will be found a place like this.没有人会乐意待在这个地方 A little bit airy as bad is dark, dank and seny with here you ever gonna find.阴森 令人毛骨悚然 这或许是你所能找到的 最阴暗 最潮湿 最危机四伏的地方了It#39;s quite welcome in first Chinese jungle.这就是中国的热带丛林给我的待遇This is the end of the creek.We need to get out of this.我们游到头了 得上到岸上去The mossy vertical rock pace give waterfall is unclimble.瀑布的两侧是峭壁而且布满青苔 无法攀爬 So my best beck is this vine.Sea this run, runs all out there.最好的选择就是利用这根藤蔓 看 它一直延伸到了岸上It#39;s a good, 80 foot of the vine.which is gonna be a tough climb.good shaked.不错 这藤蔓有80英尺长 这将会是一次艰难的攀爬 看看这藤蔓牢不牢But this gonna be the best beck to get me to the top.但这已经是我爬上山的最佳办法了See whether its a stable vine.I#39;m taking my way.看它牢不牢靠 我正奋力向上爬This is dangerous, the rocks will down.Let#39;s go for this. Go!这也很危险 因为可能会有落石 管不了这么多了 继续前进This is all about trying to use leg strength rather than arm stength.顺着藤蔓向上爬主要是运用腿部力量 而不是手臂的力量The arms tired first.I go quite great on this vine.手臂会最先疲劳 我的藤蔓攀爬技术发挥地还不错For I need another training course to the top of it.So far It#39;s harder.爬上去需要的是另种攀爬技巧 到目前为止 真是举步维艰啊I#39;ve got to pays myself here.The last feet always the hardest,you gonna conserve your energy.一定得全力以赴了 最后的一段也是最艰难的一段 你得保存好自己的体力 Article/201607/453910。

It#39;s the same wedding, it#39;s the same celebration no matter what table you#39;re at这是相同的婚礼,无论你坐在哪里都是同样的庆祝方式You okay? You#39;ve got something growing up here你还好吗?你看起来很心烦啊This is where I#39;m sitting, so if you end up in the High Teens, you know where to find me我就坐在这里。如果你想约我的话,就知道在哪里可以找到我。Today will not suck. Hi今天不会有事的。嗨Hello, my God. Hi, I#39;m Renzo. I have achieved puberty and I#39;m in a rock band你好,我的天呐。嗨,我是伦佐。我是摇滚乐队成员。I#39;m Walter, I#39;ve also achieved puberty我是沃尔特,我们还实现了青春期I#39;m Francie Millner#39;s first nanny我是弗朗西斯·米尔纳的第一个保姆I can smell the toilets from here, that#39;s how well we know the bride and groom我可以从这里闻到厕所的味道,这代表我们和新娘新郎有多么熟悉I#39;m Eloise, I got dumped by Francie#39;s brother, the best man back there at Table 1我叫埃洛伊,我被弗朗西斯的哥哥,坐在一号桌的伴郎甩了Uhh, no kidding. This is a great table, it#39;s a great one.呃,真的假的。这一桌真不错,相当不错。No, it isn#39;t. Yes. No, it isn#39;t.不,这不是。是。不,这不是。We didn#39;t think you#39;d be coming. You RSVP#39;d no, and then yes on an RSVP card that you barbequed我们没想到你会到来。你回复了不来,之后又在被你烧过的婚礼请柬上回复说要来After two years you break up with me over text两年前是你发短信跟我说分手;Good luck with your future endeavours.; Were you firing me? What the... Right here.“希望你未来的努力给你带来好运”,你以为你是在解雇我么?搞什么啊?看这边。Do you know what Francie#39;s mother calls Table 19?你们知道弗朗西斯的母亲管19号桌叫什么吗?The table that should have known to send regrets, but not before sending something nice off the registry. What?邀请一些你抱有歉意的人,但希望他们并不会出席。什么?The table that could disappear in the middle of the wedding and no one would even notice就算这桌在婚礼中间消失,也没有人会发现We#39;re the table of people they don#39;t care about?我们这桌都是他们不在乎的人么?What the hell are we doing back here? Let#39;s go.那我们在这儿干嘛?我们走吧What if you came here for a different reason today?假如你今天是为了完全不一样的理由来参加婚礼呢?What if you went away with something better?假如你能带走更好的东西呢?We could be beautiful.我们可以变得美丽。Do you ever have that kind of day where the things that come so easy to everyone else just seem so, elusive?你是否有过这么一天,那些对其他人来说很容易的事情似乎都变得难以捉摸?Say you#39;ll never let me go说你永远不会让我走No. Yeah, me neither没有。是啊,我也是。I come to you asking for Megan Ann#39;s hand in this dance, and the rest of her body along with that hand.我想邀请你的手跟我一起跳舞,还有剩余的身体部位。This is not gonna happen. So you can just stand awkwardly in front of another table这事没戏。不过,你还是可以愚蠢地到别桌试试。This is lovely, dancing with you和你跳舞真开心How did I not just get kissed?我怎么没有被吻?It happens more often than you think这事发生得比你想象得频繁You are Romeo and Juliet and we all wish you the same happy ending你们就是罗密欧与朱丽叶,我们都希望你们有着同样的美好结局Say you#39;ll never let me go说你永远不会让我走I will give you if you stand up right now如果你现在站起来的话,我给你20美元Alright. Hmm. What? Honey? Oh. How long have you worked here?好啊。嗯。什么?亲爱的?哦。你在这儿工作多久了? Article/201705/507731。

Historians sometimes complain that it#39;s difficult to find hard evidence of any good that came out of the Protectorate.历史学家总是抱怨 很难找到确凿的据说明 这段摄政时期对后世有何积极影响Well, this is hard enough evidence for me.对我来说 这里就是确凿的据For it was on these unforgiving backless oak benches这是犹太人被驱逐的360年以来that the first Jews to be admitted since the expulsion 360-odd years before parked their behinds.第一次得以在这冰冷的 无背橡木长椅上占据一席之地It was nder the Protectorate,that Jews were allowed finally to worship openly and to live openly in what became a little piece of early multi-cultural London.在护国公治下 犹太人终于得以光明正大地祈祷和生活 这成为了伦敦早期多元文化的一分子It#39;s Oliver Cromwell we have to thank for that这都要感谢奥利弗·克伦威尔for opening a new chapter of Anglo-Jewish history my history.是他为盎格鲁犹太人的历史打开了新的篇章 我的历史His Apocalyptic timetable told him that the conversion of the Jews would herald the coming of the last days.他的预感告诉他 犹太人的转变预示着最后时刻的来临His business sense told him that,through their network in the Dutch and Spanish trading world,他的商业头脑告诉他 通过他们遍布荷兰和西班牙的贸易网络the Jews could be a priceless source of commercial and military intelligence.犹太人将成为商业和军事情报的 无价资源Piety and pragmatism, those twin qualities,so often at odds inside Cromwell#39;s personality,虔诚和务实 这一对品质 成为了克伦威尔人格上矛盾的双方this time came together to make him,as far as the Jews were concerned,a true Lord Protector.直到处理有关犹太人的问题上 才组合在一起 造就了一个真正的护国公But not king.In the end, and so unlike the king he had destroyed,而并不是一个国王 在最后 与他所摧毁国王不同的是Cromwell could never shake off his sense of unworthiness.克伦威尔没能摆脱他那;无价值;的妄想It was what saved him and Britain from a true dictatorship.这使得他和英国免于真正的独裁统治 /201704/503722。

零起点英语口语 第5讲:音标拼读 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200810/53076。