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即墨/一次无痛人流多少钱即墨/在线咨询妇科医生Talk to me.跟我聊聊吧Is it just cos its hard?是因为太难了吗I dont agree with that, not everyone did it really easily.并不是这样的,不是每个人都觉得很轻松But what you have to be really proud of is the fact that you finished it.可你应该骄傲的是,你坚持跑完了全程Are you proud of yourself?你为自己感到骄傲吗Cos you wanted to finish it, thats what you need to remember.你并没有放弃,一定要记住这一点So, if youre not excelling in PE,所以如果你在体育上不出色I guarantee you will be excelling in another area,我保肯定有一个领域你会表现得很好and it will be like that for Harvey, for example, Katrina...就像哈维和卡特里娜...But maybe they find science more difficult than you, or maths more difficult than you.可能他们会觉得科学比你想的难,或者数学比你想的难Good boy.好孩子Miss Hoggs encouraging style is in stark霍格老师的鼓励式教学contrast to the more competitive Chinese approach.与中国竞争式的教学形成鲜明对比OK, hold your head up high, walk off the astro and be proud of yourself.好了,抬起头来,别想太多了,振作点The main difference between what just happened and what we do in PE,中式体育课教学和我们的教学方法最主要的区别在于is that we very much encourage them to just compete against themselves, do their best,我们通常是鼓励他们要战胜自己,尽自己最大的努力but I think when you put them in a setting like that可当你把他们置于这种情况下and theyve got certain times to achieve,要达到规定的时间要求I think the pressure builds,他们就会感受到压力they do start comparing themselves to others and thats where the tears came from.开始拿自己和别人对比,成绩不理想的就会觉得很伤心The Chinese school is definitely a lot more competitive than Bohunt,中式学校相比航特竞争绝对要激烈得多they...they think youre, I dont know, just rubbish.他们会觉得你是废物If you dont do very well, youre right at the back.如果你做得不好,就会被人甩在后面201601/422769即墨/做流产哪个医院比较好 Im in the Mexican gallery in front of what looks like a giant stone horseshoe-its about 20 inches (50 cm) long and about 4 inches (10 cm) thick and is made of a very beautiful grey-green speckled stone. When it first came to the British Museum in the 1860s they thought that it was a yoke for something like a carthorse-but there were two immediate problems with this theory: first the object is very heavy, its about five or six stone (35 kg)-too heavy even for a horses neck-and secondly, there were no carthorses or draught animals in Central America until the Spaniards brought them from Europe in the sixteenth century.在大英物馆的墨西哥厅,有一件形似大型石制马蹄铁的物品,长约四十厘米,厚十二厘米,由美丽的灰绿色斑点石制成。1860年它刚到大英物馆时,人们以为它是马匹之类的拉车的轭。但很快疑问便出现了:首先,这件东西重约四十千克,背起来过于沉重;其次,在16世纪西班牙人进入美洲之前,美洲其实没有任何用于负重拉拽的动物。It was only just over 50 years ago that it was generally understood that these stone carvings had nothing to do with animals; they were meant to be worn by men. They represent the padded belts made of cloth or basketwork worn to protect the hips during ancient Central American ball games. Indeed some of these stone belts may have been moulds used to shape lighter cloth or leather padding, but the one we have in the British Museum is made of solid stone, so heavy that if it was worn it can only have been very briefly. Nowadays it would perhaps be for a quick photo call, but we dont actually know exactly when or how it might originally have been worn.直到五十多年前,人们制品与动物无关,而是给人类穿戴的。它类似用布的软垫,戴在腰间,在古代中美洲的球类运动中用于保护臀部。有些石头腰带可能只是模具,成品则由较轻的布料或皮革制成。而大英物馆所藏的这一件也太过沉重,即使戴不了太长时间。我们无法准确了解古人佩戴它的原因何在,也不了解他们在什么情况下会佩戴它,又是如何佩戴的。We asked the leading expert on these games, Michael Whittington, what he thought these stone belts were for:中美洲球类运动专家迈克尔惠廷顿认为,这些腰带主要是在仪式使用的:;I believe these were ceremonial objects.Wearing an object thats 75-100 lbs around your waist during an athletic competition will slow you down considerably, so they probably were worn as part of the ritual ceremonies at the beginning of the game. 我认为这些是仪式用具。在运动比赛中戴着三四十公斤重的东西会让人动作变慢。因此应该是在比赛前的宗教仪式中使用的。它们象征着比赛中人们真正会使用的腰带。201501/354548Paradoxes are fun to think about.悖论很有意思The most famous one is usually called其中最为著名的便是the grandfather paradox.;祖父悖论;I have a new, simpler version我提出了一个全新而简洁的版本I call the mad-scientist paradox.我称之为;疯狂科学家悖论;I dont like the way scientists in movies are often尽管我不喜欢影片常把科学家described as mad,刻画为异想天开的狂人形象but in this case, its true.但此情此景下的确如此This Jap is determined to create a paradox.这个日本小子决计营造一个悖论情景Even if it costs him his life.即便要豁上自己的性命Imagine somehow hes built a wormhole.试想他以某种方法造出一个虫洞A time tunnel that stretches just one minute into the past.一个返回一分钟前的时间隧道It may not sound like much,这听上去没什么意义but even one minute of time travel can cause real trouble.但哪怕一分钟的时间旅行也会引起大麻烦Through the wormhole,通过这个虫洞the scientist can see himself as he was one minute ago.这位科学家得以看到一分钟之前的自己But what if our scientist uses the但假如我们这位主人公利用虫洞wormhole to shoot his earlier self?向一分钟之前的自己开呢Hes now dead,此时他已一命呜呼killed before hed even finished assembling the pistol.还未装好就已被射杀So, who fired the shot?那么,开者又是谁呢Its a paradox.这便是一个悖论It just doesnt make sense.这完全说不通Its the sort of situation that gives cosmologists nightmares.这种情形是宇宙学家的恶梦This kind of time machine would violate这样的时间机器会违背a fundamental rule that governs the entire universe主宰全宇宙的基本法则- that causes happen before effects使因果关系颠倒and never the other way around.并始终与我们的常理相悖I believe things cant make themselves impossible.我相信不可能的事就不会发生If they could,倘若可以then thered be nothing to stop the whole universe from descending into chaos.整个宇宙将不可避免地陷于混乱So I think something will always因此我认为终究会有状况发生happen that prevents the paradox.从而避免悖论的出现Somehow there must be a reason why our scientist will never也总会有某种原因避免find himself in the situation where he could shoot himself.那位科学家处在射杀自己的困境中And in this case, Im sorry to say,既然如此,我只好遗憾地说the wormhole itself is the problem.虫洞本身就是问题所在In the end, I think a wormhole like this one cant exist.至此,我认为这样的虫洞根本不会存在And the reason for that is feedback.其原因就是;反馈;201507/385581即墨/市第四人民医院人流价格表

即墨/做流产比较好的妇科医院An historic deal, sustainable and for life. The enthusiasm from leaders at the COP 21 climate change conference has been effusive after reaching a landmark proposed agreement.一份可持续且终身的历史性协议。气候变化会议COP21达成里程碑式的协议后,各国领导人热情洋溢。It comes after two weeks of negotiations as nearly 200 countries attempted to strike the first climate deal to commit all countries to cut emissions which would come into being in 2020.来自近200个国家的代表经过两个星期的谈判,试图达成首份气候协议,承诺所有国家到2020年削减排放。The text of the final draft agreement has been published and will now be put forward to delegates.这份最终协议草案已经公布,将向代表们提出。The proposed draft agreement is differentiated,It is just, sustainable, dynamic, balanced and legally binding. It confirms our central objective that it is vital to limit the increase of the average temperature well below two degrees centigrade and to push to keep it at 1.5 degrees and that would significantly reduce the risks and impacts related to climate change.拟定的协议草案是有区分的,它是公正的、可持续的、动态的、平衡的,并且具有法律约束力。它确定了我们的主要目标,即限制平均温度的增加低于2摄氏度,推动保持在1.5摄氏度,这是至关重要的,这样会明显减少气候变化带来的危险和影响。It’s reported one spokesman said positions had “narrowed enormously”. It’s understood there had been disagreements over how and when to phase out fossil fuels.一位发言人报道称,意见“大大限制”。就如何以及何时淘汰化石燃料仍有分歧。Ministers will now decide whether or not to approve the proposed agreement.各国大臣将决定是否批准拟议的协议。译文属。 /201512/415647即墨/当代妇科医院有微创手术吗 Itll sp its civilization across Europe and beyond.它将自己的文明传遍欧洲甚至整个世界And it will do it...by conquest而传播的方式则是 战争61 A.D.An amphibious force 800 miles from Rome.公元六十一年 罗马派出一只两栖舰队前往八百英里外的大陆Mankind sps civilization through conquest.人类通过战争传播自己的文明The Romans are heading for Europes north-west frontier.罗马人正在朝着欧洲西北部边线挺进In command, General Suetonius Paulinus.军队由苏埃托尼乌斯·保利努斯将军指挥Ruthless, determined,Hes Romes enforcer.他冷酷无情 决心坚定 是罗马的执行者Having crushed an uprising in North Africa,在镇压了北非殖民地的一场起义后His orders are to do the same in Britain.他被调到英国去镇压那里的起义For twenty years,Britons have waged a guerilla war against Roman occupation.二十年间 英国人一直以游击的方式抵抗罗马帝国的侵略Expert riders, fierce warriors,他们是技艺精湛的骑士 无畏的勇士They collect the heads of their enemies.以搜集敌人的头颅为荣201510/403310青岛即墨/生孩子哪家好

即墨/妇科疾病检查多少钱Detained US sailors to be released Wed.伊朗扣押美国舰艇 称将立即释放被扣船员Iran has detained 10 US sailors, after their vessels were halted in the Gulf.美国海军两艘小型舰艇在波斯湾海域遭伊朗扣留后伊朗方面扣留了10名美国船员。A US official said Iranians informed them that the sailors were safe, and will be allowed to continue their journey.一位美国官员表示伊朗已通知美方,船员们都很安全并且将被允许继续他们的航程。The ed States says the ships were en route from Kuwait to Bahrain, and the incident happened near Farsi Island, after one ship experienced mechanical problems.美国表示这些船只是在从科威特前往巴林的途中,一艘船在波斯语岛附近遇到了机械故障发生了此次意外。The sailors are likely to be released on Wednesday morning.这些船员可能会在周三早上被释放。 译文属201601/422003 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201604/436539即墨/市哪家医院人流做得好即墨/宫颈糜烂的治疗费用



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